The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia on July 16, 1991 · Page 13
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia · Page 13

Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 16, 1991
Page 13
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13 Education Now SMH, Tuesday, July 16, 1991 ouaiiets for lect Overcrowding, funding cutbacks and burnt-out academics characterise . modern university life, say students4. Stephen mcdonell and shoshana lenthen examine the results of last week's Education Now phone-in. THE advice industry in higher education is growing. This month alone has seen the publication of two books for prospective students the Independent Monthls Good Universities Guide and, today, the Financial Review's Universities in Australia, both earnest attempts to decipher the higher education maze for prospective students. In an increasingly complicated tertiary system, university applicants are obviously looking for guidance to try to find their way through the minefield of criticism to that perfect course. Comments made in last week's Education Now phone-in we asked students to tell us about their courses were surprising in that students did not, on the whole, want to have a go at their teachers. Frequently callers to phone-ins, as with writers to the Herald letters page, have chips on their shoulders. But these students were remarkably sympathetic towards their lecturers. The image of the stuffy academic floundering hopelessly in front of the class was dispelled, with several students praising their lecturers' valiant attempts to impart knowledge in the face of an increasingly rundown higher education system. Kim Palmer, a first-year arts student at Sydney University, said: "On the .whole I have had tutors and lecturers who have been really interesting. "The tutorial groups are too big and so they are run on a lecture-style basis . . . But even though lecturers are under stress, they keep in mind that they are there to help the students. "The services for students at Sydney Uni are excellent and all the clubs you can join are good; it makes uni!" Another Sydney University arts student, Maureen McKenzie, had "nothing but praise for the course". Lecturers went out of their way to make personal contact with students, she said. And Graciela Black, a first-year Bachelor of Arts student at Macquarie University, said: "The professors are very good. I like them because they are very demanding and they make us work quite hard and they transmit their love of the course to us." While their positive views were echoed by several others, Shane Brun, a third-year medical student at Sydney University, was not so gentle. Acknowledging that academics were under great strain manifest particularly at exam time, with one person marking hundreds of papers Shane was still highly critical of the teaching skills of some of his lecturers. "Many academics see education as a necessary evil, rather than a prime responsibility," he said. "This is reflected in the way they teach. Most are totally unaware of basic educational skills, like how to use a board or projector or explain a concept. "Students have complained after class that the standard of teaching was so poor that they don't feel it's worth their while to attend." Taxpayers, who were subsidising the education of medical students to the tune of about $25,000 per student per annum should be asking themselves whether they were getting value for money, Shane said. Sydney University students' big gripe was overcrowding, a problem not apparently shared by David Elliott, a third-year BA student rather defensive of the University of Western Sydney. "I'm not sympathetic to those going to Sydney University where it is overcrowded. I've got a course next semester with three in it. We've got plenty of room, I've never had an overcrowded class in my life. "I put it down to the old-tie system. The sooner the University of Western Sydney is given the credit it deserves, the sooner there will be a better distribution of students." Pam Johnston, who is working towards a Doctorate in Creative Arts at Wollongong University, said there were not enough fellowships for post-graduate research. "My basic thesis cost $8,000 and I had to find it myself, as well as try to survive and support children. I have no idea what my doctorate will cost. You're adding knowledge, for the betterment of mankind, but the universities can't offer you financial backing. "I have found my supervisors to be fabulous but very tired and very stretched ..." Pam complained of the "incredible academic emphasis" on the sciences, an approach which emphasised dollars and cents, leaving no room for knowledge for its own sake. Brian Phillips, a sixth-year (external) Bachelor of Legal Studies student at Macquarie University, said he liked his course's holistic approach to law. But external students had insufficient face-to-face contact with academics. "I urer only see an academic once a semester,, for a weekend residential school," Brian