The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1951 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1951
Page 8
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?AGE EIGHT Pitching Again Big Problem As Majors Open Season BLYTHEV.U,g, (ARKQ COURIER Four Teams Start Today; Full Schedule Tomorrow »j- JOE HKH.'iii.r.n NKW VO..K. A|)i-il Hi. (AP)—"\Vc'l! win if the pitching holds up." Kver hoar (hat bofoi-p'. .Sui-p, it's Din .qanie old managerial moan us a new major league l>;i<u>b:ill seastui begins today 'with R game in e;ich circuit. A complete eieiiU jrame slate is on lap for tomorrow. "My only worry Is pitching," saysi Manager Casey Slrneel of the rtc- J nichl fending champion New York Yankees who help the Senators inaugurals Ihe American league's 51st season in Washington today. . "It all depends on Alllc Reynolds. If his Rim comps -armim! in Ihr next 10 days, we'll lie in fine shape •ant) should win again. Until 1 know about him, I won't br- able to line up my starter's." Rnokic Torn Morgan, tnakme Ihe jump from Class A ball, eot ihr -ilieniHg rtay assignment. A capndU' crowd of 33.000 was expected to watch Harry S. Tnimnn throw out the first hall, in southpaw style. Then nob Kuzavn [fl-lo>, another smithpnw, nil! (nke over lor the Nuts. Bueky Harris. WaslunutoTi pilot. ime rijieiM-r in the Amcrlrni) Rnliby Shanty, iS-Mi | s t o Washington's Hudson 114- believes his cliih Is better (linn last' Rl>ri Bi "' "''"' '"' year except for the pile-bine-. J tiinnl killer, toe til. jnnrs. Me will be opposed by for the pitehini;. Keds Have Plenty Luke Seu-cll of Cincinnati is one of the few skippers who has no visual pitcliing problems. He had Ewell Blackwell U7-15J, one of the best In the business, all primed feu today's opener brtwcccn the Kcris nnrt Pittsburgh Piratns in Cincinnati. Anolhcr bumper crowd of some 32,000 was slated to watch the lankv righthander Like on Olitr Chambers (12-15) Pir.-ilc southpaw. "Pitching is my stronR point " says Sewell. "Show mc „ better starting five than Blackwr.ll. Hnw- »rd Pox (11,B), Ken Haflembcrcer (14-19); Herm Wehmcier UO-18) and Will Ramsdell (8-H)." Wily Meyer. Pittsburgh pilot thinks his club can get out of the basement "provided we get Ihe pitching and Ralph Kiner works out at first base." His starters In- chlde Murry Dickson, Vernon Law Will Werle snd rookie Bob Friend' All other managers will have lo wait another day to get their first official imlicntion RS to bow their pitching wilt hold up. They are all leading with their aces. Stout, Sieve O'Neill openly declares (bat his nas- ton Red Sox have the best chucking In the American League Mel-Parnell (IB-ID), i s the chnifc to oppose Vic Raschi (21-8) at the Yankee stadium in the opening clash between the Yankees and Ren Sox before some 55,01)0 tomorrow M | t * ll '_« "P to Ilf >l Newhoiiser M.T-I3), the oltj "stopper" 611 flic mound for the Detroit Tigers in their game with Cleveland. He will Of opposed by Bob Lemon (2.1-m th« majors' biggest winner last year' Some 54,000 were, expected lo attend' Oarver fo Start Billy Pierce (12-16) and Ned Gar- tv, , ' a " Bir of etncie "t Imrl- ttt with losing ball clubs last, season, were to oppose each other before 15,000 In St. Louis as the Chi«go White Sox nnrt Brawns clash Ollr team will go Just. ns far r , .J lll <; hln S." sa .vs Zach Taylor of the Brawns. It would be cruel to ask Zach "what pitching?" The same can be asked of Jimmy Dykes, whose. Athletics lake on Ihe Senators In Philadelphia In the first oppose 14). Don Ncwnjinbc (IB-Mi and Robin Roberts (20-11) are scheduled lo piled as Brooklyn mid the Philadelphia Phils clash at Ehbets Field before somr 3().00fl. Dimii-her nf the Ne\c YorJ- (Giants plans lo pilrh Larry .Iansen iir>-13i, his mo.'