Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 14, 1898 · Page 18
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 18

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1898
Page 18
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am J lei 9 Col. Gunder is Now in Command of the Indiana Volunteers. INTHEHANBSOFAFEW. PUT THE SCEEWS OU STTJDEBAKEB, Ji-r \v!i.;i .-^pairi \\ht-:: lii>-y tlie linn in n' \\-Lir that nine. It JB ,->ai<l, la tVilliliold Hi' liwioii—Indian:* Mm Jubiluiit Jit— Thfy Art- i'ir-t—Stati- »iv>.— ransville Not J'leitnrd with HIT St-liool t>,i,MiK—riceoii Tliitt AppaJ-mitly ±t»« 1'lown from Ivondikti. Indianapolis. M;.y 14.—fiov. Mount -yesterday commissioned th-- odieers of the four Indiana refrirn-nts ar.'i the two lifxht batterii-sofvolunteers, (.'uion-l Guncier. the ranking officer, is now in command of Camp Mount. Accoruins to the mtislpr;n£;-:!! rules o," the I.'nitea States army Coiuii'-l ritudebaker, of South Bend, whose reprirr.erl u-ns the tirst mustered into tlie l.MJ"]-;il s"rvir-. .should be i.-olo:;-.-! in c-urnr:iur.>i but Governor Mount threai-'in-d to withhold his commisiscj!! Ii*r m>o'.i ui!lo;-> he agreed lo rccuRnisi- Colc-nt-l Uund'-rs superiority. In ordvr tu .seeur mission Colond Studi-bali-i- The;--" refrirnents- i-.:a\.; at Chicka.mau;_;a. Greatly Jubilant in i::mi|>. The Indiana vnitiiift-rs tn the l.'nit Statt-s service !"i" me war v.-er<- jubilant y^-iei-day learned that this slate " a? announce to tlie sec-rc-tary jts quota of volunteers had been IIILJ.S- U'reu and were ready to bo ordered it. any place on earth. An accurate count HbmvK that the federal soldiers in camp a.re as follows: infantrymen. 4,28$; artillerymen. ^S: total 4.filC. There is jieneral rejoicing in camp that, not- •withstandinfr all the embarrassments -under which the state authorities and the representatives of the war department here have labored. Indiana is the first state to have its quota ready for orders of the war department. The regular army officers declare that a liner body of men was never got together by any state. Gave Him tlie Cold Shoulder. Dunns the mustur in Thursday the first company to receive tne oath was company G. Captain J. H. Harrison, of Columbia City. After it came company D.Capt. J. R.Wimmer.orWabash. Before the second company was sworn in Lieutenant Colonel VY. T. May, the mustcr- ing officer, asked if there was any one in the company who did not desire to enter the federal service. One youns volunteer stepped from the ranks, and his companions began to hiss him, but they were promptly quieted by their captain. The soldier afterward started back to camp wi:h the company, when he was told that he could not s'l- Company H. Ci.ptair. Charles A. Sharp, of "Warsaw, h-id seven men who did not •desire to f.nlist. They left the rank? before the company was mustered in. and their places were promptly tilled by others. McKee Is Now a Civilian. General McKee and his staff of th» National Guard left ramp during yesterday forenoon, all wearing the dress of civilians. They spent the nipht at headquarters without exercising any authority, and early in the day began packing for final departure. The staff is all that is now left of the National Guard.and if promises are fulfilled even it -will be depleted in » few days. Several members have already secured places with restments. and others have promises of Places. In case Genera! McKee is mafic a brisadif-r general in tho army of the United States, he will take with him Lieutenant Colonel "Wright, the chief surgeon of his staff in the militia, and will emleiiv.'i- U> make room for other met! who have served him faithfully. TWO THOl'S.VMi J'l'Pll.s SHIM5T. H* VTa* Nearly Fatally *"risky. Odon, Ind., May 14.