Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 14, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1898
Page 21
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sssss^=^ John Gray's -COBNER ON••;V-HIS ANNUAL -Bed Quilt Sale- We are now showing Spreads in white and colors, including Bates Crochet Quilts, Satin and Marseilles Spreads. Sale to continue until all are sold. Come early and get first choice. Lawn mowers, screen doors and windows, refrigerators, ice cream freezers, fishing tackles, hammocks and all kinds of builder's hardware at SAM'S SOLDIERS. What is Required uf Them and flow Tbej Fwe. Re- Hardware Store, 408 Broadway. ~DR LIDfl LEPURE. Office in Residence IS' Market Street. jlbeuin»ti»zD »n d Diseases of Women Children Specialties, and W.'J. BARNETT, Successor to C. L. Woll. Undertaker, Embalmer, Funeral ni -*«- 417 Market street. Cain attended Director aarwnlgiit. CHeCneatoutfitlD the TJ. 8 Col. C. L. Woll, will remain with me. rk«»««-0ffloe l8.Residence-Mu. 65: 0. U. 188. Interesting Interview With the ernitiug Officers on Duty Here. The party of United State* TecTUiitag for the Eleventh U. S. infantry, handled a good-sized crowd of a]>liean'ts yesterday, iu a manner that showed they knew (UwrougMy well what kind of physical material rhey after. A Pharos man was per- 1 io winter tie preliminary ex- of an -jppli«nir. *Vr ' be 1>ur " of Kleaaniu? a limle knowledge of army -methods of recruitta-?. and caw away with an- exalted opinion of the mil'itary physique" he had not can- teinphi.ted. The first aplican.t 10 enter irt ft -rm drrfV^iTn* 5 )!"!. Ol milTl ilOO'-I t • \VH'*? ^t ii ii" J "^-• *Ai* ^*- L v smmz aitut well proportioned; a defect was found in his '-yes ''hat he did JIM know existed: amnhor was rejected because he could not expand his chest the wMjnirrtl wo dii-elres and sev- ,'Tiil were rejected on 'sis-lit. Xcr-esww. Denoprr watched tlie door .-losely for the undesirable element as tramps, druntamls. married ; ^^ ^^ ^ men and cripples, ^ho are not per- iili-fretl (o sec the recruirln-s officer. limn"- a rest. Ivieuitmian-r Charles P. ;uss, who has charge of the recruiting iftice consented to answer a few ques- cnos pwt by the Pharos man. "I tHO'tice 'lionit-enaint, that you have nemlaitions. Poos The moral standard of The army require that?" In a large body of meui it is necessary that there l>e a ilisjh stamdsml of morality for a. srreat many reasons, but primcipally for.the of the men th emselves. A thief, lor instance, can make til-tags very oJs- affreeable in banracks. amd Is mot tolpr- y the TO™. If doteotel fte ^ s«ni- m'arfflv dk^aJt iwifli. DimTi'kMi'nPss is twt SETHM. VELSEY Loans Money at 6 percent. Makes Abstracts and writes Fire, Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. HBJSLRY WHBRRT The Merchant Tailor, -aSSSMS?^ SSTCW£- InjWtlydone. See him. 324 Pearl Street °.OHKO;O°,O:O DR. C. D. EVEBSOLE'S DBBTAL-PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store. Comer of Fourth and Market Streets. Dr- Ex-DENTIST- latest llscoverles In medicine and on Fourth ,«et co TJ; Xtelfcphone No. 3SS . MONEY to LOAN any body on large sums Geo. B. Forgy • McConnell&McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House a. company sufficient beef, vegetables,-! tni'tler, e??.