The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1951 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1951
Page 5
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TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 1951 Russia Trumpets Prosperity At Early End of 5-Year Plan BI/VTHFA'IUJ!. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FTVB LONDON. April n. (/PJ— Russia told the world last night she has finished her second five year plan nine months ahead of schedule. She boasted topping her prewar production by 73 per cent, instead 48 per cent she aimed for. the major fields, however, her production still (ell far short of the United States. The announcement, by Moscow radio, trumpeted great gains in "the mast important tasks of the plan" — h tit n dm It ted shortcomings in other fields of production. As usual, the Soviet announcement gave no figures on production but dealt only in percentages. It compared 1950 with 1940. The Russians said: Steel production— prime index of modern civilization — was 10 per cent above the target. Western experts earlier this year cstimatec the Soviets turned out about 30,000,000 tons of iron Ingots in 1950 — compared with a U. S. production of almost 97,000,000 tons. Oil — 22 per cent above prewat production. Earlier estimates Iron' the West attributed to the Soviets 2Tt million barrels Ja$t year compared with an American 1,973,000,009 barrels. Coal— 57 per cent more mined nd steel production and introduced ,hor saving devices. Great strides also were claimed in ic oil industry, which the broadest said was "completely rccon* ructed and re-cqulppcd." ft said new prospecting, drilling nd production techniques had un- arthed new oil and gas reserves nd boosted output of high octane nd airplane oils. ' Veering away from production fig- res, the announcement boasted there was not and Is not any un- inployment in the Soviet .Union." t listed the number of ."workers nd other employes in the national conomy" at 39.200.000 at the end I 1950. It said this was an Increase if 7.700.000 over IG-iO. Other Figures Given Other current production figures ;ive» in the report were: Machine building—2.3 times above 910. OH equipment—Ihree limes that Of 1940. Chemical Industry—1.8 times prewar production. Five-year goal had been 1.5 times, Brick and tiles—failed to meet Jive-year target. Haulage of timber—up 36 per cent but failed to meet goal. Production of textiles, clothing knit poods, shoes and other branc es of light Industry—up n per cent but quota not fully met. Butter—up 57 per cent. Meat—up 7 per cent. Vegetable* oils and other fats — up 10 per cent, Fish—up 11 per cent, Sausage products—up 20 per cent Canned goods—up 48 per cent. Sugar—up 17 per cent. . Confectionery products — up 2 per cent. Publication of books—up 84 per cent. Sultan to Hear Malayan Princess Who Wants to Marry Englishman than In 1310—slightly above thi plan's quota. The West estimate. Russia last year produced 290,000,00i tons of coal—the U. S. 548,000,00! Electric Goal Beat ic power—up 87 per cenl beating the gon] set. The Wset esti mates Russia last year produce' 90.000.000,000 kilowatts. The Unitei States turned out 3S6.000,000.000. The Moscow announcement cleai the way for the start-of a fourt five year plan. Deputy Premier V M. Molotov announced last Marc that another such plan would b undertaken this year. Main outlei of the new plan may be announce soon at a meeting or the suprem Soviet (parliament). Perhaps significantly last night announcement gave no figures in non-ferrous metals—non-irons. Nor did it claim Soviet production targets in this important field had been met. • ' , This recalled recent hints of trouble in Russia's non-ferrous ministry &nd reports that she is suffering from shortages in such things as nickel, copper'and cobalt. The announcement also admitted (here was a lag In construction of agricultural machines. The government-controlled press recently has blasted the " agricultural machine building ministry and accused It of using defective equipment, defective materials and producing defective output. ^ The broadcast verified reports ^ much of Soviet Industry has been concentrated In eastern Russia, claiming great boost- 1 ; In pig Iron production in the Ural Mountains, and a higher output of iron and steel in Siberia. Metal Industry Rebuilt Tt declared also that in the war- ravaged south the metal Industry had been completely rebuilt and was topping prewar output. It boasted that the Russians had improved their techniques of iron LONDON. April 17. (AP)—The roly-poly Sultan of Kcdnh packed retinue and 31 trunks into a London hotel today and announced a private audience fcr a defiant young Malay princess who wants to marry an Englishman. The Sultan, his highness Sir Jury Resumes Consideration In Slaying Case BOONEVILLE, Ark.. April 11. </P) —The