The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 24, 1939
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JUNE 24. 1939 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dslly rate per line for cOnsecu- H\c Insertions One tune p«r line 10o r»o time 1 ! per line per day 08o Vhree times i«r line per clay 06c Ux times per line per day 05J Month fate per Hue 60c Cards of.Thanks. 50c' & 76c Minimum charge 60o Ad* ordered for three or six limes and stopped before expira lion will be charged for tliie niim. bet of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made All Clasiificd Advertisi ig copj mbmltted by persons residing out side of th« city muse be ficcoin- pained by cash Rates nniy be easily computed from abo\e (able Advertising ordered foi iriegtilar hisertlon* takes the one time rat* No responsibility Mi) be taken ' for more than oYie Incorrect Inser (ion of any classified ad . COUIUEK IHSTHfWANT-AW For Rent 3 room UNfmnlslicd -\parhnen7 Reasonable Unities lurnisheu U'29- W. Aslr. ' 2'J-ck-28 For Rent—Tln>ee room unfurhlEti- ed epirtmcnt PrKate b-\th Hoi and cold water .• 324 North ,2nd Fihonc 211. . - 43-pk 2 room modern .furnished apart mcnt. Private entrance. 108 W Kentucky. 23-pk3 Geyser Gushes In Chicago Loop Pour i-oom furnished, house, 2 bed ' rooms,.' with licw fAner-sp.rln ni'a'tti'esses'. Frlgldaire. Call 1028. ' Bedroam for .rent'. Outside Intraiice Connc'ctiiiB bath. 1-2 block Trov Wain. Call 865-W. 21-ck-2 . Cool, south bedroom, •'convenient li ' bath: 611 W. Main. Call 280. .... '• . . 21-ck-t' reiH, 209 E 21ck2 Furnished . room for Dai'ls', Call 25 or Cbmfo'rtabte bedicom. 1017 Walruit Phone 102. 15-ck-tf Cool, south bedroom. Garage. Hea sonable. Mrs. Simmons 818 War niit - ' . • 6-ck-t 2 or 3 robin fufnish'ea apartment, Newly, decorated. 914 Ilearn . .3-pk-7-a Mo'dern 3 room unfurnished apartment: Mali) and Second. F. Simon phorie 764. -" 3-ck'-tf Two large bedrooms for rent, Mrs Nolen,- 310 W. ..Waimii 24ck-t •O'rtlcS! rooms.! sudbury. Building-, S Graham; Sudbury.• 27ti For Sale Green grapes, fine for Jelly. Phone 062-J. Mrs.-Joe. Kuclcr. 23-ck-30 My S|ircco home ' and 2 acres. Has 5 rooms mid bat'li." Blocked hardwood floor's. PI i one' 252 or 34T. Paul 3'yhim. ' 23-ck-U 2 w'hcl trailer. 2 extra tires. 1930 license.- 112 E. Clierry. 21-pk-2G Sive'et peas airj ether cut flowers. Lois Hooper, Phone 30G or 792. CiifUss' Air Cbrrtpresspr with new motor. Inquire Cities Service, s. Division, phone 567. ]9'-ck-2S 700 dozen used fruit jars, any sfzc. Save money. Al'vin Hfardy, 212 E. Main. 17-ck-7-17 Cans for Jug Fishing complete with straps. Guaranteed won't leak. 7'!4 cents rnch. Raymond Brooks, Stecle, Mo. 9-pk7-8 #£_ have a .inimbcv of attractive and.drsifable cottages in Blytheville, well locate'd, ivhich we can sell gl reasonable'prices. Ttrry Abslract * Realjy Co. • ' "• PKot,e 617 6-Ck-tf Personal Arouse Slncglsh i,tVcr, work oil the bile, to fid yourself 6f constipation, gas pains and that sour, punk feeling. Take one box of ( KfRBi'S ACTIVE tlVER PILl.S Xr. at nil Klrby Storea. Wanted Copies of the Courier News dated June 1. Will pay 5c each. , CASH PAID for good 153.5. Tp35 J»t. and 1937 mode! Fnrds, Plymouth.', *f and Chevrolet^. Phone Howard Burton al 810. Phillips Motor Co. . . . 