* and other side issues on The government raiti<M' alone, besides extras lie may purchase -with -the company fl'TtUS. "Wiliere are These men Ilfeely to be seat after joins: die army?" -We are enHlistea? for the Eleventh Regiment ft lafaartry, now s-catioued at ifobile. Ala. Our Instructions are TO forward 1 aH recruits to Fort M-c- Phersou, near Atlanta. Ga.. where they will ]» •insmicted m the necessary drills, after wliich they will! join The •Tejri'in«iT. The movemeat of "She re?i- me.nt <](spends oo. the necessities of war. If an inva'sjom- of Cuba occurs Tlie Eleventh w-ill" certainly be 5n it. The permoJMant sta'non of tlie rejri- nient io 'titne of peat-e is at Jefferson •barracks, about six miles from S 1 !. Ijouis. Mo." -\Y«11 The voltinteers have the same amoiuit of food the regulars hare?"* "X<'-r nnloss They have gcKKl coolcs anil plenty of money. Each company in "tin- ,-u-my have several grood cooks who understand ihe "peculiar method of •jj.irotch'kuc' a. governmenT. ration, Tiiis i.s a.n accomplishment hard to ac- iiuire and consists in obTaSnmtc tho hiiThesit price for cerKiM pei-cen.tage of su-tk-les issuod a'ud iron vert «!•:: them into siK-ii arrt'dcs as cabbage, cheese, In hand'li'nss a ?ov- ra.tion much savmiff.s may be nwde l>y tho cook that a professional would nefrlec-t, and Qie best coot iai the world would have a. him.sry comipMiy if lie could not handle the ration." "Then each company has a fund obtained by an accumula'tion of dividends declared by post canteens 'throughout the army. A percentage of profits (roes *o ea<-n comptuiv. aind this i* expended, for food. etc.. so practically the soldier sets- the benefit of Ms •money twice. Tiirst for whatever he has ip-ni'cJiased, then for what 'is purchased by his snare of -the monthly dividend." SBRTiCES AT THE CHURCHES ARTILLERYMEN. DAILYP?^^ 08 SATORPAY. MAY U, 1898. GITY NB.WS Bargains in canned goods this even- Ing at P. F. Dunn's. Leo Sefl kas returned from a six weeks' sojourn at Rookford, Ills. Buy a national color tie of tbe New Otto before starting for Indianapolis tomorrow • Charles Taylor, late of Missouri, Has taken a position at W. C. | Routh's packing house. Mrs. Murphy, of Tippecanoe county is in tbe city visiting her daughter, Mrs. Frank Polk, OQ the Westslde. -s. Nathan O. Rose, having graduated ^ the Columbia law school in *'Oik, has returned to Logaus- v will enter Into active prac- tis father, Judge George , and grandfather, Judge N. He Baldwin club will hold Its closing meeting for the season on next Monday evening at Judge iwia'B library, 0. G. Newell will lent his paper on "Becollections," ' rhlch the clab will proceed to sthe BP" 1 *" 110M1 and hold lt8 mnnual ?tanqu "W-hat rPcommr-niija'tioTis do these men require?" "They must .furnish, tes'irimowa.ls that (they have a crood reputation in the community for morality aaid temperate liabiit-s. sifrnefl; by two well-known ciiiixo-n«. .pr«f(?r:il)ly clerprymra. icach- r-r:« or public officers." '•WTiat is the lein.sth of service?'' "All niHii oinMsit m Hie reirnl.ir army for -three years. uuil-PRS sooner flis- r^ed for sudi reasons as pun-fhasc. not OcsiKiMp. or serio'its military offenses." "Are men pormiitted to purchase dis- liarfres from tlie army?" "Yes. in -ttaie of .peace .c«ily. After) ono year they may purchase at the rate of five dollairs foa- every mon'th They still lia.ve to serve, or tneymm'y set them by pror- they lia.re much .beittei- opporruni- ties to civil Mfe." '•How us 'the pa.y iresuMed ?'' "A Tecrnit receives $13 to time of Aften- twx> ytiars' sei-vice he re- \-<*tr\*K. am itucrease of a dollar per monWi, and an 1 increase of a. do-War per month esK-h year Thereafter until he roaches 1ii-s sixth yean-s. wliem he will rpeeive $1S per month ns a private. During- tlie ex'isteawe of war soldiers increase of 20 per cent, •s are made mon'tnly. aaid all money -not drawn. 1 by ihe soldier yields j him an jn'tercst of -t per eenit." j "ITo-w do soldiers obtain their cloth-1 •insr?" i "Each soldier is allowed a certain j sinn of money, equal to a jrmit, deal : more clofhins tlian lie .TCfcirally requires. He dra,ws all of his do thins: j from -the srovenwnonir. even limeu j .