Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 1, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1890
Page 7
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I IJcuy wretched is the man who has fallen a" victim to Biliousness, Indigestion, Sick Hi-adache, cr diseased Liver, with •ill Uio horrible attendants. Look upon ;!-,,- picture. Poor man, being tired of (Irnr^inn out a miserable existence, he is ;he picture uf despondency ; altogeth- . r, tin is rather a forlorn specimen. Do v,v pitv liim? Of course; but at the s;iiuc! time feel assured that in a measure be U to bliiiue for the bod state into •which bp lias fallen A sure, safe, speedy ::iul ciiiy cure can bf.fouijd in Simmons Livrr Hesulatov — Nature's own , rum- iilv. No mercury or deleterious drugs, r:,ii unmeant to 1.ho taste, and always n .i;«;>!r' — i us t such a remedy as you am pin your "faith to without a shadow of disappointment. Read the testimonial, don't take our word for it : ••! h-.ve been subject to severe spells of Conation of the Liver, and have been in llie ti.ibi-. of ULKinfi from 15 to eo grains of ra!o:>.cl, \viiich generally laid me up for thrfi- f.r four (lays. Lately I have been t.ikLns Simmons Liver Regulator which £3v-e pie relief, -without any interruption tolnisincs-.." j. Huc;r., Middleport. Ohio. jr. H. S Pi;orKr3TO.;:s, S( CO., PHILADELPHIA, Bict Headache Bud relievo all tho tromblea intf- Smt to a billons stato of the system, suoli aa Diadnese, Kausoa, Drowsiness, Distress aXtei? eating. Pain in the Side, fee, While their most ft Bnccess has been sho^m in ctttfBgJ o. yet Carter's little Liver KIM toe eqnally YiVoabloin Constipation, curing and pra- renting thisannoyinfi complaint,while they olsa correct all disorders cf the s tonoach,stimnlnto the Everuid regulate tho bowela, Evaa if they only ' Acbei they Tronldbe almostpricelesa to those who Bo/&rfromthisdijitressirigconiplaint; butforta- uatslv theirgoodnissn docs notendhero,and those who once try them will find these little pills valu- oble in BO many -waya that they will not be wit- Bug to Go without them. Eat after allslck bead Is the tano of so many liv<?s that here fa wi-^re fremaSe our great boast. Oar pills euro it-while others do not. Carter's little Idver Pnls are very small and Tory easy to tate. One or two pills make a dose. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or pnrpe. bat by their gentle action please all who use them. In 'rials at 25 cents; live £or$l- -Soda by draggiBta evervwiiare, or sent by mail. CARTER ?flED!C!NE CO., Hew York. SMALL Pill, SHALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE DR.KlLftiER'S STMPTOM8 AHI> COKDITIOSS Thta SperfBe WJU Believe ond Cure. U Ynnr heart thumps after sudden effort, II lUUl skips beats or flutters, if you have heart disease, faint spells, fits or spasms, It Vnii fcel as though water was gatbering H I UU around tbe heart, or have heart dropsy F Ynil Dave yertigo.-dlzzy attacks, ricg-ingrin I I UU ears, disposed to nervous prostration. .PPPopIexy. shock or sudden death. HJVnn bave Neuralgia, Numbness in arms or IlLI UU Umbs. dartintr pains like Rheumatism n- V/eed prevents it s;oing to the heart ed ntl>i»!