Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 4, 1892 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1892
Page 5
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CELBBRflTED STIFF AND'SILK. FALL AND "WINTER STYLES, 01 H. G. TUCKER, The Pearl Street Tailor is show- ins; some v*>rv handsome O 'woolens tor fail A ear ia suitings He also has something new and aitractive foi overcoats Yours Truly, "PUCK," DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MORNING, OCT. 4. WHO WILL WEAR THE MEDAL? Blcjclo Itldes-s aro Anxiously A-n-alt- IIIK the Result of tl»o Journal's Gold Mortal Ita.cc Tills Afternoon. Who will wear the medal ? Several bicycle riders in the city are already, in their minds, wearing the pretty bauble which the Journal • will this afternoon pin on the coat of the winner in the gold medal road race this afternoon, but just which, one of the eleven contestants will win is only a matter of conjecture. The race will be a spirited one, that is assured, Some good riders have entered and the best licks will be put in on the finish and a large crowd is expected to gather oa Fourth street to see this finish. The riders will leave Royal Center at S:30 sharp and will reach the Journal office in due time thereafter. Some expect to get here within 35 minutes after the start. Others may be a little later, but not much, therefore, shortly after 4 o'clock this afternoon, you may expect to see the wheelmen spurting down the hill, dashing across the bridge, around the comer of the court house and up to the Journal office, the first man in to claim the reward for his well doing. As published Sunday morning there are eleven entries as follows: John W. Miller, Marion F. Strode, C. W. Burgman. Will Guthrie, W. P. Sedam. Will Herr, A. M, Silver, Chas. Grant, Rene Cline. Frank Lytle and Wash Roach. At Royal Center the judges and time keepers will be Dr. Burton, George Sweet and Will Thomas acting in conjunction with a Journal representative, and at this euci of the line C. N. Graffis, H. G. Tucker and Howard Stitt in conjunction with a representative of the Journal will act in that capacity. As before requested the Journal will deem It a special favor if the course, especially the hill, the bridge and around the court house to. the Journal office be kept clear of teams as the riders approach. THE CASE TURNED AROUND. Ju<3;re Ross Decide* Tliat John t, ItliinrlcelM Entitled to a Divorce oil Ills CrOBSCoiiiDlalnt—Sirs. -TI. Gets $3,OOO Alimony. Judge N. 0. Ross yesterday morn ing announced his decision in the eel ebrated Maurice divorce case. The decision came as a surprise to many in that it reversed things somewhat, finding that the plaintiff, Mrs. Maurice, was not entitled to a divorce on her complaint, but that the defendant was entitled to a divorce on .his cross complaint. The plaintiff was given alimony in the sum of §3000, payable $400 in six months, $600 in a year and $1000 a year thereafter till paid. The plaintiff was p.lso awarded attorneys fees in the sum of $250 and the costs were thrown oa the defendant. Mesrrs. Fansler & Mahoney, attorneys, for the plaintiff did not make a motion for a new trial, desiring to consider the matter a few days. Nancy JflanJtn' Brotlicr* Fayette Medium, sired by Happy Medium the sire of Nancy Hanks, has been entered for the free for all trot on Wednesday afternoon at the fair ground. This horse is a fall brother to Nancy Hanks and will prove a great attraction. '•MULES" Is IVJiat JTndire Baldwin Called Democrats in IS SO—Jefferson Ton-rnliip Slioivs np the Inconsistency of JK<l;re Bald-win's Present Attitude. ' Editor Journal: Now that the Pharos Democrats are so pleased with the utterances of Judge Baldwin that they consider them the cost unctious morsels thai-have ever tickled their palates they no doubt wquld be pleased to know the tender sentiments he entertained for them and the beautiful compliments he paid them in the past. Here are the Judge's words Oct. 13, 1880, the day after the Indiana State election, as published at that time: "Fellow Citizens: We have met the enemy and they are ours. Indiana has redeemed herself.