Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 1, 1892 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 1, 1892
Page 2
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WAR ECHOES, EXCITING EXPEPJEXGE OF COMMANDER DAVID NOTES. One of the Most Popular G. A. JR. Veterans in the Country. A "Wonderful Tiling and We Believe It to be True. He escaped being killed in battle. But he came dangerously near death .since. This in brief is the experience of Post-Commander David Noyes of Manchester, ^T. J. That Mr. Noyes is a most popular and honored citizen is evident from the fact that he has been elected five different years commander of Reno Post, No. 84, G. A. R., that he is Free Mason of high degree, a Justice of the Peace. Ruling- Elder and Treas' nrer of the Presbyterian .church, a member of the Board of Education and has been sent as a delegate to county, State and congressional conventions. The word of a man so highly honored at home must carry the greatest conviction and weight throughout the country. His story is interesting. '•For over 27 years, since the close of the late war I suffered from dyspepsia, paid out hundreds of dollars but got no relief. "I suffered from heurt disease for 6 years, WHS carried out of cliurch and from my work three limes, and fort-he past two years was unable to do any •work whatever. CUEEENT- EVENTS. James Scott, a negro, was hanged at Brandon, Miss., for the murder of his wife. Two men were killed and five injured by the explosion of a boiler at Embrun, Ont, James Koon and Charles Mosely were lied by Me ' Eediery, Tex. The annual rise of the JS T ile is progressing favorably, and Egypt's crop prospects are {rood. A party of men and bloodhounds arc in pursuit of Commodore Miller, the notorious Texas outlaw. Senator Roger Q. Mills' condition is worse and he may be unable to take further part in the campaign. Herr Zelle has been elected burgomaster of Berlin by the municipal council, the vote standing 94 to 22. It is supposed that the schooner J. W. Dean, a Nova Scotia boat, with a crew of fourteen men, has been lost. Rev. R. H. Allen, secretary of the Presbyterian board of missions, died at Pittsburgh, Pa., on Thursday, aged FATAL FLAMES. Destruction of the Buena Hotel at Denver, Gol. Vista One of the Guests Perishes, and Four Others Hurt—Oil Tanks in West Virginia Burned—One Life Lost. The funeral of Gen. Jaines W Husted toook place at Peekskill, N. Y., on Thursday, Rev. "William Fisher. Lewis officiating. (TOV. Pifer and the other republican, candidates attended the state fair at Peoria, 111., Thursday. They were given a hearty reception. Ruthenians in the village of Kereeke, on the island of Narmora, made an attack upon the house of a Jew, destroyed it, and almost killed the occupants. J. Sloat Fassett, of New York, Senator Stockbridge and ex-Gov, Luce addressed two large republican meetings at Coldwater, Mich., Thursday afternoon and evening. Sirs. Catherine Yates, wife of ex-Gov. Yates, was thrown from her carriage by her horse becoming unmanageable at Jacksonville, 111., on Thursday, and one of her arms was broken. A HOMX IX ASKES. Sept 30.—The Buena Vista hotel was destroyed by fire at 3 o'clock a. m. Gustave . Kearse, a lodger, perished in the flames and A.nna Gun- ierson, A. McDougall and Torn Arnold were severely burned. The latter may die. The flames appeared simultaneously in several parts of the building- and only the brave work of Patrick Mitchell, who Srst awoke, saved those who escaped. The forty lodgers had to jump from the windows, as the stairways were impassable. In twenty minutes after the Sre was discovered the structure n-as in ruins. Mitchell, whose bravery saved a score of lives, broke both arms and both legs in leaping from a peranda when his work had been accomplished. The hotel was an old landmark. The loss will amount to 810,000. Oil Tanks Ablaze. SISTEKSTILLE, W. Va., Sept. 30.—The storage tanks of the Eureka Pipe Line Company in this place caught fire Thursday night and 5.000 barrels of oil were destroyed. Chief Engineer Davis, if Mercer, Pa., was on one of the anks and was burned to death, and 'oreman A. Poole, of Belmont, W, Va., vas blown nearly 100 feet and may die. several other men were slightly inured. Several oil derricks and much ther property were destroyed. Opposed to Fusion. TOPEKA, Kan., Sept. SO.