Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 12, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1898
Page 21
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Impotency, Los{ Vitality, Varioooale, brought cm by abuse. excesses and indiscretions, or by severe mental strain, close application to business or «vci work. , DR. PERRIN'S Revivine "You did-well not to commit yourself." said Archer. ".But I feel all the surer that 1 am right. Why do I believe thut the Count de Fooliers is a fraud—whorse than that a villain? I have a. • friend—yes, a friend—Mr. Keene, an Englishman. He is one of the famous Scotland Yard force. His business, which is larg-ely to trace up matters for shippers and merchants, bring-s him at not infrequent intervals tO'America. He is in St. Louis to- nig-ht—not in this room (Paul had looked anxiously around), but in his bed in the landed-hotel. I first met him tliree or four years ago in a jewelry confidence case. The matter was compromised and was hushed up. I have the copy of it ail here in this drawer (tapping- the table), and an A BMSir POISON. citing- tale it will make when I add it, as I expect to have a chance to some day, to some other performance of its hero that will yet put him behind the ba.rs. Well, Keene and I got to know each other very well in that case. He wanted me to come over and join the force, but I laughed at him. Thir. hurt, of thing never stales with mo. I have got off the track. Where was IV Oh, telling- you that Kccnt- wa.s lie uovv. Not on the Count ile Foolier.-,' c;;.su. lint ! lo * another matter. In the Lindell hotel, j out however, lie v;ui across tlie Count. He ! s " s i neht a I/en»on to Hea !•: In(fenlom« Suitor. Was dark and the road was un- tn, sio when ;ny horse balked at in th<! middle of the road I bunted and proceeded to investi- At tie Srst glance I took the t to be a woman, but as I un- ed the sheet In which the body wrapped, a week masculine voi« ed: an't hit a man when he's down." ['ing it was simply a case of drunk, glanced around ner- y. as the widder gone?" he whis- of playing: him ». trick- J,'ere was no one here when I ar- w»s not Umt other roan.;- j answered) -what is the cabled, back to send him^?.. tne first mail every detail, P en,on VaEger _ r wuz p , aring a joke OD collateral. get-at-able, in ridder _ Ye sfte , bml wo vears Count's career. He thought h*,, e Bn , gpinks turne(] up Ms ' toes , saf.towaitasthe Count if he ,, ise he neyer caffie ^ af[er indeed bogus, was evidently so S-L, . , , his disguise that he would n< . . , " ' " ,., , . , _ . . ., >r a. refusin ter git spliced agin likeJy to rush on lacontmently . . , . . , , . , spoil hi. chance for a wealth ^ she s afraid thet. he might com* handsome bride. To-day Keen agln f eln ** how *«* slle * Cel ved a cable that the letter w £ re whether be IS dead or not - iU wav. It -night -possibly. t!^ ls year wldder ' s «'anger, has got not probably.' the cable said. CO Q acres an> a bird daw E- So ] the desired information. And aou § ht thet * would P !a >" a J° k " e shall I tell you what I think yo le widder - an> make her believe do to have Keene ready for 'the" r 8111 wuz dead ^ r 'S ht enough, tion of that letter?" hen ' b - v ? um - sne ' d be reddy ter pliced, an' I would be the happy TO THE KLONDIKE p J J "I suppose that you have more . . T , ... , , , than you have yet told me. Mr. Arc" 1 ', 1 P f 0n ^ 1S yere «^t a nd said Paul, "or you would hardly d *" th * W1 " er _ ^ r C0m / al0ng - rne up here to such a * hen She dld 1 6 P ped OUt 1D terious place, on such a fool's er , ° adan commenced groan.n . be ~ e she man -' I in a !• th« only remedy that Imj ever been dls. covered tha; will positively core thes* nervous disorders. * If taken as. directed, Revivine brings about immediate improvement and effects cures where All other remedies fail. It has cured thousand] AND WILL CURE YOU. We positively guarantee it in everv case. Price $1.00 a box, or six boies'for Js.oo, bj mail in plain wrapper upon receipt of -price Order from our advertised agents. Addres» all other communications to TBS Di. Fzutia MEDICINE Co, New York. ^^ For sale at B. F. Keesling's Porter's and Johnston's. Will kneiv once him but Jjini by his luiil t<j a day oyes for a man lie wutcli. It took to place him lira REGULATOR WILL CURE . >. ALL COflPLAJNTS AND DISEASES OP THB Liver, Kidney AND Urinary Organs Biliousness, Jaundice, Headache, Constipation, Pains In the Side or TSack, Sour Stomach, Dyspepsia, Hver Complaint, Catarrh of the Bladder, Irritation or Inflammation of Uie Bladder, Female Weakness, Gnw-el, Diabetes, Dropsy, Brick