Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 4, 1892 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 4, 1892
Page 2
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IDE, JEKYLL AND M.R. HYDE Sot Only a Jloral but a Phyxlcal Existence la Our Bod Sex. The morally good or bad within us has been ably set forth in the story or , Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, but did it ever occur to yuu that there was a physical application of this remarkable story, more real and terrible than the contrasts of moral' attributes? The moral perfection of Dr. Jekyll is represented fn our physical systems by sound, strong and vigorous health —the skulking 1 ,, murderous immorality of Mr. Hyde has its prototype in the weakness or disease of our vital organs which often exist, within us, and which may, at any moment rise, overcome our strong health, acd hold us in its deadly grasp. How many diseases there are which thus grapple us before we are aware of our periU We often neglect a little weakness or exhaustion, nervousness, tired brain, sleepless nights, from which wr« u-;ike tired and unrefreshed, weavy, lunguid feeling 1 , headache, eon- fusion o! mind, dulness, loss of memory, siriinjre sensations— whvili mean insanity. Cold feet, and limbs, numbness, trembling, prickling 1 sensation, extreme weariness of limbs— mean Paralysis. Poor blood, km vitality, pale complexion and great weakness— •mean consumption. \Ve often disregard the wenkness of nervous debility, malaria, the disorder of stomach, liver or kidneys, until fatal disease fastens upon us. Ton- iitifiect these symptoms ciL your peril, for they may run into incurable disease. You should use immediately that wonderful remedy. Dr. Greene's Ner- vura blood and nerve remedy, the pure vegetable medicine, which restores vi»or to the tired brain, Strength to the weak and shattered nerves, vitality and health to the exhausted body, ;and thus prevent fatal results. Druggists. $1.00. "I had poor health for several years, have been under the treatment of many doctors, but they did me no good. The more medicine I took, the weaker I grew; was so bad at last I could not eat or sleep, and had a cough that almost racked me to pieces. I had pains in my chest which made • breathing very difficult. As my father, brother acd sister had died with consumption, I thought my time had come. With much pleasure and gratitude I can now say that I have been entirely cured of my troubles by Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. My .appetite is excellent, lood digests easily, sleep is refreshing, and altogether I feel restored to health once more. I most earnestly recommend Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and Jiervo remedy to all who are afflicted •with obstinate chronic, nervous or painful diseases. I have recommended it to many sufferers, and am pleased to say that it has given general satisfaction. Mrs. ADDIE I. CRAGG, 101 North Portland Av., Brooklyn, IT. y. Dr. Greece, the most successful specialist in curing all forms of nervous and cV>"Onic diseases, So W. 14th street, New York, can be consulted free, personally or by letter. Call or write him about your case or send lor symptom blank to fill out, and a letter fully explaining 1 your disease, giving advice, etc., will be returned free. L,c!in aud Fat Pork. The National Provisioner says that abnormally fat hogs are becoming a drug 1 in the market and no wonder. Some feeders seem to think that leanness ia hogs is undesirable, and hence their aim is to put as many pounds of fat on their stock as possible. The result is that they do not reap nearly as much profit as they would if the lean and fat were properly intermingled. Excessive fat meat of any description is distasteful to the average consumer, and only those persons whose appetite Is extremely gross can eat very fat pork with relish. On the other hand no meat is more savory than lean pork, and it is to be sincerely hoped 'that, in riew of the constantly increasing- demand farmers will cease to be deluded by the popular notion that fatness is everything 1 and will endeavor in future to produce hogs of moderate leanness THE BD1T-BAILIFF. The Difficulties He Labors in. London. Under Desperate Strategr to CoU«ot Debts—II He Gets lato One's House He Staj-s Until the Mcmcy Is Paid—Tricks of the Trade. LCOPTKIGHI, TS92.1 According- to the English statute relating to distraint for debt, a landlord or, as is usually the case, his agent, in the shape of a bailiff or "broker's man," —may, when access has been once ob- 'taincd to premises, legally break open any door which debars or impedes further progress, but -under no consideration must the outer door be forced. Therefore it follows that recourse must necessarily, in some instances at least, be had to strategy. For the benefit of the uninitiated it may be mentioned that a "broker's man" can only enter into possession between the hours of sunrise and sunset, BO that if a careful watch be maintained, the approach of the sheriff's officer can always be noted before