Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 12, 1898 · Page 20
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 20

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1898
Page 20
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O ATLY PHAROS TEUBSPAY, MAY 12, 1896. VDITOKC AKD MOMM1IOBS. Kntered »t the LopuMport, I»d, oiw mail watwr, M provided by law. Sew Snbordinatfg. The Democratic members of the council are to be congratulated on the harmonious agreement reached In the matter of selecting subordinate official* for the various departments of the city government. It was no easy task to reach an amicable agreement. There were many candidates for the respective places to be filled and each council- loan had his particular friends whom he desired chosen. The Democratic members of the council caucused geyeral times before an agreement was reached and It was only after long deliberation and the making of concessions all around that harmonious action was secured. Through the work accomplished last night the Democrats assume full responsibility in the management of city affairs. To secure good government and economy In city affairs every subordinate official must be held to a strict accountability and cruel policy. The time of negotiation Is the time for deliberation and delay. . But when an extreme case calls for that remedy which is in Its own nature most violent, and which In such cases is a remedy only because It is violent, it i.° idle to think of mitigating and diluting." Following this idea, the United States should make war against Spain with all the power it can command. Spain should be dispossessed of Cuba just as quickly as possible. Humanity, as well as the speedy estoratlon of peace, demands tne prompt overthrow of Spanish rule in Juba. An aciive invasion of Cuba will relieve more misery and destitution than it will create. Spain has not the power to resist an aggressive prosecution of the war cow being waged against her. The Mayor's Committees. Mayor McKee has shown the Democrats great consideration in the arrangement of the council committees. He has given all the important chairmanships to the Democratic members of tne council and on all of them the Democrats will have a working majority. Mr. (Jrowe becomes chairman of the finance committee, Mr. Palmer of the street committee, Mr. Woll of the sewer committee, Mr. Hattery of the electric light committee, Mr, Graf of the water works committee, Mr. Dykeman of the fire committee, Mr. Woll of the committee on parks and Mr. Palmer of the committee on public Improvements. The Bepubllcan members were given the following chalrmeashlps: Ordinances, Austin, oemeteiy Write a Flay. The New York Herald contains a list, of 15 plays that have earned altogether $34,765,000. They are nearly all American dramas or 'light operas and they are the following: Van Winkle." ••The Old Homestead. ' : Erminie." •Kobin Hood." 'The Silver King." 'Shore Acres." 'Kerry Gow. Boyer; printing, Porter; claims, Glfle. must devote all their time and attention to the duties of their respective positions. As far as we can learn, all the subordinate officers chosen pojsess the required qualifications. They will be found ambitiously active in their efforts to perform satisfactory service. In" case they fall to meet expected requirements prompt removal should follow. Frank M. Klstler, the new city attorney, will be safe in council and watchful of tne city's legal rights Walter A. Osmer, the new city engineer, is an expert in bis profession and is perfectly familiar with this important department. He Is a reliable man in any capacity. Jerry Kerns, who succeeds beorge Jamison as street commissioner, is a tireless worker and a man of good judgment, and will soon familiarize hlmielf with hid duties. The pro diction Is made that he will eave the city thousands of dollaisand at the game time place our streets In far better condition than they are now. Patrick J. Farrell, who succeeds C. D. Sellers as chief of the fire de partment, has a reputation as a "fire laddie" and will put new life into this department. George Warner, the new ctty electrician, has had many years experience in his line. He had charge of the independent company's plant in this city and knows all about electrical machinery. He has been given a most important position. His assistant, Clarence Ouster, Is a graduate of Purdue.and has filled the place satisfactorily since the city's plant was established. Charles B. Burgman, who succeeds Henry H. Montfort as superintendent of the water works, is a machinist at the Panhandle shops. He is well qualified for the positldn and will be found active, watchful and industrious. George Cann, who succeeds Frank P. Rogers as clerk'• of the electric light department, is an excellent young mati who will make an ef- taient and trustworthy officer. George L?ffert, who succeeds Henry Voss as sexton at Mt. Hope, is a tin- ner by trade, and has been in the employ of John T. Flanegin for some time. He lives in the Fir«t ward. There are many other subordinate positions tc be filled. This will be done at the next meeting of the council, ___^_^_^_ IF European harvests should agair fall, the United States will drain Europe of Its gold. Then there wil be another scramble for gold. Noth ing will turn Europe to bimetallism quicker than the drain that Is now being made on her gold reserves Bread is scare* in Europe and the poor people have no gold with which to buy it. MACATJLBT, the historian, was right when he said: "If there he any truth established ty the universal experience of nation* it is thia: That to carry the spirit of peace into war is a weak and The arrangement of the committees gives the Democrats complete control in all departments. The Democratic members of the council could not a»k greater consideration. (Concluded from first page.) "The Tvo Orphan*." •A Parlor Match." •The World." •The County-Fair.'"' 