Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 2, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1890
Page 7
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gow wT?t«ied is the man who haa fallen a TJttim to Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Headache, or diseased Liver, triuh t& ibe horrible attendants. Look upon picture. Poor man, l«eing tired of out a miserable existence, he iureol despondency: aJtcgeth- «, be is rather ,1 forlorn epecimen. Do Te pit? hita? Of course; but at the- saae tide fee-i asscrecl that in a measure be is to blame for the bad state inw> be has fallen A sure, safe, speedy l C»?T cnre <a.n bo found in Simmons Regulator— Mat-ire's own rem- «f. Ko Eae*vur_T or deleterious drugs, not, onplrasint if the taste, and always rtsiaWe — just S'jch a remedy as TOU can pa Tcnsr faith to without a shadow of riatir.ect. Eead the testimonial, a.fee our word for it : « u i oftbc Liver, aad have been ia Vil of tatin; fros 1 5 to =o grailiK of . -which j:encr2ii>- laid £>e ^p for cr di-.yt;. Laltjy I have been jtt»r rrtt rdief, wilhnut any i to iwsbseiif ." J. Hucc, Middleport, Ohio. J. B. ZEILI.1T K CO., PH I LADIXPH1A. PA. FKICE, Sl.OO. reHereaH iio trooMas iofr Etata of the systeta, sucb. aa yst Ctrter's litiJe Lrrar K39 ans in Constipation, cuxiag "^^^ pro- - . . _ Boa«otaJl disorders ^^of. tie stozaacli^tiirraiaso tha fiwa frozithiscUsti-ssEiiigcaiapliant; botfortn^ :rgoofi2es9 docs uotead bere^tad thoao oetrribKii-vrai tod {base litae jalls-rala. so msay -WTLTS that Ihej -will cot bo -wil- BstiSarallsicibead 'OUT H1.VTCH" IN OFF HOUR& ;t C'l.we Slndent 31*1,1 o Coot! Talter. _ CHICA<!0. May 1.—When tie market w active and tie wheat pit on tbe floor of the board of trade contains a bussing, shouting, screaming twarm of broxers, the eyes of tbose most deeply interested are r.ot so nmcb on the dial where the fiacrnaticas ia price are being constantly registered as cm a grim and terror inspiring figure stalling abont near tbe grand staircase. This is "Old Hr-tch." as be- bas been christened by tbcse T.-bo bare fallen in tli.e fray, sit large a percentage of tie popiiLatiau bear tbe- ECSJS of Ts-oands referred in tbe wheat pit that tbe fame of B. P. Hutcb- irison as a Snared or is obsf-arwl bv the notoriety of "Old Ecicb." Probably ao prominent character Ia tie west ismore generally misunderstood than be. Even bis ecemies bsve to uc- Irao-si edge that bis most 4isasirois fora TS on tha nsartet hare invariably be*-n preceded by repeated tvamings to the crowd to "stand from nnder," which, bail thsr been accepted, ivoultl have aeasi safety. Unprejudiced observer? cna sec''"t>laizilT ecOT^rh tiat what some 01 ids rivals ac- coripliEh by means of trickery. Inck end recklesB -"blnfSng," this inach tradnced veteran ovres to Ms extraordinary physical vitality, bis phenomena! energy aiuj a vigilaroB UiEt nerer relaxes for a moment. A very few of Mr. Hatchiason'E bnai- ness associates know liim as Ecmethin^ niors than the terror of the vrbeai mar- kat. and they thorocghly enjoy his so- riety. When 'ch^n^a opens they .stand aloof, for flip "old m;a" is carrying in his mind the operations of a dozcu broi- cr-j, -vrao ari- reportsrjj constaEtiy how tb? brittle •v^^eo is the pit. Wbc.a th.