Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 2, 1890 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1890
Page 2
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RUMBLINGS. Front the {BTotebooliL at Our .way neporter—Polntu Personal and Otherwise. A ticket office has rx>en established on the Va.nda.iia at Newbersr. Clay county, with Postmaster Payne as the agent. Mrs M E. Connelly of the Wabash telegraph offlee.went to Fort Wayne NOH. 3 and 9, now arriving here from Cincinnati at'10:55 and 11:35 p. m. •will be consolidated, as will trains Nos 2 and 0, now leaving here for Cincinnati at 4:05 and 6:45 a. m. Warren B. Stimson, roadmaster of the Borthern division of the G. R. & I. road, was yesterday appointed superintendent of the same division, to take effect May 1. He succeeded the late J. M. Metheany. As was announced in the Journal's United Press dispatches yesterday morning, an amicable settlement has yesterday. She will be the guest of her sister for several days. Superintendent of Motive Power E. P. Wall and Chief Draftsman J. E. Grafston, of Columbus, were in the cicy yesterday on a. tour of inspection. Fred Wheeler has been appointed commercial agent of the Big Four, with headquarters at Toledo. Mr. Wheeler has been with the Mich'- gan Central road for several years. The Big Four's Cincinnati division is now, with the exception of seven miles, laid with steel rail weighing sixfy-seveu pounds to the yard, and the steellhas beendistributedfor this seveu. Robert E. Pettif, general superintendent of the Pennsylvania road, whose resignation, June 1, has been accepted, intends to travel in China, Japan, India and Russia for several years. The salaries of the passenger con- doctors on the Missouri, Kansis & Texas road have been advanced $25 a month, but the company requires that each conductor shall hereafter furnish a bond. Tommy Follan, Wabash ticket agent, is" convalescent after his re cent illness and will probably be able to report for duty Saturday morn- ins. Mr. F. S. Champion, of Cecil, Ohio, who relieved him, will return to Cecil. The Vandalia will next "week be- £rin the building of a round-bouse at St. Joe, Mich., which will have a capacity for housing sis engines. A building in which to make light repairs to equipment? will also be erected there. The Baltimore and Ohio railrsad companx has granted the demands of its men for an advance, giving the day conductors $2.75 and the night conductors $2 90; the day brakeinen will be paid $2.50 and the night men $2.70, tea hours to constitute a day's work. John B. Carson is looking over a new route to build a railroad from lK>nisvil!e to Chicago, which will be twenty-eight miles shorter than any existing line. The road will be rnn weet of tbe Monoa line, and is expected to pass through Paoli, Orange county. John Heitzman, jr., has been appointed acting supervisor of track of the Pan Handle between Winamac and Hartford City vice Andrew Mertons who is absent on indefinite sick leave. Mr. Heitzman is a capable and competent men and entitled to the promotion. Terre Hante Express: The remains ofTbaddeua Baniett were taken to IjOgansport, his former home. Wednesday morniuer for burial. Messrs. Bd Calvert, Lester Lawton and William Lutz, of the erecting shop, and Win. Cook, of the round house, accompanied them as pall bearers. Yesterday, the Chicago, Burlington & Qmncy railroad issued a circular to its stockholders offering them the right to subscribe to 5 per cent, thirteen year debenture bonds at par, in the ratio of 10 percent, of their present holdings of stock. This will make a total issue of $7,639,450 bonds. General Manager Williams and Assistant treaeral Manager Hill, George Presoott, Superintendent of Motive Power, and N. K. Elliott, Superintendent of Transportation of the Vandalia, were in the city yesterday afternoon on a tour of inspection over the T. H. & L. and St. Joe extension. A new union station will be built at Grand Rapids, Mich. The car sheds will be 600 feet long by 133 feei in width. The trains of nine roads will run into these sheds when completed, the Grand Rapids & Indiana company building the station and t-beds and tbe other eight roads leasing from that eoiupaoy. The little closet-like check room at the Union station, Indianapolis, In