Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 14, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1898
Page 24
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MANY KILLED. Fierce Fighting Along the Cuban Coast THREE HUNDRED SPANIARDS MEET DEATH AT CARDENAS. As Many More Said to Have Been Killed r at Cienfuegos. The Wilmington Plays Havoc at Cardenas With the Dons Fight at •peclal to tic Pbaroo. , Key West, May 14.— In the fight off Cienf aegos yesterday, Commodore Maynard and Lieutenant Winslow, of the gunboat Nashville, were slight ly wounded . Four American sailors •were killed and four wounded. The batteries at Cienfuegos were silenced and the arsenal and light house demolished. The town was set on firs by American shells. Four Over 100 dead bodies were found in the battery. More than 300 Spaniards perished. The Wilmington was not struck and escaped unharmed. hundred Spaniards were wounded. killed and Key West. May 14.— In the battle yesterday off Cienfuegos one sailor on the Marblehead was killed and six severely wounded. Many Spaniards were killed or woundod. Madrid, May 14.— The Spanish report of the battle off Manila eon- cedes that 300 Spaniards were killed and 600 wounded when Dewey annihilated their fleet. Cardenas on Fire. Key West, May H.—The cruiser Wilmington shelled and silenced the muked battery and forts at Cardenas. The town 'was set on fire. Cables Cut. Washington, May 14,—The cables leading from Havana have all been cut by the American fleet. Looking for the Spanish Fleet. Washington, D. 0, May 14.— The early morning unofficial advices were that Sampson's fleet had sailed to Mayaguez, on the west coast of Porto Rico, .A Spanish fleet of eight warships and seven torpedo boats was sighted off Martinique, headed northwest. The Spanish torpedo boats seem to be taking refuge in Port de France, Martinique, and me running In acd out. A sensational Report. It is reported from semi-official sources that if a satisfactory explanation for the delay of the message from Martinique is not given within forty-eight hours, concessions to the French cable company will be revoked and an explanation demanded of France. DAILYPHABOS SATURDAY, MAY 14, 1898. HEAYY DAMAGES Demanded by Harry H. Slaats From ~ the Mutual Telephone Company. This afternoon Nelson & Myers and F. M. KistJer filed the com- pltlnt in a of suit Harry against H. Staatsj Els worth B. Overshiner, manager of the Mutu al Telephone company, for damages lor the alleged permanent Injury of his left ankle by falling from a telephone, pole while In ihe employ of (be defendant as a line repairer; demand, 17,000. The accident happened on the 15th of March last, while a pole was being removfcd from Sycamore street near the Vaodaha station, It is alleged that the plaintiff, although he had never had any ex. perlence as a lineman, after BANANAS. Are They Good to Eat Uncooked? Sarah Tyson Borer, the famous food expert, answered this question, "No, except in countries where they grow." Some one asked, "What- about Cereal Coffees?" "Many of them are cofiee and very poor coffee at that, do not be deceived by them. If it is a true cereal coffee, it is an excellent food drink." Mrs. Rorer, herself, uses Possum because she knows It to be the original, pure Cereal Coffee, that is so widely and grossly imitated by adulterated coffee mixtures. She also knows from analysis that more genuine nourishment is contained in a good hot cup of Postum than Is generally found in the balance of the breakfast. A week's use of Postum will make one feel that elastic thrill of life that one rememoers made existence a bliss in the boyhood days, and those delight* of health come back again if we feed the body oh properly selected food, such as is found in Postum. Grocers sell Postum. aa excavation had been made about the base of the pole, was directed bv defendant's foreman, Frank Tarn, to aicend the pole and tie a rope to the top thereof; that while carrying out this order the pole was shaken and plaintiff