Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 1, 1890 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 1, 1890
Page 3
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A maker that makes a corset to suit nine-tenths of the women .-/tfvv/ to .know how to suit nine-tenths d" the girls a. iwll. : \ v.'om:i:i can go to a store —every store in the country that sells corsets at all—and <rer. Bali's corset, wear it a \vc:ek or two or ttireo, and then go back and get her money again if she wants it. So can a girl. A mighty good corset that! The store has a primer on Corsets for you. CEICAOO CoRsrr Co.. OWcaguandNew York A full line of 's Homoeopathic ¥ledicines at Pryor's Drug store. REAL ESTATE. For sale, 11 residences on Broadway. For sale, 10 residences on Spear street. For sale, one Stone and two Frame residences en North street. For sale, two residences on usage street. For sale, residences on Pratt and CWppewa For sale, residences on High street. For sale, a brick residence on Broadway. For sale or trade residences on the Forth and South side. To trade, -1 good f nrnu tor dwelling pi operty. To trade, S good tarins tor business blocks. To trade, a stock of Dry (ioods for a good farm. To trade, a stock of Dry Goods for town lots To trade a desirable residence In Francesville for property In the city will pay the difference In " Totrade. a No. 1 Steam Grist Mill with all modern improvements. The Mill runs day is In con lo atlon for a good farm, Wanted lots In nil parts of the city to sell. To rent elegant third tloor apartments. For Particulars Enquire ot M. M. GORDON, Pension and Real Estate >genfc. Room No. 3, Elliott Block, Logansport, • Ind. deeld-wly . Miss 'Oddie DeGroot ia visiting friends at Pern. Mr. P. W. Hagen. of Delphi, is visiting friends in the city. Special prices in black.dress goods to-day, at Sehnritt & Heflley's. More new spring wraps received yesterday at the Trade Palace. The water.works will be shut down to-morrow afternoon from 12 to 1 p. ru. One hundred silk umbrellas with gold caps, 30 inch, at $1.34.—G-olden Rule. City Clerk Taggart was down to his office yesterday, ai'ter a few days illness. Miss Tresa Crouin, of Marshall, Mich., is the guest of ' lpr sister, Mrs. Ed. Duffleld. Don't buy your cttrprts and curtains until you have seen the line at the Trade Palace. Dr. Charles Ballard came down from Chicago yesterday, called here by the illness of his little son. George B. Chamberlain and Frank Gibson, of Ft. Wayne, were registered at the Murdock yesterday. How that the sun is making himself felt everyone should go to John Gray's and buy a sun umbrella. Seventy-eight jackets in the new spring colors we will close, $1.78; former prices ranging from $3 to $5, at Schuutt & Heffley's. Mrs. Mary Murphy returned to her home at Lafayette yesterday, after a pleasant visit of two weeks with Miss Mary Maleahey. Remember that John Gray's sun umbrellas are made of the best material and on the Paragon frames, also the latest designs in handles. Hans Englert, the baker has moved his shop from, the Kruck building West Side, ''.o the Uhl building at the west end of Market street bridge. Mr. A. Winklebleck aud family departed yesterday for Chicago, where they will remain during the summer. Their residence on Broadway has been taken by Dr. J. B. ShultK, who will occupy it. The Boariiltnj-House ticr/or. A gentleman who has bad a groat deal of experience with New York boardinghouses alleges positively that they ure .is bad ua it is possible for them to ba. There may be exceptions to this, as there are to every rule, but after years of experience he has been unable (o discover the exception. "Of course, the principal objection is to the quality of thu food," said the gentleman, whose naiue is Sykes. "Do they really Ube lough pickles?" vro. aekvd. "Tough! It is r; nk tlatlory to say that they are made of leather." "And is the hash, never good?" "Itis not the qu.lity of the hash, it is the uncertainty. When ignorance is Lliss it is folly to ask tho landlady what ehe puts in the hash." "How about piea?" "The pies »re not altogether bad. The principal fault is that the stuffing, imd not the crust, is short." "Of course you rftii't stick a fork in the gravy, to utilize a miustiel chestnut. "liot only that, bnt it. is dangerous to attempt it. 1 knew a fork to recoil when the attempt was made nod bury itself in in the