The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 13, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE TEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION (ARK.) COURIER NT5WS Dalljr i*t« for Me ISc IZc »r. Minimum chare* 1 time prr line . , 2 times per lint per day .. 3 Minn per line per dajr 6 times per line per day lt , 12 limes per line per day Jk Month per line We Count fire average *rordj to (he hne, Art ordered for three or six limn and stopped fcfffirc expiration wltt be clinrt- ert for trie number of limes ihe art Appeared and adjustmrnt of bill made AM rUssifieiJ adTfillsfnj; fOpj mh- jnlftrd Ay person* rcsfdinj; outside of the rllv musl t>(< acrompaiilrrt by cash Rxtes may rasily he computed from the ahore lable. AArenlslns ordered lor Irregular I*- teritons tafcrs the imp time lahle, No rcsponslbilllr tvil] be taken for mr>re lhan one Inrnnrrt Insert Ion of my rJastlllfd art. All ads are resirlned in itielr pnmpi rlassllirarlon sty to and lype. The Courier S'rws reserves Ihe right to edit oi reject anj ad.. USED TRACTORS 1947 with 2 Minneapolis-Moll tie Hoiv Cultivator (G95 Model R Fartnall T-20" wlih 1 Row Cultivator. 1350 4—"B" Far mall's wHh Power LIU and 3 !'!«« ol Equipment Kach (800 John Deere H ft'llh '2. Row CuUlVA- . tor and 2 itnw Buster ITQO I 1917 Cfl!?e "VAC" with Two ROW Cultivator s»50 John Owe "B" Mode] Tractot with 2 Row Cull., 2 Row Duster anrt 2 Row Plan U-r 11300 2—H Farm* II Tractor wtlh 2 Row Cultivator J120Q Karma 11 H M 100 I'Junier. used only 1 year I LOO 4 Row Planter for "K-ZO" Punier with Fer- Notice We wtah TO tlinitk their klndnf.'is (lurliiR dpatb of our rnthcr. J tlip dnctois and inirsp lip? nnct Mrs Jack ministers, tlu- Ilev Hn R t- v , \V . E , Ed mo ii dso Mr. Frond Xfr. sud Mrs. 11. U' Mfthnn inir friends for ihr- Illness mid T Powell Also . Mrs TcH Phil- Blair, H;K! the sKcH nnffcr, the n an tl i lie H e v Tractor SITS John Deere A Ro, tlltecr Atachment. Only J323 61 Implement Co. N. Hiway Gl Phone 2H2 2-9 ck tf /or Rent ?tl 1 'h 3 rooms and hnth 224 E 3 room unfiir. npt. Phone 34S3. •I 1 !! pk H Mortem 4 rooiji apt. nfivrly drcornteii All cenvr-n!rncP5L Utilities hinilstied, M7.50 MnrUTi Apph- Armor pi PJaiU'-Dg Co- ni ck 19 9 ck tf 4-room \mfiirnfshcd ftpi . prlvata bath 140 17th and Ash. ph 6700 3 27 ck U 2 room fur ant; 3 Ph 4267 or 36fi5 oom iinfur up! •1,7 pk 1 4 rooms and hnth fur apt Gas equip- ncnt Electric re[rJaerator, 124 W Darls. F Simon Pli 3'J73 -•-- - - Xfodrrn upstairs apt 3 rooms find bath, electric refrlRerntor. S&P eqtilp- ment Good turnlHiro Corner of Main and Second Fbnn« 3373 F Slcnon 3 [ 21 Pk tt 3 room unfur •r 259i , clo^e In I'h 5fl5 3:13 r* tf 4 room unnir Rpt Phone 3309 IJ23 ck Auto Supplies and Services AUTO AND FURNITURE LOANS Prompt Personal Sen-Ice ' General Contract Purrhasc Corp lOtf South 5th Phone 8803 4-5 ck tf D*»'l endinper ynxu rninll; with ul»T «r*5—BITY LIB TIRffS CHAPMAN SBRVIC1 STATION Main A Division Phone 25«3 1JH3 ck ir Save Aloncy—.Make Money on Used Furniture ou'll Knve money by hnylns urjikure A( Glln Harrlsou'H a Street . compare our price, ....