The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1951
Page 7
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MONDAY, APRIL 16, 1951 BirrmevTLi.B. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAQC SETBM 4k <i MANY DOCTORS REQUEST PROFESSIONAL SAMPLES OF (A Vitamin and Mineral Formula) Many Doctors Recommend HADACOL to Patients For Aches and Pains Resulting From Deficiencies Of Vitamins B>, B>, Niacin and Iron The growing familiarity of Physicians with th» great modern formula, HADACOL, is resulting in many of them requesting that professional samples b« sent to their offices. The record shows that hundreds of Doctors recommend the HADACOL formula to their patients. If your life has been made miserable by aches and pains—if you suffer from indigestion, gas, heartburn—if you are pale, have no appetite, find it difficult to sleep and are irritable or nervous—if you complain of listlessness or a general run-down condition—if you are tormented by these ailments and your sickness is due to deficiencies of Vitamins Bi, B«, Niaein and Iron, then you shcvld take HADACOL. You see, HADACOL doesn't give jujf symptom**, relief. It goes right to the basis of your troubUi and rehavet the real cause of these complaints by ov»r- coming such deficiencies. HADACOL can start you on ih e ro ad , 0 feeling better, often within a f,w days' time. And, if you take this fine family formula regularly, It helps prevent these d*ficiency-ca U ».d ailments from returning. YOU'LL FEEL GREAT-OR YOUR MONEY BACK* 'Ask your Druggist for a bottle of HADACOL today and look forward to a brighter tomorrow Trial — — _ __ - ------ /—i^-wifiivjit^ytjij Thousands of Letters Pour In from All Over America Telling About Splendid Results Seturedfrom $3 50. You'll f«el great with"th« firtt'f.w bottieVyol' tak«, or your money back. Mr*. Rohtrt K. Leo, 1208 Kni4 Jr., ItoKiton, Ttxtt, is a housewife and mother who also works for a large de- oartment store She says: "'. was weak, tired and run-down I'd felt thai way for quite s o m a time I had no energy I heard aboul HADACOL and took 3 1 ar ge bollJes. Now f /eel juit wonderful I hav« plenty of energy and strength and I never get lired any more. I think HADACOL ii wonderful." Joi.pd A'. l>,millia, 3414 K. .Ill, flre*l, lla)l,,n, Ohlitt "My first bottle at HAD A COL con vinced me ihat HADACOLwas what I needed for the gas on my stomach at nights. I could not keep food on my stomach, but after the first bottle 1 wasgoing great. Now I eat bacon anrl eggs, and other food.i that never would stay wilh me. I also can sleep well at nights. Thanks to HADACOL. I will never be without it, and can recommend it to all who suffer with the above ailments that I had. 1 know because I )iav« suffered for quit some time." Mr,, flari* C. *<,«/„,„„, 7fWi .lie., Hnlon Kougf, l.mtiiintin: i "I have been I taking HADA- I COL for over a I year. Before 1 1 started taking 1 HADACOL, I I was terribly 1 n e r v ous and [upset all the I lime. 1 was un- I derweight and I iusl couldn't I eal at all. My —I appetite was so lax that 1 ale irregularly at all hours of the day. Then I slarlod lakmj! HADACOL. Afler the Ihird bottle I fell 100% better, r have gained weight, my appelile is Iremendous and, best of all, 1 ilecp well nights and my nerves are steady as can be. HADACOL l« 3 very wonderful producl 1 Just can'l praij« HADACOL enough." 5«r« Lorn HADACOL still taking UADACOL good." . Heck- Ko.v 253, four* "I was run-down sick and skinny and weighed only 90 pounds before I used HADACOL. I would not eal because I had tjo appetite Now I weigh _ ,. 123 pounds and have an appe- . lite. I feel a lot better. I have *"' been taking 10 mnnths and am il. I am 15 years old has done me lots of Read what HADACOL is doing in conditions which may be due to deficient^ of Vitamins B1, B2, Niacin and Iron. 253, (.n- Dun Golditnitri, 3024 Cumin /Jr//,, Mr ft r n u_,,..- n«^ rcr ..... n vi.i «/ir *-tT ]T ! 71!