The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1951
Page 3
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SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 1951 BLHHBf 1LLB, (ARK.) COURIER JTEWS Politics in Far-Away India May Boost Your Egg Prices Br WALTER BREED! For Sim Dawson KKW YORK. April 13. (AP)—Poll- tic* and profit-speculation In tar- off India and Pakistan'may boost the prices you'll be paying this year for chicken, beet, eggs; floor coverings, drapes, upholstered chairs, kost of other products. and Pakistan control the world's main supply 6f burlap—vi- •tal to agriculture, food distribution and a dozen or more other basic Industries in our country. Developments In the huge subcontinent on the other side of the world are alarming American potato growers, grain, feed and fertilizer producers, and many others who depend on burlap for packaging their products. That old standby, the burlap bag, Is getting scarce. Burlap cooth for linoleum, rugs, upholstery is equally tight. In the background is a tangled web of international complications. Burlap cloth is made from the tough fibres of the Inner bark of Jute, a reed-like plant which grows to n height of about 12 feet. Nearly all the world's burlap Is woven in India's burlap mills. The best jute grows in Pakistan, Hindu India's Moslem neighbor. DlfftrtncM Art Political Political differences between the two states have interfered with th« smooth flow of Pakistan J»t« to the burlap mills of Calcutta, Thb year, India found Itself In the favored position of a country which has a virtual monopoly on a product in wide demand In a growing market. For years the U. S. had been India's best burlap customer. Normally we use 76 million yards of burlap cloth a month Last year we bought 7" per cent of India's burlap production. As our burlap needs Increased under the pressures of the rearmament program, so did those of other nations—Britain, Canada, Argentina and the U. S, S. ft. Then came Jan. 26 and price controls. The U. S. slapped a ceiling of 34 cents a yard on ten-ounce burlap, the popular heavyweight grade. Last month India lifted IU ceiling. Burlap prices skyrocketed from 23-li2 cents to 36 cents a yard—two cents higher than the U. S. ceiling price. Rather than take a staggering loss, U. S. Importers stopped buying/ House Group Reduces Budget 3.3 Per cent WASHINGTON. April 14. «— direct effect House Appropriations Corn- fee has cut 3.3 per cent In Ihu proposed $2,732,254.TOO budget of the Labor Department and the Federal Security .Agency. The committee announced yesterday that it recommends spending *2.S42,219,961 to operate the two agencies during the 12 months starting July 1. This is an increase.of $255.087,897 over appropriations for the present fiscal year. But $174.995,076 of the increase is due to a bookkeeping change in handling the railroad retirement fund, a change having no on general treasury revenues. The committee said it was "next to ' impossible " to show substantial savings because it has no control over some of the heavier allotments, such as those for public assistance grants. The bill was the second of the annual departmental money measures sent to the House floor this year and brings to approximately 817.000,000,000 the budget estimates considered by the committee. The entire budget as submitted by the President Is approximately $11,600.000,000. THREE LOOK. NO BRACES!—Little Brett Downes of Hampton, Va., the 19ol Easter Seal girl of the National Society for Crippled Children and Adults, shows proudly how she can walk without the braces she has worn for the nast 22 months. Brett, four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eber V. Downes, was born with cerebral palsy State Highway Audit Group to Hear Bids From Accountants LITTLE ROCK. April 14. f/Pj— The Arkansas Highway Audit Commission will consider proposals from accounting firms on April 26. The 1951 act which set up the commission to investigate highway department operations authorized the group to employ an accounting firm. Boyle Describes UN's Policy on Korean Air War as 'Like Operating in a Boxing Ring' By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK, (ifi— The air war In Kore» is the first one In history ever fought iinder Marquis of Queensbury rules. But only one combatant Is observing them—the •llles.. It it extremely annoying lo the American airmen, although the Chinese airmen must Uke it Just fine. For they can come and hit ojir planes where ou"r L - t planes, live mjjour planes can't go anai.hlt3.he ffi>my planes where .they live."'-*"" This is perhaps the oddest situation in one of the oddest wars in history. It was created by the United Nations policy of "localizing" the Korean War to Korea Itself— the land, the sky above it. the SEOS that border it. That decision—one that General MacArthur disagrees with — forces •llled fliers to operate in a pretty tight aerial boxing ring. It is like » fight in which one opponent has & comer in which he fa safe from being punched—and the other opponent has none. Here Is the way it operates: Yatit Is Division er divides Manchuria and Korea. The bridge spanning it separates the Manchurian town of Antung from the North Korean town of Slhuiju. Across that bridge to Sinulju the Chinese have marched scores nf thousands of Red soldiers to tight against American troops In Korea. And from the Antung alrbase scores of Chinese Jet planes have risen to fly across the river and carry our BlrcrB_ft,.an'4 jpake occasional night hit-arid-run bombing attacks on our bases in Korea. We can bomb and strafe one end of the bridge and the town of Sin- uiju. But the Chinese on the other end of the bridge can fire up flak at our planes. They can send up their own Jets from the Antung field to attack our bombers. And our airmen are forbidden to go over and hit back. I rode in a Jet the day our B-29s first bombed Sinulju