>en:inri. "GVIDK TO HEALTH" eat free. Advice Free. Bloc famutoD, N. Srtra . Large 50c. , . . a larae tl.OO. BAILRDSD RATES The MISSOURI PACIFIC BAILWAT Ms placed in effect the following low rttestw- -tween points on its lilies :• &. loaU a&d KanftfiM CItr • • » @S.OO. •t.LouIaan(l LcuTCnworth ... 5.75. •'•Loiil.u AtcLI«in ond St. Jo«rpb . . . C.OO. 'l-Loiil, nndOrauhd .... 8.SB. ^. Loniii, Pueblo. Colorado Sprlnara? l>cnrer 15.OO. n ^t. Joorpli. Atchlwra, Leaven worth I KunooM < Sty, and Pueblo, Colorado 10.00 Discovery of toe 19ffl Centory! Medicated Air! Or. Teague'8 REMEDY .iarrfi! AstDmal •ifiROAT AOT) G DISEASES! HAS SO EQUAL "or Mick or cure ru Hoarseness, Dlphth^ Ing Congli, and al! c P n i™«lon with Medicated AU It 'lias no equal. Is a perfect Tef- , of P 6 ^ 4 fr^om cate softneBS to the com- send to the -'• Porter and Wffl FASHION NOTES. _ Pale violet, arid leaf greun are a striking spriu=c-llkc combination of colors. Dressy long coats for spring are of cumol ;i iK'ir wi-ouglit nil over with polka, dots. Low r.imllo sticks of onyx wil,h lung iKindics ;:n. mounted 'in rloisonno enamel. Some j;wkois \vil,ii oinbroidcreU vu-f.n liuvn sluiwl-sliapcU rollnrs rollotl bnck 10 show •,he waistcoat. tn ninny of tlio largo dry-goods housus ban: siin-sluule frames are so'd to bo I'lA-cre-d at, the order of the ensloiuor v.-itli it piei'eof rtres? material. It used lt> Uo tho. worst, kind of form for a lady lu swing her arms on tho promenade. Now it is eomnie il fain. So do so and indieative of physical culture. Photograph albums have envoi's of tonolse shell, and other albums mounted on easels have tho pictures in layers 10 fall forward in eonvonlont fashion. .Somebody has invented a patent, kick pocket for the protection of women. The bass sell at 51) and 73 cents each :-..m! nre ready 10 ho put in a clonk, jacket, or skirt. You can buy picked skins and have one made into cloves, another into a card case, and the two or three larger pieces turned into slippers at littleniore ex|:onfo than the reaciy-made. articles would cost. Modistes who cliaigc ?12;> to make up a summer silk dress or grown of crepe <!<; rhinc hans a tiny bottle of ottarof roses In tiie corsage, which supplies an odor of sweetness as loner as Ihe dress endures. There is some priority about the bath- Ins dress, but -it may interest Hie fair riolpliinctt.es to know that the divided skirt will p:riy an iinpoi'ta.nt part in the of,-an costume. This skirt, witli a waist or blous 1 " 1 . wii! conHii'isr the outfit. The popular dress sl-evcs have more ar less fullness in :.he shoulders, while ver> many are in the genuine ies-o'-miitton sliapii, IOUK and clost- from the elbow to the wrist, and iijiou rich jrowns finished with a fail of real luce. The bishop variety, wilh a ''itfi' of greater or less le.iifrlh. will be a favorite style a!! summer i<;r la>-e. net. muslin, and light diaphanous, fabric of every description. Open-work effects tire a. notable feature of tlie season's garnitures, the embroidered triraminss rnsembling dcsiaris in applique, while the galloons and gimps which show the color of tho dress ?oods through tho pattern have a lacelike elfecl in keeping with the iiirht fabrics. The effective filet trimminss are acrain set forth, the