-from the curse of democracy. In 1847 Garfield drove mules up a canal. In 1SSO, on the 3d day of November he will drive Democratic mules up Sait river." Does Judge Baldwin think that the party which he likened to the long eared, lantern jawed, bur garlanded, mud stained, swamp soaked, hide bound, heave affected, moon eyed, sway backed, bone spavined, glander afflicted part of god's creation has in accordance'with the Darwinian theory at last reached the standard of human intelligence or is the - Judge a modern Nebuchadnezzar eating grass? It is probably the latter for the Judge in his eastern travels saw the ox and the ass working side by side and the idea occurred to'him to reproduce the scene for the entertainment of "ignorant Hoosiers. We conclude with Judge Baldwin's concluding words. They (Pharos) say I can't make a speech in Cass county but I can be elected in the State. " . Let us remember the unfinished work of the- Republican party. We have conquered secession, we have S WEEK ONLY Oak Chairs for-Every body. Heal Japanese Cups and Saucers for Ladies. Folding Vest-pocket. Comb, Case and Mirror for Men. Beautiful Bound Books for Big Children. Iron-Tops and Flying Kites for the Boys, FREE with shoes this week, value depending upon amount of sale. We adopt this plan to attract the people instead of giving- an opening. Our stock is now complete; inspection solicited. SHOE DEPARTMENT. Temperuuce Locture*. J. B. Stanley will begin a series of lectures on temperance at seven mile chapel to-night to continue for ten nights. These are his famous series of lectures and the people of Tipton township are promised a treat. Y. S. F. fast black Jersey hose only 5 cents, at the Golden Rule. conquered the finance now let us go to work and ficish up by conquering the Democratic party. Bury them so deep that Gabriel's trumpet won't resurrect them. We, have buried them. We have snowed them under in Indiana. Let us keep up the battle for human rights. Let us keep up until the constitution of the United States is obeyed in every part of this government. The salvation of the Republican party is indispensable to human liberty. JEFFEKSON TO-VYNSHIP. A BLOODLESS BATTIE SHE WANTS $10,000! ?!r». Barbara ElzrasJi Brlujs Salt Against Harrison Gray lor Bum- air-S for t>eiamat!on of Character, Yesterday in the Circuit Court by her attorneys Fansler and Hahoney, Mrs. Barbara Elzrath instituted proceedings against Harrison. Gray, a prosperous farmer of Jefferson township, alleging defamation of character and praying- . for damages in the sura, of §10,000. Mrs.' Elzrath also lives in Jefferson township, and claims in her complaint that the defendant circulated false and slanderous-reports concerning- his relations with her to her great damage. The defendant/has retained Dykeman. Wilson & Taber: jSTelson & Myers and Winfield & Taber to act for him and the case, if it.comes into open court, promises to be fought vigorously. Wlicn Xaturc Needs assistance!! may be best to render it promptly, but one should remember to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed. The best and most simple and gentle 1-emedy is the Syrup of Figs, mrnu- 'actured by the California Fig- Syrup Company. Sniiitax-y Xotic--. Scavenger work will be done on hort notice by car ing- on Nels Hanson. No. 5G Sixth street. Go to hear Shockney. Ju IVblch Dr. Kanta and tlic Jackson ( Township Democracy Were Put to Flight by a. Plucky Wonian. Dr. Banta was billed for a Democratic speech at Lincoln Saturday evening. If there is any place on this green earth where a free trade speech is inappropriate it is at Lincoln for Lincoln was in favor of protection to American workingmen and Lincoln is in Jackson township and Jackson was elected on a protection platform and Jackson township is in Cass county and General Cass stood up for the United States every time against England's ambitions. But Banta was billed and went. The speaking was announced for Dr. Wills front yard but when a, few ot the unterrified had assembled and the work-o-f-.:;making a platform out of a store box was begun Mrs. Wills appeared upon the scene and announced that she was the owner of the premises and that no free trade speech should be made from her ifont yard. The committee on platform attempted to go on with the work but Mrs. Wills., aided by her 10-year-old son procured an axe and knocked the platform to pieces as fast as the committee constructed it. The committee accompanied by - the speaker finally retired for consultation. Some of them favored calling out