Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 2, 1892 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 2, 1892
Page 8
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HANDK SALE Mr. Schmitt purchased the entire stock of an importer who was going out of business, and you can buy handkerchiefs at remarkably low prices for the next few days. We have He Choicest Line in ffie A FULL PURSE. Only the rich usually have: All the great mass of people have to watch the cents as well as the dollars. For'pesple economically disposed we have an admirable line of Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Silverware. Always up with the times in stylo. Elgin watches, $5, warranted. Gold and gold filled watches, warranted for 15 years, $15. Solid Silver watches, stem wind, $S. Other goods in proportion. All goods engraved. HAUK, The Jeweler and Optician. 410 Broadway. 0 0 O O r rn 'What is the use of paying two prices for your cloths then not get them to fit you? If you come to me I \wiil make j-bu a fit that you can feel proud of. P. J.'HOOLEY, The Tailor. 418 MARKET STREET. I have just received an invoice of 100 SETS of WHEELS •with the tire on, and the boxing in. I have all sorts and sizes suitable for Buggies, Spring Wagons and Carts that I am selling at a very Sow price. These wheels have one coat of paint and some of them are entirely finished, they are in a condition to set on a cart at once; J.n fact we can fit you out while you wait. Also have just received my invoice of New \-?obes, Blankets and all kinds of Winter Goods ^handled by houses in my line. If in need of -any of the above goods please call and see me jit once, Geo. Harrison. DAILY JOURNAL. SUNDAY MORNING. OCT. 2. 424 BROftDWftY. Handkerchief sale—Golden Rule. Toilet soap sale this weak at Foley's Cloak opening all this week at the Bee Hive. Golden Rule linen hankerchief sale. —Golden Rule. Mrs. Brug'geman has the stylish trimmer of Log-ansport. "Dick" Twells is visiting at his former home at Lafayette. Toilet Soap—A 25 cent box for 20 cents this week, at Foley's. And still the new goods are coming in daily at the Trade Palace. Wanted—Two or three furnished rooms. Address postoffice box 37. Mrs. C. A. Timmons and Miss Delia Westfall. of Ottcrbein, are visiting in the city. Styles of cloaks as exhibited at the Bee Hive will be pronounced very beautiful. Mrs. W. A. Bruggeman was fortunate in securing one of Chicago's best trimmers. Long fur capes and Victoria shawls at the Bee Hive's cloak parlors will be very fashionable this winter. Dress goods and trimmings just opened in endless variety in fine goods. See them at the Trade Palace. Among the display of cloaks this week at the Bee Hive,, will '.'be. found some very beautiful fur garments. - A Characteristic of Hood's Sarsapa rilla: The largest sale, the most merit, the greatest cures. Try it, and real-- ize its benefits. White flannels at prices to. please; 30 cent flannel, 18 cents, others in proportion. Bought at auction.— Trade Palace. Jennie Anderson, teacher of voice culture and instrumental music, can be interviewed' at 403 High street. Reference, J. C. Bridge. Dr.-J.'Z. Powell went to Metropolis, 111., yesterday morning to attend the bedside of Ms aged father, who waa reported dangerously ill. The attendance at the F.'M. B.A. picnic at Lake Cicott yesterday was not so very large, there being but 152 tickets sold from this station. Lost—-A leather pocket book .containing |35 and some tax receipts and notes, was lost in the city yesterday (Friday) afternoon. Will pay a good reward for return of the same to Sweetser's shoestore.-Leander Myers. Wanted, Oil Agent—A good, reliable and energetic man to represent us in the sale of our oils, greases, etc., on good commission. Also a few traveling salesmen to carry our samples as a side line. The case is small, and can be carried in the pocket. Address with references, J. R. Timmins & Co., Cleveland, O. Among the noteworthy bicycle events this season was the race at the fair ground Friday between C. W. Burgman and Frank Pottmeyer, in response toPottmyer's challenge. The half mile was made by Burgman in l:16i, which time brought forth applause from a crowd of horsemen who witnessed it. Responding to a general request