The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1951 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1951
Page 8
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FA(?B EIGHT CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Mr Dally rat* pet Jmntlon: Mfnlmum chirgt 1 time p^r \\nt IM 2 Hmej per lin* ptr rtiy 12c 3 times pei line per da? >c f time) pfi line yet d.lj 7t 1£ tlnwj pe; line per day Se Month prr Mn^ »0c Count five average ivonls to the line. ArJ ordered tor three or six (!m<>s aniJ slopped bffore tipirallcm will be cliats- «d lor (lie number of llnif* the ad iplirarnl anil ;uljirstnient of bill made All classified advertising ropy suh miltrd bj pcr.Min* resirline outside ot the rJti must hi- .ircomiianJctl by cish Rites may rnsilr be computed from (he Rrjore tahle. AdrrrH&Ing ordered fut Irregular inter! Ions la*;*-* i he isne lime table So resigns LI) Hhy ivlU lin taken (or more (fian one Inrorrccc Insert din of inr classified ad. All ads arc rcdHrled ro ihelr primer rl.iKSificalion style »nd t.»pe> The Courier -S'pws ro^erve* die rlglil to eilll or reject any art. USED TRACTORS Bl.YTHKVII.I.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 1947 MLnnrapolLs-Molliie with 2 Row Cultivator $695 Model H F*rm»n "F-20" with 2 Row Oulllva- t—"ll" F,ini!«ll'« wlili power IJU ma 3 Pieces of Equipment Each {800 John tlcore K wild a Row Cultivator and 2 HIT* Bustei t70o 1347 C«M "VAC" Cultivate! J750 with Two Flow John ncore -!)•• Model Trnclor with 2 Row Cult . z Itnw fluster and 2 now Planter 11300 2-11 Fariiiall Trnclor Ciilm-Rtor J1200 wllh ,1 Row 100 Planter, used only Apartment for Rent 2tt> W H room furn. apt Ph. 3200. FnrniRll H 1 year $100 Knrmall 4 Row planter ror -r-20" Tractor $175 John IJprre 4 Row Planter with Fertilizer Alnchmem Only (32S 61 Implement Co. N. Iliway 61 Phone 21<12 2-9 ck If Kentucky. 4 M pk 21 3 room nnf, apt. 313 N 2nd 23.10 till S p.m., rail 60BO nigh'?. 2 im, fur. apt 1 or 3102. 4'H pV: 21 Snvo Afoney—Alake Afoney on Used Furniture 2-306, 5lfi L^ke^ 3 rooms and bath. 221 R 4 K pk 21 you'll 4 12 pk Modern 4 room apt. iir'A'Jy drcornied All ronvenlr-nrrs Utilities furnished. (3750 Month Apply Armnrel Plaining Co 4'12 ck 13 rnfur r orm entrance. Ph 3Wfl. apt Front hT^ 4'](J pk 17 .Mi-vlcrn 2-room furnished ap«rt(rient Call 565 or 3595 . 4'4 cV tf 4 rooms and halb fur apt Gas equipment Elcctrto rcfrloerntnr I?.- 1 Vf DA- Tls. F Simon Ph 3373 329 ck tf 4-room vmfiirnl=hrrt apt . private b«tii £40 I7lh nnd ARh ph 6700 327 ck tl rooms and equip Mod«m iipRlalrs apt bnih, electric tc/rliiprntor , - ment Good furniture Cnrnrr of Main and Sccopc! Phone 3373 F Simon 321 ck '.I 3 room unfnr apt clnse in Ph Sfl5 or 2595 3113 ck tf room tmnir Rpt Phone 3303 1J23 Auto Supplies and Services AUTO AND FURNITURE LOAN'S Prompt Personal Service General Contract Purchase Corp 106 Smith 5th E'hnne 6803 4'5 cfc If D«» : * sndinger pour family with faulty llrea—BUY i,EK TIRES CHAPMAN SEHVIGS STATION Main A DlTimnn Phon* 23«3 13113 ck tf Services Sewing and alterations. Ph. 3133. You'll K:WC money hy buying used furniture ai Olln Harmon's on Ash Street compare our prices And nake money by selling vom furiutuic 10 IIB wt p.iy rash, or course We'll hn Rlntl to trade with you Co/tie to GUN IIAHJilSON &''SON FURiVITURF. CO. 517 W. Ash Phone 25S2 4-2 ck 5-2 If you want to sell 01 buy USKI) FUKNITUKE see us. Arnold & Gaines 406 Kasl .Main Pli. 0357 2-2G ck IT Mtrmows. Onld fish and 3292 323 E Main SI 3:21 O C |H S:21 SOYBEAN SERO S-100 and State Cerlified Dortchsoy no. 2, at ?