Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 13, 1898 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1898
Page 23
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Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Doable Drawing Room, and Sleeping Cars between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles. Cal., running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday and Saturday night at 9:00 p. m., arriving at Los Angies, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc., call on or address LAKE BREEZES bring relief from the swelterinc beat of the town or city. They rai*er°ur s j»'f"± and restore your enerw. rhe greatest comfort and pleasure sa lake travel is oa one of the LAKE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S ELEGANT STEAMSHIPS. Sailing* between Chicago «nd MtMatc liUnd hut times every week, « • extremely low rate*. The new steel steamship "Manltoo" is a magnificent vessel, elenantly equipped with every comfort and convenience. **£*??*£ 'twist Chicago. Cbartevoi*, ""*»". Sp™**' Pctoskey, Bay View, Mscktntc Island, etc. Write for interesting reading matter, scot free, or aslf voar nearest afsent. Address Jos. Berolzheim, G. P. A. fcAKB MICH. AND J.AKB SinPEBIOtt 3'KANS. CO. Ri»h and N. Water St, Chicaj*. W ABASH R.R . led. Jf so, secure one of tbe latest and prettiest Two-Steps of tie day, t>y mania* Ten Cents (silver or stamps) to cover mailing and postage, to tbe undersigned for a copy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark envelope "Two Step.; We are giving tbis music, which J* regular Bfty-cent sb»et music, at this exceedingly low «rte, for the purpose of advertising, and testing the value of tiie different papers as adver- tUtaff mediums. E. O. Mcpormlck, Passenger Traffic Manager, "Big Four Eoute." Cincinnati, O. Mention this paper when you write. L"jiS P»nm»yiv»jnlA Station. ennsylvansaLinBs. Hun t>y Central Tto» » Pullr. t D»1)T. "•«* Bondaj. HEDUDEDFflREX To Various Points Via Pennsylvania Lines. ttrcurefon tickets will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines as indicated hi the following paragraphs Although concessions in fare Bre authorized for meeting* of certain orders.tick- cts may lie obtainedny any person whether a member of Die Older or interested in the event The reduced rated will be open to everybody. To Indianapolis, Ind.-May 13thand J4th,ac count fifteenth Anniversary Kaper Com mandery Kniehis Templar: pood returning until May Kith. Wale of tickets will be re- Btricted to stations in Indiana. To Indianapolis, Ind.-May 16th and 17ih, valid returning May 20tb, account I. 00 ft Grand Lo-tge ant Reiieknh Assembly of Indiana. From points in Indiana only. To Columbus, lad.-May 16th, 17th and IStli, for G- A. H. State Encampment and Woman's Belief Corps Meeting, good returning until May 21st. From points in Indiana only, ToNaperrilie, III.. (Burlington Park, near CWcajjO)-May 23d, S«h. 27th and28th.for German Baptist Annual Meeting: pood returning until June 24tb, with privilege to extend limit untilJune 30th. To Louisville. Ky.—June 19th and EOlh, for Jr. O. II. A. M- National Council Meeting. Kf- turn limit. June28th. To Washington, D C.—July 3d. 4th. 5th and Gtb. for the >atloual Educational Association Meeting, Good to return July loth, with privilege to extend return limit until August 3lst. BATTLESHIP KENTUCKY. A, Marine Monmter Ttoat Will Hirre »• Equal f.n <!>«• World. Whoever suggested the name of Kentucky for the new marine monster that is expected to discharge 6,000 pounds of irresistible metal at a time ought to feel as happy as a darky in tbe other fellow's watermelon patch. It is a credit of no mean order to name a battleship that will have no equal here or abroad. A poet insists that it was under the influence of his verse that ths powers that were decided the name of the craft. This is what the fellow wrote: If a name you want that's sare to be lucky, Let the next battleship be called the Kentucky; No doubt her guns would do terrible slaughter, And though full of holes, she'd never take water. p m; *1:*0 p m; *8:16 p m BRADFORD A"D OOTiTJlfBTIS. Leave for Bradford *1:10 a »:?!'