The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE : TEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally riti yei 11 •< lor c<iH$ecii(lM Min him in r\n t ft Me 1 time ffj line , lie 2 limrs pri line per d.iy 12e 3 tlrm'5 [irr Jine per dar 3e 6 Ifmes per line JIM dij Ic II llnws per line per rtaj '., K MontTi iirr line , We Con til fjyr arrface words to (lie linr Art .ordered fnr three or sii limrs and Alontttd bp[rtr« fxpiralJun will he chirk- ed for ihp numbei ot IJ IMPS the JfJ xppea/rd ami adjtistrnrnl ol hilt made Alt Hiss If led advert hint ropj tub* milled by persons residing oulslde of (lie rl(r mint he nrriinipanlrrt by rash Rales riiajr easily he roinputed troin Hi? above tahle. Adttrdslns ordered foi Irregular la- strtErin* lakes (In- one lime lahle. X'o responsibility will he taken for more than imp incorrect Insertion of »DT fla^i/ifd .itf. All Ads are reslrlrted to Ihrli pconr-i classification stjle and typf. The or reject anjr ad. BLYT1IEVII.T.R, (ARK.) COURT!*' Apartment for Kent 3 rm. modern apt. latfre cabinets, private bath, front and hack ciurimee. rJc)) gurdpn 1 WJc off cast m»ln..rAU 26fi7. 4'16 pk 19 :i room Turn, apt., 209 W Ph. 32*3. USED TRACTORS 1&47 MtnncapolLs-MoHne Model R with 2 Row Cultivator M95 tkl] "F-20" with 1 How Cnltlva- 4— "B" FurmnD's with power uu ftnd a Pieces of Kijuijuncni Each *800 John Drore (i with 2 flow Cultlva* tor and 2 How Busiei >7o& 194V Caee VAC" wtlh 1'ao Row Cultivator 4750 John Di>*;c Row Cull., "D" Moctrl Trat-ior with How Duster and 2 Row 2 — H Fa i ni H] I TJ actor with 2 How Cultivator *l?00 Farjiiall H M 100 Plnnlpr usp/J n/jli- 1 year SIM FrtrmnJ] 4 tinv PJanter for "F-20" '' John Ooere 4 Row PJniite tiliser AtachJucnt. Only J^ with Fer- 61 Implement Co. N. Hiway fil Phone 2M2 2-9 ck tf rcvnm unf. npt. 31.1 0 till 5 p.m. call 6086 |ik 21 N. 2nd. Cull vi4 ck tr 2 rm, fur. apt, Plione 39:il or 3102. -J 14 |rt 21 ? mm f urn, apt. Private bath pli 2406, 516 Lake. 4ju pk 21 5 rooms nnd hath 221 E Donean. 4't2 pk l» Modern 4 room apt newly decorated AH conveniences. Utilities furnished. tlVT.50 Month Apply Armorel PlntHlnff Co ; 4'12 ek 19 Save .Money—Make Afonoy Used Furniture • j You'U pave money hy buy Ing used ; furntuue at Glln Harrison's on Ash j Rireei compart? our price* A"rt j you'll make nfhncjr by Gi»|]ln« your j)resent furniture to us we pay ot courtsp Wo'h be glut! lo Irade with yon Ceime to , GUN HARRISON & SON h'URNITURK CO. 517 W. Ash Phono 2552 4-3 ck 5-2 -3 lnr»e nnfnr ronn entrance. Ph 3106- apt Front, bnrk 4'10 pk U Morlrrn 2-room furnished apartment. Cnll 565 or 2595 4'4 ch tl 4 rooms mid batll fur apt Gns equipment Electric rctrlcrrntfir. 121 W D:i- «ls. F Simon Pl> 3373 3!23 ck tl 4-motn unfurnished apt . private hfttl^ MO 17th and A.ih ph 6700 327 cfc If Modern upsititrs apt 1 rooms atid bath, electric refrlt;erninr. yn"; cciulp- nirnt Good furniture Corner oT Main Riitl Second Phone 3173 F Slrnon 3 ; 21 ck U 4 ronm npt Phnne'3309 1<23 ek tl Auto Supplies and Services At!TO AND FURNITURE LOANS Prompt Person&l Serylce Genera! Contract Purchase Corp JOfl South 5th Plinne 6RO,? ___ . 