.i dependable hnrlcr. nciimsi Boston's Vcrn Hickford Hf)-U> belore 20,1100. t'nx will oppose the Cubs' Frank Hilier (12-15) as inn Retls nra host lo Chicago twfoie .sonic '2R,OfJO. The SI. Iflins Cardinals, with a' vrl- rrnn pilchijia si,iff take on (he Pitales in IMI.sbm-«h. About 30000 will see Miu-ry nicksoj, MO-15, O x- hrrnnip a Car- mouiKl for the r by Gerry Slalp.c fl.1-1.11, usually successful tile Pirates. Success of 2 Yankee Rookies Highlight of Grape fruit League Play If.v Tl.l) AIKIKK Associated I'rcss Spoi Iswrllcr The success ol rookies Tom Mmgaii ana Mickey Mamie (,>, the Ne-s York Yankees highlighted the Grapefruit Uague that ended yesterday. A year ago. Mantle \vii.s plnying-1 Class C ball with Jnplin i.Moi in the We.slern Association and Mor- 111 /* If can with Hinuhamlon iNY) in the Uy Q[TIPII llAitPr^ 80 io California SDNlhl'r Tenm Memphis Little Rock . ,, Atlanta ! Birmingham . .. Mobile Ne'w Orleans . .. Nashville Chattanooga W ., 3 . .1 . 2 . 2 . 1 . 1 . 1 I IV I. .750 .750 .250 VKS'lT.miAV'S Ili:Sl!I.TS Sdiltln-rn Assi.ri.illnn Chatlanooen 5-0, Memphis :!-2 'Second same called end ol sixth. darkness,) Atlanta 5-7. Mobile .|-fl Nashville ll-l. Little Ro( . k 7 _ 2 iSccoiid g.iiiie called end of sixth. darkness.l New Orleans !:(, Birrnini;ham S. nvlillnlion (7ames Brooklyn ,N> 7, New York (A) G Chicago (N) I, Chicapn <Al 2 St. Louis (Ai 3. St. Louis (N) B New York (N.i 9, Cleveland (A( I Fhiladelphir. (N) a, Philadelphia (A) 3 Boston (A) 6. Boston ,Nt 3 Cincinnati (N> 5, ' Indianapolis Washington iA> 5 Pittsbiirph (Mi Uetioit TAI 12, Louisville (AA) B TODAY'S flAMKS Sniilbcrii Association No Games Scheduled Amercian LenRiir New York at Washington N'allnnal E ne I'itt.slnnnh at. Cincinnati Class A Ktistern Leayue, Today, both will be In the startine lineup for (he world champion Yankee., lier.irmliif; before Preflrlem Truman and n rlisllnunjsiirri ,imiir.u-c in ^Wnshincion's Orifmn Riadiiim. Truly theirs K a silfr-ess Mnry in. the American spoils trariilion. Morgan, called the "i islil-handed I Whiley Ford" shuns much of the poise and cnnfrnl of Ihe souilipaw ' younesfei whtj foined ll;e Yanks last.: summer and won nine straight ', same.;. Morgan pitched his first 2S inn. Inqs this spring without ylelrlfng a n earned nin. Altogether he pitciieti an inninns. siave up 21 hits, six runs. four walks and fanned 12. The 20- vrar nlri F.I MruHc. Cnlif. rookie won 17 and lost elphl last year fn r ning- hamlon. nmiiSKln's ric-ir The Ifl-year-old Mantle nas been haileii as ./oe DiMacuio's hnlr apparent. A switch-hitter, who socks the ball jusi as well from the naht or left side ol the plate, the Cnm- merce. Okla. rookie has compilrd a i .:t«-l average in 311 names. Including seven doubles, one triple, nine homers and .II runs baited •>•• Manlle demonstrated the form lhal has made him Ihe rookie sensation of the year at Ehbets Field yesterday. Although the Yanks lost to firnoklyn. 