Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 14, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1898
Page 19
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pierce The Tailor For- .At « Fine Goods ^^ Low Prices 318 . . j&roadway. DR. F. M. BOZER'S Dental Parlors, .-OVER CITY NATIONAL BANK Corner of Fourth and Broadway Central Telephone No Office 383, rec' ;343, D R. DENTIST Corner Fifth and Market, Pythian Building. GEORGE W. RODEFEE. :-*--*' /Real Estate, Loans. **££&?" - »nd of Market street bridge. flANLEY &JSHAMHAN. Buy and Sell Second Hand] Goods. Give ui a call. 209 8th atreet ;. H.GRACE, IXD.S. ''DENTIL PAELOB.S -316 Market Street. 'Hew Aluir.JzK.te Rubber Plates. New Utidertalcera. 308 Market street, Hoppe Building. Daniel Killian & Co. Calls promptly attended to, day Or night. Mr. IfflU.! Vs for many years foreman for Charts L. Woil .Telephone old 281, new 817 When You Keed au ABSTRACT OR A LOAH F. H. WIPPERMAN, SXi-Fnurth Street Opp. Court House Entrance, •Undertakers, 6 1 3 Broadway. Strains*. insurance and Loans, ^insurance and Bonds written In first class companies. Money to loan 6 per cent. S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. MAKE MONEY On small capital. Kl.OO will start you in the ChlcktabUBlneBS. Young ChicHs for sale <u l °Te e n fed o 0 nthe table scraps until fall make, a nice flock for winter eggs «t no «P« Q9 » New hatch just off and ready for demery at Poplar Poultry Park, Clifton Are John M. MarkJey, Proprietor. Private Money to Loan No C- 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance^and Loans. XOM Fourth Street. OITY NRWS. Dan Kllllan was in Monttcello yesterday. Charles Reed, the stone cutter.aad xfamlly. are removing to Monticello. Mrs. Kata Burke, of Indianapolis, is la the city, the guest ot relatives and friends. Mrs. John Potts, of North street, left, last night for New York City, on an extended visit with relatives. A telephone wire broke yesterday and fell across the trolley wire. A line man promptly removed the same. Mrs. Fred McDermott has returned from Peru. She was accompanied by Marguerite Cassell, who will visit ber. • Dr. Kane, of Lucerne, has arranged to remove to Logansport and establish an office on the Wtstside at Dr. Hattery's drug store. Arthur Metzler, of .Rochester, is in the city in the interest ot his can- dldaoy for the orBie ft representative from C«S5 and Fulton counties . The first annual commencement of the Galveston high school was held .Jast night. Miss Pearl Stanley will \p the only grtduate. Dr. Swain. ^esident of tbe Indiana university, 'ivered the class address. GALLA*NT SERVICE Of Fred A. Fanston in the Cuban Army. Has Three Commisiions Granted for ttellant Servic*—A. Sephew of VYm. Funston. Fred A. Faoston. c.t lola, Kan , a nepbew of William Funston, residing two miles north of Logan^port on the Pleasant Grove pike, ha* returned from Cuba, having served elgVeen months In the Cuban artillery, under Generals (jomez aod Garcia. He fs said to oe a born adventurer and fighter. Concerning this remarkable young inan a correspondent to the Delphi Journal says: "In the Cuban war he was shot through the lungs with a steel bullet which bad first passed through tbe heart Of the gunner standing hsslds him. His arm was Droken by a bursting shell and his leg was pierced with another ball; his horse fell on him and broke his leg and Injured bis hip After all this be set out to return to America to try and save his life, and One night as he was crossing a railroad he was halted and captured by the Spaniards. He told them be was just coming io to surrender and under toe proclamation then In force, he was released, after three weeks in prison. He showed me three commissions granted for gallant service. They bore the names of Generals Garcia and Gomez and are written on common heavy paper torn from a large volume. There Is no fancy lettering or colored Ink or anything of that kind. They are written In a plain band and are brief and to the point. Mr. Funston Is a colonel of artillery, the highest rank attained by any American who has fought In the Cuban war. "Ool. Funston went over In 1898 in a filibustering expedition and landed safely. He Is a little man of thirty- one years, Is quiet and unassuming and does little talking except as the conversation grows. He told me of his trials. He said it was nothing unusual for them to go two days without food; that they slept on tbe wet ground In the storm without any shelter but the trees: that when be was wounded he was carried sixty miles on a stretcher to the mountains where noble Cuban women nursed him back to life. He was standing by the aide of Osgood, the Unvelrsity of Pennsylvania foot ball player, who was killed In a desperate action. He carried him out of the fire and immediately succeeded to his command. He said the insurgents lived chiefly frum gaidens and small farms cultivated