^ you']] tnnke monny hjr sellliiK your present furniture to us we pay cash, of course We'll be glnt] to tr^de ft'llh yon Come to GLIX' HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Phone 2552 4-2 ck 5-2 If you want to sell or buy USKD FUKNiTUKE see us. Arnold & Gaines •lOfi Knst Main Pli. G357 2-2G rk If Mini 3330 f Hawks xs. OnM Clslj 32E>2 323 E . n Si G C 321 |lk 5!l SOYBEAN SEED S-100 and State Certified Dortchsoy no. 2, at J4.00 per bii. LOCUST Costs at 25 to -10 cenls eacli. BUKDI<;TTI<: PLANTATION Phone 782 -i-'l ck tf 1 "I'm delighled with my used car from Phillips!" • KlfiO Ford custom deluxe Tudor—maroon color, lots of extras. • lilaf) Kurd ciislom dcluxt- Clnl, Coupe—shinintr Sheridan hlnc finish, a nicu car with while siclcwall (ires, hca(cr, sen! covers. • 19 IS Fnnl custom deluxe Kordor—has radio heater, overdrive. • 1!M9 I'-ord custom deluxe Tudor—beautiful maroon • MM7 FOR! super deluxe Tudor—hlack. very nice. • MMC Ford super deluxe Clul) Cuupe—has radio and healer, beautiful black color. • 1051) 0:,\JC :i/J-Tnn I'iekiip—dark blue finish, looks and runs like a million! • I!M7 Ford i/,-Ton l>ick,,p_(| le price is mighlv low. • 1917 Chevrolet y.-'i'on Cab & Chassis—bargain. lompang Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 A FARM LAND HARGAIN \V SOLD HY APRIL 2811). FARMING NEEDS! 2 Row Lift Type and Drag Ty\nt Kolarv Hoe*. 'I Row Kolary Hoes Cullivalor Sweeps, for price and quality, sec us first. See (he new Ball and Socket I'ulveri/.ing Disc Harrow.. .jterfect for seed bed preparation. Tractor Spra.ving equipment that you'll need in tht future.. . 2 How through 8 Row for any style Iraclor. COME IN TODAY! Specializing in Ferguson & Ford —Repair Service— Complete line of Ferguson * Ford Parts Jack Robinson Implement Co. 500 K. Main —— Hlylheville . Phone 2371 Also Your Ferguson Dealer in Osceola FRIDAY, APRIL 18, Help Wanted, Male !„ mixed loam f -tpen Electricity. ' 8 (I. electric refrigerator. now Cheap. Ph. 2062. . 4! 12 [ik IS 3.000 bll com A [. Whlstlr Ri. land. Ark., ph: Doll 2CM, 3;2Q pk For Sale, Real Estate . Services Sewing and alterations. Ph. 3133. _ _ 4\ll pk 5|ll _ GUARANTEED sSwiNtT AKn ..... Al^ TTHATIONS 313 N 3TH ST PH 6780 3]22 pk 4,22 Washing Machines repaired, all makes. BJytlieville Rrachine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-6 ck tf l"ronipt, Fspert ScrTlce on Commerct»l REFRIGERATION & t AIR CONDITIONING Aak for FRANK WESTALL Charlie's Electric Service - Phone 2993 Residence 2308 Watch and Jewelrv Reoair 1-Day serylee nn Jcwelry-3 days on watches and clocks Guaranteed «-nrk done or eipert repairmen Lowest pilcea PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second 10.3ck tJ RADIO & " TVSERV1CE Tour net on the blink! For r»sl K £5l «'l Wn»en Curl Long M BLYTHEVILM; Television & Radio Service lH'.i W LIMn Phone 319« 11115 ex u TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 113 W WMmit P | 1011( . 3333 Plenty of Parking Space ^ETpeu WMch nnrt JcTolry'T^iirriit scHAiuT r lrs TmvKiTI'v" 1 !02 W H.iln 326 fl II for Sale, Misc. o.m'Tv? •m^ : i T , S ~" r ' r " a<ls ' row - R £ r ^; 220 ^ Carolj-n I'll. 62M. ' 4 6 |ik 53 Ear corn for safe, also John Deere .