The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVIU.K, (ARK.1 COURIER NEWS Gen. Ridgway Moves To Office 14 Minutes After M f Arthur Leaves TOKYO, April 16. liP^-A new tenant took over today in Tokyo's huge Meel and concrete Dai Ichi Biiild- infr. seat of Allied control over Japan. There was no fanfare. The new- man simply stepped out of a shiny black limousine and \i-nlked into Ihe building at, 1:36 a.m. He went up Ihe elevator to the sixth floor and sat down benind H large He Is LL Gen. Matthew B. Rldg- wny. new supreme Allied commander. For more than five years, Ihe Dal Ichi building had 'been the riomatn of Gen. Douglas MacArthiir. ousted Wednesday by Pi'csidcni. Truman. Only 14 minutes before Rldgsvay walked in, Ihe Constellation bearing MacArthiir back u> tnc United Stales had left Haneda airport. Ridgway had been at the airport lo see his predecessor oil. Then he hurried back to central Tokyo to start work. It wasn't long toming. A little while later, lie conferred with Lt. Gen. George Slrutemeyer. head of the Far Eastern air forces, and Adm. C. Turner Joy, commander of Far Eastern naval forces Slaff fllccl Atlcndfrf Then he attended a staff conference. A staff aide said Ridgway plans no radical changes In the appearances -of bis new offices. "tie's going to replace some oil paintings," the aide said. "And of course he will have pictures of his family, on the desk. Anrl he intends to hang some pictures oi General MacArtliur. General Marshall and the joint chiefs of staff on the walls." The only furniture moving RUlg- wny ordered was the shift, of a globe from an outer office into his own. As he progressed through 11 busy . Monday, cro'vds of Japanese and Americans crushed around the entrance of the Dai Ichi building in the hope of catching a glimpse (>'. MAC'S AIDE TO QUIT-Mij Gen. Couriney Whitney, General MacArthur's old friend, closest adviser and head of his government section, has requested retirement in order to accompany the former supreme commander when he returns to the U. S the new commander. Nenrly every day lot live year*, Ihe same crowds had waited outside the building lo watch MacArthur's comings and goings. Now there was a new mnn u> occupy Iheir Attention. Doctor Admits Shooting Couple Wife Killed, Friend Wounded after Pair Are Found in Bed TITUSVILLE, Flu.. April 16. (API -Police said Or. Hnm sirasser admitted firing the shots (hat killed his wife and seriously wounded a man as they lay asleep on a bed in (he Straser' beach cottage near Cocoa Saturday morning. * Dr. Slraser. 40, is being held without formal charge in Brevanl County jail here. S James R. Howie. 27, was taken to Jacksonville for brain surgery after police, found him with a 'bullet wound in the head. His condition continued critical curly loday. Howie, a civilian technician at the guided missile proving grounds nearby, and his wife were weekend gucsl.s of the Strassers. \Vrnt for Cigarfls Mrs. Howie told Investigators she nnd Dr. Slrnsser. went lo Cocoa about. 10 miles Irrm the cottage for claret. 1 ! and when they returned about 5 a.m. found Mrs. Strasscr and Howie in bed. Mrs. Strutter was 'nude, and r.owie was fully clothed except for hi.s shoes, Mrs. Howie told police. She said Dr. Strasser "got a gnn from somewhere in the bedroom and shot them." On Inquest was delayed pending Howie's condition. Dr. Strawer. Brerard County health director the past several months, told a newsman Saturday tilghl the last thing he recalled was practicing medicine In New jersey. Yesterday, he said In another interview, his memory of recent events had returned. MONDAY, APRTL HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Man Must Bow to Woman When It Comes to Weekend Leave «w v^r-'k nfc «|!sri"s; i hrs c Xt I v l s.