•shirts aiwl collars. Tf he draws but telf of nss cloitliame,' allowance in kind, j he is sri-ron tlie amoum't sareil an casli." I "Wluw is the qualtty of tho food fur-! lushed in the army ?" I The Pha-i-os man was here referred to Private Wilde who has. been ens- , senins the food for several years, who said the food, both In. auaJd'ty and | amount, Was equal to thatt furn-ished by fl>e swerase second class hotel. By proper mnnairem«nt a cook can. furnish Forty-Two >'ames Are on Capt. Vaughn's List. S. A. Believed That ihe Required Number, One Hundred and Forty- Seven, TViJI be Neenred. Topics t« be Dlsc«|»ed in the Pnlpiti Tomorrow. Northside TJ. B. Church.—Preach- log &t2:30 p. m. Rev. G-. W. Lambert, ; pastor. Southside U, B. Church—Sunday school at §:30. Preaching at 10:30 a. m. >&ev. G. Wf Lambert, pastor. First Presbyterian mission, 529 Twelfth street—Sunday school every Sunday at 2:45 p. m. All are invited. The Southside Mission Sunday school will meet in the old cooper shop on Burlington avenue tomorrow afternoon at 2:30. Everybody invited. Cumberland Presbyterian church, J. W. McDonald, pastor—Services at 11 a. m. and ":30 p. m. Morning subject, "I AE Set for a Defense." Evening subject, "Duty." First Church of Christ (Scientist). —At the Uoiversallst church tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock. Subject: ••Warning to be Ready for the Second Coming of Christ." Sunday school at 9:30. Seventh Day Adventist church, 510 Sycamore street, O. S. Hadley, pastor. Preaching Sunday evening. Subject, "Does tbe Bible Support Any Person as a Christian Who Is Knowingly a Spiritualist?" Ninth street Christian church,Eev. H. C. Kendrick, pastor.—Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Y. P. S. 0. E. 6:30 p.m. Evening service at 7:30. Morning subject, "The Rich Christian." Evening subject, "Sending Their Regrets." A. M. E. church, Rev. G-. R. Collins, pastor—Morning service at 10:30 a.m. Class meeting at 12 m. Sunday school at 3:00 p. m. Evening service at 7:30. Morning subject, "floge." Evening subject, "Tbe Worship of God." English Lutheran church, B. E. Shaner, pastor—Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. Morning worship at 11 a. m. Subject, "Baptism." Young People's meeting at 6:45 Evening worship at 7:30. Subject, "The Law and the Gospel Contrasted " Trinity Episcopal church, Rev. F. C. Coolbaugb, pastor—Holy communion, 7 a. m. Service with sermon, "Three Elements in Character Saturday Night wrri rrs STIRRING SPECIALS — .VT THE GOLDEN RULE Makes Saturday Night Lively, Makes Customers Pleased, Makes Competitors Alert, Makes Bargains Plenty. AMUSEMENTS. D OLAJTS OPKKA HOBS •me. DOLAH, KJUJAOM. Wednesday May 18th, 1898. The New York City Succew. HI. HENRY'S . NEW BIO • MINSTRELS. of tbe 147 recruits wanted Cnp-t S. A. Yaiijrhn's artillery have l>e«o secured, and it is now M'ieved flia't no trouble will be in securing ifhe required The following names appear upon the list: Sidney A. Vauglin. W. B. Ray. Geo. W. Bennett .Tanws. A. 'West .Tames Anspnaish. A. W. Bets. Ch.iS. 'Settlers. .Inc. M'eTassrnrt. J. F. Corotegwe, 'Mark W. Fulton, Mlcnael Hager, Ed- jrar O. Nice D. M. Surface. Ttoos. A. Roth. Robt. Smlith, Wm. 15. Mitchel, A. L.Moore. W. T. HteRins. 