—Andrew M.Keck, j a prominent business man o.f this place, upon retiring at night attempted to turn a sornt-rsault in bed. and he slammed both f>et through a window rlose at hand. Both w-r- badly cut, th? incision?; oeretnitinK t<". the bone, besides which broken fragments of gias.s additionally assravatpc the injuries. Keck is suffering terribly, ar.d there is jrra.ve feur of blood poisoning. Kis recovery will b" Ions delayed. Pri*julr ami tli* JmliaJi-. Richmond. Ind.. May 14.—At the clos- j ns session of the coi-iimitiev- or, Indian affair? "' th-'- Friends' church the secretary was ordered 1-. writ.- LO Cornelius N. Ilii.*.-. s-c-retary <"f tne into urs-e that W. .M- JlPiilinann. Fifty Europeans Control tbe World's Finances. DAJJfiESS 01 IHS GOLD POLICY. In the Event of General I>eprei«ion or Crop .failure tbe Nations Would Be Helplei*--Chattel Slaves of tJie Gold Owners—Tilings to Consider. General Washington, tbe inspired Fa- TRIAL BY JURY. Government by Injunction Will Kot B« Tolerated In Thi» Coontry. JJailway workers to thy number of 5UO passed an important, resolution in their convention held in Piusburg. Government by injunction was discussed in tbe convection referred to. and tbe fol- lowiug resolution was adopted : "Tbac we believe tbe right of trial by jury is just as sacred today as it ever has been, and tilat we view with alarm the aggressive tendency of sotue of our judges in their attempts to i«rve corporate interests through the guise of equity proceedings, whereby both the soiric and tbe lecter of the constitution I LAWN GOLF IS THE LATEST. Small Kdition of thr G»m« Which May B* rlaj-ed With Enjoyment. The newest game is lawn golf, and it has already "taken" with those that own country houses Dozens of sets of it are now being purchased, and it will be a disDinct feature of fashionable life this summer. It is an exceedingly pretty game, and as a lawu pastime will stand somewhat in the way of croquet, which the last vear or so has shown signs of revival golf is really more in the line of ther of Our Cotmiry, never uttered a j ^ V j 0 iated, and we denounce such ac- more prophetic warning than when he j C J ODS as judicial tyranny, and we urge advised bis countrymen to avoid foreign oar two United States senators and cou- Politically and as allies gresaaen to use their influence and vote;, have -o lar followed his advice-. For l in bebal-f of the referred to bill.'' btiDS we have gone astray. . *° one W ho W she.s W ell to the people r,rM.-ncasti rr,mmer.fen: was olis-rv 1 inen plac n Miliim-y Oiiiinicu<'«n ie, Ind.. May «nt a! I^-I-'a !! a? a holiday n-nt. . — M iiitary university ail dcpar:- :--. L'riils an-; rr. tli- ci.iliei.-'- i-iiiup faniry the trraduaies «f-i••, \Vi-i!; captMDls. j-VLK'h--:-. UusseH, an:! lir-iiu-nan;.- <;i!><, !n til- srtilir-ry i ns Iian:ri',K and -. MT-aci- and •n;,[nin Tlliey iii.d Ki.'lii-r re- we v, e the tmie We are now a practice game than it is a game of itself It has no rules of its own aud only differgfrom golf pure and simple in that its implements are different. \ small size of golf bails and a small size of golf sticks are employed. A course is laid out on the lawns, little ftni-ps that come iu the sets being used obstructions. In place of The holes of at least s uerned. Th days of: thw LAKE BREEZES brine relief from the sweltering heat of the town or cits 1 . They raiseyour sfuntas aud restore your energy. The greatest comfort aud pleasure iu lake travel is on one of the LAKE MICHIGAN AHD LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CD'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS, Sailings betwera Chicago an* M*r4cia»e Islxnd lour tiroes every »***• •* extremely low rmtcs. The new stsel steamship "JKmlton" »*.