Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 13, 1898 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1898
Page 17
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THE LOGANSPORT PHAROS. YEAR. FRIDAY EVENING, MAY J3,1898. NO 164. THAT MIGHTY MAY FUROR IN Plaid Hosiery FOR LADIES, QENTS AND CHILDREN. Like wheat, the prices on PLAID HOSE have been advancing daily, until now the demand is twice the supply. ''Your Store" having placed an importation order four months ago, has today an endless variety, marked to sell at prices that can never be duplicated. Telling thu Po'rto Ricons the Tale Dewey Told the Enemy at Manila. IOVA SENDS IN THE PIEST SOUND, Indiana Follows and Fort Morro Has Little to Reply and Soon durables. ' London, May IS.— The Madrid ' correspondent of The Daily ifail says: "The government has received information that Admiral Cervera's voyage »o Martinique was uneventful. The route to be taken w Porto Rico is not known here, but it was embodied In Admiral Cervera's secret instructions. He was Instructed to coal at a neutral port and Fort de France for For 5oc Plaid Hose for Children, beautiful colorings, all sizes, aso Bayadere striped effects. For 4oc Ladies' dot and black Plaid Hose, full regular made, brown and black, double heels, toes, soles, For 75c Misses' and Ladies' Parisian Plaid Hose, the highest novelties in the market today. For 4oc Men's one-half Hose, in all the new shades, w jth white feet, all black with white feet, and new blues, striped effects SPECIAL FOR TODAY. Choice of any of our Pattern Hats or Bonnets at Actual Cost. 'Use Logan Milling Go's Flours PATENT AND AUTOMATIC. Flours are the Purest and of Highest Grades on the Market The "Domestic" Office. Now is the time to provide yourself with a good Sewing Machine at a very low price. My stock includes all the leading makes. My terms are easy, and there is no excuse for being out of a good sewing machine n ihe house. The old stand 529 Broadway, near 6th R B WHITSETT HAT SALE We have just opened 200 Pattern Hats, trim- fined to our own order in New York and Chicago They will compare favorably with any millinery in <£he city and our prices are, as usual, lower than any other place in the city. Large stock of Walking iHats and Sailors, best quality, lowest prices. BPRY'B. Annexation of Hawaii. "Washington, May 13.—The house com- i tnittee on foreign affairs by a vote of 10 to 4 yesterday agreed on the New-lands resolution for the immediate- annexation of the Hawaiian islands. An order was adopted limiting- the time within which the views of both the majority and minority are 10 be submitted to the house next Tuesday. Until then the question will not be brought up in the hous«. Those on the committee for annexation were: Hitt. Adams of Pennsylvania, Heatwole. Cousins. Smith of Michigan, Gillette of .Massachusetts. Pearson of Xorth Carolina, Quigg- of Xe\v York, Berry of Kentucky (Dem.) and Xewlands (silver.) C»niii:il ol Chiefs of Police. Milwaukee. May 13.—But little business of importance was transacted at yesterday's session of the National Association of Chiefs of Polite of the • TTnited £*ates and Canada. President Janssen appointed the following executive committee for the ensuins year: Chiefs Farley, of. Denver: Cassada, of Elmira, N. Y.: McDermott,. of JSavan-' nah, Ga.: Deir.mer, Aurora, Ills., and Leslie, of Pittsburg. Chiefs Deitsch, of Cincinnati: Quigley. of Indianapolis, and Pritchard, of Evansville, Ind., were appointed a committee to attend the National Prison association convention at Indianapolis in.October. Illinois Army and Xjtvy I.eajjne, Springfield. Ills", May IS.—The Illinois Army and Navy T.eajrue was organized yesterday at a conference held in this city in response to a call issued by Governor Tanner. The organization is for the relief of Illinois soldiers and sailors and their families and dependent?. The following: officers were elected: President, Judge P. S. Grosscup, Chicag-o; vlce-presidents-at-large. Mrs. John R. Tanner, and one from each judicial district; secretary. Fred H. Wines. Spring-field. _____ Four Torpedo Boat* Arrive. London, May 13.