The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1951
Page 11
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v. APKIL is,' Our Boarding House with Maj, HoopU OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams EGAD, goys.' A6 AUXILIARY DEFENSE FIRE CH16F, I'M SeeKtMs THEY MOST BE 6TDOT- HEARTCD A\EM,ASL6- 8OD16D AMD AGILE, I'LL COME QUIETLY, BECAME A.N EXPERT BRINGING HOME ON LOOVilMS AT WOKSDEElKlG VEAH--WHAT SHE MEANS IS -WIEBE'5 YOUR FXV CHECK-HOW MUCH OVERTIME DIP^OU6ET 1KI7 OkO>Y, HONEY, HAKJO OVER THE IMAGINE THAI FALLIN'PER TH6 BOWK THAT SHE WALKEPALLTHE WAY TO THE SHOP JUST TO ASK. HIM ABOUT HIS WORK.' SOME PAY ITS 6ONWA PAWN OJ HIM THAT SHE ONLY SHOWS UP OW THE PAYS THAT THE GHOST WA1.KSJ PAV? you LOOK TIREP/ WAS EVER 1 /TH*J<3 ALL RIGHT f „, THE OLP COME-ON J.BWII.L ?J If you've the knack to lix a snack, Choose Meyer's Brencl, full measure. Hie away to the lake, you'll make no mistake, Meyer's Bread will give extra pleasure. Jd Mannequin By Myles Connolly COPYRIGHT 1961 BY NEA SERVICE. WC. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Resl Pi-ices Kirby Drug Stores HITT/NG THE NAIL OK THE HEAD.. . Shoe Repair Saves Money H-flLT€RS (UHLITY SHO€ SHO , J2l W. M « I N « ni'Vt mornlnjE Tim icrin mit if h«-d nuri In hi* rxnhrranrr wnlk* for thr ftrnl (lj«f without his mnr*. * XXIV HPIIE sharp cold after Ihc snow had made the city streets slippery and Tim Reese, who would have made but clumsy progress at best, walking without canes, was now compelled io move even more si owl 3- and with more cnre, finding it necessary occasionally to steady himself against a building or a street posl. People on the street, puzzled at the uncertainty and awkwardness o£ his pace, turned to watch him little suspecting that they were watching a mnn who was learning to 1 walk all over again. Jean Roland and Tim had planned to he together lor lunch but Tim, beside himself with happiness nt discarding the canes, decided the good news should not wait. He would go to the shop and walk in on her. He wanted to show her how swiftly they were moving in the direction of his dreams. The shop was quiet, withou 1 customers, while' the employe: leisurely made ready for the day Tim found Miss Major in th mce. "Wonderful Ball,** he said as h nlcrcd the oflk-e. "Wonderful ivening." He was as offhand as he had 1 icon when he left her the evening jeforc. Miss Major obviously did not jelieve him. "Was Miss Roland iurprised?" she asked blandly, "Surprised and delighted. We lad supper together," "Really? 11 Her cynical disbelief vas sharp and unmistakable. "I suppose she is expecting you now." "Nope. This is another surprise. iVhere can I find her? Do you mow?" Miss Major was very bland. 'You do not know where to find her?" "We have a dale for lunch Mil—" He leaned over the desk. 'Have you ever been in love, Miss Major?" "If 1 had been," Miss Major answered coolly, "I wouldn't therefore make a fool of myself," * * • |MM laughed. "But that's just ' the point. When you're in lov* you make a fool of yourself. That's the fun of it. I just plain forgot to get Miss Roland's phone and home address. 1 ' Miss Major smiled a bland smile. "She'll be in around 11. "Holy mackerel! Thai's » hundred years from now! You cal her and tell her Tim Reese wants to see her. Will you," "You're sure she'll know th« name?" Tim was disconcerted. "Don* you know the name?" "Sorry." She shook her hea< mechanically. "Never heard of it.' Tim was more disconcerted "How long have you worked here Miss Major?" "About five months." "And you never heard of Tim Reese?" It suddenly struck him a ntertaining. "i may not b« any ;real figure in the dressmaking Dsiness, bul heck/ 1 he laughed, I figured 1 ought to be known round here at least." » • * ITISS MAJOR sal up quickly, « sharp inquisiliveness lighting the blamlness of her face. "Arc •oil a designer, Mr. Reese?" 'After a fashion. I designed hat gown (hat worTthe award last hl, although you'd never know t to read the papers this morn- ng." "Oh!" Miss Major stood wp abruptly, her blandness gone. You're YOU!