which travelers may leave their baggage a few hours for ten cents, does a business out of all proportion to the size of tbe accommodations. The revenue to the Uuioa Railway Company from this room last year was almost $5,000. P. A. Hasted, Trainmaster of the O., H. & I. Division of the C. H. & I), road, has been appointed Superintendent of the division with headquarters at Indianapolis. J. L. Orbison, now Superintendent of Teie- grawh, is, at the same time, appointed suparintendent of the C., H. & D. between Cincinnati and Day ton, and to gueueed him, W. H. Gunzleuian, now chief train dispatcher, has been appointed. The traffic men of the Pennsylvania Hues are on an inspection tour over the southwesternsystein,travel- ing on a special train. To-day they will go over the J., M. & I., and next Monday over the Indianapolis & Vincetinea. This plan has been adopter! that the freight men might be enabled to gather ideas and post themselves about the facilities of tho evBtem. They talk with agents and learn what can be done to improve tho business on the division on which they are employed, acd what is needed to increase the through traffic. Indianapolis News: The Cincinnati and Chicago roads are preparing to relrench on the extravagant operating expenses into which they rushed under the prexKure of competition last fall. Next Sunday the C. H. & D. trains, now leaving Indianapolis at 3 and 4 p. m. will be consolidated, the single train departing aboct 3=30 p. in. On the same day the Honori trains, Nos, 1 and 2, the former arriving at Indianapolis at 8:35 a. m., and the latter leaving here at 7:30 a.m will be discontinued. Within a short time Big Four trains been made of the differences between the railway officials of the Hues centering at Pittsburg and the Federated Order of Railway Em- ployes. .Both sides made concessions and a disastrous strike was thereby averted. This is as it should be. The day of strikes as a means of settlement is fast giving -way to the more sent-ible and more satisfactory method of arbitration. CARL PRETZEL'S PHILOSOPHY. Don'd fergot to oxpcct l<?ss of dor vorlcU dhen dot vorldt can ail'onl to gif you. Efery feller is tickled his outsidos in to found him some apology for indulgin' his lecdle oxcendrlcidies. Fame may gif much plaindy praise, but at dur Barns time don'd did sometime' gif yoost quite so much eshteems. When lovers hang over tho gate thare is a good deal to be said on both side. 5 before they quit. An ex-Drlze-fighter who teaches pugilism in New York, calls his establishment a school of decorative art. When tho devil wants to trail) up a young man in the way he desires him to go, he employs Idleness to boss the job. A Mobile paper made a mistake tho other day, and printed a list ct coming weddings under the head of "Sugar Crop." "Oivo mo another horse! 1 ' cried Richard III. hoarsely, and s, boy In the gallery wanted to know if one bourse wasn't enough. "Poor fellow," said ono Chicago detective of anoiher, whose funeral ho at tended, "he tried hard enough, but lie never turnrd up .tnvthina but his ton-. "How do you like tho 'business' In my play?" a poor star asked of the manager. "I like the business In your play better than I do the business in the house," was the reply. A Canadian paper says that the girls of Canada make better wives than an to b© found on this side of the border. Let them come over, then, and get hsis- baccls worthy of them.—Texas Sifthics. RIeetrie Blttrm. v This remedy is becoming so well :nown and so popular as to need no peiial mention. All who have iispd ilectric Bitters sing the same song of jraise. A purer medicine does not xist and it is guaranteed to do all hat is claimed. Electric Hitters will ure all diseases of the liver nivl !<i i- neys, will remove pimples, boils, salt heam and other affections CA-UJWM oy ujpure blood. Will drive malaria roui the system and prevent as well as cure all malarial fevers.—For cure if headache, constipat'on and Indigestion try Electric Bitters—Entire atisfactiou guaranteed, or money re- unded. Price Buc. and $1.'X) per bot- le at B. F. Keesling's drug store. 