the customary demand for admission is made. In certain localities where the "broker's man" is of frequent occurrence, then- faces become perfectly well known to the inhabitants, so it is not surprising to learn that they find it an extremely difficult task to perform their mission. On the other hand, when their visitation is not altogether expected, their object is often attained without any difficulty whatever. A couple of seedy-looking individuals may be observed hanging about a street, and presently one knocks at a door, which is opened without suspicion. He concocts some plausible excuse to gain admission, and having done so "gives the office" to his coworker, and the thing is done. No fuss, bother or publicity about the matter. The whole business is, in fact, conducted so quietly that none of the neighbors probably are aware of the little drama which has been enacted in their midst. The case, however, assumes a vastly different aspect when the inmates of a house against which operations are to be directed are alive to what is likely to occur. In this case the customary knock at the door results, it is true, in its being opened; only, however, to the extent of a few inches, the chain being kept up all the time, and a glance having served to reveal the nature of the visit, it is hurriedly closed again, and the bailiff is for the time being baffled, but by no means defeated. The subsequent tactics he employs vary according to the particular parties he has to deal with. If they are, in his opinion, more or less inexperienced, his favorite device is to mail a registered letter—contents of no value—and having ascertained beforehand exactly at what hour the letter will be delivered, he stations himself as near as possible to the doorway and awaits events. Presently the postman comes in sight, and in due course gives the double knock, with an extra one to denote that he has something to deliver personally. People in difficulties do not, as 'a rule, receive many registered packages, and in all probability the person who opens the door is not provided with a pencil to sign the receipt—a contingency which the "broker's man" has. While gone to remedy the omission, the entrance is temporarily left unguarded, and the unwelcome visitor obtains admission before the return. If the registered lettdr trick fails, the reply-paid telegram dodge is often resorted to; and in the majority of instances it serves its purpose extremely well, being more apt to disarm suspicion. Even in these days of universal telegraphic communication, the receipt of a "raply-paid" 1 message invariably gives rise to a certain amount of curiosity and excitement, and in the anxietv to Icnow the contents of the A FATOKITE THICK OF THE BAILIFFS. dispatch curiosity frequently gets the better of discretion, the result being that the "broker's man" slips in quietly during the short interval between the delivery of the telegram and the hoax being discovered. In addition to the two devices-named, the services of some itinerant merchant, such as an old do' man, a rag and bone dealer, or old hot-' tie buyer, are sometimes relied upon. 'Other "broker's men" dispatch bogus messengers with a "made np" parcel for delivery, ostensibly from some local tradesman, the said messengers being, of course, in their own employ and carefully instructed how to act when the door Is cautiously opened. After all, however, the devices named are of little or no account where really astute people have to be dealt with, admirable as they may answer in the case of the unwary; and when everything else has failed the "broker's man" has still one trump card, to play, which consists in cutting off supplies, and. thus starving the garrison into capitulation. The vario'us tradesmen; are visited in xurn, ana as none oltnem prooaoiy are, under the circumstances, disposed to be over-obliging in the way of delivering supplies -unless paid for, their hearty cooperation is often of in-ra.ln2.ble assistance. Notwithstanding every precaution, however, there have been instances where a couple of "broker's men" (they invariably work in couples) have been debarred from obtaining possession for several weeks together, and finally have had to give the job up in despair. ; '0nce bit, twice shy," is especially .applicable to the broker's man's visitation, and it is, of course, extremely dif- jficult to levy a distraint a second time on the same people. When, as occasionally happens, several creditors are •clamorous for their money at one and -the same time time, if one is fortunate •enough to be able to obtain possession and levy a distraint, the others are naturally anxious to emulate his example. As an instance of how difficult a task may be accomplished the following incident occurred: The tenant being in arrears with his rent, the landlord promptly distrained on certain of the furniture and had it removed. Another creditor on attempting to put in a "broker's man," THE "BEOKEB'S MAS" GETS WOESTED. found, as might have been expected, that it wasof no use; but the "broker's man," a