<1.00 per bn. LOCUST Posts at 25 to <IO cents each. BURDETTR PLANTATION Phone 782 .'1-4 ck tf prncllcRlly 4M2 pk 15 8 ft. electric refrigerator i"ew Cheap. Ph, 2062. "I'm delighted with my used car from Phillips!" • e \ 0( '^ sFor(1 c " sl( "" llehtve 'J'u'lor—maroon color, lots • l!)50 i-'tml ruslom deluxe C!,,|,' Coupe—shininL' Sheridan blue rin-sli. a nice «„- will, white sitlewall lires, healer, seal covers. • (1) '! ( |; )( , rf j" l ; d ( '" s( " ni (ll>l »*e l-'ordor—has radio, hcaf- • I ill!) Kortj i-usl,)!,! deluxe Tiidor—heaiUiful maroon. • .7 lord super deluxe Ti,,lor-l,| n cli. very nice. • I.Ml, l-ord super deluxe Clul, Coupe—has radio and hf-aler, heaiiliftil black color. •'«"> .urn i—dark blue finish, looks runs like a 1017 Ford \. 19J7 Chevrolet price is minify | ()w . Chassis—bargain. Broadway & Chickasowbo Phone 4453 fnill nmll us <l»ce more tlmn b«!c 3.000 bu Innd. Ark., — A 1. Whistle Ros . . Dell 26SI. . 4]11 OlMRANTETEO SCVflKa AND ALTERATIONS 313 N 8TH ST PH 6760 ' y ; 22 p* 4;22 Washing Afacliines rcipaired all makes. Blytheville Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-6 ck tf Prompl. Eipert Senlco on Commerclnl REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING FRANK VESTAI.L Charlie's Electric Service Phone M93 ..- - ReMdenct !80S ' Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Bfiy serTlce on Jewelrr—3 dara nn ^V"e,^%-="™ PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second RADIO & TV SERVICE ILLE Television Radio Service ___ TYPEWRITERS" DON EDWARDS CO. 1)1 W w»lntit nti rhmt 3 3a , Plenty of Parking Space money i ciiltl- SPECIAL SALE OF FARM EQUIPMENT! Our complete stock of used tractors and equipment r\re now on snlel PlniU ers. rotary hoes, ptilvcilzt-rs. discs—nil used equipment hns been recondlilon- I etl and iirlccd to EHVC you Check ihesc irnctor prices: 1 FnrmRll Regnlnr Trar.tor wliJi vRtor and brcaltlng plow . . . |: 1 AMis-CnHlniers "WC" Tractor with cultivator and hreRklns pJow . . . J435, In artdltlon, yon can rhoosc from John Deere "H". CUSP. Ford find A very Trnrtor.-; with all rqnlnmenU Tint hurry . . they're going /Vm! come <lo«-ti tomorrowl RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR CO. S. Ifiway 61 ,>, o,,-, Phone 2l71r :[ 3F g e back porch for enjoy for Sale, Real Estate >'OR SAMS Good 5-room and batli house, located at 71G West Walnut. This house is in good condition, recently decorated inside and out. Has large screened in back porch, two car garage and outdoor storage. Plenty of shade on this large 75 x 140 ft. lot. Close to church, school and downtown Price ?8,:300. Terms. See or call JOHNNY MARR REALTOR Phone <im. R es Pll 25g6 3-20 ck tf Expert Watch »ml Jet 11 <Iovrn. 11 svccklj \v,, 3 26 <-K t! For Sale, Misc. hlack i F, Ijoro. I B ,i N< i*' 2 , l c "' '"'•'•' " o " ? 'Hi Male pnpuv, J'll. 3101. n-i \vliltc •! 14 pk 21 '.-.111!-. II" x 4' Electric «t ccr 20 to 2S3 ninp-Drlll pro.,,.. W, ™.o >0!>i " nt1 '""-TOM MAI1RY r 1 '-.-' 9 ' 5 4 14 pk 21 TOMATO ""piiAN-Ta^rrwily ,,o»Gull fc;;itf and M-"-a'"H]li'i r- -M « ' _ Kar corn for .salo. also John Deere 1 row |>laiiier with murker a,i,t ] Rt - KO hoppers Halo Seed Farms. Hurilette OnoCKUY FIXTURES J scale, I c.,.M, n-slstci. I meat box. 8 (I. I mriil blor-k I ,lrlnk tm tables Mirl sl,!,ts Ph 737 or sec Ralph Kmirl. Hwy 6, Snml , „, Bif,!,,,,.,,,,, 1 « S pk 17 Cl»y Uld tllrt Ph S3&3 <J2 (lie J IJ .Aluiritiiuin bout )Irai». ph 2637. And trallfr B02 i:i2 clt 19 rminlry ..tore wllh lli : in c quarlrrs \,'» -.0.1 >tO'k ar.rt rcnl fixtures Can J-- lali- tnwlrl p!