• • magnificent vessel, elegantly eqnipjwd wjw evezy comfort aud convenience. Tn-w«**Jjr 'twist Chicago. Charievolx. Harbor Spring*. Pctoskcy, Bay View, M«cKin»f IsUnd. etc. Write for interesting reading matter, sect free, or ask veur nearest a^ent. Address Jos. Berokbeiro, G. P. A. JLAKE MICH. AND feAKK SUFEKKOK %» ASS. OO. Ruih »nd N. Water St., Revolution was the huwc ] should be revived, and. in view 01 inn -. _;^ ^ drivo ^ bal , lim , tbt ,^. j financial troubles; troubles of last summer's coal mining I! ? jl} '' t is . s riuci] harder affair in strikes and the attention then called to I * ' ^ tki , ' ' ^ £or lhy j ltt i e ball, the matter of government by injunction IF ' we nuvo the same Tories in the sbapt (if gold maniac;;. They may not be aware of the fact, but in bot.b caits they were tho agents oi England aud tiic home spies who are doing all in their power to carry out the uesiyns of th masters. They put on tin; livery A horse broke away from a hitching post on Third street last night aud ie't for home. His owner probably had to walk. it ought to stand a fair chance of beiup passed. Corporations HI the United Scutes may be expected to oppose the bill. Perhaps thb mine owners wiio em- tbtir ployed Sheriff Martin and his deputies j >" o! to "murder the Latcimer wageworkers j Indiana h<- liiii-f days'.session with Ihe fOlil'WillS new elii- .V. J. Frank, of I.ebaji- p. .Scuiieid. or Co.-. I'. Hudson, of "... I- Carpenter, of .Munci-. liiJ.. Ministerial ass< church t iosed I lie MleetiiJii i-t-rs. Pri-sideM. A <>n: vice )>:"e.sident, 'uir.bus. secretary Kra.nklin: treasure: Ihe next plaor- of meeting. TlK-h- J.tvt Is Not a Happy Our, Danvillr-. Iri'J., May H.—Guy Leachman, of this city. rfcturnPd from Cam] Mount after parsing an examination, in response to his mother's pleadings, and he ha* been subjected U' considerable teasing hy his friends. Thursday OU Bun-is twitted him. and. taking exceptions to Leaehman's retort, struck him with a. stone, to his serious injury. Marion, Ind., May 14.--A week ag<> tbe Thomas Kvans glass works, of thirdly liank"'.l t»e iires m ""<- "' Ul e furnaces of its biK factory and ISO people ur-i-f- thrown out of employment. Yesterday notice was .zivrn that tomorrow nicht the factory would resume operations ill its full capacity. - Cli»rc«<J with . Intl., iiay 14, d physician o Mar.'on a licenst" been arn'-KtcLi on a e!i; festins. A full set ol found in his posses- -Dr. J. C. Lai-ey. L' this city, has j-se of counter- i.ie.-j ar.d some spurious coins were the Juct sion. A small amount ot had been put in circulation^ Some Kri-ent MiliUi'-y App«>ii'l,nierts. Washington. May H.-The latest list of military M ppuiniments by the president contains the following names: Pred A Aigor, of .Miehig-an. assistant ad- utanl general, with rank of captain: r-speotor general, with rank of major. Russell E. Harrison, of Indiana: as- istant adjutants general, with rank of major rteonre H. Hopkins, of Michl- John A. Logran, Jr.. of Illinois, and with rank of r illin saints and hold up their hands iu horror at the idea of paying our debt in ".JO cent silver dollars,'' but they would not hesitate to pay their debts in paper nor iiitiiuk-ically worth one cent on the dollar. Ko intelligent man will claim there is enough gold in the world for tho necessities of government, trade aud com- uierce, and the shortage must be made up with either silver, bills of exchange or paper money. In case of general depression, failure of crops or war. how long would this gold last to pay simple interest ou public und private debts? And what would credit or paper money be worth: Fifty men in Europe control the finances of the world, and all interest, all dividends, would soon full into their hands, and the entire world would be their chattels and slaves. By following the advice— i will not Bay the leadership—of England tlie gov eminent of the, United States is crying to murder might protest, but their protests ',vo' do the bill more good than harm. Unrestrained power exercised by the courts is unjust and oppressive. Such proceedings are condemned by tbe Democrats' platform adopted in Chicago. Scar chamber proceedings are opposed to the genius of this government and will have to be abandoned. Ic is to be. hoped that the bill in question will be pushed with vigor, and wageworkers should see to ic that legislators arc reminded of the duty they owe to the people.