Dust Deposits, in fact all diseases arising from Liver or Kidney dl»- ordera. Price, $1.00 Go. Stuart XEW YORK, N, Y. Keeno never mislays a pair of eyes in his memory. Meanwhile he inquired about him, and found that he had come over in the train of the Leboni'geoises and was re ported enjrag-ed to marry the younj lady. The next morning at breakfas it came to him like a dash who th< Count was. He was the valet of Rob ert Graham, an eccentric Knglishrnan, who was once under Keene's surveillance. The Englishman had into a woman scrape years ago. The woman had died in childbirth, ,U was %-aaatter in which another family in MUjam'i position had an interest, anc they had hired Keene to follow it up. He thus came to know both Graham and his valet quite well. Graham believed that the child as well as the mother had died. As I have already quoted Keene, Graham was a very eccentric and an equally sensitive man. His money, of which he was worth about 8200.000. was not invested in lands, but in stocks. He was tbe last of his family without known relatives. He had no ties to bind him to England, beyond a few cronies in his London club. He turned these stocks iato cash and cleared out for Australia. Then Keene lost sight of him. Years w-ent by, and the child whom Graham unwittingly left behind grew up into an engaging boy. He had been adopted into a childless i family of position into whose service ' chance threw Keene. The result was the divulsion of some important facts to the foster parents. Graham had legally married the woman and hence their child was his heir Very likely if he were infortned of the existence of so worthy a son. it might be to the boy's g-reafc advantage. His foster parents were much opposed to parting- with him and had enough to make him comfortable for life. Yet had they a rig-ht to let the matter rest unprobed? They decided that they had not. Inquiries were set on foot. Graham and his valet had first stopped over awhile in the principal hotel in Melbourne. Then they had left for the bush. One day the body of Graham was found just as ic fell when the Englishman received a murderous blow in the head from behind. The valet was missing. Graham's funds in the bank at Melbourne had beon drawn at a date little previous to the supposed time of his mnrder. Xo trace of the valet had been discovered. He had probably left Australia, and a needle in" a haystack would now be an easier object of search, especially as no one at the time Here is a gentleman engaged to a "ho-o reputable and carefully g-uarded y; lady, whom you denounce as an i.i: m yer °' e tor, and worse, simply on the r<^ v °i ce - biance which a detective—of whoo lm P h! Ole Bill Spinks?" says told, you could have seen but lib thinks that gentleman's eyes n the critter," says I. to those of the valet of an English 1611 *>y Su^ 1 sb e fell on me like a who is supposed to have been 't brick! dered in Australia. Further than'ome back, hev ye?' she yelled, —instead of there being anyte swatted me. 'Can't stay whar mysterious about this gentlema;p!anted ye, wharever that may response to a cable, you learn ths has come to America direct ranger, in jes' five seconds I wuz Tremblay, his home, a small peed man an' the widder wuz set- where his identity could hardly bjoa me." possibility be liable to mistake, fou Bill,' said she, 'whar's thet to this the certainty that a family its thet I give ye ter buy bacon as the Lebourgeoises must have loi' up his antecedents before permil ain - t got no s j x b j ts ; says j. Miss Lebourg-eois to eg-age hersej n - t ye lie ter me, Bill,' says she, him: that Frank Lcbourgeois—: n g - wa t ye agin! When ye left see no reason to deny your first ii ent-e.s ,-iboitt ray knowledg-e of family---is the last person in the \ ,'fd<- to his sister's betrothal,searching- inquiries; and suspicions are ridiculous as the gti yonder skeleton, or your (Valuable Information for Persons Going to the Gold Fields. Persons who expect to try their lucfc in the gold fields of Alaska will find it profitable to oallon Ticket Agent* of the Penneylvanls Lines and get posted.on rates, routes and other preliminaries. This information will be furnished without cbarg-e, and any required aid in shaping details-will be cheerfully eitended- If not convenient to'apply to local ag-ent of the Pennsylvania Lines, send your name and address, with date upon which you Intend to start, the probable number in the party.and a request for advice about the fare, time ol trains and other particulars, to the following representative of ihe Passenger Department and a prompt reply will