The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 27, 1949
Page 9
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MONDAY, JUNK Z7, 3949 BLYTHEVrLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NfNB THE NATION TODAY 81 st Congress Also Rates High For Doing Nothing But Talk About Need for Economizing By June* Mirlow WASHINGTON, June 27 W—It's been almost, seven months since this Congress—the »lst—started work. Except for rent control, it hisn't pas- led one major Item of President Truman's campaign promises. This li getting to sound like a< ^phonograph record. Every month 1 iose "watching the show here can pull another 30 days oil the cal- ender and say: "Nothing much done yet." It's been a dull session, indeed, to anyone looking down at it from the galleries, or in the committee hearings, the Jaw-jaw-jawing has been endless, the. results meager. Before it quits for 1949, Congress probably will pass a couple of major Kerns. It Isn't likely to do more than that. t Then when it return* neit Jan- •arj for the second half of iU two-year krm this 81st t:on t rr«s controlled by the Democrats, will let another crack at producing before the 1950 fall elections. Perhaps nothing shows better what has been happening—or, rather, what hasn't been happening— than all the tall talk bout cutting down on government spending. Congressmen and senators have outdone one another with their stern statements that Congress would reduce government expenditures and . . . but just go back a bit: Last January Mr. Truman tume( his budget over to Congress. The budget is his experts' estimate o: what it will cost to run the gov eminent another year. At once Rep. John Taber, New York Republican who preaches ec onomy, got a look at the budge «nd said: "We'll have to go ove )t and try to civilize it." That started a regular econom ifchorns. congress has the power tf ^cut the budget since it's Congres. which votes the money for runnln the government. All that started In January Here It is, late June, and no real eats hi»<- been made yet. Now I majority of icnatorl are talking •f hiring both houses simply pass * measure telling Mr. Truman to do the euttinf. If this goes through, it will b. • very frank confession that Cor gress'has failed, or doesn't kno how, to carry out on of its mo important Jobs: Deciding what th government should spend. As to major items . . . A public housing bill may go through. Then Senate has approved It. the House is considering it now. It's not so sure that a new labor law will be passed to replace the Taft-Hartley act. But unless the House also acts before it quits for 3949, there'll be no new labor law and T-H will stand. The Senate pretty surely will ap- fife, Leaving Home, akes Wheelbarrow; Hubby Wants It Back GREEN BAY, Wis., June 27. (JP)— ohn J. Everard, Route 1. Oneida, ame to the Green Bay Press-Ga- .ette office Saturday to report that is wife, Mary, had disappeared. "She sued me for divorce 11 times nd each time the case was dls- Issed," said Everard. "The neigh - •OJ'3 saw her walking across the eld Friday with her belongings in wheelbarrow. "Put an item in Die paper, won't 'ou? I want that wheelbarrow jack." A WARNING IGNORED—With grim irony, the billboard at left in background warns "Drive Carefully" as Charles Saulnier lies dead on a sidewalk in Brockton, Mass. The pedestrian was struck by a hil-run motorist who Bed from the accident car. left, on foot, leavine his victim to die. Vive to Holt Child .abor in State Planned LITTLE ROCK, June 27. rkansas Labor Commissioner C. K, Call plans an all-out campaign to itop child labor in the state. Enforcement 01 law preventing youngsters from working is a sure cure for juvenile delinquency, Call said last night. He announced plans to make Faulkner County the first stop on an intensive program to stamp out child labor law violations. Call said some employers are working 12 and 13 year-old girls all hours and in all kinds of jobs. ERP Undergoes Acid Test in Greece, Ravaged by Nine Long Years of War Race Institute Opens NASHVILLE, Tenn.. June 27. (*>) —The American Missionary Association's sixth annual Institute of Race Relations opens today at Pisk University. Theme of this year's institute Is "Social and Political Jmplica- tions of Human Rights." Among the lecturers will be Rep. Brooks Hays (D-Ark). Land now combined »» the United States once belonged to Spain, Prance, England, Holland and Sweden. prove the Atlantic pact. This doesn't need House approval since the pact, being in the form of a treaty, is a ob for the Senate only. But—beyond the pact, housing and abor—it's hard to see what important legislation this Congress will have time for before It goes home Tor the year. By NF.A Foctlsn Service