29-ck-6-2a i. « Spoiidng trouble for Chicago subway diggers-mul pnsscrs-by-thls miniature nniri geyser js on'e of several that burst through pavement of heavily traveled State •street. Compressed air, used In supporting clny through which tunnel is bored, forced way through root, gushing clny from cracks In streets and sidewalks. Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN Rooin aiid Board largely solving the'-Mfirm'in cricket Invasion iil various st-ellous of Hie state as a result of having discovered that the crickeli cnn Ijc "herded" and that their direction can be changed as imty be desired. The "lierillng" neccssiates the ul- mosl .slleiice and stealth on (lie purl cf (he Indians who craftily steer •tlVcm away froirt the crops they are after. too took ..I your sister's ov vwi'H ! of n bouse when I y c i back!" 1939 by stripping the fruit from every second or third row of vines before it ripens, llnis reducing lite Comfortable rooms, Reasonable rates. 803 W. Ash. Phone 90a 22-ck-tf , FTIESNO, Cnl. t'u'p>—Aram Saroyan, Fresno agriculturist, advanced a proposal to cut <lbwn tlie nntlcl- pated heavy surplus of • grapes in Found Arkansas ISKto l-a' ,( 0 \i truck license. Number 214-545. Owner may have license by paying cost' of this »d.- Courier News. Winnows For Sale fishing c'an'es. 300 E. ? 800'."'GV-Ci:' RaWKs. 24-ck-6-24 Goldfish Minnows B. F. Brogdon, 311) MINNOWS Si COCK RO'AClfES c«ri Uaninn. Car. .Railroad A. Ky. Indians Herd Crickets From Path of Plenty CARSON CITY, Ncv. (UP)_^'ni B American Indian Irasii't • lp s t all' of his native dinning', iliey are LAWN MOWERS Sharpened, factory method, adjusted oiled—Picked up & delivered j) Used Ij\wu Mowers For Stile ATKINS . Machine Shop & Garage 410 S. 2nd phone 284 Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SKE" Over .Toe Isaacs' Store Phone 5'10 PRESCRIPTIONS Frcshosl Slnok (Ju;intn(cc() lien! l>ri«* Kirby Drug Stores Ihivcl. crop by one-half or one- J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate 0|)l»ine- Irht In Bljihcvllle. Glasses Kitted Correctly ,, ms " f « ( ) Advice Humorous MELBoimNB Ai.sUnlla < UP) _ ii 1 .I 1 eo^uimciit h com In *wl J,w i , "" rt tlllvl " 8 l'»t"iet!<w offered h, a Immoioas iclu me »»'* effrcllu limn tile tram I IJM With o\erj dihliig license n;w eiamed Is Hroitrtort n book entitled Mnnj H«IW Hrtmns ' containing Instruction,, Itkc (he following •{* I"'U \o\\\ rautl If an the other loutl itw me completely <)nfi, It It, jcni rmill ir ) u ii nicn't picpiied roi (hem to bo to Dr. F. J. Weilz Veterinarian VI!) W. Ash Photic 9!> i-.- e * oil Oilolanl iljonjjhlcli he ant the n<! HU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt laundry and Cleaning HEMORRHOIDS Cured Without Surgery, and A \eij Mife mid ImunlcBs method; without confinement to Did lov* of lime fioin uoik mul wllh veiy lllllo illRcomfoil. All tjpcs of piles llssmtf,, fiAliihifc, cto, liciitcd by oui onico methods DKS. N1ES & WES Clinic fill Main All Now I,(if.i(c<l »( 101 NoHli ScCfind ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAitDS, Vniprlflor of Itchullt T)j«wrllt'M, MM ,, g M ,,,|,i nc ., „,„[ s— Itfp.ilrlne— IMr(s— KIMinii's SAFETY'S SAKE! KBAI) THIS AD Si'c us ;ind MH-C! Save ilclayj .Snie Irnulilq! Hctorc uolng 01 your mention nr iaklng mnloi IrJjif, M us check (he following: Danger Points Cooling S.vstcm and Kan Kelt Generator, Uatfery, KlcctrU-al System llrakt-H, Hrakc t'edul & Clutch Steering Gear, M'liccl Alignment DifTcrvntlut- and Tiansmission PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Hlh A tvtlnui Fhom 810 — PRESCRIPTIONS^ — ; . Safe - - Accurate Your Proscription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. & First Phone HORIZONTAL 1 Boy rulei- of Viigb-Slavia, 9 His country's unit of exchange. 