Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 2, 1890 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1890
Page 5
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.— Real Estate. For Sale orTrade In all parts of the City. Residence at all prices. Business Houses. Vacant Lots. Exclusive Sale of Johnson's "Riverside Addition". 20 Vacant Lots on Broadway and North. Bargains in Lands closft to the Citv. REPUBLICAN CONVENTION. Good Men Every Ward.' B N, TALBOTT A Kali Vote and Earnest Work Will &ivc Success. I A DELIGHTFUL EVENT. The Twenty-Fifth AnnlTersary Ker. Joseph Jox's Pastorate Iteantifally Celebrated. KUborn, mutlioru. Koyer iu Four anil And thv PifiU Names Tousley VTJUtraore. Real Estate Broker, 9t. Elmo Block, Broad-way. B. M. Me Mill en SUttonarr, Haromccts, CroqoeU. Picture Framing A SPECIALTY. X«. 3O7 - - Market St. MONEY TO LOAN! 154 Solas Bought la aay sum eter g£> at lowest rates. Large amounts6 percent, GBO. B. FORGY. MONEY TO LOAN, •• mr r-.:ai as 42= LOWEST reiw i-nvate !ca<_ r-'v. ^.swj nlwar? in fcaad. No red Jape or do- 3- if_-crl -.-d Tineip&i ;s-.7atio In La '-. -™,:;i: arrsr-sccieate v '•''• ;wyt=«u !;i-!-. • ' n:!" i^t '-oft, rc-Rtie to sals i^e wt=b -...4'^,% r or fnrtisr s>aracclEr? sppjy tn Fred W. Munson, luoraw M Lc Stmrth «tr«»t. ta«w Commlrakmtr f~-aari Hr>n=». ONE Y *-a<r»! Insurant's tr.d I-oac*. A U SOndJicf -a • arise* ploc»d ^2 aret cUu» companies. Eado -=snt tollrtaa rorciased. Bands of mretym. irtttta lor jarliw Holding postttans ol trust •bar* i bond la 319 PEABli ST. M. Gloss or? Daily Journal. FRIDAY MORXING. MAY. 2, Two I/o THE ITEATHEK- Vf AHZKifrrox. D. C., May I.— For ladlana and — Warmer; fair weather; winds becoming BJB-ARRESTED. -Slippery" Carroll Asain in or the Law— His Story of 5Si» Escape. •'Slippery" Carroll, who, in company with Runs Sherman, Carl Howelland Ed O'Mara, escaped from th? county jail on the morning of the Tth, ot April, is again in durance •rile, taring been detected and re- •aptared by Detective Silaa Morgan, wlio. with Constable Tom Kendall, returned from Marion yesterday morning with hij prisoner and landed him safely in jail again. Carroll has bean working at the city gravel pit at Marion and Morgan learning of his whereabouts, lost no time in gatheriOij him in. It will be remaindered that Carroll was held ou sus- picio* of breaking into Martin McHale's saloon, and stealing some dlgara and liquors. Notwithstanding Sheriff Donald son's refusal so allow the reporters to.speVf with Carroll, a Journal re porter succeeded in obtaining an interview, daring which "Slip" told : the following story of the escape: "When I was arrested and taken to jail I made the acquaintance o Rans Sherman, vno daring the day was ailowe 1 tbe full liberties of thi • corridor bat was locked up a night. After I bad been there a ' 4ay or two Sherman told ine o ; the plan of escape.. He showed ni a bar that he Already had sawed o: the upper floor of the inside corri dor. This was over a week befor we made oar escape. Sherman di nott»:l lue wuen lie was going oni *'.-. The uignt of the escape 1 was aslee when Sherman left. I awoke about cne o'clock and went down to get a "'drink of -water. On niy re- bun : I noticed the hole and 'ookitt? in Sherman's cell I saw «Jat he - was missing, I went and 'atedJohn O'ilara aad we went oat through the opening Sheruiau fflade. After w» got out we walked 1 «o Clyroers Station and stayed ther* .".'•I* aigtU. From there we took & »*ta for Terre Haute. Afterward* »«-»*aLto Marion and I was work- ^gtoafe when arrested. O'Mara got away. Tne bar was sawed with »»»a\l steel saw Shearman showed ]' i 1 **- H« said he had the saw when he -WM p« in." The Republican primaries last evening brought out a better attendance than is usually seen at similar gatherings. The excitement created by the Democratic primaries aroused the Republicans, and in every ward interest was manifested. The result •was a splendid ticket anrt one the Republicans can support cheerfully. 