—Chicago Dispatch. seemingly correctly, slide, over tbe hole, will slide to one side and go contrary generally. Any wan or wumau that cau play lawn possibilities of SILVER SENTIMENT. War Cannot Divert thio Miuds of the Peo- pl« From the Vital yueotion. War talk has not diverted the attention of the people from the consideration of the political battle which was fought between the forces of the gold monometallism and bimetallism in the demonetize silver and prevent its be- autumn of 1890. William J. Bryan has SreiiiK to Bi- » MisUik«r.Soinewln-i-i- ill Tlieso • >j;h<M»l I'jiiium-rnt ion-.. Kvansvillo. Ind.. May l-l.—Somo time ji:;o th? school enumeration was ordered here, tin-' same as elsewhere throUKhnut the state. A. Kirnhaher was awarded the contra-;. \Vl,en he made his rep.irt to the school authorities a f. the result was surprisi!'.-4. to his onumei-iitu-'.i th.-re \\ e children of school a^e in tin the enumeratinn c-f the pt made the total in excess of It \va? first thought that enumeration \\as i hiiher insi.--:iv! that ^\ nays H?O According e l.ul 14.4B1 city, wliile vious year Iti.Ot"'. the former ri-ei-t. as F;rnluu: ilonf i work conscientiously, ard had taken pains to make the count as nearl> accurate .is possi'o':,-. ruder his enum ation the city is er-titieu m inucli-l money out of the school fund than i has received in fnrm-r years 1; v linally dtx-itied to niHko a sevond enu- mfration. ar(i H secotiii i-ontrac nov,- been awanied. it is !n>pfU that the second enumeration \vi:l "e more satisfactory thar the Tiist. ALL THK WAV KKOM LONDON. JMirrtui ("aptnrfil in tti«' ( nnrl tioom » Kncliih LiMiks That \V:ii. Knrlish. l:id.. .May 14.—Mrs. Kelie Ba! lard, wife of Sheriff Haiiat-.i. capturea a pisieon in the court roc-.n. :ind toun. Ihe t'ollov ins inscriiuion stamped o: the inner s-.de '-f the wins feather? "P. O. H. P. T... London. Knshtnd, "W March I.'.. IS'.'T." Folknv;r.S this inscr:;. lion was another line, so mdist'.r.ci a: to be ilie.sribi*. Fodowins t'r.o ••Londc-n Knsland. V." was anuti'.er ietter. alsi indistinct and whether the lirst ietty:- we:-e "P. O. 1 o r -f\ r." :s -i,'i ylair. There was also a p..ece of red s::k tnreai wound around ore 'if the iiii ; '.eathv-rs The letters \vfs-e st:mu>--d «.:: stenciL inJelil'ie ink of brick-: being used. The binJ is ivad 01 color in appearance. It had a.round the court house Itad for tho Oi-t>p>. Jeffersonville, l:u!.. -May H.—The continual rains are retarding- spr;ns: work in the country districts in south---.':.: Indiana vf-ry much, and but comparative. ly very iittie corn land has l>'en plowed. tnd less planted, although in usual season the crop is up by thi« tune. All other spring; crops are equally back- and those which have been put j.le sruund, it is feared, will rot- U. however, looks exceedingly well ois, Chicago Ban: assistant quartermasters, aptain. John B. Jeffrey, of Harry S. New, of Indiana.^ fe-ore* on Hie Bull Fields. May 1-1. — Following- are res "at has? ball recorded vesterday: At Chicago—Cleveland 7, Chicago X: at Philadelphia-Baltimore 4 Philadelphia f>; at New York—Wash- New York y. at Pittsbursr—St. Louis 0. Pittslmrg- 3; at Boston—Bruok- vn ",. Boston i;. Western League: At St. Paul 7, Minneapolis -Detroit 11, .Milwauk •itv—Kain. Minneapulis— 3: ?.t Milwaukee at Kansas The Weather We -May ii= shine-ton. May H.