—A dispatch to The Daily Mail from Funchal, capital of Madeira, says that four torpedo boats arrived at I,as Palmas last Saturday. ABBREVIATElTTIILEGEAMS. Auxiliary Yal* Captures a Prtre—»v. England cWst Ke|>ort?<l Th>-.-at<-ne<l hy j Wednesday afternoon. .Spanish Ship*—<,'ape Verde Fieri in i.htj French AVe>.t In.DDK — J''ir*t American Blood Flows »t Cardenas — Tc»i-p<'<lo K<»al IVInnlow Badly Daiun^ed and J-'ive of Her Crew Kiilril, Port au Prince, Hayti. Marl. 1 ?.—[Copyright, 189S, by the Associated Press.]— Sampson with nine warships arrived before San Juan yesterday morning" before sunrise. The battleship Iowa fired the first shot, which took effect. The battleship Indiana followed. Morro fort responded feebly, and was silenced almost immediately and reduced to a heap of ruins. The Spanish steamer Rita was captured by the Yale. Thous- Bands of the population and the foreign consuls sought refuse in the interior. Xcnv EnjjlanU Coast Threaten«Ml. Portsmouth. N. H., May 13.—Rear Admiral Carpenter, the commandant at the navy yard here, received a dispatch from Rear Admiral Erben, 'at New York JrtBtarday, Informing him that the reft* admiral had Information which he con. probably selected \ha.t purpose." OFI-1C1AI. JfKI'OKT OF THE FIGHT, Story of the Kiiicageiaeut in Which the Firsl AnU'Hruu Blood \Viis Sited. Washington, .May lo. — Late last night the navy department received additional 0/ficial 'advices concern ins the battle of Cardenas which took place Practically only two new points are developed in the official advices, the one beinc: that the Mac.hias. Commander Merry, was a spectator, if not an actual participant in the battle; and [lie other that the conflict lasted from 1:40 p. m. until 3 p. in., when the vessels retired to their uuter anchorage. The report of th« fis'nt mace to the navy department is from Comnmr.der Merry, the senior officer. He encloses skeleton repons from Commander Todd. of the Wilmington, and Lieutenant Bernandou. commander of the \\~inslow. Appended is the-suhstance of the dispatches rect-ivecl by ihe department from Commander Merry and other officers, "The arrival of the Wilmington and the Winslow off Cardenas this morning 1 induced me to confer with Commander Todd, of the Wilmington, on the subject of attacking- and cutting out three small gunboats in the harbor. The Machias, Wilmington, Hudson anc Winslow proceeded in as far as the ob structions would allow. The Maehias took position 2,100 yards northeast o Diana cay. The Wilmington. Hudson and Winslow entered the inner harbor betweeu Romero and Blanco cays /unboats £J{*efa ana AjjtoWo were in port. They replied to the attack. The Antouic Lopez was disabled, but COO volunteers defended the town, preventing: the landing-, and compelled the American ships to retire with considerable loss. A Spanish sergeant-and seven soldiers were wounded. Captain General Blanco has congratulated the authorities of Cardenas." S FROM THK PHILIrPlNXS. THOMPSON'S HERB TEA . . FOR THE ... Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE .. .;FOR ... Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney Complaints, •Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Cat&rrh, Nervous Debility, Sick Headache, Loss of Appetite, Blotches, Pimples. Scrofula, Erysipelas. Salt Rheum, Eczema, Weak Back, Fevei and Ague and all other Diseases arising from Impurities of the Blood or Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 25 Gents, PREPARED BY THE THOMPSON HERB TEA CO. \ I NEW VORK. I Th'e senate in executive sessloe confirmed all the military nominations sent in Tuesday, May 10, with the exception of two. A "rush" order for over 700,000 pounds of meat for use in the army has be*n awarded to the Doll Packing company, of Kansas City. It is asserted that the Russian gov- ernment'has purchased the celebrated Irish-bred racehorse Galtee Moore for £:>5,000 ($125,000). Reports received at Adjutant General corbin's office show that up toandin- cluding Tuesday 54.752 of the volunteers had been accepted. PI re at Chicago destroyed Armour's elevator "D." which contained ovor 1.000,000 bushels of grain. Loss estimated at $l,?,7f>.000. The fortieth anniversary of the Young- Men's Christian