Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 13, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1898
Page 24
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CITY SURRENDERS. San Juan, Porto Rico, Reduced by Sampson's Fleet SPANISH FLEET SIfiflTED FIVE HUNDRED MILES FROM PORTO RICO. Our Flying Squadron Ordered to Go to Havana. San Joan Captured. Bpecial to tk» Pharo*. St. Thomas, May 13.—San Juan, Porto Rico, surrendered to Admiral Sampson at 6 o'clock last night. Sampson reports that much damage has been done the city and the forts and that the Spanish low was i-erjr heavy. . On the American side, Seaman Wldemark, of the Cruiser New Yore, was Instantly killed and seven of the squadron wounded. No serious damage wai done the American ships. The Spanish report of the bombardment of San Juan says that toe damage done was inconsiderable and the loss of life Insignificant. Firing: Squadron Under Orders. Fort Monroe, May 13 —Schlay's "flying squadron" has been ordered to reinforce the blockading squadron off Havana and will start this afternoon. > Spanish Fleet Sighted. ' Washington, May 13.—The Spanish Gape Verr"e fleet has-been_sighted off Martinique island. A Madrid -dispatch says the fleet has been ordered to leave Martinique Immediately. Schley to Sail quickly. Fort Monroe, Va., May 13.—At 8:30 a. m. the "flying squadron" is still at anchor here, but there is every appearance that they are preparing to sail at a moment's notice. Last night the launches were taken aboard ship and at 4 o'clock this moralng a batch of letters came ashore from the fleet. Officers gave a farewell greeting to their wives and a private telegram sent read: "We sail today." Trouble Growing in Spain. New York, May 13—A dispatch to the World from Madrid savs: Spain's condition at home Is desperate. Rioting everywhere aggravates the political turmoil. Martial law has been proclaimed throughout the kingdom. The military governors of some provinces have summoned the editors of the newspapers and warned them to have a care about what they publish or soldiers will be sent to smash everything in their offices. Editors of obnoxious papers will be sent without, trial to Fernando Po, a penal station on the coast of Equatorial West Africa. In view of a probable revolution at the next news of disaster the liberals and the conservatives have promised the queen to support a dictatorial military cabinet under Marshal Oampos, should events demand it. Key West, May 13.—Captain Dorst has landed a force of American troops a"t Cubana biy. There was lively fighting, but the Spaniards were driven back with four killed and several wounded. iJAILYPHAROS : FRIDAY,. MAY 13, 1898. The Italian government la powerless to stop the bread riots and has proclaimed that the people must protect themselves. The American boat Gussle landed another detachment' of troops at Cabanas, Cuba. There was a lively fight and one American was injured. The bombardment of San Juan has not been officially confirmed. SWORN IN Tfc» Service of the United States Yesterday Afternoon W« Captain I). S. Bander and Eighty- Two Men From Logans- part. Yesterday afternoon, at Camp Mount, Captain Bender marched his eighty-two men before the muster- Ing officer and they were sworn into the service of the United States for three years, unless sooner discharged The boys were highly elated over the ceremony aavi og baen performed and upon returning to camp, gave three cheers for Captain Bender, .three cheers for the officers and three times as many (or the United States. Caotain Bender Is doing his best to get his men uniformed before Sunday, when ttie excursionists from this city will be there, and the men are equally a« snxlous. Company M as yet has no supplies In the way of uniforms or guns, and while doing picket duty carry a board or clab of any description. The grounds on which they are situated is kept clean and neat. Captain Bender is said to be one of the beat officers In his rank In Camp Mount. From experience he knows how to care for his men and how to .' make them care for themselves, the only preveatative against sickness. The purse raised by Judge Chase and others has been received and was highly appreciated by the boys,enabling those who were without funds to purchase postage stamps and other necessities of which they were In need. CHICAGO MAttKETS. All granite and Mnware at cost.