5 All medical authorities agree that atarrh is no more nor less than an nflammation of theliningmembrane if the nasal air passages. Nasal ca- arrh and all catarrhal affections of he bend are not diseases of the blood, and it is serious mistake to real them as such. No conscien- ions physician ever attempts to do o. It is held by eminent medical men that sooner or later a specific will be found for every disease from which humanity suffers. The facts ustify us in assuming that for ca- arrh at least a positive cure already exists in Ely's Cream Balm. 27toll To JTervons Debilitated Men. If yon will send us your address, we will mail you our illustrated pamphlet explaining all about Dr. }ye's Celebrated Electro-Voltaic Belt and Appliances, and their charming effects upon the nervous debilitated system, and how they will quickly restore you to vigor and manhood. Pamphlet free. If you are thus afflicted, we will send you a belt and appliances on trial There is more Catarrh in this section of the .country than all other diseases put together, and until the last taw rears was supposed to be Incur able. For a great many years doctors pronounced It a local disease, and prescribed local treatment pronounced It Incurable. Science has proven catarrh to be u constitutional disease and there fore requires constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by I?. J. Cheney 4. Co.. Toledo. Ohio, Is the only constitutional cure oil the market. It Is taken internally In doses from 10 drops to ateaspoonful. It acts directly upon the blood and imicous surfaces of the system They offer one hundred dollars for any case I 1 falls to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials Address. F. 3. CHENETf & CO., TcteJo, O. E^-Sold by Druggists, 75c. (apr) Pitcher's Castoria. VTie.-i T.s^j? V.-H.-I fcic];, we savo her Cas-oriA. When »-.lie was a Ciiiid. rhc cried for Castoria, *Vhen she became 3tlss, ehe chins to Castorta, SVaen shehad Children, she £aro them Caslorin, A«k Your Friends About It. Tour distressing cough can be cured. We know it because Kemp's Balsam within the past fe< years has cured so many coughs and colds In thl community. Its remarkable sale has been wo entirely by Its genuine merit. Ask some Wen who baa used It what he thinks of Kemp's Balsam There Is no medicine so pure, none so effective Large bottles 60c and Si at all druggists. 2eot Clay Township Convention, The Republicans of Clay townshi] will meet at Shady Nook schoo bouse, on Saturday, April 5, at 1 o'clock a. m., for the purpose of notn natinga township ticket. A. A. COOKS, marSSwSt Committeeuian. IVotlee to farmTH. I wish to inform all the farmers that I am still killing hogs, and am prepared to pay the highest marke price all the time.' nov33wtf WM. ROUTE. The farmers, In their swamps, we're sure Could Ond the roots and plants that cure, If, by their knowledge they only knew. D'or just the disease each one grew. Take courage now, and "Swamp-Hoot" try, ffor kidney, liver and bladder c»mplaints] AJS on this remedy you can rely. For sale by B. F. Keesling dwtf Or. Henley's Celery, Beef and Irwn IB a remedy every farmer should kee on hand, as it is invaluable for man diseases. All dealers sell it. Pric $1.00. feb. The Rev. Geo. H. Thayer, of Bonr bon, lad., says: "Beth myself an wife owe our lives to Shiloh's Con sumption Cure." For gale by B. F KeeBling. 6 Catarrh cured, health and swee breath secured by Shiloh's Catarr remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasa Injector free. Sold by B. F. Kees- lin ^ 3 Shifoh'fi Cough and Consumptio Cure is sold by us on a guarantee It cures Consumption. For s» lc b B. F. Keosling. 4 Croup, whooping cough and bron chltis immediately relieved b Sniloh'B Core. For sale by B. F Keesling. 5 feb7d-wly VOLTAIC BKI/T Co., Marshall, Mich. We Can and Do uarantee Dr. Acker's Blood Elixer for it has been fully demonstrated to the people of this country that it is superior to all other preparations for blood diseases. It is a positive cura for syphilitic poisoning, ulcers, eruptions and pimples. It purifies the whole system and thoroughly builds up the constitution. For sale by Johnston & Bro. 7 There Is no Fain liike Toothache. It ••beats the dogs" for making a fellow squirm. Nobody pities you. Get it out," says one; "rub the tooth against a stone," says another; 'when it begins to swell then it won't hurt eo much," gays a third. The reason of the ache is you