ceiling." ""But the canned goods are good, nre they not?" "Canned goods are pood—when they are young—but after you huve sampled some of the canned fruits dished out at New York boarding-houses you are preparec to believe the assertion that canned goods really do date back.to 1'ompeii, aud even further than thnt." "Is the spring chicken really tor.gh?" "It is too tough to makecar-spiingK ou of it, ondthe Bans ges are tough enough to be made of pig iron." Doubtless Sykes exaggerates to some extent, but there is no doubt that the city landlady procures the cheapest of food ond cooks it in the most infumous stvle Of course, there is no l«w compelling thi stranger in New York to put up atu boa cl ing-bouse, but un'ess lie is very wesl lr> he will not care to reside any great I o£ time nt n tirst-cluss hotel, and all othe hotels are simply boivrdiug-houEes.— Texas ' FACTS OF INTEREST. the and WANTED To sell our goods by sample to wholesale and retail trade. We are the largest manufacturers In our line. Liberal salary paid. Permanent position. Money advanced for wages, advertising, etc. For terms address ^CENTENNIAL MFG. CO., CfctcarjiWl. aprll2dfllwlm Dally Journal. THURSDAY MORNING MAY 1. Reptiblicau Conventions. The Republicans of the city of Logansport are notified to meet on THURSDAY EVKNING MAY 1, At 7:30 o'clock, at the usual planes of meeting in the various wards of the city, for the purpose of nominating one candidate for councilman in each of the five wards. Such meetings will be held at the following places: First ward—West Side engine house. Second ward—Council Chamber. Third ward—Shroyer's Office. Fourth ward—MuNary's Office. Fifth ward—Fifteenth street engine house. At the same time and at such meetings five delegates from each precinct shall be chosen to the city convention. The delegates so selected are notified to meet in convention at the Council chamber on Thursday evening, May 3d, to nominate one candidate for Water Works trustee. By order of committee. A. R. SHROYER, Ch'n. •H Streiijrtnening: and ilhcu- Royalty Host Mayor Cullen yesterday receivec the following remarkable docninen which explains itself: •'To Our Most Faithful Subject, His Honor, th Mayor ot Logansport, Ind.: "It has pleased my Royal Ancesto to make known the foregoing Roya mandates. In order that our Royal Consort, her Majesty, the Queen, may be attended and surrounded by the most beautiful and lovely of the femule subjects of our realm, we command yon to at once transmit to our Lord High Chancellor the names of a number of the most distinguished and beatiful of the fair ladies of your favored state, in order that selections may be made, giving them the honor and pleasure of attesting their loyalty and obedience to Her Gracious Majesty, by assisting as maids of honor, on the occasion of our coronation and Carnival fete , at our Royal Capital, city of Ogden, Utah, on July 1st, of the present year. Bv the King, "REX II, "BUCKHURST, "Attest: "Lord High Chancellor. "ORLKA2TS, "First Secretary." Pears' Soap secures a beautifn complexion. now24dly \ewcarpetsreceived daily at the Trade Palace. House ivitb gas for rent, No. 355 Sycamore street. dee22dtf James L. Stringer and Ruth A Wilhelm are licensed to wed. llr. S. W. Ullery departed yester- Jay on a visit to friends at Greenville, O. For rent, the unfurnished room at 312 Market street. Inquire of Mrs. A. Borges, North Side. aprlSdt For rent, residence property, 312 Twelfth street. Inquire of A. P. Jenk s ,-318 Fifth street. apr39d3t Black silk capes, the latest style for spring and summer wear; a full line just received, at the Golden Rule. If you want a beautiful black leg- born hat, go to Mrs. Briggs, 312 Market street, over Flanegin & Crismond's. mayldetwlt Don't neglect that first cough! Syrup White Pine and Tar will it lieveit at once; 25 and 50 cents per bottle. For gale by B. F. Keee- ling. jan2Sd-w4ni If you have numbness in arms or limbs, heurt skips beats, thumps or flutters, or you are nervous and irritable—in danger of shock—Dr. Kilmer's Ocean-Weed regulates, relieves, aorrects and cures. For sale by B '• Keesling. RBV. J. B. Crawford, formerly pastor of thaR. p. church at Idaville, a Qd well known in this city, was married to Miss Anna Gillespie, at Montieello, Tuesday evening, and Urn n I_ . . . • .... waa bride the city yesterday with his enroute to his home in Phila- ia, where he has