Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 3, 1890 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 3, 1890
Page 5
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Estate. For Sale orTrade A NEW IMMIGRATION BILL. ns H*t Prohibitory. Needed. Jn all parts of the Residence at all prices. Business Houses. Vacant Lots. Exclusive Sale of Johnson's "Riverside -.-Yd- dition". 20 Vacant Lots on Broadway and North. Bargains in Lands close to the Git}-. B N. TALBOTT Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Bloek, Broadway. A QUEE.N IN BESMESS THE BUSY LIFE OF LOW- VOICED MRS. LESLIE. B. M. Me Mill en . Pictures, Stationary, HammocUa, Croquets. Picture Framing A SPECIALTY. X*. SOT - - Market St. MONEY TO/LOAN! imi Solos Bought In any sum over $23 at lowest rates. Lnrge amounts 6 per cent. (ieclSdiwOin MONEY TO LOAM, , • a-il • fiu fttlKi«.U.iWS:WT rur«6 .l-rtrole fund* '••• 7 v.oupy ulwaya 1" lirva-i. Wo rofl tape or de...y -i;".<jro»t ond yrinclpul puj-nble in Logsiifr •o-t. t<i;oflttl arran<!ttii>entfl iw to payment ol -.-!n:lf>,l and ItttMMl, rondo to unit the wtHhos of •v,-rwi'" Fur Ci-..~.!io;- iitirticnlSLTB apply W) Fred W. Munson, \Uorai7 a: La-* astf Cnttod SSston Comrnloaloiinr, Fourth strao*. m>Dn=l«e Oourt HnnH«. •MONEY, .Wan-*: Invuriuica and Loans. All kinds ot In- -uio> pincKd in artt c\r.r,i oompanlae. Endow- ut roUc'.os rnrohasad, Bends of saretyei.. rlK*B for pfti-Ues holding poolttoaa or truel ST. C1 o s s o o , Daily Journal SATURDAY MORNING. MAY 3, THE WEATHEJ*. WABSSQIGTOJI, D. C., May 2.—For Imdlaaa and [Hlitota—Increasing cloudiness and rain Saturday afternoon; warmer; southwesterly winds. Don't forget the K. P. ball next Thursday evening. Benj. F. Chiloofct, of this city, has ; been granted a pension. Five cases of standard prints only 5 cents per yard, ot the Bee Hive- For 'io-day's sale, new laoe and black silK. shoulder capes, at the Bee Hive. One hundred and fifty pieces printed chttlliea at 5 cents per yard, at the Bee Hive. Mrs. J.. E. Satton and little son departed yesterday for Graensfork. near.Richuioud.to attend the funeral of a relative. The case of Hiram Harvey vs. D. P. Baldwin, appealed to the Supreme Court from the Cass Circuit Court, has been affirmed conditionally at appellee's costs. Sixty-nine cents will buy a nice child's suit, from 4 to 13 years of age. tin J a a.ianc;e given on a beautiful $50 SB wiug luaohine with every 50-eent purchase. Marlon Leader: 'The steamer "Gfttg City,' which was transferred from this i^lice to Logansport last .spring for excursion work, was re- 1 • turned to Marion. Eli Stern, a nephew of H. Stern, the Market street butcher, fell from " the butohei-8's wagon near the Vagyluni on Thursday and broke his left arm below the elbow. Dr. CStevens reduced the fracture and the injured young man was taken to tbe "home of bis uncle on Market street where he was made as comfortable •;-as possible. •••-• Attorneys Ross & Ross, represent•; ing the Pan Handle railroad company, yesterday made an offer to eonfess judgment for $340 in tho C circuit court in favor of G. "W. Bur* -row, for the loss of a trunk and con/• teats, in tbe railroad wreck at "Kokomo, last December. Mr. Burrow h*s the matter under advisement. Hia,deauand was for 3310. At» meeting ot the county board of education at th'e office of County .; Supeiintendent Searight on Thursday it Wtts decided that the outgoing township trustees should seleet tb« , teaohemfor (he ensuing school term. i 1™ recently elected trustees were . present and all arrangements were Made tor the stepping down of the -.'*|^ an A the coming in of the new New York .Press, (Saturday). Congressmen Owen and Stump and Senator Squire of the Sub-Commitee on Immigration returned to Washington yesterday. Mr. Owen, the chairman of the committee, appeared to be feeling particularly happy over the result of the investigation, and ho told a Press reporter tliat he intended to introduce art immigration bill in Congress within the next two wweke. "This bill," he said, ''will recommend a radical uhange in the alien contract laws. Probably five hundred immigrants come into this country every week in violation of th« intent of tMe Contract Labor law, yet, under the present letter of the law , it is impossible for the inspectors to detain them. There will have to be a tystem of inspection on the other aide of the water and the law must be changed so as to compel the return of immigrants coming into the country in violation of the law. "The bill will also provide that tho Secretary of State shall forward to our consuls monthly the condition of our labor market, to the end that if there is no call for labor immigration will lose much of its stimulus, as these people will not be so likely to come in the face of an already overstocked labor market. "Without question New York and New England are sullerinj; from the influx of immigrants termed 'birds of passage,' who s-tay a season, or at the most a few years, andthen return to Italy or elseivhere with their earnings and becoming princes. 