<l: „,, l n Al^n ,''!'''. ".,"•"' ''""w Plymouth ror ^ic rislU, Phono 97 Manlhv ».| 2 ,,k 26 T "mato ,in,l ponpcr plants. 15c per cat. 6\H Ash St. Ph. 4676. 47 pk 21 Wilttul .>v.i!lct, good condltlcn C»ll 38l< 3,J7 pi 3D "ters. New hath -ns ^»» home. G l fhinn i"ymrnt. rh. 415R •1,14 pic ; TOR SALE Farms of all sizes and types IN SOUTHEAST MISSOURF Come lo Dexter and let us show them to you. JOE G. RADICAN Realtor Dexter, AIo. 4-2 ck 5-2 Good house Ph 8353 Corner kcro.v It deep ph 39S7 'Hh S «ctes ol ground lol on mghwsj • 81 NM ," h so , IM 3,10 cl tl _ _ 93 acres bayou funds",' » II liT UOII None better. 3, >ni , 1c w^i 2 houses. Gravel on three jldo, C ' ri< " n8 -« K CO. *,13pX 33 | A FARM I, AND R ARC, A IN IF SOU) BY APRIL 28tli. 100 acres on Suite h!shw»y l,,- jr miles ot a lowns, 4 K lu s . mii,,,! | o ;, n '" trnclor farmed. Electricity. >" school bus service Will pro- J than bale to ncre. 35 hush- els holts 2 scls Improvements l/iw H.TI-S. jilniued this ycnr 60 acres cot- Ion. 130 hc»ns. Hfiits ',', nnd u,. '.' 52B.I25 . 5.000 (23.125 .' 12.000 SATURDAY, APRIL FARMING NEEDS! 2 Kow IJf( Type and Drag Type Rotary ttotf. 4 Row Kolary Hoes Cultivator Sweeps, for price and quality, see us first. See the new Ball « n d Socket Pulverizing Disc Harrow. . .perfect for seed bed preparation. Tractor Spraying equipment that you'll need in lh« future... 2 How through 8 How for Any style Iractor. COME IN TODAY! Specializing in Ferguson A Ford —Repair Service— Complete line of Ferguson & Ford Tarts Jack Robinson Implement Co. 500 R. Main —_ Blylheville Phone 2371 Also Your Ferguson Dealer In Osceola Help Wanted, Male For Rent . 3|23 pic 4;2S Price .......... I I*ay with contrnct issilnle 4'; . 2n y 'ay Dec. 1. 1951 •"J^l. < ; I2 Pk 15 t Mom unt house, hnth. Call «57~ -liio pk 17 2 rm partly turn house. Ph. C213- 4]10 pk 17 nc ""•*'<""". f»rt bath, gatilcn. MO 116 E, Sycmnore. . 4 , 10 p f^ With good .™ 0 n the ront J|"'iw not he less than 56,000 RO)I^ to pur- iliriRpr. Shown hy nppolntmcnt onlj\ W. i\t. Hums, Hoaltor Tlione 3'31>1 -:, -1113 ck 17 iles Wfist of 4J13 pk 20 h 468? h " 46B1 Gro. Slore lor jinle 4 Gosnell. Ph. 4825. Modern 2 bedroom home located in very good residential district. This place is in perfect condition. Equipped with attic fan, 2 automatic flour ' "''"Mces and Venetian blinds. electric water 'runklln 4;0 pic 16 3 rtiom n rrfrl^crator Mrs Eilenr p Bor'i'im 5 ph 3123 apt Electric atove and Automatic Hot water . couple only Ph 4601-nItci W c)t tf a « room mton Ma 2 27 ck tf Modern court PI R L.""H.iher - Gin Cn cabin* 95] NltiUi Street fitcd [x)st Boy 3.9 pic 59 with bath TUG ALUMINUM CO. OF AMIOHICA (Clucago Works) has hired several able bodied Blytheville men for general j 1'nctory work. APl'LY NOW for opening still available in this plant, located in BIC1,L\VOOD, (A western Suburb of Chicago). Good pay, paid holidays, Vacation, insurance, Pensions. - 4-M ek 21 AN EXCElZENT"BUsT- NESS OPPORTUNITY FOR A MAN OF CHARACTER, CAPACITY & AMBITION.' Continental Assurance Company of Chicago has TWO agency opportunities open with nn established, aggressive & well financed agency operation, first as a district or regional manager for Northeast Arkansas and part of Missouri, if agreeable for the right man. This man is accus- Lomed to earning 56,000 a year and up, desires complete and NEW GI.F.NCOE HOTEL HI 8 Second Ph 4464 $8.00 WEEKLY 1« ck M For Sale, Cars and Trucks Wunt to buy a good or? Look up ine man what livtd i n Blythevllte (or . « year,. HERMAN LOVEI.ADV .t l>. Shelton Motor Co.