The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1951
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRH, 17, 1951 Business Future Depends Solely on the Point of View •Bi.rrHEvn.LE. (ARK.V COURIER NEWS By T. K. APPI.KGATE (For SAM DAWSON) NEW YORK, April n. (/!>)—Men who make busiiu-ss decisions are increasingly sensitive to forecasts of trends. This Is true whether the predictions concern Individual shifts in .trade patterns, policies, or general Ftonomlc principles. " Perhaps they arouse special interest now when the world Is In conflict and many people see only an uncertain future. Our readiness to look ahead however, is both a denial that there is anything static in our economy and mi implication that we are confident of meeting whatever the coming months or years have in store.' ' How well we prepare for future events may depend on the accuracy of those who interpret and predict economic trends. Their forecasts include short- term and long-term views. Both are In the news today. For the longer look, there is Sumner II. Slicliter, the Harvard economist, with a new book. "What's Ahead for American Businc-s??" He sees the future American system of enterprise as a "more stable, more competitive, mixed economy." Shorter Terra Covered The shorter term is covered in a report for the Twentieth Century fund charting a course its economists believe can achieve "defense without Inflation." Both imply a major need of the future will be the exercise of res- jraint by special interests in their Claims on the economy. The economists of the Twentieth Century fund, a nonprofit research foundation, call for a "reciprocal willingness to sacrifice" among wuge earners, farmers and business. They warn that "inflation cannot be stopped if the pull and haul among groups leads into H political logrolling operation where government helps each group enlarge its money income to nutch increases secured by others." Wilson Plea Echoed This echoes the recent nlca of Defense Mobilization Director Charles E. Wilson for a "subordination of selfish ends" to avoid Intlu- tlon. He urged that every organized ..roup "consider the welfare and Just demands not only of other or- ;anized groups but of the unorgan- zcd, the consumer, the public a.s « v'hole." Slicliter in his book published lo- day says that In the long run prices nust ndjust themselves to labor ;osls. And he predicts the country, liter a decade of rising prices, may lave to choose "between subjecting collective bargaining to fairly dras- lic control and accepting a dollar that does not command confidence because it is expected to fall In '.Hue." During the defense economy, lie said, "union membership will spread, especially among white-collar workers, who will discover in .naily enterprises that the best way to get their wages adjusted for increases in the cost of living is to organize. No lllueprint Offered SHchter offers no blueprint for the structure of the.future economy which lie thinks will be a mixture of direction by the government and by special-interest groups and ot individual pursuit of self-interest. •Some of hts predictions are: "During the foreseeable future, intervention by the government un economic affairs) is quite certain to grow." but lie sees no signs of socialism or planned economy. "Unions will not sponsor nil independent labor party nor be able to take over either the democratic or republic." The pressure or organized groups will finally reach their limit, SHch- ter says; the influence of free employes will grow, and businessmen will have more influence than they possessed in 1950. SHchter issues no time table lor these events. PUTS ON DOG—Proudest possession of Monty II, ship's mascot of the aircraft carrier Monterey, is this personal bath-tub in which he gets scrubbed up for Saturday morning Captain's inspection at the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Fla. He inherited the tub ircro Monty I, also a Boston bull pup, who went AWOL, never to return. McMath to Go To Washington For Marines LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. April _17. f/Pl - Governor McMath plans a trip to Washington to speak in behalf of the United States Marine Corps. The governor has been asked to appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee In support of a bill to Increase the size of the Marine Corps to 400.000 men. The bill also calls for four combat divisions and Marine corps representation on the join chiefs of staff. McMath said he would attend this week "if the special session of the Arkansas Legislature winds up its business early." He called the special session April 9 to get more money for the public schools. McMath, a Marine lieutenant colonel in World War II, was asked to appear by Sen. Douglas ID.1I1) author of the bill. West Berlin Authorities Arrest Man Who Stole 87 Railroad Tank Can BERLIN, April n. (/p,— west Berlin authorities today announced the arrest of a man who stole 87 railroad tank cars from the American Sector last fall. Railroader Max Lockenwitz, police reported, was yanked from the engine of a Berlin elevated train yesterday as it stopped in the French Sector. He was charged with hitching a locomotive to the side-tracked cars and hauling them off to the Soviet Sector, presumably at the behest of Eastern authorities. A Western allied directive pro- C/tovsc lasting good (cislc in solid silver... Fed. To* I nc I. " PAY ONLY Weekly per place setting faftOKd tj- [hs 1551 fuKM DREIFUS l llrnifns . . . \V Ra r lli iltfi \\EST\IW SI STO*K IN fttrTHCVIUE. MKMPHIS AND DYIRSBMa THEY'RE FUSTEST WITH THE MOSTEST-Fred Schoville. 