| row planter \vitli murker and large liopjiprs. Seed Fanns. Buixlcltc, FOR SALE Good 5-room and balli house, located at 716 West Walnut. This house is in good condition, recently decorated inside and out. Has large screened in back porch, tw nercs on state miles ol 3 towns, 4 B l,, s . m i' tcl , sol], nil trnctor Inrnu.. ul ^ tl , "i«ll Hncl school Ims scVvU-c."wm"nrn'- tlncc more Ihnn linlc to Here. 35 husli- cls ticnns. 2 sets Improvements. Ix)«- tnvrs. plnntnl this year 60 acres cot- ipn. 1M hpnns. Hems {', and i;,. Pay u-lih contract . ...^."^". sloob rio<>r " Unfur.ilshpct. Newly " *?»»«>«•". 1610 HMm. Deco- Call Assume 4'; . 20 yr. Ion Pay Dec. I. 1951 room nnr house, hath Call -J057. no pic 17 '• rm partly /urn. horise Pli. 6213. 4 rm. home, part hath. MS K, Sycamore. flrrien. S30 •i;io pk 17 New 4 rm 12.000 land St. Ph 111,125 I 4 rooms thp rent should ; heater, ph. , e I'rlccti rlcln. CURTNEP, nFAI. r'PTATB CO STKKI.F:. MO. ' With sooil senson not he tess ilinti 36.000 Rolns to pur- chd5fr. Ehovvn by appointment only. U'. M. Burns, Realtor ' Phone 33G1 4'I3 ck 17 miles West of 1 13 pk 20 :. nl] hi cultlva- nl]e west Steele. rec sides, l.lqvrr KOoil business. Oro. store tor sale 4 Ciosne.ll. Pli. ^825. 93 acres Ijnyon luntl tlon. Xonp better. ', ? hovises. Orrxve! on tl uore. strrle, (loins Wonted to Buy JIale FOR SALE inns of alt sixes and typos IN SOUTHEAST MISSOIJRF Conic lo Dexter and let us show them to you. JOEG. RADICAN Realtor Dexter, Mo. •1-2 ck 5-2 onocrriv FIXTITRES 1 scales I I-*,!, rcalMot. I meal no». B ft. 1 meat bio, k 1 drink ooj tahles I »nd .helvlnc Ph ; 3 7 or < t c Ralph I Komi. HB-J- fil south of niythcvllle 4 n pn u Clay Orru-e! nnd din llearn. ph 5697. •i 12 Pk 5 12 trailer O02 4'I2 ck 19 Co-.nury store with Uvln? (niarlors \V1I1 s.-ll slock mid rent tutures ran (is.- late model Diet „,, | n trartr Aho l>:ivr .1 105') ilrllixi' riymouth (or sal^ tlBht. Phniin 07 Mnnlla. 4 12 pit 26 Tinnntn Rnrl popper plflnt* ildi^ <ft\ A.vh St Pli 457C . ISe. p«r •1,7 pk 14 Ot(U-c fttnchlne i Ib sste Ph 66J1 te n) W«lnul Etiftct. Mlfi. : condition !.37 r Real Estate Farms — City Properly LOANS II Intrrrstert In or Benin? <ra Will pay $2.00 for each (rood 55 gnl. oil drum brought (o Texaco Plant, located be- twcen Bl.vlhcville Canning Co., and Cotton Boll Depot. 4-12 ck 5-12 Feathers new or used Best prices ' paid Central feather Co Ii23 Kansas Aye.. East St Lmdy 111" -I 2 pk 5 2 i old tires HlKher prices tor rndlators ruul Rll other metnts H.ire triirics to plox U up Cnll 4609 or come to 1605 W vine 3 27 pk -1 27 hotise anil bath 918. 4 l hath, electric aoi N'. Franklin 3 room furnished kitchen Phone 2072. Furnished honse a Phono 2087 or 5S9 house, electric 4|V pk H apartments. 7 p'« 14 heatrr Mrs Ert_. 5 ph 3123 car earnge and outdoor storage. Plenty of shade on Ibis large 75 x 1<10 ft. Int. Close to church, school and downtown Price $8,500. Terms. See or call JOHNNY MARR REALTOR Phone -1111. Res. Pli. 2596 3-20 ck tf Modern 2 bedrooml^meTo-| , wra w sloo ,„ „•„ ,„ lflo „ eaten in very good residential i° r "">>> ' ro " *»c to snc (or mo m.