The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1951
Page 11
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MONDAY, APKIT, 1«, 1951 BT/rntEYTLLB, (ARK.) COURIER urBoordtng House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams 1 NO, I DON T KKK3W WHV PITCHERS fur THEIR FOOT OP LIKt THIS, 1LT I KNOW WHY I DO--ME CAM'T SEE WHUT TH' BALL IS GOKJNA PO TILL (T GITS PAST MY FOOT.' M OH, WELL, THAT'S NOT VERY PIS- HOMEST FOR - W6C6 FIGWTIKJG A UOTeL Fiee AT 6fc BE .THEIR NOZZLES -"-1 DEVISED A HOSE. CCWM6CTIOfJ WITH THE HUGE BOILERS DP A TURKISH BATI-I ' WD VOE QUELLED THE PLACES STEAM .' HOW LITTLE TH 1 BALL DOCS; Count your calories every day. Eat good bread that's the way To look your best and ltcc)> In trim, Meyer's Bread 1.5 full of vim! HITTING THE NAIL ON THE HEAD... y>oe Repair Saves Money H-flLTCRS [QUflLITY SHOC SHO 121 W. MAIN ST WE REPAIR, Radios, refrigerators. frec7erm, ran Res, washers, small appll *n CM, AD work gun ran teed. Adams Appliance Co. Mannequin By Myles Connolly COPYRIGHT 1951 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. XXVI BBESE, coldly boslile, said nothing in reply to Mr. Pan- Sera's greeting. "I am Paul Paneiera," the man went on ensily. "And you, I'm sure :ire Mr. Reese. Miss Roland has described you so often, it is almost ns if ! know you, Mr. Reese." Tim stayed silent, antagonistic. Tim's antagonism toward Mr. Paneiera was not because ht doubled Jean, or was it because Mr. Panciora had taken credit.for designing the Dress of lh« Year. It was because Mr. Paneiera kept intruding on Tim's dream. Now the man was in Jean's apartment, hehaving as if he belonged there and with the key to the door in his [land. Mr. Paneiera went on: "Jean—Miss Roland will be very happy to see you, I can assure you of that." Mr. Paneiera, wilh the apartment ';ey in his hand, knew Ihe reason for Tim's hostile silence and knew he was facing a critical problem. Now Jciiri, too, was Hearing ruin. If she was found out, they both were lost. The firm of Jean Paul was lost. To /nake things worse, the secret of the designer was out. Indeed, about then Miss Major would be revealing it to Cochet. Cochel would offer this Tim Reese much richer rewards than Tim had ever dreamed of. And Tim would certainly not refuse to do designing for Cochel, especially if he found out about Jean. Paul Paneiera faced »e problem audaciously. "Miss Roland and I usually have ofir morning conference here over coffee. Privacy is practically unknown downstairs, as you can imagine." He held the apartment key up. smiled brightly. "Business .icrmil. me, an old friend and partner, the privilege." Tim relaxed i little. "1 saw you it the Kmpire last night, Mr. Pan- eiera," he said. "You seem to have Quite a time of it taking bowi f or my work. 1 * "It was your evening, of course Yours and Miss Roland's." Mr. Pancicra was as spontaneous as he could be. "If I had kno^n you were in (own, I would have certainly had you on the platform to receive the award. Taking bows is one of my chores. I'm the front here, (a use a cheap but apposite expression. I shall be .very happy to turn the chore over to you from now on." "Thanks." Tim said flatly. "And if you can turn that little gold mannequin over 'to me, too, I'll appreciate it." "Why, of course, Mr. Reese! It's yours, after all." Mr. Panciera was all graciousness. "I'll have it sent to you immediately, if you wish. Or, if you're going to stay in town, I'll fetch it to you." "Fine," Tim said, flatly again. 'I'm over at the Corona, You can send it lo me Ihere." • • • . PANC1KRA, , trifle ill at ease now, looked toward the passageway that led into the rear of the apartment. "Did Miss Roland know you were coming?" He shook his head. "I though! I'd surprise her." "But' she knows you're here?" Mr. Panciera asked quickly. "The maid loir! her, I'm sure." "She is probably preparing a beautiful entrance." He lowered his voice. "She is very fond of you", I suppose you know that. Indeed, she IE very much in love with you." Tim was immediately interested. "How do you know?" "She told me so r and in no un- certain term*. Her positiven«« surprised ine, I