•« am: CHICAGO DIV18IOS DAILT. for Chlcago»8:05 a m;*B:00 a m;*l :25 p m l:« '1:30 p tn; t4:16 p m. BTTNBfl DmBJOW. LHT« rorBttner«:15 a m: «:09 a m- «:OB p m 5pm Sunday only. Arwti B frozp Hffpftr *7s36 am. p m: 8:80 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AMD CWOIWBATI. bwre for Blotonond +13:65 »m; tfi :30 B m: '1:05 ,,^I~J-Z.— *2:SOam: tU:OOam *1:80 p m: tlO:50 p m. IITDIAHAPOIiIS AHD X-OOMTIiU. lUlrrille 13:« « m: *1:10 p m. I«uliYllle *2'-*0 a m: *l:B6 p m. J. A. MOOTUXWGB, AflWrt, Logangport, InO. SHERIFF'S SiLE. HO. LOflAWSPOKT BAST BOtlHD, a BMtern Express dally »•» » ™ 6 Mail and ExpreM daily »•« » J- 4 AtlanticKxpreg.daily........ 4-Wj m 10 Fort Wayne AoooEi Sunday.... b.^.p m 74 Local freight Bx Sunday *-l« V m Case County Biildi"E- and lx>an Association vs. John H. Lux, eial. decree and order 3 western Kxpresi daily. ........ ....... !<>;*< P » 1 Fast Mail Dally........ ..................... |« P ™ 7 Vail and Express dally ................. 2.40 p m 6 Faclflo Expresa dally... .................. 11-3S » » 1 Decatur Acoo Ex-Sundav ............ v .S5 a m 5 Local Freight Sx-Sunday ...... - ...... 7:35 a m ax mrrra Dmiioii, WMTBEB*. •«*»»» lOfliHSPOBI AlfD OHIU. 1T»BT *OTJ»D. ArriTOs u ..M«..»..." 8:80 a. n :;.:.:::™:::ASVM:.:.~ ........ 4* P. > BABT «or»t> •o M ___________ ..-^Jjeaves ------ ....... -»:<* »• « 5o.«..... ......... —Leave. ........... -...-*:« P- « By virtue Of a *.~~.w- -of sale issued on a judgment rendered m the Cass Circuit court, of state of Indiana on the 31st oay of March, 1S9S, and to me ditectet ftv the clerk of said court, 1 will offer for gale, at public auction and outcry, to the highest bidder, at the door of the court house, in Ix>- gansport. Cans county, Indiana, on Saturday, the 14th Day of May, 1808, between the hours of 10 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m. of eaid day, the rents and profits for a term not exceeding seven years, of the following described real estate, situated in Cass county, in thoetate of Indiana, to-wit: Lot No. forty-one (ill in Ell/jibeta A. Bartlett's addition to Loganspon, Indiana, and lot No. fllty-four (M) in JosepbUB Atlrinson 9 addition to the city of Logansport, Indiana. And in case the rents and profits fail to bring the amount demanded to satisfy the judgment a'ud decree atoresaid with interest and costs, together with all accruing costs, I will at the same time and place, and in like manner as aforesaid, offer for sale at public auction and outcry tc tbe highest bidder, all the right, title, interest ann estate in fee Bimnle of John H. Lux May Lux. John Lux, Frances Lux. Max Jennings. Thomas Jo IBS. John K. Fox, Oliver W Heroe & Co,. W. K. Suilivan, receiver American Building and Investment society, of Chicago. Illinois, and LudwigMyereteln m and to the above described real estate, or so much and ouch part thereof aj may bo necessary 10 satisfy the judgment and de-Tee aforeflaM. which is in tavor ol the Cass county Builrting and Loon association, and against 4phn H. Lux May Lux. John Lux, Prancee Lux Max Je-ninsr8.Taomas.Jones.Jol.nR. Fox. Oliver W pierce i Co . W. K. Sullivan, receiver of'imerican Building and Investment society Of Chicago, Illinois and. Ludwig Jljerstein. Said real estate will be sold without 'relief from valuation or appraisement laws and subject, to the redemption laws of the State of Indiana. CHARLES W. HOMBTTRO, Sheriff of Cass County, Indiana. Magee & Funk, Attorney for Pmintllt. Ap il 11,1S3S. BATTLESHIP KKVTCCKY. The Kentucky with her sister boat, the Kearsarge, was built by the Newport News Ship Building and Dry Dock Company, at Newport News, Va. In the plans for these two ships the experts were guided by tbe latest and best features of naval architecture and marine machinery as exemplified in aonstruction at home and abroad. While the Kentucky and her mate will resemble in many particulars the Iowa and the Indiana, which are the crack battleships of Uncle Sam at present in commission, they will be eminently superior to those two steel fortresses. Comparing the Kentucky and her mate and the Illinois and her two sisters with their nearest rirals in foreign waters, it is clearly necessary Lo say chat no vessels of their tonnage built abroad will have an armament BO elaborate or an armor