'he license question was eliminated n most of the wards, and the result •bichever way it turns means high iceuse. Some feeling has been created in he Fifth ward by the double ticket he Journal is calkd on to support, mt the Republicans cannot but feel .hat the Jonrnal cannot decide a question BO serious, and in act it doef not seem necessary. Two reports equally credible r'jach ed the office and both are given FIRST WARD. John E. Barnes Chairman and D S. Bender Secretary. J. C. Hadiey was nominated .for !onneilby acclamation. Delegates were selected to the city convention as follows: W. H. H. Carter, Arthur Finegan, E. T. Stevens, Win. Legg, J. B. Kerlin, Samuel Call, Alex H. Barr, John Leonard, B. F. Barnett, Win Painton, George Hardy, Wash Warrick, Win. Hart, Elias Winter, D. R. Miller, John Bishop and J. W. Elliott. SECOND WARD. J. 'L. Bowell Chairman and W. S Wright Secretary. Charles Kilborn was nominated for Councilman by acclamation. Delegates to the city convention •were selected as follows: George Barnes, Sol Smith, Wm. Powei!, Elias Heffner, Wm. Keep, Wm. Sevan, Jap Booth, Robert ilc- Cauliss, Captain Hardy and C. E. Taber. THIRD WARD. Wm. Kaiser, Chairman and John B. Smith Secretary. i W. D. Minthorn was nominated by acclamation for Councilman. Delegates to the city convention •were selected at follows: W. H. Brown, Thomas Kendall. W. D. Mintborn, C. L. Alford, John B. Grover, W. S. Parks, John H. Wagner, Charles Hillhouse, E. L. Throek- morton and John B. Smith. FOURTH WARD. I. M. Justice Chairman and Will i. Small Secretary. James Chidister and S. B. Boyer were placed in nomination for Coun- ilihan. Chidister received 3 votes, Beyer 8. The nomination was made nanimoas. Delegates to the city convention •were selected as' follows: James ihidister, D. E. Bryer. Toler Kline, Henry Stiver, Charles Enyart, Zack Taylor, H. S. M.urdock, T. R. Sewell, isaac Shideler and W. W. H.OEB. FIFTH WARD. In the Fifth ward two reports were brought to the Journal office, ' and each, it is claimed, is right. Early in the evening the following report was.handed in: O. B. Sargent chairman, C. S. Kerlin secretary. The Republican convention indorsed the nomination of HenryTousley. Delegates to the eity convention. R. F. Jobnston, Henry Tucker, Newton Watkins, C. W. Graves, F. Jf: Blasinghaiu. David Lang, Wm. Frazier, Henry Voss Chas. Peazell, David Middleton, jr. Jj»ter—the following: Jo&eph Sellers, Chairmant C. B; Gray Secretary. Stephen Whitmore nominated by acclamation. Nomination accented. Inquiry by telephone and of the delegation showed that both conventions met at the engine house and transacted bminess. ^ The first earlier in the evening »nd the second later. Members of the second convention claim that the first was called ahead of time, raahed through without giving the opposition a chance and that the gentleman calling the convention ahead of time bad no authority to do so. The members of the first convention deny this and as both candidates are in the fi>-ld it- does not eeem to make much difference, as it is apparent that party lines will be badly disfigured. Mr. Perry Canada, of Ohio, father of Wra. Canada, who was last, week sentenced to jail and a fine for pimp- inp, arrived in the city yesterday, having been notified of his son's trouble and paid the fine -when the judge discharged the prisoner, -who hM already ; lain in jail more than twenty days. The elder Canada will take the erring "William and his family baeb to Ohio with him. Last evening witnessed oue of tu« most enthusiastic ami delightful ao- cial events which Logansport has ever seen. The large congregation of St. Joseph's Lutheran church held a reunion in honor of their beloved pastor, Father Jux, who has now la- aore<3 with them and for them for lie past quarter-century. Thy j whole affair was skillfully planned j was a mo*S complete surprise to itr. Jox. Ataa early hour the immense congregation met at the . church, the ringing of the bell being the first intimation Rev. Jox received of the affair. Short services were held consisting of congregational hyuins and an address by Rev. Schaum, of Lnfayette. Mr. Joi then made a brief address to his people in which he told them of his appreciation of their love and faithfulness and asked them if in the course of the long years he had in any way wounded them, to forgive and forget. The reverend gentleman was very much affected and his congregation hkawise. M the close of th* address the Mascot te band stationed in the gallery, played a fine selection, after which Mr. and Mrs. Jox were escorted to a hack iolvvair? iog. the entire congregation, headed by the band, accompanying them to the Lutheran school house. Here elaborate preparations for a reception had been made by the young people