in the eastern provinces by the sympathizing Cubans. They had sweet potatoes, squashes and bananas when not fighting, and they had to take chances. He said the Cuban surgeons were skilled and attentive and the nurses were furnished from the ranks of the very beat people. He knows Gomez and Garcia personally. I was surprised when he told me their ages. Gomez Is a man of 74 years and Garcia is 65 Both fought in the war of the seventies. In that war Garcia was captured by the Span- lards and made a desperate attempt at suicide. He shot himself In the center of the forehead and the bullet penetrated his brain, but he lived, He was taken to Spain and sentenced to life Imprisonment. He served seventeen long years In confinement, but made his escape when the present war broke out and joined the ranks. He said that Gome/ was a meditative, exclusive man, who sat apart and ' moved about In solitude. That he Is a man of gloomy, tacltuin mind." ^ A lot of Evansvllle girls were at the station when tbe regulars passed through, some days ago, and pinned Mags on the boys, the names of the donors being written on thefljgs. The result is a numberof correspondences and the standing of the Evansvllle postoffice may be advanced. AODITIOS4L ITEMS. America's Greatest Medicine. It will Sharpen Your Appetite, Purify and Vitalize Your Biood. Overcome That Tired Feeling. Get a bottle of Hood's Sarsaparilla and begin to take it TODAY, and realize the great good it is sure to do you. Hood's Sarsaparilla It A»wric*'i Greatest Medicma. Miss Llllle Bowman will spend Sunday at Peru. Miss Carrie Moore went, to Kokomo yesterday to visit Miss Olive Moreland.- Will Guthrie,. an old Lcganaport boy, now of Gas City, was here yesterday. Mrs. John Landis, of Cincinnati, is visiting Mrs. A.. H. Landis, ot east Market street. Mrs. Jacob Buchanan and daughter, Ella, of Monttcello, are visiting Logansport friends. Money to loin on mortgage security on terms exceedingly liberal, W/ite E L. Miller, Peru, Ind. Mrs. Thomas Austin is In Springfield, Obio, ac the bedside of her brother, who is dangerously ill. Mrs Samuel Hughel, of Anderson, attended the funeral of her celce, Mrs Alta Cooper, yesterday afternoon. Mrs. D. D. Fickle returned from Cincinnati yesterday. Her brother. Mr. Laraway, graduated from the Cincinnati medical college. E. H. DeWolf and family have removed to his farm south of tbe city. His farm residence and ether build- iogs are being greatly Improved. Herbert A. Brown and John H. Buroette will build handsome residences on tbe site or the old Point school house, which is being torn away. Parties putting In bath tubs and water closets will find It to their interest to call on Martin M. Hughes the fifth street plumber, for low pricks and good work. No boys for a man's par, The funeral of Mrs. Alta Cooper occurred yesterday afternoon. Services were conducted by Re?. E. 'L. Semans at the Broadway M. E, church, and interment was made In Mt Hope. H, J. McSbeehy writes from New Orleans that he was appointed a committee on ritual by the grand lodge of Elks: that It was unanimously adopted and will bs printed inside of six weeks. A state convention of the Prohibitionists of Indiana will be held at Indianapolis on May 24th and 25th. According to reforta, it promises to be a large gathering of the Prohibitionists of the state. Terre Haute Express: Mrs. F. T. Hatch, of Mulberry street, has issued invitations for a luncheon to be given this afternoon la compliment to Miss Mame Forman, of Logansport. Miss Grace Jencke's friend. Pauline Newer, a little granddaughter of Attorney Newer, recently rubbed carbolic acid on her forehead thinking it was liniment which she had seen her father use. A- bidiy blistered forehead was the result. THE NEW COLLECTOR. George W. Cann Assumes the Duties of Electric Llgkt Clerk. George W. Cann filed a bond yesterday and qualified as clerk of the electric light department, He will have charge of all the collections in this department and is required to make a monthly statement of all receipts derived from the sale of light. He is an expert bookkeeper, thoroughly competent and trustworthy. Hi Henry's Grand Parade. Hi and his merry makers, with the finest band miastrelsy has ever offered, will make a grand parade through our principal streets on Wednesday, May 18, and HI will carry the old battle flag of the 64th regiment, N. Y. Vols., of which he was& soldier in the war of '62. His attraction will hold forth at Dolan's opera house in the evening and give our amusement lovers an opportunity to see one of the very brightest, best, up-to-date minstrel performance. On account of the lateness of the season special reduced prices will be offered, 25, 35 and 50 cents. Seats are now on sale at Hauk's jewelry store. ibont Ensign Bafflej. A telegram from Atlanta, Ga.. yesterday to a metropolitan paper says: To fall first in great war seems to be the