said. "My degree has been: virtually a self-taught degree, with veryi little input from academics. "The long-term eflect of this is that the law firms will not employ us; they don't understand the difficult conditions that part-time students endure. "The solution is simple: the Federal Government has got to give the universities more funding to employ more staff." Craig Small, in his second year of Electrical Engineering at the University : of Technology, Sydney, said it was difficult to find somewhere quiet to sit down and study. "The library is not satisfactory. It's too small; it's only so-so compared to Sydney Uni library. Study areas are very small. "The faculty is quite user-helpful and the course itself allows for changes to take place to make it more relevant." Lindsay Went, in his third year of Arts at Sydney University, said the staff of the two departments he had been involved with History and Government had generally been prepared to listen to students' views. The History department had reacted with speed to recent changes in Eastern Europe. Lindsay complained about cutbacks in tutorials and over-sized courses which reduced the time lecturers could give individuals. For this he blamed the Hawke Government, during whose terms education funding per student had fallen significantly. Cuts had affected the Fisher Library too, he said. In the light of this, it had been "very annoying" to learn that the university had paid several million dollars for a new vice-chancellor's residence after selling the old one. Other Sydney students were bitter about this, saying the money could have been put to better use. T sx t-K& v - V J iJlilfri'' ' -"""')' Arts student Kim Palmer . . . "even though lecturers are under stress, they keep in mind that they are there to help the students". O VER the years, parents, teachers and students have complained to me about offensive and indecent novels in use in our schools. The Festival of Light has received numerous complaints about the novel Equus and the fact that students of under 18 were made to view the R-rated movie version, an action which was illegal. They objected to its anti-Christian message and its violence in the blinding of horses, etc. Many parents complained about Peter Kocan's The Treatment and The Cure, mainly because of its indecent language and perversions such as "f..... little boys". Kocan has written to me apologising Books which offend: Fred Nile puts his case The Rev fred nile, tired of being called names over his attempts to rid our schools of books he considers indecent, explains his crusade. for the book's use in schools, saying it was intended for adult readers, not school students. David Williamson's plays, Don's Party and The Removalist have drawn complaints from female students too embarrassed to read excerpts aloud in class. I am very annoyed that when I bring these complaints to the attention of Parliament, I am greeted with ridicule by ALP members. False screaming accusations are made such as "Book-burner!'' "Hitler!" "Mussolini!" "The Most Dangerous Man in the World!" or "Trust Fred Nile to read all the dirty books!" I do not normally read these "dirty" books, but act on complaints from reliable witnesses parents, teachers and others. My objection concerning them is their inclusion in the official Government Reading Lists for examinations in State, Catholic and Christian schools. Once they are chosen by a particular teacher, students are forced to study the text and analyse its themes. Those who object are sent to the library and receive no coaching and will probably fail their HSC. I object to the professor of English who selects these offensive novels and claims his role is to "remove the cottonwool from around the students' minds". Another selector says their purpose is to "introduce students to the human conditiop". In selecting novels, care must be taken so that no more social or emotional pressure is placed on some students already finding it difficult to cope and contemplating suicide. Therefore novels that are depressing or which present suicide as a way out should be avoided. The selection of English novels should obviously include the world's finest English classics, providing inspiration, challenge, positive role models, heroes, hope for the future, motivation to go out and build a better world. To build a better world by reducing and wherever possible eliminating hate and violence, fear and exploitation, cruelty and torture, drug and alcohol abuse, physical and sexual abuse, perversion and degradation. Students are already being overwhelmed by these themes in films, videos, magazines and the likes. Media classes can help students reject these negative .pressures. As the Apostle Paul said: "Adapt yourselves no longer to the pattern of this present world, but let your minds be re-made and your whole nature transformed. Then you will be able to discern the will of God, and to know what is good, acceptable and perfect." (Romans, 12:2). A 'How to' on choosing a high