'Shamis Morris. Abraham, W. West X A. Wilson. T. S. Crook*. .T. Murphy. Tom L. Reefl. Fred Rurfi. Martin- Meyer. Wm. H. Raker. OTaire M. Ttay. K D. Ban-on. W. H, M<--Kw. -Tno. T. "Watson. Chas. C. Olle*. G. A. Wood, .Tno. Harritaff- trm. T. A. Ray. Hairy Wast. Louis Renk j a. F. C. Kearn<p$. Olamiw' Pnn- can. .Tjvo. 0'Cmracvr. BOBJ. G. Griffith'. Wm. 0. FiwBor. A pure cream, of tartar powder. "Pure" »nd "Sore." It is pure and wholesome. It it always sure. No spofled dough to be thrown away. It is not a. •ccrct- nostmm, Iti composition is stated on creTf tin. Only a .reunited spoonful is required, not •• Jusfing spoonfoL ITEHS. }[. fi-an-isan: is very bad sick at his homo on Xorth sheet. Mechanics are .piittiiur the fiuisliioi: •touches on M. C, Wad'e's building on, i Market streflt. j Pan rvownliam has been encased as 1 ma.ivaser of Wnsliburn's resta,uran.t on i Jfarkfit •street. •Henry Greis. late of Wa.bash. a.n ex- perio' v i-ed Amjrsfst, has taken a position wii-h Busjahn & Schneider. Prank Thvvls. 6* BurnetrsvlHe. is in flie city visiBtinK his brother. Fred TXivis, of T. P. Ferjrtison's olotMnjr store. "vTalter Till bron.sht home a^ ndce lot of fish from TA-vke Maxtoknckee this mornim:. Don't know how he ?ot them. ifi¥!, James Po<ld, amd. flaiia-hter. of T>;i fa.yf*tre. -who -were siiests" for several days of Mrs. F. A. Dykeman. te- t-nrneil. today, to their -home a.t Lafayette. The Lake Erie will ruu an excursion from Peru to Indianapolis tomorrow, leaving at S a. m. Ixxransport people who desire- to so via Fern. «n leave licre via The TVabnsh at 3:30 in the iiio-rninsr. Mrs, Pa.niel >rcPoaald of Plymouth, Mrs. Howa.rd Henderson of Kokomo. and Mrs. 31. Oi-ay. >frs- .T. M. Wallace and Mrs. Etna Xusbaum of Marion were sruesfs of honor a,r a party given by Mrs. B. F. Lornhain yesterday af- Ternoon. Harry McSheehy and F. E. Cool- baiish are at Terre Hante artesniing 1 a State convention of the Brotherhood of St. Aniirew. Mr. Coolbaugra is the json of Pvev. Coolbaujrh of the EpfecO- p;il church. He will read a paper before the eonveffltkra- toa-ight Ms sub- j-,vr beins: "Cottage Services." Making," 11 o'clock. Evening service with sermon on "The Ascension of Christ Into Heaven" at 7:30. First Universalist church, Rev. T. S. Gutbrie, pastor,— Services tomorrow,, at U a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Subject in the morning, '• Disciplinary Euilshment." In the evening his 'subject wLl be "Answers to Skepticism, and Infidelity." Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Eev. F. C. Coolbaugh, of the Trinity Episcopal church, will give an address in tbe E. E,. Y. M. 0. A. rooms tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock on "America, tbe Sun of the Present Political World." Music by the colored male quartette . A cordial invitation to ladies as well as men. Baptist church, Rev. F. M. Huckleberry, pastor. — Sunday school. 9:45 a. m. Divine service, 11 'a. m. Subject. "The Saints in Heaven." Young People's meeting at 6:30 p. m. Subject, -'To Him That Overcometh." Divine service at 7:30 p. m. Subject, "The Place of Miracles in the Divine Economy. " Broadway Methodist Church, E. L. pastor — Class at 9 a. m. To shop most wisely is to stop here tonight. Here is a partial list of the bargains: Rfgular 25c leather belts, 15e eacb. English pins, full count, 2c paper. Horn redding combs witb metal backs, So. Linen thread, 2c spool. Corset steels, all colors. 5c pair. Safety pins, any size, 3c paper. Full length riboed vests, 5c. Finely topped white vests, lOu. Full sleeve or half sleeve vests, 15c. Castile soap, 2 bars for 4c. Fine cream or glycerine soap. 3c cake. Best quality of musquitoe bar in any color, for tonight only. 4c yard. Good stockinette dress shields, Sc pair. Curlers with long strong spring, 3c, Old Glory badges, 4c. Leather covered belt supporter. 