graceful devices in narrow silk cord filled in wilh laco stitches and twisted braid. WHAT MRS. GRUNDY SAYS. That, social persecution is sometimes carried to outrageous extremes. That. "like mistress like, maid" seemn to be truer now than at any previous time. That the real test of some people's wealth is to try and collect raoss-covcrod bills. That fashionable people over estimate the social influence of "a house in Loiv don." That some of the monthly magazines arc not good enough to be missed If they die. That the steamship asents are, satisfied with the prospects of the European exodus. That eight out of every tei: women now met are interested in some coming wedding. That fine feathers no moro make fine birds than one swallow makes a summer. That some women when they shop leave all the decency they have out in the street. Thnt the s_'ir! of the period takes more interest in society gossip than she doo= in Browning. That- black .sheep of every family nre said to come watuloring home at the \vron£ time. That women spend thousands of dollars in a season who never give a cent in charity. That the college, deyelopement of a youth not infrequently produces a, first- ela^s ruffian. That what shall it p'roat a woman 1.3 get her name in society papers if she owes her cool;'.' That the most elegantly dressed women are the ones whose costumes e.Lvn not be described. That "society people" are COVT chiefly Celebrated for their wealth, boasting, and JTssincerity. That there are ten suobs to every one rer.l Christian in fashionable society of tlie present day. That it is not fair to the physician to call him in after experimenting with pnlent medicines. PUGILISTIC POINTERS. Eastern men say McAuliftVs back-.-.; ire ready to make another match ;he nstant Carroll puts up suitable forfi-.it •noney. Mike Donovan says he is convhi"ed hat Jim Corbett, the. Californian, is a ,vorld-beater, or will be with another year or two of experience and training. Another match between Gushing and r.ibbons is talked of among sporting people. The match may be held under i ho auspices of the Young Men's Gym- !:a,stic club at New Orleans, Several sporting men arc maKing efforts to bring about a meeting for sis or ten rounds between James J. Corbett, ;i nd Dominiek McCaffrey. It is said that both men are agreeable, but that lucre is a misunderstandidg as to the 1'inancial part of the affair. Tho matter, however, is likely to be smoothed over and the articles of agreement may he signed soon. SIGNS OF BASEBALL. Baseball will soon be played out. Tho man of the period—The short- atop 1n a baseball game. Interest in baseball is one of the signs of the times and the players are tho signers. Baseball players are not always ths best politicians, but the Brooklyn niu>; are said to be strong In their Ward. i «= W'CALLA COURT MARTIAL. Sunn- !Vr*nnxl JiirnritiiUion llncunl'n;; Us NKW VOHX, April 24. — The members of iiif court, now 1.,-vinj; Com- iiuimlur MoCalln.. cf the Enterprise, at the navy yard in Brooklyn represent e highfst grades that were available and are all men of experience in eom- inainl aihtat ami ashore. Rear Admiral Harmony, at present chairman of the lighthouse board, is the president. He entered the service