lost hi« bold and fell to the ground, dislocating and fracturing his ankle. Stasis is the well-klown base ball player. Marriage. Mr. Leland Creary and Miss Sadie Bans were married on the evening of May l at 7 o'clock at Rev. Zendricks' home, that minister officiating. Quite a number of their Intimate friends and relatives attended the wedding. Mr. Creary left instructions with the county clerk not to record the license and a search failed to reveal the names on the records. A friend of trie newly married pair, however, came to this office and announced the marriage. They have j taken a cozy home at the corner of Thirteenth and Toledo streets. Mr Creary is an employe of the Toledo street handle factory. Condition of the Banks. The statements of the two national banks, just published, show them to be In a healthy financial condition. The City National, in the 10* months since the reorganization, has accumulated undivided profits amounting to •14,401.84. It has in available cash 8149,469.51, and the deposits aggregate 1296,567.53. Its loans are 8260,062. The First National has in available cash 1207,255.94 and deposits of $327,327.37. The 652.94 loaned out. bank has $328,- Csrd of Thanks. On behalf of myself and children I desire to thank my friends in Logansport for the many kindnesses shown me in my bereavement incident to the death of my wife, the late Alta Cooper, I shall hold all favors shown me in grateful remembrance. ED-WARD COOPEK. Henry A. Gries, of Wabash, has accepted a position with Basjahn & Schneider. Fine plants cheap at Newby's. 3 ladies wanted, 425 Third St. Hooley, the tailor, canpleaae you. Ladies' seamless hose, also mens 1 at 5c a pair.—Trade Palace. Fine ics cream and cake at Bauer's bakery No. 8 Front street. *, $3.25 per hundred for flour this evening at P. F. Dunn's grocery store.' Mrs. Lewis Epstlne is visiting at Frankfort. She will be absent about a week. M. M. Hughes 328 fifth street for gas fitting. All job work promptly attended to. Show your colors tomorrow before Indianapolis. The New Otto has the correct thing. The A. B. 0. club returned from Lake Maxinkuckee this morning with sixty pounds of flsh. Show your colors before starting for Indianapolis and buy the proper tie at the New Otto. 1,000 do'/.en mens' shirts, ties and underwear at special discount this evening.—Trade Palace. Miss Ethel and Charles Younglove left this morning for Toledo, Ohio, to visit their sister, Mrs. Henderson. Miss Kate McOarty, now residing at Denver, Colorado, is spending ten days here with her many old friends. Delphi will be invaded by wheelmen tomorrow. Frankfort and Lafayette will send about 200 to that place. Miss Kate McCarty,, of Denver, Col., formerly of Loganport, Is in the city, visiting Mr. Frank Rice and family. The best guaranteed piano tuning done by Wm, Steinhart, 624 Race at, Bell telephone 314. Fine repairing a specialty. Miss Winklebleck gave a dance at the G. A. R ball last night, which was attended by & large company of young people. TJhl's best and Automatic flour, $3.40 per hundred;second grade flour $2 50 per hundred, old potatoes 90c bushel.—Traut. Rev. Madison Swadener will speak at the.Epworth League anniversary tomorrow evening at the Wheatland street M. E. church. Thomas Regan, son of John Regan, has returned from Chicago, where he was employed on a newspaper. He will remain in Logansport. Peru Chronicle: The United States recruiting officer, who has been making his headquarters at Loganspbrt, has sen! a request here for enlistments in the regular army. The new Wabash time card, which was to go into effect tomorrow, will not be made effective until the 29th. Several changes will probably be made ID the card between now and that time. Hank Suters, who was arrested yesterday on a grand jury indictment for alleged blackmail and robbery, gave a bond of $800 with ex- Sheriff Adams as surety, and was discharged from custody. You can't get along without eating. It Is supposed you have been eating all your life. Don't