14 To worship: 15 To have art obligation. 16 To make reparation. 17 Tennis fence. SSfde'by side. 21 Labor scab. 22 Jacket plated .with steel. •1 Javelin emblein. 25 Nonsense'. 8 Electrical term. 0 Irqnwood Irce. 0 Public storehouse. X Pronoun. Answer (o Previous Satisfp.ctofy quality and service in Dairy products.. Battle free of Bang's Disease, -In best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Low-fry. 9f)2^J, for Halsell's Gr'aae A Ra* Milk. Cream, Country Btitt'er, Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders, rnspeotlon encouraged anytime. iralscll's Dairy Promised Land. Route 2 «Naiural power. 43 To bury. 45 Foment?. 48 Obese. 50 Lachrynial sinus. 52 Garden tool. 54 Gaping. 1 His kingdom's 55 Pecan basic S7C-H ' industry. 57 Silly. 6 Company. W His land's 7 Plural (abbr.). capital. 38 Still. 60 His-^_ was 39 Trying assassinated experience. in France. VERTICAL 1 Native Hawaiian. 2 Fish. 3 Memorable 4 Grain. 5 Kinds of moss fuel. 6 Lacerated. ,, _.,„„, 7 female sheep. 49 To grow"old. 8 To harvest. 51 To regret 9 Appointments. 53 Single thing. 10 Neuter 55 Portugal pronoun. (abbr.). HDcmigoddcss 58 New ,^ f , rat °- Testament "Data. (abbr.)/ J 3 Network, in Black tea. 20 Glitter. 23 Shecj)'s disease. 2G Blood of(he gods. 2V Desert bcasl. SI To endeavor. 32 Cavity. 34 To blaiuli 35 Genus of ornamental Plants. 33F,irni]iar 'dint "Pig S fy. 40Gui!a'r slop. •41 Sheltered Place. 42 Kimono sash. •M Inner sole. •15 Ready. 40 Supreme ruler of Persia. 4 7 Crystal' gazer. Nolico ^Fishing License FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, WB A HE PREl>AIti;i) ,TO . ISSUK SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE Co, Phone ' 35 PRBD HARMAN \fftf jo DOE ISN'T HERE To ISSUE AM lAMU^Cfiori AGAINST MDRGAM , THEN IPS UP is -' THAT i GET YirtRt^i MOWW' 1 CAN "DO, ' AND MORONS Too powERfUL FOR YOU to r^Hf/ I'D'AOMISE VOU to 5ta QUTto V . . . To MAKE IT LEGMj uttLE BEMER--FOR ^^oRGft^ wuGmtR-BbT NOW VLL DO tHWGS »AY WAV.' A, tot Of Votes AROUND PLENTY Th'c'-MiiriiicK Have (Sio TWEETCHA" TUM--WHEWWIIA. 1H£ REST OF 1HE BY V, T..HAMLIA HERE COMES PLAME... MOW I BETCHA THIS Puvce'LL BE SWARMIMG WllH ^, G-MEN.' v REST SURE.' VOU DOW'T THIMK CWE X1AW CM Boys? ICOPE WITH THE PHAU- WELL,WHV WOT? X THepE'SOWLVONE 1 PHAWIOW, ISM'T / BECAUSE OF THE EXTEMSWE AREA INVOLVED, THE &OVERMAAEMT HAS TAKEN A HAND IM THE SEARCH FOR THE ELUSIVE "PHANTOM APE* EDGAR MARTIN Wdndcrfiit- f'lacc TELL HIM IT'S IMPORTANT WHAT! Vou . . .. IM HERE TO' SHOW HE A n ABOUT THE ISLE Of HULA , WBEPE .TH' MOST BEAUTIFUL VJOWEWIMA1.LTH' PREPOS TEROUS! \I6W umv. SJH, BUT m THWKOFTH pOSyWUTlES OUR COSMETIC W.HEREATlSIWTHE EUEtt FIND THE , 6CWTeO V\.M.ti HULA. ,\SVAV»> |V! . TOPW.ATIOU, 3500. OF LITTLE \WPORWvHCE 1 , UOTEO • CWSFUV FOfi BEAim OF SOT A SECRET OF COOK1U' - A PRODUCT ' KEEP •'RECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY" MRRRII.I/ BLOSSKK ARE LARD AND FftfeCK BEHIND US? I OKAY-:.. 1 HAVEMT / 1 JUST SEEM THEM (SAW 1M THE REAR- \ A FEW W MIRROR ,' 1 MlMUTES At50 / WHAt WRONO ? v

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