didn't use SOZODOKT, 'nd prevent your teeth from decay 4toll Bnoklpn'B Arnica Sa.ve The best salve hi the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fe ver sores, tetter, chapped hands chilbains, corns, and all skin erup tions, and positively cures piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B. F. Keesling. novCdwly A Child Killed. Another child killed by the use of opiates given in the form of soothing syrup. Why mothers give their children such deadly poison ss surprising when they can relieve the child of its decnliar troubles by using Dr. Acker's Baby Soother. It contains no opuih or morphine. Sold by MRS. CHARLES D. HA1NES. The Johnston Bro. 10 A Doty to Vonrsels. It is surprising that people will nse a common, ordinary pill whet they can secure a valuable English one for the same money. Dr. Acker's English pills are a positive cure for sick headache and all liver troubles. They are small, sweet, easily taken, and do not gripe. Sold by Johnston & Bro. 9 President, of th«. Mullun Galley Kailroarf. Mrs. llainos is the first woman over chosen to ihc Presidency of a. steam railroad, but in lu-r case there can bu no doubt of tho wisdom of tho selection, her qualilications for tho position licina: conceded by all who know her. Sho Is the wife of Mr. C. D. HalnRS, sonlor member of the well-known Halnrs' Brothers, brokers and owners of tln< street and short-line railroads in s«v«;ul States. Among tho roads they no\v Is Life IVor'h not if you go through the world dyspeptic. Dr. Acker's Dyspepsia Tab lets are a positive cuse for the worst forms of dyspepsia, indigestion, flatulency and constipation. Guaranteed and sold by Johnston & Bro. _ 6 Site Was Completely Cnred. A daughter of my i ostomer suffere*. from sup pressed menstruation, and her health was completely wrecked. At my suggestion she used one bottlxof Brudfleltl's Female Regulator, which cured her. J. W. HELLUMS. Water Valley, Miss. Write The Bradneld Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by all druggists hi Logansport Ind. _ 8 If you have a cold, cough, (dry hacking), croup, cankered throat. catarrh dropping, cough, Dr. Kil mer's Indian Cough Cure (Consumption Oil) will relieve instantly; heals and cures. Price 25c. 50c. and $1.00 For sale by B. F. Keesling. , 4 Heii-Jiiclie, ueui-a.it;, a., Uizziuess, nervousness, spasms, sleeplessness, cured *by Dr. Miles' Nervine, ."auiples free »t C. F. Keealiofr's nl Why will you cough when Shiloh's Cure will give immediate relief. Price 10 cents, 50 cents and $1. For sale by B. F. Keesling. 7 ShiJoh's Cure will immediately relieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis. For sale by B. F. Kees- 8 m wy That Tired Feeling MBS. CIIAHI.ES D. HAYSES, riiKS!l>i:M lil" TUE MEDINA VALLEY KAH.IEOAli, TKXA.S- have under construction, in addition ir the Medina Valley road, are the Rock port, Lanffdon & Northern of Missouri and tho lirackc-tt, St. flair &. Kir Grande of Texas. If yonr Liver Remlndx 1'oa Of Its existence by dull pain or sharp twlng* in the rlgnt side, or beneath, the deiter sholdcr- blade, accept the reminder as a warnine. and n-gulate the orean without loss of time, by the use of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters. The above symptoms are usually accompanlfd by yellowness of the skin, constipation, lurred tongue' disorder of the stomach. But a reform Is promptly Instituted by the Bitters, tho best possible substl- tutn for calomel, blue pill, and other super- potent and hurtful dru^s erroneously UeJtgnated as remoole- for biliousness. Appetite and digestion are restored, and tbe Wwcls resume activity, wlien the linp«tas Is given.to the functions of health by tuis sterling anti-bilious medicine, which also has the enectof enriching and purtfy- inethe circulation, and fortifying tbe sjstem against mal-irial Infection In air or water. It is also highly beneficial f«r rheumatism, kidney and bladder troubles. _ 2StoG IM ;;r>')snn>jitl«>n Incurable? Read tii« I'oil.iwing: Mr. C. H. Kor- fis, Newark, Ark., savs: ''Was down with abscess of lungs, and frienjs physicians pronounced me an incurable [consumptive. Began taking Dr. King's New Discovery for consumption, am now on my third bottle, and able to oversee tbe work on my farm It is the finest medicine ever made. 1 ' Jesse Middlewart, Desatur, Ohio, says: "Had it not been for Dr. King'* New Discovery for consumption I would have died of lung trouble. Was given up by doctors. Am now In best of health." Try it Sample bottles free at B. F. Keesling's drugstore. 