Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 13, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1898
Page 21
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I John Gray's -COBNEH ON- HIS ANNUAL -Bed Gtuilt Sale- We are now showing Spreads in white and colors, including Bates Crochet Quilts, Satin and Marseilles Spreads. Sale to continue until all are sold. Come early and get first choice. Lawn mowers, screen doors and •windows, refrigerators, ice cream freezers, fishing tackles, hammocks and all kinds of builder's hardware at LET THERE BE LIGHT Hardware Store, 408 Broadway. DR LID/I LEISURE. Office in Residence 813 Market Street. BheumatiBm and Diseases of Women and Children Specialties. W. J. BARNETT, Successor to C. .L, Woll, Undertaker, Erabalmer, Funeral TC.AS-4/M- W Market street. Calw attended IJirCClOr aay or nlgnt. I'ne finest outfit in the U. 8. Col. C. L. Woll, -will remain with me. rk»»e»—Office le.Sesidenoe-Mii. 65: C. U. 169. SETHM. VELSEY Loans Money at 6 per cent. Makes Abstracts and writes Fire, Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. HHNRY WEBRR, The Merchant Tailor, IOM flrat O!«M work, StyU»h and well flt- tt«r clothe* made. Cleaning and repair- UK neatly done. See him. 324 Pearl Street :O:O:O:O:<KO C. D. EVEBSOLE'S DBCTAL PALLORS Over Porter'* New Drug Htore, Comer of Fourth and Market Streets. • -Hunt, -DENTIST- All the latest Nscoverieg In medicine gad MWliBiioM to reliave pain In extraction or fill- Sr of teeth. Modern methods, modem prices, on Fourth -treat. U Telephone No. 328. MONEY to LOAN umo™r25. MortgaKO or penop. ••curity. Notes bought. Lower raws than •or body on large sums. Geo. B. Foim?. McConnell & McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY PHABOS FRIDAY, MAY 13, 1398. Said CITY NRWS the Lisrht Makers All Day Yesterday. At Erenttde the Lamps Were Trimmed and a Burning Otto Tjner has secured the cigar sta&d privileges kt the Hotel Dunn. Mr. C. C. Bishop, of Walton, is adding » new kitchen and porch . to big dwelling. The Epworth League, ol Burnetts- Tille, will celebrate the anniversary of that organisation next Sunday. John McCarty, the Panhandle engineer, will leave tomorrow for an extended sojourn at Salt'Lake City. He 18 in bad health. The Ladies' A.id Society, of the Luther»n church of Deer Creek, will meet at the home of Taylor McCloikej, the last Thursday in May. At the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ross, of Clay township. Miss Miy Ross and- Mr. John J. Brandt were united in marriage Wednesday evening. The Ash division of the Flret Presbyterian church will glTe a free toclal in the lecture room of the \ eliuroli this eyeninj. The "Peake" wfflsingat 8 o'clock. All i Invited. And at Sight Were Throwing Their Kajg Into and Piercing the Darkness. There was a great commotion among the city's light makers yesterday. It was feared that a few persons held a monopoly on light making and that their refusal to assist In the work of producing it might leave the city in darkness. Bat these fears proved groundless. The wheels of the light making machinery turned at their accustomed speed. The electrical current followed the wires as smoothly as greased lightning. The car- bous in the suspended lamps burned gleefully and seemed delighted with the fiery touch of a current made by green bands. The rays of light that emerged from the points of contact shone forth in unusual effulgence. Everything seemed to say: "Keeps your lamps trimmed and a burning for the bridegroom is at hand." It was learned that the bridegroom is to be Mr. Publicity. He is to be wedded to a lady named Economy. The union Is thought to be a very happy one. They are both needed in the electric light department. Dr. Hattery, who remained at the works all day yesterday and until midnight last night assured the Pharos this morning that everything will be running smoothly in a few days at the farthest and that when all the changes now contemplated are made