< district. This place is in per- Sw"fl,l n ". ""„» for ^i'™ "" °' feet condition. K(|nipped with attic fan, 2 automatic floor furnaces and Venetian blinds. Urpe back porch for enjoyable summer living, and fii- ttire expansion. Garage and driveway. Owner will sacrifice for quick sale. See or call MAX LOGAN Lynch Building, Phone 2031 <l-10 ck 17 room Mr. B ,,i Rlectrlc store nnd Onod ointulc hot location, couple oortnn Ph 4601 only Modern cabin? ronrl Ph 951 HiilHili: 2:27 ck U Ixjst Boy 3:9 pk 39 ig at Ahraham's Tourist Court __ _ 4;i ck If 4-room nnlurnlshed limlse with bat? Newly decorated Located on North Ninth Street 5-rootn unfurnished honse with hath ardwood nonrs Located (nst ol( Somh Call 56.5 or 2333. 41 ck t f :oom undir. house. Bedroom, ph ' 4.11 pk 14 2 rm, house rear of IDI7 W. Vine. - - ' '' - - UnTur AN KXCHLLKNT BUSI- NK.SS Ol'l'ORTUNLTV POK A .MAN OF CI1AKACTKR, CAPACITY & AMBITION. Continental Assurance Company of Chicago has TWO agency opportunities open with an established, aggressive & well financed agency operation, first as a disli ict or regional manager for Northeast Arkansas and part of .Missouri, if agreeable for the righl man. This man i.s accustomed to earning ?6,000 a year ' and up, desires complete and vested ownership of the agency operation he develops, plus a protected territory franchise affording him the most complete facilities in the market for the development of all forms of life, accident & health, group life, both term and permanent, group disability coverage, also hospital and surgical convertible to employees, pension plans, non- cancellable disability insurance to ?2aO monthly for 120 months non-aggregate for business and professional men. Such a man will be properly set up and trained to assure top level success; security and stable earnings of $6,000 to 518,000. Only such calibre men need apply. AN'U TWO—A, traveling field supervisor, experienced in agency development, to work 3<l counties of 4 to 10 in each of Southern Illinois, Southeast Missouri, Northeast Arkansas, Northwest Tennessee and Western Kentucky. lary $300 -to $500 plus 'a 20 r ;^ profit sharing formula. Write care of this paper or P. 0. Box 380, Blylheville and •,'ive us full story of vonr experience, training and back- replies strictly '•.-I. I ck 6-1 NEW GLENCOF. MOTEL 117 a fi«cond Ph *W* $8.00 WEEKLY For So/e, Cart and Trucks Want to buy » good c«r? Ijjok up inc m«n who's lived In Blythevllle [or """" c>, l. <i'*« UVJVl-.l.AL Shellon Motor Co.—in f. ktaln LOVEI.ADY at . a ck. 5,9 All Confidential. 'lifts. Phone 4912, 12 ck tr Private Rooms Ph. 4267 or 3S65. 2 room npt. Private huh frot water furn. close In. Ph. 3309. _ V12 ck ir , " ~ t Bedroom conyenl Newly decorated. : ncm ph 3375 B[I nl hon We tinj old cars for srrap Jron nans. !c to L'.jc Ib Call <Ifi09 or come to 1(505 i West Vine < 1 pk 54 ' nfnni. lionsr. t Hiraj). Ph. . 4113 pk 20 | n Pride Ar J9. 4 13 ck For Trade Small city home, wrll lo Irntlo In on .-mall f^rm JM vlHe. Write Bn* C-3 ^ Co> Help Wanted Insurance Call 553 For Complete Insurance Protection \V. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection IH W Sl OITNt:OF HOTKI BTIIt.DlN'O TRUCKEHS. johV'wilh lci.ig-t™ >»"" '• '* se n^'e ^vor'K for 2A nnlt.s ih!