be made. W.w.Rioh- ardson, D, P. Apt, Indianapolis. Ind. ye had six bits thet I bad given r buy bacon with. Now ye hand "thet six bits or something is i ter happen!' .a' by gum, stranger, I had ter it to her to save my life. An' ter get back what you have ia store 'further'" rave thet l iad come frum ' Paul, looking Archer full iu the fa ver_caught me *-•'- *- — Archer made no reply for a minu two. deduct , ]rt from the astrological map. I - U "You do not knosv Keene," he 'thet she would tie me ifcter knots >ed me ter the hawgs! it I've found out one thing; 3 why ole Bill Spinks left an' why n't never comin' back .agin!" invitation for din- breakfast and no decline an invitation to a Say you're sorry, place let- slowly, "and you take into no acc> the fact that something may be in letter to confirm the worst. But ij going to aik nothing unpleasan^. Cleave a'roon^-Open a door, you. Graham, the Englishman, ha' . Qur rlgl]t foot over tbe sin fol . h,s possession, when be left Englai w , th your left foot and then curious ring and locket. The for^- door was a family relic obtained ages L -j. 0 accept a no one knew how, from Venice. Iti,,,,. „ ,;_,.. ; j.] t • i , [HdL d, iiSIlL in the form of a snake ri»g. very Ii and noticeable, the outside bein/ delicate filigree work. Originally it^ been used 'by a Venetian , n ~ those dark purposes whioh markedl envel °P e: stam P and address, and period of that blood-red country's f lo post il ' tory. It concealed inside two lif lo ac ' cept an illation to drink- claws of steel, which, in turn, ooncef r a car eless air. say you "don't a deadly poison. Its noble ow De?f r do -" and watch tbe otaer side ball or fete, had only to press the hf r 00111 w!i ere the liquor is being of his enemy with unusual warmth; d out - Tllis mean s quantity, shoot oat into that enemy's veinsf'' to fl ec l'ne the same—There is •'--• slightest of scratches."the deij own method of doing this among poison, and that enemv lived not to'-" people, the end of that ball or fete. This i AV i7, she B.ck7d"ont. always fascinated the eceenj had offered her Klondike outfit Graham. .A novel thought struck lj| e Before leaving England he had| t ;„„ seemed to be so determined lion's claws removed, and the in, „ thev €xc i almed . set with tec of the rarest of sa diamonds, each one warranted to [ worth.£100. The ring- was thus in jically worth 85,000, hut no single brilliant flashed forth the eye when the ring- i. . . , worn. Thev were arranged to sf P° sltlve) y "fuse to stir a step. out his initials, 'R. &.' in letters^ 11 l Ullderstand it -" would if you once saw 1898 I1Y. 1898 Su. 1 8 15 22 29 Mo. 2 9 16 23 30 Tu. 3 10 17 24 31 We. 11 18 25 Th. 5 12 19 26 Fri. 6 13 20 27 Sat. 7 21 28 turn she admitted, said that nothing could n your purpose." 'is what I thought." id now you've backed out entire- am m a lad any particular interest in prosecat- ' fit. "Keene had given that Graham mat- ler up. when he ran across the Count the LindeU hotel. His Srst act when Jis -memory came to him was to cable biother in the service to find out whether there was any Count de ig-ht, that could only be made visf"'. : ou w by uncoiling and taking the ringj a : " rl Sht 1 pieces, a most delicate bit of wd The idea in Graham's mind was tf n sbe fixed U P aer baE S s a Uttle ' his ring- would be worn day and nig bersel£ a sudden twist to make so fastened on that it could not be?' ess si: J ust r '6ht, and it was evl- moved from his finger in sleep withf° even the most unobserving waking or killing- him. and thatpe world had lost the service 01 would thus ever have at his commj er great prospector. a large sum of ready money. Sd covetous r-hief might possibly wrest * secret from him. What then? '• could not g-et at the diajnonds n-jthi smashing- the ring to bits, and ninni the risk of mining them. He could i dispose of it, for it was registered: the London police headquarters, ani circular description of it had been warded to the principal deal in precious stones the world oy The locket, -whose exterior is a num of such rings intertwined in bas-rel was set inside with an equal num be precious stones. Once locked, conld only be opened by the uninitia by smashing it, running- the same to the stones as in the case of tbe rit "JSow to the point If the Count! Fooliers, as I believe, is the murde: ITTLE IVER PILLS fllf UCAI1AAIIC if ft fiCHilMilfiC Itr Ml* by J. r.jffatMo, Bnajfthn & r, *. r. XtMlinc, W. H. «rs, of the village of Tremblay. in the •oath of France, from which the Count disap- The answer poioting-. There was such a Count. )B>» h*d ¥«*B in the till»ge recently; . )te