there will be no trouble whatever. An early investigation is to be made into the condition of the plant, and when this is completed It will be made public. An investigation or the financial end of the department will also be made at once. SHE LEASES HOME. Disappearance of Miss Lizzie Bennett, of KoVorao, A Daughter of City Marvel Bennett, of That City, and is Known Here. Well Miss Lizzie Bennett, aged 18, a daughter of City Marshal Bennett, of Kokomo, and a member ot thp senior class of the Kokomo high school, has left home uuder circumstances as yet unexplained and which has caused her parents and friends great alarm. Miss Bennett is & nelce of George Bennett, of this city, and has a large t o'rcle of friends here. Concerning her * K • , »u TT i ~ „ r>i D ^t/>h disappearance the Kokomo Dispatch says: 'One of the most probable theories given as to the departure of the girl is that she desires t.o go on the stage. It it 1 known to tlmately acquainted with she has long possessed an ardent desire to go before the i'ootlights. This belief is strengthened by the fact that her cousin, Clarence Bennett, of Logansport, and formerly of this place, is an actor of high reputa LITTLE CHILD KILLE While Playing on the Railroad Track at Barker, Ind. Other B«iir*ad Sews of Interest te Employe* Gathered From Eyery Source. "Little Oarrie Bugby, the two-and- a-half-year-old daugnttr of » resident of Burkett, Ind., strayed from her mother's presence Wednesday at noon and was run over and killed by a Nickle Plate train. 'The child had waodered down to cbe railway and was sitting in the middle of the crossing, playing with peboles. There is a heavy grade at that point and the train was coming down it at the rate of twenty-five miles an hour. The engineer saw the child and made an effort to stop tne train, but failed. The wheels passed over the-little one, severing both legs from the body and instantly killing her. Tne mother witnessed the terrible affair and was weeping over the mangled little form when the trainmen went back to offer what little assistance they could. Samuel Hooper was the engineer. He was greatly affected by the accident, for wnich no blame can attach to him, as he did all that was in his power to stop the train and avert the accident. RAILROAD NEWS. From the tower of the Union station at Columbus, Oalo, floats the largest American flag in Ohio. The executive committee of the Traveling Passenger association has arranged to hold the annual meeting at Lakewood, Chautauqua, September 12 to 16. The Pennsylvania company has transferred its heaviest locomotives to the Cleveland&Plttsbargdlvl8ion, freight traffic over that division being the heaviest In the history of the road. It is stated that the Wabasn is lay- Ing its new elghty-pound-to-the-yard steel rails at tbe rate of ten mile a day on different parts of the system, preparatory to the introduction of IDS faster train service. The Class 1 freight engines on the Panhandle now haul fifty-one loaded cars between Logansport and Chicago, and it is believed that the new Class H snglne will haul seventy-five to eighty loaded cars between these points. Tbe fast mail train on the Pennsylvania road, wsst bound, made up of eight heavy cars, was on Tuesday hauled from flarrisburg to Altoona. 132 miles in 140 minutes. It is claimed tbat it Is a record which has never been equaled with as heavy a train. The citizens of Willtamsport, Ind., are protesting because the Wabash company has removed Miss Ella Kent, who has been agent of the company at that point for twenty- two years, and appointed Patrick Folleo', a night operator at the Lo- agent. For the biennial meeting of the General Federation of Women's clubs, to be held in Denver, Colo., J'ucs 21st to 29th, the committee in charge fca* selected the Big Four, JUC o those in- Chicago and Alton and Union Pacine her that, railways as the office route from Indiana, aid a special train will leave from Indianapolis June 18th. The sleeping