'We propose to show that' in the months of April and May, this year, more than fifty thousand Canadians will enter the New England States and will i-eturn home in the fall. The Italians in New York and the Canadians in New England have supplanted American unskilled labor almost entirely, and bave driven our people to seek other pursuits. It is apparent that this influx has very materially decreased the •wages of our laborers, and we hope to provide a measure which will permanently cure this evil. "In framing this measure we have to consider that the character of our immigration is changing from a class •wholly desirable to a class a very large percentage of which is not only undesirable, but pernicious in its effects on our wage system and our civilization. "We do not need prohibitory, but discriminating, legislation. No immigrant, should be permitted to land who does not come here with the desire to build up a home. The privileges of our institution should not be continued to any immigrant who aftera certain time, fails to become an American citizen." The committee obtained its most valuable information in regard to the violations of the Contract Labor aw at its secret sessions. The members of the joint committee will de- lide whether this information shall be made public. Dainty Jowoloil lltinfls That Siffn C)mok3 tor Thiiuaiimls—Her Salon :l Favorite Catherine riace—Her liuslnesx Iliiurp nml Her Society Life. . ; •• But yet a woman." ' . And a wcll-roiinclod, womanly woman', as her fondness for pretty goins and jow^ els and for making lior apart.iucntB dainty and homo-Ilka would tostlfy. is Mrs. Frank Leslie, ono of Uio most suc- cossful business womun In tho world. As slio rises to bid von welcome when yon have passed through tho long rovr of oltK'DS ami galnixl In r particular sanctum you wonder if tho graceful, swt'flv-facod woman, in h<-r closolitting tallnr-mado gown of black cloth, relieved at wrista and throat with bands of snowy whlto, can bo ;ho woman who In an inconcsiv- ably short time brought order o :t of confusion and cloarud her husband's bu inoss of 5300,000 of debts and built up a business which pays SI00,000 a year, says a writer in tho New York Morning Journal. Mr;-. Leslie has a low, swcot, voice, and that charm of manner that belongs peculiarly to Southern womon. HIT oyoa an: dorp, clear Mini, fringed with long black lashes. Her hu'r Is sunny brown, with red glint hero and there. As she sits behind her desk of r! hly carved antin.uo oak, her littlo hands covered with pricelosa jewels, are busy from SI every morning until 4 in the afternoon. She signs all checks and orders, rn vises and looks over tho proofs of al articles before they uro published, and Tn the circuit, court yesterday Vloxander Tyre, of Jackson town* nip was placed on trial before a jury >rburglary. Tyre is defended by tcCormell & .TenkincK, and the pros- cution iw assisted by D. D. DyUe- uan. It will be vciiicmbered that 'yre \viis bound over in ><• jue- 'ccs court early lust ivlntur, it being hurged that he entered the IIOUHB of arlra Sohmultt, of Jaak«on t'own- )jip during the absence of Mr. midt and family and took sume ewelry and valuable papers; belong- HK to Mrs. Schmidv. Mr*. Schmidt, t is whose claim against the Chris| iana Hooper estate is pending in the .ourtat Kokomo, and Tyre if) one of he relatives of the old lady who are contending Mrs. Schmidt's, claim. The case attracted a great many witnesses from Jackson township yesterday. The evidence -was most- y all submitted, and the case will probably be given to the jury to-day. 'I TV/,*! six years old," sai Stanford, "but I can rememberi'i -a-eli- Two of ID v brofheru and myself gathered n, load of horseradi.