^ bell taps « tlse close tho vetera-; stalks s little r.-ay tn> the street u> his Ivjck. the (X-m Ezcb:i,:ri Hei-- tie Kxxx- ends of the clay's b^sise.^ art: iricied r.T> and scmt- liocs;'.: gv'aeral orders issceii for the sorrtiw. ToTrard 4 p. m. a "i.'T.- wri- irenira spirits "rrii! lis fonud in the C from tha lips' of -O23 Hntcb." ' Br^-'l* any cne ezj-Kvjts fj bsur a word ;-b-:/et LOTT '>o gojt ~!or;ey out of -cr-hoat, or out of aaythi::^ cL-. 1 * for that raaitar. cisrijv poia^ncDT. avraita hia. It is Theresa, his favorite philosopher, Margaret Fnllor, tie dispersiaa of the racss, ibe theory of eroluticrj, the poetry c-f Eroxmjnrr. Teimyro;i. Dante, Shaie- srx'aj'e. evolation. religaon. art, •jn^uiciiie—tbe vrhole range of \vbic.h opj>?::l tc^ the inteHi^en^e of en- lightencd hva'aaoity supply lasts for the liscourr,? of this ivonderfnl nian. HIE i^r is of tan fanlty, .int ciaticm oacasiaaallT PERSONAL MENTION. iii:^ to smfle tiat e our greai bosst. Oar pi223 cere iiTsili33 ctberedoani. Cartert liiSs tiTer Pfflsare -very soaS. and TK K»f to tats. OnaorttropaisraatsadoseL Ere ctrisay TSfetabts and do not gripe or gsalbaction pleaseaE wbo . tt2Se«!ts: SveforSl. SoB ty dmggjsts e7tc5Tfii2re» or seat by zaiil. CA5TTER EtEDICINE CO.. New York. SMALLP!LL : SHALL DOSE. SMALLPBICE OH.KILMER'S « H¥n«r II lUUi »aart cis If Vn.. f II I UU If Vnn II I UU appopi if Ynri * II i UU ' SYMPTOMS A KB OO50ITIOSS TM« SftOte Win KelleTc •><! &u». he ? irt ttramps after sudden effort, skips beats or Slitters, if you hare »aart cisease, faint spells, fits or spasms, . foei as chougrh water was (ratoertQff around tbe hSLrt,or have beartdropsy ^^e Vertigo, dizzy attacks, rittgtarin ears, disposed to nervous prostration. pierj-. sbocS or sudden death. Ynri *? STe Keuralgia. Numbnessin arms or i UU HnbE. darting pains like Kbeumatjam Ocean-'v* eed prevents it coins to tbe heart r>»I>«rea at tK-i^nssry. "6OBE TO HEALTB" _»— Jtfn». AdtleeFree. BlazhuntoB. It. T. Urge 50;. frtri Lat-e SLM. GDC AT PBlT WifcA 1 yU i RATES ge Missotrai PACIFIC RATLWAV *«jSa:«3 in effect tie following tow r-.tesbc- -t ween points on its liue* : «nm.ritr . . . «SJ»O. t»«iwortk . . . 5.75. a-l Discovery or ffie 19tn tt jMedicaieci Ain NEV, r REMEDY GITES5 ICatarrS! AstMna ; DISEASES '• H.iS KO E3CAL. i'or WipJ; or Se^rT- «ijaactton witb Medicated' _. . no exuraJ 'lipraier is a r-erfect To! 1 vi of perfect fraedon • witness to tbe cam , send to tb* ITS. A. PorSer aad "W133 . itt. Ke sees ibe saiilc and affably ei- plains bovr be never '.vent to school a. day in his life. But he has a rugged elcxrasuce titit naver fcils to inpress Those who listen. The-y knofr that this mas. -who fa .TnMter of trade acd fiaance. his read us era bocks than tb? professors, acd rcffl'3 tisia bsfc-vr: that lis iao-v^s pirtarc-s end poetry b?tfcer tlna the painters a=J tie poste: thai he br.s looked <3c»;p iato £:•:• lives of the UJT-^ arjl 3 — cmoa of history and fcrand in tbora raora than their "biographies dr«cnc-d of. Often t3io ri;l man holds forth on tl!