'Adonis.." Hazel Kirke." 'Shenandoah." 'Shaun Rhne." Their earning capacity has been in tbe order in which they .are named. The first, "Rip Van Winkle," has mads for Joe Jefferson, the richest actor in America, $5,000,000. It has been played 5,000 times. Tbe sums named reprs- sent the gross receipts. The second play, -Denman Thompson's Old Homestead," has made nearly as ranch, $4,750,000. J. A. Hearoe's "Shore Acres" has been played half as many times all told as "Rip Van Winkle," bat has made more than half as much money, its sum total being $2,680,000. Mr. Hearne was all through his early years a poor mau, and his oreat success 'coming in middle life was a most gratifying turn of fortune. The last play of tbe list, Bronson Howard's "Shenandoah," has been played 1,200 times and has earned §1,000,000, Gillette's "Secret Service" is not named here, bvt it is certain that this American play will have accumulated $1,000,000 at least before very long. It is to be remembered that the authors of these plays, where they are not bought outright, receive a royalty of 10 per cent on them. its plans for KD. assault upon Ha•van*. in connection ..with; the regular army movement by land, the work being rather of a preparatory nature and act committing,the department in any „„/ to a final adoption of this plan. It has been represented that the fleet with safety might, assemble at the extreme 'ast of the Spanish fortifications at the entrance of the harbor. In that position it would be exposed to attack by only one bacu-ry at the end of the line. The entire fleet could enfilade this battery and destroy it in short order. The attack would be followed down the line of shore, taking out- battery at a time. • nd thus reducing to a minimum the ,-xposure of the ships while bringing: i'tei-.-ihle coru-enti-atiGn of fire upon the battcrifs in turn. Ono naval officer who was i-nr.sulted upon the subject guaranteed that the fleet could knock out all of ihe fortifications one after another within two hums- "It would look like k n a (.-king down a- row of bricks," said hr-. 1IKADY TO MOVK TODAY, Two Rj-zhnnit-!. of Illinoi* Volunteer*— Mules to Kqi'iP ihf Jli-n. ?p-in2tield. Ills.. May l::.—Governor Tanner has notified the war department at Washington that two regiments of infantry will be equipped and ready to move Thursday. Notification of transportation arrangements has not been received. Governor Tanner says his task is completed when the troops are equipped, and the government c-an move them at any time it sees fit after that. The rendezvous for the We are shewlfg'tbe largest line of SideboardB.and Extension Tables la the city *t very low prices. We have .just received a cat load? of Bedroom Suits, which we are selling at the lowest possible prices, consistent with good, honest workman-. ship. . . See the all-wire Hammocks, which, we are selling at Very-low price*. ASH & 425 and 427 Market Use ing Logan Mill- Go's Flours PATENT AUTOMATIC. Flours are the Purest and of Highest. Grades on the Market ANNOUSCESHEST8. FOR JOINT BBPKKftENTATIVT., Ambrose O'Brien, of Fulton county, will be „ candidate for joint representative of the counties f.f Cass and Fulton, subject to the decision of tbe. Democratic nominating con ven tion, To voters:-! will be a candidate for Joint Representative of Cass and Fulton counties, subject to tne aeciuion of delegates, and I earnestly solicit tne support of Democrats,Arthur Meizler, Fulton county. The name of O A. Dsvis, of fiochester, will be presented as a candidate for Joint Representative of Cass and Fulton counties, subject to the decision of the Democratic nominating convention. TLere are manifestations on the part si a few American militia regiments that look bad. Tbe first duty of a soldier is obedience. When a would be soldier is en-willing to obey orders, it shows he is not trained for military service. In the arrangement of tbe national guardsmen into tbe three battalion formation it will be necessary to disband some of tbe regiments. Those on whom tbe lot falls to thns give up their particular little organization in order to be merged into a larger and more effective one show not only bad manners but absolute unfitness to be loldiers when they kick and squirm and burn officials in effigy and mnttei and efnse to play at all if they cannot play n their own especial back yard. It is a ;reat privilege to serve in tbe splendid Jnited States army, no matter where a oldieris. Each man's valor and modest b will be duly recognized in any aasa Let us have no more kicking. American merchant ships in Spanish ports