Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 1, 1892 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1892
Page 6
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THE KING NOT DEAD. WILLIAM MULDOON WRITES SULLIVAN. OF Woolcl Bnc.'c the Ei-Champion Against Any Man in the TTorJd Providing llo Could Train Him—AdylscH Corbott Not to I'isrlit JacJt.ion, _L. SULLI- van in condition can at least stand an equal chance against any pugilist living. I have ti'ained him and know his capacity, lie could not have been in good shape when he met Corbett, or he would have raa.de a better showing. It is absurd to call a pugilist not j'et -forty, old. A glance :vt the champions of the ring of years ago—the old-time W1LUA51 .Ml.'LDOOX. ;Sr.glish fighters, who thought they were 'battling for a fortune when a 81,000 purse way put up—will tell the age of ilie successful men of the ring. It was not thought that a mii.n had attained 'jiis full pugilistic power until he had passed thirty, and many instances are on record where men of fifty have won hard-fought battles. I hardly think Sullivan had training enough. He should have begun earlier. When a man has a battle on hand with one much younger than himself and reported to be veiy clever he should loose no opportunity to put himself in the best condition. Mr. Casey deserves .great credit for bringing John L. into Ihc: ring in such good shape in so short a. time. In Sullivan's training ilesh had to be taken off, while Corbott had only to build up. There is a great deal of dif- Icrenco in the two methods. One is the hardest kind of work, the other is •easy and pleasant. I am not one of those who think :Shat because Sullivan was beaten he is of no more value in the prize ring. "With good care and attention he could be got in condition for another light, and if he would train (I should -wish him to train) I would take pleas- are in being one of his backers. There are many years of pugilistic usefulness yet left in Sullivan. Corbett has shown himself a wonder, and if the reports of the fight telegraphed from New Orleans are accu- rate.ho is as shifty a man as there is in the ring to-day. I do not believe he should fight Jackson. Because the two fought a draw it is no argument that IQOW, because Corbett defeated Sullivan, the former should give Jackson ibattle. I n,m an advocate of white and «colored championships, and if Corbett is the man I think he is, he will not Sght Jackson. ii it i- Cieslrssl to use oars, a small lever permits of instantaneously' raising the screw, which then becomes fixed to a catch carried by the lever. If it is desired to use the screw, the small lever, and with it the screw, is allowed to descend and the motor is then set in. operation. The steering is done by acting upon the bar which, being connected with the small shaft of the screw, moves the latter to the right and left of the axis of- the boat, and permits of evoluting with more perfect ease. The advantages of this boat are as follows: In the first place its speed is quite high as comnnrod with that of hunting boats provided with a screw actuated by hand, which makes hut from one and one-fourth to one and three-fourths miles per hour at the most. With their boat Messrs. Seguin and Jaquet have obtained the folk.-v- ing speuds: With the screw, 725 fc.t in one minute and forty seconds, say 20,005 feet per hour; with oars, 720 feet in one minute and thirty-four seconds, say 27,710 feet per hour. A speed of three and one-half miles can be kept up for several hours by actuating the sra ew alone. v According to Mr. Jaquet, the boat is remarkably silent. The mechanism, which is exceedingly simple, is not liable to breakage. The position of the occupant is very comfortable, and he can read or fish while working the pedal. The boat performs its evolutions with the greatest ease and can be made to move forward or backward at will; and can be turned about within an exceedingly