4;5 ck tf wltb OflH'i enriinRer vour faui nity lir«s—BUY LZR Tm*S CHAPMAN 3ERVICR STATION Wain 4c Dlrlalnn Fhone W83 13 )3 ck if Services If you want to sell or buy USIOI) KUKNITUIttf see us. Arnold & Gaines <10() Kast Main I'll. G3S7 ck t.f "I'm delighted with my used car from Phillips!" • 1950 Ford custom deluxe Tudor—maroon color lol» of extras. • 11150 Ford custom ' deluxe .Club Coupe—shining Sheridan blue finish, a nice car wilh while sidewall ' tires, heater, seal covers. • I!M9 Ford custom deluxe Fordor—has radio, healer, overdrive. • 1!IJ9 Ford custom deluxe Tudor—beautiful maroon • 1917 Ford sii|>fi- deluxe Tudor—hlack, very nice • lil'lfi Ford super deluxe CluJj Coupe—has radio and healer, beautiful black color. • 1950 CMC .'i/l-Tcrn I'k-kuu—dark blue finish, looks and rims like a million! I Jul, !^ r<l ' A ~' fun l>i( - k ''P-lhe price is might v W. • 1947 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Cab & Chassis—bargain. Broadway & .Chfckasawba A FARM LAND BARGAIN IK SOLD BY APRIL Scu-lng nnrl Rlterfltlons, rh 3m 4111 pit 5;il TXRATIONS 313N 6TH ST PH 5780 ' farinBl ;: :'- ' ' ''-':.,:; _i_^?ll^.M a ""mJ.™ Washing •Machines repaired, all makes. BlyUieville Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-6 ck tf Prompt, Expert Serrlce on Commercial REFRIGERATION AIR; CONDITIONING FRANI< AS \VESTALL Charlie's Electric Service Phone 2991 - - - ReMdence 2HOS 2!6 cX Watch and Jewelrv Reoqir 1-Day «ErTlrc on .irvclrf— .1 ifnj-j on watches and cLncfcs Giinrantrpd *rork done by cjpert repairmen Lowest PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second •• RADIO & TV-SERVICE Tour iet on the blip*! Tor fast wr - rlce. cnll MMiBsc! Cnrl u>nK lit BLYTMKVII.I.K Tc-lovision & Radio Service in'.4 w u«ln pi,o ne 37! ,» 11115 cl II TYPEWRITERST DON EDWARDS CO. >J2 W Walnut . Phnne 3M Plenty of Parking Space Report Watch flntl JC7.-rlry rrp»1rlnx S^. n ,\*l wcrklT tt ' OTk K'i»rantwri SCH MUCK'S -IKWK1.RY ^02 W MMn 5'26 c)c tl Minnows. Gnld fish nnd shiners " ph - 135. or M92 323 E Main St O C Han-la'9!2l "SOYBEAN SEED S-100. «nd Slate Certified Dorlchsoy no. 2,' at $-1.00 per bii. LOCUST Posts fit 2T> to .10 cenls each. BUUUKTTK'PLANTATION Phone 782 , 4-4 ck tf 3.000 bn corn A I. Whistle Rn.sp land. Ark., ph Dell 2C5I. 3.20 pk 4|^fl SPEC1AL"SALEOF FARM EQUIPMENT! complete .stork of uspti tmelon; i A.wiune -K;. 20 yr loa and equipment are now.' on sale! TJant- i Pny Dec. i, wni crs roiary lioes, pulverlxers. discs-all used eqiilptnpiU lijvs hocn recoiitlltlan- ,...«, p(l nnd priced to save you money Wllli xootl nrnson the rcnL Hlioulcl Cnecfc these tractor prices: • [ not he IPJM than 56.000 golnc to pur- ! t-nrmnll Regular Tractor wllli cult I- : chaser. Shown by apnotnlt »«^ __.t i ...__ plow i295 | .^ f Phone 4453 MONDAY, APRIL 19, FARMING NEEDS! 