car companies are somewhat uneasy over a bill intro- ducecL-ta congress prohibiting, under a penalty of SlOO, sleeping car com- tion and It is supposed that she has been in communication with him in reference to entering the profession, or is at least trying to get to him at New York City, where he is at present, to attain the height of her ambition. Her journey may be by the way of Chicago where she has relatives. "Another supposition as to the cause of her leaving home is tbat she is concerned in a love affair, but this is scarcely given credence. She has been receiving attentions from two young men, one living at Indlan- apulls and the other at Logansport, but neither were objected to by her parents. It is believed that Miss Bennett will shortly be heard from and that her departure will be satisfactorily explained." Plenty of Applications. Lieut. Buss, of the United States recruiting station in this city, reports that he is having plenty or ao- plications, but up to noon today no enlistments had been made. The lieutenant says the lack of enlistments 18 due to a misapprehension that the soldiers of the regular army do not fare so well as the volunteers. He says that any young man may better trust himself to the command of old and experienced officers than to be under the control of new and untried commanders. Boston Lights Ready. The Boston Lights, & base ball team made ap exclusively of Logansport boys, has been reorganized and is now ready to play any team in the city or surrounding towns. panies from letting down or making up the upper bed or berth when the lower one in the same section is occupied, unless the upper berth has been sold and a passenger is in readiness to occupy it. Here Is another evidence of the prosperity promised the Panhandle railroad men who carried lanterns in the Republican parades during the Report o.f the Condition CITY of Lopansport. at Logxn&port. in the State of Indiana, at the close of bushiest. May 5th, 1898. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts - — r.280,062 fO Overdrafts, secured and unsecured... 3» 23 U. S. bonds to secure circulation—• oO.UOO (XI TJ 8-bonds on hand i - 5.60J 00 Premiums on U. S, bonds * .-- 6,399 fc. Banking house furniture and fix- lures _ _ —• o-,w 00 Other real estate and; mortgages _ owned — 4l,i.33S> Due from National banks (not reserve agents) — - - 11.92601 Due from approved reserve agents.. 2T,ol9 41 Checks and other cash items —.... WM i < Notes of other National banks — 49.120 00 Fractional paper currency, nickels _ and cents -" :jl Lawful money reserve in bank: Specie -J39.7S9 55 Legal tender notes M.1S5 00—$ 79.941 55 Redemption fund with C. S. Treasurer (5 per cent of circulation) , ~,'^>> 0° .in f..A.v. TT £ \Jt«* O\*i ior3^1v\h!<> 300 GO campaign of '96 On tbe first of the month the brakemen on tbe local passenger trains between . Logansport and ESner, Logansport and Bradford and Logansport and Richmond will be removed. From that time on the conductors will be required to do double dnty. Tbe change will result in a reduction of from $10 to 112 a month in the pay of the conductors. Meet Next at Valparaiso. Rev. H. C. Kendrlck delivered an address before the Christian Church Ministerial association at Muncle yesterday on "The Newspaper as an Aid to the Preacher." The association will meet next at Valparaiso, provided that the missionary societies in tbe state convention concur in the selection, as it is the intention to have the two bodies occupy the same week and place next year. Notice. All active members of Germania Singing society must be at hall to night at S o'oJock sharp: Special business.—Geo. Welgand, T?rw. Smoke the Onlniabii oigv Due from C Total S. Mint, Philadelphia.. 99 LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in .................... ..$300.000 00 Undivided profits, less expenses and taxes paid ..................... ............ 14.101 M s'ational bank notes outstanding. ..- 4a,ooo 00 )ue to other Xafonal banks ............ S,#4S i3 )ue to State bunks and bankers ....... --.815 .'U .ndividual deposits subject to check. 159.385 70 5eman<1 certificates of deposit ........... 137.17* Ss' Cashier's checks outstanding ............ 5 00 of The Peerless Prince rive-Gent Gigore Is hahrays burns »-ith » CUNGING WHITISH- . CRAY ASH. NEVER IS BlTTER.Jnd isCOOD FROM START TO FINISH. Clear L-on& Havana Filler A. K1EFER DRUG COMPANY, INDFANAPOUS, Total S5BS.6*! 99 Swte of Indiana, county of Cass. s?: T. F. K. Fowler. Cashier of the above- named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of nay knowk-dg-e and belief. F. H. FOWLEK, Cashier. Subscribed and sworu to before me this lath day of.M ay, 1S9S. .vs-ic* M. GRANT. COKRKCT—Attest: Notary Public. JOBS 6BAIT, j GEOHGE W. FUNK. - Directors. J. T. ELLIOTT, ) ,&$£&£ /ii^u^ssSJkLj'l Pjh... $-is^'?S?;^ffi!t~, 7^ '' DOMESTIC DISCORD. Man-led Many Years, Have Five Chll- and Are Now Separated. Attorneys Gwrge P. .Chase and Lairy & Maioney today filed the 'complaint of Amanda E. Montgomery ia a suit for dlivorw from Peter' Montgomery. The couple .'were., married Feb. etb. .1SC5. jra<i.-. -separated : Nov. lltli, 1S9T. -Tie -defendant -resides in Fulton county and- the plaintiff! in Cass county. ' • • The complaint 'tiUcse* cruel ami in- Jiumaii treatrne'nt, rn< : t'ha.t the. defend- autcall-ed' plaintiff vile names an tnc osoiK'e of stranjrers: charged hei' with liein.s unfaithful: told her that hfr flid not want to live with her, and tJireiitfflied that it' ?.he did not leave Ue would pur. her out of ttie house. The couple have- five children, all under asre, and the pLatociffi asks thai: they by given into his charge. She sJso alleges that her husband is possessed of real a.nd personal property to the value of $.~i.OOO and she demands alimony in the sum of $2,000. • The court is asked to restrain the deSeraJant from'" disposing. of Ms property until this snit is disposed of. We are shewiBg the largest line of Sideboards and Extension Tables in the city at very low prices. We have just received a car load of Bedroom Suits, which we are sell- log at the lowest possible prices, consistent with good, honest workmanship. See the all-wire Hammocks, which we are selling at very low prices. ABH & HADLRY 425 and 427.Market !f You Have The Knack of putting up paper yourself you can renovate your rooms for next to nothing, with some of our bargain rolls. These remnants represent odds and ends of the best manufactures, the cut prices being no criterion of their real value. Logansport Wall Paper Company. AUDITION VL ITEMS • * .Fancy stra.sv.beiTies We and lV£c— McCaffirey. "Remember the Maine" and buy your shoes at Willey's. Harvey Wright an-d family of, this city have removed to Deer Creek. Blotner & Behwy of Royal Center have eoirtMcied to drive wells at. die Booue school house. Dr. Plunk and wife ha,ve returned to tiu'lr home at Deer Orwk, after au ex- u.'iKl'ed stay at Florida. 'Mrs. .Teaui'ie Conn and Mrs. W. H. Bin.g-a.maii of Royal- -Center, will represent trie Royal Cenler lo%e I), of E. to ]«_• held at Indianapolis. •1. B. MVCnidy. of Royal Center, lias inim elected representative of Myrtle i lodse No. ."iGT, I. 0. 0. F. to the Grand. lodi.se, whk-h i-ouvews ac Indianapolis. Tlie livery firm of Bobbins & KisMer of Iloyail Center has been dissolved. TVru. Kisrler reririi«:. He w-ill euter into paitnership -vrtrli O. M. Shaffer in tlie poultry business. The invitation of Rov. Kendrick. extended to file G. A. R.. Undies of the G. A. U.. a.uil Woman's Relief Corps, to ,-uteiKl services ar ihe Ninth sn-eet Christian i-;hnrcli at 11 a. m.. on the Sunday before Memorial day. May 2fttli. -has been accepted. The Good Citizens I^eayue of Royal Outer m«c at toe M. E. church a few days a|ro and el-ected the following officers 1 : Presiderrt. O. P. Kistl-er: vice presu'dent, J. B. MeCraxly: secretary. .T. H. Burton,: treasurer.. "W. A. G-rant. A literary ajid muskral -pTo.aram ^vill be one