\t 'ar mythe- must he re/rlnerateil to company sp»- irler News | c-MLrntlorn Connection with national 4.10 ph 17 |trurHne or c anl7ntlon. EainlnRs hlsh ror reliable operators. Contort l.rr Slaley. MMhrws TrurXIne Corp.. Memphis. Tenn. Phone Memphis :n-9$(il 4 13 cK 14 Buif'n«ss Opportunities RKnvICE KTAT1ON HAfMCtE RADIATOn SHOP TOM'S SKRVICE STATION' S 61 Kt-Wn r m. Mio 1 13 pk or Ben? <ra Noble Gil I Agency REALTORS — Cecil Kavls ~ Glencoe Bltlg. [>|, fisfi8 __ 5 rm«. nnrl hath on niwu 61 si Hot and cnld water. Call 3779 , (.11 PX 13 j 'i For Rent or Leose Used Car Values I9JS .Mrrrur* Srdun, very rlcnn automolnle. Only 510IKV 19ta rotiti.ic 4 Door Sediin. HT. (tr^,n.\|ir Drive nnd all tlic other cMras . . 51335, 1017 I'nnti.ic I Door Scrl.ln JlOO.i 1918 Keisrr . . . fn!IS. 1916 I'omiiic Convrrtlble . . a buy . S69S. 1913 KMser Deluxe 4 Door Sc rfan. all . . . SUDS. and nuiny nwre, xl) values galore The 61 Motor Co. Your Kaiser-Fraxer Headquarter* North 6th. St. Phone 2142 We'll Rs Here TOMORROW lo Back Up Whal We S»j *nd Do TODAYI" h '"r nlB , ht ' 1 "onl bedroom °"n Uen onlj ph 4432 CARL PAUL Ihe man to see If you're looking ror "nl5f"oi t D 00° B * D<1 '* find him •» "" trMie ln lownl "<™'U Ilonipr-Wilson iMotor Co. Phon. IOM j,, sh , „„ 11130 ck u you'r \ S 1 I* , l, Job O FREE PAINT JOB WITH CAH RRI'AIK In Bn accident, let Bur- «ny estimate over tlOO. Sljlng you » hener looklnj csr^To'u'll lixe our expert work • Bipert Mechanical Repair ' • W«sh »nd Oiease Johs • «'reckei Serrlce-.riy Ume „, d » ? "' night c«l) 6931 d»ys, (108 oljni.i BURNETT HUDSON SALES East Main ' Blytheville 1-23 ck (-23 1936 Chevrolet. Standard. 2 door 10.000 miles on rebuilt motor, clutch transmission, and rear end Scut Covers. (248 Cash. Ph. 2165. \,1 ck 14 Locusts Menace Africa TRIPOLI, TripoliUnfa M>, _ Swanns of locusts resembliiis; thunder ctouci.s are reported to have brought <lescrt caravans of camels lo a standstill. The reports came from Dcr» in the interior. Large swarms of locusts, are reportedly on the move tou'nrd the North African coastline from the Nigerian and Gold Coast aren. FOR SALE j Concrete culvert*. 12 Inch tn 48 I inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant hous«. tool sheds. We deliver Call ui for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Service that Shines T. I. SEAY Motor Co. 121 East Main Phone 2122 20 x W hrlrlc rellent tnrnllnti looin llvliis: q ^!^^!)^<l <-.,]! rnllrr E Waltoi. MS .S K '•""''". Mo., ph. nslii (or c. nrlers biiMdlri; T.i- . Moclrrn 3- djolnliiit In . or »Tllr. Mrs !i uth linker rjrlvr. 10mV. 4 13 px 21 Notice Krc'h *. k when othe 1. So 61 : Store. 2 1 pk 413 and Arkansas State-Certified OGDEN SOYBEANS Germinafion . . . ?1.25 Tlushel Earl Magers 8 Dell, Ark. Phona 281 T n<ill rnntrart cutting to mill S 2Iit O , ? • 3309 327 ck If J Ratinrios Cliavged on Slow f'hai-Kes - Only 35c. Rotitnl Free. Southern Auto Store. 2-9 ck tf Apply Help Wanted for chirr! anrt dn HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) All types or hemorrhoids (piles), flssnrf, ,nr! »lh«r rfttnl • llmenlj trrntcrt »nrl curtd by our modern office nwthod,, r»cnlj jtars cvptrknct Dn. Hies Mltn & Nies Ark. 4 t« PX U I _ ru,c ' s no OflO.oco cnljic foci, ot htlium r curves in Texas and New Mexico nlouc WE REPAIR Radios, refrliirrai ran s< -.t, nashcrx. inecs. All word ora. trttitn. ^mall appll Adams Appliance Co. SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oi! mills. Custom Shearing up to '/( inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 517 South Broadway Phone Zfiol Step Out In Style NOW...THIS SI>R/NG...STKI» OUT IN ONK OF OUR 1,ATK MODBL RKCONDITJONED CARS I ( I9J9 Clievr»Je( deluxe .