7 to 8. Mickey con- d for four straight hits, balling WcaHicrvane Meet Switches to West; Zaharias in Lead DALLAS. April 16. (API—The woman's golf tour rollerl on to California (orlny with Ihe incomparable Babe Didrikson X.aharias hold- ins; .1 /our-strokc leart in Ihe 117,000 1-14-hole cios.s-coiinti-y Wcather- ^-ane Toin-nainet\t. The, michty Babe came from far back yesterday lo equal the greatest round of woman's golf o( all time and win the first. 36 holes ol ! Hie Weathervane. she shot a 66— nine under par—over chilly Lakewood Country club's BloO-yard course lo make her 36-hole total 149. She won $750. Patty Berg, the Minneapolis redhead, wound up second with 153 ami fol $51)0. 'I'he second 36 holes of the Weathervane. In which Mrs. Zaha- riw Is rictaidinz champion, will be played May 5-fi at Pebble Beach Calif, But, there arc Ihree lourna-' MONBAT, APRIT. 1«, BRIDGES SPANS GAP—Rocky Bridges, a real Doager. thrc-alcns lo chase Billy Cox and Bobby Morgan of! third base and the othor side OMI of Ihe park. As Montreal's shorlslop, he made the International League's Ail-Star loam Ihe past two summers (NBA) meni.s on the lour April 21-23 the link before that. ...... \. n., i ,-vi i ,, l^lll HH-*. Oal I inff L . . u> l '* e lltet L. tichl nnd left asAinst thrre pilch-i'"' 1 ' 21 ' 23 '- h e links i^als play at crs. climaxiriK his dn.v wilh an j Rlchl "" :1Ii - Calif., then come ap- cWKh innina homer. He played, nearances at Sacramento snd Fres- richt- field. ' i no. The Wrathec'vane's third .16 "'••'—' by in,i:iy l« take ilieAmrr-: wi " bc al ""llanapolls May 18-19 alul " le ''""' at York May 26- lean League pennant.. Ihe F^ostn.. Red Sox finished the Grapefruit, Le.-utitp sracrm by Inkini; ihv nrai-p.s, < Amateur Grate Ltmyk set (he 6 lo 3. for their ilth siraielil- vlc-j 1 ™" 1 nf W in the 'Western Open at tory. The New York Giants aeain j Oklahoma City in 1943. Mrs. Opal walloped the Clciolaml Indians. »;S. Hill of Kansas City shot a 66 to 1. and Ihe National Leaene i in winning the Missouri State tour- .Mn™t -((irl not men. Fmishi Alexander Graham Bell, die Inventor of the telephone, was also Ihe inventor of the aileron which replaced wing warpinc as a method for control of .airplane flight. champion Phillie Iclic-s. fl t-n 3. The Chicago Cubs whipped the Chicaao While Sox. I In 2. | n Hie' battle between the Iwn Orapcfrnit League leaders and the Kt. Louis; Rrownies downed Ihe Cardinals »i (o B. In Miner names WnshiiiKlon lonk '• , Pittsburgh. 5-2: Cincinnati humbler! i1»c at Medina built in 622 Indianapntis S-2: anri Detroit, walloped Louisville, 12-5. mateh in a iii . , , pU " ' ° A ^"^ n<, ll,i f i -n ,— g lhmi vv ' ' h ">» »•"< »''"' * J * m!:fm »? '"". med hirnselr nad th? A!C Teams See Action Saturday By Thr Asstu-i.-ilcil Press Nenrly al! Arkansas Iillen ollr-ir- late Conference baseball teams were in action Saturday. I'he games, played al Arkadfl- piila. .lonesboro, Little Rock and Riissrllvilie. shaped up like this: Henderson riefentfd Onachlta. » lo (i: Arkansas College downed Arkansas State College, II to n; Cot- li-se ot Ihe Ozarks beat Little Rock Junior College. 