Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 3, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 3, 1890
Page 7
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> How wretched ia the man who has fallen ;i victim to Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, or diseased Liver, with all tho horrible attendants. Look upon His picture. Poor man, being tired of dragging out a miserable existence, he is the picture of despondency; altogcth- w, hfi is rather a forlorn specimen. Do wo pity him? Of course; but at the same tine feel assured that in a measure he is to blamo for Iho bad state into which ho has fallen. A sure, safe, speedy and easy cure can be found in Simmons Liver Regulator—Nature's own remedy. No mercury or deleterious drugs, not unpleasant to tho taste, and always reliable—just such a remedy as you can pin your faith to without a shadow of iiaappointmeut. Read the testimonial, doa't take our word for it: ••I hare been subject to severe spells of Congestion of the Liver, and have been in tlie habit of taking from 15 to 20 grains of «tome! which generally laid me up for «hree or four days. Lately I have been taking Simmons Liver Regulator which navw me relief, without any interruption to business."J. HOGG, Mutdleport, Ohio. f. !f. ZEILSJV^tS CO., Sotn PROTBUfrons, PHILADELPHIA, PA; PRICE, Sl.OO. fyi-tr Headache and roliov-o nil tho troubles Sncl- dent to a bilioua Btato of th9 system, Buoh &S Dizziness, Nnusea, Drowsineefl, Distresa aCtoE eatiDg. 3?aln ill tho Sido, &0. While thoirmoaS o BUCCOBS has been sh&wn in cudBg HclflncTio, yot Carter's tittle Liver Pfflfl SOT ecrnally valuable in Constipation, ourtagaud pro- venting thisannoylngcomplaint, while they also correct oil disorders or thOBtomach,stimnlatoth9 Jifor and regulate tho bowels. Even if they only CTOKO r from this distressing complaint; but forta- natoly their goodneea docs notendhere,and those YTho once try them -will find theao littlo pills valuable in so many -waj'S that they -will not bo -wil- Jlcg to do -without them. Bntnf tar allsick head 30 Bia Tjona of eo many lives that horo Is wbflTQ ^TOEialio our great boeat. Our pills oure it vrhilo Others do not. Carter's Little Liver Fflla are very small and very easy to take. Ono or two pills make a dose. They aro strictly vegetable and do not gripe or purpo, bat by their gentle action please all who use thorn. In vials at 25 cents; five for $1. Sold by (Jraggists everywhere, or sent by niaiL CARTER fHEDICINE CO., New York. SHALL PILL SHALL DOSE, SMALL PRICE A GREAT BLESSING TO WODIEN.B, Bead Symptoms and Conditions tills Specillc \v JH Itelicve and Cure. IE Ynn I'avc nervous or sick hendaohe,stom- 11 I UU achnohe, backache, spineache, bloating, internal heat or scalding urine, M Vnii bare chronic weakness.bearing down I ' I UU or perversions incident to life-change K Vnil na >'° uterine catarrh, suppressed or il I UU painful periods, or ovarian dropsy, If Vnii have suspicious growths, disposed to II IUU tumor or cancer, or hemorrhage, It RllllHo "P Quickly a run-down constitu- II UUIIUo tion and brings refreshing Bleep, it Will dispel those dull tired looks and feol- II IIIII iiiss, and bring back youthful bloom and beauty— restores the nervous system. Mnthoro Girc 't t" 7our \veak and delicate Illy IIIGIO daughters. Not a drop of imjpnre Hlood can escaix: its IieaUng and purifying influence. If Vnii value good health and hope for lone II IUU life, use Female Sicmcdy. Symptoms continued with certlflcatoa of curtd, In "uulilo to Uedlth" free. Alia advice free. "r. Kilmer & Co., Din;:liuniton. N. Y. DrugglBta »1.00 - n Jtlonl. imd Kama. City , . , (S.OO. •I. Loutaond Lcavenworth . . . B.7S. Atekll «" »"•! St. Jo«T>h . . . 