Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 2, 1892 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 2, 1892
Page 6
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To all persons needing pi'.mps: I de^irt! to call attention to my fine and varied stock consisting of my My Improved Stone Cylinder, Porcelain Lined Cylinder, Polished Iron Cylinder, Common Wood. Also cistern pumps at lov.-est prices. These pumps arc fitted with the best of trimmings making them easy to handle, ic^uriog durability, preventing need of repair. Call acd see IDC at fac- ' A. N. PARKBURST, 200 Sixth Street. HP P V X _i «. JL EEL RIVER CATARRH CURE 'It-is sold on ;'. positive guarantee ( riot, cured or ^really-"bcaeflied, inon- ;; refunded. '•It will stop tho woi'a!/ form of lieatl- I jin; in live minutu:. For salo bv NERVOUS cured by the use of Tones the system, makes the weak strong. Cores Others will cure you. tpv (Trade Hark.) -a-^. KID GLOVES 4^ B. KEESLING. ;?.}?. and Retail Dnigrjist. LOflaRSpOrt, IlllJ. ., Ilic ri'drn! will !,<• n'iit(.-i .i:-.-u - f :•('<* MIHILVCII avoid <:;;miK<. Inn;: nuiii-h t" rfvr It :\ tr::il, ;,v:ilic^iinji,Yi'.M. urn.;•;;;. ;;. •: ;;7,Ma.-aia!! If you ciiaimt ',;(•' U:es<! ft'cve:- fro cnr denier notify Ilie '• .v.Tjl';i(:;ur«rs, rii)j;t & Pinner, 3S-1 jmluSG Brca'lwny, >e.v Y'jrk, and thoy will see them 'Mangetic Physician_and Specialist in tke treatment of tfous, Chronic, I hroat and Catarrhal Diseases. CZ.ate from EtlinTtJurg-Ii, Scotland, now permanently located at 276 IV. J?onrtS» St., Cincinnati.) M Consultation, Examination and an Opinion given FREE in every case* Will Make His Next Visit to Log-ansport Monday, Oct. 3d. And Remain One Day Only. FARLOBS at BABNBTT HOUSE BEfiTY'S •So many thontands are nlrcafly acquainted with Dr. jjcati-'s mode of trcatracat in Europe rjsdthia country, It is only accessary to say U.- this niQttiod nn cquilibriuni of th; vital TH>wcrsJB at once established, and an equalization of tec circulation maintained. Thus nature Is enabled to throw off the effete matter. Medicine trill act liie a charm, and health at notice ensue. Dr. Beaty's experience iu the Great Medical Schools n:i'.1 Hospitals of Europe and this •country enables him to treat all Chronic and Cat.nrrh;d T!is,-a«cs u:idcrstandingly, and with -.-jeyer vajj-ing success. He does not claim to curecvcrvihiui,' likc sorae physicians. Bear vhis in mind. Call and sec for yourself. He does rivl practice deception. Dr. Beaiy uses :nolhiujj but the latest and dost improved trcatni^-t iu fjr-rirn hospitals—nearly all med- vciiies new. Tbe Greatest of all Gifis-TSne I*o~ci- of Diseases. T)r. Bcatykno-srsheisone of the Grer,;c.--t Diagnostician.;::: tic \vorld. He has a nation?.! -Deputation-for Diagoosinsr the most complicated disc.-,5 By his keen perception and intuition Jici 1 -. caaV'.c ! <^-ase nnd reveal to the sick one the true :"cutu.