-h in (lie garden, washed it cleau — I lliink they made me do moat of tlie sombmng, for I was the Touvgest — tocjk it to Schenectady and sold it. We received six York fchillings for the lot, and of that I received two shillings. I felt Tery proud of that money, TOU may be sure." Can slit au a Belt. William Guilder, a workman in a saw mill at Loree, Miami county, was caught in a belt whilf working at the mill on Thursday and inataut- ly killed. Before the machinery could be stopped the unfortunate man's body had been literally broken to pieces, scarcely a bone in the body remaining unbroken. Childer leaves a wife and one child. Richmond Palladium: John Tomlinson returned from Loganeport last evening ...... Mrs. Ross Sherman, of Logansport, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Hoerner. N OTIC B During the next thirty days we will abstain from ten cents a line locals and all other advertising. outside of the contract space except in our Show Windows and price tickets attached to Bargains and displayed on sidewalk in ftvnt of ?.tore and inside . of store and . By Word of Mouffi! For Grown people we have Websters Dictionaries which we present to purchasers of certain amount of either Clothing Men and Boys Boots and Shoes orTurnishing goods. We give smaller presents with individual articles in various lines as for instance With Ohildretas' Clothing a first class Base • Ball outfit. We have the finest store and stock outside of Indianapolis in the State. OTTO KRAUS "Of Course." MKS. FRANK' LESLIE. selects and superintends the 300 editors, artists and printers employed for her publications. Although she sold tlie Frank Leslie Weekly and Magazine last spring to •William ,T. Arkcll she still prints them, besides these publications: Tho Popular Monthly, Pleasant Hours, BudRet of Fun, Christmas Book, Illustrated Almanac, Comic Almanac and Subscription Book. Out of her ten publications, siie reserved seven. Mrs. Leslie's offices are in the Jutlfre building on Fifth avcnuo and Sixteenth street. Her private office is a sunny lit.tlo corner with windows on bolb streets. Tho Walls arc covered with ruby cat velvet, with a wide dado and doors of embossed Russian leather. Tho windows aro hung with Persian draporlrs, and the rugs on thn floor are from the same looms. Tall oak chairs and settees, black with ago and upholstered in tapestries, match the quaint old oak do.sk at which Mrs. Leslie always sits with her foot on a foot-rust which matches tho chair. Etchings and paintings adorn the wall, and under a painting of Mr. Leslie hangs a white dove with outstretched C. sr. CECES, formerly wltb A. K. SimOYJEB. formerly el CElllott, Sliroyer <!: Co., Loeausport. SHROYER & CROSS- Imported, Key West andTDomestie Cigars, Cigarettes, Etc., Etc., No. 21, West Maryland Street, Indianapolis. ! ' FRED DYKEMAN Represents the above firm in Ix>gansport »ud surrounding towns. • ij'l jn in '••& The elocutionary entertainment given by Miss Dora Harbison at the Broadway Presbyterian church last night was very largely attended, the sale of tickets to the benefit arranged for the popular young elocation- ist having been very large. Miss Harbison simply repeated former successes last evening, and time and again received tbe enthusiastic applause of her admiring friends. The program was interspersed with choice musical selections by well- known local favorites, and all in all a most enjoyable evening's entertainment was afforded those there. Mies Harbison has many friends in thin city who regret to know of her preparations to return to Indianapolis, and their good wishes certainly follow her. All arrangements have been made for the grand ball to be given by the Uniformed Rank. Knighrsof Pythias', at the rink next Tuesday evening, and the affair promises to be one of the most delightful of the-season. Th« Knights have a reputation aa entertainers in this direction, which is unexcelled by any order in the city, and the dance next Tuesday evening will be' up to tbe standard of their efforts inihat line. The .proceeds of the affair go. "towards pur- chasinguniforms for'the new K. of P. band. • An old gentleman who has-been a close- observer of weather "signs" for forty years said, yesterday, that ha had never known tlie moon to full in May that there was not a frost following it. He would be pleased to have some one versed in astronomy to tell why this is the case. Whether on pleasure bent or business, should take on every trip a bottle ol Syrup ot Figs, as It acts mo.1t pleasantly an?l effectually on tbe kid- neyi. liver and bowels, "preventing fevers, head- Bones and Diner lo'rma ot »lekhe«s. For Sale In ft c KidilOO bottle* by ill leading druggUU. For Salebj'B.'F. KewUng. ' <••• •••'•• , At 4 o'clock Mri. Leslie's carriage drives up to the .Tndso building and the business woman is a thing of ^tho past until the next tnornins at 9. She puts away bor business, and