2 How Lift T.VIM «n<j l)r« r T.vp* Rotary HOM. •1 Row Kolary Ho«« Cultivator Sweeps, for price and-<jualii.v, set its first. S«e (he new Kail and Socket Pulveri/.in|{ Disc Harrow. . .perfect for seed be<i preparation. Tractor Spraying equipment that you'll need in th« future... 2 How through 8 Row for »nj style tractor. COME IN TODAY! Specializing in Ferguson & Ford —Repair Service— Complete line of Ferguson * Kord 1'arts Jack Robinson Implement Co. 500 K. Main Blythevillc Phone 2371 Also Your Ferguson Dealer In OsceoJa Help Wanitd, Malt 'i'HR ALUMINUM CO. OF AMKKICA (Chicago Works) has hired several able bodied lilytheviile men 1'or general factory work. APPLY NOW for opening still available in this plant, located in HKLI.WOOD, ILL. (A western Suburb of Chicago). Good pay, jiaid holidays, Vacation, Insurance, Pensions. 4-14 ck 21 190 »cre« on Suite hlKhvray In ^\', i Us o 3 i own », 4 B i ns . ral>cd , m ^ »o1l all tractor rarmcrt. Elcclrlclly mall und school bus sprvlrt will nro- oiicc more llinn l>»[e to ncre. .is bush- i-ls he.ins 2 . wls lmp,ovci,,oiits. law Intfs. panted this year 60 acres cotton. [30 beans. Rents «/« and ti Trice .................... I'2R 125 Pay with contract ........ .,. 5^000 •23.US . 12.0flO For Rent * roam lint hoiiAt. bath Call 4D57 i _ 4;IO P* 17 2 rm partly turn house. Ph, 62n~ *[lO pk'lT lift F"« llo " Ke - pftrl halh - Harden. S^O llfi E Sycni)>or«. ^;, 0 pfc J7 New 4 rm, house land St. I»h, 91R. oalh on Hol- 4;10 pk 17 _ 'Chrilniers "WC" Tract or with cultivator «nrf brraklnc plow , . . $495. lit addition, you rni. choose from John npnrc "H". Cnse. Ford and 'Awry Tractors with all pnulpnipiil. But hurry . . they're, ROhig (astl Come down tomorrow! 1 RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR CO. ' S. Hiway fil Plione 2171 Cohiojhlne cftll 3-J39. nd Hj'dransens for 4 16 I>'A 19 131' and I. 15 cotton seed. F.6'-;, «er- mlniitlon. In bins at farm ru Aktna Cornrr. steclc. Mo. JRHICS \v rerv l^ 1 - I7t " 2 - 1 16 pX 23 Hampshire \vpnnlins pics, eligible to rrc.: ISO N.H. Hrd FRYERS, i'l each- (fvv bvi. Ojiscn soy brans nnd DPI, cot- Ion seed 1st yr. from brcrder Fainunn prln-s. H. I.. Yrn B rr. 1!; ml. s KicMp "^ "I. 4:16 pk 19 For Sale, Real Estate For Sale, Misc. M.>lc cof Th. 3101 l»wy. mack nn<l white •i H pk 21 1'OK SALE Good 5-room and batli liouse, located at 716 West Walnut. Tin's hon.-Je is in jrood condition, reccmlly decorated inside and out. Hug lar^c screened in back ixircli, two t.'ar Karape and outdoor storage. I'lonly of shade mi this 'iirj,T 75 x ] 10 fl. lot. Close to church, school and downtown Price ?R.500. Terms. See or call JOHNNY MARR REALTOR Plione 4111. Res. Ph. 25% 3-20 ck It . Plione 3361 Oiro. Store lor s Gosnell. Ph. 4R25. OS West of 4;13 pk 20 Modern 2 herlroum home located in very good residential district. Tin's place is in pcr- fgct-enndilion. Kquippcd witli yH!?..^' 1 '. 