jury trying Bill Odin In the slaying of his former wife and her husband resumed its attempt to reach a verdict today, All testimony was presented yesterday. The jury began deliberations but recessed for the night without agreeing, Odin, 45. is charged with two counts of first degree murder In the slaying of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith at their home near here. He was arrested shortly after the shooting. Sheriff Pete Carter said at the time that Odin admitted the slay- Ings. , . But Odin testified yesterday tha_ he shot only Smith. He gave the all- male Jury this account of the tragedy: He went to the Smith home to pick up some clothing . his forme wife had for him, and was invitee to join the couple at breakfast Smith did not speak to him,, nm after the menl risked his wife, wha Odin was doing In the house.' Whei she replied, Smith became angrs pulled a gun, killed Mrs. Smith and shot Odin In the shoulder. Odir then disarmed Smith, shot him, an. left the house. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA. ARK. I* Matinees Sat. & Sun. * " Ph. 58 Tuesday "Million Dollar Kid" East Side Kids \Yednesda.v & Thursday FLYING MISSILE Glenn Ford Missouri Committeewoman Granted Divorce from Judge KENNETT, Mo., April 11. !/p)— eral indignities, will Rot a $5.000 Mrs. James V. Billings, national Democratic commllteewoman from Missouri since May 1043, obtained a divorce April 4, it was learned Judge Joseph S'.vink yesterday. Circuit granted the divorce nt Marble Kill, Mo., on a change of venue. Judge Billings, now holding court at Blooniflcld, declined comment. Records show Billings married CSeneva Southard, 32, on April 8, lour days after the dovlrce was granted. Judge T. A. French performed the ceremony at Plggoll. Ark, Mrs. Billings, who claimed gen- . settlement and possession of the Hillings house. She also will receive $175 a month while her fo tmirt remains on the bench and $100 a month thereafter. Billings was elected to the circuit bench In 1932. He was unsuccessful in saining Hie Democratic nomination for Judge of the Missouri Supreme Court In 1038, when the t'cnrtcrgnsb machine of Kansas City backed his candidacy. Thirty-one species and one sub' species of birds were counted on one winter day in Slienandoah National !>ark, Virginia, Marriage License* The following couple obtained > marriage license yesterday at the office of Miss Elizabeth Blyth«, county clerk: Robert Eugene Boweri ol Blylhe- vllle and Miss Lorene Camden of Dell. Badlishah Ibni Al-Marhum, had harried in from northern Malaya to pick up a new canary yellow Rolls Roj'ce and to talk to his 10-year- old niece—Princess Zabariah, who found work in Britain as an crdi- ary typist and fell in love with an rdinary Englishman. The five-foot Sultan, who rules 00,000 subjects back in north Ma- aya, said he had a few things to ell Ihe young princess but would- I't disclose what, "What I have to say to her," he bold newsmen. "Is a personal, prl- ite family matter." The Princess Zabariah. who hold.' her job under Ihe name of Just plain Joyce Hamld, had sought amily permission to marry 21•ear-old Arthur Collins, apprentice printer who earns five pounds ($14) week. Tor an answer, she got i, curt no." It came first from her lather. Prince Yahaya, who died last Saturday at his brother's court at Kedah Royal House In, Malaya. He said Collins was no Moslem and couldn't be considered a suitable partner for a princess. The princess appealed the decision to her uncle the Sultan. He, too, added art emphatic negative and came to ijondon to talk things ver. The prince« waited in her Hampstead apartment and said the Sultan's visit would make no dif- IT KEEPS HIM ON THE JOB—Here's an Idea for keeping your workers on the job, boss Suspended 300 feet above the ground, a steeplejack at the University of California, Berkeley, plants his feel against the shoulders of his partner to help the lower man apply enough force to a drill he's using on the face of a big clock. The steeplejacks are repairing a faulty number on the clock's face.- Reserve District No. 8 Stale No. 81-105 Report of Condition of THE FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. of niyUievllle, Arkansas, at the close of business April 9, 1951, a Stale liaiikinx Institution organl/cd anil operating under the bankiiii; laws of this Staff and a nilmbor of the Federal Hestrvc System. I'uhllslied In accordance with a call made hy the Stall Hanking' Authorities ami by Ilif Federal Kesm-e Bank of this District. A S S i: T S Cash, balances with other banks, Including reserve balance, and cash llcms in process of collection ................ $2,078,545.42 United Stntcs Government obligations, (tired und guaranteed 4^22,000.00 Obligations of States and political subdivisions .............. 