-tn E ktsln 4:9 ck 39 CARL PAUL able- siimmei- living, and fu- —tin-e expansion. Garage and driveway. Owner will sacrifice for quick sale. See or call MAX LOGAN Lynch Building, Phone 2(M<I -1-10 ck 17 Real Estate Farms—City Properly LOANS IT in termed In Buying or celling fcpe Noble Gil! Agency REALTORS • — Cecil [Carls — Glencoe Bldg. Ph. 0;30 ck t] Insurance Call 553 For Complete Insurance Protection W j. Polliircl Agency Planned Protection 124 W Ash Bt C.l.r.NCOf HOTEL [ni 13 cli t; 5-roo mklln St Call 565 or 2505 2 rn vested ownership of the agen cy operalion he develops, [ilus a protected territory franchise affording him the most complete facilities in tl\e market for the development of all forms of life, accident & health, group life, both term and permanent, group disability coverage, a |s 0 hospital and surgical convertible to employees, pension plans, non- cancellaljle disability insurance to -?250 monthly for 120 months non-aggregate for bus... _ '"ess and professional men. Locatea on"" North ! Such a man will be properly liirurnlshcd house with buth icnleri lust otr South house rear at 1917 W Vine 4; 11 pk n Unrur. 2 room npt Prlvnte bnth Hoi mrt cold ivntcr turn. Close In. rh. 3109. ^ -l;12 ck tf I room (int. house. Newly iJeroralrd I'll. ^267 or 3665. ^^13 pk 20 3 room unfurn7ho^c7 In n r |,lc Ark <Htlon. Rent cheap, rh. 0309. 4 !: 13 c k tf 1'rlvnte bedroom with kltc!ien~priv- "t"^rs to couple or nice worklnu clrl 312 5 1st. rh. J^3. .1 u n v ,, Notice Frrsh ecrRs. groceries We are open .•heTI others »re closed. Egnns Store. 2 Ml.^So. 61 Hwy.^ vj 3 pk 5 13 Vant«l--To contrnct cuttln.8 »n(l .M-rlne In-ts, to mill 3 21st O S Ulsoii. ,,l,niit 3SOU 32J ck It set up and trained to assure top level success, security and stfible earnings of $6,000 to $18,000. Only such'calibre men need apply. AND TWO —A traveling Held supervisor, experienced in agency development, to work 34 counties of 4 to 10 in each of Southern Illinois, Southeast Missouri, Northeast Arkansas. Northwest Tennessee and Western Kentucky Salary $300 to ?500 plus "« '^0'.; profit sharing formula. Write care of this paper or I 1 . 0. Box 380, Blytheville, and give us full story of your experience, training and background. All replies strictly mridontial. <l-lick 6-1 i „,», find blm'Sf b "" r * dt ln ««"- Homer-U'ilson Motor Phon. 20S« Co 11130 ck FREE PAINT JOB WITH CAR REPAIR l, ta > '«'" »n the »t7 Job O,. ,ny esll.imte ovei 1300 II glre you a paint lob Ire. ot Charge That', „„,£ rou '? n Ve>° a °,, °" ' • Eipert Mechanical Repair • Wash «ncl Grease Jobs • Wrecker Serrlce-nnj time ot dav "r Bight Call 699, da/,. 4MB rflghts BURNETT HUDSON SALES East Main Step Out In Style NOW...THIS SPRING...STKP OUT IN ONE Of OUR I-ATE MODEL RECONDITIONED CARS! , 1949 Chevrolet deluxe 4-door Sedan, 2-lone grev d*. lux* radio, heater, defroster and while sidewall" (irt. ...bargain. 19-18 Chevrolet Kleelmmier J-iloor Sedan, hlack, r»- dio, healer and defroster, one-owner. 1950 Ford 2-iloor cuslom Sedan, large cus(om-huilt radio, heater and defroster...special...51^5. Se '!:' n ' ot waler heaier and 1912 Ford V-8 2-door Sedan, radio and heater. 