in lS47a!n.l was made a rear admiral a year ago. He filled the important position of chief of bureau of yards and docks, has been in command of various vessels, has an excellent record ami has spent, about twenty years at sea. (Japt. Erben entered the navy in 1S47. and has a remarkably goou record. He represented the navy in the Washington inaugural celebration, a.nd is at present a ctinuitlate for tlie governorship of Sailors' Snug Harbor, on Stnten Island, N. Y. lie is familiarly known as "Bully 1 ' Erben. oil account of his unvarying good nature anil willingness to help others. Capt. ileade, at present in command of the, AVa-shiDgtou navy yard, entered the service in ltf.30. He has always been an officer of unusual prominence. He published a work on naval architecture which was for yenr.-s .a standard text hook at Annapolis. Capt. Beardslee en- Im-eil the service in 1850, and made an excellent recon] wliii.- in Alaska, the system lie established for dealing with the. liuiiar.;-' a:;0 the miners being continued to this ilny. Capt. Ma'.ihfwK on'.i rc'd the navy in 1851 ;ui,i is :i! pr<'si-:; I on 'luty in liie Host* 1 )! navy y::ril. I!-- 1 lias aHvay.s been apro.chient ;;iilliority on onlmnce matter.- :;:',<! is noUx] for i,!^ fair ;.i:indCLij:ess. l/np;. P!i\ t iiian, IKV.Y ;.. liv,. n;ivai observatory. b; one of tile iir.'ii'.!;.; ncle;iti;,l:i of the navy. His l.'jst c.'>r.iii!;i:i:l :ifi:n-.i was theiil-f;Ui"i Trentor. ilun'::;;' !:.• r criiisi- in Ciiiii^. ileis ;i oariiJ!;! •.'.•.• fur .su;>'-:-in- tonuent of tin..- iiayn! ::• .'.(i'-'jiiy. ('apt. McNf.ir is nisi) a caniliiiKif fcr the same place, lie' is a classnj;:Li? u," (xtpt. Pliy- Lhiir.i :;i:i.l is an aut.i:t.)rii y oji .--cuuianship. lli-s various co;i:mands aSo.it have been most successful. Commander Da}- entered Liu- navy in 1S5S ami reached his present grade fourteen years ago. He saw considerable- war service, has been twice in command afl'.int and is now on duly in Boston. Commander Brid^rnan stands at the head o!' the '59 date, is one of the most able officers and is now on duty with the board of inspection and survey. Commander Miller is now on duty at the Naval home. Philadelphia. He is a member of the '5fl class, and the Marion, when he ccunmandeil her in China, was always :i "happy" ship. Commander Wadleigli, of the '00 date, is now in command of .the Michigan, the only war vessel on the lakes. He gained an excellent reputation while in command. of the Alliance during her cruise in Arctic waters in search of tlie Jeannette party. Commander Chester, now on. duty witb the organization board to revise naval tactics and methods, has held various important positions, and while lie was in command of the Galena she took tlie prize of being the most efficient gunnery vessel in the squadron. Commander Whiting, the junior member of the court, entered the service in I860, and is about a half dozen numbers ahead cf Commander IvIcCalla. He has been on duty Air a number of years in the Brooklyn navy yard, his last command afloat being the ICearsarge when she took Minister Fred Douglass to Hayti. Lieut. Gorst, the judge. advocate, was graduated from Annapolis in 1838, hag seen a considerable amount of sea service, and is now on duty in the judge advocate general's office at Washington. U. S. N. --TT-. HEALTH AND BEA0TT. Sirill'H Sjieclfic ha.s curei 1 . ray "'tie niece of wliilo swelling of the worst type- More than twenty pieces of bono carac out of her le^. She was not able to wulk foroif,'!it months, and v;!'