— Keystone. KecBlTed Dally by A. M. Ebangh, at the Corner of Jiorth and Firth Streets. Chicago, May 13, 1898, Wheat—May opened an 81.50: high, $1.55; low, «1,48; closed at 11.50. Wheat—For July, opened, 81.06J: high, 11.06$: low, 11,04; closed at I1.04J. Corn—For July, -opened at 36-36Jc; high, 36}o; low, 35|c; closed at Safe. . Oats—For July, opened at 27c: high, 37 Jo; low, 36 Jo; closed at 37|c. Pork—For July, opened, «12.10: h»,gh, 112 17: low, *11.65; closed at 111.65. Receipts of hogs 22,000 head. Estimated receipts,tomorrow, 27,000 Mixed, »4.25@4.60; heavy, «4.15 @4.63; rough, «4.20@4.30; light, I4.15@4.40. Receipts of cattle, 20,000 Sheep, 35,000. Curb, (Sept.) S3H; puts (Sept.) S6i; calls (Sept.) 90-89J. Toledo, O., MayJ.lS, Wheat—Cash, opened $1.50; closed at S1.3S. Wheat—JaIy,opened,S1.0i}; closed at 81.03}. LOCAL GRAIN MARKET. The following is the price paid for grain in the local market today as reported by W. E. Hard: Wheat, *1.20; corn, 32c: oats, 27c: clover seed. $2.75. QITYNS.WS. Peas 5c quart—Foley Spring chickens at Kinney's. Fine plants cheap at Newby's, 3 ladles wanted, 425 Third St. Oranges lOc dozen.—McCaffrey. Corn starch -3Jc pkg.—Keystone. Package coffee Sic.—McCaffrey. Fresh paas 5c quart —McCaffrey Hooley, the tallor ; can please you. Pancake flour TJc pkg.—Keystone. Extra-large pineapples I5c.—Key stone. Plenty strawberries lOc quart al Folej's. Plenty fresh butter and eggs.— Keystone. Fresh veal and lamb tomorrow.— Davis & Co. Best quality copper wash boilers $1.85.—Keystone. Another clean slate at the mayor's court this morning. John Sfangler, of Winamac, is in the city on business, We have the finest line of Dils in the city.—Keystone. The war has had no effect on the price of shoes at Willey's. Special sale Saturday on door and window screens at Foley's. Mrs. Joseph Wilhelm, of No'ble township,is ill of pneumonia. Special dlicount on suits, jackets and capes tomorrow.—Trade Palace. Spring lamb at Rothermel's Eastend, also market rear grocery, Sat'dy. Big John sells garden hose at lOo per foot/ Guaranteed for two years Plenty strawberries and all kinds of fesh vegetables Tor tomorrow—Keystone. William J. Oohee has sold his meat market, on Market street, to John Scheu. Teach your children economy by buying their shoes at Willey's Cash Shoe Store. Changeable silk parasols and umbrellas from $1.98 upwards tomorrow. —Trade Palace. See prices acfi you will be CDD- Inced that it 13 econom7 to buy your shoes at Willey's. Mrs. B. 0. Klrkwood, of Delphi,19 a'lt.lrjEr-wltb -jb.be family of her brof.her, Dr. 0. D. Eversole. Qnlon forever! That Is what men exclaim who cnce have tried our union underwear.—Dewenter, tbe hatter aod furnisher. Wax and green beans, peas, beets, parsley, cucumber?, asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, new potatoes, carrots— Rothermel, Saturday. Lettuce, radishes, new bests, turnips, green aod wax beans, csul) flower, parsley, tomatoes, cucumber? Pine apples aod strawberries -Traufc Coleridge was shipped east via the Wabash railway Wednesday. It cost $90 express charge* to send the horse to Syracuse, N. Y. Coleridge is now ten years old. Hew potatoes, 35cpk: dd potatoes 90c bu: flour, $2.75 per bundred;peas 4c qt: onions and pie plant, Ic bunch spiacb, SB lb: asparagus, 4o buush oranges, 9c doz; 15 bars of soap for 25c.—Traut. P F, Dunn Invites his old friends and tbe public to call at the o!c stand, 425 Third street, and he wil fill your orders for choice groceries, fruits and green vegetables. Bargains for Saturday, flour, 1375 hundred Phone 240. A few more of those choice trimmed pattern hats to be sold at very low prices. Now Is the time to .buy your noboy dress, walking and sailor bats. The styles were never prettier and as the prices are much lower they will cortalnly please all.—Mrs. W J. Potter, near Sixth. Foley's Saturday Specials. Country butter 12ic lb, apples lie peck, breakfast bacoc 8Jc lb. California hams 6ic lb, tomatoes Sc lb, onions le bunch, pie plant Ic buocb, pineapples ISc each, window screens 27c each, 1 pound of good coffee lOc. —Foley. . Jiotlce. Pat.rons of the Mutual Telephone company are requested to please -ex- ;nse any mistakes or interrupted service, as we are installing a new 500 drop express switch board. Here are Two Stunners m WINDOW SHADES FOR A FEW DAYS. 1000 700 Feet Shades, with good Spring Rollers in many colors, feet long. Price, only Apague Cloth Shades in all the new Spring Shades with the best Hartshorn Rollers and full 7 ft long, for a few days only SCHMITT&HE1NLY. 12c 25c YOU Like to see nice laundry work, don't you? You like to nave your linen returned looking clean, white and elegant. Then send It to Marshall's Laundry. 