of such resisting power. The heaviest of th* guns to be supplied to the Kentucky and the Kearsarge are four feet in diameter at their thickest point, thirteen inches in diameter at the aperture of the small end of the barrel and forty feet in length. The projectile they will carry weighs 1,100 pounds, and when hurled with a full charge, say 550 pounds o£ the best prismatic brown powder, will penetrate thirty inches of wrought iron or twenty-two inches of the best armor, and no vessel afloat, it is claimed, carries armor which they could not pierce at an ordinary fighting range of 4,000 yards. HOETICTLTCRAL. THE VELVET BE*.N. A. Jf«?w Product, S«id to B* of Gre»t Valwc to Pnjrmerm in Many Way,. A correspondent of the New York Sun writing from Orlando, Fla., says: I send you herewith a sample of the- new Florida product the wonderful velvet bean. Up to two years ago it was grown here in a limited way, mainly as a trellis shade; but it being discovered that it was invaluable for all kinds of stock as a forage and a phenomenal fertilizer for fruit trees, and for the soil as well, it has been grown in a larger way since that time. There is nothing yet discovered that is, all in all, so valuable a crop as this for farmers to raise. It being an air plant, it will do well on almost any- kind of soil in any of the States, North or South, that will grow corn; and no fertilizing is necessary. The forage coming from this bean is a marvel and a wonder. Planted in rows four feet apart h will produce a solid mass of vine and foliage to the depth of from fifteen to twenty inches, covering the entire surface of the ground. The vine besides being a valuable fertilizer, forage and mulch, is also prolific in fruit. From tbe biil the vine runs out in all directions like the watermelon, from ten to twenty feet. It begins to fruit at the hill in clusters . like the rasin grape, and thence along thp entire length o£ the vine at inter- GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER TUE VELVET BEAX. vals of from ten to twenty inches, pods in clusters of from two to twenty appear. Therefore the fruitage must be immense. From twenty to thirty hushels of shelled beans would be a modest estimate for an acre of ground, average crop. Plant it early in the spring in rows four feet apart, or drill, as you like. From three to five beans to the hill, the same as corn, is the right amount of seed. Cultivate and keep clean until vine begins to fill the row. Then lay by for the season. If planting in an orchard, keep it five feet or more away from trees, as the vine is a great climber and will cause you bother. One bushel of perfect seed will plant four acres. Tbe pods shrink just half in shelling. The bean, ground up, hull and all, makes a fine fertilizer for pineapples, orange, and other fruit trees, as well as for all vegetable growth. Stock ol all kinds like it, as well as the green forage early in the season, and all do specially well on it. The analysis of this bean shows: Nitrogen, 54 per cent; crude protein, 19; fat, 6; fibre. 8, and moisture, 12. VANDAL1A LINE. Time T»blo, In effect Dec. 5. 1897. Lea-re Lo««»«port, FOR THK NORTH _.!0:« a. m. 8:40 p. „,. FOR THK SOOTH. SHERIFF'S SALE. 7:05 a. m. For complete Time CMfl, giving »11 MU! 1 rtatlon*. and for full Information M to rat**, through ova. etc., »ddre*« t. 0. *xnrwoH!H. agent, Log»n»port. 01 • l. *ORD, General Pauengw A*»nv at. Louli. Ho. EL & Timetable, Peru, Usd. aoiumini between .P«>rlk«nd )ire _ ^ Ca«s County Buildlnp and Loan Association vs. JolmR. Lux, etai. By virtue of a decree and order of sale issued on a judgment rendered in the Cats Circuit court of State ot Indiana, on the 2ist dav of Mareh lS9S.and to me directed by the Ork of said court. I will offer for sale at public auction and outcry, to the highest bidder, at the door 01 the court house, in city of Lo- jransport, Cass county, Indiana, on Saturday, the Uth Day of Say, ISiKS. between the hours of 10 o'clock a. in and-I oclook p m. of said day, the rents and profit* lor a. term nnt exceeding seven yea>-R. of the iollowlnft described real estate, situated iu Cass county, in the State of .Indiana, to-wit: Lots numbered the south halt' of lot No. 3eveutv-8e<ren (77• in Wm. H. Slaodley's addition {otue ciU of Losansport, Inditna: also the west calf of the east half of lot No. three (3) in Wm H »tandiey's addition to Loirans- SOUTH BOUKD MPART Mo M lndlm»poll« fflrp d«ll7 7:10 » m U-»aniNo3S " Mall*Bxp-U:»«ni WaJ'or eiospt Sunday) No » Indpl's Kxp ei Sun. ... 