been installed Pastor of a flourishing ehur«h. Are a revelation to the World, and are the only Genuine Rheumatie Plasters. Nine-tenthsl'of all troubles which require the aid of plasters are rlieu matic in their nature, A change of weather or sudden draft causes a cold which develops into muscular and that into inflammatory rheumatism. And yet there has never been such a thing as a distinctly rheumatic and strengthening plaster, and hundreds have died suddenly where rheumatism has attacked the heart, whose lives inifhc have been saved had this plaster been applied in season. _ They are constructed on purely scientific principals and are purely vegetable. Prepared by Rheumatic Syrup Co., Jackson, Mich. For sale by B. F Keesliug. jan23deod&wly Surplus. The Pharos speaking of the surplus in the U. S. Treasury, says Logansport might as well have a part ol it. We ask the Pharos to explain what has become of all the money wrung out of the people of Cass county by the Democratic county government; ten times as much money thrown away by the County Commissioners for useless bridges, and 35 per cent, salaries to hired agents, as would build a public building for Logansport. When will the voters of Cass county realize the extent to which they have been robbed by the gang that has ruled tUe county for the last ten years. Everybody K.nows that at this seasoQ,the blood is filled with impurities, ,the accumulations of months of close confinement in poorly ventilated stores, workshops and tenements. All these impurities and every trace of scrofula, salt rheum, or other disease may be expelled by taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, the best blood purifier ever produced. It Is the only medicine of which "100 doses one dollar" IB true. 8 THE boundary line between tho United States and Canada is not "imaginary," as most people suppose. The fact is the line is distinctly marked from Lake Michigan to Alaska by cairns, iron pillars^ earth mounds, and timber clearings. There are 385 of these marks between the Lake of tlie Woods and the base of the Hocky Mountains. The British placed one post every two miles, and the United States one between encli Britit-lt post. The posts are of cast-iron, and cast on their faces are tho words "Conventioa of LorJ».on,Oct. 20, 1818." Where the line crosses lakes, mountains of stono* have been built projecting eight feet above high-water mark. In forests the line is defined by felling trees for a space a rod wide. Entirely Helpless tn Health. The above statement made by Mrs. S. H. Ford, wife of Gen. Ford, can be vouched foi\by nearly the entire population of Corunna, Mich., her home for years. She was for two years a terrible sufferer from rheumatism, being confined to her be'd most of the time, her feet and limbs being so badly swolen she could scarely move. She was induced to try a bottle of Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup. It helped her and two additional bottles entirely cured her. To-day she is a well women. First ask your druggist should he not keep it we will send on receipt of price, $1.00 per'bottle or six for $5.00 RHEUMATIC SYRUP Co., Jackson, Mich For sale hy B. P. Keesling. . jan23deod&wly Darby* Prophylactic Fluid. Gives prompt and permanent rellel iu burns, scalds, chilblains, venomous stings or bites' cuts and wounds of every description, It la Invaluable In scarlet fever, diptherla, 8mall-p«x. cholera, yellow, typhus, typhoid and other fevers, „ . . For sick-rooms, to prevent the Spread ol contagion, It Is the best disinfectant known. Hon, Alex. H. Stephens, of Ga. Dnrtys Phophylactlc Fluid Is an article of little cost, but grent value. Its domestic as well as medicinal uses nre numerous while Ua specialties are mo^t wonderful. No head of a family should ever be without It. 2 A Spring Medicine. The druggist claims that people call dally for the new cure for constipation and sick headarte, discovered by Dr. Silas Lane while in the Kocky Mountains. It is said to be Oregon grape root (a great remedy in the Jar west !. er those complaints) combined with simple herbs, and is made for ose 'jy pouring on boiling water to draw out the strength. It sells at 60 cents a package and Is called Lane's Tamlly Medicine. Sample free, leod Read John Gray's corner on sun umbrellas, and remember that although made of the best materials and of s»perior manufactures, they are sold at