2 automatic floor furnaces and Venetian blinds. Large back porch for enjoyable .sinnmcr living, and .I'u- Uirc oxpiinsion. Curiige and driveway. Owner will sacrifice for quick sale. Sec or call MAX LOGAN Lynch Building, Phone 2<):M '1-1.0 ck 17 X V Electric 5 amp--Drlll prr*s- >'rntiklln. nlytheTllIc dips—TOM MADSIY IJoncsboro, 8753. lathe, Crnlt nMl rr 2 " t0 JSi Orllls, to|ii nnd 39 ' 9 TOMATO n..ANTS .irr read-.- ,,o»-. sr-rrt. 2203 CfUoU'n Ph 623(5. ' 4fi pk'5 S Km- corn for sale, also John Ocere •! row pliipier with niHi-kcr an<[ lai^e fi«|>|)crs. Halo 8cc<! l''iiriiis. Kiirdotlc L'!!i!^: -i-i«cktf r.BOCEHV FIXTURES i *<-alr* I ,.i^!i n..?i^( rr . J meat hojt. nnd \ '"]'• ''' ' d "" E r '"^ '• 1||U ' S Knurl, H»-J- 61 South ol Blyth.-vU?r >> ' * .t pV 17 CUy Oiavcl nr.d"dirt">h KS3 . < 12 pk 5-13 Real Estate Farms—Cily Pro|)ci'ly LOANS II Lnlerr.itPrt In Biijlni; or Celling «ce Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil ICarls — (ilcncoe IJIcig. P)i. (>8liS ,H?r[L'! 0 ' n '"'' " Pt Elec " 1 ': »ti" »ncl lerrlitcrutor Automatic hot w!x lr>r lifter Ciood Iciratl,,,,.,,. "„'," ""."„ K!f," r P '""""' r " «OI-«?t?r 3I " 4]4 ck U R 1. 1-l.sher. UnrMon Mo '_ Cilt^Co __ 227 ck tr tabln.t and &pn ixint Boy _ 95 ' M pk s;9 5-room until larrlK'ooc; floo ^rankhn SI Cull 5C5 or 2.195 2 rm house rear of lshed'jiaiisr *Uh b»th '-orated Hist off south' 1317 W Vine/ • 411 pk 17 I'nlnr 2 room apt Prlvatr bath Hot ind cold water Turn, close In. rh 3309 4:12 ck tr | tlof. bouse or 3«e5. ifuri). Newly decorated. •4:13 pV 21] •mioii. l<t, U| cheap. Pli. 3309. <;i3 (k'u Prlvale licdroom with kltch7n~prl»- •IFFS I" C< "'P'« or "'« worklmj K lrl. -T2 S. 1st, I'h. -160:1. . ^VH pk 21 House tor rent, cnll 4nM sfter fi. 4;M pk 21 Wonted to Buy \Vill_ pay ?2.00 foi 7 ~each Kiiod oa gal. oil drum brought lo Texaco Plant, located between lilythcville Cunning Co., and Colton licit Dojiot. <l-l'2 ck 5-12 rs nm or used Best prlrc* lral t-rollicr Co IS2.V Kim.ia!, i Bt l /m | s . Ill" 12 |i)t 52 AN KXCEIJ,KNT BUSI- .NKSS OPPORTUNITY FOR I A MAN OF CHARACTER, CAPACITY &. AMBITION. Continental Assurance Company or China-fa has TWO agency opportunities open with an established, aggressive & well financed agency operation, first as a district or regional manager for Northeast Arkansas and part of Missouri, if agreeable for the right man. This man is accustomed to earning $6,000 a year and up, desires complete and vested ownership of the agency operation lie develops, phis a protected territory franchise affording; him the most complete facilities in Hie market for the development of all forms of life, accident &. health, group life, both term nnd permanent, group disability coverage, also hospital and surgical convertible lo employees, pension plans, non- cancellable disability insurance to $250 monthly for 120 months non-aggregate for business nnd professional men. Such a man will be properly set up and trained to assure top level success, security and stable earnings of $6,000 lo 518,000. Only such calibre men need apply. AND f\VO — A I raveling field supervisor, experienced in agency development, lo work 3') counties of 4 to 10 in each of Southern Illinois, Southeast Missouri, Northeast Arkansas. Northwest Tennessee and Western Kentucky. Salary $300 lo ?500 phis 'a aO'y. profit sharing formula. Write care of this paper or P. 0. Box 380, BlyUieville, and srive us full story of your ex- nerience, training and background. All replies strictly 'onrideiilial. 