14 to 9. and Arkansas Stale Teachers whipped Arkan"- Tech. 14 In 10. Cap Anson Signed First Chisox Contract \n / 1— . I _ \ A / • v>^ • All Albert Coat (Editor's Note: This is the third in a series of articles on the history of the National lj>at-iie > By FRANK KC'K AT NmsFralurc Stwrt.s Kdilur NEW YORK-Adnan i Cap? Anson. who with two other major leasuers holds the. record for ]nu°- evity with one ta; e t w ii team—22 years-almosl diri.n play win, the Chicago Whi'f Btorkinps when Hie .- ••••" '".if-n lllll'll IIIV ^8tlonal Leaeuo becan 7A years a"o But the sight of s man'lhrowmc baseball made the cicat baseman chamje his mind. After Anson signed . ..., y e- cause of his 23 years as a player with Chirnsn. Only two other men have played 2i straight years with Ihe same loam. They are Ty Cohb wllh Detroit and Me] oil with the New York Giants. Ursl First H:ivenian Atom tiirt , ml ]c .- ri ]hc , barnc, ,,,. Tha , ,,„„„. 1(1( , n( (o who hit ,(o:i. .\,,« on ,. .\,,« on hail ro .rut) while dividine his play- •-•• -ifcin.,, M> ^ finici in' , L --..--.,. baseniMn with Chicago three-niiar- ,, hasr " 1 ''" 1 ''< tlir i lers nf a wntury ago for S-'OOO he ' '"nne Si) rrmrs I: offered owner William A~"»I,,IK,,., '•[•'!"}. '" Clncaco bin. in offered owner William A. tlnlbcrl Sl.fmo to break (lie contracl He sought to remain in Philadelphia That's the w a y his bride-to-be wanted it. Another reason was th<, fact that he had opened rai-kc-f courts in Philadelphia. I'lr.ul,-el \viiii Spaldini: Anson pleaded his case with A G. Spaldlnc. Chicago's inanaErr. when he turnert up at the dressed in u r . ...1,1; I I J>, IJI^V- nc lielwern third and "first bas e t.«lrr he was regarded as the best basrniiin in t | !P Ci , !11( , first .si-a- rules wete oinrrt-nl In tho>cdays and Ihe balls nin (jiicrr itiincs. In ism he hit three home runs m succession. The n,n,e of Can A"*o:i still aiipcars in m a m . ,„„,. ball record books thrush he piaved "i Ihe .loth century. ' Atifon was horn :,i Mai>li ? iiio-, ul fowa. in a p,,st-sca.--r,n came Ilirre in 187fi acaniM the to«i, tram „.. If'hicnso won hy n^-7. |, was ),.,, r j ball, not ronllrall. Hu! the (an Anson. i.NV.vl: The Fir «) ----- - • ."illrp Alljcn c<';u aiuj striped trousers instead of R lia-cbiil i ""~ l """ J - 1 i' HIM inr [an^ riirl- iiniform. ] n't c.irc. Thry had seen Iho [amni-, I After walchina the while- sUK-k- ;Cnp ' ' ' tncs perform Anson could stand" 11' no loncer. , ! — "Toss me one." he said to Pnald- i inp. "What? with those luc-, on?-' admonished KpaUiinc. "Not any.- Ari^o)i finally siirri his stairs- manlike attirr. jnci-frt „»,,, "|j', c i field and Sp;\l<lme 'tos'ed him ihe ' ball | "Now Anse." .said A. (; "r-iiur ! oul lomnriow in ur-.ifo>m " 'I'he anecdote is iclnrrti in Aittim Barlletl.'» new book --Ha.fiw!! and ' Mr, Spalding." iFanar, Ftraus and Young i. . _ Spalrtlng los-'rd AIKF ninrc Ih.m one hall for Cap played 3? vrnr- In Chu.-Jco. He laier bccani" man- agfr In Chicago and »-on five Ka- ; llonal Ijeasne rhainpion'-'nirkv. j In 19.10 he and Spaldlng l»th ' Vktre named to i>s.'-rha!!'.-i \;•.,'„ <,; '. Fame, He halted .:i:)n rinrinp his j plm-diK career and lour tnue.v led ' "l>. league In hilliiitj. His name Is BLVTHEV1LLE LEGION ARENA WRESTLING (Monday, April 16 8:00 p.m ... ^ ^«^ Purple FLASH ^ ^ ^Vl^..* Adults 50c—Children 15« GINGER BEAR l-Fall Match, one hour Kme limit I'or Kcsorvctl Seals, ('all :«8!) Lester Welch v*. Red Roberts 9fl Minnlp Time IJmil. 