.s on ciTiUdjea a ycf! i 1 . The doctors ndviwO. fiinpu- tation, but 1 refused, anil pv.t licr on S. P. S. She is now us well and playful as any child. Mns. ANNii; GKKUNO, Columbus. <;-,i. Treatise on Bli>o<l lind Hllin Dlsen«.'S inniU-rt frf*. through my -work to-day? I feer"mlBembb, JjearJ- Mhy, tired, pain in my bock, my food won't digost, my whole body soema out of order. _ \Ve answer that it is no wonder you arc in gucli a orotca dc-m condition, and you will keep setting troreo unices vou f^ri euro your LIVEE. This impor'ant crgan IB oat of order and. yon must cure it by promptly osing those raver failing Dr. C, McLane's Celebrated Liver Pills. EJer-irfll restore you and giTO Tigor and health to rair wholo system, maldriij you Btrong and ircU. t)nly 25 cents a bor.and they may save yoar Hie. our druggist fcrthe gonuino -. O. CELEBRATED LIVER PILLS — MAEE BT— FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. 23-Look out for ConXTEKnrrra made In St Louis. BKKATH. NERVE-PAINS. bOTt^s^iSihro^'^^a^^j^iSru^ §^?S»iB::: "'• ^ «« %™& Green i.sl7 ; !.~;;.~Y , Fi-h IT i'^a fton^ in^nt'r^li';''''"'"' 1 ^- 1 ! l! ' Lil -'>™'."'at i:. i ; . iii;i.Li.xi,i±VUL;vf of POUCH. ELY'S Cream Balm CIcaiises tlie '^'asa! Passage, Alleys 1'nin ami luflaniniatioii. SSealstlieSores Ke»tores tlie Senses ot Taste] and Smell Try the CureHAY-FEVER A particle Is applied Into each nostril anus Agreeable. Price ou cents atdrBggists:liy mall, registered. 60 cts. ELY BROTHERS, 6B Warren St., New York. auglOdivrtf.:". MOORE'S They act in the Blood. Slightly laiaUre. Pilules Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills. & Impure Blood They eipel disease germs, and Purify the System Druggists, & Dr. C. C. Moore, 78 Cortland St. N.^ They Positively Cure. The Great English Prescription, A successful Medicine used over "•"*"-' - vears m thousands of cases., Cures Spcntintorrliea, A'ervous\ K'eafcneKs. .Lmissions. Imputency — and all diseases caused by abuse/ [BKFOHEJ indi^crfiion. or OTer-esertion. JAITER] Six packages Guaranteed tn Cur f when au others Fail. A5k your Druggist for The Great Encll.h PfeMi-lptlon, take no substitute. One package $1. Sir Sr>. bv inail. Write forPnmphlpt. Address Eureka Clitiiiica: (Co., Detroit, For sale bp B. F. Ke«sllng. NBW £SS ft HEAD NOISES enEOnr fi'a ISTIS^iLK T»IUU« EiB CUSHiOSS, Whispers heard. Com- rn all B*n*i!i<« fall. Soldbjr. HISCO!^ Xorb. Wrlt«for bMtk of j>n»& FCE£ PARKER'S HA5K BALSAM .Cleanses and beautifies the hair. [Fromoics a. luxuriant growth. I Ncv^p K= Is to Restore Gray Hciri^i^YouihfuI Color. ! Pix-v-n^;; i ;-i-!r').'S" a-id hnir i Hi lias ft"',-, mi "I ?i .il" nl T'nigirr'=tP. H1NDERCORNS. Tho only Enro Ctirc for Corns, fetopa nil pain. Ensures comfort to the feet. loc. at DruppriKts. H iscox & Co., N.Y, •ouCoiitrh. Jlront-hiti"*, .Asthma, ludftrusxiont Uee PARKER'S CIMGER TONIC. It has cured therwon.?casvs'anii in tnoTx.