44, und his wife, Edith, 40. with their 20 children, arrived en masse in Chicago lo appear on a television show and claim the world's record as the youngest parents of (he most single-born children. Children of th e Soldiers Grove, Wis., oil salesman and Ins wife range in age from one month to 25 years. They filled four rooms in a Chicago hotel. Reds' Faces Red BERLIN,. April n. (/pj—com- munlst authorities took a second look, at May Day buttons printed for the annual first of May demonstration. The officials blinked in disbelief and then ordered the 5,000,-. 000 buttons destroyed, the West Berlin newspaper Der Abend reported today. Plainly visible in the design of the buttons was the Nazt swastika. hibits the removal of West Berlin railroad equipment to Soviet territory. Tourists Sought By Ethiopians ADDIS ABABA — (/Pj— Ethiopia has great tourist attractions, snys Halpti s. Damon, ' President of TransWorld Airlines. On a visit here recently Damon said he intended 'o explore the possibilities of having American tourists visit the country The main reason for Damon's trip to Ethiopia, he said. Is that TWA has a seven-year contract for supplying Ethiopian Airlines with managerial, technical mid flying personnel. First Range of Its Kindl Two complete ovens ex one big oven In just a twinkling. Pair up casseroles with cake, pork chops with pie —or broil ond bales at the same Hmel Get The»« Other Advantages! Beautiful new styling . . . new Cook-Master Clock Control thrifty 5-speed Radianlube surface units ... and Lifetime Porce- kiin-on-sleel finish, inside ond out. ft* TWO-OWN Coitv.rwnc. of *. frit* of a S«9(«-Ov«n Imagine cooking convenience like this! 1. LOOKI rrs TWO OVtNS! New McCarey Mov/e to Aim 'At Heart of U.S. Communism' Each oven is jepa- ra l e —has its own heat control. Com- poct.lhrifly-plenty of room for all normal needs. 2. P8ISTO! IT'S ONE OVEN! Drop tenter heoting unil lo Its bottom position -ond you have / one 9'ant oven. The new FRIGIDAIRE "Wonder Oven "Electric Range JC "OWN WILL HOLD TUB AIM'LIANCE •J YOU CHOOSE. COMB IN TODAY! Adams Appliance Co. r Inc. t Sales .1. 206-208 W. Main ADAMS, Mgr. Service I'hon* 2071 R.C.A. & Zenith radios and television—Mstytag washers ant! gas ranges—Duo-Therm oil heaters—Younus- tmyn kitchens, dishwashers and garbage disposals— Kairbanks-Morse water pumps-record players and phonograph records—Frigidaire refrigerators, electric Kn^rV• S™', drycrs> ironcrs ' «lr-conditioncrs, dc- humulifiers, food freezers and water heaters. .... .. • Also reconditioned refrigerators, ranges, washers • By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD, April 17. (AP)— Oscar winner Leo McCarey today took the wraps ofr Ills new film, which lie says rill film at the heart, of Communism In the U.S. Until now, McCarey has been silent about his new film, "My son John," since lie *as fearful that other producers might steal the Wea. Now that the film Is well under wny, he revealed to me something of Its nature. "The Idea came to me when I was In the middle of a show business story, 'Born in a Trunk; " 6 aid the creator of "Going My Way." "The new story was so Imperative that I dropped everything else to get to It. "After the Idea came to inc. I cw that I had to have Helen Hayes for It. So I hurried east to tell her about, it. Fortunately, 1 solrt her on it. Then I hurt to come back and get the script Into shape. "I have seen all the oilier nnll- Communlst pictures made In Hollywood. I don't want to knock Die people who made them, but to me the pictures were not art. They are merely remakes of the wnrtime films, with Communists us the vll- ' 11 Ins Instead of the Nn/.!s. No Communist Sreiu-s [ "In my picture there will lie no scenes of the Communist Party. There will be no Russians with heavy mustaches and thick accents, ying, 'Comrade, you wcel meet me on de corner at nine o'loek; we will stop nnd have a drcenk of vodka before the meeting. 