1'osl 2 mil pf 3 K a () s Two Missco Schools Place in U, A. Relays Mississippi County's two entrants. Leachville and Osceola, fared well in the University Relays at the University of Arkansas Saturday. Travs, Chicks Tied For Southern Lead By THE ASSOCIATED PRK.SS Stingy pitching by three "old 'timers" has vaulted tht Little Koek'Travelers into a tie for the. Southern Asso- Alkins won the high school divi- siop nl the meet, but the two Mississippi County tennis made food showings. Osceola's Harvey Lfe. Kill set a new meet, broad jump record wilh a leap of 20 feel. 10 and one-hall inches. The old mark was 20 feet five and three-quarters inches. Leachville's Mylon Buck placed first in the shot put with a heave with the Irianciilnr meet of ihe University of Arkansas, Oklahoma A&M and Purdue University. Oklahoma meet. A..M the university of 43 feet and three-fourths inches. Buck also placed second in the dtiscns. Hill of O.sceola also placed fourth in (he 100-yard dash. Clyde Hart of Hot Springs, won the event with a D.3 seconds timine. which broke last year's meet record o[ 10 sec| onrts flat. H also tied the present stale high school record. Oscetila's rcla.v team placed ihjrd in the 440-yard event and fourth in fourth in thp, broad jump, Atkins won the meet, with -11 points, nnssellvillc placed second W!th-3f>'. points and..Little Rock was third with 35. The. meet was held in conjunction Collins to Defend State Golf Crown LITTLE HOCK. April 16. (AP.I — Ross Collins, Arkansas amateur golf champion, will be on hand at El Dorado June 21-24 lo defend his crown, Arkansas Siale Gc.lf Association President Jack Robinson said Satin-day Ihe association is offering S200 asain this year to the winner of the Arkansas Open, to he held in conjunction with the amateur tournament. Ancient Mexicans often worshiped trees and -many tree shrine., were destroyed by the Spaniards after t.he conquest of Mexico. ciatiou lend. At the finish of the season's first scries, the usually last place Travs today found themselves in the giddy atmasphere of first, place wilh Luke Appiing'.s Memphis Chicks, Suleaimer Milo Johnson flipped four-hitter ns the Hocks nlpjjcd highly rated Nashville In the season opener. Another veteran, Lefty Dulc); AlcMoll threw a three-iiit- ter at the Vols lo win Saturday night, and tiny Verne Williamson also gave lip Just three (o win the second «ame of yesterday's doubleheader. 2-1. The same was halted by darkness after six innings. The Vol.s lashed out for 16 hits off four Little Rock hprlers to take the opener, 11-7. for their only decision in the four games. Chicks Split Pair Memphis »ained a top spot Lie by blanking Chattanooga. 2-0 In the afterpiece of their doitbleiiead- er. The Lookout.s.handed the Chicks tiieir first setback m the opener 5-3. Charley Cueller doled out (hree hits in the Memphis victory, one more than Royce Chandler allowed the Chicks. In the first game. Memphis' Cuban lefthander, Leo Goicccchea, pitched well cnoush to win. but ihodcly fielding set up four of Chattanooga's five runs. The Birmingham Barons last a day off Monday when they were bounced, U-.i, by New Orleans in Ihe Heaeue's only single game. They had been promised freedom from workout loday by Manager Johnny Marion if they swept, ihe series with Ihe Pels. Four Baron pitchers were combed for 20 hits in the debacle. Atlanta look both halves of Us twin hill wiih Mobile. 