6.00. "aOnuilia .... 8.IX. uU, Pueblo, Colorado Sprlnum UenTer 15.00. ° jMCh ' «* ' ° nd • > »« Greatest Discovery of the !9lh i.UNG DISEASES .vn so r-;c!C,vt. 5-'or FASHIONS FOR CHILDREN Sow the Elaborately Stltehwi and Hemmed a.ml Hand Kniliroidovwil Whfti Cnriuent«i of I.Uo Punt Arc Almnst ICii i Spi'L-ial Contispondonco. 1 JSTEW YORK, May 1.—It is not BO vcrj many years ago tiat cliildren woro no dai-k colors at all. No color or tint was too delicate for them, and tlio rootlioi who put si dark frock or cloak upon hei child vrao considered i'ar more hard hearted than Pharaoh and more economical tbi«i loving, lint she was bound clown to backache and gidcachc from tho extra labor entailed on keeping her little girlb always sweet and clean in the delicate dresses. It was uot uncommon to see little child dressed for ordinary occasions in a white cashmere which had been laboriously embroidered by hand, and if it was hard on the mother it was HO less hard. 011 the child, for no freedom could bo allowed a child for natural, healthy play. IRIS JJILES-; AN,'} lltJBIXARD OI.OAK. Eat now nil that is changed, and there is no color that mother.? wear that is not Cc for the little t;ir!s. and faahioTi.-i.ble, too. Th« benefit of this syr.tojii ia that, there- is not no milch v,-oiv: to ke;-.-p the ubi:.U'?.n cie:V:i, and i;hc; childron lire happier aud healt-hicr, barausa they can play without restraint, jm:l it i:< far raoro {'<:o;i;)]>iieai ia several v,'2,ys. Of courwj thera will always be occasions for a Vviiite dress made as daintily as mother lova can devise and mother's tireless patience can accomplish. Such an one in the pretty little Iris dress made of raft whita mull, embroidered clcaply ivrivmid the boftom and worn over a pink wash silk slip, with a tiny plaiting urotmd the bottom, just showing under the edge of the mull. A sash of the same silk crosses the waist arid is tied iu an enormouB bo\v at tlicr bade. Tlie sleeves are pufr'od over silk and with deep "cuffs and bretelles of embroidery. BVae com color, old gold or Eiffel red can all be iisml for the slip it' prefcrrcfl. And t'v* dear little coaling sisterl £;"he is EoiTijj out with graadciii in a little H-.ibbr.ivl doak of brown end fawn striped cijfrvkrt and a big poke boimet all of aeal brown straw junVpltcaes, The little coat hnw for its only irimmiB:; a row of tucks rrarmoautod by n herring bone in swldlerV. sili. Not at all gay or elaborate, Irat oh, how qunint and sweet the little maiden looks iu.it! "A quiver full" of dear little children is to be desired, but it has its (Jrav,'b:ioks, piirliciilarly \vhcn Bobby is always needing shoes and Minnie and. Nellie stock- mgn, hats, etc. The beat way to dresa them is to give Bobby a pretty little kilt suit of sorgo or cheviot or heavy blue flannel, made with a blouse, and socles and stout boots. A toreador hat ia j ust ao-.v the stylo for him. with a triple co- cartle at tho left