<?se clatters. OVET tea occasional glass of beer nrid cheese am3trkdi, nntii vrithia aa hour of davrri. Thes his little aadianr.e cr:,-~ls ofi to bed. Snt bed i? not in the tbc.-c,~at9 c-f "Old Hutch." Ha gives bis b:^ fona a shake, aao, goias to theoSos of his favorite npvrspaosr, buys the 5rst sheet vrpi frccu 1.3";e press, boaaris a horse cxrr aa3 is at tbe stock yarcls by sxmriso. Usually a <iav thss began maies histerv ia tbe vrhe--. pit. ' C. D. " The Apa*-.h»'s Xemesis. FLAGSTAFF, A. T.. April 25.— Old rasn Priors long b-cmt oa tbe Apacbe trail is erjfisc. His t.::i3y -wss fames rooently by tr-o firospnciors on tha CoJorsdo iduqiri- to, zenr Bill Williams moimtain. But. no infiiaa boa mbb?d bim oat: be aad perisbod of erposare, baving Iwcoine toa old to enatrre tba privations of bis lonelr soocts in the monnlaies. Many years ago old rasa Piior bad a -srif e asd two cMl- Sraii and a ranch in Arizona. Oas day he rerarned froni a .Eearcb for some lost csttio to find the maagjled bodiaa of bis •ivifeazKl cbSdrea lying beside the sntok- iajr rnjrjs of bis cabin. A band of Apacljes bs,d paEsed tbat •ray. Old rasa Prior didn't «ay mach, but he r-c-de into the nearest town, bongit a lot c-Trtric^res the rods away into From, that day old Prior -5vss socn ia lie towns sud mrjs:':? of Arizona only -wheat be; vrsa out of grsb aad aramtmitioa. He wcrald asi for a- job at any kind of work, and v?oti3.d v?rcii bard for a v,-66i -or two. : Tbea be Troald Epend every cent of bis TVE^SS for cartridjrcs aa<3 proviaons and <iiE3.ppear. la ol 3 xaari Prior's eyas every Apaebe Tr;i= a flcsiGs, on tba rcservaticm or oS, 23 fl bo adopted the Apache's OTTQ .style cf T,-2rfsre — btsb-crhacted 'em when be cacgbt 'era cut alone. Many an Apacbe, on- good terms vrith tbe governniejit aad drawiiis rations between raids, tumbled cS bis borse in some lonely canyon witb OE3 o? old man Priori btallets tbrongb Ms fcsad. Old raan Prior never talted ,-vbont Ma hunts, nor much aboct aay• bias else. He toot no scalps, and tbere frere HO teHtala cjotcb.es cut ia the stoci :,-f bis rifle, but the old tamers, who remembered tbe nrardar of Ms family. knew very well what sort of gasne he hunted, SD(1 not one of them would give aim away to the authorities. Settlers, vrbo bad suffered themselves from Apacbe raixifi, of isu Sited out old fnn.n Prirr without asiia^ any .questions or demaziding any work from hirj us re- torn. They would £11 up ids cartridge belt., give him a supply of beaas, fioar, salt, sugjir and tea and say: "Good lack, old man!" as be rode away. How many Apaches lie wiped out no man knows. He had been growing feeble for some time and waa ""fit, for the rough, hard life he led, bat he had only one purpose in life, and he stock to it to tbe end and died on the Apache's trail. A. K. r-r— Tbe wife of Connt Tolstoi, the RDS- •lan novelist, is a, handsome -vroraan, 46 year? of age, and the mother ol thirteen children. James Kerr of Yakimacounty, Wash., has scot to Japan for tea, cuM.inzs. and will t,rv the experiment ct! raijinR u-a plants Sn tbis country. Lord and Lady Eoseberry n".w live In London in the Berkeley .Square hou-o. made famous for many years bv thf brilliant parties of Lady Jersey. Lady Butler, better known as Elir.y- beth Thompson, tb? paintjr of miUi.:-,.ry sab.'ects, has gone 1,0 Ezypt to join b-r hasband, -who is on doty "there. Viscount Hampden, ex-Speaker of \:.v British Housr'ctf Commons, h?i^g:o*n* Into trade as a. rpi.ail dwiSer in provisions. His eggs and hi? butter are all staui;.'