from those present Burgman then made a trial 1-mile in 16} seconds,, which for an amateur is not so bad. Miss Stella Dalrym pie. of the Journal's composing room, was the recipient of a most thorough and delightful surprise last evening, at her home, corner of Sixth and High streets, on the occasion of her teenth birthday anniversary. Quite a large party of her friends called to wish her •••many happy returns." and at midnight the ever-hungry Journal force ; called to extend seasonable congratulations and to aid in putting away the very dainty supper which was served at- that time. THE BIG BAPTIST MEETOG. Frosrrara of the Comins Baptist State Convention In Tbl» City This Wee ••. Following is the program of the 60th session of the Indiana Baptist State convention to be held in this city this week., commencing tO'mor- row evening and continuing until Friday noon: MONDAY EVES1SG. 7 30-CaIl to order. Prayer and son?. Welcome to tne city, Hon. 3. C. D. Read. Hayor of Logans port. >ddress ol welcome. Rev. W. H. H. Marsh. Eesponse on benalf ol convention, Hon. S. 0. Plckms, Indianapolis. Appointment of committees. Annual sermon, Kev, J. F. Williams. Adjournment. TUESDAY 1'OBSIA'O. SioO—Devotional meeting. Pastor's conference. 9:00—Symposium. Our Associational opportunities. Kev. .C. 31. Carter, Rev. c. F. Dams, Rev. A. D. Berry.'Kev. S. C. Fultner. 10-00—Paper The State o* religion, Sev. N. C. Smltb. 10-30—Open discussion of religions needs. -H:C«—Paper, The social conditions of the w. " ing man, Hev. A. Parker. 1130—Discussion, Prof. V.". J. Williams. II r?5—Announcements. 11 .-CO—Adjournment. AFTSKSOOX. 1:30—Pastors'' devotion meeting, Hev. E. G Snouse. 2:00—Paper. Thellturgy and Cathedral. Eev, F. Taylor. 2:30—Discussion. 2;"5—Adjournment of conference. 3:00—Convention resumed. Election of officers. 3:20—Beport of superintendent of missions, R Eep'orfof treasurer, Mr. TV. H. Perkins. Addresses on reports. 1. State missions among missionary enterprise Bev. S. S. Clarke. 2. How to help weafe churches, Bev. S. A. Nor 3. Our eastern desert, or destitute llelds, He Allen Hill. 4:45—Appointment of standing committees fo the coming year. 5:00-Adjournment. Cheapest Clotting House IN NORTHERN INDIANA. 7:30—Openlnu exercises. Sermon. Bev. C. R. HendersOD, pp., Caicaso. 7-20—Welcome to new pastors, Eev. B. I 1 Cavlns, pp- Eesponse. Kollcallof the General Missionary Board. Adjournment. WEDNESDAY MORXIKG. 8:00—Private session o£ the General 3Iisslonar> Board. 8:30—Devotional meeting. Rev. J. C. Tedford. 0 .(K—Reporter General Missionary Board. 3:13—State missions. Addresses. ll:i5-StAte Sunday School .Beport, Bev. S. H Hoffman. 12:00—Adjournment. AFTERNOON. 1:30—Devotional meeting. 2:00—Report ot standing committees, reading course, obituaries, Ministers' home. 3:00—Report on home missions, Bev. Dwlght Spencer. Addresses. 1. Some reasons \vliy A. B. H. 31. Society should continue to prosecute Its work as a distinctive denominational organization, Rev. L. Klrtley, pp. 2. Home missions and the great west, Rev. F. M. Huckleberry. 3. Woman's work, Mrs. Reuben Jeffery. 5 ;00—Announcements and Adjournment. EVENING. 7:30—Foreign mission centennial sen-ice. Addresses by the State Centennial Committee and district secretaries. THURSDAY HOUSING. 8:00—Consecration service, a :00—Eeport of Publication Society. Addresses.- The Publication Socletv, Re™. C, C. Bitting, pp. The Publication Society and the Slate, Rev. J t y. Williams. The need ot increased Blbls study and distribution, Bev. J. B. Thomas. 1 00—Eeport on education and remarks, Rev. W. T, Stott, pp. Address, Investment In men, Rev. JI, 0. Keller. 2:00—Adjournment. AETERNOOh". 1:30—Report of committees, enrollment, resolutions, Education Society. Z -.n— Addresses on Education. Relation of education to the denoinlnat!on,Bev. P. 0. Duncan. YOUNG PBOPLE'S MEETING. 6:00 a. m.—Sunrise prayer meeting. 3:00—Words of cheer from young people's societies. Round table talk. How shall we bring our young into line. Two mlnuts speeches. EVENING. 7:15—Devotional meetlDg. 7:30—Opening exerdses. 