fate of the Bagleys. Ensign Bagley's father, Major Bagley, of North Carolina, was the first soldier to fall In the civil war, being killed at Bethel church, just previous to the battle of Bull Eun. Now bis son duplicates the manner of his father's end." Charged With Counterfeiting. Dr. J. D. Lacy and wife, heretofore prominent people of Marlon, have been arrested for counterfeit- inland have been locked up. The moulds and metal for making nickels were found In the kitchen of their residence. The doctor is supposed to have made a few half dollars also and an effort is being made to find tbe dies. Always what you want, Ben Fisher BENDER APPOCfIS Xon-Commlssioned Officers Yesterday— Company Anxloiu to More. • Captain Bender has appointed the non-commissioned officers for company M. 160th Begt. They are as follows; Walter Behmer, first sergeant, Frank Burkett, second sergeant, Jas. Johnston, third sergeant, Charles Richardson, fourth sergeant, Wm. Huckleberry, fifth sergeant, Edwin B. Booth, quartermaster sergeant. Corporals—Alva Crooks, Clarence Johnson, Charles Souders, Rob'-rD Gemmill, Isaac N. Gipa, Harry Osborne. Musicians of tbe company—Frank C Kearns and Frederick Cramer. The men are bsing drilled regularly by Lieutenants Dunn and Fiich and are making rapid progress in the work. Governor Mount has sent the following message: . "I have the honor to inform you that the full quota of troops allotted to Indiana under the call of the president of April 25th has been mustered into the service of the United States government, and now awaits your orders. Inasmuch as state authority has been thus suspended, I -respectfully suggest that you immediately notify heads' of subsistence and other departments to make proper provision for the further care and main- tainarce of these troops from this date." It is said that Indiana is tbe first state in the Union to send in this message. It meant that the state bad "filled the order," and Governor Mount might have added that Indiana could be relied upon to furnish as many more, DEPOSITS OP MARL iVnnd la Hortbern Indiana Becoming an Important Resource. As a result of a papar read before the state board of commerce by State Geologiat Blatchley, another of the state resources is rapidly coming to the front. In his paper he spoke of the rich deposits of marl which are found on the shores of most of the lakes In northern Indiana and the beds of dried up streams and ponds in St. Joseph aad Kosclusko counties. Three parts of marl with one part of common ciay forms what is known as Portland cement, which sells for $3 or 84 a barrel aud costs 75 cents. A number of capitalists Interested have written to Mr. Blatchlej, in regard to the matter and several investments have been mads and more will follow, China Wedding. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Parkin, of Boone,Ia., formerly of this city,celebrated their china wedding last Monday, by entertaining a large company of friends. Mr. and Mrs. Parkin were united in marriage in Logansport May f>6h, 1878, and removed to Boone, la., in 1891. Mr. Parkin was a passenger conductor on the Panhandle. In speaking of the 20th anniversary of the marriage of Mr, and Mrs. Parkin, the Boone, (la.,) Standard, says: "The parlors were beautifully decorated with roses and carnations. The guests were given a warm and hearty reception by the genial host and hostess, assisted by their charming daughter, Miss Rose. Their many friends were more than pleased to be able to extend congratulations to them on the occasion of their china wedding, and by the way of substantial remembrance brought a great many beautiful presents In China." Bazaar Next Week. Monday night, Elks band. Tuesday night, drill by St. George Commandery, Knights of St. John: vocal music. Wednesday night, Elks band, vocal arid instrumental music. Thursday night, drill by St. Matthew Commandery, Knights of St. John. Friday and Saturday nights, trial. The order may be somewhat varied, but net materially. Notice. Patrons of the Mutual Telephone company are requested to please excuse any mistakes or interrupted service, as we are installing a new 500 drop express switch board. At the Columbia City baby show the other day there were 500 babies entered The prettiest baby was decided to be Louise Tuttle, of Plymouth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman' Tuttle. Toe best paints for the least money at Ben Fisher's drug store. DYSPEPSIA, Heartburn, Gastritis and all Stomach Disorders positively cured. Grover Graham's Dyspepsia Remedy is a specific. One dose removes all distress, and a permanent crae of the most chronic and severe cases is guaranteed. Do not sof- fer! A. Sftc-bottle will convince the moat skeptical. Tan and black shoes, 'ike cu6, »1.9S, worth f i, cloth and vbSting top. See show window. In addition to the great saving acknowledged by all io the New Otto shoe department over tbe regular shoe stores, we present tn our patrons handsome decorated Ghinware: (style equal to Havliland):also chamber sets and hotel ice pitchers and cuspidors, and shine your shoes free of charge. This may not amount to much, but it you llfee to look neat and dressy and have your shoes shined daily and would keep track of the nictels and dimes, you would be surprised at the saving. This m»y not amount to much, but it's just tbac much more tban the other stores give you. Otto Shoe & Clothing Co. NOVELTY WORKS. Office Fixtures and Partitions. Store Fronts,Counters, Shelving Turning, scroll sawiug and general re- paring. Estimates furnished. Door and window screens to order. 