have until May 21 to get out in safety. After that they will be subject ;o seizure. Tbe same courtesy shown to Spanish merchantmen in our ports •will enable both American and Spanish trading vessels to get safe out upon tbe high seas, beyond the three mile limit which has been adjudged to belong to a ooantry as ber coast line. The Spanish squadron at Manilla numbered four times as -many vessel? as the American fleet that went from Hongkong. The Spaniard had 6 cruisers and 20 gunboats. We bad 4 cruisers and 3 gunboats. Our fleet is, however, thoroughly up to date in every respect, while the Spanish Philippine squadron in vessels and equipment is antiquated and ragtag. The three volunteer cavalry regiments authorized under the new law will compare with the best troops of horsemen in any army of the world. These regiments are to be made up entirely oi volunteer western border men, unerring marksmen, unflinching in their nerve and endurance, experienced in perils and knowing not fear. Portugal is indirectly interested in this war from the fact that the Spanish squadron and likewise tbe torpedo flotilla remained so long in her harbor at St. Vincent, Cape Verde islands. S-nmter was fired on on Friday, April 15, President Lincoln was assassinated on Friday, April 14, and the first shot in the present war with Spain was fired on ftiday, April 23. Manv persons think they are reason ing when they are only giving expre* •ion to their prejudices. Do not insult subjects of Spain in the United States. Do not let us so disgrace ourselves. Russian Progress. A paper by Julian Ralph in Harpsr'a Magazine on the stir and activity of the .Russian nation in recent years is well worth reading and thinking about. When Russia wishes to gain advantages westward, in Europe, she must go abont it in a secret, burrowing, diplomatic way. In the other direction, on tbe Asiatic side, however, she moves boldly and carelessly. Her object is the gaining of new territory, the development of her own resources and tbe increase of her army and navy and her commerce. To achieve these ends her statesmen work sleeplessly, her generals move onward ruthlessly. Mr. Ralph furnishes various portraits of Russian statesmen, military men and •others. Along with these he gives pages of facts and figures going to show tbe gigantic forward strides of tbe c/.ar's empire 'among the nations of tbe earth. Russia simply takes possession without hindrance or scruple of all that lies iu her path. Sbe has already annexed tbe seventh part of this globe and the dream of all intelligent Russians is that "soon er or later they are to absorb all Asia down to and-including India." - A We can well understand this spirit, looking at the striking portraits of Russians in tbe article,.men powerful, fearless, aggressive and intellectual, overflowing with the prophetic .spirit of .a great destiDv. Are the Russians, after all, tbe coming race? eeconf. two Illinois' reslmenls has been changed to Mobile. This will include '^/^BW'V WVWV V^v ^f ^r ^v ^F- ^r- ^r- —• •—• — — — NOW FOR A SPRING SUIT. If you want one, you should not fail See my Stock and Get Prices. to Spain's habitual juggling with words as well as with common honesty is nowhere more manifest than in ber pro- nunciamento in regard to. privateering. Her war vessels, the document says, will not attack neutral flags carrying the enemy's merchandise except tbe mercbaudise be articles contraband of war. Moreover, sbe will not attack tbe enemy's flag when it flies over neutral merchandise. Nevertheless—and here i« tbe colored person, a very big, fat one, in tbe wood pile—Spain reserves to her cruisers the right of search of all vessels on the high geas and in the enemy's waters. The American who hereafter op poses the acquiring by the United States through perfectly equitable and peaceable means of naval, stations in -all parts of the world, whether such acquire ment involves annexation of islands or whatever it involves—that American will prove himself a traitor in the eyes of his fellow countrymen. By the gift of $100,000'to tbe United States for national defenses Helen Conic" has proved herself more of a patriot than most millionaire American men have done. Thus 10 per cent of one of the Jay Gould millions at any'rate wil be used for a noble purpose. Miss Gould may go up head. In a letter to che Sew York Evenin Post Mr. E. V. Smalley, advocate of municipal ownership of public enter prises, asks this question: "If a city can provide public parks, build bridges establish hospitals and lay sidewalks why should it not own gas plants anc street railways?" We observe in the pages of our es teemed contemporaries devoted to thi interests of agriculture considerable discussion about when a lamb become; a sheep. This order is reversed in citi restaurants. There a sheep becomes t lamb, and a, lamb it remains till dooms day. __________ The object of tbe mysterious SpanisL squadrons that have been reported hov ering around here and there appears ti be, so far as can be made out, tbe v?ar like one of not getting into a fight and saving coal. The pet name for. the Twenty-fifth United States infantry regiment, col aped, is. "the black warclouds,"and i it a good one. the First and Si-xth regiments, it is said. On