7:45—Baptists and religions liberty, (S minutes) Hev. Martin W. Buck, Terre Haute. Baptists and civil liberty, (S minutes) W. S, Peckham, Lafayette. The future of onr churches'and the young people, (S minutes) Miss Llda J. Meredith, Rochester. Address, subject to be-chosen. (10 minutes) Miss Ella D. MacLaurln, Chicago. Address—President John H. Chapman. Election ol officers. Adjournment. FBIDAYMOSNISG. i;SO—Convention resumes for closing business) Final adjournment. THE JOURNAL'S GOLD MEDAL. Jleven Entries for the Journal's Gold Medal Bicycle Bace Next Tuesday. The entries in the Journal's great old medal bicycle race for the road ecord of Cass county closed last ight at midnight with eleven entries, nough to insure a good and interest- ng race. There has been aroused no mall amount of speculation among he lovers of bicycle riding in the ity as to the outcome of the race, 'here have a number of good riders ntered and the friends of each are aturally banking on tbe success of heir favorite. It is now assured that he raceVill be a most interesting uccess. The entries are as follows. n the order in which they are made: ohn W. Miller, Marion F. Strode, C. W. Burgman, Will Guthrie, W. P. edam, Will Herr, A. M. Silver, Chas. jrrant. Rene Cline, Frank Lytle, Wash loach. Which one of the televen will wear the medal? Watch fer the nish Tuesday afternoon. <ostan*port inen In the Carnpaijm Worlc Logansport^ seems to be figuring omewhat in the national campaign, 'he 2Tew York Herald contains a •rite-up .of the secretary of the Xa- ;onal Democratic committee, whose eadauarters, are in that city, while he New Yori World devotes two col- mns to • 'Hud 11 McKee and his department under, the National Eepublican committee, also in Ixew York. Mr. McKee has charge of the mailing department, _and .has in Ms employ 200 girls to direct envelopes and 50 men to sort and select. : Always redeeming our published promises to the very letter, we offer the best class of Clothing at a much lower price than eise : where. With the advantages we possess, being manufacturers and retailers, we expect to out-do any season's business in our history," We did not ;>uy too many suits, but simply ordered too many from onr factory in New York City. We are bound to unload for thousands of dollars more goods still to come. For this .'iu<! <nnny other reasons and the advantages we b;v<. . -,';-!• others, it behooves every close buyer to exaini;; •• .>f tr..-tis/ bovs ; and children?' suits and over•/ coats, m-.'l \vr ,-n .M-.'Mitee a saving of at least 20 per cent. by the rminutMC'nr^r and retailer. A TStxirT3 r ~ A ISl K X.L. JL^I JL3L. of Logansport, Delphi, New York. T . JL i _a_ DISEASES PBGULlflR TO WOMEN Have in the past two years been almost an opprobrium to the medical profession; But there have been many tireless workers who have gradually brought hope to these patient; sufferers. The grea,t Dr. Apostoli of Paris, France, alter many years of persistant work in this field, a few years ago/ announced to the profession is success with Electrolysis. His methods have stood the test of time and are now recognized in almost : all institutions of the world that make a specialty of these diseases as the most uccessful ever used. But the system requires expensive apparatus; knowledge and experience to uccessfully use it. We have every aparatua necessary and about six years experience with his method. In no other class of diseases have the results been so satisfao. ory, It has enabled us to restore to perfect health many women after older . methods had repeatedly failed to give relief, and earnestly recommend it 10 all . uffering with female ills. CHRISTOPHER & LONGENECKER, PROPRIETORS OF .OCANSPORT MEDICAL AND SURGICAL. INSTITUTE We treat all Chronic and Private Diseases and Deformaties. Call and see us or we will jro anywhere to see you. Consultation free. The Latest Novelties in Jewelery, Tlie Chaieleiie for Ladies. Leather vest clmms for Gentlemen. An entire new Line of Souvenir Spoons. J. D. TAYLOR, 3094th, Stret. COMMERCIAL INSTITUTE, Danville, Ind, The Commercial Department contains a Commercial Course and Count ng House Course. The latter includes Shorthand. Typewriting and German Work guaranteed. The Institute is in connection with the Central Norma College in which Pedagogy. Methods, Common branches, etc., are given. Send for Catalogue. J. A. JOSEPH, President,

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