side. Get Minnie » Tartei plaid auS make it on the bia:j, iind trim it with a row of open castle or Hercules braid, with a sash of tho same-, and dress her doll with the corsps left over. Give studious Nellie a quiet little gown of dark blue flannel, neatly ciads withtue front of surah, which was all the best part of nig aster Mabel's last year's dress, and yon will find your little ones-well dressed and very economically dressed, too. Ginghams are as strong as iron and fadeless as the oky; therefore ginghams are^good for boys and girls to wear for spring and summer, where laundry work does not count.. Where it does, light woolens are better and quite as cool, though not quite'BO summery looking. But nothing suits a boy BO well as a sailor suit, with gilt braid, an embroidered anchor and "real sailor buttons" with it foul anchor oa them. I a.m sorry to relate that while mothers would like to keep the pretty aud picturesque Fiiunt- teroy suits on their boys, these latter turn up their noses and mutter "chest- uuw" acorufully. A QUIVER FULL OP TEEM. Little frirls, of course, wouldn't do mich s thing, but they "are all in favor of the shorter skirts, as they, too, are a little tired of tho Empire aud Sara Oewe style.-. The waists to tho Ktirami-T ginghams, charubreys and lawns, as wull as muslins, areall made very tastefully nnd with much ornamentation, whilo the skirts are very plain. Sashes are fastened with heavy and enormous buckles in shell, steel or oxidized silver. Hats are in all, sorts, kinds, and colors of straw, and trimmed as you. please. Shirred hats of gingham t for ..qiaite little ones are as pretty as a picture over the sweet little faces, The-stringa are of the same material. OUVE HARPER, The Average !Hon. We are often told of the large profit derived from hens and large yields o sgS 3 yearly are given as proof. In or dinary oases I would figure out abou this way with our common fowls: Tak out ninety days for the moulting season during which no cggg will be laid. Thi will leavo 275 days, aud if the hen lay an <-:r;j overy olUor day the product woiil bo IJ!7 t'ggs, but the hen must ba give l.iini! for hatching a brood anil raisin Uiem, during wliioli she lays no oggs .•mil this Lima must bo taken out, so lint i ronsifli-'r ISO oggK yivirly ;.i ihv u iv.t uvi-nuvi', ;uul in a great itiauy ins::in i. his number JH not i-c;::-!i: j cl. !<>ld. of tin; .YrnoM aritui :i lil.vini for i.in; iii-.st, riiiie iiilo. Jaiiiir.-.'.--.- iiiultiliiij'ii m.--: •n of tho fji'iicriil jao<iutiuiiiuH r li.-Mtiu- tnu jiicquciiiinoi. (id<i i ri->s(5i!!l>!i.is i!. in foliage. It i iju cii[i .siiupri.!. iihouc :i.n ini:l d is suiitiry anil not in ulustor n.uiltillora. The petal.s aru ( lU. Unliko most of the nuiun i, tiie plants, so far as tested 'wl hardy in t.ho xevero clirnati -. . tf a heavy, strong growing hedge is de •iirrtl, Uie honey locust will answer the purpose. The trees will, in a few years closely interlock and become almost irn pregnable. .-VeciM'iHng to California fruit gix>xverp rhubarb may be forced by placing kegs or half barrels over the plants and sur rounding the same with heating manure. Tim tops of the barrels or kegs can i-overoil with boards or .sack's. !!. P. Hopkins, of New York, avers thai every thvm he churns unripe creati ho loses. He says: "When cream is ;i tt-ifiu acid it, is sufliciently ripened. 