-Followiu tn from s u. m. e ll)» hours l--fir Indian* Hud llli- ,„„., ..eather ami »how*vs: easterly wind.. For Ali.-kiiH.i.-Pnrtlv '-'°» d > r «^er; urilier- li"lu-southeast rly wiuas. t or \\ m- jni-r —im-reasini: cloudinrgs; possibly show' soutlieru ]>orti.in: warmer i" )i iht north- ers IN M-U mid eii-UTU poi-tuias. n -ui "h- winds, l-'nr I..-.VH--Cloudy weuthcr aud showers; uorthwisteriy \viuds. THE MAEKETS. '.liiv»U>' <i'-ai" aO' 1 J''-<»'»''< 1 - ChH-a-o, May I". v .T->- were the- quotations on lh» r'f Tr.iuf today: Wheat—May. $1 :,o. i-'.Dsed Sl.-i:': July, opcnt-i: vMii-^d SI "5: September, opened i-^ed bS-vc. Corn—May. opened losed ur-v-: July, opened M^e Septeml^:-. openea^ and Jui'y. opened "7c. closet! „,.,„,,.ii*r. open-d and eloped Pork-May, opened Sll.SS. t-lopef! pt-ned Sn.^' 1 .closed ,.pent>d $1..0n. closeu nri closed ing a legal tender, thus destroying half the metallic money of this country. Was such fol!y ever known in the history of the world'r They call all silver men "cranks." What name cttn any sane man give the gold maniacs': Destroy silver, that is "worth intrinsically a T- metal 50 cents ou the dollar.'' and substitute paper, worth only 2 cents per pound, both backed by the honor and faith of tbe United States in time of war or panic and suspension of specie payments. Which is worth the most? Would it not be good sense and sound political economy to call iu all paper money and eveu gold under $10 now in circulation and issue iu their place silver, so chat no change could be had except in silver: Would not this policy increase the floating circulation safely of $500,000,000 in silver more than is now among tbe people- The silver would be tbe medium of daily trading and exchange of the great mass and leave that much more gold and credit paper for foreign and domestic use. Would not 1,000,000,000 of silver dollars in the hands of the great mans be an insurance against panics or runs on the banks or government, provided that always silver is a legal tender, equal before the laws of tbe land with gold? Our wise bankers claim the value of money cannot be lixed by government. In face of this opinion, after the repealing of the Bland act, the metal value of the silver dollars dropped DO per ceut. From the fact that as long as tbe government bought bullion or coined silver the market; or intrinsic value of tbe dollar was 100 cents, it does not look to the writer as if our bankers were wrong. 2s ow, suppose the governments of the world, with the compliance of the United States, were to discredit gold as they have done silver and refuse to coin any more gold bullion, is it not more than likely gold bullion would Board opened SlOt".. " c closed cio-ed closed :;u : - numina:: $U nominal. Lard-May, opened »nrt c^ecl nominal: July, openpd JB.f.0. closed $6.:'0. Turkeys. 6 S ! -c: ducks. 1,1" choice. T mtoes—Jllin decline in value at lease per cent? per and pins: y, rri.^r. for :.|4.40 for mixed, ir.d sii'.p- •.-ec-ip:s s -.-ar.v:.- 1 --.a >;--:•=. nious-- oeen noncei 5 . three titys. And that lime will come if we sit down and let the lioibschilds and foreign <iov- erniueiits rule, ;t= they art) doiug, th« balance of the world. A irieud suggests that in case the United states makes 16 to 1 silver dollars as a lepa'l tender, foreigners arm others would uot take our money. The answer given was this: Ihe writer hop- t;d they would refuse our mouey, as we could use it ourselves, and that we could pay our debts to the world in the productions of our country, as we did at the close of the war. We had uu gold or silver, so they bought our productions to such an exteizc that we paid our foreign debts over and above our importations. We all prospered, creditors were satistied and the balance of trade in our favor enabled us to resume specie payments, and silver wa» worth a premium. Ever since the repeal of the Bland act nearly every dollar's worth of silver bullion in tnis country has been bought up by iorei^u buyers and taken to Europe. Cau it be possible v.