The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BIATHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Th» Nation Today: It Your Opinion fmotion or Reason? ' '•* \ Truman, MacArtkur Squabble Shows Complexity of Problem. By JAMES-MARLON' WASHINGTON, April 11. (AP>— You probably have positive opinions on the Truman-MacArthur dispute. Everyone else seems to. But—are your opinions Just enictionaj? For example' Yon like Truman or have lost confidence (n him and have always admired MacArthur. Or'did you reach your opinions calmly after squarely facing sonic .of Ihe basic questions involved in this dispute? The. first question, cf course. Is this: MicArlhur expressed views on 6iir . foreign policy. They conflicted with the Truman [oreign ipolicy. The President ordered him to keep quiet. MacArthiir didn'l. He was fired by the President, who Is conimander-in-ehicf of .the armed forces Do vovi think the President was right in firing a general who refused '•* obey his orders? • r R's OEher Questions Here's where the other questions conic in. based on the Truman view and the MacArthur view on our. foreign policy. Tills Is the President's positinn: Communism (.<; a menace. The threat is greater from Russia in EurcpC' ihon it. is from China in Asia. Our strongest allies arc in E"rope. Unless we help them build their defenses, they may be over-run by Russia, i If that happens, we'H be practically • alone In a Communist world. Therefore.. we must concentrate on building up Western Europe. But communism .is also a threat in Asia. More' than th?t: It's on the mnrerrm Asia. . . The proof: the Chinese Commu- , rilsts got into the Kirean War against this country and ifs United Nations allies. Unless blocked in Korea, the Chinese will be (ree to, overrun all Asia. So they must be blocked. But we're going to try to limit that blacking to Korea. Tf we .spread .the fighting—by bombing China's bases in Manchuria, which means attacking China itself instead of just the Chinese armies ' In Korea, or by using Chiang Kai-shek's, troops, to invade Asia—we may end lip in -World War III. Why? We'll have to pour far more men nnd supplies into' Asia. ! And Russia ma) come in If Russia moves In Asia to help its Chinese ally, It mai move in Euiope, too, long before this country and Its alllei jw ——— <^"~r* WTWWIP. out some kind f-'of tnfce w1lK"the< Chinese 'there without letting the war spread. Why? The longer the general war can be avoided, the better the hopes for avoiding "general war. Why? Because the more time we have in Europe, the stronger 'our allies there «ill be So much for the Truman policy. But here's another side to that: At the rate the Truman policy Is going in Korea, the end to the lighting there is not in sight. No one can predict the end. Mean- .while, Americans are being killed there. And, worse, a huge Chinese offensive is expected soon and the outcome of that can't be lire- dieted either. Battle May Be Long Even.if that offensive is'blocked, the fighting may go on for months or years. Tiiis is where MacArthur's views come in: Why let the Chinese pour men and supplies into Korea from their "privileged sanctuary" in Manchuria and leave Manchuria untouched? we should use all the strength we have to smash the Chinese: bomb Manchuria, blockAde the coast, turn 'Chiang Kai-shek's men loose in Asia. MacArthur snys the real war against communism is 195) "MOTur.RSS—Mrs. O. O. Ashley of Warren has been named Arkansas Mother of the Year. She Is the widow of a lumber company official, mother of nine children and active In civic affairs. Mrs. Ashley is a candidate for the Golden Rule Foundation's American Mother award. (Associated Tress Photo). Concrete Culvert Tile up to 36 in. Corrugated • Metal Culverts Sites up to 8t in. A»lom»Ilo Flood GJIM Concrete Septic Tanks Mela) Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Frlcts \\ f rjetlrtr A. H. WEBB HlKliwa.t 81 it Slat* Lln« Phont 114 In' Asia, not Eur'o[JC, Now come the questions: Would you go along with MacArthur and open all-out war against the Chinese, even if 11 meant general war, with Russia moving in Asia and Europe, as the Truman- Hes fear it might? <No one, not. even the Tniman- ites, can say for sure Russia would get into the righting, since they might biiie their time and move only when they [ell completely ready. On the other hand, Hie MacArthur supporters can't, be sure the Russians wouldn't move.) Do you agree with MacArthur Ihnt the rea) war /igamst eoriimmi- ism must be fought in Asia, not Europe? I3o you think It's better to risk general war in preference to the present, Truman policy In Korea where the end to [he fighting Is not In sight? If opening up against the Chinese meant the Russians got in and overran Europe, swallowing up all our nlltes, would you still say open up on the Chinese? Or would you rather dawtlle along in Korea so the bulk of our help can go to Europe? Do you BO along with Mr. 