~!n ar.J •physicians have Jailed and were gropica; ia il.irknc.S5.. By his correct understanding of each and every CP.EC, 'Of diseases given up by the most crairicnt physician i.; THE W03IAX OF FASHION. Cloaks, Mantles and. Wraps Magnificent Array. hat V>'o'rc Gol=s to '.7car This VTlatcr — Somo Ile^il Paris I*roiiuctiO£ii— The ;<~civ shapes and icngtus— Opera and Carrln-c Cloaks. icop-raicnT. I3S2.1 Yes, dresses are bright and brilliant and gay; and so are hats, startlingly so; and so are gloves—the brightest-colored gloves you ever saw are worn these days on the streets; but the wraps and cloaks for this coming season far excel in magnificence, richness and brilliancy all the handsome dress goods and go wns, all the beautiful headgear yet displayed. They're positively overawing, these rich brocades and cloths, with their beading and fringes and linings and trimmings. We can't quite tell whether we like thesiornot; we're only wonderfully impressed by them just at present. Are they very different from last year's styles'? Well, the mantles are a little longer; some of them fall a trifle beyond the old three-quartar length, some of them go down to the ground. Of course almost everything has a box- plait somewhere in its composition, unless it's just of plain, loose box cut. A great many are open at the neck, but there are still more that have yokes coming closely together. Just yet plain garments for ordinary wear are in the background, and these magnificent creations claim all attention. One most gorgeoas wrap is of dark green velvet shot with dull red. It is trimmed at the edge and collar with very full feather trimming of the two colors combined. There is a, great deal of gold on the wraps—bands in front, sleeve pieces and collar trimming of it. A dark fawn wrap which touches the ground has a regular overwork design :: v.-as of S. box cut, but a very tight fit, ;r s-jezned to me. The box cut ran down over the hips, and then there was fanned on it a full skirt of the same material, covered with fringes. The lower 1 portion looked more like a ruiilo than anything else. It was such a ridiculous looking cloak that I should think no woman would ever wear it; but then, it was one of tbe very latest from Paris, you know. I also looked at two exquisite opera cloaks, both of which touched the ground. One was of white brocade, with delicate gold thread and vellow silk pattern all over, and trimmed pro-, fusely with white fur. The other was pale yellow, also in brocade, and was CHICAGO MEDICAL INSTITUTE /cmcti su j* mnny v/cmc jj Sc-int g -.vho to cc:iF: .-!•.: :a rr fror.: Excessive cr v"; They dca'r ksow t.5 ;rel proper advice- Io7 & 1.VJ ers St. 111. ii' 1 : ccs;":<i= :a anybody b-t try a Specific fo.-PttriFUU, PROFUSE, . :.C.;27Y,$lj??ricS3£B c.-.d IHRE5ULAR I.IENSTRUATION. tiao;c*.a " \YCMA1-!" rr-Siled free. CR.52=!£L2 riiOULATCf; CO., Alicia, 0?.. > ol.I by iU yr'j^tlvls. The Regular Old-Esiablis&efl PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS are still r?Mt!n; rlth t!:e Greates; SKILL ftND SUCCESS /. T 7 .-ILL p Chronic, Nervous For sale bv Ben Fisher, drug-gist. Private Disease?. Jieiuorjr. IS SCCLD ON A POS-TIVE GUARANTEE to cv.r2 aayior ox uirvoi'.s clt; FOR AUTU--.IN V/EAB. in blaelc passe&cnte-ic r.ad braiding which defines a jacket on the long- jar merit." Over each high shoulder hang's long- fringes, also in black. Another fawn is double breasted, and lias a rov/ of immense buttons down each side, nearer the back. A rich bright green cloth has a turn- back collar of black Astrakhan, with revers so short and broad that they seem to form a yoke; then the astrakhan is continued narrowly down the front, and also in bands from under the arms. One very peculiar garment has a front of soft brown cloth, which hangs like the box, straight from the shoulders. No