genius in his way, "was quite equal to the occasion, and having sought out and found the carrier who had removed the furniture already alluded to, he induced him, for a consideration, to load up his wagon again, and, having done so, to draw up in front of the house in question and knock at the door. On its being opened he stated to the servant that a friend of the family's had "arranged" about the rent and he had come to redeliver the furniture. The door was immediately opened to its full extent, when enter "broker's man" in behalf of creditor number two. When entrance has been once obtained the "broker's man's" troubles are by no means invariably at an end, as certain exasperated individuals are at times inclined to take the law into their own hands, totally regardless of the consequences, and eject the unfortunate man—not always in the gentlest manner. Occasions have bee;j known in which brokers' men, in the execution of their duty, have been very seriously maltreated; and it may be gathered that "obtaining possession" is by no means so easy as might be supposed. EHXEST P. NEVILLE. A BRAVE DUDE. Ton Can't Always Tell a Man by HIa Clothes. "You cannot always judge a book by the cover," said Maj. Tom Speedwell to a Globe-Democrat man. "If any man despises a dude I do. I am prejudiced against any man who uses perfumery, wears a silk hat, a stand-up collar or carries a cane. When I find a man doing all those ridiculous things at one and the same time it is all I can do to refrain from personal violence. I yearn to hit him, just on general principles. Add to those offenses against the canons of horse sense a button-hole bouquet, a curled mustache, and a lisp, and.my fingers fairly tingle for a grip on his neck, my toes for a coup de grace. "Yet, I saw just that kind of a biped perform an act of heroism that made me think better of mankind. "I was walking down JIadison street Chicago, last summer, when there was suddenly raised that most aopalling of all cries of terror: 'Mad dog!' An old lady and a little girl were crossing the street, down the center of which a" big mastiff was plunging, with bloodshot eyes and foaming mouth, pursued by a couple of officers. He made straight for the old lady, caught her dress and dragged her down. He then sprang at her throat, but before he reached it a youngster tricked out in the toggery I abhor had him by the neck. The beast raged like a demon, but the dude held him fast until an officer came up and put a bullet through his head. He then picked up his silk tile, brushed it. with his elbow, and said, with an idiotic lisp: 'Every dog in the thitythould be killed; everybody that keepth a dog in the thity thould be hanged.' His philosophy was as sound as his nerve. I went home and wrote with a piece of chalk across the headboard of my bed: 'A man may dress like a cad and look like a fool and still have sand and sense to giveaway.'"— St. Louis Globe-Democrat. THE CRYTOPHONE FOR WAR. An Inexpensive Device to TVam Ships of Approacning Torpedo Boats. The cryptophone, which was designed in 1SSS, and which was then regarded more as a scientific toy than of any practical utility, has been perfected and made available for military and naval purposes. The apparatus consists of a highly sensitive vibrator and a microphone suitably arranged in. a pine box, which is buried two or three feet under the road which it is desired to keep watch over. The apparatus is connected by wires with the indicator at the observing station. The vibrator is so sensitive that it is affected by the passage of a half a dozen man along 1 the road. or by the vibration caused oy a. cart being driven along within a hundred yards of where it is placed. As soon as the vibrator gives any indication of disturbance the land wires are connected with 'a telephone, and the noise made by the traffic can then be distinctly heard and the direction in which the movement is taking place can be determined. The cryptophone is equally effective for naval purposes. For some time difficulty was found in keeping the inside watertight and in equalizing the internal and external pressures, so as not to destroy the sensitiveness of the vibrating needle or the tension of the diaphragm. This, however, was at lengtl successfully accomplished and mos 1 satisfactory tests have been carried ou* in Prance. The instrument can be usec not only for ordinary signaling purposes between one ship and another but for announcing the approach of another ship during a fog. In the experiments in Cherbourg- harbor, the regular thud of the screw of a vessel entering or leaving the harbor over a mile awaj was clearly perceptible. It is said that four cryptophones, costing altogether about four hundred dollars, placed on board an ironclad would bs sufficient to warn the ship of an approachin torpedo-boat and to indicate the direction in which it is traveling.