limited space. The sportsman can conceal himself completely and fire with the greatest ease, as both of his hands arc entirely free. Finally, as the screw can be instantly raised in the air, one can go at will by screws, oars or sail. This system can be adapted, without necessitating any special construction, to any sort of boat, either with a keel or flat bottom. It' is susceptible .of more general application, and may be utilized for boats of pretty large tonnage navigating the sea, on condition that the screw be left entirely movable and held by a chain fixed by its two extremities to the breastworlc of the craft, and carrying at its center the collar of the screw shaft. THE SEASON CLOSED YACHTING ON COAST THE ATLANTIC ENDED. Sonic TThitc 'Winded i'lyors That. II:iv liecomc Famous Dpi*Iu~ the Pas Season—This Uus Keen a Year o Schooners. HIS HAS BEEN a schooner year on the Atlantic coast, says Harper's Weekly. For the first time since the famous ocean races between Dauntless and Cambria ia '70 for SI, 200 cup, and Coronet in 'S7 for 810,000, the two- stickers have commanded some attention during tie season which closed last week in very lively fashion. Ivor has the lack of interest in this direc* tion been attributable to a poor representation, for, with only two exceptions, the schooners that hare comprised the racing- class are either veterans of more or less experience, or sloops that have won a reputation as as single-stickers before being altered. In the early days of American yachting 1 the two-sticker occupied the place of honor, very likely because the old schooner America was the first in 165: to bring- the international cup to this side, where it has since remained. For the last dozen years, however, the I nave already oeen o on gen to crowa in here -what would comfortably fill two columns, and have not a line left. J. A. HICKS. THE BEST MAN. is The Police fiaretto Says that Corbett is Champion. Of the Sullivan fight the Police Gazett has the f ollov.-ing- to say: "Everybody who took a.n interest in the big- fight at New Orleans on Sept. 7, is now trying: to explain why Corbett won and Sullivan was defeated. The explanation is an easy one. Corbett is the bet ter man. lie showed himself to be the most scientific and agile heaw-weight pug-ilist ever seen in the ring-. rSTot lor a moment during- the great battle did he lose his head. He knew at all times just what to do and when to do it. lie proved to a skeptical public that he was a hard hitter as well as a good general. More convincing still he proved to John L. Sullivan that he could whip him. Sullivan has been the most prominent figure in the history of pugilism for a dozen years or more. He has been the great knocker-out, the rock upon which all other pugilistic aspirants wore wrecked, the gladiator of modern times. But youth and science came to the front, and the idol was shattered. Sullivan stayed too long on the battle field. He should have re- ired while victory was perched ,on his srow, and thus avoided the inevitable Waterloo. A cleverer man loomed up ,n the fistic arena, and Sullivan's old- 'ashion rushing tactics were of no avail. The mig-hty fell. Youth came to the fore. Sullivan, the fighter, is a thing of -he past. History, however, will refer o him as the greatest gladiator of his ime, the champion of all champions or a dozen years. Increasing years ind reckless living sapped Ms vitality ,nd he suffered defeat. Corbett is the champion. His won- .crful skill, quickness and pluck place .im in the front ranks of pugilism, lis remarkable exhibition in the arena of the Olympic Club. Isew Orleans, on the night of Sept. 7 has convinced experts that he is to-day the greatest prize ring fighter in the world. |jj Scir.: Mcnstrr. 51 who r.? ccnfidc v/orrcn su-icr :.-cr3 excessive or 'o:-; '.hey dsn't know ; '.: ^s" proper ^d L^ybo-jy but tiy A Specialist Who HAS A National Reputatioi .GENEVIEVE BEARNAN. "' "-^•^• i:=L CHICAGO MSDICA.L INSTITUTE 137 i 3 59 S. Clark Cliica;,-». 