-« are .furnishing them with me bullion ut about 00 cents on the cioiiai". so they can. produce Asiatic JUU cent, dollars on the sly : it oor expense, because of-our want ci coniiuou sense: .MICHAEL been given a most enthusiastic reception in the south and has demonstrated, to •jhe dismay of the gold clique, that silver sentiment is deeper and broader and wider, more enthusiastic and more earnest, than ever before. In discussing the triumphant tour of Bryan the Washington Post, u newspaper devoted to the gold cause and ;p- posod to the Democratic candidate for president in 1830, says: "Those eminent Mugwumps and cuckoos who are trying to make themselves believe that JUr, Bryan is a dead issue will do well to take careful note of the manner in which the people receive him everywhere along "the route of his present journey. There can be no sort of doubt that JVlr. Bryan received in Kew Orleans a welcome of unparalleled warmth and enthusiasm. Those Democrats who refused to accept tbe Chicago platform in lS9ti were as zealous and as cordial in th«ir attention as the other Democrats, a vase majority, vrho stood- by the party and its oandi date." Under the circumstance it would perhaps be just as well for the gold clique journals to restudy the theory that''silver sentiment isdead," Differences of opinion among Democrats are being harnioni/ed, and Secretary Gage has been forced to admit that the battle of standards will have to be fought over again in 1900. This is uot a propitious time to discuss political questions, but ic is just as well to call attention to the fact that rumors of war, or even war itself, cannot divert tbe thoughts of the people from the vital question. DEMOCRATIC REVIVAL. Benalts or Sprine Election* Speak Hopefully Jfai >elt Full. .Municipal elections were held in Ohio and Michigan with gratifying results. Tho Democrats carried many cities in both states and made great gains everywhere. These results indicate the extent and force of the Democratic revival throughout the country. In Ohio the Democrats carried Cincinnati, Sitn- °.^ | cnampion=hip.-0^w York Heral ALL SORTS OF SPORTS. In tho west there is a pugilist wbc^is known as the. "Cincinnati Sly Coon." Harvard has a golf club of 200 members. Fourteen men are trying for the golf team. Sir Charles Dilke and Kegiuald Mc- Keuna have challenged any two members cf the British house of commons to row over the Thames course. Dr. Ordway has returned to England. Before he left he said that he would try- to arrange a few matches between American and foreign boxers to he decided at the National Sporting club. J. B. Dutcher, one of t.he oldest breeders of trotting horses in the country, has had a nine hole golf course laid out at his country place, Maplewood, at Paulding. The playing length will be about 8,ti78 yards. Benjamin Stern, who has a country How's This! We offer One Hundred Dollars n-w&rd loi any case of CatiuTh thm cannot be cured bj- Hall'e Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Frops., Toiedo, O. We, the undersigned, nav« known F. J. Cheney 1'or tne last 15 years, iuid believe him perfectly honorable iu all business transai.