a low a price as inferior goods are offered. Tlio youngest bank president in New York city is'William H. Perkins of the Janlc of Nortli America. In partinz with the showman Barniim .ho London Saturday Review calls him 'tho Kieatt'st bo.o on earth." A mathematician has calculated that .he dea:.l are in tho minority after all, inch is tho. rapid growth of human population. The first while man hanged in Mississippi for murdering n negro was executed March I'.ith last. Tho strongest ti>- luenccs were brought, to bear to prevent ;he execution, but the Governor refused to Interfere. The situation in Rio de .Janeiro is still somewhat uneasy. The garrison of the city recently became disaffected ant", was ordered to the South. The. troops refused to go, and tho Government canceled the order. Nelson Chase, who was famous in the noted Madame Jumel litigation for many years, recently died at Ridgeway, N. J. He married the niece and ward of Ma- damp .I time), and thus succeeded to the litigation which arose from her efforts to recover immensely valuable property in New York city. The oldest centenarian on record In recent times was known as "Old Parr," an Englishman, lie was 152 years 9 months old when he died, and it is said that he would have lived loncor had he not been taken from his quiot country home to be shown to Charles I. He was a laborer, and worked hard up to his 130th year. In a recent address to a visiliug delegation of the American Association for the education of tho. colored youth. President Harrison said: "I have a 11 rm belief that thu rock of our safety as a nation lies in the proper education of our population; that it Is impossible for a man to discharge his duties as a citizen without the knowledge that is to bo. derived from the common schools. The Trappists and certain reformers of tho Bendoctines never eat, meat, and the Dominicans only eat it when they arc preaching. The Capuchins keep two Lents, the usual one, and another of about equal length in the autumn. The Jesuits, on the other hand, during the long course oE years which they devote to siudy are dispensed from fasting, and sometimes, but not always, from abstinence. A man named Grabowski, supposed to be a pauper, who died at the Charitable hospital in Paris recently, left 8200,000 to found in Paris a polyelbt gazette, 840,000 for creeling a monument in Paris to testify the gratitude of the Poles to France, aud a large sum for continuing the Polish dictionary begun by Lind. There are other legacies amounting to 870,000, and more assets are turned out than will suffice to pay these different beo.uo.sts. The Belgium Anti-Slavery society has decided to send expeditions to Africa for the purpose of protecting the natives in certain districts against Arab slave raids. In this enterprise it will have the co-operation and approval of the Congo State. The two long lines on which the Society proposes to act form a right angle, and penetrate north and south and east and west through the heart of that part of the Congo country which is chiefly scourged by slave raids. The society proposes to form refuges for hunted natives. A number of merchants, especially those Interested in textile goods manufacture, propose to begin an agitation in favor of a broad and comprehensive system of industrial schools, first in New York city and thon elsewhere. The movement has its origin in a conviction that, unlo.sa American youth are drilled thoroughly in the rudiments and the higher development of textile manufacture, this entire department of industry will before long pa?s absolutely into the hands of an undesirable class of foreign-born and foreign-bred workmen. PERFECT MADE. NEW YORK'S GREAT CHEMIST. This is to certify that I have analyzed Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder. I find it composed of pure materials, compounded on correct scientific principles. The ingredients are accurate ly and scientifically proportioned. Hence, bread or bis- ouits prepared with itare better suited for digestion R. OGDEN DOREMTJS, M. D., LL, D. Prof. Chemistry and Toxicology In the New York Bellevua Hospital Medical College. Prot. Chemletry and Physics In the College of the City of New York. 3 Pont spoil your Feet with CHEAP SHOESf See that EVERY PAIR is STAMPED THE BURT & PACKARD "Korrect Shape." Don't allow YOUR dealer to palm off any substitute lor the "Korrect Shape," as we