111. Tlie Regular Oid-Esia Wished PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS are still Treating wlili tlie Greater SKILL f\KD SUCCESS ALL Chronic, Nervous and Private Diseases. • S3?-NERVOUS DEBILITY, Lou Manhood Kalling Memory, Exliaustlns DniJns, Ten-lblii Dreams, Hea/1 and Back Acliewi'i all the effects lea-Ing to early decay and perhaps Consumption or Insanity, treated sclentuically by n-w methods with never-falling success. HP-SYPHILIS and all bud Blood and Skin Diseases permanently cured. ESTKIDNKY and UKIN'AEY complaints, leet. Gonorrhoea. Stricture. V .rlcocele and nil diseases of tlie Genlto-Urinnrv Organs cured promptly without Injut.- to Stomach, Kidneys or other Organs. • S-TXo experiments. Aj:e and experience mportiint. Consultation free and sacred. S~A11 corresDoudence Is sacredly private, long experience enables us to Guarantee Cures In all .Curable Coses of Eczema. Scrofula, Syphilis, Bladder and Kidney Diseases. Leucor- hoeaand Female Troubles. Liver Complaint, Catarrh, all Blood, Skin and Nervous Diseases. No matter who has failed 10 cure you. write us a ull history ot your cose. Hours, S to S- Sundays to 12. Cal! on or address Chicago Medical Institute. 157 & 159 S. Clarli St. Cliicaso, III. MABEL EMILY BESANT. She Inherits Many of the Talents ot Her Gifted Mother. It is pleasant to note that Mabel Emily, the only daughter of Annie Besant, looks like her mother. Mabel yvas recently married to Ernest Scott, who is about to settle in Australia- with his young-wife. It may-riot be generally known that this marriage was a, fine illustration of Mrs. Besant's well- known antipathy to religious forms. The ceremony was performed by one of the government officials at the llaryli bone registry office, without the assistance of a minister of any denomina- A GREAT BOAT. SIC Can bo Propelled Either by Oars, Sftlla or Screw. This boat, constructed in the form of a, ca'noe, that is two pedals drives a 5>eltof twisted leather which passes over two guide rollers and engages in tihe groove of the siiaf t pulley. The ratio of speed is 1:3 - C. In normal -operation, from 40 to 45 revolutions of •jhe pedal arc made per minute, say 150 revolutions of the screw.' The weight -of the internal mechanism, inclusive of lihe fly wheel, is about 440 pounds. The screw shaft, which is prolonged beyond the stern post by a Cardan MISS MABEL EMILY BESAXT. tion. It may be added, in this connection, that it was when her second child was seven or eight months old and seriously ill, that the religious doubts, which finally led Mrs. Besant into theosophy, were first awakened. She says: "There had grown up in my mind a feeling of angry resentment against the God who had been for weeks, as 1 thought, torturing my helpless baby." No one who reads the account which Mrs. Besant has given of the horror of that terrible time can doubt the reality of her struggle against unbelief. Speaking many years later of the trials of that transition stage^she showed that time had in no sense lessened the bitter, memory of that hour of gloom. Jliss Besant's father, the Rev. Frank Besant, was an English clergyman, conventional and conservative. When he married the woman who is now so prominent in the theosoohical movement, he had obtained a membership at Cheltenham, and there in lodgings his young wife tried to stifle the cruel sense of disillusion by hard reading and by writing stories for a- paper called the Family. Herald. She also wrote at this time a series of "Lives of the Black Letter Saints," which, hovr- evuv failed to find a publisher. BILLIARDS AND POOL. "3IAF.GUEr.ITE." sloop has completely absorbed not only general attention, but that of racing yachtsmen as well. Probably tho fact that sloops had run the gamut of popular fancy was the cause this season of more attention being given schooners. Certainly the single-sticker class has