1 " Robert Walker, who plays the wayward soji In the title, told me more nl»ut the story. Miss Hayes 1 son John Is a boy who Is exposed to communism during his college days. He becomes an official In a Washington agency and then he starts to get into (rouble. (The FBI agent Is played by Van Heflin.) Walker rtenler! printed, reports that the story parallels the history of Alger Hiss. "This is a story of the power that communism holds over people who are exposed to It at an impressionable age." the actor opined. "It Is a power that often suuercedes that of Gort and family." Film Hurried Along McCarey. long noted as a leisurely director, said he Is hurrying this film along. "Every day that 1 react the papers, 1 feel the urgency to get this picture out," he reported. "I have a cutter working right behind me, getting the picture In shape. And I'm sacrificing the 'Oscar treatment' for speed. I could do a lot of fancy camera angles that might Impress people. But I'd rnlhcr get this one out in a hurry." U.S. Is Called Still Open to Atomic Attack WASHINGTON, April 17. «•)— Mlllnrd Calrtwell, civil defense administrator, was quoted yesterday as saying adequate steps have no't yet been taken to protect the nation from an atomic attack. Cnldwcll, his aides snti Afr Force officers appeared before a closed scs=ion of the Semite Armed Services Committee to give their Ideas on the damage an atomic attack inhjhl cause. Chalrnmn Russell (D-GiO of the committee told a reporter later the Civil Defense Administration officials snitl that not nearly enough has been done to meet the danger. Russell said the witnesses also outlined what they hope to do to prepare for such attacks. He declined to so Into detail, He said, however, he presumes Cnldwcll will nsk Congress for more money to help prepare the civilian population to meet atomic bombing. Drunk Driver Not Driving VANCAUVER. (/P)_A charge of being drunk In charge of a motorcar was dismissed In court here when defense counsel argued the crown had failed to prove tlijj car was able to move. The crown admitted it hud been towed to hcncl- tiuarters without, having been tested. Form Chemurgist Makes Fabric for Dress from Corn CINCINNATI-. April 17. (VP)-Now dresses can be fabricated from corn ami ice cream mafic 01 nrjttmnllk the National Farm Chemurglc Council disclosed today. The council will open l(s IGth annual conference tomorrow and will exhibit dresses and Ice cream. Chemurgists have as their objective (he continued research for agricultural by-products which for- PARE TJTREB aM^ WC " destroyed ' a Scientists from many parts ol th« world arc scheduled to participate in (he meetings. Ancient Syrup Served KITCHENEE, Ont. (AP) _- Mrs. D. w. Ward is serving her family maple syrup made 17 years ago. The syrup is a clear amber with no sediment and Its lasting high quality Is attributed to the fact It was cleansed with milk after It was made. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Sensational New HYPERCIN Stops Acid Pain of Diagnosed STOMACH ULCERS Ask Your Doctor about the BENEFITS of HYPERCIN No Faster-Working Sate Pain Rfll.t Known. Also for Acid Indigestion, Gas,A(Ur-£aUng Dlitreu. Each new Hypercin Tablet Stop* Pain of about 1 cupful of Stomach Arid During 'J hours, f/ypercm protects Acid-Irritated stomach walls. Puts fitm control on acid pain of Diagnosed Stomach Ulcers. inslnnt Now llypcrcin readies the stomach it he-pins to adsorb >s hydrochloric ncid. Ii coals inflamed stomach lining, civinj. ire » Brcntcr opportunity lo soollio ami heal. Pai,, vnnhhti •kly-almoit instantly ... nervous tcmicn disappears. Make This 7-DAY Home Test YOU MUST RE SATISFIED wilh HVJ>£8CIN o, Ihe manuFocluiei will pay your rrtsitty back. AFTER-EATING PAINS, CAS, HEARTKURN, SOURNESS, MAY FADE AWAY AFTER VERY NCWM--M- FIRST HYPERCIN TRIAL. ' II « tercm AT ALL DRUGGISTS KIRBY DRUG STORES America's Most Beautiful! Bast buy for beauty! Best buy for performance! The cxciling new 1951 Kniscr is America's most lieanlifnt car! ' More imporlanl...thc Kaiser is America's soundest value as well! lour nearest Kniser-Prazcr dealer will be glad lo prove lliis to you-feature by feature, point by point! See him lodny! 1951 Kaiser Sedan Wins World's Highest Honor, Grand Prixd'Ilonacur, Cannes, France America's Best Buy! Best buy for comfort! Kaiser's IIi«}i-UrJilgc Doors, curving up into the roof line, let you walk in and out without stooping. Klbow-heipjil windows Icl you rest your arm comfortably while driving...and fronl seal adjusts up to 7 inches lor tall or short drivers! licsi buy for visibility! Kniser gives you the largest windshield in any car (109o sq. in.) with the slimmest slant-hack corner posts. "blind spols"! ''s Control-Tower Vision! Rest buy for safely! Kaiser's Safcly-Cusliion I'attdcd liislruniciil Panel nol only enhances (lie luxury of America's most beautiful car-il also gives cliilrlrcn ami grownups cxlra protection against sudden slops! Besl buy for convenience! Kaiser gives you cxlra luggage space- clean and clnar. The only car in which the spare tire rides in a Tuck-Away Tire Well unilei llic luggage compartment, nol in it! I buy for performance! Kaiser's high-lorrum Supersonic Engine delivers perfect performance on regular you lightning pick-up when you need it...saves you money every mile you drive! Built lo belter the licsl on ihc road! I I ill IO UI... the only car with Anatomic Design! i ».«mo».»». »:r,,i>. £ M y 0uf nearcsl j( a ; sert Frazar Dealer leilny! 61 MOTOR CO. — N. Highwoy 61 - Phone 2142

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