have arranged to supply anyoneln the United States who cannot get these goods of OCH agents, and prepay all dellTWJ charges, thus bringing them to your door without extra cost. The Burk & Packard "Korrect Shape" Sboes are made In tour grades, viz., Hand-made, HaniJrWett, Burtwelt and Machine Sewed, which Is stamped on the sole in addition to our trade-mark above Our agents should carry all grades In Congress, Button and Bal lor Gent's, Boys and youths. PACKARD & FIELD (Successors to Burk & Packard). Brockton, Mass. OTTO A.KBAUS, Of Course, oar Jeent £ LOGANSPORT IDIOMS OF THE STAGE. To say that a scene or play wants more "ginger" means that it lacks "snao' 1 and "so," A "reception" is the round of applause that greets an actor when he makes his first appearance. A "Ruy" line Is a lino that is so foolish that the audience laughs nt its absurdity, not at its humor. When one artist is made special mention of in the program or on the bills ho is "featured." The play is called "the piece," the actors "the artists'," and UK- advertising lithographs and posters "the paper." To "got hi* notice" is to receive word that after the two weeks stipulated In the contract his services will not be needed. An "open stage" is a stage with the back very far up, and an "angel" is the fool that supports the show with his money. The O. P. entrance Is the "opposite prompter" entrance, and is across the stage from the entrance in which the prompter stands. To "queer" a scone ia to "ca^" or introduce lines which do not belong there and so make the other actors laugh or forgot their lines. A "black-face act" is a variety "tuni" in burnt cork; a "turn" is the specialty or act of a variety performer or music- hall artist. "To hug the center," or "hog tha center" is to keep in the middle of the stage, and so attract the entire attention of the audience. A theatrical failure is called a "frost," a poor company a "snap" company, a poor theatrical town a "jay" town, a::d a poor actr.r a "ham." VALUABLE HEALTH HINTS. Don't eat cold meats. Don't chill the stomach after eatinR with a cold drink. If you want to and can take a nap after a meal do so. If a woman, support your heavy dresses from the shoulders. Don't over-season your food. It, prevents, If not ruins, the natural taste. Don't give beer to childroiu Because some persons do is no justification any more than the existence of a heair.h veteran soldier with bullets in his b'id' warrants you shooting yourself full o toilets. WALBBIIAB, of Denmark, ia testing a new K-abmarine boat, built after the idea of Jules "Verne's famous craft. It is liko afiehinform, and can go below the submerged chains, in harbors, can run around buoys, and can cut cables and wires with the shears at its keel. It is as easy to hang on the davits of a vessel as a lifeboat. Two men who work the vessel have stayed in it several hours under water without feeling inconvenience. They take with them a supply o£ oxygen, and they can eat their meals quite comfortably. The inventor is M. Goobot, after whom the boat is named. TARIFF LITERATURE FOR AU. The AMERICAN PROTECTIVE is publishing a most valuable series of TMUF documents. These are prepared with a view to state the facts and arguments for Protection, whether in the interest of farmers, laborers, merchants or professional men. Each issue of the series appeals to those Coin separate industries, and presents ia- Scratched 28 Years Body covered with scales. Itching terrible. Suffering endless. No relief. Doctors and medicines fail. Speedily cured by Cutieura at a cost of $5. CurecLby Cutieura If I had known of the Cutlcnra Kemedles twen - ty-eight years ago It would have saved me S20IUW (two hundred dollars) and an Immense amount of suffering. My disease (psoriasis) commenced on my head In a spot not larger than a cent, it spread rapidly all over my body and not under my nails. The scales would drop off of me all the time, and my suffering was endless and without relief. One thousand dollars would not tempt me to have this disease over agiiln. I am a poor man, but feel rich to be relieved ol what some of the doctors said was leprosy, some ringworm, psoriasis, etc. 1 took and Sarsaparlllaa over one year and a half, but no cure. I went to two or three doctors, and no cure. I cannot praise the Cutlcura Remedies too much. They huve made my skin as clear and free from scales as a baby'". All I used of them were three boxes of Cutlcura, and three bottles ol Cutlcura Resolvent, and two cakes of Cutlcura Soap If you had been here and said you would have cured me for $ '00.00, you would have had the money. I looked like the ploture in yo«r book of psoriasis (picture number two. "How to Cure Skin Diseases"), but now I am as clear as any person ever was. Through force of habit 1 rub my hands over my arms and legs to scratch once In a while, but to no purpose. I am all well. I scratchad twenty-eight years, and It got to be u kind of second nut re to me. 1 thank you "ttgggd tlmes.