the State Militia and Dr. Banta said he had beard something about a posse comitatus and thought that would be a good thing. It was finally decided to renew the attack. Mrs. Mills was seized by the hair but the 10-year-old boy got in his work and the platform once more went down. Mrs. Mills again announced that no free trade. Banta could crow on her premises and the committee finding that she was too much for them advised "a retreat. There was no speaking on Mrs. Mills' premises the plucky little woman having-chared out Dr. Banta and the Jackson township Democracy. San' Francisco, they will remain until Miss Cora Parks has returned to her home in Peru after a ten days visit with relatives. Mrs. J. Keller and daughter Rosalind of Wabash spent Sunday in the city the guests of J. Q. Sweetser and family. Dr. John M. Olds of Indianapolis, has accepted a position at Dr. S. S. Clark's dental parlors in the Musodean building. Misse Mae and Abbie Howe, departed yesterday for DeLand, Florida, to enter a young ladies seminary for I/he winter. Mrs. G. C. Ingram who has been visiting in the city the guest of Bliss Lizzie Dunkle, returned yesterday to Indianapolis. Sunday at St. Vincent de Paul church the bans were published for the approaching marriage of Miss Lena Mitchell and Mr. P. J. Hooley and of Miss Jennie Gorman and Mr. worthy Senator were half as good at; driving a bargain as the average farmer, he could buy a plow of one of the leading manufacturers, ia places*. •' when} they are- sold, in compe^tion.^ . at !?8 to fif^.50, the list price of three- ho;'se chilled plows being $9.50, tha highest that retail dealers ever ask.. And if a leading Senator, in a, printed speech intended for wide circulation for political effect, is guilty of criminal carelessness in his statements of facts, it is difficult to conceive ivbat may not bo expected of men of his class when they meet in. Washington to attend the people's. business, which is always of secondary importance to thorn, their service of'. party ranging first. Where is our- Wendell Phillips 10 denounce this slavery of party, a slavery which leads men to tell such outrageous Hes. for party effect? Can not some one at least devise a plan whereby a politician or a political paper can be enjoined from repetition of a falsehood after it has been proved false before. John Campbell. The dates of the j the proper tribunal? respective nuptials arc not yet announced. Mrs. H. C. McMinn returned Saturday from Evansville where she went to attend the marriage of her sister Miss Lou Johnson, who resided here several years, to Mr. G. N, Sen mite, a prominent young business man of that place. The Logansport friends of the bride offer their warmest well wishes. YOUR 3A3IE IS A Change of Firm. Mr. John Alber, the well known commercial traveler has bought a half interest in the queensware store • of W. H. Snider on Market street and the new firm of Snider & Alber began operations yesterday together. Mr. Alber has had all necessary experience in this line, having practically grown up in Sniders store, leaving!; some years ago to go oa'tho road for an Indianapolis firm. The new firm is one that can, not fail to succeed. American Association. LOGANS PORT RACES, You will do well to attend the spe- • : cial sales advertised by the Golden .Rule. -, • Full sets of the best teeth for $S, at :Clark's. the dentist. THIS WEEK. «. 5th, 6th- and 7tti. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY On the Fair Ground Track. Item* of a Personal Cfcus-Hi-tpr coa- cernii!i; £,o;r:in*pnrterM luxd Ti'^Jr Frler.dn. Mrs. A. L. Ross is visiting friends in Chicago. Will Cutnniings has returned from a trip to Omaha. Neb. Chas. McCarty of Chicago is visiting- his parents in this city. Mrs. S. S. Clark is visiting at her former home in Williamsport. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Galeman of Detroit are visiting friends in this city. Miss Mary Jox will go to Chicago to-day on a two weeks visit with relatives. ' Mr. and Mrs. Chas. J. Rad'ebaugh spent Sunday in Royal Center with friends. Eev. Father Ca.mpiosv.-ill assist in conducting mission -trvires ::", Peru tb"i:i wept. Messrs. C. L*. H-.-Z".-- •-.-: Spritzer.. of Peru, -.vti-c :,-: •;-;'.