- tlooE and ncasciajly able to carrj- out any obligations made by tbeir firm. WEST & Tiiu-ii, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.. ff.iLDiKG, KI^^-A^• A; HABYIK> Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Ciita.rrb Cure ie taien inwardly, aci inp directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price, 75o per bottle. Sold by ail druKgisw. TeetimonJaie *ezst free. Hall'8 Family Pills aie the bf Bt. home ou the shores of the sound, ad- dusky, home), Mansfield (John London, Zanesville hnermau and many joining the grounds of tbe Country club of \Vestchester, has arranged to have a private golf course ^,300 yards long laid out on his grounds. Ben Jordan has been matched to bos "Darky" Wallace before the National Sporting club, London. The pair will meet in a 20 round bout at 122 pounds for a side bet, of $2,500. The match will be decided in September. Steve O'Donnoll will not be able to do any boxing for some time to come. He broke both of his hands in his recent encounter with "Stockings" Conroy at Troy. Steve is in great pain and cannot lift either hand above the elbow. The Detroit Country club, at which W. H. Way, formerly of the Meadowbrook clnb, is in charge, has a well planned 18 hole golf course just short of 5,000 yards. It will be lengthened to 6,000 yards before the end of the year. Over in dear old England it is tbe custom of rowing coaches to follow tbe crews on bicycles. This may be all right over there, but an American coach would have a merry time following a crew on a bicycla ou the banks of tbe Poughkeepsie or the Thames. liufceball In Biblical Tiun?*. A member of tbe Canton Theological school who is interested in the great national game has written a thesis-ou "Baseball Among the Ancients." From this are gleaned tbe following interesting .points, which help to establish his contention: The devil was tbe first coacher. He coached Eve when she stole first. Adau stole second. When Isaac met Kebecca at the well she was walking with a. pitcher. Samson struck out a great man;, times when he beat the Philistines. Muses made, hw.iirst run when he slew the Egpytiaii. Cain made a base hit when he killer. Abel. Abraham made a sacrifice. The prodigal son made a Louie ran. David was a great long distance There is a Class,cf People Who are injured by the useot coffee. Becently there has been placed la all he grocery stores a oew preparation called GRA.IN-O, made of pure •rains, thai take the place of coffee. The most delicate stomach receives t without distress, and but few can tell It from coffee. It does not cost over one-fourth as much. Children may drink It with great benefit. 15 cents and 25 cents per package. Try t. Ask for GEAIH-O. other places. Their majorities were gen • erally large in proportion W the vote and "were decisive. The KepubHca&s carried the smaller cities, which are their strongholds, bnt the majorities in all cases were small, merely enough to save them from general defeat. Similar results occurred in Michigan. Ko election was held in Detroit, but that city gave an overwhelming Democratic majority last year, when the present niu- nicip'al officers were chosen. In Grand Rapids, the second city in the state, the Republicans were uot only defeated, bnt. routed and snowed under. The Democrats elected all the city officers and a large majority of the aldermen. The Democrats had sweeping victo- in Saginaw. Manistee, St. Ignace, Sturgis and many other towns. As in Ohio, the -R'Spubiicaiis earned the small chronic cities of that party, but greatly Mr. and Mrs, George Oogley, ac- ompaaied by M,iss Maud .Smith, went to Indiacapolis yesterday to Isit friends. Spring humors, boils, plmples.sores and all eruptions are promptly cured Dy Hood's Sarsaparllla, which thor- ughly purifies tbe blood, eradicating every trace of scrofula. Hood's Pills cure nausea.sick headache, bllioasne&s and all liver Ills. Price 22 cents. Tbe first year members of the high school gave a musical .^nd literary entertainment Wednesday afternoon. the No Two million Americans suffer tourturiog pangs of dyspepsia. need to. BurdocK Blood Bitters ^ cureB. At any drug store. * B P. O. ELKS. New Orleans, La. MAY 1X1-13. 