-strtfiiie.lv for all ills ariwnn from delective nutrition. Tako iii time. &0c. and Sl-W- CHICHESTCR'S ENGLISH PEHNYROYAL FILLS. Ked Cross Diamond. Brand. The only reliable pin Tor wJe. Safe and aar«, JLndic-s nsk Vrnjrerl^t for the Dia* mono Krnrid, ic red metallic boxc«, aeald •wtthblucribboa, Tnkcnoother. Send-lc. (=liTnps) for ji!irtlcalar» and M lteller for i^ndJ e^, w in. letter, hy mnlL A'anw Popcr. Gblohcster Chemical Co.. 2lBtU«oii bq., PMlatU. Ffc MADE WITH BOiLING WATER. EPPS'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA MADE WITH BOIUNQ NHLX. RODS f° r ASTHMA ffl7 Fmr, DipMleria, Comi CTOIB and Comoi CoMs. Recommended by Physicians apd sold by Drag- olKts tiirougliout the world. Send for Free Sample. HIMSOD MANTTF'G CO., SOLE PROPRIETORS, 191 FULTON ST., NEW YORK. iTHEiLDRYOFMAN STRENGTH.VITALITY! . A Scientific and Btnndnrd Popular Medical ifMOse on the Errors of Youth, Premature Decline, Nervoiu anil Physical Debility, Impurities of the Blood, ertiinir irom Follj, Vice, Ignorance, KxcuueeH or Ovortalullon. Enen'atlngf and nnlittinc tl]e victim tor Work, Bnnlm'M, the Married or Social Relation Avoid unskilful pretenders Ponneea this great Tork. Jt contains son pngee, rovol STO. Beautiful ilnd,ng> emboi.Bed, full gilt, frice, only »1.00by nail post-paid, concealed in plain wrapper. Illns. ratfvo Protpectns Free, 11 yon apply now. The liainznlBhed author, Wm. H. Parker, M. D., re- "fvcdI the COLD AND JEWELLED MEDAL rom tha National Medical Association, or the PRIZE ESSAY on NERVOUS and PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr.Parsernndncorpi if Aesistant Physicians may be consulted, eonfi- Icntialiv, bv mail or In person, lit the «fBce ol riHE -pKAKODt MEDICAt. INSTITUTE,, \'«? 4 j'.ulJlnil St^ BoBtou. MM«., lo whomaltl ,rdp« for books or letter* Jor advice «iouH e* Ejected at abore. D nurecedentecl Attraction >ver a Million Distributed. Louisiana State Lottery Co. Tiicorporarfrt bj- the Legislature, lor Ed- national and Cliii liable purposes, and Its tran- cnlee ma je a part of the prrer.t State Constitution, In IB,9, by nil overwhelming popular vote. Its MAMMOTH DRAWINGS take place Seml- Arirmall!-. (Juno mill Dpceml'T). and Its URAND 81NCLK NUMBER URAWuMiS take place In eacn of tlin otter ten months ol the year, and are all drawn In public. :it the Academy or Music. New Orleans.).». FAMED FOR TWENTY YEARS, For Integrity of its Drawings.and Prompt PajTnent of Prizes. Attested <»s Follows: •Wcilo hereby wrtily that ws supervise tlie arrangements tor all thn Monthly and seml-annaM Drawing of HIB Louisiana State Lottery Company and In pwson mannas and control the Drawings tiiPinselves. ami that tne same lire conducted vrtS honesty, fairness and in good falto toward ah parties, and we authorize ttie. Company to use this certificate, with tx similes of our signatures at tachert. In Its ad7»rt!f«ments." v. r et.lieimderslfns'd B«nteandSanteis will pas iii! Prizes drawn tn Tlie l.uiitstar.fi Stats Lotteries u-tik-b ia;iy b~ rrnsr.nt,".! :u o;;r ecmn H. St. It At.3JHl,l.V . .'