^ ~ ' ! ' ~ •". I.. Deninan, 110 I Kn\A St., Hun,ton, 7°B.v««i "I had been both«•• tif 4, »- ..„ ered wilh aches and pa i ns for t ' some time; seemed to be getting worse. Ilbcgan toshow in my work, too —I just didn't feel up to my job. I'm a paperhanger and the aches and pains nagged me so that 1 couldn't do a good day's work. 1 read about HADA- COL and started taking it. After Ihe second boltle I began to feel better. Today I feel fine. I do a full day's work without a bit of trouble. I'm really sold on HAD- ACOL. H's wonderful." linn Coldtmilti, 3024 Currun .loon 1 , LouiiriHe. *'.-.: "Before 1 .ilarled taking HADACOL F was run-down and nervous— and had a hard lime sleeping nights. With my work in the store 1 have to spend some- ^ lime.? 14 hours __ a day on my" feet. Since I am in the retail«<-< business. I saw how many folks were asking for HADACOL, 10 I decided to try It myself. After ihe first couple of bottles I could tell a definite improvement. Now I have all tha pep and energy in the world, my nerves are steady as ever and I really do'get a good night's rest—HADACOL is wonderful—I not only take it. but recommend it to all my customers. 1 praise the day Senator Dudley . J LeBlanc put HADACOL on Ihe market." C.. K. .Ifonrm, 22 f ColawliitM St.. \laalfnmcrf, Ala.; "Quite Son!" Lime ago 1 be- jv--v---r-^-»"--^^ gap to have in- ?'? digestion and ' sour stomach. | My food just >': didn't digest ^ right. I'd get a * full,'gassy'feel- £ ing after I ale. •_',This a f fccled " myappctile and j my weight, i was run-down oo. My wife _ •ilarled taking HADACOL and so did my daughter. I saw how much t had helped them, so I started taking il. And HADACOL has cerlainly helped me, too. My stomach never bothers me any nore. 1 have a terrific appetite. 1 lave lots of pep and energy and list feel good in every way. I wish I could lell everyont how wonderful it really l>." Chu Ulr,. Jciuil* AMt, 112 iY. 27 Si., Ka,l .51, tnnij, III., "I have ?;« been a nurse r :^j for over four- 3| teen years. My ',-j f o o d never '•t seemed loagree v ; * with me. I '•''-•£ heard one day s how so many I folks were be •;*- ing helped be ii cause of HAD '; ACOL. 1 tried '.: il and after 3 ' hollies I could lell a big improvement Now I eal anything 1 want—sleep well and em full of energy." llrlrnnr ft. Callmtaf, Box 151, rr.h Fninl, l.nuisianai "1 am 13 fears old and I im in the 8th .;rad« In Ihe Church Point High School. Last summer 1 didn't have a )it of energy. T lidn't want to i d e my bike md I didn't waul to p i a y baseball. Mother tried everything to get me to eat a good meal but I just didn't feel like eating. Food just didn't lasle good and lots of times food would upset my stomach when I did eal. Mother says I wai underweight for my age. Then mother started giving me HADACOL. I know that in just a little while I started feeling a whole lot better. Now I am center on the /ootball (earn. I like baseball and basketball, and I ride my bike every evening after school. Mother says she has never seen anyone with such a huge appetite. I like to lake HADA- COL. Mother says she is never going to lei me he without HAD- ACOL." Jitrnrt II. Sirijfolorj-, 2.76 Oak Si., f.otii... i»«, K,.: "Before 1 Marled taking HADACOL there wasn't 3 person in the world who could gel along wilh me — seemed like the least littlething would upset nie. I was lired all Ihe lime and it really affecl- ;d my work. I _ nad a hard Ifme sleeping—jusl roll and toss and cat-nap all night long. I didn't eat properly either. Then one day I heard how other folks with Ihe same troubles I had were being helped by HADACOL ' tried it and noticed an improvement alter the first couple of bottles. Now I feel good." Mr,. A. I.. Hi,,!,, 42'J S. w\ \r>,l, KmtJ, .Miami, fla,, "I am -Jo y cars 5"V» > * * ' > old, and had ^ bee n suffering from aches for some time. Bui, v . now, I have -'f used H A D A - ^rf COL for three "3 months, and am happy thai I i feel so fine." • l.r.u l\. f{,her, 901 