buttons or fastenings are visible, but after close examination you discover that it is confined at the side under two small plaits that have been taken in the cloth. The back is the same bos shape, but is made of brown velvet. On both back and front is laid a richly embroidered yoke of beading- in many colors, and there are also sleeve bands of it. The wrap is thickly wadded and lined with old rose satin. Still another cloak has a tight-fitting-, short-waisted jacket, completely covered with delicate braiding-. From the jacket hangs the skirt of the garment, long and plain in front, bat in the back made of two box plaits. Over the skirt. ith-iTn (he most complicated 4:s; oj'.beir s-jfTcrinjj, wher^: other Scr.ty is c— ablcd to care husdrcc/ .SC ofCr.t.-.rrh that ever cristed. f C.-i'.iirTh c-ar?d than all the Ka Dr. Beaty can absolutely and pcrr^r.r,c" tly euro any < "fepr.estly believes he can sliov,- a ijreatcr record o:" CJJCM <taasiu America combined. Ox-er 10,000 AfiSictefi Csred ©f 3>7erva»a9 7 C^reraie, TSiroat and CatarrfaaS SSSGcascs i 'i Te:i Years. Pr.Beaty promptly, absolutely r.-d ^crjiincrnir cur,--, Rhcnnatisra, Paralysis, Throat as<l Cutarrhal Diseases, Zpile-pay.'st. Vkus D::ncQ, >.'ei:r,il^ii, Trerrcbling of the.'Hands or >,s Weak Back, acd all Diseases cf the Mi::'.!, Uyf;.cp>:a, Consumption (in first and second s \Catarrhal Deafness, Heart Dis-.-asc, JJiser,.-,: of tlie Blood, remale Diseases, Liver •Complaint, Nervous Exhaustion, Genera 1 , c-ud Lc>csl Di-'.iUiiy, etc. Dr. Beaty guarantees to -•restoreIiapalred Vital Kcerpy, to Invigorate the Krhii-ltatcd"Constitution, Stimulate the Or•^auk-Action, Promote the Circulation and ProaipUy Reac-n- that Vital Energy, the loss of •-^hich is the symptom cf decay. Is It ? And liOTzsr does He do it ? Are questions asked by hundreds of people. I>r. Beatv ca^ r-^fcryrv'j to"-.i:^drcd.sofccred ca.^sln yonr o-wn State . iu cver^- State is t.'.c fT'ijn. ?Crs. Lacra Gallop, La Grange, Inii., :uicatisis—ccu'd so; vvril: -; .Tcp; tarewr.—ay her cmtc'jts in t-wo :ks. V,"r'ie to !::r. Mr- r.-::::a JcfTcrs. Utica, Kv., Paralysii •in.', i-tirnle Tnrahio—~as as 3;e ! T::-.-55 us ncln'-"; ristcrc-i 10 perfect health. J. H. Ferguson, .^? Vi;>c street. Cincinnati, C-itarr?; t.-'.d 17-cvratioii c:"t'-el'f^^. Mr. Fers^son "will sladlyfnr- •rais'.i air i:;:orv.:n:icn ;D ethers cCccied in a si:-jil,-r Tray. VTritc hua. Mr. Edjar Bece- ^iicl. *,rfrcs. luil., Hpiirr'-y—curc-1 c^dhr,?ncvcr nad zn^tl'-.-r convulsion, ilr. G. W, Bennett, Xvition;;. V,:i5.. Ivhci:nirt:ii^;. Cc*-t"r:-;i cfth^ S;a—;ic.', u;.J j.:vcr Disease—a remarkable case; sjTmied-^ pounua c; fi-yhia :hrv» \vec"::s T.-T: u •.>!.- — . "rs. Snrah A. Posey, Corydon, Kv.. •3>«-:>sy a-iil D;-- -co-' -.-^--,--. -• ;—,:. 5 .con crivc-. r.-.i Ly ='• -.l:c iloctors. tc-aay she is tt-eli. "i: •^•ou would'.:k: i^> -;,i -.v :.' — -.---':lr r c'3c. —7.1: ;j hor. Mrs. Ada Averr, Allcn, Mich., UIo:irl Biss&.'e a'i 1 For.-.-..- C.^-. ,:,:•• -^- tf ri"i-37 y-.ars' standing—to-day she is doing her own •«n>cV. Mr. >;. .•;. V> i -,: . n-.- ^'s7i;\^ :>:-;h . vTiiarrJi, Bronchitis, Xerrous Prostratloa and a >X"""rai siivii:s (!.-I\TT, <•;"•';•• v,-hi:a systt^ 1 - His recovery astonished every one. Ii;VBea:y can -.