school AT THE end of the year, The Sydney Morning Herald and Addendum Publishing will produce a comprehensive consumer guide to all secondary schools in NSW. The book, edited by the Herald's education writers, Anne Susskind and Paola Totaro, aims to provide parents with detailed information, tips and step-by-step advice on choosing a high school for their child. Public, independent and Catholic schools will be listed, together with curriculum choice, specialist programs, sporting activities and comments from school principals. A chapter designed to guide parents in choosing the right school for their child has been written by Professor Sam Ball, who until recently was Professor of Education at the University of Sydney. Almost 700 questionnaires which will form the basis of listings and entries have been mailed to NSW high schools. So far, more than half have responded enthusiastically. The survey was designed to glean as much consumer information on schools as possible. The Herald and the book's authors have no plans to compare or judge schools, merely to provide parents with the information necessary to make a considered choice. There is no doubt that during the past three years, the State Government's changes to the public schooling system have created new opportunities and new doubts for parents. The book aims to explain these reforms in detail and give parents guidance on how curriculum changes have affected subject choice in all three schooling systems. Principals have been asked to answer the survey as comprehensively as possible. If there are some questions they do not believe are relevant to their schools, or feel are invasive, they are free to leave them out; or conversely, to add information as they so choose. The survey has the full support of the Minister for Education, Mrs Chad-wick, and the Director-General, Dr Fenton Sharpe. Catholic authorities and the Association of Independent Schools have also been kept up-to-date on the book's progress. For principals who have not yet done so, there is still time to respond. The deadline has been extended to the end of July, and principals with queries can ring 361 5244. 005 POSITIONS & NOTICES Colleges & Schools. COURSEWRITING Enauiries welcomed for updating courses and production of curriculum material for a business college. Contact Principal 283 3388 EUKAR1MA SCHOOL BOWRAL For RudolDh Steiner Education. 2 POSITIONS A Class 1 teacher with Steiner training and experience ts reauired in 1 992 A Science and Maths teacher with Steiner training and experience is required tor Classes 7 to 10 in 1992 Apply in writing to: The College of Teachers. Eukanma School. Cnr CentenntalKirknam Rds.. BOWRAL. 2576. HORNSBY SHIRE COUNCIL MOTHERCRAFT NURSE CHILD CARE CERTIFICATE WORKER Asquith Long Dav Care Centre ts one of five Chiid Care Centres run bv Hornsby Shire Council The Centre cares for forty children aged from 0-5 years between 730 am and 6 pm Applicants should be enthusiastic about caring for a group of 0-3 year old children in a team situation. The minimum rea u ire-men t is auahfication as a Mother-craft Nurse or Child Care Certificate Staff work a 38 hour week on a rotating roster basts with a day off each three week period Salary and excellent conditions of employment are subject to Award provisions Applicants interested in a part-time job-shanng arrangement will be considered Further information may be obtained from Lynda Rote on 477 3727 Applications endorsed "Nurse'CCC Asauith" should provide details of personal particulars qualifications and experience with copies of references and reach Council bv 4 p m. on Monday. 29th July. 1991. MAX EASTCOTT. Genera! ManagerShtre Clerk. Council Chambers. PO Box 37). 296 Pacific Highway HORNSBY NSW 2077 PATRICIAN BROTHERS COLLEGE FAIRFIELD English Teacher years 7-12 Ability to teach R E an advantage Must support the catholic school ethos Ph 728 4488 Our Lady of Mercy College, Parramatta CAREERS ADVISER Experienced temporary (terms 3 and 4) part time (3 days) Position includes 1 Year 12 General Studies class A commitment to the philosophy o the Catholic School and the Pastoral Care Programme would be anticipated Please send written applications, stating qualifications and experience, together with references to The Principal Locked Mail Bag No 14 PO. North Parramatta 2151. TANGARA SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Tangara is a K-12 school dedicated to the development of Christian ideals and the achievement of academic excellence. Applications are invited from Teachers for a full-time position in: 3 UNIT MATHEMATICS PHYSICS SENIOR ENGLISH To commence in Term 1, 1992. Please address: 1. Cover letter, in own handwriting; and 2. Curriculum Vitae to: The Principal Tangva School for Girls 2 Fr&aUln Poad Cherry brook, 2128 DIOCESE OF BROKEN BAY I CA TH0LIC SCHOOLS' U " OFFICE WAITARA m ifl iA ftn'i rVini-i The Director of Schools invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced personnel male or female, lay or religious for the