C.hnrl,,, Si. Jaifiih, f,Hi,,,,,,lt "I am a veteran of World War 1.1 have had stomach distress and was nervous and c o u,l d not eat any fried foods. I started taking HADA COL. I have laken 8 small bottles and now I am on my SPL ond large bottle. I eat anything. I feel fine and sleep good, thanks to HADACOL. I have recommended HADACOL to many people and they are taking it. 1 am a booster, lor 1 cannot do without it." V iUri. KirtlJ .In,!,nan, J/O2 If ili, nnii-oli,- !Uiek.i "Ihavahad aches and pains 1 know a person couldn't . hav«felta»h miserable as I * did. Then, while * visiting my son and his wife in M Ky MANY DOCTORS RECOMMEND Mr*. J. I'. ,M, IC nure, •IDH «„,((. "C, Si., Ac,.. Or/™,,,, !.„., "I )lnvc taken at feast 5 bottlesof HAD- ACOL Before 1 took HADA- COL, I was very nervous. My family was affected, loo. because 1 was so irritable. Then my sister suggested 1 take HADACOL and ~— I started taking il immediately. After the second bottle I felt like I had taken all the troubles o/ the world off my shoulders. My nrrves are nov; as steady as ever. My family thinks HADACOL is wonderful because my disposition is 100% belter and I am not the least irritable. That's because I always have a boltle of HADACOL on the kitchen shelf. HA7)ACOL is (he most wonderful product on the m.-irkct." -Ipcd s much by HADACOL. I brought HADACOL all the way home to Detroit with mo. I could tell a big difference after the second bottle. So far, I have taken 6 or 7 bottles of HADACOL. What wonderful change has taken place —thorn is hardly on ache or pain in my whole body. Yea, HADA- COL is wonderful—and you ca n hel your life I will never sloo taking HADACOL." Mrt.7Ann t.a, lloumin, «,,,, ( , Cleat r'erry Rtnul, iY«uhi,-i// t . t Tr.nn "I was so weak ' could hardly do my housework. 1 am 30 jiars old. 1 am ihe molher of 9 children. I wa so n e r v o u s . hardly wanted the children to speak. I had to rest after I -^ol breakfast and ticforel cleaned my house. I have taken almost 4 bottles of HADACOL, and I feel fine. The children can make all the noise they wish and it docsn'l bother me. In fact, 1 join them in their ball garnea and other gtmcit. fnmil> '' lnanks l ° DEMAND THE GENUINE ^#;#^/^^^^ "/'/'//""/'////// nn,nni/i-i /,/11.,n^ Mr,. K. H. HofJ.r, 221 Cnlitin. 'ii,, Moaleomtrr, Jlaonmn, a the —"-— >f Iwo young grandmother works as an Inspector. »l a glass company In Mont- Komsry. She says: "I wa , nervous and run-down End I had lost weight and had no appetile—food just didn't Interest me. I had achei and paini. 1 fell miserable My mother started taking HADACOL snd It did her 10 much good that i decided to give il a try. Afler ths first bottle I noticed an improvement. I have, now taken six dollies and feel grand. I am no longer nervous or run-down I have loads ot energy. I have a big ap- Pet ' t t. ?"u d hav<! re « a| ned Ihe weight I had losl. No morn aches or pamj either. Today I fed wonderful, just wonderful, and I owe It to HADACOL for H has done so u"tt:™' ' j1 " 1 can ' 1 «•"»• • Xorei* ."?rr*-*—••**- Mr: Si., nar vou'i antf V run-down and f had no energy [ appetite. I couldn't i la. p j and had achei I and paint. I am ] a housewife and • pretty i o o n I got to where I didn't feel up j to d o I n (f my i work. I heard i about HADA-l— COL on tha radio and begeai vah* Ing it. Wilh the fint bottle t be. gan to feel better. I have *«*r taken about IT bottle*, end 1 eeai truthfully HIT It hae heaped m* • lot I am no longer nerraeai e* run-down and have plenty at em. orgy. My appetite i. excellent I rest soundly at night. Mr ache, and palm are gone. Another thing, too, that had bothered me be/ove taking HADACOL wu indigestion and sour rtomech. I h*4 would bloat and I ] o «t acme weight. But HADACOL helped ell inis / too. Now J am not troubled py indigestion or snur jtomaeh. I think tiADACOL it wnndertul." Rofuie «ub»ti)utBi. There's only one tru« HADACOL. STORE

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