been well filled. Fiust it was 90- footers, then 70, 40, 30, and-now the 40- footers are the vogue. In the meantime a class of freaks, known as 21-footers and 25-raters, is being experimented with, which may lead to the building of other raciers of yet another class; and the end is not yet. The two new schooners of the year are I/asea and Alcana, both OO's, the former a steel center-hoard, owned by John E. Brooks, and designed by A. Gary Smith; the latter a Gardner keel production, owned by Clark Brothers, and a curious looking boat with her present rigging. The Lasca has beaten Alcaaa every time they have met, and it looks as if she had a great future. The Merlin, a Burgess ninety was launched in S9, and has been racing with great credit to her owner ever since. This year she won the Goelet' cup at Newport. The Volunteer has not been in commission this season, which is to be regretted, as she showed last year she was very fast as a schooner. She is the old sloop Volunteer, the America's cup defender in '37, turned in a two-sticker. The Burgess SO-footer Marguerite, owned by E. S. Palmer, is one of the prettiest schooners afloat, and is always handled in a workmanlike manner. She was,launched in 'SS, and has a good record though especially so this last season. Ralph N. Ellis' SO-footer Iroquois and Caldwell Colt's 116-foot Dauntless are two of the most remarkable boats on American waters. The Dauntless was launched in '66 as the L'Hiron- delle. She has raced across the Atlantic several times, and crossed the ocean nearly as many times.as ..all the other pleasure yachts together. She holds the record, I believe, for the greatest number of miles made in one day as well as several distance records. She has always been on the go; and An Admirable Actress Wlio Has Won t\Eaiiy Laurels. This admirable actress of leads and heavies has been before the public eight years, and has won a valuable reputation in her chosen profession. Before her debut she spent four years in Italy, where she studied under the direction of Sig. Tommaso Salvini. Returning to this country in 1SS5, she was specially engaged to make her first appearance with Sig. Salvini as Regan, in "King Lear," at the Metropolitan opera-house, this city. She was then retained in his support throughout that season (1SS5-G), after which she joined F. C. Bang's Co. for one season, playing the juvenile business. A tour with Louis James and Marie Wainwright followed, after which she was entrusted with the second -juvenile roles, and also acted ELY'S JREAM BALM Cleanses the Nasal Passages, Allays Pain and Inflammation, Heal the Sores. Restores the Senses of Taste and HmeU. TRY THE C FEVER Apartlole Is applied Inui each nostril and Is o£rGy;ibl<?. i'riiitf 50 eefiV* at Druijylsis; by mall registered, 50ets. • Sin SHOTlffiRS. Dii Warren St.. New York. THE FAMOUS COMPLEXION BEA'UTIFiER Imparts to tho skin that exquisite whiteness and purity and flne, soft texture so much ntS- mired. Positively romoves wrinkles, frackles, redness ana roughness of tno snin, pimples, blacliheads, tan, eunOurn, and all Imperfec- tlona of the' complexion. Guaranteed tvbso-p lutely pure. Surprising In its effects. AM INCOMPARABLE TOIIET lUXUfiY, < SIX MONTHS'TREATMENTFORSI.ZS ADDRESS ALL ORDERS TO J THE HARgtIARD-KOTZ CO.; SOUTH BEND. WD. J '4 MaatiMthis P&per. Dtecnp A GKEAT BOAT. ^oirrt, actuates a small shaft abont . thirty inches in length, at the end of which is fixed a three-bladed screxv fourteen inches in diameter. The screw is thus perfectly free to move sideways and upward and down.