following position. PRIMARY PRINCIPAL ST. JOKN THE BAPTIST SCHOOL WOY WOY K-6 637 PUPILS THIS POSITION IS FOR IMMEDIATE ' APPOINTMENT OR BY AGREEMENT QUALIFICATIONSEXPERIENCE: This position requires that applicants are practising Catholics who have a sound understanding of and commitment to the Church's Mission in Catholic Education; appropriate tertiary qualifications must be held. Applicants should be skilled and experienced administrators with teaching experience appropriate to leading a parish school of 637 pupils. REFEREES: Intending applicants will be required to nominate three referees, one of whom must be a Parish Priest and one a current employer, from whom confidential reports will be obtained. APPLICATION FORM: For further information and application form please phone Anne Jacques after 9.30 a.m. on (02) 487 3777. CLOSING DATE: Friday, August 2, 1991 . MACQUARIE PARK CHILD CARE CENTRE This new long dav care centre is looking for a Childcare Worker with CCCS. Mothercraft or NNEB Qualifications It you are enthusiastic and committed to duality child care please apply in writing to: The President Christian Community Aid Service Inc 12 Lakeside Rd Eastwood 2122 By July 22. 1991. PRE SCHOOL Teacher with Early Childhood Qualifications is reauired for long day care centre 3-5 vr age group Phone 86 5766 between 1 30-2 30 wdays only TEACHERS Our Australia wide home tutoring service is growing and we need aualifiea teachers now- We offer rewards and satisfaction tutoring primary and secondary students after school All subiects covered, eso English. Maths Physics. Chem. If vou live in northern subs ph 804 7076 or eastern southern and SW subs 523 8381. 7 davs o w until 9 o m. Professional Home Tutors TOONGABBIE BAPTIST CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL Applications are invited for 2 executive positions commencing PRINCIPAL HEAD TEACHER PRIMARY The school T B C C S is a co-ed ucational school with a current enrolment of approximately 500 pupiis in K-12 Applicants should possess proven teaching and management skills and will need to be committed Christians with a Christ-centred approach to teaching and be willing to become members of the ministering team of the Toongab-bie Baptist Church For further information or application proceedures please contact Peter Brown. Board Chairman. TBCCS PO Box 120. Toongabbie NSW 2146 Telephone (02) 631 1487 AH FAX (02) 631 1483 (02) 668 2952 B H 008 004 POSITIONS VACANT Hospital and Medical ' Medical Pract.GP HORNSBY - MEDICAL CENTRE Sat and Sun day shifts Perm or cas Excellent working cond 247 1 163 BH 499 2707 AH. NURSES. Lower North Shore, private home, some lifting reauired. physiotherapy an advantage car essential Phone 958 6084 fRN NURSING SERVICE Kea FTPT Reg Enrolled Nurses Top rates Phone and car essential No fees Salary $1 7 90-S31 80114 40-S22 1 5 perhr Phore 709 41 99 008 POSITIONS VACANT Local Government AUBURN MUNICIPAL COUNCIL Applications are invited and will be received by the undersigned up to 4 00 pm on Friday. July 26 1991 for the following position at the Auburn Long Day Care Centre. EARLY CHILDHOOD TEACHER Re-advertised The Centre has 40.places for 0-5 year olds, various day shifts within the hours of 7 a.m. -6pm and operates 50 weeks of the year. A team approach to all aspects of programming applies at the Centre Applicants should possess a degreediploma in Early Childhood Education The suitable applicant will be reauired to undergo a medical examination bv Council's Consultant Doctor at Council s expense Salary will be in accordance with the appropriate Local Government Award and enauiries can be made to the Centres Director Sandra ftosengaus on 646 4222. ext 261 Written applications should provide details of aualifications and previous experience together with copies of two recent references. DJ MARKS. TOWN CLERK Administrative Building. Cnr Queen and Susan Streets. AUBURN NSW 2144 POSITIONS VACANT Local Government GUYRA SHIRE COUNCIL Chief Health Surveyor Following a promotion received by Council's Chief Health SurveyorTown Planner to a larger Council, applications are invited for the above position and will be received by the undersigned up until 10 a m. on Tuesday. 6th August. 1991. As Heacfof the Health. Building and Town Planning Department the successful applicant will be a member of Council s Management Team The position offers an excellent opportunity to obtain wide and extensive experience in all facets of senior management in a multi-purpose Council. Applicants must hold the necessary Health and Building Qualifications under Ordinance 4 and be experienced in all Health and Building matters. Qualifications andor experience in Town Planning matters would be an advantage although this should not deter applicants with limited Town Planning experience In such a case the terms of appointment would be discussed at an interview. An attractive salary package is available The salary payable will be that applicable to a Chief Health Surveyor at a Grade 5 Council under the