5 a cents for the Wheeler Great American Ad' justable Screens: made to fit windows with or without blinds: absolutely fly proof; slide easily, iu wet or dry weather: can be taken out or put in by ti child: the Liest thing on the market. John A. Sturkin, Erie Avenue, between Sth and 9th Sts. THR City National Bank. LOGANSPORT, IND. J CAPITAL $200.000 JOHN GRAY, President, I. N- CRAWFORD, Vice Pres. F. R. FOWLER, Cashier. —DIRECTORS — Joan Gray. C. G. Newell, J. T. Elliott Dr. W. H. Bell, A. P. Jdnks, W. C. Pennocc, Isaac Snldeler. and Qeo. w. Funk Loan money on personal and; collateral security. Buy and sell Government bonds. Buy and sell foreign exchange on all partg of the world. Will pay 2per cent per annum on eertiflcates of deposits, when deposited six months: 3 per cent per annum when left One year. liox«8 In Surety H-posit Vaults, for gafc .keei>in,f f valunSle payers, rents reasonable. For Lnmber Glazed windows from 40 cts up. Lowest in town, you will save money to give me a call and get prices before building. DANIEL VOORHEES. apposite Vandalia Depot. Losransport, Ind Your Spring Suit, Get it Made to Order by WILL CRAIG the tailor. You're sure to feel comfortable, look "veil and have saved money in your pocket. Will Pleas ;You, Save You Money. Pearl StNeit to Dr. Bell's Office. The New MR Store- ANOTHER BARGAIN. This Large Rocker. Oak and Mahogany finish, very large and very handsome, with faacy high carved back, high braced arms, fancy turned spindles, s .ddle seat rockei, worth es- actly $0.00- Our bargain g price only Our Second Shipment of The Whrtney Baby Carriages. 25 new ones have just arrived THE. First National Bank CAPITAL $250,000 A. J. MTTRDOCK, PRESIDENT, W. W. ROSS, CASHIER, J. F. BROOKMEYER, AfiDT, DIRECTORS: A.J. Murdock. W. H. Bringhurit, Deunll CThl, 8. S. Kioe, B. F. Yantis, I M. .Hirwood. W, T. Wilson. Banking In all Its Department* promptly ani carefully done. • ifety to Customers and stookhold«r ru. i jht for. atroaff Keserre Fund Maintained. NO PAINING DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as sore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and oainles, The most natural-looking ar^.flolfcl Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. Theflnest and best method ofCKOWM and BRIDliE Wort. No charge for extracting without pala irhen new teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, T>T7'MT'TCiT1 311 1-2 Fourth 8t. UrllM i. 10 1 lover Fisher'* Drug Stor A SDMER NORMAL. The LOGAXSPORT CoMitEUcUL HIGH: SCHOOL will canduet a Summer Normal, beginning June 6, and continuing TEN WEEKS. They have secured tbe services of Prof. A. W. Gamble of the city high school, •who -will have charge of this department. Prof. Gamble'* reputation as an educator it sufficient assurance ot the most latUfactory r The course of study will be eapeolallr arranged to meet the demands of teftv-hen and those preparing-10 teacli Thorough injtnio- tions will oe given on every subject on irhloh the teacher will be required to paw examination. Tuition 10 weeks $8;00 Good board pev week 2.50 ( M. A. MUKPET J. W. HOOJOS PRINCIPLB THE TINSHOP. JOHN MEHAFFIE Proprietor. All Kinds of Tin work. Spouting and Roofing a Specialty. So. 3H Fifth Street, Mutual'PboneNo. 151. >otice of Application, The undersigned hereby gives notice w th« citizens of Eel township. Cats county. Indiana. that he will apply to the board of commluon* ers of said county and staW. at their'Jane term, 1898, for a license to Mil spirimou*. vinous, malt and intoxicating liquort In IOM (juanrit/ithan a qn^rt at a time, with tt« privilege of allowing the same to be drank on tbe premises where sold. My place of bo*!MM where said liquors are to oe soid and dicnk. is located on the ground Boor of a two et»rjr brick building at tbe southeast corner of Broadway and Tfciro street*, fronttn* 38 feet on Ittxd street and 40K feet on Broadway, tie room baring a ten foot ceiling, and being locat«a on part of lor No. «6. old pimt of Logmmport, CaM county. Indiana. G»oiW» W. HUST. Coughs and colds, down to the Tery borderland of consumption, yield to the soothing, healing Influence of Dr. Wood's Norway Pine Syrup.

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