1 prrl'pr :i oor.eusKion churn to the friction churn. White specks in butttr t.-onit from cixigulaliun of the milk, which st't- lk\s (.11 the bC'Uom of (.lie cany. Th«v should 1»J washed out .properly. Prot'i.'ssor Jlaynai-d entertains a favor able opinion of the practice of girdling fines, to increase the si/.ts of the fruit as well ;i.s its earlinessi, a practice which other cultivators have regarded with disfavor. I.ilith, Atlnnr* Vint Wife. According to the .Jewish Talmud, Lilith, th« mother of demons, was taken t wife by our first parent, Adam, prior to the appearance of Eve upon the scene. Being the legendary mother of evil spirits, one would naturally accept the story as a fact when told that she became unmanageable and tried to supersede Adam as lord of all creation. Thwarted in this, she took to the regions of the air, where, as a specter in the guise of :i bcautifiil woman, she lies in wait for and pounces upon defenseless children. Some ignorant Euro-pean Jews still believe that the beairtiful murderess inhabit* the air, waiting for a chance to murder their little ones. It is said that the word "lullaby" is a corruption of t.hr words "Lilla, abi," or "Begone, Lilith,'' words used as a charm by superstitious mothers of legendary times.—St. Louis Eiavmblie Advice to MoUiei'8. Mrs. "Vymslow'&.Boothmg Syrup, for children teething, is the pryscriptioij of one of the best feiuale nurses uuu shysicians in the United States, ano las been used for forty years witb never-failing success by million:* of aotkers for" their children. Uuriuj; the process of teething its value ii- nealculaote. It relieves tbe child 'rom pain, cures dysentery aud diar- rhoea, griping in the bowels, and wimi oolic. By giving health to tbe child t rests the mother. Price 25 cents n .tlo. junelSd wly A VETERAN. I was wounded I n the leg nt the battle of Stime ».iver, Deo. Slat, 1862. My blood'wns |«iso;n.'ri Vom tho (iffcnts of the wound, and the k« iveUcd to double Its natural size, aud remained so for many yearn. The poison uxtemlcMl to fly whole system, find I sultercd n thousand ieaths. Nothing did me any ROOC uniil I took -twill's Specific, which took the r-Ji«>n on; of my system, and enabled me to foci myself 11 nan again. S. S. S. Ls tlie romody for" blood inLson. JottN CONWAV, Iximlon, O. Treatise on Blood and Slcui Disoaw;: Tunili'ii reo. tI\vipT SPEOITOJ do.. Drawer 3, Atlanta. <"••"• hrough my wort today? Ifeef mimraUe, headachy, tired, pain in my back, my food won't digest, ly whole body seems out of ordar. Wo answer bat it ia no wonder you are in sueh a brolcor. dowc ondition,and you will keep Kettir^ Trcitso liulc'--3 ou can cure your LIVER. This impor ant orja.n is out of order and you must cure it. l>y promptly OBtog Wioso aover ''''''' )r. C. McLane's Celebrated LivtrPiHs. ley Trill xestoro you and ^TO vigor and health to •our whole system, mr.kiiiff you strong and well. uly25 cents a box, and tney may save your life, ak your druggist for tho genuine 1ELEBRA TED LIVER PILLS —HADE BT.— FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. ear-Look out fo* CotiHTBRMiTS made InSt Louia. PEKFBMBS THE BREATH. BY . ., . sancrcd two years i puiu in my ^iclo; <liictors Tailed to lielp me; St. Jacobs OU cured mo ; no return «f pcta. i'. LKMJIOK, 1'. ::.. Carlisle, Pn., Fenniary 11, l.'