(-door Sedan, 2-time jjrev deluxe radio, heater, defroster and while sidewall tire. 19-18 Chevrolet Fleetmaster 4-<loor Sedan l>hck ™ iio, heater and defroster, one-owner? ' ' 1950 Ford 2-door custom Sedan, large ciislom-built radio, healer and defroster, .social $l"l5 n ' be!1 " lifl " «™ n finish, ot water hcalcr an " »™ 1912 Ford V-8 2-rioor Sedan, radio am] heater. $, m 5916 Ford V-8 2-door Sedan, radio and heater $695 19J1 Ford V-8 4-door Sedan, radio .nd heafer. evlra far ™$r C "' " B00<1 ' H rMl K00<[ ^eap famS EASY GMAC PAYMENT PI, AN Kemcmher, you c an always make , K()ori deal Rl SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut 1>honft Wanted Lost and Found Bar?" »'«nt«l. Main Berber shop a W. Main. Regular Job Ph 119S ' ' 1%. friendly brown and white col- IViii 2 El n " me "' L " dy - losl °n °" Mill Boatl. (5,00 rewnrd. Call 6625 or Due to Public Demand We Are Now Offering DAY and NIGHT Television Service For Daytime For Night Service, Phone Service, Phone 2642 4851 We Service All Makei and Models! FRED CALL!HAN Phone Radio Service 110 So. i 2642 Your Motorol. and Admiral De«ler ^St St. HORNER-WILSON ON EAST MAIN • PICKUPS. . Cars & Trucks • / r-rt OMO H-Ton pickup. "M 1 guaranteed condition ^ v practically new tlrr.-s /m fORO '.i-Tan pickup, ^1 1 radio. hcnter. spot^^ Ui?lit, seal covers. / Jr\ OXfC 'i-Ton Pickup, 4V delusc CRb. new tires, ^' U's a renUy tine huy. / Jn CHEVROLET !i - Ton 4V Pickup, it's n.s dean -\ truck aa you'll find anywhere. / JQ FORD >7-Ton Pickup ifQ * compleiety recondl- Uoiiert true* at a eixxi orlce. ' J~7 CHEVROLKT a i . Ton A/ Pickup, deluxe cub. new Ur« . . , anrt «. ' A~7 *"ORD '.i-Ton Plrkup £i / a wonderful buy In n r«AUr ctenn H 1 1 1 e Irxick / j s CHEVROLET ^ - Ton Aft Pickups (2 to choose w Irom ) , n ^ w tl rex and netr paint, ^ A/ FORD «i-Ton Pickup. ^Irj one of the nicest ' w trucks In the city ot BJythefllle. / r-n OLDSMOB1LE "BS" 3(1 With Rocket enpine. 4-<!oor Sedan, rndlo. heater .sent corers. O1,DS^roB^I,E -9 a* 1 ' Cn Rocket deluxe 4-rioor Ji\J Srdnn. all oxtras. IJko hnvlnic a new car at A. bis BaYLn*. y RA CHEVROLET 2 - door ^/\J a home-owned car driven very few miles. /rrfX CMC 7 - Ton Tractor J^ with short wiicrlbase. ^tinrantrrd condition, Very low mlteREie. • / , r cMteMonirg 2 - dotir 4^ *'lth Rocket engine, ^ •^ ' new- white tires, very ' tew miles / ^O BU1CK 2-door Srdfln. AX * home - owned, car lure to Rlvc vou Lou if good service ' A~7 PONTIAC Slrenmllner 4/ ^-door sedan, new white tires, radio and / if FOHU P/ 3 -Ton TmcX Aft with bed. here's «. nice truck at « real fsr- /*">n CIIKVROI.ET ^ - door •^W Sod^n, step hack ftnd "^" look Bsaln Rt this special price . . . 1149501 HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO. Your Oldsmobile-GMC Truck Dealer U$«d Car Lot - - ^ 300 East Main Street

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