!-j with a coronet and a letter "H." Aft-er a very snccessf::] winter ;n i!,:s country, both socially and pec - jnl.ir;ly. OM the lecture plaifona. Mis? Ann-'Jia !'.. Edwards ha« returned 1,0 Europp. ^ i may visit this country as-ain uc\i •-. Andrew Lang is pictured asta;!. and dark, with a fine forehfad. <L eyes, and a. massive ,1a.w. His hiiir :.thick au-i is streaked with white. He is very nervous and does 1,01, look rohus't. He has thi; Oxford draw! a.: ii an irritating laugh. Joa^-uiti Miller is a spare-built, sharn- featured m*n of we'rd appearance, -.v;; abroad, bald forehestd, tind suffers- !... tangled mane of hair to fall careless'y on hia shoulders. He affects a spmi- clcrica! ftyjo of g-c-t-up, sj.id fays abrup: things in a hollow voice. Hans von Bulow, the celebrated pianist, is known in public a* ihe most quiolc-tempered conductor that e •wielded bnt.;,r.. and in privai« life s_t ;l=c- mo6t s«!lal. cultured, and urbane of tnec. His memory is enormous, tad h» cau conduct a <'0>.nplicated Cho'iin concerto without once lool,c'n^ at the score, Earoc MarwhaJl B;<-'.b*r-«win, the new German f^jrei^n ?ec'ret.ary of State, *.v:i. formerly public prospector, c.nd lias never bc«.?n in the military service, tboi'eh be has had a lous career \-\ ti;< Rclclistasr. He- Is a po'.J debater, 0.0C. bss rapresERwa Kadcn in il;e Hi:nd rath since 1SS3. He ;s an aiTablp man and a popular favorite at <o ;rt- II.- ha? a stronT tendency toward State Socialism. His aie is 4x It is said that David D-.riley Fic-l:5 will shortly publish a boo 1 ; which -will be thoroughly radical and sensational. He will claim that the day of popular self- government, is over, and tb.it th-° masse? ot voters are mere tools in the hands of little ring-s of politicians who maintaJn their snpremacy through tbe power of the caucus. Mr. Fie.'d~is decidedly pessimistic, in his view of the future of tbc countrv unless iheie Is a radical and immediate chaste. IN "A. MINER" KEY. Always at cross-purposes—Charcn. MOBEV talks, but ex-chanje doesn't The best life preserver—Temperance. The professional sportsman has a distinct aim in life. '•Spring suits are cut bv-us.'' as tbe taiiui retcar-kod. "Brush light," minucrs ibe inventor of it to the barber's b ;y. "Wfaen the case is urgent it is a nigh and near doctor that you want. Much chariiy that bee-ins at home !.too feeble to sot out of doors. Two fiats often make a scone on E.D elevated car, as vre.jl as in a theater. electricity superced^s banrfn -wil, not be so high strucg. One is a tea-po; r.nd the oil.era settee. Arraajte t:.e conundrum to ?aJ'. yourself. It is commendable in a fa=i horse to lower his record, but we luit« to see a man do it. The si:cient Fcyptians honored a cat when dead. They ki;ew R-h-. : n a cat most