- 10 "*" k - unit about going from home Is the TI,-II, i, ,, ', coming back to It. 11 „ i- ,, V " y U Mwny * ls for ,. . I ""• fcvery time .she leaves and It wears an air of newness, and; comes back she flnd.s the same old i cvciylhiflK about It looks fresher: hopeless mcss-ln-nerd-of-a-hair° , t 1 and younger—including the Indy or - -- "airuit the house. The old sayii.K that travel Is -me. Nevean worse. ' Now They Use Diapers In B-47 Strata jets — To Clean Bomb Sights WICHITA, Kan., Apr)! 16. tJi>f— Now they're using baby dinners'on the Air rorce's B-41 stratojet plines j r Whj ' , Wen Don penner, senior material bluer for the Boeing airplane plant didn't Know! He got a requisition do/.en diapers for (he big bombers, .scratched his head a while, then checked with the superintendent who put In the order. The superintendent, f!ay Mitchell. n r e this explanation: The diallers are used to clean Ihe bomb sight lens. The soft, lint- 'rce material is Ideal for the job But when I come back 1 alwavs broadening has a double truth. It find somethins „,„.,• and fi,,er n not only enlarges your knowledge I every way-hcr. With each absence oi the other side of the horizon; -' —'-- • of mine she Improves in nltiativ and self-reliance. When I first lold her "I do"—or did I sny that to the minister?— .she't even then exactly the clinging vine type. I was. Biit she It redoubles your appreciation ol what you return to. This is more I rue, however, when husbands go away for a (rip nnd return. It Isn't so true, I find when wives make a journey. They don'ti conld hardly drive a nail Into 'the hey c c."ne"b\ C ck <0 Bppreci!lt<! «'» e " <™» "'ithout mangling her Ihumb. tnej come back. j ar cntiy nut (hc RShM (r(jm ^ "What happened lo the living j fireplace without a mild grunting room—did some of your paratroop sound. ! > , U< ' < ", C " ' nnk ' " C ° mbil1 1Jmtil "K She had lo undertake these small .her,.? •Frances asked atier her last duties because she found I was a visit to relatives In Texas. "And completely unhandy man around wliat is that (.,-cen stuff on Die the .house. As she put It "how can dishes in the sink-penicillin or just so A.tle talent take up ,„ much ordinary mold? You left the win- S P A£,,. So she had to become a (lows in the bedroom open and the handy ladv. rnin has mined the curtains. How can you turn a nice home into a battlefield in only three weeks?" . It took her a week to straighten |'ip.-the place and cancel the tentn- .tjye orders I |iad placed with door- tbjdoor 'salesmen for Horns ranging from tionary new electric blanl signed for rings. Wr Don't Have Dni- "You know we don't even have a dog, Rover bny," she said. "Can't yon evcjy.say no lo people who knock on the -.door and try to sell you 5ometliin^?"" No. dy- lady Frances Improved Looking back now. I guess Frances made her bigcest improvement during the second world war, when I was gone for about four years It was dining this period she learned If) carry out the kitchen waste, fix rte-1 bulbs, and make minor electrical repairs lo the radio. ft was then. I believe, that I bought her a saw for Christmas. 'U is'the very first one I linve, ever owned." she murmured gratefully. ' Since coming back from I be Ko..,, , , , i rfan Wa r. 1 have found she has Yon are, .so helpless." shr. says I ncQutrcd more and more stills. 400,000 Airplane Spotters Sought COLORADO SPRINGS. Colo.. April Jfi. rfl't —Air command headquarters here has called for 400,000 civilian volunteers to spot low flying aircraft over the U. S. The ADC said yesterday they'll be needed to "expand the system of civilian aircraft observers so that, it will extend across the entire northern part of the U. S. and along both coasts." • There are 100,080 volunteers now manning a.0'10 observation posts and 2fi filter centers along the cast and west consts and Great Lakes i - gion. The ADC said 11,400 new observation posts and 26 filter centers will be established by Jnly 1. other evening she paraded through the living room carrying an armful of wrenches. 