5 Advice to OTorher!*. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for children teething, is the prescription of one of the best female nurses and physicians in the United States, uud bas taeeti used for forty years with never-failing success by millions of mothers for their children. During the process of teething its value is lucaloulaole. It relieves the child from pain, cures dysentery and diar- rhoBa, griping in the bowels, and wind colic. By giving health to the child it rests the mother. Price 25 cents a bottle. junelSd wly •Opinion of a L,eadl- K Hditer. Almost all the diseases that afflict us from infancy to old age have their origin in a disordered liver. A really good liver medicine istbi most important in the wbole range of pharmacy. We believe Simmons Liver Regulator to be best among them all. We pin our faith upon the Regulator, and if we could persuade every reader who is in ill health to buy it, we would willingly vouch for tbe benefit each would receive.—Ed. Gin. Gazette. IltolS < a»'l sleep Rights is the complaint of thousands suffer ing from asthma, consumption, coughs, eto. Did you ever try Dr. Ackers English Remedy? It is the best preparation known for all lung troubles. Sold on a positive guarantee at 25 cents and 50 cents by John sf.on & Bro. 8 Illbhnrd's Ith<-Bin.itlr and I.lvrr Pills, These Pills are sclntlflcilly compounded, and uniform In action. No griping pnla so commonly following the use of Pills. Thry are adudted to Doth adultn and children with perfect safety. We guarantee they hav» no eqital in tne care of Sick Headache, Constipation. Dyspepsia »nd Bilious ness; and. as an appetizer, they excel any utner preparation. janlBd&Wly Says the Sonthi-rn Medical World: "Mother's Friend" Is growing in favor throughout the South and Is highly recommended by phy slclana. We consider It Indispensable to those who known they must pass through the ordeal of childbirth. Write BradlSeld Beg. Co., Atlanta Ga., for particulars. Sold by nil druggists in Lugansport Ind. ^ 7 No lady should live in perpetual fear, and suffer from the more serious troubles that so often appear when Dr. Kilmer's Complete Female Reme dy is certain to prevent tumor and cancer there. For sale by B. F. Kees ling.- 3 Syrup White Pine and Tar will im mediately relieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis. For sale by B. F. Keesling jan25d-w4m Sleepless nights, made miserable by that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for you. For sale by B. F, Keesling. _ That hacking cough can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We guarantee It. For sale by B. F. Keesling. _ 1 Monongbala rye whisky at $3 per gallon, at Martin Bligh's, 305 Market street. febllwly That extreme tired feeling which U BO dis- j tresslng and often so unaccountable in the spring months. Is entirely overcome by Hood's Sarsaparilla, which tones tho wholo bodj-, purifies the blood, cures scrofula and all htrmors, cures dyspepsia, creates an appetite, rouses tho torpid liver, braces up tho nerves, And clears the mind. w"e soUelt a comparison of Hood's Baraapartlla with any other blood pnrlfler in the market lor purity, economy, strength, and medicinal merit. Tired all the Time "I had no appetito or strength, and felt clred all the time. 1 attributed my condition to scrofulous humor. I had tried several kinds of medicine without benefit. But as toon as I hud taken half a bottle of Hood's Sarsaparilla, my appetite was restored, and my stomach felt better. I have now taken nearly three bottles, and I never was so well." JIBS. JESSIE F. DOLBEAEE, Paacoag, E. I. Mrs. C. W. Marriott, Lowell, Mass., was completely cured of sick headache, which she had 16 years, by Hood's Sarsaparilla. Everybody need* and should spring medicine, for two reason*: 1st, The body is now more biccepUble ta benefit from medicine than at any uUier scum. 2d, The Impurities which have accumulated In the blood should be expelled, and the gyt- tem given toue and strength, before tbe prct- iratlng