60S Broadway, and we guarantee you will be satisfied. Call up 'phone 110 and our wagon will-call for your work. ROBBERY AXU BLACKMAIL Hank Is the Chargs Upon Which Suterg ffa§ Arrested. Hank Suters, the notorious, residing at Lake Gicott, was arrested this afternoon by Deputy Sheriff Smith on a grand jury indlcttnen t for robbery and tlackmail. The prosecuting witness, William Allbrfght, charges that by impersonating an officer and making raise charges Suters compelled him to part with a lot jar hogs, a cow and a plow. TH'E MAY FESTIVAL. HAVE-- You been around yet to see JACOB HEliZ'S line of Spring Suits, etc? If you have not, call at all the tailor establishments in the city, and then go and see his prices and if you cannot be suited,then it is because you don't want to buy,as he has all the Novelties such as STRIPES, CHECKS, Etc. A kind invitation extended to all. Yome truly, 3ACOB HERZ. A PU«e GRAPE CHEAM Or TARTAR POWDIt DR; Put on Tour "Specks." When yoa order Fox's XXXX Square Wafer Butter Crackers make sure that you get them. Pat 01 your specks and loofc for the imprint of "Fox,» IfitUn'ithere, beware. CREAM BAKING POfflffR Awarded Highest Honors. World's Fair QoJd Medal, Midwinter Pair Will Open At tli-e liiuk Monday ami Continue One Week. The May festival, for the benefit of Sc. Josapli hospital, will open at the riiik Monday a-nd continue »>ue week. Aside from the many articles t.o lie offered for sale, there will be numerous luracuve i'ea.uires in the way of oiiksic. recitations and the like. Supper \viill be served each evening. Amou; lie donations reported 'today are a. 'lot of beautiful picture* presented, by Joseph TS'iler, which are. on exhibition in one of The show windows at the Bee Hive dry sjoods store. CIRCUIT~COTJRT~XEWS. The case ot" Morris J. ,Te£t'e against the unknown: heirs of Thos. Phipps, deceased was cliismissed at plaintiff's cost. The divorce case of Jessie A. Gates vs. George 14. Gates was dismissed at defendant's co.st Tbe case of Dam'd P. Baldwin TS. .Joseph Penny et al was dismissed at defendant's cost The divorce suit of John W. Doan. apaiast Mary C. Doa.u was dismissed :u plaintiff's eost ADDITIONAL LOCALS. George Bayless of Harrison township is erecting a. new barn. See the new shirt waists at $1.98. tomorrow. Xovehy skirts $1.48 and SI.98.—Trade Palace. Mark W. Pulton of 3'luffton was La the city today and signed his name on tb e list at the artillery recruiting sta- ton. Fulton is a hotel clerk by occupation. Saturday—Parlor stand. 21c; solid copper nickel plated tea kettle No. S only 75c; 10 qt. flaring pail, 7c: 8 in. jardJneire 50c: 6 papers needles 5c; large granite basin lOc.—Trade Palace. We are the only store in Ix>gansport selling the ger.irine Knos sailors for ladles, notwathstandina; certain denl- ers have the nerve to mark their haf? Knox hats.—Dcwanter. the hatter and furnisher. The Hebre-w- Cemetery association is in receipt of the largest nrn .ever brought to Logansport It is five feet and an inch high and -weighs 573 pounds. The urn -was made at the Barbee Iron Works. I>afaye r tte. A tvoman -was canvassing the Westside today asking for contributions of five cents or less for the sisters' hospital. Frank Kienley telephoned the hospital, and finding that the -woman •was a fraud, hrintted her np and gave her a lecture, -when sJie sneaked off. It is believed she collected several dollars. You should see our array of puS and ,scot ties suitable for ladies or gentle- uen—Dewenter. the hatter and furnisher. At the CommMa City baby show e other day there were 500 babies entered The prettiest baby was decided to be Louise Tuttle, of Plymouth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. iherman Tattle. SEE OUR DISPLAY OF Bpring Suitings! An Exhibition of Choicest Woolens and Novelties. JOHN OARROLlA The Tailor 1222 Broadway. Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Doors, Blinds, s and Ladders. CHEAPER THAN EVER. ' 'i THOMPSON LUMBER CO. and .Hiigti Sts. Main Office OF THEJHLJB, 3OQ Market St. Philadelphia l?a- Owing to the critical time in the eastern markets—we hare today shipped to your store. 500 suits to sell from $5.00 to f 10.00 per suit, fnljy worth 50 per cent more. THEY ARE HERE. And go on sale Saturday May 7th—they come direct from our actory, and we think this a very lucky deal—and are glad to share our luck with yon —^o s-hoddy advertised as baits, but a stock of the linest and most cleverly gotten up garments ever shown here or elsewhere. Made in our factory—which means a saving of 25 per cent to you at the start. Visit any clothing store yon like, then come here and compare the difference of the fabrics, the trim, the beauty of fit, and the JPEIOE. We leave the decision to your own judgement, for your eyes cannot deceive you. ' CHILDREN'S SUITS years Knee QOcts From the reliable sort, from §L50 up, ages 3 to 15 Pants suits. The best 25c Underwear in .the city of Logansport. The best Soft Shirt with extra cnffe—Sort Shirts with collars to them ----Our space will not permit of any other mention,but ask yon to call at The Hub if yon want J1.25 worth of goods for ------THE HUB. Harry Frank's Old Stand. ^13 Fourth St T

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