—Electricity. _ A GERMAN EXPLORER. Hcrr Otto Elilcrs' Eventful Journey from Kashmir to Tonkiwff. Hei3- Otto Ehlcrs, the well-known German explorer, who took an important part in the delimitation of the frontier of British and German East Africa, has just completed his journey from Kashmir to Tonking. He marched from Kawal Pindi through Kashmir, the Himalaya hill states, Nepal and Kuch Behar, then through Assam, Man- ipur and Burma. In December last he left Moulmein, marching via Papun, Mainloungyee, Mannghat, to Chieng- Mai, the capital of. Laos. From here Lieut. Ehlers intended to go to Talifu, in Yunnan, but -when he arrived in Chieng-Hung he found the country in anarchy, the king having been driven away by his people on account of excessive taxation, and Chinese troops had entered the country. These troops forced Mr. Ehlers to leave the place; and as he found it impossible to get any further north he changed his plan and marched to Tonking. After twenty-five severe marches, -with only one day's rest, through a very difficult and unsafe country, only accompanied by two servants, the first French post on the Black river was reached. From here the traveler'* marched to Laokai, a HEBE OTTO EHLEKS. strong post on the Chinese frontier, and v»as escorted down from there to Hanoi, where he arrived at the end of May. Mr. Ehlers was once attacked by Chinese pirates, and is not all delighted with the reception the French gave him in Tonking. The delta of Tonking Mr. Ehlers describes as a wonderfully fertile country, which, if properly managed, would become one of the richest colonies in the east. He did his whole traveling on the back of a strong Kashmir pony, presented to him by his highness the rajah of Mundi, a neighboring state of Kashmir. Soap as Cnrrency. At Queretario, near Mexico, soap is the currency of the place and a legal tender for payment of debts. The cakes are about the size of the familiar brown Windsor and are each worth about three farthings. Each cake is stamped with the name of the town in which it is current and that of the" person authorized to manufacture and utter it. Soap money of one town is not current in another. —-.b'atner." said -farmer Jiegosh's son, "I'm ffoin' to have another chill.'' "Be ye? Well, jes" wait a minute till I git the churn fixed up fur ye, will ye?" —Washing-ton Star. jlfr. J". G. Anderson Of Scottdale. Pa., a veteran of the llth Penn. Vcls.. s-.'j-s, as a. result o£ war service lie Suffered Every Minute Fro:a liver ind kidney troubles, catarrh in the hesd, rheumatism acd distress in his stomach. Everythint: he ate seeded like lend. Sleep •ras restless, and ia the morning he seemed more tired riisa when he -went to bed. He says: Hood's and Hood's Pills did me more good than every, thins else put together. All my disagreeable symptoms have gone.'" Be sure to get Hood's. .creeab ;Hood' HOOD'S P1I.LS are die best aftaz-dicner pis. They assist digestion and cms headache. Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commen d it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 75c bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Manufactured only by the CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO., SAN FK&ITCJISCO, CA1. , BTST. NEW TORS, K. For sale by all druggists-. Special Bargains, and Notices. Bnrgnlns Offered by Loffonspo-t Jlorclmnts, Wants and Church, Society, Knllroad and Miscellaneous Notices. Call at John Schriefer's 224 Market street, for Toledo Pilsner beer. M. M. Gordon, Real Estate and Pension Agent. Pension business a pecially. !ooper shop machine hands and barrel loopers. A few good men can find employment in the Green street cooperage works, at Michigan City, Ind. J. H. WlNTEKBOTHA.1I & SONS, Proprietors. Address or apply as above. St. JUoiiist Fair, October 3d to Sth. For this occasion the Wabash Rail- sad has named rate of §8.25 for round trip; tickets to be sold October 2d, 3d and 4th, good going date of sale only. Good returning not later than October Sth. C. G. NEWELL, Agent. Low Kate to JLexluiEton. Ky., via Pennsylvania LliiCh, for the Kocen. October 2d to 13th, inclusive, excur- ;iou tickets will be sold at very low rate via this direct route. Please apply to nearest Pennsylvania line Icket afcent for details. via Butler County Fair Excursion* the Pennsylvania I^inex. October, 3d, 4th, 5tb, 6th and 7th. sxcursion tickets will be sold to Hara- Iton account the Butler County Fair rom all ticket stations on the Richmond division between Cincinnati and ,ogansport, return coupons valid re- urning until October Sth. ZTor all forms of nasal catarrh where here is dryness of the air passages with what is commonly called "stuffing up," especially when going to bed, Jly's Cream Balm gives immediate •elief. Its benefit to me has been priceless.—A. G. Case, M. D., Millwood, Kas. One of my children had a very bad discharge from her nose. Two phy- ,icians prescribed, but without much benefit. We tried Ely's Cream Balm, and, much to our surprise, there was a marked improvement. We con- inued using the Balm and in a short ,ime the discharge was cured.