association, of Chicago, will be celebrated tomorrow, Sunday ar.d Monday. Representative Jaraes E. Mann, of Chicago, has tendered his services to overnor Tanner for any position in tha volunteer army, providing he will be sent to the front. The Reverse Pull Championship cup. a $500 trophy donated by the Schmelzer Vrms company, of Kansas City, -was von at the P.udd shoot at Des Moices, a., by Charlse W. Budci. Naval officers state that some of the passengers on board the French stearri- r Lafayette, which was allowed to go o Havana, were artillery officers hired .y SpsJn on account of their marksman- hip. The annual election of officers of the grand lodge of the Knights of Pythias. t Wisconsin, resulted as follows: Grand iancellor. D. S. Classon. Oconto; grand eeper of records and seals, FrankBarry, Milwaukee. Refugees who arrived at St. Thomas, D. \V. L, Tuesday from Porto Kico, re>ort a. famine inline island. Internal disorders are increasing constantly and many fires have occurred ia tb» TORPEDO BOAT WINSLOW, In the engagement* at Cardenas this vessel was badly damaged. The flris of the Spanish gunboats and the land batteries was centered upon it. Ensign Bag-ley and four of the crew were killed in the engagement. ftred accurate that Spanish ships Were heading toward the New England coast. Spanish Account of th« Fi-jht. Havana, May i;i.~ Governor General Blanco received a cable message yesterday from the captain general of Porto Rico, which says that yesterday morning- an American fleet of eleven and country. ADMIRAL SAMPSON. tessels opened fire upon the forts, whicfc answered vigorously. The dispatch says tiat at the time it was sent, 9 a. HL, no Personal losses had been sustained and little material damage done. Cap* Verde Fleet Located. May 13.—A dispatch from to El Heraldo confirms the report of the arrival of the Cape Verda •quadron under Admiral Cervera «t Whsre there were no mines, and were •oon «teatr.ing into Cardenas bay. "It •was impossible for the Wilmington to approach nearer than 2.000 yards. The Spanish gunboats could not be seen from thU distance and the Winslow was directed to go nearer to see if she could determine where they were lying. "She had sone only TOO yards inslda th« Wilmington when she was fired Upon from a. gunboat. The Wilmington and Wlnslaw returned the nre. After & r«Lp!d exchange of shots for flffeei: or twenty minutes, in which a shore bat Ury is supposed to have engaged, it became plain that tbeWinslow could not steer. At this time the Hudson came up and opened fire and Uie Winslow asked to be towed nut, as she was disabled. The torpedo boat seecni^d to be the only target at which the enemy fired. She was struck several times. One engine was disabled, the steering gear shot away and o.i^ boiler was disabled. Her commanding: officer was wounded, but not s'-riously. "Ensign Bagley was f<t;aUy wounded. and died before he could be brought oa board the Wilmington. John-Varverss, oiler, and John Deneefe. first-class fireman, were killed on board the Winslow. Two other men were fatally -wounded. One. of them. J. V. Meek, first-class fireman, died in a boat while being transferred to his ship. The other, Jo- eiah Tunell. ship's cook, first-class, died after being brought on board the Wilmington. He was struck twice. No casualties except on the Winslow." The following is a report or the fight from Havana, via Madrid: "At 8 o'clock Wednesday morning three large and three small American ships appeared off Cardenas. A small boat was detached with sor.ie marines, who landed near the fort and seized it. They also seized the semaphore station, takicg- the- coast guards prisoners. In the meanwhile- the warships began a farisms cannonading. Cardenas does not possess of any kind, and: only th* Jittla Dispatch from Dewey Several DHVS Old— <»host of Kuropeun Intervention. "Washington, May 18. — A dispatch came yesterday to the navy department from Admiral Dewey at Manila. It was dated Honjr Kong yesterday and was evidently = few days old, and does not show that Dewey has possessed himself of Manila. Another report from Hor.ff Kons was to the effect that the admiral had sent out the Concord and Boston to destroy the only two Spanish g-nnboats left in those waters. The Concord fuund one at Jloilo. and sank it after two hours of fisinirs. the Spaniards going down with coin i.