56.000.00 Corporate stocks (including $18,000.00 stock of Federal nc- servc bank) ............................................. 18,000.00 Loans and discounts 'including $3,614.42 overdrafts) ........ 3,001, 21(i. 11 Bank premises owned S57,Sk)0.00. furniture and fixtures $1.00 57 501 (10 Other asspts ............................................... 20,835.14 Pickering Calm Falls on Plant After Disorder DANVILLE, Va., April 17. Wj— Orderly picketing without any sign of disorder prevailed at the Dan River Mills strike-bound plant when Ihe day shift reported today in sharp centrals to a burst of shots i police use ol tear gas in a disturbance that broke out with the midnight chafige. The trouble occurred in nearby Schoolfleld at the company's miiinr plant. A striker suffered a pistol bullet wound in the mclce. Siiite police hurled tear gas bombs to disperse a crown of pickets. The pickets, who had blocked U. S. highway 20 at the main entrance to the Schoolfield plant for 15 minutes, broke their solid front and finally allowed the non-striker* to enter the building for the midnight shift. Murder Charge : i!ed in Shooting MONTICELLO, Ark., April 1. (/!>) —A Monticello policeman has been hargcd wjth first degree murder n the shooting of a carpenter icre Saturday night. Night officer James Ford was lound over to the Drew county rand jury yesterday after a hear- ng before Magistrate, o. J. Shouke. Ford is accused of shooting Bunin Wigles. about 50. Police Chief T. R. Scott said Ford told him he t Wigles. Scott quoted Ford as saying he thought Wigles was at- .cmpting to pull a weapon when he fired. Bond for Ford may be set at a n-eliminary hearing this week, Circuit Judge John Golden said. ference. "Whatever happens. I Intend to marry Arthur, even if I have to wait until I'm 21," sh« declared. Chi Ids to Speak At Missouri U. COLUMBIA, Mo., April 17. •larquis Childs, Washington col- imnlst and Charles Gorddry avia- ion editor of the United Press, vill speak at the journalism banquet at the University of Missouri May 4. Dean Frank L, Mott of the journalism school has announced the ireliminary program for the 42nd annual event which will be from April 30 to May 5. In addition to the banquet, highlight of the program, there will oe three other night sessions at which visiting journalists will be leard. The list of speakers includes Corner Croy, Missouri author; Stan Swinton, Associated Press war correspondent; and Miss Frances Grinstead. assistant-professor of journalism, University of Kansas. Negro Convicted 3rd Time for Rape . HOPE, Ark. r April 17. (AP>—A Hempsteari County Negro has been convicted for the third time of raping an expectant whit* mother. Herman Maxwell, whose two previous convictions were set aside by the Arkansas Supreme Court, was found guilty here yesterday after only 14 minutes of deliberation by an all-white jury. The verdict carries an automatic death penalty. The supreme court threw out Maxwell's first conviction in thfi July, 1949, crime on the ground that the defense had not received ample time to prepare its case. The second conviction was dismissed because Negroes were excluded from the jury panel. Windows Help Control Breaking Tempers TOLEDO. (/!>) — If mother 1 grouchy and down in the dump most of the time, or if junior Is on continual rcunpage around th house, it may be because they necc their windows adjusted. A study the eiTccts of home daylightin^ shows a direct relationship between the amount of light entering th home and .the dispositions of its oc cupants. Families living in homes with bi picture windows or fioor-to-cellln glass walls were found to enjo happier and more tranquil rela tlonships than those in homes wher the 'out-ot-doors was shut out by small and poorly located windows, according to Dr. James Bender, director of the Institute of Human Relations. "In creating the new American style of home, the kind that makes for brighter, happier living, architects have been aided by such modern improvements as double-paned insulating windows," explained Frank Sohn, architectural consultant of Llbbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company. TOTAL ASSliTS LIABILITIES Demand deposits of Individuals, partnerships, and corporii- llolls ................................................... S7.I82.8C7,fi8 Time deposits of Individuals, piulnershlps, and corporations 1,041,090,80 Deposlls of United States Government (including postal NiU All Tickets 15c "God Is My Co-Pilot" Dennis Morgan • Dane CUrk Wednesday & Thursday "MR. LUCKY" Gary Grant • I.araine Day savings) Deposits of States and political subdivisions Deposits of banks Other deposits (certified and oiricers' checks, etc i TOTAL DEPOSITS S8,OOG,934 51 Other liabilities 125,030.50 282.C34.53 2.10,775.21 34,535.70 21,382.69 TOTAL LIABILITIES fnot Including subordinated obll- gntlons shown below) $8,928,317.20 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital' _ Surplus ................ . .................... ._, ...... [ i Undivided profits ................................. ...... Reserves (and retirement account for preferred capital). ..$ 200.000.00 .. 400.000.00 .. 218.BG7.13 6,012.74 THEATRE 2013 \Ves( Main Slmw Starts 7:00 Saturday* ,t Sundays 1:00 Always a Double Feature Tuesday & Wednesday Last Survivor Of Crash Dies CHARLESTON, w. Va., April 17. (AP)—The only survivor of 21 men aboard an Air Force plane which crashed nine days ago died in a Charleston hospital early today. Maj. Isaac E. Bonifas of Portland, ^ad., died as a result of burns suffered In the crash near Charleston April 8. t Nineteen men were killed outright in the crash of the C-47 plane. Major Bonifas and Capt. Harry K. Blackhurst of Charleston, both apparently thrown clear of the flaming wreckage, survived. Blackhurst died in a hospital the next day, however. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 824,71)0.47 Big Four Meeting Seen Without Agenda by West PARIS. April 17. (AP)—An informed Western official predicted today the four power deputies would eventually agree to hold a foreign ministers meeting without an agenda. Deputies from the United States Britain, Russia and France have lieen meeting here since March 5, trying to arrange B list of subjects to be discussed at a foreign ministers conference. So far, they have not agreed. London Abates Smok* LONDON— (IP,— Festival of Britain visitors in grimy London will be safe from smoke and soot from Thames tugs and steamers. The Ministry of mel has arranged to allocate 8.000 tons of Welsh anthracite, which is almost smokeless, for uie by river tugs during the festival period. It has also asked factories on the riverside or in districts close to the South Bank of the Thames, where he festival site Is,'to keep the air lean. Starts 7:15 p.m. KIrts Under 12 FREE Wilh Parents PLAYGROUND For Ihe Klilrtlcs TUE.-W£D. — Big Double Feature Stihe River '"i'MMXTK With JTANE WYATT »nrl LOUIS HAVWARD with M1CHKI.LE MORGAN »nd RALPH RICFIARDSON Color Cartoon Sportscope TWO GRE AT HITS Read Courier News Classified Ads. Butcher Putt Discretion Ahead of Valor Again REDONDO BEACH. Calif. (AP) — here were no questions asked when utcher Jack Watson was cutting p some roasU In his shop and rent dane "of about shcfahd pony izc" came in, selected the biggest ne, and stalked out with the choice ut in Its mouth, Watson watched the dog dlsap- icar down the .street. He said he lidn't do anything because ot It's unusual size." Hungary Sells Food Despite Rationing FRANKFURT, Germany. Nobody at Ihe big Frankfurt spring fair would have guessed that Communist Hungary Is on strict food rationing. After a two-year absence the Hungarians re-entered Germany's biggest spring fair with a lush food display to attract export dollars. Since last fall. Hungary hns suffered from severe shortages of meat, sugar and potatoes. The government has imposed harsh rationing regulations. But a buyer at the fair could order unlimited tiuanlities of M U R R* OUR FRIENDLY THEATRE LAST TIMES TODAY 0 o o o o o o, lam, bacon, chocolate, candles anncd fruit and canned vegetables rom Hungarian stalls. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Times Today TOTAb LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS..... .$9,753,091.07 'This bank's capital conslst.s of: Common stock with total par value ol $200,000.00. M E SI O R A N n A ssels pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes . 5 115«BOO.OO xians as shown above are after deduction of reserves of 20,144.85 I, R. L. Banister, cashier of Ihe above-named bank, hereby certify hat the above statement Is, true to the besl of my knowledge and belief. R. L. Banister, cashier. Correct—Attest: B. A. Lynch j ,, , I.'II. Johnson ?' '•R. A. Porter, Directors. State of Arkansas, County of Mississippi ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 14th day of April, 1951. Seal) K. R. Bryan, Notary Public. My commission expires March 26, 1955. Starring Marguerite Chapman —PLUS— Selected Shorb Ciood 0; THFA/EW Also Warner Newi »nd Short* Wednesday &- Thursday "TARZAN & THE AMAZONS" Johnny Weismuller Also News & Shorts The Yellow Pages of your now telephone directory iro the most complete, up-to-date buyers' guide in town. There youll find people ready and eager to s«rv* you: cleaners, dentists, druggists, grocers, hardware dealers — and many others. Each is listed under the heading which describes the product he sells or th« service he olTcrs, Turn now to the new Yellow Pages and see how easily you can find the product or service you want This issue ol the Yellow Pages is more useful because it contains more firms, more headings, and moro information than ever before. Southwestern Bell Tele-,: phone Company,

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