'IVil- innn in wanting to go slow in Asia, meanwhile building up Europe. In the hope that eventually a strong defense there may prevent a third world war? Chinese Students Haul Down Union Jack at British Consulate TAIPEI. Formosa, April 17. (if,— Some 40 Chinese students, angered over reports Britain had proposed giving Formosa to the Chinese 2-Year-Oia Boy Found Dead in Shallow Post Hole EMERSON, N, J., April 17. M'j— A two-year-old boy, object of a widespread nine-hour search, was found dead In a shallow post hole 50 yards from his home last night. The body of brown-haired'Ralph Bottner, Jr., was discovered by three children while scores of volunteers and police with bloodhounds con lied nearby woods and swamplands. Dr. Kenneth DC Lafrange said the child apparently died of suffocation about four of five hours before he was found. The hole in which Ralph was found had been dug for a clothes pole and was about four feet deep. He apparently slipped Into the hole while at play. Veronica Lake, Husband File Bankruptcy Papers LOS ANGELES, April 17. (AP> — .Movie Actress Veronica Lake and her film director husband. Andre DC Toth, have .filed voluntary petitions in-bankruptcy In federal court.. 1 '• ! They listed assets of $1G8,050 and debts totaling $la«5739l Huweier t*e listed aweis included i $120 000 Jtjicr^ home at ChaLsiiorth C»lft\,kWnJHi the go\ eminent selz ^ ed %rA$Hj « ' ( ' Collector ' of , Internal. Revenue Robert A. Hidden said the ranch was seized because the couple owes approximately $63,000 in back income taxes. Tlie state also has tax liens ngainst the property totaling about $13.000 and unpaid county and city taxes on the ranch total $4,600. ' - •• Argentina and Paraguay meet, at the Junction of the rivers Iguassu and Parana. Reds, today hauled down the Union Jack at the British consulate at nearby Tansui and chalked anti- British slogans on walls. They hoisted Ihe Chinese Nationalist flag and ripped British emblems from two consular cars, but did no further harm to Uie consulate or its personnel. A consulate official hauled down the Nationalist flag, but the students almost immediately ran H up again. Police stationed at the consulate —an old Dutch fort overlooking Formosa straits—finally prcsuaded the students to leave. They carried the torn-down Union Jack with them. The flag was recovered by police who returned it to Consul E. H. Jacobs-Larkcom. Calked signs—"appeascrs" and "down wilh British Imperialism"— were left on consulate walls, homes ol British residents and the wall of a Canadian-run Presbyterian mission school. Peler Cluing, counselor nti foreign affairs to the Formosan provincial government, said Nationalist officials deplored the affair and were anxious to prevent a recurrence. Police guards at the consulate were reinforced. Chang said he understood consul Jacobs-Larkcom notified the Drit- Ish foreign office in London and that he was awaiting a reply before making a formal protest. Early last year, a similar incident erupted when Britain switched recognition from the Chinese Nationalists to Ihe Communists. Then rioting soldiers pulled down the consulate's Union Jack and demonstrated in the courtyard. Tarzan Takes a Mats In Actress Dahl NEW YORK, April 17. W—Actress Arlene Dahl and Lex Barker, the movie "Tarzan." were married here last night—but without fanfare. July eight persons attended the 11 In the chnpcl of Centrai^'Pfesbyterfan church, pcr- fprmed:.ljj' .the pastor, the Rev. Theodore c. Speers. Read Courier News Classified Ads. FOR GRADUATION! Give her a LANE CEDAR CHEST! 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The demand for such a conference was voiced in Identical cables sent by North Korean Foreign Minister Pak Hen En to General Assembly President Nasrollah Ente- znm of Iran and Security Council President Daniel Von Balluseck of the Netherlands. The cables, marie public last night, said the Korean War could be settled only In accord with the dcci- Old Man River Goes on Rampage Hy The Associated I>ress The rising upper Mississippi River spilled floodsvators into lowland communities in four Midwestern states today. Flood workers patrolcd levees and built and strengthened dikes In preparation for a continued rise. The waters were at a 70 year hish in southeastern Minnesota, ilie south St. Paul stockyards weie flooded out of operation for the first time in its history. Several packing plants also closed down. sions of the first World Peace [Council, a Communist-sponsored I meeting in the Russian sector of 1 Berlin last February. You're off to a flying slarl with... 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