5-1 and 7-S rtocMe Andy Klko relieved in both sanies and rjoi. credit for two victories, A new set of curtain raisers Is in Ihe works (or TiKMday. Memphis moves to New Orleans;" Atlanta lo Nasln-llle: Little Rock to Mobile and Birmingham to Challarioogn. • Bear is Booked On Wrestle Card 'G.mzer.' 1 (lie ami-pound wrestling bear, will be the feature of tonight's •Kiddie Niaht" wrestling card at •Memorial Auditorium tonight. "Ginger" will take on a masked srappler. the Purple Flash. In on? of the two main event bouts. All kids 11 years of age and younger will be admitted free. In Ihe other bout, Lester Welch, owner ami trainer .of the bear, will meet. Red Roberts. Coaches Say .$ Few Frosh Will Play in Big 70 CHICAGO. April 16. W) — V erJ few freshmen. If any, are Ilkclv to break into Ihe first string ItneutK in Dig Ten football next fall, That is (he consensus of ranter- ence grid coaches In an Associated Press survey. The Big Ten recently restored the war-time measure making freshmen eligible for varsity sports beginning with the 1951 loot- ball season. Coaches are optimistic desplt* imccrtainlie.s of military Inroads. They look upon tile use of freshmen mainly as insurance of reserve strength for teams manned _y up- perrlassmen. . . •It would be an exceptional hot who could step right .„ on thl , var . sil.v." .said Bob Voigts of Northwestern. Woody Hayes. Ohio state's IIET coach, aerees. He rtoesn't believe there will be any first year men on his starting team and verv few on the srjiiad. Coach Clyde Smith of Indiar_j ' fiBlircs that -not more than 10 nifi rent of returning lettermen r" serves and freshmen will he lost to the armed services." barring major changes In reserve programs. Lambert Gets Memphis State Coaching Job MEMPHIS. April 16. MV-r>r Eugene I,ambert. former basketball coach at the. University of Arkansas has been appointed cage coach at Memphis State College. Lambert, now director of athletic, at Arkansas A. ,v M. Collcce In Mnnticello. wU1 lake over ,,,_ n _ w duties June 1. During Lambert's seveji years al Arkansas, his teams won two Ponthwest Conference championships, finished: second three times and third twice. A son. Eugene Jr.. now plays tor Arkansas. HERE'S THE KEY One of TO QUALITY! SheltQnV SELECT USED CARS !(',s K')ixl (o know when you buy B used car (liaf vntj h;ive the prolecd'on guaranteed wilh a Sclecl Usori CRT. Thai's whal yon receive al Shelton .Mnlor To. We know (he quality of Ihe cars—and sfaml behind our guarantee. Something lo remember fhe nc.vl lime you Irndc. 1946 FORD 4-DOOR K\ln, Spprinl; This Mi - r^r drhivc Ford Is rqulp- iwrt wUh new \\rr^ anrt all Ihr arrri wanl you 5795 1947 PLYMOUTH ply- Extra Special! drive in Ilils flrlu mouth 4 • tlonr -Sr. eo'ntl tire.;, liralrr anrf ><•!.( COVCT5 5795 • in:,n ford 2-dwir Cbarh driven jnsl 22, (inn miles, maroon finish. ra= dio, he.ilvr, seal cover?. Nash (.Hub Cniipc. pel lols nf gns milcaKe. overdrive, radio and Kealer. • f!t(fi Chcvrolef Club (,'i)ii|ie, .->nvi now OB this bargain-price,! car. • 1!H7 Dodge custom 1-door Sedan, equipped with new (Ires, radio and heater. • in 17 (.hevrotcl Klcelniastpr 2- door Sedan, B city car (hat's in excellent condilion. • I nin Nash "fidir 2-door Sedan, B ijddd-ldokiinr ,-,ir lhal also gels 25 miics per gallon, black finish. "More Miles for Tomorrow in tht User! 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