i ATHENS, Greece (NBA) — The I European Recovery Program has had its acid test in this beaten- up country, which has been at war for nine years. Economic Cooperation Administration officials believe that the corner has been turned and that the Greek people are on the road to more prosperous times. Even before World War II. Greece was a poor country. Then some of the most savage and destructive fighting of the European conflict paralyzed It completely. When the shaky peace came to most of the rest of the world, Greece continued to be ravaged by civil war and guerrilla fighting. The problem looked almost hopeless when the American Mission for Aid to Oreece arrived in 1947, offering emergency military and economic assistance. During the ensuing year. AMAG laid a good foundation for the work that the ECA took over iu the spring ol 1948. EC'A officials set an ambitious goal, a four-year program aimed at getting Greece back on its own reel. Rebuilding of roads, bridges, canals and dock facilities was given top priority, on the theory that transportation must come first In helping a country recover. With x good start on improving the transportation facilities, ECA quickly got the other parts of its plan under way. They include Improving public health, develop- ment of power and irrigation facilities, teaching the farmers better agricultural methods, encouraging the fishing industry, luring a tourist trade to Greece, building .schools and hospitals and establishing new industries. Approximately J63.800.000 has been the cost of the first year's effort in Greece. Pontlac, Mien., was settled in 1818 Three Hurt in Storm When Tree Topples MEMPHIS, June 27 (/!>>—Tine persons were injured last when high winds toppled a tree or top of them during a picnic. None of (he three—Mr. and Mr E. H. Wright and tlieir daughte Lorene Wright. 24, was reporle in serious condition. The winds accompanied an Ir tense thunderstorm. Trees wei knocked over and power and tele phone service were disrupted. T! Weather Bureau recorded gusts i and named after an Indian chief, 'up to 60 miles an hour. Missco Pupils Take College's Aptitude Tests Blytheville «nd Wilson high chool seniors were among the 1,760 seniors In Arkansas who took the o-oper»tlv« tests given by Aik- ntas Polytechnic College, Kussell- Ille, this jre*r. The UsU aided in educational nd vocational planning Seniors from 31 Arkansas high schools took the standard scholas- ic aptitude tests this spring. Charles G. Morehead, formerly a nember of the high school faculty lere and band director. Is director f the Tech Guidance Bureau and ounselar for the State Department if Education. score of the students tested were nmpared with of seniors in other schools and with college ieshmen-to-be with whom some may compete this fall. Score* Indicate each senior's po- enliality for technical and sclen< Iflc or liberal-arts subjects, The total score Is for general Intelligence or academic iplltude. Livestock NATIONAL. STOCKYARDS, III., June 27 OP)— <USDA>—Hogs 14,000; 2S to 50 cents lower; mostly 25 cents off on weights 180 Ibs up and sows; bulk good and choice 180-230 Ibs 21.25-5O;top 21.50; 240-210 Ibs 20.5021.25; 270-325 Ibs 19.50-20.50; 14O- 170 Ibs 19.75-21.00; 100-130 lb pigs scarce; odd lots 17.75-19.60; good sows 400 Ibs down 16.00-17.50; over 100 Ibs 13.00-15.50; most stags 11.0013.50. Cattle 5700; calves 1100; bulls and vealers steady: medium and good bulls 18.50-20.00; cutter and common 16.00-18.00; good and choice vealers 23,00-27.00; common and medium 18.00-23.00. ure taken at time of Boy'* will be months before they kno* 'AP Wireplioto) fiAMKI.RS 1.1KB — I,ollls Bo.\ (al)ovei serving life term in Slug Sing Prison. Ossining, N. Y., for part in 1931 murder of garage cashier In New York City, lias helped write medUial history recently by submitting to blood exchange with «irl leukemia victim who later died. Boy seems all right but doctors say he will survive. Tills is police pic- Service — That's Our Motto! We spare no effort lo p an fclXTHA everyday prescription icrvtce which meant, extra oon venience to vou Feel tree to call an us at. tin.? time Prompt delivery service Phon« 507. WOODS DRUG STORE IN JOVIAL MOW^-Cov. Fulle Warren of Florida enjoys a hearty [augh during a press conference Los Angeles, Calif. Here to marry Barbara Manning, 24, the 43-year- old governor told reporters that six months of being governor" 'has given me my fill" and that he financed his trip to Los Angeles "out ot the piggy bank—I've bwn pulling quarters and nickels in it for some time." lAP Wirephoto), PIANO TUNING fhe world's finest — done with the famous STKOUO- CONN and EXCLUSIVE to this territory. Enjoy a i>er- fectly tuned piano once. RADIO REPAIR on every make and mode) done bv a GOVERNMENT LICENSED radio-telephone operator wilh every job GUARANTEED RIGHT. MUSIC SUPPLIES Everything from the finest pianos to the smallest part" RADIOS — SHKET MUSIC —RECORDS—JUST ANYTHING IN MUSIC. BROOKS Music Store 107 E. Main Ttl. 811 EYES THAT SPOT VALUE LIPS THAT RILISH LUXURY re,,,-.,.