.K. PERFECT MANHOOD. YOUNG, MicMle-acod an4 Kkterly men who •£* sunennti! from th« enacts of youthful folMes of e±- cuases of ma1tin>r years, anii now tlnrt tb*!tr meiUr vigor decreased and wtio nre trouhi*-<j vriUi terrible drains and losses, yuu caubi-pyrmaEcntlj-restored tu PKKF.ECT 3£.4:VB002>, at home. wEtfco«t expocnre, at Iowe*t covt, bv Dr. Clarke'* approred metfcods. tesu-d and proven in m>arjr £U year's practice {Establish i-d 1851), in CfatWic Aewou* and Special Diseases, If In need of medical aid. send for Question fiat so rpu can fully describe Th<- symptomsof your particular (iis«*»se to mo. Consultation free and snereC liours, S to 8; Sundays, y to 12, Address F. D. CLARKE, M.D., 186 S. Clark St., CHICAGO, 114.. Hsaltti is Weaifii, Di , E. C. rVent'g S»rr« and Brmln Treatment, • rBsrontsprt ipsolSo for Hy»terlo. DUznnw, Con- vnlElona, rit». Nc-rvoua Nettrsiffia, Ueodach*. K«nr\mt trostrttlon capped by tlie cpenf slcohoi ortimitcco. IVas e n:In-H, M«Ktal Depr«slo:i. Sott- ea!-.-i.: <i! tbS JSrtln r*»a!tlC£ In Int.nltT arri I«ul- !3g -o n::-.ery .<I«Ey acd dentli, P.-ninRturi- Old ABO, LJnrrenDBaa, to» 'of power in either MX, !nvnlnntar> Low«» and Spermfttorrbo^n o&a o>« -ezertlon of the brainy e»lf-af£Fp or o (IaJ*r6nc*. licch box ccatalnq one rucntn 1 *; - tusnt. »i.OO a bar, or all bqz«» for S3 00. »«lit bj mall prer^ld on receipt of price. SIX Torir* naf ;st*, Wltto each order r^ ir«! *» tw f..r <ir bosas, acco^pinind witb*? , we »t »ODt itin f-crjhanjf ior wrHtea yoarr ,<K»to refan tho aaney if the tr**.tia*iit doe* nj*. ^It-ct *v oar* Oi<i.rcarses5«ubiioul> u> ZJ. T. t£e«« Po!:3 A^ent for Logi&ffFCTt. • Grand Momiily Drawing, In tile Academy of .Musk\ No'.v Orleans, Tt> i sda rf JlKv la. 1S90, Capital Prize $300,000. TcuthH *;!: 'i' 1 1 1. 2 6 ai 1U) am Prize i>r Prize «l 1T1ZH i;t Prizes cf Prljes uf rrlzes uf Prizes ol Prizes of PrlSf?. 1 - uf , Ki.lW i ' S(M an' SOU aro 2C!) art-.. IPO.t'Oi 20AW. '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 25,(W 100.0!* Al'fJil iSIKATlO. U»J Prizes <.C SS!«) are KKi Prtzes cf 300 are iWJ Prize:: yl ai'l tire 30.0UC 2l!,'.>'.0 99U Prtees ol $100 are ........................ 03.9«! 039 Prizes e! 10!' ore ....................... to.900 £1,151.80:. Prices *ire not U.134 Frizes amounting t^j.. >"i/rE.—TIckpts dnxwlDK t' entitled to tonuiiuil jirizes. AGENTS WANTED. Voi 1 Chib Rates, or any furU"?r inronnatloii Ue- tiieil. write leEiWy to tlie undrrsigiied. clearly .statlngyour ri'Sidencswith smti-. coti:it;\ streetand number; More lapld rt-t\irn ma.n delivery will tie assured by TOUT ene.!o."i;ii: an Envelope b«ar ing your full address. IMPORTANT. Address ^ -. i ..- !'• ^ i,> '<. \ •'-•* - • '••j'ttxii,.-.-:-•.'. -•- • By ordinary letter. cor.tiJniiv; '. «•.(•;,- _O:\Lpr c!:sjifie, Draft or Postal Note. Address Registered Leum CcrilaiKing Gunency to KEV" ni'.nr.iNr. NATIONAL BAl>K. No^' Orienns, L;t- CSTOPS ALI. ^•^ unnatural discharges ic 24- hours. f & Gonorrhea ill 3 days. SJo Stricture No Pain. SURE Adopted by Uic German Govern mentfor Hospital &Armyasc P.S.C. isputupfor American trade in a patent botdc holding syringe (s«e cutj At druggists, $1.00. including , scaled, for The Von Mohl Company, Clndnnai), CMa F. KEESLiXG, Agent, Logartsi-ort. Ind. STEEL PENS COLD HfEDAL PARIS EXPOSITION 1373. j Nos. 3O3-4O4-17O-6O4. ' JTHS HOST PBBFEQg OF EERLIS£ PYES sijj, at ITome* • . 