Senior Officers Award Other benefits include a Town Planning allowance, an above award allowance, subsidised rental of a Council residence and liberal use of a vehicle. Councils offices are modern and very functional Guyra is a pleasant country town with a population of 2200 and a Shire population of 5000 The town is experiencing consistent growth and is well serviced by medical, dental, sporting and educational facilities. Schooling is available to Higher School Certificate standard at the Guyra Central School and there are daily bus services to all private schools in the nearby provincial City of Armidale Guyra is also well situated in relation to the coast being little more than 2 hours drive from a number of popular coastal resorts Intending applicants should have a professional approach to their career and a healthy attitude to complying with the many changes and challenges currently facing Local Government Applicants should submit full details of all relevant personal particulars. Qualifications, membership and involvement in professional bodies and previous experience together with copies of references. A package of relevant information about the position, the Council and the Shire generally is available and further information may be obtained from the undersigned or the Chief Health SurveyorTown -Planner. Mr Dave Pryor. by phoning (067) 79 1577. North Sydney Municipal Council AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER PARKING PATROL INSPECTOR (2 POSITIONS). Written applications are invited for the above positions and will be received until 4.00 p.m. on Friday 26th July 1991. Self motivated, articulate, mature persons are reauired to loin Councils team of Parking Patrol inspectors The Parking Inspectors patrol the North Sydney Municipality to monitor illegal parking You must hold a current rider's licence as motor-scooters are used to patrol some areas. Also, vou must be capable of working with minimal supervision and in any weather. Shift and weekend work will be applicable on a rostered basis The salary is currently $21,039 pa. If vou have any enauiries please contact Therese Bowman on 963 7399. Council Chambers. P O Box 1 2 NORTH SYDNEY. 2059 R. D KEMPSHALL. TOWN CLERK. Council Chambers. GUYRA. NSW. 2365. 15th July. 1991 R. ROBERTSON. Shire Clerk. 63 FAIRFIELD CITY COUNCIL The following position is currently available with Fairfield City Council. One of the Sydney region 's largest Councils. Fairfield City covers an area of over 100 and has an annual budget of almost $90m. Come join the team at Fairfield and join the best! TECHNICAL OFFICER (DRAFTING) TP 11 DUTIES: Maintain plan filing system, Prepare plans for Local Environmental plans and Development Control Plans, Maintain and update zoning maps, Co-ordinate management of computerised mapping system (Genamap), Maintain and update base mapping. Prepare planning exhibitions. Graphic presentations for Planning and other Departments and also Desktop publishing. QUALIFICATIONS: Drafting Certificate. SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: Competence in cartography and drafting; familiarity with spreadsheet and graphic packages on Personal Computer. SALARY WAGE AND AWARD DETAILS: Commencing in the range of $427.90 to $537.20 per week to be negotiated with progression up to $587.20 per week possible on a performance assessment basis. CLOSING DATE: 26th July, 1991. FURTHER" CONTACT: John Pagan, Strategic Planning Manager, 725 0849. How to Apply All applications should be addressed to Mr T. S. Barnes, Town Clerk. P.O. Box 21. Fairfield, SSW 2165. Photocopies of two recent references should accompany each applic ation. Applicants must be prepared to undergo a medical examination at Council's expense and to become a member of the relevant union. Fairfield City Council encourages a smoke-free workplace. SHIRE 30 BYRON Byron Shire is located on the fast growing Far North Coast of New South Wales, offering a superb living environment. The Council with an annual budget of $33 million is innovative, environmentally aware and corporately managed. CORPORATE PLANNING AND BUSINESS MANAGER AND ASSISTANT TO GENERAL MANAGER This is a newly created and senior position in Council's recently restructured organisation reporting directly to the General Manager. THE TASK This Manager will lead task units and directly undertake the functions of: Corporate and strategic planning. Corporate performance auditing. Business and enterprise planning. This manager will also provide professional assistance and advice to the General Manager and will lead task units or directly undertake special projects as assigned by the General Manager. THE PERSON You will possess a minimum tertiary qualification in Management, Accounting or Business. Alternatively, a technically qualified person will have additional business or management qualifications. You will have sound knowledge and experience in corporate planning, performance auditing and business planning. You will also be pro-active, capable of leading