deserved ii, A man who was a jroort dpal of a foe! when ho was a bor, geijeraily shows his ige very liitle. .A VETEBAK. I ir»s ^rounded in tbelesrtil thebattiacrsioa RJTt-r, Dec. Sl«, 1882. Mjr blood »-a* wosoiiw :r>m tihs c3tepw of iJie wound, -a-'jd vbt ic - wcBfid to dauisle Its naturaJ siz*, nj) (3 rnn a111 ?» ^•o for raa:3y Tears. The pennon exien ( iet3 t "tiaths. Kf^tiiing did me any (rtwc nunl 110.1 •isift's Specific, whici loot the r.jis(s3 <TJ; < •ny system, uaad enabled me TO *iel mf^f 3iH.a again. B. 'S. 9. is the remedr f<TT blr"-* u-jiaoiL JOKS CuvUiy. Lo-jiion. O. fine. SWOT STGOCFIC Ox. Drairor 3. A&uiti. : tkroagi =7 iroi't to-d«y ? I fasafnaiOTEble, 3 vUiT, tired, pain in my baci^ my fcod at ci BIT irboie Sody BOKBS cat <>f orfisr. itotitisMj-vrosanryoD. xrc i^ sati s brotcn ilc oooSition, scad yon -criH tccp crr^Ung ^xir.^ -c^ i?oa cm care jour IJVES. TJais impor izittrc «5<mtcf orctsr aaai y5H must cure it bv-j,rca2|5 csJng ttmsa 3>£srar Dr. C. McLane's Celebrated Llvtr Pills. Bive -rigor mfl fccaiJi to . 3nJy25 eonls m bos, and tfiey may S« X>r. O. 3ELEBRA TED UYER PILLS FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. In.Et Loato. SUBE CORE. « CLEAK i!£3 FE'-fECr C'JSE 0? KUKTS AMD BRUESES. i •*• » ocf « saw It. j l.s^rrericc. iransar. ,».3.. p.is&s. rti°7? J '?* U '.™™ f ''. :: fr ' j: v ? -d-tv.irr wipdnw. .4T I>RrGrr:--r-i »-.:. ]~iBtiri;< TOE CHARLES A. VOBELEfi CD..8tmn!are. Hi ELY'S Cream Balm defuses the Xasal fassape Allays Pain and Inflatnniatiori, He^L-stlieSore!- Kestores the Senses ol Taste and SmeU TrytheCurf FEVER Is sppUei lalo 024:11 jj»strU ajui* lf. Pri(v _., uents al drupeSsts-bT r .;ai' wi. 6Ci cte. ELT EKOTUZES. 56 Wajres St., New York. au;l<«±wf- MOOBE'S cct in the Stood. SUgblly LoxUre. Pilules Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills, & Impure Blood They erpta dlwase germs, njjd PaiiJ^ Hie Bystam . C. C. Moore, 78 Cortlaad St. N.'S They Positively Cure. The Great English i > re%criptiOEl* A fcuccesEfnJ itt-dicinf used OTCT VWLTS iu ibDUsancia of Curt* ~ , , ead all diseases caused br abuse.' EJ tndiftcrt-uoa. or yocr oiu ijiie EO KibFiitDt^. One bi»ro."iL TV rile lor Pirnphlw. Jddreas Cbecuiral Co., Dflroll, Far sale by B. T. Kees'Jns. saar SEW — Curtebta. K •alj, b«S iESS ft RtU RSES CDKUbT ; ----.'s li ViiLHUJ nStllMt EM 'mnipers Kid. Com- PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM ita^sci and b=a;t:ri3es the hair, roauxes a luxuris-nt cniwik. Kev-r Fz, '.: fa R-itore Gray Heirt? Us Ycnihful Color. cw::^ ; -m>^-nT and heJr Aa^i HINDERCORNS. •^SSo- COFiiSUBBPTIVE ITa-re Ten Orrnrrti. T;r-mr!iTlt-. j*.««rii:ia. lailj^«».twja I tse CHJCHESTER'S ENGU5K PENNYROYAL PILLS. . Cross 2>xzLmond 2£rand, MADE WflU BCiUNC WATER. EPPS'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA 5«ADE WITH BOIUNG MIUC UMROD'S 11 CURE ^'ASTHMA E57 PETS', Gmp a sn>ld world. Send lor Prea HIMEOD MAJrTJE'G CO., SOLE FSOFHIETORS. 191 FULTON ST^ NEW YORK. Uae En-orsof Touji, Pi^msttuv JDedhw.J cnj Hir-idJ Debility, IiEpnriUe* ol tbe Blood XWSTEDVlTALin ir 3roni Fofl> , Vice, Ignorance. Ki ec*« j s or . ICnervatiBg HDQ BiifitTJBir t3w vidim ar \Vork, BEU'in' -m. tiie UATried or SoeiaJ BelaSoa. Avoid unrkilful prdeiid«rm. POSBCM tiai yreal . embcmsed, foil gilt. Prtoe, only $!.