forget that you can get an elegant dinner tomorrow at the Glover Leaf restaurant, No. 317 Market street. P. F. Dunn invites his old friends and the public to call at the old stand, 425 Third street, and he will fill your orders for choice groceries, fruits and green vegetables.Bargains for Saturday, flour, 83.75 hundred. Phone 240. Marion Reed, an old soldier, residing in the Kruck building on the Westslde, is sadly In need of the immediate attention of bis old comrades. He is slowly dying from the effects of a cancerous condition of his under lip. The Ladles Society to the B. of L. F., with their families, most agreeably surprised their president, Mrs. Lizzie Eisenbey at her home on east Market street isst night, in honor of her birthday anniversary. Various amusements were indulged in and riellcate refreshments were served, At a late hour all left wishing their hostess many happy returns of the day. ATTEND OUR SPECIAL SALE Tonight SCHMITT&HElNLY. Every day Brings S >niething .New in Shoes the latest colors in Magennta, Gray, Tan and Olive colors.The handsomest colors and most Exquisite 1 Styles imaginable, beauti-' fully designed and something quite different from those you have ever seen. Equally as handsome in Misses' and Children's Shoes : SEE THE/XL Stevenson & Klinsick, 403 Broadway. Main Office OF THEHUB, 3O9 Market St. YOU Like to see cfce laundry work, don't you? You like to bave your linen returned looking clean, white and elegant. Then send it to Marshall's Laundry. 60S Broadway, and we guarantee you will be satisfied. Call up 'phone 110 and our wagon will call for your work. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Howard Powell, of Peru, passed the examination yesterday at Io- dlanapolls and has joined Co. M.. of this city. Misses Grace Burrows and May Owing to the critical time in the eastern markets—we have today shipped to your store, 500 suits .to sell from $5.00 to $10.00 per suit, fully worth 50 per cent more. THEY ARE HERE. And go on sale Saturday May 7th—they come direct from our factory, and we think this a very lucky deal—and are glad to share our luck with yon —I^To shoddy advertised as baits, but a stock of the tinest and most cleverly gotten up garments ever shown here or elsewhere. Made in our factory—which means a saving of 25 per cent to you at the start. Visit any clotliing store you like, then come here and compare the difference of the fabrics, the trim, the beauty of fit, and the rHICE. We leave the decision to your own judgement, t»r your eyes cannot deceive you. CHILDREN'S SUITS From the reliable sort, from $1.50 up, ages 3 to 15 years Knee Pants suite. The best 25c Underwear in the city ol Logansport. The best Soft Shirt with extra cuffs—Soft Shirts with collars to them Our space will not permit of any other rnention',but ask you to call at The Hub if you want $1.25 tfjlOOO worth of goods for HE HUB- Harry Frank's Old Stand. 13 Fourth St PLAIN FACTS corded this attraction during their recent engagement In New York are Is What the Pharos Wants-A Prin- of the most praiseworthy nature, •ter's Mistake. I CHICAGO JUKK.ETS. Tyney, of Deer Creek township, went j n an n em concerning Panhandle It Is not the intention of the Pharos to publish anything but facts. * PURE CRAPE CftCAM Or TARTAR FOWDH DR, CREAM BAKING POWDER Awarded Highest Honors, World's Fair (fold Medal, Midwinter F*ir to North Manchester short visit. James 'McDonald, a, Logansport boy, son of A. H. Mc-Donald, was on the L", S. shjip Wilni'togiton -which stormed Ci-emfemgws. The Diekerhoffi stock invoiced at ?3,200, and was apxn-aised at .