of the church. The young men had draped and decorated the iwo upper rooms with the national color?, ' until they were a blaze of glory, while the young ladies of the congregation hn-d prepared a banquet which even to look upon was a delight. Long tables extending entirely around the room were covered with most tempting dainties, interspersed with boqnets of lilaes and app]e-blo,=souis. After a few toasts to Mr. Joi, the dining room was opened, a beautiful central table having been prepared for Mr. and Mr?. Joi and their clerical guests. The voung ladies, with most becoming little white caps aad kerchief?, proceeded to wait upon the eighty odd 'people who sat down to the first table, in a satisfactory manner. Their efiforta were highly appreciated the enjoyment of the guests being plainly manifest iu their happy faces and their huge appetites. Mr. aod Mrs. Joi were the center of attraction, receiving huh dreds of congratulations from their own faithful people and from many of other chnr-jhes who were there. The building swarmed with people of everv age and condition, and in every heart was the same thought- love'and respect for their pastor and his wife. Their appreciation was furthermore shown by the gift of. a handsomesecretary and library chair and a fine eayy chair for Mr*. Joi. The gift of the Fort Wayne Luther- and Conference was a very handsome gold watch to the reverend gentleman, and the congregation at Peru remembered the occasion by presenting a fine marble mantU clock. The visiting ministers were Rev. Sohaum, of Lafayette; Revs, yuan- gel and Stock, of Fort Wayne; Rev, Hassold, of Huntington, anrf Rev. Boetka, of Reynolds. There were besides the above many friends of the pastor from neighboring cities. Father Joi was born Decuuib^r 13, 1331, in Hessa, Darmstadt, Germany. Twenty-two years later, August 18, 1853, he landed in New York City. He immediately went West and, after two years' residence in this country, entered the ministry at Manitowoc, Wis., May 24, 1855. He remained ten years in charge of a church at that place, after which he came to Indi-, ana, taking a two years' course of study at the Lutheran institution at Fort Wayne, and settling here Hay 1, 1865—twenty five years ago yesterday. The charge over which he presided at that time has been since divided into four congregations, viz.: Pern, Reynolds, Denheim and North Jndson, beside th» church in this city, which includes the flllial congregations of Delphi. Royal Center, Marion and Headley. At the time of Rer. Jox's arrival here the congregation numbered sixty-seven families, and worshiped tn the frame building on Canal stre-jt. now occupied as 4 plumber's sliop. To-»lay the oong;re S ar.ion numbers uiore I than two.huuilred fauiHiws. occupying one of the finest church eiliaceB inlhecity, which was built uver th» i»of an equally handsome structure which Hurned March G, 1SS3- The first church wa< dedicated Jul y 19 1S6S. and the second church December 23, 1833 During the pastorate of Rar. Jox tha congregation ha* built, inaludiag the mtgnifieent new BObool building, dedicated a. little more than a year ago, property to the amount of $60,030, and uow »t the close of » quarter caaturr of •tort failMnl *nd e»rnes* ininUtr*- tion the worthy father receives the congratulations of his congregation • and of his inanv friends, and is able of i to review a work which has resulted i ; in what is now one of the most stable Church organizations in NvrthTn 5 CUTE CAPKR. ear:-* ;>efr Parental Yesterday morning Will Bea!. who WKJ? former!v engaged in Kreis Bros. store on Broadway, und is well known here, but lately has been managing n. branch store for that Erin at \Vabash, arrived in the city, apparently merely to see his old friends, but as the day passed events developed which showed that the young man had another aad far more important mission, the successful execution of which came like a surprise to his friends and to the greater surprise of the young lady in question—for, of course, there was a youni; lady in the case—and a very pretty one, too. For some years Beal bad been paying his court to Miss Effie Carney, the charming daughter of Robt. Carney, a prominent farmer of Washington township. For some reason the parents of the girl objected to the marriage of the young couple, for they, like thousand's of others before them, had resolved on marriage, and