—0. A. }ary, Corning, N. Y. Tlie Goldcil Secret of tone; Life. Keep the head cool, the feet warm and the-bowels open. Aunt Fanny's lealth Restorer is a vegetable preparation and acts as a natural laxative, and is the greatest remedy ever discovered for the cure of dyspepsia, iver complaint, and all blood, liver and kidney diseases. Call on Ben r isher, 311 Fourth street, sole agent, and get a trial package free. Large ize 50 cents. Mother's Friend !s the greatest blessing ever offered :hild-bearing women. I have been a midwife many years, and in each case where Mother's Friend has been used, t has accomplished wonders and re- ieved much suffering. It is the best •emedy for rising of the breast known, ,nd worth the price for that alone. MBS. M. A. BBEWSTEK, Montgomery, Ala. Sold .by Ben Fisher. Short breath, palpitation, pain hest, weak and faint spells, etc. ured by Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure Sold at"B. F. Stealing's, That Dear O14 Word, Good-by. Is a mighty sad one waea It Is the parting salutation beween friends whom thousands of miles of salt \vater tire about to separate. Jfcirtners, buyers In foreign lands for heavy houses, commercial travelers who have made nifuiy trips across the stormy Atlantic, think little of an ocean voyage, but to the first voyager the Initial trip is a momentous affair. Seasickness Istoba expected as a matter of course. How to prevent It? The finest remedy and preventative of the nausea provoked by the tossing of a vessel, the Jarring motion of the screw of a steamship, or of a locomotive train. Is Hosteller's Stomarh Bitters pronounced be sea captains, ship doctors.tourlsts, travelers and emigrants the finest stomachic and best defense ngalnst ailments o£ the bowels, digestive organs and llrar In existence. HaJarla, rheumatism, kidney trouble and debility are remedied by it. Are you made miserable by indigestion, dizzeaess, loss of appetite, yellow skin? Shiloh's Vitalizer is a'posi: tive cure. Guaranteed by B. F. Keesling. _ The Rev George H. Thayer, ol Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to Sbiloh's consumption cure.'-' Guaranteed by B. F. Keesling. With a record like Simmons' Liver Regulator all should use ii for the lirer, kidneys and bowels. Shilo'u's Cure will 'imrnediiuely re Here croup, whooping cough and bronchitis. Guaranteed by B. F. Keesling. Children Cry for Pitcher's CastorJa. \ A nasal injector free with each bottle of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Guaranteed by B. F. Kees- 11=?. < Do not waste your time on doctors when your liver is diseased. Take Simmons' Liver Regulator, Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy.—A positive cure for catarrh, diphtheria and canker mouth. Guaranteed byB. F Keesling. Coughing Lead* to CoiiHumpll*ii. Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough at once Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla, To enjoy life, stimulate digestion and regulate the bowels, take Simmons' Liver Regulator. Nervous debility, poor memory, diffidence sexual weakness, pimples, cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. Samples free at B. F. Keesling s. Good Sewn. No other medicine in the world was ever given such a test of its curative qualities, as Otto's Cure. Thousands of bottles of this great German remedy are being distributed free of charge, >y druggists in this country, to those afflicted with consumption, asthma, croup, severe coughs, pneumonia and all throat and lung diseases, giv- ng the people proof that Otto's Cure will cure them, and that it is the grandest triumph of medical science. For isale only by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street. Samples free. Large bottles 50 cents. Steaming tlie Face and Facial' ^Massage for removing wrinkles is at the present day attracting wide-spread attention everywhere. In fact, hundreds of Face Massage Parlors are established in every large city where the treatments are given, at $2 each. Thousands of ladies however prefer purchasing a bottle of Blush of Koses Massage Oil which lasts two months for §1. Full directions for Face Massage and Steaming the face accompany each bottle. Circulars free. For sale by B. F. Keesling and J. L. Hanson. Health is wealth. Take Simmons 1 Liver Regulator for all sickness caused by diseased liver. Why will you cough -when Shiloh's cure will give immediate relief. Price 10c., oOc. and SI. Guaranteed ty B. F. Keesling. When Baby was siot, wo ga»o her <;—-•;•••.*. Wiensiie was a Child, she cried for 'jj-'.'-r -.. -When she became Miss, she clun^ v> Cj't'.ritt. When she had Children.she gave thc'a Casioi ia. For dyspepsia and liver complain you have a rvinted guarantee on every bottle of ^ ailoh's Vitalizer. It never fails to .--lire. Guaranteed by B. F Keeslug. Delays are dangerous. Take Simmons' Liver Regulator in time for dyspepsia, biliousness, and all disease of the liver. -. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. Biliousness, constipation, torpid, liver, etc., cured by Dr. Miles'Ner- vine. Samples free atB. F. Keesing's- . • • jUute'fs Family Medicine Woven the Bowel* jSverv day. Most people need to use it-.

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