^ ^^ yf Cutieura Resolvent The new Blood and Skin Purifier and purest and best of Humor Remedies, internally, and cutlcura, thegreat Skin Cure, anrt Cutlcura Soap an exquisite Skin Beautlner external P. speedily and per- innnently cure every species of Itching, burning, scaly, crusted, pimply, scrofulous, and hereditary diseases and humors of tneskln.scalp, and blood, with loss ol hair, from pimples to scrofula. Sold everywhere. Price. Cutlcura, BOc.; Soap, 26c.; Resolvent, $1. Prepared by the Potter Drug and Chemical Corporation, Boston. {S'-Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases," 64 pages. 60 Illustrations, and 100 testimonials. -isputable tacts—comparisons of wages, cost of living, and other arguments showing the benefits of Protection. Any single one will be sent on receipt of 3 cents in stamps except " Wages, Living aod Tariff." which will be sent for 4 cents. The whole list will be sent for SOcenrsor any twelve for 20 cents, or any five for lit cents, postage paid. Orderby number. NO. 1'iCES, 1—" Wages, Living and Tariff." E. A. HARTS* HORS -104 3—"The Advantages of a Protective Tariff to the Labor and Industries of the Coiled States." First PrUo Essay. 1887. CRAWFORD D. HESNIMO S3 S—"Home Production Indispensable to a Sap- ply, at Low Prices, of the Manufactured Commodities required for the People of the United States, and Adequate Home Production of these commodities Itnpo*- Eible without a Protective Tariff." Hrst Prize Essay, 1888. C. D. TODD S2 4—* What are Raw Materials ? Would Free Raw Materials be Advantageous Co the Labor and Industries of the United Statea." First Prize Essay, l&O. HOMEB B. Dot&u. 32 5-"PaUacles or Free-Trade." E. P MILLER... 34 6—" Some Views on the Tariff by an Old Bfcs!- ness Alan." GKO. DEAPEE. — JS 7—"The Protective Tarill; Its Advantages for thesotuh." C. L. c.DWiKDS St 8—" The Wool Interest." Judge WM. LAWRSXCX 34 9—" Protection va. Free-Trade."—A Historical Review. D. «. HiHBDUU! 3> 1O-" The Farmer and the Tariff'" CoLTHOBiS H. DUDLEY » 11—-Protection as a Public Policy." GEOKMS. BOUTWELL *. 16 13—"Bcply to the President's Free-Trade lies- sage." R.P. POBTEB 8 W-" Workingmen and tae Tariff " ........... s 14—"TUe Vital Question: Shall American Industries be Abandoned and American SIKT- tots surrendered ? • 2 !S—Same in German, with Addition .. S 16—"Tho Progress of one fciuiiiired \eare." ROBEUT P. POHTfH J 17—"Protection for American Shipping." ,. * 18-"The Tariff Not a Tax." HOMEUii UlBIIi.. 8 10—- why Irishmen Should He Protectionists." H 20-"Protection." K. H. AJUODOWX ........ « 21—" What Is a Tariff?" Answersto a Workingman's Question •- 4 22—"The American Wool Industry." E.H.A*- 23—" Wanes and Cost of Living."' J. D. w'raos. * 24—"Southern Forming Industries." * 25-" A Short Talk toWorkmgmen."............ 28—" Protection and the Farmer." Senator S. JL CULLOM. —• ** The AMMCAS ECOHOMST, weeUT.<Jerot«l t» discussion of all phases of the Tarlf t PLES, black-heads, red, rough, chapped, Jand oliy skin prevented by Cutlcura iledfcated Soap, Free from Rheumatism, In one minute the Cutlcura Anti- Pain Plaster relieves rheumatle. I sciatic, W p, Kidney, chest, and mus- _ _ cu'ar pains and weaknesses. The nrst and onljpaln-JdlUng piaster. ayear. Sami tectlro la ' r Jff questlo*. « ie copies free. Address Ajnertcaano : League, Kt W. 23d St., New Yd*. TOMACKINAC SUMMER TOURS. P*ucc STMMCK*. Low R*m. Jour TMpt p« W««k Betwean DETROIT, MACKINAC ISLAND •""-"as-^Ksr^-* DETROIT*AND* CLEVELAMD £ud>; Trip, dotta. Jrat. July, Algol ••* Siphmtar Ooljr. OUR ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLCTB, SMM end Bxeanlon TlakM* will b. fonfcM ^^ bjryourTlokrtA«nt.orwidnw E. B. WKITCOMB, a P. *., BtTlloiT, MM. T!!E DETROIT « CLEVELMP STEM ULC*.

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