•ward. .A lever of two arms, one of 'which carries the rudder bax and the pivots that serve to fix the whole to ^the stem of the boat, and the other a •oollar that slides on the shaft of the screw, permits of acting- iipon the latter and of .makiajr-a tree rudder of .it Jacob Schaefer cabled Mrs, Schaefer last week to hasten her departure for Paris, as he might make arrangements for a new contract and remain in the Preach capital another sbc months. Alex. Samuels, well-known in billiard circles, and proprietor of the Assembly billiard rooms, Brooklyn, mourns the death of his son, who was shot last week, near Ms father's hotel, Coney Island, by some unknown person. Champion !Prank C, Ives and George F. Slosson have closed their engagement at the Folies Bergeres,Paris,and, after a trip to London and toe lake district of Ireland -will sail for Ne& York, "GESEVIEVE BEAMTAX." as understudy for the leading lady. The season of 1SS8-9-90 she filled as Lena Nelson in "Harbor Lights." with F. W. Sanger's Co., and for J890-1-2 she was engaged as the Countess in W. A. Brady's "Clemenceau Case" Co. In the latter role, which mingled the elements of comedy and seriousness, she was credited with, a marked hit. Coming Wheeling Events. Sept. 30.—Annual tournament at Evansville, Ind. Oct. 1.—Boston Athletic association twenty-five mile handicap road race. Oct. 1.—Cresent Wheelmen's race meet, Cincinnati, Ohio. Oct. 1.—Wilmington (Del.) Wheel club annual fall races. Oct. 3, 4.—Rockwood Cycling club tournament, Jacksonville, I1L Oct. 6.—Solid City Wheelmen's race meet, Port Scott, Kan. Oct. 6, 7.—Tournament at Evansville, Ind. Oct. 15.—Pawtuxet Valley (K. I.) Wheelmen's race meet', Pawtuxet Ocfc 26, 27.—Capital City Cycling club's tournament, Nashville. Tenn. PENNYROYAL WAFERS. A specific monthly medicine for ladlw to restore and regulate tha mannas; /producing' froe, healthy and palnleffi kJischnrgo- Ito aches or pains on op- S roach. How used by over 30,000 ladles. nee used, will use ngalcu Invigorates tbcso organs. Buy of your di ' ' ~ oaly thoso with oar uiguiiture ftvMoriabcL .Avoid substitutes. particulars moilcdSc stomp. KLOO box. Address. EOREKA CHESUC COMPANY. Draorr. MIOL For sals by B ff KeeslinK and J D Hanson To introduce a series of valuable educational works the above sent to all applicants * DOWNS, BROADVJAY, NSW YORK. Dr. D. D>. HEA. Surgeon & ' Specialist. And In charge of the Electric and Surgical Department of the iledical and Surgical Institute ol Louisville Ky. Will be at the Xurdoek Hotel LOGANSPORT, IND. Thursday, Oct. 6th Returning every month during Uio year to re> mnin one dn}. Dr. Rea'ias been connected with the largest hospitals in the country.and has no superior lo diagnosing and treating diseases and deformities. Be. will give S50 for any case that ha cannot tell' the disease and where located In five mlnctes He will return to LOKtmsport overy month thli; year to remain one day. Treats all Curable Jtedlcal nnd Surgical Dls eases. Acute and Chronic Catarrh, Diseases otthf Eye, Ear. Nose, Throat and Lmics, Dy^peps'a,, BriyM's Disease, Diabetes, Kidneys, Liver, Bladder, Chronic, Female and Sexual Diseases. Epilepsy of Fits Cured ' A Positive Guarantee, YOUNG AND MIDDLE AGED MEN Suffering from Spernmtorhea and Impoteniy ot the result o£ self ahuse In youth or exc«3? ID mutureryears and other causes producing scare or the following effects, as emissions Wotctoes debility, nervousness, dizziness, contuelon on Ideas, aversion to soclety.dofectlve memory and sexual exhaustion which unfit the victim Tor bn»- , Iness or marriage, are permanently cured by remedies not Injurious. BLOOD AND SKIN DISEASES. Syphilis and complications, &s sors throat, fall' . Inc of tho hair, pain in the bones, eruptions, etc- are perfectly eradicated without using mercury ot Other Injurious drugs. Gonoihea, Uleet, Stricture and all UHnarj and Kidney Troubles are speedily cured hy treatment that has never failed. ' • He undertakes no incurable cases, bot cores thousands given up to die. Remember the date and come early, us hie rooms are always crowded wherever he stops, CONSTJLTTOK FEEE. Correspondence solicited, and confiden tiai. Address Medical and Suriricallnstltnt*, 309 Fourth St. . Loulmllle KY SURE QUBE FOR CATARRH FOR OVER FIFTY TEARS this old SovereignEemedy has stood the test, and stands to-day thesbest. known remedy for Catarrh, Cold in th« Head and Headache. Persist in its use, and it will effect a care, no matter of_how '.ong standing the case may be. " For sale_by_^drug i gistfe i w EAK Km UNDEVELOPED nervousness, wetinera tar. V by tha P«nn City KcKjodJ-SN. n.00 per i..