the eve of the departure of the ; Third and Fifth regiments they were B iven a. srand ovation yesterday by the citizens of Springfield, as they were marched through' several of the principal streets of the city in the afternoon in company with the entire force in camp at Camp Tanner, under command of General Barkley. Over 8,000 men in all formed the parade. It.was probably the largest body of raea that had ever paraded through the oapltol of Illinois, at least 70.000 people lined the streets, and the business buildings a.nd residences were profusely decorated with hunting. Governor and Mrs. Tanner and Adjutant General Reese reviewed the troops as they passed the executive mansion. Last nig-ht the boys of the Sixth regiment were all United States soldiers. Companies E, C, K and H. making: up the First battalion of the Sixth, were mustered into service yesterday. Companies L. G. B and F. making the Second battalion, were mustered next, and then companies A, M. D and K. making up the Third battalion and completing the regiment, went in. All the companies of the Sixth are full and have men who have passed physical examination to spare. Orders have been sent for large 'auantites of knives, forks, cooking utensils. 2,200 pairs of regular army shoes, and 1.200 rubb«r blankets. All these will be furnished from Chicago. Camp Eaton, Mich.. May 12. — Ad- utant General Irish had taut one item f interest,to give.out. and that was a elegram from the war department ask- ig to what extent the state could equip ts own regiments. .The government has many- regiments to. equip .in. a short pace of time and wants' to arrange vith the. state to furnish its own equipment, the government to reimburse the tate'later. Adjutant General Irish says hat under any such an arrangement the First regiment cannot be started or Chickamauga before next week. Dea-Moines, la., May 12:—Colonel Jas. Rush Lincoln, commander of the Iowa •amp, is sure of an appointment as irigadier general. Senator Gear wires Adjutant General Byers the informa- ion that Lincoln's name will be in the ' a xt batch of appointments. Milwaukee. May 12.—United States [ustering Officer Captain W. L. Buck p.st night notified the war department hat he had mustered iti the Third regiment, Wisconsin volunteers, arid that now awaits orders. It is doubtful f the Third will move for Tampa todaj as was expected, a? transportation lias not been provided by the war department. H. 0. TUCKER, TAILOR, 4th & Broadway - You Have The Knack of putting up paper ourself you can renovate your rooms or next to nothing, with some of our argaln rolls. These remnants rep- esent odds and ends of the beet manufactures, the cut prices being o criterion of their real value. Logansport Wall Paper Company* IN A Y.KBY GKEAT HUSH. Only Three Regiments Lrft Cliick»m»nK» Park for tile Coast. Chickamauga National Park. May 12 _ The orders yesterday received at the headquarters of General Brooke's provisional army did not have the rush features; hence only three regiments o avalry left during the day. The orders however, are that all troops must go to he coast by the latter part of the week \ rumor prevailed that these troop; were to be sent through to Key West but this was denied at the ieadquar ters of General Brooke, who stated tha they would go to Tampa, The First and Tenth cavalry are under orders to leave before tomorrow. The Second, Seventh and Sixteenth infantry will leave to day. and the Eighth and Twelfth m fantry will probably not get off before Saturday. Orders have been issued from corp headquarters materially lightening th load of the infantrymen for the coming campaign. By the terms of the orde- the men in the ranks are to be relievei of the knapsack, tent, blanket, over coat, canvass suit, change of under wear, soap and towels, which are to b carried in wagons, two of which will be detailed with each company. The regru lation load of the infantryman is abou sixty-four pounds, and this will take off his "shoulders about seventeen pounds leaving him forty-seven pounds to b carried on the march into Cuba, The "Domestic" Office. Now is the time to provide yourself with a good Sewing Machine at a very low price. My stock includes all the leading makes. My term* are oasy, and there iff no ticute for, being out of a good sewing machine n Rehouse. The,old stand 529 Broadway, near 6th R. B WHITSELTT J LogansporEJnii BflTBX. Commencing May 1st. and' continuing until Oct 1st., 1898,.the- summer rate on Evidence Heaters and grates is as follows: $1.88 Heaters. 5<>c per month 2.25 ".- 75C " " Grates and open front stoves 75C " Special Eates on Furnaces and Business Heaters upon application. All bills are due and payable at the Company's offiee^betwem the 1st and 10th. of each month. . » Levee- : Little Rock, Ark., May 12.-The Arkansas river at Little Rock has reached T 05 feet. The record is 28 feet. A leve«. broke on the Arkansas river yesterday »r Unwood and caused damage esd- jnated at more than ?500,000- Plaudit Win* Another St»t«- Ixmisville, May 12.-Plaudlt won the Clark* nukes by four lengths in a !•>; Lle*«r Karl, second. Time, I Talley Gas Co, '^SSSSSL W 9$££L Dr.lpital'* Pennyroyal Pill* For Sale by Bea Fisher.

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