4-il ck 6-1 «-(!( pat- *crnr Iron of Mn nnd «-i XI to }l 25 for 11X1 I 50c to 6nc for 100 40c (or 100 Ihs o nH , ih w,, „ North . deep I'h 2317 _ _ _ 3il0^clt u j up Call 4609 or "cmne't'n 't'eWw 1 ' Vine' 91 acres bn.voil Innds. all In cmlllvV- I __ . •'27 pk 417 lion None better * t mile west Sleele ' \Vc hiiv nlrf rare r,*r «,..., i D — 2 hou,o s Gravel „,, three »,„„ ,., q uor . .cu* ^'Jc "h C.V'{mVcr ^nn'^.n^'s >li»rr. <|O|II B good l.nsliir.« . Sttvlr. etl rl-ilu. UUICINKH riKAt. tUSTATK CO STrJELE. MO. Mnhammcd died and was buried at Medina. STOnE ' Ark' 415 f Plmii \Vlir'v'.|' : \t'v'k r? B!lTt U!> ' IVlni: <1 """' :IS ' hnvr n i?3[i drliiv.- I'Knioiilh roi ^nlc risM riintlo n; M» n ti,-> 4 u p k 2S Tommo ntiA pepnrr plsnu. lit n^r floi. SOt AMI St Ph. 4676 4 7 ,,k 21 3.17 FOR vSALE Farms.of all sb.e s and types IN SOUTHKAST MISSOURI Come lo Dexlcr am] let us show them to you. JOKG. RADICAN Ueallor Dexter, Mo. j '1-2 ck 5-\j Ciood hou», »llh r»7Tero?7rrr^i V k '"* J.17 pk 1,17 | Used Cor Values IJHS Mrn-ur> Sedan, vcrv rtrnn aiilomohile. Onlj H09.V 10(8 l' * Onor Si-il.iu. llv- ilrLsnKilic l)riv« aTtd nil Uie olher extras . . $1395. 1317 rnnlUtc I 1>onr J1(V):> ISIS Kr.isor Sedan . . . J^!»3. I!II6 I'.inli.ic Cunvrrlililc . . > real buy . JG^.V IDI'.I K.ilMt Dfluxc < Door Sc. d»n. all extras . . . SUM niui many mure, all values galore The 61 Motor Co. Your Kaiser-Frozer Headquarter* North 6th. St. Phone 2142 Well Be Here TOMORROW to B»ck Up Whal Wt S»j xnr) De TODAY I" \\'i 4 pk . Opportunities SERVICE .STATION GARACiE RADIATOR SHOP TOM'S SERVICE STATION S fil Ml'Wuy fh .1915 4.13 PV 20 Notice >r<<*b c ; ;^s. prorprlcs \\> »rp pppn wtifii ntlirn «rc closi-il Kganj Slnrr. 2 Ml Sn SI H»y \ u pk 5 13 . <li-t!vt- Rnllls 3.W9 iinrt O S clc tf Chai-frcH on Slow Oiai-gps — Only 35c. Rental Krco. Southern Auto Store. ^-0 ck tl M»J« h«lp «antert. Apply Tourist courtR, Phone 4913 Abrram- EXCEPTIONAL TEACHERS Inleipstlii£ THcntlon positions paring teachers or principal, who duality »75 to lion per w « k . FnsM.iamii; Vork vour esperl.-nce eqyilps yon lo do MIC- mM/nl|y. Peminnenl opening for lho«e >lir>svlrtK leadership ahlllly. Give In confidence riill Information »lxml jour li-arhlng and eitra-ciirrlculur KC- tltltlfs In letter asklns (or InterTlew. Box 11 c./o Courier News. 4 Ifi pk 17 Insurance Call 553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection m W A«h 51 OI.ENCOr HOTIL BUILDING Private Room* room Adjourning bitK Un Ut.ll Uonami.n ph 2JO« 3|17 pk «|17 Nicely ntrnlshed front bedroom »d lolnlns bath.Uen only I'b 4437 Blytheilllt Hotel IMli I. M»ln. ' *|I6 pk i]l_6 NEW.GLENCOE HOTEL 117 8 Second Ph 4444 $8.00 WEEKLY For Sofa, Coff and Trucks Want to bur » Hood car? I,ook up the m»n »ho's lived in Bljiri.,ille , O r •1 i.""