$2,800. On. Monday Assignee Maiioney w;H petition the court to sell (the stock. G. R. Higdon has taken the position of bead baker at the Clover Leaf bakery. He turned out the first lot of stuff at 10:25 a.m. today. Miss Margaret Magree, of" this city, sailed today from Montreal on the ship Pairisiarai for Liverpool. She will tour Europe and expects to be absent three years. Col. Andrew Voorhees is arranging a handsome summer resort at Lake Maxinkuckee Bis "boats to let" will be. in charge of Capt. Kewton Scott. I>el>pM Journal: "Miss Amy Charles, of this city, eniw-in-jlned "Wednesd-.iy p-raniiTig in honor of lier friend. Miss Marine Cummings. of Logansport. The music T^ns Driven by the Mandolin dnii and a delightful time was had by all. today for a passenger brakemen, published yes, terday, by a mistake of the printer To- >"o Excursion to Indianapolis morrow. On account of an order from the government for the movement of large bodies of troops within the next forty-eight hours, the Pennsylvania line has been obliged to cancel the excursion to Indianapolis advertised for tomorrow, as it will require all their equipment to move the troops, —J. A. McCaHough, ticket agent. Tonight's Specials at Folej's. Strawberries, 3*c qt: 4 qta pea», for 10c: radishes ic bunch; pie plant, 2 bunches for Ic: batter lUc lb: string beans, 5c lb. The Weather* j Showers and probably thunder! storms tonight and Sunday. in omitting a part of the Pharos reporter's copy, stated that brakemen had been taken off of the local trains on the Effner, Bradford and Richmond runs and the pay of conductors had been reduced from 810 to »12'per month. Instead the item should have read and was wrlttenjto read: "The change will result In a reduction of from HO to 112 a month in the pay of the brakemen with no advance In the pay of conductors." The information tras obtained from employes in the train service who ought to know. The same parties stated today that tne brake men had been taken off of passenger trains 345 and 346 on the Eflner (State Line) branch; off of 8 and 1 on the Bradford run: off of 1 and 2 on the Richmond division, and were it ont for the milk trade on the north end the brak^men would be taken off trains 5 and 1. It is also learned from official sources that whenever «lt is possible to run a passenger train with but two cars, the services of a brakeman will be dispensed with. Since the freight trains have been equipped with air brakes six brakemen have been taken off the run between Logansport and Columbus and four off the trains rcn between Logansport and Louisville. Within the last month two regular freight conductors bave been set back to the "extra" list. Minstrel Show is Coming. Hi Henry's new minstrels will appear at Dolan's Wednesday evening, MaylSth. Mr. Hi Henry bears a national recognition as a minstrel manager and Is in the field with a large, expensive organization, comprising fifty performers, and their programme presents new. novel, refined and elegant minstrelsy. The fine New York Clty_prMs notices ac- ReoelTed Dally by A. tt. Ebauyk, «t the Corner of North and Fifth Streets. Chloago, May 14, 1898, Wheat—May opened at 11.30; high, M.44J; low, «1.30; closed at •1.44| . Wheat— For July, opened, 1 1.0 11 @1.02b; high, «l.06f; low, 87fo closed at 11,04} . • Oorn— For July, opened at35f-Jc; high, 36ic; low, 35ic; olo»ed it July, opened at 25}o; low, 25}o; closed at Oats — For high, 2«}c; 26}c. Pork— For July, ope&ed, Sll.ift; high, $11.80; low, *1 1.45; closed at •11.70. Receipts of hogs 28,000 head. Estimated .receipts, Monday, 3,000. Mixed, «4.20@4.50; heavy, »4.40 @4.55: rough, «4.2d@4.30; llgb.t, I4.05@4.30. Receipts of cattle, 3,500. Sheep, Curb, (Sept.) 89f; pat« (Sept.) 87i-H; calls (Sept.) 92^-91 J. Toledo, XX, May 14. Wheat—Cash, opened $1.37; closed at 81.40. Wheat—July,opened,S1.01; ^closed at «1.03* b. LOCAL GEAIN MAKKET. The following la the price paid for grain In the local market today u reported by W. E. Hurd: Wheat, »1-20: corn, 32c; o»ts, 27c; clover seed. $2.75. Lecture tn Art. Mrs. Sherwood, vice president of the Chicago art school, delivered a lecture this afternoon In the parlor* of Judge J. C. Nelson's residence before the Art clubs, the TourisU club and the Woman's club. There were ninety In attendance. Miss SalUe Hlghtower will ilof at St. Vincent's church tomorrow at li o'clock l

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