the father sat his foot down very decidedly on the young man's presence uuder his rocf. But love laughs at locksmiths, they say, and it has again appeared so in this case. By arrangement iliss Carney met her lover in this city yesterday afternoon aud the twain proceeding to the office of the County Clerk, declared themselves of legal age and asked for a license to wed, which was granted, no objections being interposed. The young womanj who is just 18 years of age, said that her parents did not kuow of her act, and while a pearly tear glistened n her eye. • further said that did they know of it, the wedding would probably not occur according to arrangements. Procuring a cab, voung Beal and his sweetheart were driven to the residence of Rev. A. B. McMackin where the two were made one. The 4:13 Wabash train bore Mr. Beal and his blushing bride to Wabash. where they will at once go to housekeeping and await the '-God bless yon. children:'' of the heretofore unrelenting parents. SnSeide at Idaville, ' ; Perry Gates, a prominent farmer and stock raiser, living two miles south of Idaville, committed suicide yesterday morning by cutting his throat with a razor, dying two hours later. Early in the morning Gates had been in Idaviile, when nothing unusual vra» noted in his conduct. On reaching his home he exhibited a melancholy manner and was discovered by a member of his family at the above hour bleeding to death from a gnastly wound ia his throat. Gates was about fifty years of age and was one of the founders of Idaville. Some years ago he was declared insane and for a time was confined in an asylum, but for the past three years has been considered capable of conduc ing his large farm and stock business It is thought that a recurrence of his madness led to his taking his own life. fie leaves a wife and four children. The dance given by Charity ixxlge Q. I. A. of the B. of L. E. at the rink last night was the iuo?t largely attended of any 01 the dances heretofore given by the ladies of Charity Lodge and proved a uiost delightful affair. The dance by mooniight was declared to be one of the most unique and pleasant features ever introduced in the ball room bere and took'' well with the crowd. Culp's orchestra furuised the music. The ladies served supper in the Rots building on Broadway which was largelv patronized. Auiong those from a distance were D. Goldthwaite u.ud Fremont Hamilton, Marion; Mrs. Chas. Shoemaker und daughter, Mrs. C. C. McCauley and daughter. 11ns. G. H. Brozies aud Mrs. McBaue »f Inuiauapolis; and Mr. and Mrs. Cris Kuhn and Mrs. Grorer and daughter of Colurnbu*, O. Engineer's Puzzles \VITH HATS. Base Ball Outfits With Boys' and Children's Suits. A Bag of Marbles With Children's Waists and Pants. Webster's Dictionary WITH EVERYTHING. OTTO KFAUS, O F C O U R S E, DEPARTMENT STORE. 4. B. SHROYEB. formerly of r Elliott. Shroyer i Ce., Loeaaspon. fi. H. CEOes, formsdywak Sthamll 4 Co., l SHROYER & CROSS;, The party holding No. 5,335 in the Ferguson & ttuthrie drawing will please call and get the gold watch en away. If not failed for by May 7th, number 5,009 will be the luckv number, after these are numbers 6,969 and 1.GT8. FERQUSOS & GCTHR.IE- mavld-wtf Entitled to tlie Best. All are entitled U> the best that their money -will buy, so every family frhouUJ have, at once, a bottl.' of the best family remedy, Syrup of Fig», to clean** to* system when costive or bilious. For eale in oOc and $1.00 bottles by all leading drug girts- For sale by B. P. Jobbers*! Imported, Cigars, Cigarettes, Etc., Etc., No. 21, West Maryland Street, Indianapolis. FRED DYKEMAN Represents the above firm in Ix>gazisport ani surrounding towns. ^ — _ ^ ^^•^•••^•••••••••^^••••^^^••^^•^^^•g' •^•^•i^^^^^^"^^*^ 1 *^"^^^^^^^ OTTO MEINSHAUSEN, HEADQUARTERS FOR NaturalGasStoves, Gasoline Stoves; Oil Stoves,. Cooking Stoves, Steel Ranges, Alaska Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Cream Freezers, Tinware, \Voodenware, . Mantels, Grates; We have about fifty of the above G A8 olin« etove* that wewiU-eU.t the greatly r«J..««l P"^ of *1». formerly wld at $2?, Pon't forget «ta» number. 408 Market St.; Opp. Golden Rule. WATCHES! WATCHES!! WATCHES!!! Largest Stock inUhe Oity and Sold ou month* payments B $30 oo, Elgin WatehM $5.00 and warranted. NO AUCTION GOODS, D. A. HAUK, Tbe Jeweler, !

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