™, »«RMAN IX)VELADT .t Shelton Motor Co.— I1T I. MMn «;« ck »,9 CARL PAUL U the ra*n to see II jou'r» looklar for • new OLDSMOBIL1. > new CMC iruck. or » OOOD USED OAR He'll give you the b«*t trid* In town! Ton'll tlnd him «< Homer-Wilson Motor Co. Phone MM NlRh , „„ U!30 ck 11 FREE PAINT JOB WITH CAR REPAIR If you'r* Lo » n «ccldeni. t e i Bur- nell'a «lre you ft (ree e.sttmMfe oh th« rtpali ]ob Oj. »ny estimate ovei WOO, we'll (jive you n paint |ob trea ot churge Thiit'.i suvlng you money and giving yon A better looVln* c»r "you'll IJk# our expert work • Kxpert Mechanical Repulx • Wiuh And Grea.t* Jnb-i • Wrtckei Service—any thn c ot day or nlgnt C»ll 4991 d»ys. 4108 nights ', BURNE'iT HUDSON SALES | East Main • Blytheville' Step Out In Style NOW...THIS SPRING...STKP OUT IN OUK I,ATK iMODKI, RKCONDITIONEI) CARS! 1919 Chevrolet deluxe l-door Sedan, 2-lone jfre.v, He- luxe radio, healer, defroster and white sidewall tire* , ..bargain. 1918 Chevrolet Fleetmasler 4-d«4tr Sedan; black, radio, healer and defroster, one-owner. 1950 Kord 2-door cusloni Sedan, large cuslom-huilt radio, healer and defroster.. .special. . .$1345. 1919 Chevrolet deluxe .(-door Redan, deluxe radio, while sidewal! tires, he»(er and defroster, this ig a beauty—« real buy for you. 19_I8 Chevrolet 5-passen K er Coupe, original black finish, deluxe radio, heater and defroster, a one-owner car and it's clean.. .only $i»95. 1917 Chevrolet • 2-door, Sedan, beautiful green finish 4 new I ires, it has large hot wafer healer and runs perfect.. .special, $895. 1912 Ford V-8 2-door Sedan, radio and heater. . .fus. 1916 Ford V-8 2-door Sedan, radio and heater.. .$695. 1911 Kord V-8 l-door Sedan, radio and heater, extra giHKl mechanically, (ires good, a real good cheap familr car. . .$195. BAS.Y GMAC PAYMENT PLAN ,, Remember, you can a!wnv» make * good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Phon« S78 SOYBEANS RECLEANED Now is (lie time fo have the weed and grass removed from your seed beans. Hrin(f them to us for re-cleaning at your convenience! Henderson-Hoover Seed Co. Hiway 61 So. BlyHievilfe Phone 2860 For Kent or Lease 10 x 40 brick bulldliiB Ex- cellcnl lucMInn for tafe. Modern 5- room Iking ciiiarwrs KrtJo'.nlnK. 'in Valero. c»ll collect, or w-rlie. Mrs K ( E Waltor. 305 South Baker Delve i Kennitl. Mo., ph. loasW. 