3 -JB p m ... No 1S1 Boohester local arrive :46 p m except Sunday, Kx Suu. -J8.-18 » m ilty|*lir,. «:50pm JloimNoM Detroit Kip Kz Sua i.w p m g^ JK) Acoom except Bun ... a ; i5 » m -DOM not run nortk of Psru on Sunday. ]£?tlo)wt r»te« tod gnnend Iffitprnatlon oafl onJ J Sktaner, ticket agent. L. K, * w. Peru Tnd T «r (X *. Dally, f»o»n\ w«nxer •sent, Indianapolis. Tnd. _ Through Pullman Tourist Sleeper New Meiloo will leaTO Indianapolis via the V«nd»ll«Llne«aob Wednewiay until further not**. For raws rMervaUona and Mil ln- tomatfon. apply to nearest Uctot ayent of the VandaMa IJne, or send to »r. K. A. Ford, 6. P. A-. St. Louta. Mo. _ impossible to foresee an accident. Not impoMlble to be prepared for It. Dr. Thomas' Electric Oil— Monarch. pain . the city , aua. And in case the rents and profits fall to briu^r the amount demanded to satisfy the judgment and decree aforesaid, interest and costs, to- cetherwith all accruing costs. I will, at the same time and place, and in like manner as aforesaid, offer for sale, at public auction and outcry to the highest bidder, all the rig-ht. title interest and estate in fee simple of John H Lux May Lux, John Lui, Frances Lux, Max Jennings, Thomas Jones, John R. Fox. Oliver K. Pierce S Co..W. K.Sulllran. receiver of the American Buildlnt and Investment society of Chicago. Illinois and Ludwlg M-yer- stein in and to the above described real estate or so'mucb and such part thereof as may be necessary to satisfy the judgment and decree aforesaid, which is in favor of the Oass county Building ard Loan asssociation and aKain^tJo n H. Lux. May Lux. John Lux. Vrances Lux, Mar Jenninjrs. Thomas Jones. JoSnKFoj. Oliver R Pierce & Co.. W. K. *\illivan receiver ot the Amencan Buildinu- »Sdlnvestment society, of Chicago. Illinois aud Ludwjg Myersteio Said real estate will be sold without reuet from valuation or appraisement laws, and lubiect to the redemption laws of the state of l^riiana CHARLES W HOMBTJRG. 1 uoiana gheriff Cass ^^ Inci Magee & Funk, Attorneys for Plaintiff, Aprilll, 1S9S. Her Golden Hair Fell Off. All faith in the efficacy of the coiffeur's art lor restoring the ravages of time on the person and features of the fair sex has been shattered in the mind of a certain lady. The lady in question had reached that period of life when the nut-brown tresses of youth were liberally besprinkled with the silver of advancing age. A day or two ago she received an invitation to the wedding of a relation, and as the had before her the prospect of meeting some who had known ber when she was young and beautiful, the lady determined, in order to avoid any shock to their feelings, to pass half an hour in the hands of a coiffeur, so as to emerge rejuvenated and resplendent. She did so, and when, later on in the day, she came forth with golden locks and wavy curls in the place of her hitherto striped coiffeur, the good dame called down the blessings of Providence on the head of the skilful dresser. But, alas! a terrible catastrophe occurred. When, on tbe morrow, her maid proceeded to comb through' the luxuriant tresses, the whole came off in her hands, and all that remained to show that aer' mistress had been to the hairdresser's was Lhe similarity between her own head and the barber's pole. As for the person who effected -this deplorable metamorphosis he may »xpect a lively tim« before long, when the threatened case comes into court._ . ... Simple K»oath. Watts—It would be easy enough to have Sunday baseball if the management only would go about it in the right way. Potts—I presume you have a scheme already perfected. —Watts To be sure. All they need do is to put in a side entrance and keep the front gate closed. Rubbing it in. Xodd—You say your baby doesn't walk yet? Mine, does. Same ag€ too. Your baby cut his teeth yet? Todd—Xo. Nodd—Mine has, all of them. Tom baby talk? Todd—Not yet, can. your's? Kodd—Great Scott, yes! Tofld (desperately)—Does