.'.SS. I was hurt iu l.lie loft Iiip aud tried several physicians without ohtaklug i-eliuf. Luas iliau a luli-bottle of tit. Jacobs oil <:ured r.ie JOil^i U. SilliAFi-U. ELY'S Cream Balm Cleanses the Nusal Passage Alluj-H I'ain and , IfcsiistlicSoresj llestores tlie Senses oiTastel mid Stnel) Try the Cure A particle is appllel into each »ostrU and Is wreeablo. Price BOcoita at druggists: by malL R'Klatered, 60 ets. ELY BBOTHffiS. 66 WarreS St., N*w York. auglOd&wtf2 MOORE'S They act to tho Blood. laiatlvo. Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills. & impure Blood They expel disease germs, and Purify tho System Druggists, & Dr. C.C. Moore, 73Cortland St. N.Ti They Positively Cure. The «Fc:at EngrHsla Prescription. A successful BletiicinH us«d over ,3;") years iu thousands of cases. Cures SperviatorrlHfa, jNervoua IVaoJtnesiii Emissions, impvteiicy and all diseases caused by abusp. [BKPOEEj indiscretion, or over-eiertinn. fiprnR] Slz paci^ageri Guaranteed to Curt-when all others Fail. Ask your Druggist for Tl»« Great Ei.cll.h i*re»crii)tioii, take no substitute. One package ST. Six ?R. bv mnil. Write for Pnmphlpt. Address ureka Ciicuiicul €o., l>etroli For nalp by B. K Keesllng. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. . — CUSMUJS'i. Wh(3pcre teard. Com- farUble. Huccpj»fnlnhorea[I Unroiwlle«faII. Soldby P. H UuSllc'dwaj, Aeirl'orlu Write far booJi •fproofit PARKER'S I-3A5R BALSAEM Cleaiihcs and beautifies the hair., Promote'-, a luxuriant growth, Nevnr F^ Is io Restore Gray l-iair ID iia Yoiilbfu! Color. ; Prevents l^-in'Iniif nnd haJr i oiling r " ' '" "'- ' *"-nmrfstft. HBMDERCORWS. Tho only snre (Jure for Corns. Hlnpsnll pnln. Enaarct :omforttotliofeet.IGc.atDnippI.st3. Hiscox&Co.,N.Y. FTftve von Concli. HmmMiitin, ^HMimn, TiLUlLCL'ctlon! use PARkE R f S GIMpEFl TOMIQ. H has cured Iho wor>t, ciiscifniKM* tuobt«tn.Mnc«r.v rur all ilU orbing , .. team dufective nutrition. Take in time. 60C. ami SU)6 CHICHESTER'S ENGLISH PILLS. Iteci Cross Diamond. I^ranu* ThaonljrcHnhla pill for talc. Snfc an4 nr'?. tailicn, u«!c iJmnelut for tbo Ola- mon«!iir(iTn!,in red muiallic bores, sealed with blue ribbon, Tutionootbcr. Scnd4c. ("tainpe) tor particulara flnd "Kcllef fop Lndlctt*** in Utter, bj nmtL A'nme Paper. al Co., ^tadlaou t •«., IMilladA, r*. MADE WITH BOILING WATER. GRATEFUL-COMFORTING, WITH BOILING MILK. f° r ASTHMA Catarrli, Hay lever, DiBltWa, Croup ana Genoa Colte. d by Phyrfclana and sold by Dmg- 2lst;j turougiiout toe world. Send for Frco Sample. HIMEOD MANTIF'G C0. 9 SOLE PROPRIETORS, 191 FULTON ST.. NEW YORK. EiOXJESBTOBJ uDd Standard Popnlor Medical i-raatiseon tlieKrroraof Youth. PrematnruDeclice.Nervoue unil Phyxicul Debility, Impurities of the Blood, ....ultlnif trom Foil}, Vice, Ignorance. Exct-cBua or )ix'rtastilion. EuerratiDg and nulHtini: the Tictioo or Work, Buslm-eH, the Married or Social Relation. Avoid unskilful pretendero. Possess thin great rork. 11 ooutaina 30n pages, royal 8vo. Beautiful Hiding, cmbowcd, full gilt. Price, only tl.ciD by iiill, post-paid, concealed In plain wrapper, lltuo. rntfvo Pi-o8p6Ctn« Free. If ion apply now. The iutlngninhed aiilhor, Win. H. Parker, it. D., ro- ch-cd tlie COLD ANO JEWELLED MEDAL rom the National Medical Assnolation, or 'he pn|Z£ ESSAY on NERVOUS and HVSICAt. DEBILITY. Dr. Parker nnd a corn • 1 .Assistant PhyrtcioM may bo consulled, conn. cntiuliy, by mail or In person, 'at tho office ol •ilH PKABOBY aiEOICAI, INSTITUTE. '«.