--•'• r v" :o hsrtcreusjind Hundreds of persons -whom he has treated and ^Tsri-!. If y~i hira beei hurabugjecl or K-.dly treateddonot -waitfor amore conTenient sea• i-sa, !)atcs-.ucntor.ee au-lTiuthisVonderfulpowerstothetest. YomTiUnever regretit. Re- .-sijjalier the date. Consultation Private and Free to All, <• i I>r. Bcatv -mil treat yon honestly, and positively will not throw out isy false iopei or take 7ro«rcaseifhecan "-miT,. Jfyonrtascisincniablehe-wni fr»n)flT and hoaonbly tell yon so; also cantir -;,4i.-_», ' "wnding money for medicinca Which tapostcrs usually fnr- jeect. Ciargcs*h: .and-withia tie reach of all. THE XE\V CAPE. trimmed with swansdown. They were so soft and warm-looking, and lined so prettily, that I don't wonder they had so many admirers. Velvet sleeves arc worn again with cloth wraps and cloaks to considerable extent. They very often transform a oat that is really perfectly good, but has been worn so much that its owner is tired of it. All coats, for the most part, have box- plaited backs. They look most grotesque, but what would you? One must follow Paris, and Paris has decreed it. A magnificent carriage cloak is of pearl gray velveteen, and falls from a deep rounding yoke of sage green plush in two box plaits in front, and two likewise in back. Pearl gray passementerie bands with silk tassel ends fall from the sag-e yoke over on the plaits. The sleeves have a top puff of sag-c. and a tight puff of gray below. There's another that is just as pretty as can possibly be; not a bit gorgeous, only truly'original and pleasing... The material is vigogne, the color is bright leopard, that pretty shade which goes so well with a bright scarlet. The cloak is cut loosely, falling more than :i three-quarter length. It stands a"art alittlo at the throat,, and then "the loos^aess is gathered together at the belt, so that there is r- narrow open V down the front. There is a little pointed fancy belt catching the looseness. Over the cloak fall two capes, linacl with dainty scarlet sill:. One is quite long, falling to the waist, the other is very short, just reaching the shoulders. It is put on full, this second one, in regular deep waves. The capes and the cloak proper are all trimmed with a single row of scarlet silk braid. The high standing collar has three rows of it. Nov.- this cloak is designed to wear with a dress, finely striped in exactly the same shades as those of the coat— leopard and scarlet. And when the dress and the cloak were laid together side by side I almost envied the girl who was to wear it. All the new capes have decidedly no puff. They fall over the shoulders perfectly plain, many in the old triple style. Scarcely anyone would call them pretty, "except, perhaps, the single ones, very short, that just coine together at the neck and then slope off to either side. A great velvet ruche, which runs all around, adds character to th^se, and broad velvet ribbons tie the cape at the neck. EVA A. SCHUBERT. %*$ Wk >rc;ror i.iopen- AFTsR over l;:drl- J>2Brl.TTV. l.os; Exli;u;st!i;.j j..r;::;i.s. Terrible Drcr.iiis, Hra^ ;i;;ij B::ck.ve!:e »!v: ,i!l the effects len Ins to oar^v de^iy and ysrliups Co:isomptl*n or liisniiuv. r.'eniiHl M!^ n;i:lcil:y by iir with uevcMaJUni? siicwss. iiii'! a!! b-xl Blood :i:id Skin ;','.l.v cer<vi. f. ami ClUN'AHY (-.oi I (!lftft. Gonorrhoea. S!rlc;nrt\ V ;-:»ce!<> and all i liisrases ef i!n> (i«;i:,>-l"riu;irv Orsans cured ronu'liywltartut !:).'«.