- ;.iii?. The Boston was still loob- 1ns ai'ti'r its prey. Dewey's telegram referred to above is as follows: "There is little change in the situation since my last telegram. I am transferring to transports the steel breech loading rilies from the sunken, Spanish men-of war: also stores from the arsenal in my possesison. I am. maintaining a strict blockade. Add Ar- EOS to the list of destroyed vessels." In all official quarters, state department and diplomatic, the reports coming from London to the effect that some of the continental powers —particularly Germany and ^France—have made protests against American occupation o£ the Philippines are met with flat denial. There lias been no recent concerted action among the continental powers toward intervention, nor have the representatives of these powers in Washington exchanged any views lately touching on intervention. This statement is ' made in the most specific manner by Fre-neh and German officials. They ara beginning to -feel considerable annoyance at these oft-repeated reports, and' they are inclined to attach some significance to the fact that all of them emanate from London. In at least one embassy of a continental power this tendency at London has received offlcla.1 attention, ar.d the notice of the state department has been drawn to i.t-during an oJUcial interview. I'UKJ-'KKBEO TO IIA The Spy Who W:is .GhpLured at Wmihlne- !<m Cvinmils Suicide. Washington. May in-^Jeorffe—Down- ing, alias l-tu.wjiugsr't'Ke man arrested a'y under suspicion of being- a spy''in the service of Spain,, hanged hftnsc'ir at tin; Washington bar-racks- yesterday. A towel and a silk handkerchief were used as the instruments of deatV The guard who paced back and : forth-through the corridor had seen. Downing a few minutes before, sitting: on his tot reading a magazine. When' he returned the alleged spy was found- hanging from a bar across the top of' his- cell. The noose had been prepared- with the skill of a professional hangman. When discovered life was not-yet 1 •xtinet. and the surgeon and steward were called. Their efforts to preserve' his life, however, were futile, and Downing soon expired. Downing was an Englishman by birth, I years of age, and prior to coming here had been yeoman of the Brooklyn, 'rom which ship he was discharged because of suspicion attaching to his oyalty, and because he could not get along with the men. He swore to be •evenged. and coming to Washington, t is said, came into communication vith one of the Spanish attaches, who lired him lo furnish Senor Polo and subordinates information. He fell inder the suspicion of Chief Wilkie, of he secret service, who had him traced o Toronto, where it Is said he delivered nformation to a member of the former Spanish legation in Washington. I>ater a letter addressed to Montreal was Sn- ercepted and contained promises of urther information. SPANISH STOKV OF A FK.HT. Jne at t'ienl'ueeon Declared Very Dltu- t roils U> Our M«n. Madrid. May ]:<.—The following dispatch has been received from Havana: "Karly Wednesday morning four American warships fired repeated cannon shots at Cienfuegos. In the meantime. several steamboats, towing eight large boats loaded with arms and ammunition for the rebel?, approached the shore. .Several battalions of infantry drawn up on the seashore fired upon the boats, which speedily retreated. At .the saxao rime the batt*>rie« of ihe fort and others along the roast fired upon the Americans, whn retreated, but again attempted to make x. landingon the bank* of the river Treinao. The Spaniards again repulsed them by hot volleys, inflif-tirr heavy Josses. Fourteen Spaniards were wounded." Official dispatches from Havajui confirm the reports of an American repulse «.t Cianfuegos. Thty asaert that the firinr lasted eight hour* and that the AJtntrican losses w*r« i«a.TT. According t* th«st dispatch** «**»t «ntktutum yrcymila in Cub*. Raycl Mmkei the fowl pw». CO*.-* V «».,•

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