* HiilHr-ui St,, Itosron, BI<i?«., lowborn ill rdom for l:ool:s or k-tlrra for advice thouta M reeled u ibove. uprecectentea Attractior over a Million Distributed. Louisiana State Lottery Co (nccrppratcfl sy the Legislature, for Ed ucatlonal iimi Cliaritablo purpose?, and its franchise made a piirt <a the pwer.t State ConaHtu tion, In iai9, by un overwhelming popular vote. Its MAMMOTH DlUWLNfiS take plaw Semi Annually, (June and Deoeml'fiv). and ita <iR IN] aiNHLE NUMBER DRAWiVtt-iS take place 1) KieiJ of the other ten months of the vear, and"are Jll drawn In publii;, lit tlie Academy of lluslc New Orle.'in.s, La. FAMED FOR TWENTY YEARS For- Integrity of its Drawings.and Prompt Payment ol Prizes. Altesti'<l as Follows: •ft'eiio liereby certify that we supervise tlie ar rangementa for all tlie Montlily and semi-anuffl; "rawing or the Louisiana State Lottery Company and in person nmnagonnd control the Brawlnss themselves, and that tnesrime are conducted wttli honesty, fairness and in soocl faith toward ah par cic-5, and we authorize the Company to use tilt certificate, with fac similes of our signatures at taiuied. In it« lulvcnisuinsuta." iv'etbB undorsicned BatiKjiaud Banters will pas it!> Prta-H drstt-ii in The Loulalaim State Lot-••it** iviucli ii!:iy be :>re/M?nted at our cotm JTat'J isji.ii. Grand Monthly Drawing, In thH Ai-;;:lBrny of Musln, New Orloaas, T'J'-Mla?, May 13. 1890, Capital Prize $300,000. iK'.OiliO TScSJOlM ai Twi-lUy S>olif. Jl.fl 1 Prize of Prize i-.f I J J-!zo oi l.'Uzrf IL-I i'rlzes ul I'll/^ws or Prizes of 1'rtaw i>r I'rlzra or 1'i'izfi? of LIST OF :'!.- KO.UW is l.-M.CW) Is .Vl.MI l.< :a.ii(B 1.1 i!),r^j art 1 . 5,000 are . . l.CUt aro nix) are an) are aware JSXUM ? J.U1)!(0 .. Wi Prizes ui lix) i»rlzes of 'Ml rn/j'.i n[ C«) arc HIM are Ml :ir« , 60,O')! ,.$30,(XX- ...... ;. gu,tx*.\ . StiM I'tlzss ot $100 are ................... ..... !»J,90 S!J9 J'rlxcsi of 100 rae ................ '..'..... iB,9(X i.iS-) Prizes amounting to S1,051,SO<< NOTE.—Tickets tawing Capital Prizes are not mtltlwlto terminal prizes. AGENTS~WANTED. for Club Kates, or liny furthw Information u> •tred, write legibly to tile undersigned, cleaclj tatfngyour iTSltlence with state, county, street and iiunlier; Moro i-a;ild return mall delivery will >t* assured by your enclosing an Envelope bear UK your full address. IMPORTANT. Address "••-, A. i>^ 5.1J°H iR;, •-'. »-'\Ir.:U:,1v. >'-. >!-. By nrdlniiry Idler, onnlaUii;n; -• «<•«>>• StrtL-Pr .ssural by a 1 Express Coinuanli-s. New York Kx- ihsinKe, Drifter Postal Note. Address Kealsteretl Letters Containing Currency to S'SV/ <i:u.V...\N^ NATIONAL BASX. Wiw Orieans, La. h« t-avment ot Prli'.e^ S (fn'.<. ,-Jt.A T'J 1 .' ":7.^'"rjo ' • ?< i-:-^ >• li.*; t.-t 1 New CM-U*iuia. ati'j ho Tickets -i:-e sinni'd l>> i lie I'rcftldpnt of un Instl utlon, v;l'.r.-5^ chart^rt-d rlglits are r^ogrilzed Ij he tiii;hest Couita; therelore bcv/arfi ot'iilllui :a!luns or .-.nonriuous scln i ,nit i s." OrSZ-j Fss>jjjjA5£ Is the price of the smalle-si «ut or fnutlon cfa TU'kct^!