4:1] pk 21 For Trade Small cltj home, well located will trade In on small larm near Dlyihe- Tllle Write Boi C-3. % Courier News <|10 pk 17 For Sale or Trad* Will tiade late mode! automobile for good late model ',2 ton pickup trxick T. J. Barnn, 105 N. Franklin. <j!6 ck « Mr. N. Curtis No. .T I \v«s the lucky winner of the bicycle contest Saturday sponsored by Glin Harrison 'Furniture Co. Will Mr. Curtis please call by the store 'lo receive his pn'xc. Raymond JYlichie, >r 'Hie nvernge U.S. farm wns mort- agfil to nljoiil 20 iier cent o( llj I value before World War tr. but averaged only eight and one-halt per crnt ot its value In mortgage tn 1 S.iO. Look or thk Record PLAY SAFE! For Cleaner Washes! For Cleaner Washdays! For Automatic Washing at it's very best, get a BENDIX Automatic WASHER Isn't It Time You Bought a Bendix at HU6BARD & HOKE Appliance Co. SPEEDOMETER REPAIR SERVICE He sure your specdonielcr works ri^hl. \y e g\ ve one-day service for any kind of car ur truck. Drive in T. I. SEAY Motor Co. 21 last Main Phone 21 22 PLANNG A GARAGE? Then Call 2-131 fnr Free Eslimale Tirrl, r() ,, r poreh ,„,„ a knflU} . dcn TV room. Kaihs-and Kitchens Remodeled Non-Morfgage FHA Terms Aa Long as 30 Months lo Pay BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. "Everylliin* for the Builder" - it. Pease S. lliway 61 j. Wilson Henrj I The French port of Bovrteaux li a eily of more than 250,000. YES, WE BUY Scrap Iron »nd Mtt.l, OW C«rs, ['lows, Cul.lralors, Tin, Wirf, liatltrifs, K»di»lors, Rugs «n<) other ilcnis of lillle value to yon. «"• s«ll all kinds of angle iron, flat iron, etc. and when you need Coal «nd Kindling, call... HESTER'S COAL & SCRAP METAL, YARD s - Highway 61 |>hon« J186 HORNER-WILSON On East Main Offers You This List of Used Cars & Trucks • Check This List • '50 '50 '50 '49 '45 '49 '48 '48 '48 O1.DSMOBII.E "98 Rocket deluxe 4-door Sedun, all cxtrns, like having n new CRT at » CHEVROLET 7 - door Sedan, A home-rjwnttt c«r driven very ttv C:\tG 2-Ton Tractor with sliort u-hrelbase. Perfect truck —lens than a year old, GMC "i-Ton PlcXiip rteliiJte cab. new tires it's a really fine buy, OI.DSMOBII.E 2 - door with nocket engine. new white \\its, Tery few miles CHEVROLET ^ . Ton Plckiip, it's as clean » truclt as you'll find tnywlme. rOHD IV-TOU Pickup, ft completely recnnrti- tloiiert triicX »t a oood Jrlce. BUICK 3-dooj- Sedan, * home - ownpd crxr Hire lo -ftlvc you lou* ?f good service GKKVKOI.F.T It, - I0 n TrncX, loni? - wheel. bflse. has good tlr« - . . now'a the t4m« to '47 '47 '47 '46 '46 '45 '41 '40 '39 CHEVROLET ,',i - Ton PlcXup. lake R drlyt In this Iruck tomorrow. Streamliner 2- door S n ri a n,- new white tires, radio Anrt heater. TOKO IV-TDJJ pickup, » woiidcrrnT buy In a really clean little CHEVROLET li^-Ton I.WB Truck with eood bed nnd very poort FORD 'i-Ton Pickup one of the nlcfAt ' trucks la th« city ot Blytrinvllle. CHF.VROL8T 1 >i-Ton I.WB Truck with good bcc), s[»eclally priced this week otity] CHEVROLET 5 - pas- Rfiiger Coupe, equipped with both radio and heater, bargain. CHEVROLET 14 -Ton P t c V 11 p with good itock racV, hcrc'p,. til* ipectal price . . . 42^5. CHEVROLET 2 - door Sedan . . , If you'rt looking for n tr.iv thU 1* K! . - . llt:>. HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsmobil«-GMC Truck Dealer U*«d Car Lot .... 300 East Main Street

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