effects of warm weather are felt. Hood's Sarsaparilla Ls tbe beet spring medicine. A single trial will convince JOB ot Iu superiority. Take It before it Is too late. T7io Beat Spring jfcdtcine •'I take Hood's Sarsaparilla for a spring medicine, and I find It Just the thing. Ittonet up my eystem and makes me feel like adlflei- ent man. My wife takes It for dyspepsia, irj sho derives great benefit from IL She says it is the best medicine sho ever took." F. C. TunxEK, Hook & Ladder No. I, Boston, Mass. "Last spring I was troubled witi boDj, caused by my blood being out of order. Two bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilli cured me. I can recommend it to all troubled with aflee- tions of the blood." J. SCHOCH, Peoria, M. Hood's Sarsaparilla Sold liy aU lunggtsti. ffl; »lx for gS. Prepared by C. L HOOD 4 CO., Apothecaries. Lowoll, Uui. IOO Doses One Dollar Bold by all druggists, gl; six for £i Preput4 by C. I. HOOD A CO., Apothecaries, LoireU,IKM. IOO Doses One Dollar Beautiful, Delightful. Equal to any Imported Beer made. EDELWEISS! TRY THE Logansport Brewing Co.'s Edelweiss Beer, made from the best imported hops, an«i the finest select malt to be had. Warranted Pure and Old. On draught in all places to-day. WITH TSE GEOGSAPHT OF THE COtTSTHT. TTILI, C3TAIK MUCH VALUABLE ESTOHMATION FROM A STUDY OF TSI3 MAP CT THE CHIOfiGO, ROGSC ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILWAY, Including: main lines, branches and extensions Bast end West of the Missouri River. The Direct Route to and from Chicago, JolSet, Ottawa, Peoria, La Salle, Mollno, Boci£ Island, in ILLINOIS—Davenport, Muscatine. Ottumwa. Oskaloosa, DesMoineo,Winterset, Audubon-Harlan,and Council Bluffs, in IOWA—MinneaTJoUs and St. Paul, in MINNESOTA—Watertown and Sioux Falls, in DAKOTA—Cameron, St. Joseph, and Kansas City, in MISSOTTBI—Omaha, Fairbury, and Nelson, in NEBRASKA—Horton. Topeko. Hutchinson, Wichita, Belleville, Abilene, Caldwell. in KANSAS-Pond Creek, Kingfisher, Fort Heno, in the INDIAN TERRITORY—end Colorado Springs, Denver, Pueblo, In COLORADO. FBEH Reclining: Chair Cars to and from Chicago, Caldwell, Hutchinson, and Dodge City, and Palace Sleep- In? Cars between ChicagD, Wichita, and Hutcbinaon. Traverses new and vast areas of rich flirminjr and grazing' lands, affordinsr the best facilities of intercommunication to all towns and cities east and west, northwest and southwest of Chicago, and Pacific and transoceanic Seaports. MAGNIFICENT VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS, Leading all competitors in splendor of equipment, cool, -well ventilated, and free from dust. Throuirh Coaches, Pullman Sleepers, FREE BecUning Chair Cars, and (east of Missouri River) Dining Cars Daily between Chicago, Den MoinflE, Council Bluffs, and Omaha, with Free Raclininff Chair Car to North Platto, Neb., wad between Chicago and Colorado Springs, Denver, . and Pueblo, via St. Joseph, or Kansas City and Topeka. Splendid Dining; Hotels (furnishing m»ais at seasonable hours) wast of Missouri River. California Bzcursiona daily, with CHOICE OF EOUTES to and Irom Salt Lake. Og-den, Portland, Loa Angeles, and San Francisco. The DIRECT LINE to and from Pike's Paak. Jianitou, Garden of the Gods, the Sanitariums, and Scenic Grandeur* of Colorado. VIA THE ALBERT LEA ROUTE, Solid Express Trains dally between Chicago and Minneapolis and St. Paul, with THROUGH Reclining Chair Cars (FHEB) to and from those points and Kansas City. Through Chair Car and Sleeper between Peoria, Spirit Lam, and Sioux Falls, Tim Rock Island. The Favorite Lino to Pipestone, Watertown, Sioux Falls, and the Summer Besorts and Hunting- and Fishing Grounds of the Northwest. THE SHORT LINE VTA SENECA AND KANKAK3B offers lacilitiea to travel between Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Council Bluflfi, St Joseph, Atctuson, Leavenworth, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and St. Paul. For Tickets, Maps, Folders, or desired information, apply to any Ticket Office In the United States or Canada, or address E. ST. .JOHN. General Manager. CHICAOO. JOHN SEBASTIAN, Oeal Ticket tt Pass. Ago* Fair white hands, right clear complexion Soft healthful skin. '-The Great English Complexion SOAP-S

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