last winter. It was a meticulous raid. Not a bomb fell on Manchurian soil. But great puffs of black flak, fifed by Chinese anti-aircraft gunners from Manchurian soil, erupted In the skies. One burst hit an American In northwest Korea the Yalu Rlv- bomber and crippled It, but It made HELP WANTED—MALE AND FEMALE INEA 1 ADDITIONAL WORKERS MUST COME FROM THESE SOURCES ME N . WOMEN FISJRES IN MILLIONS. IfXClUDES THOSE IN SCHOOLS AN& INSTITUTIONS.,' ™ HELP WANTED—3IALE AND FEMALE—To meet our defense pro- duclton goals, according to Defense Mobillzer Charles E. Wilson, the number of workers in defense work will have to be boosted three to four million In 1951. Most of these now workers must come from (.he 33.000,000 persons of working age who are not In the "labor force," as the Newschart above Illustrates. These Include housewives with grown children, older persons and the handicapped. The major impact of defense production on civilian industries, Wilson warns, lle» ahead. Washington planners say t reel pinch In manpower will come next f»U. YES, WE BUY Scrap Iron and Melal. Old Cars, Hows, Cultivators. Tin, Wire, Batteries, Radiators, Rags and other Hems of little value to you. We sell all kinds of angle iron, flat iron, tic. and when you need Coal and Kindling, call... HESTER'S COAL & SCRAP METAL YARD S. Highway fil r > nont 3186 its way home safely. No attempt was made by the escorting American fighter planes to dive and strafe the enemy ground guns—but the pilots yearned to. The great Antung alrbase stood out like a big. while objectionable sore on the brown landscape. It was only seven miles away. On that day no enemy planes rose from tt to challenge us. But this week the Chinese, emboldened by the belief their base Is now safe from retaliation, did use the Antung field In daylight- Eighty enemy Mig 15 Jets came up to challenge 115 American jets escorting 32 B-29s bombing the Antnng-Sin- ulju bridge. But again the American planes had to break off pursuit at the Yalu River line. Describing the situation, one Jet flier told me before I left Korea: "It's like playing a baseball game where you can't throw out the other fellow at home plate." In recent weeks the Chinese have built up their alrpawer tremendously. The American n!r chief. Lieut: Gen. George E. Stratemeyer. has warned it will be impossible to halt them entirely under present re-, strlctions If they begin an intensive strafing campaign against American troops. And that raises two big questions: 1. K they do undertake successful attacks on American ground forces, how long can American airpower refrain from seeking out the enemy planes in their Manchurian nests and destroying them? 2 And if we do change our policy and extend the air war to (he skies and soi] of Manchuria lo save our own soldiers' lives, will that shorten the Korean war—or Is it exactly what the Red powers want. In order to spread the war? UN Requests Troops for Korea UNITED NATIONS. April U. I/P, —All 60 United Nations members received letters yesterday asking them how soon they can assign units of their srmed forces to the U.N.'s anti-aggression army. The United States has already started figuring out how many soldiers, sailors and airmen it can spare for the task and expects to tell Secretary General Trygve Lie before the month Is up. In the meantime the Pentagon is keeping the figures secret. Russia and her satellites, who have been boycotting the collective measures committee which sent the appeal, are expected to ignore the letters Television-Dental Tieup'ls Noted BALTIMORE (API— Television's role in the development of j-oungs- ters has gained new prestige here ' The visual medium recently .got a j kindly pat on the antenna from the' Baltimore Dental Society. At a meeting here dentists noted that there ts an increase in the number of youngsters who want their front teeth deformities corrected. They claim that youngsters are quick to notice deformities of performers on TV. particularly the chipped-teeth- variety which appears on sma]]-fry programs. Children today feel such deformities divert attention from their talents. Bordeaux. France, and the surrounding wine country were tinder English rule between the 12th and loth centuries. FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 12 Inch to 48 inch, plain or rccnforced. Also Concrete Rutlrllng Blocks cheaper than lumber (or barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds- We deliver Call as (or free estimate. O.SCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phon« 69) PHONE 4418 Blytheville Steam- Laundry-Cleaners Save at Hubbard's By Buying Chickasaw Courts Furniture Specials Complete Apartment Outfit Suite consists of 7-piece Bedroom group; 6 piece Living Room Group and 5 piece Chrome Dinette Group. For only $41 down, $15.65 a month you can start out anew in your new apartment. However, even though this is an extra good price for the complete grouping, we will break the outfit into a Living Room Group, Dinette Group or Bedroom Group at this special prices. 269 s5 7 PC. Bedroom Group 3 PC Poster Bed, Vanity and Chest especially, built for small bedrooms in the new modern blond finish and styling. Regular 39.50 Innerspring Mattress made by SIMMONS; 180 Coil Angle Iron Simmons Spring; two 17X26 All Feather Pillows. All for only 6 PC. Living Room Group 'A studio Couch that gives you a sofa by day and a bed by night, with roomy bedding box, covered in Firestone plastic. Also includes t \v o Cocktai! chairs t o match couch; 2 lamp tables; and Coffee Table. Either in modern blond or walnut 5 PC. Chrome Dinette Group All plastic top dinette table that withstands heat, cigarettes, acids, etc. Beautiful chrome legs. Pour all chrome chairs covered in washable plastic. 4995 Dress Up That New Apartment with New Furniture HUBBARD& SON Phone 4409 Furniture Biythevilie

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