of fhe features of the society at future meetings. The Americajj Order of Plowmen recently orsranized a,t Royal Center has dexrtexi the folio-wins; officers: T. D, Cli-oe. H. P.: A. M. Kofsflit J. P.; .7. "L. J Thomas, secretary: C. B. Thomas, treasurer: W. R. Thompson, chaplain; Brice Burton. Captain: Georjre Wenta. seatowfl: J. W. Xethercutt picket and Dr. C. P. Gould medical director. Clarence Cnster. WHEN IN DOUBT. TRY They timve ttood the test ot ycir». and hav« cured th'jutiapdc of icasu of Nervous Diseases, suck as Debility, Dimons. Sl'MplesSr ness and Varicoceie,Atropny,fcc- Theydw the brain. «f*npbeB' the/circuUtion, make digestion perfect, »nd' impart » healthy' Address, PEAL laruitcc to ciireor refoiui tk« CO.. CtcctlaiKL 0. STRONG AGAIN! vigor :o (be whole beinf. Alt d^7«dl(MSa»r<chcdc«i>^«««w.'». *V a r= nro -.crty cured their co.dition often worries them into Insanity, Consumpt M^*4Sd^*.|»b«:6ta«II money, $ s .c% Send .for free book. For Sale by Ben Fisher. THE ARTILLERY STATION. The artillery recruiting station rliis morning and •mention of is made in another column of this paper, made good progress today. Th«? doors were not opened until late and Messrs. Vaugta and Ray consider that be list of signers is larger fb.<m they could have expected. The names of those who enlisted was not j givc.n for publication today. Al Price of Jefferson township is tims a large barn on Iri-s farm. NOVELTY WORKS. Office Fixtures and Partitions. Store Fronts,Counters, Shelving Turning, scroll sawing and general re- paring. Estimates furnished. Door ,ind window screelis to order. Sole ;igents for the Wheeler Great American Ad justable Screens: made to fit window's will) or without blinds; absolutely fly proof; slide easily, in wet or dry weather; can be taken out or put in bj a child: the best thing on the market. John A. Sturkin, Krie Avenue, between 8th and 9th Sis. THE JOHNSON WAREHOUSE Wool! Sheep's Wool!! _ s what we are after now. "Will pay was re-elected '"ghest market price sis days in the city electrician, has been on a leare of absence for some -weeks, and. is in Wisconsin, assisting in puttingr a new electric light plant in operation. Had lie been here. It is safe, to say tbat he •wonld not hare played the baby act, as other employes of the department dMjin striking on. a chanse in manage-, meat. Mr.-Cns*er bs.s been a**£ng f or an increase in, salary for some time, and -whether or not he returns to tie city may nJepentf npoO' -what the ciee- trie'ligiit committee decides to that dJ- week. Woold be please to sell jou at retail, Corn. Oats, Chopped Peed, Mid- dlings, Bran, Flour, Bailed Hay and Straw and Millet Seed. Mr. Gonora•will be in Galvestoo Tuesday forenoon to receive all the wool you will bring him and pay the top price for same. We will pay next business day for Wool 18c, ; Wheat 11.20. Oats 27c. Corn32c. Clorer seed $2,25 W. E. Kurd, Mahlon Conover. Comfort and Elegance are as oil and water to most shoes, they won't mix. The seciet of the popularity of the men's shoes tiiat we sell Is tbat tbey combine ubese qualities. We will tell you a pair of :hoes that will fit you., as If made for you, will be as e»«y M an old pair, and will last.you longer , than any you ever bought eliewhere, at the same price. Men's genuine chocolate Kangaroo lace coin toe a $3 shoe U «2.50. • ' Men's genuine chocolate Tie! kid lace Newark toe, a »2.50 ihoe »t «2, We have plenty of bargain* in all kinds of shoes. Call and see them. Elias Winter +++ Business is Dull This * Spring. * With *so many tailors, but «> * I don't nave d'nii seasons amy ! "• t more. Now I admit my $18 < > | and $20 Suiting may be the drawing card because I make so inaay of them. Did yon <; ever think about saving ,< > money on elofhes? I can ~ kelp you. Good goods, St, workmanship aad 'low prices, J i aare a world of talk. H. G. Tucker, TAJLQB, . V % Fourth and Broadway. , »»•»•••••*•»»•»»••••»•»'•»

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