multidisciplinary task units and possess a high standard of report writing and presentation. THE CONDITIONS A salary of $42,000 pa is offered and a car will be provided for business and private use under Council's standard lease agreement All conditions of the Local Government Salaried Officers Award apply and Council has a rostered leave system. The appointment will be subject to a performance agreement and a five (5) year contract can be negotiated if desired. A position description is available by telephoning Miss . Knights on (066) 85 6500 and further information can be obtained from the Shire ClerkGeneral Manager. Written applications for the position, including three (3) references or the names of at least three (31 referees will be received by the undersigned until 4 p.m. on Monday 29th July, 1991. P.O. Box 159, Byron Bay, N.S.W. Z481 Barry F. Pullinger Shire Clerk General Manager H0LR0YD CITY COUNCIL Pool ManagerSuperintendent Written applications are invited and will be received by the undersigned up to 4 p m . Tuesday July 30. 1991 for either or both of the positions of Pool Manager of Superintendent Council operates three Swimming Centres, at Merrylands Went wort hvtUe and Guildford All three operate during the normal swimming season whilst Guildford, which has an indoor heated pool, operates for the remainder of the year. A vacancy has been created by the resignation of the Superintendent of the Merry lands Swimming Centre, however applicants should be prepared to work at any of the centres as required Tne position of Manager entails day to day operational oversight for all the cent-es in addition to the Superintendents duties at one of the centres entailing responsibility for management supervision and operation. Applicants should hold the required qualifications as defined by Ordinance 52 of the Local Government Act. as a Public Swimming Pool Superintendent Payment will be under the Local Government Salaried Officers' Award as follows Pool Manager Class 23 S499 60 pw Pool Superintendent Class 1 9 S483 30 p w The Pool Manager will be required to travel between pools on a regular basis and will be required to supply a vehicle for which a milage allowance will be paid in accordance with award provisions Applicants should have knowledge and wide experience in the management, supervision and operation of swimming centres This should include the maintenance of plant, grounds and structures associated with such centres Council's selection process includes a comprehensive medical examination and applicants should be " prepared to undertake same Applicant s should submit a personal resume including details of experience, education and qualifications in support of their applications A telephone number for contact or where a message may be left during business hours is also required Copies only of two references should be also be supplied Further information and a copy of a job description for the position is available, if required, by contacting Council s Works Engineer. Mr Mel Alagich. telephone 682 4255. Council Chambers. Memorial Avenue. ME DRYLANDS. 2160. G. R TOWLE. Town Clerk. 61 ASHFIELD MUNICIPAL COUNCIL COMMUNITY SERVICES COORDINATOR Applications are invited and will be received by the undersigned up to 10 00 am Monday. 22nd July 1991 for the above position This is a new position and previous experience in one or alt of the areas of Administration Community Development and Eihmc Affairs would be helotul Ashfield Municipality has a population of 40.000 people of whom 42 pc are overseas born Council is seeking the services of a person with a proven record in the field of administration and co-ordination of community services All aoplicants should possess formal qualifications in areas such as Administration. Social Development or Education and have had practical experience in a multi-cultural community Applicants are requested to indicate age details of experience employment history, names of appropriate referees and the earliest date on which duties could be commenced following notification of appointment Sa'ary will be dependent uoon qualifications and experience ana is expected to be within the range of S35 000 to 137 000 travelling expenses and working hours will be discussed at interview Council provides a smoke-free working environment and is an EEO emptoVer Further inquiries may be made and a copy of the Job Descnptipn obtained, bv contacting the Deputy Town Clerk. Mr. A R Court on (02) 797 0222. (ext. 202) BC NETTLETON Town Clerk June 30. 1991 Administration Building. 260 Liverpool Road. Ashfield. 