'I her ;-,rc -sold c^c-ry ' Ben Visber, 311 Fourth street. S3.OO FQH ••KK.ns'.^nsf K.jluit VK }'•.:; nu-nt of Prl»-s IS fiV.-i-! H.V.A'IT. i--.i. JIV FOCJE! S.tTSii- .i, !tA.Mi« ( ,f NVW Orleans, and tho Tickets:iri« pigwllvthp )'r—tMcnt uf an InsU tutiou. vrln..sr»cbarlertH] riel'ts ;ire recognized In tne lilslie^t Courts: therefore ben-are ufalllm iu^tiOfiK or .'inonyniuus sohenx^s." OSIK lt-fit.i,AV la ilieprlceof thesmalle.=t part or imrtlon uf a Ticket jtf»i*t i;J> KV I'S In any Drawing. Anything In pur name offered for less tlian a Dollar Is a swindle. CAUTION U A U A A V 11 . price are stamped on the bottom. If the dealer cannot «upplj send direct to factory, encloainc price. W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Fine C»ir, Heaiy laoed Grain and Creedmoor Waterproof. Best In the Trorld. EMmlne M» SS.OO OENniNE HAND-SEWM> 8HO3t •14.0O HAND-SEWED WELT SHOE. S3.50 POLICE AND FARMERS'SBOB. 82.SO EXTRA VAMTJE UAI.F SHOE. K2.35 & »3 WORKIWB1IEW8 SHOES.^ 82.00 and SI.TO BOYS* 5CHOOL SHOES. All made In Congress, Button and l.ace. $3 & $2 SHOES LA F £?S. •l.Tfi SHOE FOR MISSES. Best Material. Best Style. Bert Flttlni. W. L. Douelas, Brockton, MM*, Said by ^jTi. WINTER'~7 WHAT :TO: HAVE YOU For norne of the choicest Innilx In WKsTET::s JiAKBAft, both clear and Incnmbertitl. unproved and unlmprOTed. ta'-Senv! for Our •-!•«. «i nroi»- thStwewill Kitchmirefor ert y tnsc WB will *i.!n;«»«*i^^ mw* fci nWi 8TOCH:f*AdareM A. K. PABKBB, B»zine,N Coaotr, Kuiu*. MEN Jon«oreicojwei YOUNC, RIIQDLE AGCO or OLD! Ili»T9»p-7i-:-.;vercrf.."';r fcr aU dise««c« resuWnr Iivra irrors tlyou:a. Indicons- a; I wUl s^nd p^r" icMlr-rs wn-i iafitrao- n-l* - ' - ^'-" "• '• — ; :"s f roc to any lirrltory for DRv SCOTTm beaittUul £I*ctrlO ir>'e(reo to tbose be* ;<•> r>K, qoick salM, WEAK MENi I cure Utrtu*tfiv ...-^jVU*tlty, .1:,, fluJctly ttt home. G4 rn.i!i'S-All r-rlvmt -" ? " . t trr The only JTine Calf Seamless S3-OO Shoe in the -world with. a smooth lunersole. No Tacks, Naiis or Heavy Seam of Thread to hurt the Feet and wear out Stocfegs: unequalled for style, durability and \venr; made by lirst-class workmen. Every Pair \Vanantcdto give the purchaser perfect, satisfaction. Xor.e Genuine unless Stamped on. Sok\ ?ERKiNS & 10YCE $3. SHOE WARRANim IW. M. GRAPF1S, t,oganspcrt Infl SWISS CONDENSED MILK COS RIGI BRAND GENUINE SWISS COXDEKSED SULK, fiuaranteed tbe richest onil purest milk rnan- factured, containing ovor 10 per ccct. of butter. Children and invalids will ttvlve wcndertallr. ana families win Bnd Its usi! uior« p«inornlcnl than ordinary cows milk, .•fw your [rrocer gives you genuine Rlgi £uir> Coiui^nspil Milk. Iraport igent, JAMES P. SSnTH. Xew Tork and CMcago. BRIGHTINE KJJMEDT PO8IT1VB CUKE FOB Oorroppondenc'e N*>lictcd, valuable .n formation fret*. Jsnn! (51 sen-in if. FOR MEN ONLY! For LOST or _ _ neral atad KEB.V00S DEBE of Bodycrdffiiad, Efistis «- ow <o enters* ' . Zen (MtlryfVow eO^btt*x«Rd Vrtnl ieiwrtyttTe Coc AddTcts ER|£ . OO M . A* V* A Cbieagodruggist retailed [2CXXKX)0 of B. P. Ke«slinjr and Cullen & Ce.,so!e Atrents in JjOgfi COMFORTABLE and ELEty.r;-S A ror •*!• tri L«adln« Dealers. If fit Sdlfcly ty WX. BABSCSB, Sroy.U.l

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