«* by naU, »o«l-|«i3d coi»ea3«d in pli^s -wrapper, 2£a«- ratJve Prc»5>MtJa Fre>e. II Tcra ipply now. Tb« U«Uo!rnii>bed aoihOT, Wm. H. Parfar, M. J>™ re- :eiT..,3 Ibe COLD AND JEWELLED MEDAL rom the Mational M&dtoal Ae»c?c]atisn« or ihe PRIZE ESSAV on NERVOUS and »MYSICAS. DEBILITY. Dr. Barter xwUrorpi rf A*B3BtiKJl PavrfcSsusB may be oo2EnJt«d. eons. - *-' - ------ jentiaDT, by n**^ 'O 3 ' la per»OH, * CHE J»rAr.OI>T arKDICAl« INSTITUTB. Vo. 4 B«iCn^> St. BOB*OB, Km«*., Jo vbomml Ijcxjk* or &««•** *or adv^cti 1 '- i -. U nprecedented AttractioD over a MilUon Distributed. Louisiana State Lottery Co. i Sr the Lsplslanire. tor Ed ! iKatlciual andCbiiltaUe parpopcs. anditsfran. I cSiisemaija pan of the pr. f pi.t State ConsUtu- j »jua, iji id?9, by an orarwhclmlug popular vote. ; Its MAilMOTH DHAW1XGS lakv place. Se. I -'v;",'-?', 12 !?- ,'- J V' 1 *' snd Esoemi^r). and its USAXB ] *!.»(, Li. M-J.1BEE DEAWTSUS take piaw U, j <wcn o, lie o1.bf r j«j moaths or ti? .rear, ami ar» x^ts^zf' 1 *- * Uie Aoaci( ' mT c < Ma61c FAMED FOR TWENTY TEARS, Prompt Payment of Prizes. A-TU-'^Lt^j ^.^ J'oilows: • * c* c : *» b*r£by carcirj tl^ii wt Murxyrin? tb« ar- rangtmenl,s lor ail tne Moctbly and seml-aanasl unnsnug o! tie Lo;ils!ajia Stal* J^fmcrf Comtiam «nd In i*rsoD maEaceand control tbe Brajrtngf U>*3r.5«iTw. and that tae same are ccndncted wttb aone^tr. fairueKs and in Eood fstth toward cij par Ue*i. and we EGtiorlze the Oompaaj-10 use Ud* oeruficale, with fac slmi3es of our s{gBs£uree at e aaaersigned Baato- acd Banters «iD pai ui: Frists drawn in Tbe LcrElalans Stale Let «"At.3i»t.K1 . SSf. Grand Montiily Drawing", IE tbe iesnirmy of il^le. »vr Orleans. Tu^faay, I!EJ- IS. 1SW. Capital Prize $300,000. n>o Ticket,-. :,( - Ilalvs't. S,!O; LIST OF I-?. 1 Prte of $S)Ui.fl'K' a, I Prtz- of lits.uoo is . I Piize (•{ Si.'.Kr.i is . 1 Priat- oi .i,(W :• a Prizes cl S.fWaK..." 1 3up Prise"- c>r "^ai.) aiiV.'.'.V.'.VJ .£*J PriEw; ol ac*j :ir<-, w'O I'flzes rf 'JLQ are, lid Prizes ei'gWi n:-e..l." If".' Prizes or SKI aw. 1»J fTilfS Ol ^CH STC SUM Sil* . 25.1M S.fKS: l. FEIZES. 989 Prises ol $100 Ere SKI Prises of 100 are «.1S4 Prizes Nora.— Tir erst!tl«lto te M ............... JI.051Sa- g Cap-2J Prizes are 2W AGENTS WANTED. I'or Club liat.es. or anr funl«r laforiiialinn tie -IredL writ*, legibly to tbe ur,ders!pi?4. cjoacij -la'.ln^Tii-jr leeiieDce vrttb s4st*. muity. <tre«i auti Tionil>3r; More ra;j!d rerara n^ail aeliTerjf wit ;•« assured by your enci«Jr.i: an £nYe!ei»s bear mg year foJ! a-dcrc-ss. IMPORTAJ^JT. Br ordinary ?ener. ccint^Ln;::^ -^o=.*-% - Orttcr •issued fcj ;i2: ESJTPSS Co:ni-"i^:i-.--. Xc-n" TwS Ei- tbanp-.. Bndt cr PO.-UJ Note. Afifiress Reglsisaec Letters " BMrig Gcrrency ic- ' Orleans Ij*. "JtSJSrvis- K.vbattr.e i,;^»ftiir.f Hrta-: Is «i : »" V -,«A> r J-r t:«. H V FWt'H li.^Tto'. !. !; f, K^ or Ni-n Oi,«-J3s.a,tx: •he T'ctei>:.re ^.^n^d try tbe FT'^-icJfiit of an ia^ ^rtlor.. fiijrfst-ehart-f-rrti rishts fire rfjO{.ii!zfM! 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