'Don't mind me dear.' she said. "Go on reading your nexvppappr. I Just want to tune up the radiator a bit." When I supfiesled we ought to get a television set, she said that if I just would go away to another war she would probably have time lo build one herself. '•MaySic even a house, loo," she said, I thought there was a lonch of irony in her tone, and asked her if there was anything in particular troubling her, "ts'o, dear." she said. ''Don't do anything—just sit there. But some- have become a darned good carpenter. And loilay rd bo making S3 an hour instead of just \vorking for my meals." Robbers Take $335,000 From Park Avenue Home Of Ex-Star Hope Hampton NEW YORK. April 16. M'j-Rob- l>ers entered former film actress Hope Hamilton's Park Avenue mansion from the roof early yesterday, found no one at home, and left by the from rioor with loot valued at $335,000. The blonde silent-film actress said Ihe haul included $300,000 worth of gems, a silver-blue mink coat worth S1S.OOO, and $15.000 In cash, police said an additional $5,OCO In cash belonging to a house guest also was stolen. Most of the jewelry, police quoted Miss Ha.upton ns saying, was not Insured. The Jewelry and $10.000 in cash were carried away by the robbers In a small sale. Porpoise Enteri Diets VIENNA fAP)-Canned porpoise for lunch? Food shortages in Com- inunkt Romania have forced the Food Ministry to experiment with, the whale-like inamal found in the The Road to Failure u Paved with Wasted Assets S.AV.vv COMPANY Clnlral Division *, M. fllobliih.d 1955 Black Sea. • Porpoises are expected t<j mak< tasty dishes." report«l the new*, paper "Unlversul." NOXZEMA'S Read Courlei News Classified Ads Relief for Poison fvy, Potion Oak Scores of people find Nox-Iir*, made by tha makers oi famoupl Noxiema Skin Cream, brinj« quick relief to the annoying itching of poiion ivy, helps dry up blisters fast. Get Nox-Ivy at any drug store. 39* and 731, WANT ADS Stll frc. "Opportunity knockl tvery day in ths want ads." Ads placed befor* 9 a.m. will appear lama day All clarified advertising payable in advance THEVII i E COURIER NEWS ASSURANCE INSURANCE Nn one knows today what will hiipiion lomnrnnv. Bnl you CAN protect yourself ngnii\st what will happen. TliHl is (he value of insurance. Consider jusl lliesc two thinirs yourself: If your house hums (town fiimorrow, would your present insurance lie enough lo htiy or Imild another house that's just as good? Or (his. if you broke your leir and couldn't work for two months, would your family have enough money to i;el along? Now, we dou'l wish (o sound overly |iessimistic, hut it is important lo face fads—perhaps you might like (o slop in (omorrow and discuss your insurance protection with," us. The INSURANCE DBPARTMBNT - G. If, ROJiSO.V, Manager FARMERS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY t rn.l.C—sin.QOn rach Ocpa ^ Mtmhtr Fcrt e r A l utirri* s,>u» 1 II 1 The OLDEST BANK In Mbshsippt Count.* Time Irlrrt - Punic leMrrt t 1 j| count (lie limes yoiill wish for PACKARD ULTRAMAT1C DRIVE 1. On long trips—because you cruise in solid, th;cct <irivc at .ill cruising specks. No slippnge. No ' r.idng-cnejinc sensation." 2. In slop-go traffic—because with I'.uk.uJ Ultnm.itic there's no clutcli- pvishin,i;—.mil no gear-shifting anywhere, cither by you or the tr.insnm- iion. i\o jerking, no clunking. 3. On slippery pnvetnent—hccansc l'.«.k,ir»l Ultrsnt.uic Drive climiii.ucs risky "ilown-shiit«," xvhicli often c.uivc prolonged skills. Also important: P.ick;uil Ultr.imitic improves Irnctio.i. 4. When parking or when "roc'x- ing" the car in snow or mini—because (here's no "gear-shift b.tlk" in UltM- m.itic You can change instantly from Forward to Reverse without clashing. On these four counts—and on every count—the most advanced of all the moiicrn automatic drives is Packard'! exclusive Vliiamalic Drite, Come in and drive it this week! ASK IHl MAN WHO OWNS ONI It's more than a car--it's a PACKARD MOTOR SALES COMPANY 217 West Walnut, Blytheville, Ark.

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