- :o ttomat; i. Kldners or ilier Orsans. . CS^Xo oiu/rlmo-nrs. \~3 n--\ experience I liKpnrtant. Conssltailon frc-f ,;M! sactcd. K^All corri\<oorKk'nce N s:icv.Hi!y private. Our iorK experleisTr- «s:!b|t>x ui in Curos in all Ciirable Ois^s of KL I E<*I;KI, Scrofula, Syphilis, Uliuideran:] K:dni\v ]ilsi\is»s. Leucot- rlio;>n and h'emalt? TrouWss, Liver Compldnt, , «J! Blooil, SI;!;; a;vl Nervous Disuases. . :' Po\>x-- r.ud .>r.?:i le;'.d to Pciw Jl,u3 ;: Eratioii, Koncuvnn! D!;±;nc=s, Yr'caS: M Impotcscy. v/hich prcmsturo old atro box, GTjosc3icr; : J..';ii. i;..::J :jv;- ; ui cur.vccipt cf prico. £ WJIITTS" G!J_i.r<..-,>:T:-:K in ch-en ior every $5.COorOcr re cciv r Jt.',iv:.i'CT'.::'.vl t ho mo Ley If a Pcrain^cnt cx:i-:.'.< J'.cc.Li'f-.'cr.cU. Tt'otrvo thousands of tc3;i:r.o.'ii.V:.j 'ro:r. old accl youiii; at both sc'jer, v,'!:v .';v,'.i Ixv r( jicnnanoiii.ly cured by t.ho 'Jso ci Aji^rodiiinc. CircuJars tee. Mention paper, .'.ritlror.!? THE APHRC MEDiCiKE CO Western Branch, ;>. 0. Sox 27. PORTLAMD, OP.SGOK. Sold bv BF Keesline;, Drus'g-ist RclicTO Suppressed Box ST. Sold by B. F. Logausport Ind, . successfully by thousands of prominent ladies mon'My. Thoroughly reliable and siife. Worth twenty times their weight in gold Jar female irregularities. ivGver kno-\vi] to fail. Scat by sinil Eeale3 for S2. Address The Aphro Medicine COMPAKY, Tfestcrn Jirancji. Portland, OrOKon, Keeslinj, Druggist Catarrh, No inrULyi- who 11.15 nUl fall history o'yo'.ircuse. Oioli Ca!!o!iora<!to' i to i-.:!L-t* V')U, \vrite US a Hour.-. S :.iS; Sundays, Qicago Medical lostitnte. 157 & 10S S. Ci.irkSt. Chicago, III. IT IS A DUTT yon owe s-onrsolf und family to snt tho best value for yonr money. IvcanpmiKO in your footwear by purchasing IV. Li. J>ouclns Shoe*, vrhlch repreient tho far . . , bent vatuo far price* naked) as will temliy. Bar TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE. J^ I have the largest and best selected stock of new, fresh goods in the Furniture line in the State, which I will offer at the very lowest prices. Call and see the line when you are in the city. H Eons fttaB WWU J and 45-S. Meridian St. INDIANAPOLIS. PENNYROYAL WAFERS. A specific monthly med^cino for ladies to restore and reffulafca the tjjonnc9; (producing' free, hadlt&y and painles* xHscburgu. No aches or pains on approach* Kow used by over 30,000 ladles. Once used, "will uso o^nJa- Jnvlgorftt** tJiese organs. Buy ot ytmr druggist only thoso with oar slenatnre ocrow faco of label. Avoid substitutes. Sealed particulars moiled 2c stamp. $1.00 box. Address, E0HEKA COMPANY. For sale by B F Keeshne and J D Hanson THE LEOPASD AND SCARLET ClOAK. almost completely covering ii, falls a desp fring-e of silk and ijcnds. Another -svrap, of three-quarter length, is striped ivitli alternate bands of Tslack plush and rich brocade. A black stripe strikes the middle of the back, and upon it is laid a row of iraTscnse jet buttons, A beautiful short coat, that is, comparatively short, is made of black ben- galine. Astrakhan of beautiful quality forms a turn dotvn collar, a yoke back and front, and a narrow front which runs down straight to the edge of the coat. At each side of the astrakhan front, starting at the yoke, fall bos plaits of the bengaline. At the back the only adornment is one large double plait. It is very dressy, and yet more quiet than an^ of the others. Such