is tho society woman for the rest of tho day. After her drive sbn puts on one of hor Worth gowns, which arc nearly always of pure white, or white and black, and somo of her wonderful jewels, and has her dinner; she always has some guests, and they pro afterward to tho theater, opera, or reception. On Thursday evenings she Is always at homo, and her beautiful apartments at tho Gorlach are always crowded with proachors, poets, authors, artists and musicians, in each one of whom she is interested. Her wonderful Knowledge of lanpnaso maker, her salon tho most attractive in New York to the distinguished foreigners who or.o always meets at Mrs. Leslie's, Mrs. Leslie, like all rich women, nas among liar many charities a pet. The St. Andrews one-cont coffee-stands receive n groat deal of attention and help from her, and every Thanksgiving morning she can be seen dealing 0:11, delicious cakes, candies and fruits to the ragged Httlo urchins who sell papers around 1!he Park placo. .In a recent newspaper c'ontftflt for tha most popular lady lu tho land, Mrs. Los- Ho received tho second largest vote, coming next to Mrs. Grover Cleveland, who received tho prize, a magnificent silver crovrn. How ti>.C,V.ol£ mi Both the metljct! o.tid spulto Syrup of Figs is taken; it L ;>! and refreshing to lac laalo, E: gectly yet promptly on Iho -Ivi Lirer ami Bowel?, clfl'.v.itK ' to-n efiectually, dispels cc-lv.-:, acbes mid fcvera .T.K! c>\i-as i- eonstipatiuii. Syruj) of .C''i;:? only vemefly of il=i kinti cv< c.apta!.!e to the stop.)si.ch, .pyo its action and truly 'jc.neiicifl. effects, prepared on'y 'voin the mo.-'t healthy "and agree;;! j<> - siiivtttii-'O^.^i'S many excellent qur.lilJcs COII-'.T.OI '• :i to :ill and have iriiido it th'.- ;.L.'.-M popular remedy itaown. Syrup of Figs b for salt: i)i S"« and $1 bottler, by all leadir.^ druggists. Any ve!ial:!o di-jg;d?t wbf may not have it on Lund wiii y:-o euro it pvciiiiptly for any «!io %:l» wishes to' try it. Do Dot accept ;-.iv, substitute. FiG -jfii •'-•'•" '- '*•'-• "" 01 "kiy Vi/w. K.y WILLIMASTIC SPOOL For Sale by Oil SIX-CORD Leading Dealers. 34 Union Square, Hew York Ot* Auft. 3»V«S8fi T After a series cf tests at our Elisabethpertfactory, extending.?* a period of several months, we have decided ^*^ **f xr ' WJLLIMANTIC SIX-CORD SPOOL COTTON, believing it to be the lest thread new in the market, and' recZmendit to ell agents, purchasers and users of the S t n g erM THE SINGER MANUFACTURING COMPANY. LOUISVILLE, .VI'. For sJftli' Don't use cheap worthless goods, but try the Acimi soap, it is pure and will please you; only Scents u. bar at any grocery store. Mail twenty five ..Vouie so»p wrappers to .Lautz Vtros & Co., Buffalo, N. Y., and get our most beautiful picture, "The Little Rose Bud." mavSdOt The beat way to cook an RZK ig to place itin a-.saiicopan oE bo)!in?T \vn,i,or and thru at onco take it off.tiic fire and place it on 'i.lio hearth. Thu egsr will be cooked in from fivn to m-vnn minutes, accordiiiR to the anioiuit of wa'tc^u-iHl. We use a Ihroo hnlf-pint snncorpaii- for tliroe eggs, and the cooking process takes about six minutes. Tlie cggsnr;i evenly cooked into a sort of creamy consistency, and are miuh moro pleasant, to tbh palate and moro easily Oisesl-d thar those boiled in tho ordinary way. Alb. men consulates at a temperature of lao degrees fahreuheit. Boiling point Is much too high for tho gradual and proper cooking of an egg. • •A II >•-!>>'- .Wit ' c.oH'.|,iia . i< ,'- oih nany t! : at l<iavo=i without Kiniu'atiiur-lts indobtadiuM to the landlord, and & "one night stond" is ,'a stop for one night. THOMPSON'S GLOVE FITTING CORSETS! OTTO MEINSHAUSEN, HEADQUARTERS FOR NaturalGas Stoves, Gasoline Stoves, Oil Stoves, Cooking Stoves, Steel Ranges, Alaska Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Cream Freezers, Tinware, W oodenware, Mantels, Grates. We have about fifty of the above Gasoline stoves that we will sell ftt the greatly reduced priro of $18. formerly .old at ^ Don't f6rgef;th« number, - , 4O8 Market St., Opp. Golden Rule. Are Aeknowlfilped tiie World Over as the heat Fitting, mnst Ferfeot form glrins ft most BEE HIVE Dry Goods lionse. WILER & WISE, 315 Fourttt Street. WATCHES! WATCHES!! WATCHES!!! I,arg 8 »t Stock inltheCatraad Sold on month* payments LGold Wftteb^f $90.00, Elgin Watch«s $5.00 and warranted. NO AUCTION GOODS. No prize. B lven, Wo tottery. run;-but good goods^ soW; low. Be 8 t vra*h work and Bngraviuf? done in tne city. D. A. H AUK, The Jeweler,

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