4c. Fancy shirred silks: sold always at $1.25, tonight at75c. Fancy riobon—3, 4 and 5 inches wide, choice 19 yd. Seamless tan and black socks, 5o a pair. Fast black children's hose, 5c pair. Fast black ladles' hose 5c pair. And many other articles not included in this list we will have on display at special prices. Millinery. Do you need a new spring hat, if so, just take a peep at the pretty styles displayed in the new pattern, millinery parlors oa the second floor of the Golden Rule. You will not gret it, as your neighbor has been pleased thetfl and surely you will too. Plenty of salesladies to show you whether you want to buy or not. CA All Wliite Performers. The -^ Comedian-Ate I'HtTK BKMU.G. Popular Com«di»n-DAN ALLMON . The finest of all Slnyert-heansd br the PomilarVoc«i «ar— HARRY LKlGHTOrf. The Popuiar Baritone, The Logwwport Boy. OSCAR MICtUELIS The Populir Virtuo«o-MK HI. HBNHT. Singers, Dancers. Comedians, Speoialtiei, Big Double Orchestr*. The Finest ot m-1 MUfla.ry Bands— Oa account of the latenej* 01 the season, special reduced nrlces will be offered. PRICES ........... 25c, 35c, and 50o. Seats on sale at D. A. Hauk's Jewelry store Comfort and Elegance are as oil and water to most shoes, they won't mix. The seciet of the popularity of the men's shoes that we sell is that they combine these qualities. We will sell you a pair of shoes that will fit you, as if made for you, will be as easy as an old pair, and will last you longer than any you ever bought elsewhere, at the same price. Men's genuine chocolate Kangaroo lace coin toe a $3 shoe at »2.50, Men's genuine chocolate vici Jcld lace Newark toe, a $2 50 shoe at «2. We have plenty of bargains In all kinds of shoes. 0»11 and see them. Eliae Winter Schmitt & Heinly. SCRAFS OF SEWS. Sunday echool 9:45. Preaching at 11 a. m. Subject: "The Christian Life." Junior League at 3, Epworth League consecration at 6:30. At 7:30 the ninth anniversary of the organization of the Epworth League will be celebrated . The work at the Third street mission still goes ahead, the reports showing an increase in interest in all directions. Public service tonight at 7:45. Meetings will be held tomorrow as follows: Sabbath school at 9:45, Christian conference at 3 p. m., Salvation service at 7:45. Subject, "Ashamed of Jesus." Wbeatland Street M. E. church, J. K. Walts, pastor.— Sabbath -school at 9:30 a.m. Epworth League day. Prayer meeting at 6 a. m. Young People's sermon at 10:45 a. m. At 7:30 p, m. anniversary exercises, including the installation of officers and an address by Rev. Madison Swadener. Other services as usual. Broadway Presbyterian church , Rev. W. E. Blederwolf, pastor- Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. In the morning the pastor will preach the Baccalaureate sermon to the close of '98 Logansport high school, and in the evening will preach the third of a series of sermons on the fool, the subject being "The Atheistic Fool." Special music for this latter service. Other services of the flay at the usual hours . Relating to Railroads and Their Em- ployes. The national convention of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers is in session at St. Louis. Forty -seven years ago last Tuesday the construction of the Torre Haute and Indianapolis road was begun. Sunday excursions will soon be the rule on all railroads, and rates promise to be as low, if not lower than they were last season. It will be seventy years on July 4 since the corner stone of the present Baltimore ann Ohio railroad was laid in Baltimore by Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, who, as is well known, was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Frederick B. Stevens, president of the Brooks Locomotive works, has presented the railroad men's branch Business is Dull This ' Spring. ; With so many tailors, but ; I don't have dull seasons any < more. Now I admit my $18 ' and $20 Suiting may be the ', '. drawing card because I make | ; so many of them.