• yesterday. U. S. \ViL-on has gene to Kokomo lo act as salesman for ihs consolidated Taak Line Co. D. C. -Justice is at Indianapolis" appearing- ia a case on trial before tee United States court. Mrs. E. T. Stevens and Miss Lottie McDonald, departed yesterday for California, where, at Los Angeles and The Journal's Expose or Voorhee*. The Journal some time ago showed up the fraud of Senator Voorhee's speech. The Chicago Inter Ocean publishes a synopsis of the Journal article from the Farm Implement News Sept. .8, as follows: Senator Voorhees of Indiana, is out with a campaign document in which he marshals his regiments of figures to show that American manufactures of implements se'l in foreign markets cheaper thanat hoffiR, hoping thereby to disgruntle Republican farmers, to catch their votes for his own party, and to lead the latter on to victory. It is thrashing over o'd straw for us to reply to lies of this class, yet the stuff is likely to mislead people who do not know the facts, and ' our duty to implement manufacturers seems to call for another answer ' This we can best make by quoting figures recently furnished by Charies Kreis, of Kreis Bros.. Logansport, Ind., dealers in the implements in question, to a local paper. Voorhees gives the foreign price of the Advance hay tedder as $30 and the home price $45, while Ereis Bros", retail price is only $30. Yoornees foreign price on the L B. hay rake' is $17 and home price $25. while Kreis 'Bros, home price is $16. The foreign price of the Cumming-s ensilage cutter is claimed to be $60 and borae price $90, but Kreis Bros", price is only $52; and of the No. 1 Cummings feed cutters, the foreign price given by the worthy Senator is $16 and home $28, while the actual home price is $15. ' In the case of the No. 2 cutter of same style the lie is greater, for the foreign price is claimed to be $40 and borae price $60. while the actual home price is $23. On other implements the same proportion is kept up, the home retail price being" given as $90 on a horse power which' sells for $-54, and $00 on a mower, which sells at retail for $40. Proba bly the worst mistake Senator Toor- bees has made is in $18 for the home price of a chilled plo.w. If the A Cas« County Kccord. Cotner Barnett. the well known young stoclr fancier has just returned from a tour of eight of the leading- county fairs of the State with the following gratifying record of awards:Eight sweepstakes or Berkshire hogs over all breeds; forty-three first .premiums on class and twenty-seven second premiums; forty-two first, premiums on barred and white Plymouth rock chickens and thirty seconds making one hundred and fifty premiums in all, a record of which llr,. Barnett and Cass county may well be proud. Mr. Barnett departed last, night for St. Louis to act as a judge-, on hogs at the big fair now in progress there, his success as a breeder of hogs- making his opinions on matters porcine standard., Last year Mr. Barnett secured a great many premiums but this year did not exhibit, at any of the fairs which he attended last year. lint of Advertised Letter*. ezialnlDg In the postoffice at Logansport for the \veek ending Get. 3,1832. RENTS. iooper, Frank Cummlogs. SUiart :asm;in, J..f. Fondray,"A. LATJJIS. Carroll, Alma JIIss Harris Annie Miss Alack illume iliss Persons calling fortliess letters plea.se say advertised, D. W. TOMLJXSOX, P. JL o., 10. the Chicago passenger ;rain, was delayed a couple of hours .ast night by a couple of freight cars off the track at Kouts. ^^^ f! ' J A DISTURBANCE. ia't -n-bat yon v/arxt, if your stomach and bowels are irregular. That : s about all you get, though, tvith the ordinary p3L It may relieve you for the moment, but you're us^aDy in a worse state af- tera-ard than before. This is just -where Dr. Pierce'a Pler.sant Pellets do most good. Th-;y act in an essr and natui-ol way. very differeni irom the huge, olc-'ashioned piUs. They're not c;:!y pleasujier, but there's no reaction afterward, and their help tost*. One littJe sugar-coated pellet for a genfle ]n2£live or corrective —lira.- for a cathartic. Ccnstipa- tlsn, Indigestion. Bilious Attacis, L«!i2;Ee5£. Sick and Siiicros Heads, are r>roTnp4lT relieved'and t - They're the smallest, the easiest ' ;o tcL.o— asd the cheapest pSI you car. 'tfty, far they're fnnartmteed to pi\ " : uia-f =ttf 02, or year Trio "iTou pay only lor Jia'i/ood yon get.

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