a funny one I saw that I almoit laughed, and won^.ored how anyone could ever eet into.ri. Erst, at the too. .i Asking Too Much. Said Judg-o Duffy to a convicted male- lactor : 'It has been proven that you burglarized a house, stole a ham, and 'orged another man's name to a note." "May be so." "You have also been sailing- under the false names of Smith, McMullen, oodrich and Perkins while you were committing your crimes." "Well, Judge, you did'nt expect me allow my own honest name to be mentioned in connection with such villainies and dragged through the mire."—Texas Siftings. —'•What? Fell down stairs? How did it happen?" "Why. you see, I started to go down, and my wife said: 'Be careful, John.' And I'm not the man to be dictated to by any woman; and so—well, down I went." 31'Yes— "And he got some lovely bruises tc show for it; and served him right. 3Ian is born to be dictated to by woman. Of course."—Drake's Magazine. —Mrs. Greenback—"Did you find the locality where you stopped in England healthy? 7 ' Mrs. Coupon—"Weil, I should say so. Very often our hotel bill would gain several pounds in a r!«nr."—Chicago Inter Ocean. ELECTRI m BWR. _^^^ — y^jj^^otoRSBRr ., JOSLTf. Kadc for *ji .t>er.lttc par- Mae, Cure of G«pr»tiTO WenVnmk. pivlog Fwlr. Bltd, Jvwre. Inc. ConUnnoiiK Cnnr"t» -of Kwetrlclty tbrouph nil TTKAK PiETS, reilorini: them to HEALTH 101) VIC.OKO'JS BTllKXCTIl. ElMtrlt Current Felt ImUoUj, or ire furTelt K.OOO In caul-. iratly Co«-*«l In threo znoatl)*. Sculcd pu&ptlct ELSCTEICCO-.' •••-••-<t.,r-—' B Gn* •f ol L vai**wr <*ar a N-w «»• GENTLEMEN* THE BEST SHOE IN THE WORLD FOB THE MONET. A ccnulne oeweil ohoo. that will not r<j>, Una calf, seamless, smooth Inside, flexible-, more comfortable, stylish and durable than any other shoo ever sold at tho prlco. Equals custom mode shocicoitlng rrom 84 to £5. flJA and S5 Hnnd-scwcil, flnocalf shoes. Tho u* 1 * mostBtvllsb^easy und durabloeuocsovcr Bold at tno orico. They equal Ono Imported ehoou co«ung IromgStogK. ^^ CJO SO 1'ollco Shoe, worn byfnrmoni and all «B"C»ii others who want o good heavy calf, thre» solod, extension cdso shoe, easy to walk In, and will keep the loot dry and wnrra. (SO 50 FineCnlf, 82.25 and 32.00 Woric- •JStoe zncmcn'H Shoos will give moroivearfortho money tban any other znako. They aro made for service. Tho increasing coles show mac worklngmon bare found thlsout. BStn-ua.) S8.0» and Youths' 61.73 School lulf YO Shoes aro worn by tho boys everywhere. TberooBtservicoaBloshoussoidatuieprleei. t fte9 aact ?3'OO Ilaud-ncwcd. 82.$0r ••aUICa 92.00 and $1.75 Shoes tit mfatica aromade-of the bestDonsola or flnoCalt,a» desired. Theynrovery stylish,comfortable and dara- fromS4.00to$6.00. Ladles-whowlshtocconomlzoia their f oot-vvcar aro Dndlnff this out. Caution.—W.L.Douglas'namo and tho prloe i* clamped on the bottom ol! each shoe; look tor It whenyou buy. Bewareof dealers attempting to sab- Gtltato other traces for thorn. Such substltutionsora fraudulent and subject to prosecution by law for ol>- mining money under falsa pretences. IV. Li. DOUGJLAS) JUrockton, RIos*. Soldbj J. B. WINTERS, Broadway. FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS this old SovereignBemedy has stood the test, and stands to-day thevbest known remedy for Catarrh, Cold in the Head and Headache. Persist in its use, and, it will effect a cure, no matter of bow long standing tlie case may be. W! tAK m UNDEVELOPED • 1 Organs strenpuc-cd and enLirged, enili- iions Btopped, 3Lo»r- .1. Thood B«store(S Tpjicoccle, weak teck, :•).. i-' memory, dizztnes£ rjervominess, irea-^icss vtxr ' by the Pcnn City Rcr/:<><;5~w. tl.no per I..