had. left it to «ail for America. If It ' ted hew any other m»n thaa Ke«M apt to wear them in Eng-lar! he might at any moment stnf also relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, ble on one of Graham's acqnaintancStion and Too Hearty Eating. Aper- and be cang-ht He wonld feel comedy for Dizziness, Kausea, Drowsi- paratively safe in wearing them in tifed Taste in the Month, Coated Tongnc country, or here in St. Louis—saf 4 the Side, TORPID LIVER. They rery likely, than, he wonld in leavi^ & e Bowds. room i. them locked np in bis the Lindell, or deposited in the hoP" One wko should meist hwn *t (fe Purely Vegetable. Small Dove. fcn«IIPrfc«. HER OPINION. A Bit of Wiidfun That w«« Bmirte* mt the Qailtlnic Bve. "Well—ab-h'ni!" placidly began good old Aunt Philenda Broadiead, speaking in the midst o£ the assemblage of ladies at -Mrs. Judge Tu-hman's quilting bee; "I must say that I have been real edified by the various theories and plans for the management of husbands which .1 have jest had the pleasure o! listenin' to. "I have been a good deal interested in the opinion advanced by the younger single ladies that a husband can oest be kept ui hjaad by ahowia' him that you are his superior mentally, and also in that of the younger married ladies, that the clingin' vin< does not need to manage the sturdy oak; likewise, ti« reluctant confessions or bold assertions, as the case might be, of the ladies who have been longer married, that a husband must, accordin' to his disposition, receive either supine obedience or tyranny and the lash, and lastly, by the—ah-h'm! —elaborately veiled willingness of the more mature maiden ladies to a.ccept almost any state of affairs that has a husband tied to it. "I have been considerably entertained by all these theories, as I said before, but I am free to confess that 1 can't conscientiously indorse them further than to remark that they are a good deal like what the newspapers call glitterirt' generalities. Bein' as 1 have had three as good husbands as a woman t^as ever blessed with, and also a fourth, of whom about the best thing I can say is that he was no great shakes, I kinder think I am moderately -well qualified to speak on the subject of husband management a» one havin' authority and not as thi Scribes, so to put it; and, such beLn* the case, I am forced to confess that the only infallible way to manage a husband that I know of is to feed him well and trust to luck." The Xew Cook—Did ye say ye w»nt*e yer eggs on. the half shell, sir? End Mr. Crnsty—No. I «aid I iraatrf •hem fried cm one side. The Cook—Which ride, »irT B. P. 0. ELKS. New Orleans, La. i MAT 10-13,189S. ONE FARE ^Round Trip, VIA Tickets will be en sale May 6th, -7th and 8th. Returning tickets will be good fifteen days from date sale. For full information call on Agente Big Four Route, or address the under, signed. E.O. MccosMicK, WARREH j. LYNCH Pass. Traf. Mgr. Asst- GeDJLPaas.-&Tkt, Ajft. CINCINNATI. O. On Saturday, January 1st, the Wabuh Fast Government Mail Train, No. 1, traveled 101 miles in 99 minutes, assuredly a good beginning of the new jew. Watch further performances of this GREAT FLYER, the fastest mail train in the world,and the PET OF UNCLE SAM. Are you ready for the question? Can a railroad operate its trains at a Mile a Minute Clip unless its roadbed, track and rolling stock are of » high standard? "We Maintain a High Standard." Speed, safety and comfort are all branded "WABASH." If you intend to make a trip to »nj part of the world, including the "Klondike," communicate with- Lopaasport, led. THE NEW WAY. TINMEN used to think "lo- rn Us diseases " could only b« treated after "!•- c a i examinations" by physicians. Dread of such treatment kept thousands of modest women cilent Abotrt their suffering. Thaln- _ troductfon of Wine of Cardul has now demonstrated tha: nine-tenths of all the cases of menstrual disorder! d» not require a physician's attention at all The simple, pure taken In the privacy of A woman'» own home insures quick relief *nd speedy cure. Women need not hesitate now. Wine of Cardu! r»- quires no humiliating examinations tor its adoption. It Cures any disease that comes under the head of "female troubles"—disordered menses, falling of the -womb, "whites," change of Hfe. Itmak«» women beautiful by making them well It keeps them young by keeping them healthy. $1.00 at the drug store. For tMca to cue* 1 mull tog ipoM fractions, addrds, tirinr impMUL !&•*" Ladles' A&rtsorf DtfpartTTKpL'' Ti* Chittaaoota Mccidm* Co.. ~ MOCa, Tttui* W. ' "lueVtMof

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