~ "Yup. I'm me. M Tim was amused./ "I'm terribly sorry, Mr. Reese." She was humbly apologetic. "1 lad no way of knowing who you were. Your name is never used 'icre to my knowledge. Mr. Paul Panciera lakes credit tor ill the designs." A small vnile of satisfaction came over her face. "In the trade, we've always known Mr. Panciera could not be the designer of.those creations that have made this house so successful, hut we could never find out who the designer was. You were kepi a great secret, Mr. Reese." "Well, the secret is out." Tim chuckled. "And maybe Mr. Panciera to loo." Miss Major moved quickly back behind the desk, got wit a pen and paper. "Your name is Tim Reese." She wrote it down carefully. "And yoirr address, Mr. Reese—?" "Miss Roland can always give yoti that." "I know, but I have, if you don't mind, Mr. Reese, a very special reason of my own /or asking for k now." (To n« Continued) HOW MUCH IS IT WORTH TO GET RID OF WORRY! There's no need to be worried about it's <]"'<« likely that you'll be sav- the safety" of your car. Now. . .for \ng yourself some expensive repair just $5.35...Still * Young will give bills in the future by catching lh« it ; a complete check-up lhat will re- (rouble now. This offer begins Frl- lieve your mind about many (roubles day—sorry, for a limited lime only, you might suspect in the car. And . Come down tomorrow! HERE'S WHAT WE DO: \f Adjust head lumps to prevent blinding flare and improve nighttime visibility. V Check sleering system, eliminate excessive wheel "play." \' Check wheel alignment, (align if necessary) to prevent road "wander," shimmy, or excessive tire wear. \ f Inspect and adjust brakes. V Inspect tiles arid rotate for longer life. V Inspect wiring system and replace worn sections to prevent short circuits. > V Inspect windshield wipers, replace blades, if necessary. V Check operation of horn. Drir« Down Tomorro aw! ^r STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut & Fir«t Your LlNCOLN-MERCURr Dealer Phone 4333 1£J :-• .-; / ^f=- f V K /•-W ^ f A # V ^i*«^>- 4-13 . 19i* 8Y Nt* Mft'.-ICC, IWC. T, M. PTC, U. S. PAT. OFF. "Novi's a good time to tell the children to put their skates away—before they slip on them and get hurt!" PAGE ELEVEN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Shiug H, Sister COUIS ARIASTROH& &IX. BEIOEKBGCKE, JACK "irASAKDCW .' | >AUO11 NO WOK!t>0R VOljRg- / YOU ' MCP' r-.-Z-'SHOU r^rvfx MCAR ME . I y I \ PLAY/ YOU DOfYr BELIEVE ME? WELL, , UISTEN/ WHAT 00 YOU WANT--- e^RRfXHOUSli OR BOO6I6< TRV CHOPSTICKS/ EVEN I CAW PtAY THAT I ^, '1-13 r* PfilSClLLA'S POP Diamond in Hie Hough BY AL VERMEER EVERY DAY PRISC1LLA LETS LETTER'CARRY HER BOOKS HOME AFTER "SCHOOL! ... BUT I HATE TO SEE LESTER MISS BASEBALL PRACTICE VIC FLINT Uehiml Vo\i KV MlfHAlOl O'MAl.l.KV mill RALPH l.ANE , LOUE EXng R^O-\A : 'S' FAST THEEES SOAVE SOKT O nON BETWEEN THIS IJ7DL AMP JOS F»?O. Z'.U SLJZE OF IT/ HE & CET7IW' X I'\\ AHEAE7 OF 1MTO A HACK, \^ VOU, PIX/ AKJ6SLPUSS STICK WITH THAT TAXI, ""-/ LETS KOLU r- IT'S HOKKSLE/WHEEE A TELEPUDNE? CAPTAIN EAS\ Vccitienl? Elephiinls? BY UCSUE TURNER OH,D6^R...THE LAUE SEEMS TO BE BLOCKED UP AHEAD, EAS-H WE &HOULDWT HAVE TW<EN THIS SHORT CUT TO THf VOEK MIGHT T THESE GVPSV wftcous MUST Bel AS WELL I TAK.T of- A, FMR THAT'S MDUIWG STRETCIt, V IVt OH THE NEX.T UILLAG6 566 AN ACCIDEUT Y LISTENr WITH OWE OP THE \ BMCTOLOL CIRCUS LORRIES./EESTROUBLE I THI«K, SEIJOR.!/ VJEETH THEr BUGS RUNN\ What, No Tliinmin Chloride? ONE OF GKANPAAA •SCHNOOGLB'e OLP- FAAH1ONED, OUST-LIKE- MOTH6R-U5EP-TO MWCE" SUPER . LOLLIPOPS/ ) IT TASTES SWELL.' ITS FLWOR HEI&HTENEO SV VEGETABLE OILS. A.NP i& IT FORTIFIED I GOT A NICKEL TO 8UV SOME CANPY' WITH KIBOFLAVIN AND THE APDITION OF VITAMIN p CALCIUM' 1 ' So Long, Cliums BY V. T. HAMLIN QKW.OOP. BUT YOUD BETTER RIGHT V/6'RE\ FORE THOSE BOYS WAKE UP AND START SHOOTING) HEY. LOOK! WHM'S ' "K? ENGINE;; ir'a _ \ GOIM'A'WftV. 1 BOOTS AND 1IICR BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN WLNi , COOVO > Mt r\OW VOli '. ft DOW Wl W» GYOW '."WiV

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