he shav.. himself or go to a. barber's? Do*-* RluKlnit Gr«pe Vine* Pay t The ringing of grape vines is a technical term used to describe the cutting away of the bark of last year's growth, so as to prevent its return to the root, and thus holding the whole of it for the use of the present year's crop. It can be practised more readily and successfully on the grape than on any other kind of fruit, as the new bunches are always grown on shoots of the previous year's growth, and are cut away soon after the fruit upon them is ripened. Yet the obstruction of the Row of sap is often affected in other fruits than the grape by bending down the branches which contain the fruit, thus making it larger and ripening it earlier. This with moat other fruits is regarded a? as ^vantagg. StfJ where grape vines have been ringed it is found that their fruit has less sweetness, and though it appears larger, its taste is insipid. It is found, too, that the partial failure to return tbe sap to the root lessens the growth of the vine below the ring and decreases its vitality. Wherever ringed grapes have once been sold, buyers are apt to be suspicious of very large ov extra, early fruit, and will- often ask if it has been produced by ringing. It may, however, pay to ring some extra early grapes, so as to get them into the market while the price for grapas is high, without regard to tbe quality of the fruit. Which Half is the Belter Naif The housexvifc's duties are harder than men renr^c. Cleaning alouc is a constant tax 0:1 her strength, ;•- ncver^cadcd task. More than half the v.-or'/of'cleF.Biug?hc can have done for her, if she wiiU and ^e expense will be nest to nothing. Washing Powdel Does the better half of cleaning; does it better than any other way known ; does it easily, quickly and cheaply. Largest package— greatest economy. THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY, Chicago. St. Louis. Sew York. i!u*um. BALOONS IN WARFARE. iir Sliip to Carry Twenty Men * TlioUMiia<l Mil<-«. The largest and cm; of the most peculiarly shaped balloons ever launched luto space was sect up from a suburb of Berlin recently by a corps of expert aeronauts attached to the German army. The Kaiser's military managers are making numerous experiments with war balloons. They have been unusually successful, and some very startling discoveries in the way of aerial navigation and ballooning for the purpose of viewing and photographing the enemy and their forts in time of war have- been mads. In launching this big air ship the united efforts of a score of soldiers were brought into requisition, and •when a brisk breeze sprang up the giant gas cylinder broke away from its moorings, carrying into the air a num- i EXCURSION TO INIHAuSTAiPOL-IS. For the accommodation of persons desiring to visit soldiers in camp at State capital the Pennsylvania line trill run a special excursion train to Indianapolis aest Sunday, May 15th. Special train -will leave Logansport at S a. m. Returning leave Indianapolis at G o'clock p. m., central time. Round trip rate 51.50. TO THE KLONDIKE Valuable Information for Persons Going to the Gold Fields. Persons who expect to try their luck in the gold fields ol Alaska will find It profitable t* call on Ticket Agents of tie PennnrlYante Lines and get postedlon raw*. rout«« and, other preliminaries. This information will b« furnished without charge, and any required aid in shaping details will be cheerfully extended. If not convenient to!spply to local agent of the Pennsylvania Lines, oend your name and address, with date upon which you intend to start, the probable number ta the party.and a request for advice about the fare, time of j trains and other particulars, to the following repre'entative of the Passenger Department &nd ft prompt reply will be made. W.W.Kioh- ardstn, D. P. Agt, Indianapolis, Ind. THE LARGEST BALOOX If THE WORLD. ber of Emperor Wilhelm's pet officers. A huge scramble for rope ends ensued, and the mammoth balloon was saved, amid great applause and much perspiration. This air warsbip can carry twenty men a thousand miles in less than half the time it takes a train of cars to travel. This is assuming, of course, that the wind is blowing in the right