-T : six boxes for w.OU. A -vrl-'er; gi:arfiiit«e of : • with fit-cry >ix hoses. >•",;! -i.a:r.p for jia; .v.rs Sj th« *' KKuZCAl •'- -i-^<i<j &\FfH.f., .ilia. Aurt.it LOST MANHOOD RESTORED, Thoec -K-ho have nsed; qnack Jnedldncs -trith high Boanfilng loreljm naraeo, ana EOt been cured shonld try Cr. Averr'a Speclflc, a genuine medicine made by » i-cnnlna cspert piyBlcton, and sold Trttii a written (mamntce w cure Headache. Nervousness, Pain InBackor Side, Evil Dreams, Lack of.CojiUdencc, Lost Jlan- hood, -Weak Memory, lost Brain Power, and all wasang dlscasw cau»jd by over- ciertoa. vonthfnl folly or ths eicesalvc use ol tobacco, oplom, or fttJmalnntB •n-tlch lead to consumption 07 insacltr. Pet up In condensed Jorm for the pocket Sent Dy mall tl.OO per boz. six for K.OO. with even-15.00 order we Blve a wrif • ten £ruarantce to cure or refund the money. Circulars free. I Before and After Use. Address AVEEI'SSPECIFIC CO., ;o Plymouth Place, Chicago, ZL THE GENUINE FOE SALE OX1Y BY E. P. Keesllas, Drngglst, Logaajport, Ind. WIFFS SPECiRC e o For renovatins the entire system, eliminating all Poisons frdin the Blood, -whetter of scrofnlocs or origin, thic preparation has no equal. "For eighteen moEtis I bad aa eating sore on my tocgne. I was treated by best local -phvsiciar^, ont obtained no relief: the sore cradiiallvcrE^- ~orse. I finally took S. S. S., and tras ectirslr aired after csing a few bottles." C. B. ZUcLEStOEE, Henderson, Tes. Treatise on Blood and. Side Ks- eases mailed free. TBS Swim SEECEEK Co-, " Nerve Sosds." tic ivoadert'ul remedT Is nola -,-Oii a written cun.rn.ntcc loenrc sll nervous diseases, fneh a« V»"eak3:emorr Ix»« of Bi-oJu Poiycr, U«nd.it'.n:, WnltcfalxtiiK. Xx>*tMan- hcod, Ma-hUy KrntMnlonN, Quick^tcnx* ,t:vJI l>reazn« t 3LUickof CosiiiSence, -\tr-vou«m-»». l.aiwli.cde, all drains and loss of power of the Gcnerotlva Ontans In either ser cauwd byovereiCT. tlon, yonthiul errors, or eicenflvonsc <jt tnnacco. oplan: ormnTu- hvnts-which soon Xc-ad'to Inflrmlly. CocsurapUon and In.scnlty i*ar- 3 convenient to (xsrry In -vect pocket. Seut l>y mall Jn plain " any address lor SX, or O for SS. <\Vlth every r~ ,v« a%^ritt«ii »^iarantc« t/» core or roTnnd BX70EZ ATTTi A-PTvra. HAZE'S. ODiCUI^lJi KJIKK Ajddrc&s StXICVJfc; t3j£2£l> CO.. ?-jr Sale in I/ogansport Inu. By H C .'nrcell Druggist 391 Fourth St AJTEB csac. RESTORED MNHOOD-M? irlttengtutrMiief.toeirre tllBerrons dic«tnf of th« tenentiw orgsns ol either §ex. ttuh is Uerrota Proslation, tittle* m ''. Kentil Worry. czceraiTe uw o£ Tobicco or Opium whit '*'* ' CpnramptionandIn<»iilty.,Totheir»icU«rtor«»th« j -ugor of youth, »nd fall power to *U -who n»e it. t -- 1 —- -tioz ^J».Br.J£att»Chaaiic»106.,l Sold at Johnston Bros, drug store DR. WILLIAMS' IKDIASS PiLS Tvill core Blind, Bleeding-and-ItdiinPi taaors, allaystheltc ir^tot relief. iKP pnvate parts. Every box is warranted. feaysvfile, EL Y.. says: "Dr. WflHarrJ' meat cnredne after years of TOfferi " sent by mallon receiptof BrfS Sold by B F Kceaiing: and J L Hanson

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