- Did you ; ; ever think about saving ; money i on .clothes? I can . help you. Good goods, fit, \ workmanship and low .prices .! \ save a world ot talk. X H. G. Tucker, TAILOE, Fourth and Broadway.. asso- of the Young Men's Christian elation at Dunkirk witb the Horatio Q-. Brooks homestead, in that city, valued at 8150,000. It is to be used as a hospital, free library and club house. W. 0. Chase, the new superintendent of the Wagner P$ace Car company, on Tuesday had division and district superintendents, eighteen in number, together at Buffalo todisenss the business situation and to suggest any new ideas in the building and operating of the Wagner cars. SmoVe the Columbia cigar, 5o Excursion Tomorrow. The Panhandle will not ran an excursion train to Indianapolis tomorrow. The president has ordered the Indiana volunteers to the front, and the railroad will have need of all toe cars 11 can get to move the soldiers. Musical Concert In front of Dolsn's opera hou§e at 7 p. m., on Wednesday, May 18, Hi Henry's superb band will render one of the.r matchless programmes of music in a manner well worth going to hear. After the concert this attraction, numbering fifty of the brightest stars in minstrelsy will give one of their superb performances at Dolan's opera house. The press bears strongest praise for this attraction, and they are pronounced leaders in their lines. Their admissions have been placed within tbe reach of all. at 25, THE JOHNSON WABEHOUSE Wool! Sheep's Woo)!! is what we are after now. Will pay highest market price six days in the week. Would be please to sell, you at- retail, Corn, Oats, Chopped Feed, Mid- dlings, Bran, Flour, Bailed Hay and Straw and Millet .Seed. Mr. Oonover •will be in Galveston Tuesday forenoon to recei ve all the wool you will bring him and pay the top price for same. We -will pay next business day for Wool 18c, Wheat $1.20. . . Corn 32e- Oats 27c. Clover seed $2,,26 W, E. Kurd, Mahlon Conover. cents. Seata are now Hauk's jewelry store. 35 on and sale Counterfeit Mraey. A«2 counterfeit silver certificate note is in circulation, and within a week a dozen or more have been thrown out at Indianapolis bank counters. These bills have for the most part been passed on liquor dealers, from whom they have been taken by brewers. The seal Is printed in a bright colored ink, bat it ii not of the same tint ai in tbe . genuine note. The general execution of the bill is bad, but the face of Windom Is fairly well executed. Male Help Wanted. S ALE3M.BN-S«11 "tTncle 8am'» N»ry" to merchants tor advtg. aodpremlttmi. Kg •oa.v Immense demand O/rer 300 Urge Photo* Side line or exclo. Mfrg, 3943 Mirkei PWUdk. Money to loan on city Ben FiBher. A Free Blow. Major MoFadin has a number of vacant lots on the Westside that he will let out on the Plngree plan, rent free, until fall, to the Lord's poor, widows and orphans, to raise a crop I Of potatoes, cabbage, onions and »lch like. None but the worthy poor need apply. , wfll«xpr«MTOii 1 '5of our iweet md exquisite Arabian Perfnmo PMtot* (in powder form, to ecenl gtovej. tuadtorakiafc, clotkfny. etc.) to Mil among friends at 10 oonti dach, wocn «old- remit n* th«. money (after deducting express thaTreg) and we -wfll Mod you tor your trouble a lovely Decorated *ir- U«h Tea Sot of 56 pieces (Tail itic for family an) Each tet !* arti»tic*H7 'deoonrtad in color*, taitefcl leaf -and Howw pattern. 1*» •hapee uti of Ja<««t (trie, wMcbereir appreciate. Owfcc at once an* fnmo Co., r, Oonn- , Arabian ta-

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