2131 BURWOOD MUNICIPAL COUNCIL DESIGN ENGINEER Applications are invited from qualified civl engineers preferably with at least five years experience in local government and hold the Local Government Certificate or are undertaking tne Post Graauate Diploma in Local Government Engineering The duties of the position are primarily the investigatipn and design for a range of proiects in the Councils Works Programme Applicants can be assured of a wide range of experience on a variety of proiects The Design Engineer is also responsible for the administration and supervision of staff in the design office and management of the departments personal computers Conditions of employment are in accordance with the Local Government Engineering Staff Award with a salary range envisaged between Senior Engineer Grade 3-6 A rostered dav off system of working hours and the private use of a car m accordance with Council s lease policy are available Applications close on Tuesday. 30th Julv. 1991 at 10 00 am and should include details of age qualifications experience and a business telephone number Further information on the position mav be obtained bv contacting Stephen Joannidis on 747 2822 Greg Harragon TOWN CLERK Council Chambers 2 Conder Street BURWOOD 2134 The City of Blacktown is one of the most dynamic growth areas in Western Sydney, ft covers an area of 246 sq km with a population of 2 1 0,000. Currently it operates with an annual budget of over $90m, employing 950 wage and salaried staff. Working conditions are in accordance with the relevant Award and Council's Industrial Agreement and include flexible working hours rostered day off as appropriate. No smoking in the workplace is Council policy. LIBRARY ASSISTANT TC188 Applications are invited tor the position of Library Assistant to carry out general library duties (circulation, assisting library users, shelving, library support tasks, etc.) at the Mt Druitt Branch Library. You will be directed to work rostered even ng shifts and Saturdays, and to work in any of the library's branches as required. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: School Certificate or equivalent is essential. Recent public library experience, including contact with the public, good communication skills and the ability to work effectively as a member of a team are also essential. Experience with automated library systems is desirable. SALARY AND CONDITIONS: In accordance with Local Government Salaried Officer s Award up to Class 14 ($458 40 p w ) depending on qualifications and experience. CLOSING DATE: 9 00 a m. 29th July 1991. FURTHER INFORMATION: Beverley Moreman, Ext 1701. SOIL TECHNICIAN -CE 75 Applications are invited for the above position in the Works Section of the Engineering Department. The duties will include general soils and materials testing, pavement thickness design, field testing prior to and during road construction and quality control of road materials. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: You should have at least 3 years experience in a geotechnical laboratory and preference will be given to applicants with an appropriate certificate in materials testing. SALARY AND CONDITIONS: Salary will be in accordance with the Local Government Engineering Staff Award ranging from Engineering Assistant Grade 1 ($23520) to Senior Engineering Assistant Grade 3 ($618 70) per week. A leaseback station wagon shall be provided for work and private use in accordance with'Council's leaseback policy CLOSING DATE: 9.00 a.m. Tuesday. 23rd July 1991. FURTHER INFORMATION: Wr J Kelly. Ext. 1312. LOCAL STUDIES LIBRARIAN tci96 RE-ADVERTISED POSITION - PREVIOUS APPLICANTS WILL BE CONSIDERED Further applications are invited for the above position. DUTIES: to develop and promote Local History and Genealogical Services for the Blacktown Local Government Area. Specifically this will involve locating, organising, indexing and preserving documents and other information relating to the history and development of Blacktown City; . providing assistance in the use of the Local History and genealogical resources; liaising with local historical societies; and recording of oral histories. General library duties will also be involved including rostered work on the Reference Desk at Max Webber Library. QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE: Essential: Professional library qualifications recognised by A.L.I. A.; recent public library experience, preferably in reference work; demonstrated proficiency in indexing; written and verbal pommunication skills, interest in family and local history; the ability to liaise with community groups and a current driver's licence. Desirable: A basic level of competancy in photography. SALARY AND CONDITIONS: In accordance with Local Government Salaried Officer's Award salary up to Libranan Grade 3 Class 21 ($490.10 per week) depending on qualifications and experience. CLOSING DATE: 25 July 1991. 900am. FURTHER INFORMATION: Minerva Santos. Ext 1721. APPLICATIONS Written applications with the POSITION NUMBER clearly indicated' should be addressed to the Town Clerk at the address below. All applicants should state age. qualifications, experience and education level attained as well as date duties could be commenced. Please provide home and work phone number and copies ot references it appropriate. Original references will not be returned. ' ' mmm tftHi CHEL1

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