must say." Tim softened. "Why?" "You know her, how lovely sh« . Her loveliness makeg her so sublimely self-sufficient, I could never picture her declaring hei need for any man. It was hard foi me to believe she had fallen in love." He smiled his admiration "You are one of our time's great conquerors, Mr. Reese." "It just sort of happened, 1 luess." Tim said, vaguely remembering Midge's words. ' • • • "TJONT underrate yourself, Mr. Reese." Mr. Panciera wae comradely now. "You have genius, youth, good looks. I have always considered your and Miss Roland's meeting one of heaven's nicest inventions. "She certainly IB beautiful," Tim went on. "r.asl night when 1 saw her, I couldn't believe anyone could ever be so beautiful. I felt kind of reverent, I guess that's the way to put it." "Other-worldly is Ihe only way to describe her." Mr. Panciera feeling his problems were beinp solved, was expansive. "Otherworldly." "There's no way to describe her," Tim said. "Perfectly said. Perfectly said." Mr. Paneiera now very much at ease decided it wai lime lo gel down to bread and butter. "By Ihe way, Mr. Reese, 1 suppose you know that Miss Roland and 1 are very anxious to have you aa a member of the firm. Indeed, since meeting you here, I've been entertaining the idea of a three-way partnership—you and Miss Kolani' and I." Tim was amused. "I've been thinking of a firm of my own." (T«» Be Continued) HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) Drs. Nics & Nies Rlvtheville. Ark. ' SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, nlfalfH mills, oil mills. Cuslom Shearing up lo '/t inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South riroarlway I'honc 2651 Good Nitrate Fertilizer I will have R car of Calcium Ammonium Nilral* here next week. H contains 20.5% nitrogen and Ihe price is $72.00 per ton, F.O.H., Blytheville. * Paul D. Foster, Distributor Phones 3418-3153 Blyth«yill«, Ark. Arkansas State-Certified OGDEN SOYBEANS 85% Germination . . .'$1.25 Bushel Ark. Earl Mayers PSon« 2811 Service that Shines T. I. SEAY Motor Co. 121 East Main Phon«2122 Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Milci Extra Power Get The Best 'I Sell That Stuff" G. O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 . lAfl,,wMlrWiVl\ /<^v•^^^y.^yi^j|f^«lH^e<^^fMM«lv»t^^^Ho<^l^ f^f "Sur« it's r»ic* of them to invite us to 90 shopping wifn fnem. But when we get there I'm going to GfHERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION and get an automobile loan and buy ut a ear of our own!" t-'t "If you'd »how hl« picture to your commanding ofllcer, I bet he'd let you come home »v«ry we»k-end!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER J» Tlml fur Sure? yJ^~», V 1 "" 2 M| SI'SCHOCX SYMPHONY IS \ V6U MEAN ir? COMING UP.' TRIXIE'S DAD V/OULDM'T MIND YOU WOUlnkJT FOd HER ^PPCAPINO AT THE SCHOOL, WOULD HB? J AN OLOT/AlO prr^g--^ ^WCJOLO wo,— DON/TGIVE (TANOTtltP 1MOLK3HT; " PRISCILI.A'S POP Drilling Experience BY AL VERMEER ^ DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS. HOLLYHOCK 5 " GOLL., PRISCILLA HOVJ EA-3Y! EVERY TIME .VDU "SEE HIM YOUR HEART iOES THUMP THUMF; AND vou GET BUMPS WHAT'S THE MATTER, WHAT HAPPENS TO ME WHEN •SEE THE DENTIST BY MICHAK1. O'MAU.KY mul RALPH "LANE LOUT'S ivooe CALL, e.eowu AMP ARRIVE AT THE HAUNTK7 MOUSE TO PIW A *OlxV WHAT -<ILL£P JLMEM. I SHOULC 1 HE WAS 9&ATEM PEATH, PUT IT WA5 MOT THE CAUSE OF HIS-'HEM >t« »E»vicr. INC. T. K. me. u. i BY LESLIE TURNER v EASY PENNY WATCH SPELL80UUD AS A TRAINER TBI£& m STOP IHE BERSERK ELEPHANT. USIWG A BUI L -HOOK OU TRUNK ' M-l VEIL GBT THESE CKMH5 MZOUUD ' WH ' L£ S " 6 ' 5 ™ HGLED '" ™E T6WT ROPE EFFECT EXCEPT TO EVC1TE HER. EVEN MOKE.., BUGS RUNNY I'LL STOP MAION' TH15 RACKET PER » A QUARTER / I 'HOW ASOUT V >. ^ PiME ? ^/ NOPE/J / O/M THE POLLAR You FOR KEEPING AT HIS PRACTICING FOR A WHOLE HOUR / DVENTURING IN THE I9ril CENTURY ' MOMENTS AGO.V/AS HAULING A TRAINLOAO OF PROSPEROUS BANK BANDITS. e ^^J= f=OR THE I LEADER AND BANDIT /LOOT UP HERE GANG! r\ IN THE CAB ' rs AND HF;R BUDDIE BY EDGAR MARTIN AWO VOU'Rt GOVVXb TO GtT '

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