169S. ONE FARE L Round Trip,, VIA thrower. shnt out the Egyptians at tin- Kea . — Canton Cowmtrciui A fiver user. ries S-t.OOfno.-.": er aerv-- ranerffi ^ 4.55 nativ ;y fairly *.'". : .: S?..so-g •<.:-.:, we, . and S4.tV"(!\L? ?h".>p and ; ?nr tne ciiy. mark*; ra'.h- . quotations trri-.s.. JS.OOS Milwaukee. May 13. ;— SteadU': : N''. 1 northern nominal: No. - northern. *l.*n$'1.2o: July. J1.S-: May. $l.:'t'i. Oats — Steady: 32?4@33 l ~c. Ry? — i-i>«(«". No. 1. «9c. Barley— Firm; Nu. 2, i-tc; sample, -tt® He. The sprins elections continue, to re- j snlt favorably. The disi-t-pctable per- fornjiinces oi ihe Republican cuagress- inen at Washington, rue vacillation cf President JMcKinley and the prospect. that Banker Gage, with Grasveuor, Diugley and UIG rest, will hatch up national bunk finance reduced majorities. Ih vauce wave of the Democratic revivals is here. There is no donbt tha; tee state elections to be held this year wiil follow the line of the municipal tiecnons and prepare tbe way for u national De=J- ocratic victory in i'.";u. OuttoHing Golflaml- Most people wiJl be surpriseri at the statement that Great Britain i.- m;v. importing golf clubs from America, bui it is a fact, according to thfc btaiezntui of Charles S. Cos, an Englishman long resident in America, <.vbu. on his return home, stated that he had no dilticulty ju obtaining orders for fc, 000 dsij.s Iruu; the larger dealer.- in golf howl* in Scotland and England. The reason for thi? is asserted to be that the American clubs are better made and uettt-r uimh- ed than those that can be obiuineu ut home at anything lite the same- ;ir;iv. The information is surpnsu:;-:, bei;uu.-e golf is a novelty in the United state--, whiK- 1 it ^us r centuries. Tickets will be on sale 3tay 6th, 7th and 8th. Returning tickets will be good- fifteen davs from date salt. For full information call on Agents- Big Four Route, or address the undersigned. E,0- McCOfiJUICK, WAfiEES J. LYNCH Pase Trai. Mgr. Asst. GenL Pasg.'.& Tkt, Agt. CINCINNATI, O. McCoy's New European Hotel COB. CLARK AND VAN 80REH H TS. CHICAGO. j j scarcely a generation old, 3 " flourished in Scotland f •which will rob t;he people by means oi taxes and baui issnes to pay interest 01: large snms of borrowed money have disheartened the Republican masses. Everywhere, thexe is Democratic gain. some Thine* Better Tluui .Money. It inav not be amiss to remind merchants who hav peace received .-:oliciton.- comninnicatious from tiit; east that there is something nigher aul nobler in life than the pursuit of wealth. Patriotism and love oi country should come before all els-;. If the peace parry can reconcile insuiL treachery and dishonor with the qualities mentioned, all well and good.—Evansville Courier. Coals to ^Cewcajstle would hav>.' yj^iaf.o- a i'eebie =imik- to sending Auj';ricau g';!f outfits to Great Britain.- — Buffalo Commercial. _ _ l>r. Jlcl>owe'l to CUIEIM-U? Aeaiu. Dr. \V. s. McDowell of Chicago will again compete at the Henley regatta this year. Dr. McDowell wiil not take aii the responsibility of training ou hiiu- self alone. He wiil go into tbe contest this .year fortified by the best preparations tnai the. best English trainers can give. He will begia training at Pu'.cey about June 1 and later will move farther up the river. He will enter the raoe at about 165 ponads.—.New York FIREPROOF. One block from C. B-.I- & t. S, A: HI. S. £tailro«u£ depot. Improvements costing 57^,000.00 just been completed, and the, house offers every convenience to be found in^, hotel, including hot and cold w?l'?r light and steam heal in e try rvo Rates "5,c£nts per day and .up-war? First class restaurant in connector" WILLIAM McCOY, Ow««r M* J* ,

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