1916 Ford V-8 2-door Sedan, radio and heater ?695 EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always make . good deal ,t SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY SO, West Walnut phone 57g For Trade smn , •IHe. Wilte Bo.< C-3. " '"""I Will Blvllip- ComLr News. A Tule cypms In Mexico, J6 feet In diametsr. U believed to be older than any of the California redwoods, often referred lo 15 the world's oldest living things. PLANNING A GARAGE! Then Call 2.134 for Free Estimate s and Kilcheris Remodeled Non-Mortgage FHA Terms As I.nn s as 30 Monlhs lo P.-ij- BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. "Everything f or the Bunder" : •t. !•«,« S . Iliway 61 J. Wilson Hcnrj Biitteries Charged on Slow ('hiirfres — Only 35c. Ronlal Free. Southern Auto Store. 2-9 ck tl Wanted to Buy Used Car Values IMS Mr-rriirv Sedan, very clean nnlnnmbilc. Otilj IlcnS. I9IS Puntl^c l Door Seilan. lly rtrniiiiilic Drive and all (lit other cvlras . . $1395. 1817 Ponllac 1 [)oor Scd^n S1095 I3IS Kclser Sedan . . . S9S5. 181C I'onliac Conrrrliblo . . i m! tiuf . J695. 1349 Kaiser Deluxe 4 Door Sc- il.-xn, all eslraj . . . 51395. "ml many more, »1J values galore The 61 Motor Co. Your Kaiser-Fraier Headquarters North Gtli. St. Phone 2M2 Well Be Htre POMORROW 10 Sac* Up V/hal We S»j and Do TODAYI" ^ r il]_ pay $2.00 for eacli pood na gal. oil drum bronchi lo Texaco Plant, located between Blytlieville Canninjr Co., and Cotton Belt Depot •1-12 ck 5-12 i ff'Hicrj new or used tlrst prlees P.1H CPinrul Feather Co 1523 Kansas j .Vve^. Ln s t SI Ixinls. Ill" 4 2 pk Va i I will pny 51 00 to n 25 for 100 Ibs j nt scrnr iron - JOc to Me Tor 100 lt» o[ tin Find wire -lOc tor 100 Ita or I old tires !2 50 for „,,, „„„„„., |HU:licT p r i<-e« for rnillninr.i mill nil I " "'- !"' 1 t»l> Ihvr trucks to pick It M!) Call wo or come to ISO.i vv vine S 27 pk 4 27 Ir to old r^rs for scrap Iron Rns* Ib Call <i»9 or come to IMS •M rk s< Business Opportunities SERVICE STATION OARAGE RADIATOR SFfOP TOMS SERVICE STATION S 61 HI-War Ph 31119 ; 4 13 r.k Ml Pakistan Bank Seefci j Arabian Employees KARAcirr—w—Mohammad Abu ! ^urt, economic ndvis«r lo the Pakistan State Hank, will visit Smittl Arabia nlirt Cairo to study possible unproved exchange methods anrt recruit Arab bank employees. Sand aiinnimcpd that"lie will seek ways to heller facilities for (be ex- ifliiiiiRC of special currency notes jiMii«l In imj pilarims from I'akis- 1 tan (o Saudi Arabia. ,- ' rnr courts. Plione 49U. II ck « Pr/va*e Rooms Newly decorMed nom Adjourning henled h«1- Mrs Matt 3U7 pk 4] 17 NIcelF fxlrnlshert front bftdroom. »4- olnlng bath Uen onlj Ph ,M32 3.5 ck K Uok at the Record PLAY SAFE! For Cleaner Washes, For Cleaner Washday*! For Automate Washing at it's very besf, get. a BENDIX Automatic WASHER Isn't It Time You Bought a Bendix ai HU6BARD & HOKE Appliance Co. tf msto// HI PISTON RINGS ^ / / / WHERE THERE'S SMOKE— THERE'S TROUBLE! S And when your car's smnking (he trouble is that you're throwing money a\vnv! I iston rings are bound lo wear down eventually, and when (hey do, you eel less gas milcKge AND you expose the engine to possible severe damage. So, , •y°'^ rcar ' s smoking, you'll he wise to iet Horner-Wilson install a new set of rings. It'll save you money. In addition you can arrange (o pay for the job while you drive. . .„„ casv ,„,,, ( lerms _ But don 11 delay loo long—« w herc there's smoke, there's trouble." Horner-Wilson Motor Co. f Your O/dimob/fe— CMC Truck Dealer ^ JOS East Main - •

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