~ • (iix boxes fni Zo.OU. A -vrftte;; guarantee C- : «'ii!i rvsry «z boxes. s..i-,d -?tnn;p for P.--.J 'mr t., lh« I'EJfX - {., -y WKlijeAjE .' • • •» J*AJflt. «« Sorth -rend Str«t<. .au*.. Po" Bvcrr MAX who tronW fcoo-w the GRAND TROTHS, tho Halu Fa«t». file Ola. Secrets and Ibo New Discoveries of Medical Seienco as applied to Mcrried Life, should wrlle for our -wonderful little t><K*k* cojled "A TKEATISS KOU MK>" OXLV." To any earnest man wo-will mall ODO copy i£ntirely Prce. Jn plJila sealed coTcr. "Arefupe frum tbeqnacks." THE ERIE MEDICAL CO.. EUFFALO, H. Y. ''LASCA." this season, although not of a rating model, seemed to have renewed her youth, winning several runs on the ST. Y. Y. C. cruise. Iroquois, designed by A. Gary Smith and launched in 'S6, is probably the stanchest, most seaworthy boat of her size afloat. Built for a cruiser, she nevertheless has won and does win every year from racers. She was out in the blizzard that struck this part of the country in 'S3, and beh*red beautifully.' There are several other schooners worthy of mention—Mayflower, Con- stfijlation, (Jnlckstep, Shamrock. But 1 WARN "Nervo Seeds/' Use TTondortul remedy Is soM with a xt'rf t^' 1 -_- trnarnntcc *o cure all nervons <*iseo.«cft, such as Weak Memory, XsOftnof ZSr-aln Power, ETerwlstcIic* 'VVaJcerulneHK, jLowt Manhood, XlchtJy .£ml«*loQK* Qnlck.nes», JtvII I>renmi», l^acJ^of Confidence, Aervonmu;**, JLiLultude. all <Jnt)hB and JOKS of power of ttieGcncrntlTO Organs In cUber BOX caused byovercxcr- lion, youthful errors, or ezcesflveoM of tobacco, oplain orsttmu- lants -which »oon lend to Infirmity. CoiiFompUan and Jnjtanlty. Ifvt np convenient to cnrry InTCBtpoctet. £«ntby mnU In plajn paclcv i to nny &ddre»3 for SXr or O for 1SS. fWlih cvet^p *5 order f « •T-'V* 3.~wTEtt«a coarantee to euro of refund the toonry*) SEFOHE AITD AITHB USZHt vfeCUI^Aa FliKK- Addrew KKJtVJK SJEEI> CO,, Chicago, Jai* 7= jr Sale in Lo^ansport IDU- By H C ?urcell Druggist. 3?-l Fourth'St *' li **-*i ii ***'*""o J3 constantly giving in the shape c. bous, pimples, eruptions, ulcers, etc. These 5bow that the blood is contaminated, and sorae assistance mnst be jriven to relieve she troublo- . _IUMI IIUIHI B tho remedy to force out these poisons, and enabte von co GHT 1VH/JL. •* I have had for vears a humor in mv Koo'l. which jnad&me dread to shave, as sicaH boils c-r pimples would Decat, thus caxising; iho »b2.vin;rt u be a grea: annoyance. After taking thraeboctk-s my face is all dear anil smooch as :'•: should te—appetite splendid, sicep •well, and feel like running a foo; all from tie use ot S. S. S. CHAS. HIATON, 73 Lanrelst. Phila, Treatise on blood and skin diseases mailed ires SWIFT SPEdFie CO.. Aflanci. Oa DR. MOTT'S PEMYROYAL PILLS. The only safe, snre an<J reliable Female Pill ever offered to Ladies Especially recommended to married Ladies. Beware of Pills put up in tin bozes as they are dangerous. Ask for iDr. Mott's Pennyroyal Pills antt take no other. Send for. circular. Price $1.00 per box, 6 boxes for $5.00. Or. Notts Cnemicai Co., Cleveland. Ohio. Sold at Johnston Bros, drugstore - ' . DR. WILLIAMS' INDIAN PILE OINTMENT triUcnreBitadjBleedingajjdltcuicgHles. ftabsorbslh* tenors, allays the Itching at once, acts as apoultice, gives Instant relief. Prapared only for Piles and .Itching of the • private parts. Every box is warranted Jndga Goons, of iraysvffle. K. T-, says: ' '.'Dr. WflHatas 1 Jndian Me Otat- EieBtcuredmeafteryewsaf suffering." Soidfeydrncgict* sent by roailoareceiptof price. 50o«nUa»d$1.0Upcrbo*' Sold oyBFXaeBilnK and JLHaason " • '

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