* i, Tx,rR,v»IJ If you are looking for top quality at the right price — try this "Double-Rich' 1 Kentucky whiskey. Just say, "Make mine Cream!' 1 $2.66 HOT $4.22 4/1 <JT. KENTUCKY WHISKEY-A BLEND A &chenl«y Mark of Merit WSisVey 86 Proof, 70% Grain Neutral Spirits. © Sch«nl«y Dijfill.rj Corp., N. Y. C. IHE NEWKI IDEA III LUXURY <-*. WMtf&0&^ COSTS $875 TO $2,387 LESS* TO BUY BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIM OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 FRAZIER BUS LINES Charter Service Kor Church Organizations, Baseball Clubs, etc. Entirely nrw ilarutanlg of luxury wtth economy, ar« now made [wssibfe by I be Unifixed Body-aml-FYame of ihe i\a»ri Ambassador Airflyle. The beautiful Airflyte e\!i;rior is com- pleiely streamlined, with all four wbfinli enclosed —a new run* in styling which will s«l the pace in car* lo i-nnie. And, inside, is root nines*, mi at irpasstMi in any olUcr modern automobile. With its low cenler of gravity, there's greater stability on rurves. "Yon rx|>eri< rm:e nrw riding simx>tlmi»s, with all four wheels mshioned by ei|iinl-artM>n coil «prings. The squeaks and ratlins of ^p- arale Iwtfy and frame arr gone. Here i? I be only Ammivm riiw'me with IOG/S '•oiiMln-taUm:r<I, 7'hearing cranlc- jihafl — ao efficient that it gives up to 30SS more ga.v.tiiw mileage than tbe other three finest cant. In the Naah Ambassador GuMom, you may choose from a variety of de<x>ralor- slyled fabrics lo harmonize wilh body irtlorg. Ant) al amall extra t:oM T you may design ynur *>wn interior acueinr,. Sre your JNasJi dealer. Drive an Am- hassarJor. Drive the fines! firal *> that you may thro have • standard of comparison. In addition to the f'.unlotn model*., (He Ambassador ta available in the Stificr ami Sn[n;r-S|>e(:ul Strict. Licensed & Insured _ •* Licensed & I nsured for Your Protection Call for Our Schedule Phone 2391 or 4152 RENT A CAR Drlre Anywber* VD« PI«UM Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 ! Nationally Advertised \ j Feminine Apparel; | In the most exclusive • J tines at the i j Accessory Shop j J Feminine Apparel • Mattel tintin - Jewie Srti. i HOIKI. NOBI.F. BI.DG. • BlTlhr.rll!. ArhinMl ! Say It . . . Wilh Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP (flencoe Building Phone 44!)) or ^747 ONLY THE MOST MODERN OF AMiftlCA'S FOUR FINEST CARS OFFERS ALL THIS mofr rigid, safer, TJrUi»U) raule-|,r<K>f jud PomcHJft High Cofl>fM > *«»ion r T»lvr-iti*}iratl Amlia.seadof rn^in« with thr jrwelciJ Riri(M>th- nr^sofa 10()% t cotnplelely (^oiinlrr-Jialancfrf 7-lnriirIng rrsnksbaft . . . like the, power-plant of tTie world's moat eiprnaive auiornot/ilc. Automatic Ov*r4Hv*f Alt tlie ra?e of Arml- aittornaiic Iransiiilitittn, wJihoni slififM^f , la^ Alon* of *M Ffrwr fin»»« Cmrt, llir \ .AmhaHSiidrtr <iflern tlie. fjni<M:opr . . . On; Control . . . liniftfi'jrr t'.aibkirrliori . (, mJiviJrrl, .-urvri) WindaFiirld^ iir "H fiMn Awfo*iHVfi< W»«tti«r ly«t Krr«h »tr ventilation and heal control. You nrverl>ave diinl, ivr Vnow coif I, front seal or b* 1 ^. '" »ny weather. Sfnoothvst Rid* I Of the Tour 6nfAt r*r*. only fSasli offers the ftmocith, niirnl ride of coil «|>ringa cushimim^ *\\ four wlifcln. I4*al H*»d-Koofn, Irg-rfmrn, i-llin»v room indliif;gaj;r.»pxce— and all j n • lo^.iillionrtie *i Horn obi l«. Twin B*rf* for Nopp4n0, \\}\\\f v ^ir partner Hrivfi, or imnrioiift sleeping. car cnmf<rrl at night. Available only in tNVih. G,rJ%r-»«m UnHicvd ft«4 y .A,],l trame. ri. rlntivt with iSash, ia one solid vtrMrrl tinir, GUARANTEED SERVICE ON • Relrigenilnrs Household — Commercial • Air Conditioning Kartios—Record I'liiytrs * * * •> \Vaslicrs • (las K We I'ick UP Deliver ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. The SECRET of Rothrock's EXPERT Prescription Service ROTHROCKDnOGCO PHONE 44SI % rex' shoemaker aided hv modern equipment and finest materials bring* nrw I iTe to worn t fwtwemr hrrr_ HflLTCRS RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & N1ES lAll l'yp«s Kxcept C^anccr) Clinic 511 Main Hlythrville 4rk Ph*nr SHELTON MOTOR COMPANY 121 E. Main Phone 2122 SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alTalCa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to I/I inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 NEED A TAXI? DIAL 968 BLYTHEVILLE CAB 501 B. MAIN Jack O/.ment Richard Hugh

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