Jirection. Very little is known about :he Kaiser's balloon experiments. The valuable things his, officers and aeronauts have discovered have been re- realpd to no one outside the official :ircles of the German army. Some Jay the fiery Teuton Emperor may startle the world with a complete flying machine and enemy annihilator. That, at least, is what he is working Tor at the present time. The Cheerful Idiot. "What do you think of the beet sugar business?" asked the shoe clerk boarder. "Think it will supersede the other kind?" "Cane sugar," replied the CheerfnJ Idiot, "will never lie heat." 1898 MAT. 1898 Su. Calendar a» » Mlimlo»»rr. A large wall calendar, 11 by 14 Inches, containing much information »f direct practical value has been distributed by the Federation of Churches and Christian Workers among about 15.000- families in the Fifteenth, Seventeenth and Nineteenth Assembly districts of New York city. It is really a convenient handbook, a co-operative method of sociological advertising. It is gotten UP i n ^n attractive form, with a picture- of Government House, "Bowling Greea," 1790, in the centre, one of George Washington at one side, and the first church, 1642, and the Dutch Governor's residence on the other. Information is given on the different pages in English, German, French. Italian, Spanish and Scandinavian in regard to churches, schools, libraries, museums, clubs, wrings banks, etc. And for the benefit Of both tenant and landlord the tenement house laws are partially printed. Scratch, scratch, scratch: unable to attend to business during the day or sleep daring the night.. Itchingpiles, horrible plague. Doan's Ointment cures. Never fails. At any drug store, 50 cent*. A S«rl*i»» Defeat. "Xo. sir," said Simpson, "no horse- lass carriage for m«." '"Why not?" he was asked. "Tou can't hire your best girl's bac brother to g» out and hold tbe pesfej tilns" the •W«y of «. This stream of eloquence pours forth When Jones turns on the spigot: "I thanfe tie Lord above all else That I am not a bigot! •Tor Thompson's Ttews are so abenrd, His grave, Td gladly dig it: And Soaith 's a fool, and Bro-w* 's ai Tiank God I'm not a bigots* THE NEW WAY. TT70MEN used to think "female diseases " could only b* treated after "I#cal examinations" by physicians. Dread of such treatment kept thousands of modest women illent about their suffering. Thein__ troduction of Wine-of Cardul has now demonstrated that nine-tenths of all tho cases of menstrua! disorders do not require a physician's attention at all. The simple, puro 22 29 Mo. 2 9 16 23 30 Tn. 3 10 17 31 We. 11 ia 25 Th. 5 12 19 20 Fri. 8 13 20 27 Sat. 7 14 21 28 B- P. O. ELKS. New Orleans, La. MAY ONE FARE L Round Trip, VIA if Four Route" Tickets will be on sale May 6th, 7th and 8th. Returning tickets will be good fifteen days from date sale. For full information call on Agent* Big Four Route, or address the undersigned, H.O. McCOBWICK. W ABBE* J. LYNCH Pass. Traf. Mgr. A*st. GenLPaM.'.*Tkt, Aft. 0. taken In the privacy of a.-woman'* own home insures quick relief and speedy cure. Women need not hesitate now. Wine of Cardui r«- quires no humiliating examinations for its adoption. H cures any disease that comes under the head of "female troubles"—-disordered menses, falling of the womb, "whites," change of life. Itmakw women beautiful by nuking them veil It keeps them young by keeping them healthy. $1.00«i the drug store. For aSrice la cases reqnlrinr xpodil directions, address, eirinr *yropto«i>». th« "Isles' Advisory Dejautmant. Tha Cbztttnosti Modidm Co.. Cioitft- em. ., Ciry,MJ«f.,«»J« On Saturday, January 1st, the Wabwb. Fast Government Mail Train, No. 1, traveled 101 miles in 99 minutes, MSUT- edly a good beginning of the new jw, Watch further performances of thi« GREAT FLYER, the fastest mail train in the world,«nd the PET OF UNCLE 8AM. Are you ready for the question? Can a railroad operate its trains si & Mile a Minute Clip unless its roadbed, track and rolling stock are of » high standard? "We Maintaim a High Standard." Speed, safety and comfort we all branded "WABASH." II you intend to nuke a trip to *my part of the world, including the "IQo«- dike," communicate with

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