«M f'.lf ilV H'«« n any Drawing. Anything In our name offeree nv less thiin a Dollar Is n swindle. CAUTION fc ****' * JiWli^ pri ped on tbo bottom. If tlie dealer cannot supply yon. aentl direct to factory* enclosing mmrtucd jrice. . L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE FOR GENTLEMEN. Fine Calf. Rdairy, Uiced Grain and Greed- moor TraterprooC SII.5O IS.BO.BXT.. Sa'.oo and** _ All modo la 33 & $2 SHOES •1.7S SHOE YOU HISSES. Best Material. Bert Style. Best Fitting. W. I» Douslw), Brockton, filsM. Sold by jFor sale b; J.B. W'INTBR HAVE YOU :TO= For icrne of tbe ohoioest lands ui WBSTIRS KAKSA.8. both clear nnd Inoumoored. Impro7i3i1 nd unimproved. (JTSem; Ior«ur «.l»t of proi.- rtythftwewlll Bxehumite tor LAND, UKS- ItfC.VOei), MEACHANDiaE AM) LH K TOOK. : Addnu A. B. fAliKJCB, Bulnv, JMeni OouQtr, K>nifit. flCU'VbUNQ, MIDO^^ A or: 3 or OLDI HP 1 •••Xhttvb •ttpV)l:iv{ir.'TT t ;- t ->• for a'tl^l-'caoca IB •••!( rflBulMr^ fcsii^L': :-.« f . ;-nL-.:'i. incllsoro- oroicb^NfliwI^--^ tv.i:'iT4;*\*;-'.r 'iStVr i T.'i,iiin8t*tlO- firiST'iv"t'.>ori~i r 1 ; r. • •• • r. ',; •• :*.'•" ;" r i'c fo ony rar. f*i«»f, *"5: '•&. A \*i\•;.'>;' J- •?•'••" ,~-\• - '.;..? r.n* Con> ecoTT-e Eleotrlo to tfio'-p b<>. i;>. A'o i'lsl.. priir;s- Kllefl ui L-II-V-a, .1.-;.i,vi ..,' iflBBd nnil )5!oerly men wbn arc nufferlna-from tho olfucta of youthful loliliM orot conscs at ranliirer ypa.-a, and now Rn.l in.'lf miiS TlRor iMcraiiKd nnci who nra trouhicd wild tcrrSS • raliwand lo«soa, you ca.. be permanently ratnreiittb PKKPECT MAWHOOJJ, at home, without expoimsc, i»t torrent <Njrt, bv »r. Clark<?£ approveu methods, tcatod and urViven In t'?arl^ ycart practice (Estnblishcrt :S51), !n cSrolae IVrrvoo, onrt Special Uiacnsoa! «-uroi««, ald ' s<?11<1 for QonsHonllst Uie nymptoros of jxaar pS-- « ? < 1S e ' nn^taUoli fre« and mlcrcS. urs, a to3j Su»laya 1 9toIB. Address F. D. CLARKE, Ml. D., 186 S. Clark St., CHICAGO, H.L. Di. a. O. Wwf • N«rr» «nd Snta Trootnwit, • naranlaeii tfoct&a for HyMoris. Uijsmess, Oon- vnloions, ntB. Nervoae Nenratoa, Besdach*. ASO, Bnrroaueei, fcoMbf power In either MZ, luvoiimtarj I.ostes « n( ! Spermatorrhoea csuL-eJbJ ove: nor-.lon of the brmln, wlf-atase nr ovpr-ii clolgsnce. Each box contain, one month'a treat. men'.. 31.00 s uai, or »Ii noip» £or (i5.00, eent b» mull prepaid on receipt of price. 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Ncne Genuine unless Stamped on Sole, 5ERKINS & 10YCE $3. SHOE WARRAHTEtt M. GRAFFIS, Logansport Ind SWISS CONDENSED MILK CO"- R1GI BRAND tHENUIKE SWISS CONDENSED SOLK, Gunr:-ntee<3 the richest and purest n>i<k mnn- r acturfd, containing over 10 per cent, rf initter. Children and invalids will thrive wonderfully, null families will find its use more economical Hian ordinary cows milk. Sea your gro<*r v irtv^.you annulno- SW Swiss Condensed Jllm. Import Agent, " JAMES P. SMITH, New York and Ctocago. A SEW KIOMKDY I'OSITiVB «• IOS7oryAILUfa HAKHCOIN . s&eral oniKEHVODS S£BH.ITYf Weataesoof Bod^andHin'l, EHiota if Errors or £xce£&*z in 0?,4 3T Youaff, lobast, Nflhla /JA.NIlOnD fc»v Restored.,_How t^^Ir.n IbBaltttfiiT UBfalllns HUUi: '/K !m tMtity fnsm 60 StktrO arwi f . , - . uu><» EKJE MSSMSiVtl. CO.. t . . .-is' M. V. A Chicago druggist retailed '2000000 of t. F. Keoslinjr an<3 Cullen & Co.,sole COMTOJITABLE and ror Mala by L«adln» Deolora. JTi'tt SsltJ? Tsy WH. BABSEB, Troy/lT.V

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