—Forty-one democrats, representing as many different counties in'the state, met here Thursday as the executive committee of the "straight-out"' democrats and completed arrangements for the new democratic state convention which meets here October 7. These gentlemen say- they have advices that there •will be present SQO 'delegates, all of <vhom are opposed .to fusion on state and legislative tickets.." They May >ut s.j>c»k. WASHINGTON, Sept. SO.—President Harrison is seriously considering the advisability of allowing the members of his cabinet to make speeches during the campaign. He is of the opinion thai it would be undignified for cabinet officers to show activity in this respect. Political Leader Arrested. EXTERPJKISE, Kan., Sept. 30.—John W, Breidenthal, state chairman of the people's party of Kansas, has been arrested charged with doing an illegal banking business. His friends denounce his arrest as a move for political effect, Irish Lenders Confident. DUBLIX Sept. 30.—At a meeting of the national federation Thursday a home rule manifesto was approved expressing to fellow-Irishmen in America and Australia confidence in speedy vie tory and announcing the need of" help for evicted tenants. BIG NEW YORK 11 OX. DAVID NOYES. "I w;i- told by my physician that I never cy.i'.d get well. "I was also paralyzed on the right side from my hip down, and suffered severely with lumbago aud'atrembling of the hands. " I took Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy and feel entirely cured of all these troubles and feel like a well man. ••I could not sleep on my'right siie for years, now I can sleep well and eat anything. 'It has proved to be a wonderful remedy for me and I am a living witnes-s to testily to the truth of my statement. It is the grandest medicine ever made, and all my friends are amazed at the cure." Postmaster Edward F: Larrabee and Wm. Montgomery, master mechanic New Jersey Southern K. K., both of Manchester, N. J., have inown Mr. Noyes for 25 years, and are familiar with al> the _ facts about Ms wonderful recovery. We can only say in' commenting on this case, that it is truly marvellous what this remarkable remedy will do in curing disease. It certainly makes most astounding cures, and we do not wonder that, as'.'drug-gists tell us, the demand for it among the sick is enormous. Ir.s price is only §1, and it i purely vegetable and harmless Another thing which gives the people the greatest confidence in it is that i is prepared by Dr. Greene, of 35 W. 14th street. Nu>r York, who 'is an eminent specialist in nervous anc chronic diseases. He can be consulted by all free of charge, personally or by letter. Killed Ouo and Wounded Anottier. LEXINGTON, Mo., Sept. 30.—Harvey Plattenburg, a brother-in-law of the late Maj. John N. Edwards, the well- known newspaper writer and author of "Shelby and His Men," shot James McDowell throup-h the heart here Thursday, killing him instantly. Police Officer David M. Gray attempted to arrest Piattenburg and in the scuffle that resulted was shot in the left breast and fatally wounded. Plattenbnrg was oftcrward lodged in jail. Au old grudge caused the tragedy. Crushed by l^allin^ Stone. MANSFIELD, 0., Sept. 29.—A part of the cornice on the Ohio Reformatory building, in course of construction, fell Thursday, throwing Michael Gehl, aged 2S, to the ground, a distance of 50 foot. Immediately a part of the stone wall, weighing about three tons, fell on the prostrate man, crushing his skull as if it had been paper and breaking both his legs, besides injuring him internally. BLAZE. in the Dry- THE MARKETS. Grain, Provisions, Etc. CHICAGO, Sept 30. — Steady. Spring ivheat patents, Si 10 ©450; Ryo, KUO@3.60; Winter wheat patents, S4.OOSi4.lU; Straights, !3.(30®3.75. 'WHEAT— Kuled firmer. No, 2 December, and May, SlJitgiSlJiJc. Casli No, 2, CORK— Was fairly active and -weak early, now stronger. No. 2, 44@44;sc; No. 2 Yellow, 45Ji@46c; No. 3, 435.',@435ic; No. 3 Yellow, 44i{ ®4-t'/*c; October, 43Ji@445Bc; December, «;;® •»5jjic; May, 47K@48|ic. OATS— Market unsettled. No. 2 cash, SiJic; Octobar, 3H;®a;«o; May, 35fi@SflHc. Samples steady. No. 3, 29®32o; No. 3 White, 30@33c; No. 2, B2!4(S32J£c; No.2 White, 34®35c. RYE— Was dull and again weaker; demand higher. No, 2 cash, 56c: October, 50c; November, 57c; December, 57&c, No. 3 by sample, 45S52C. BARLEY— In very good demand and steady. New by sample, common to fair, S5@45c: good, 48©55c, and choice, 58®65o; fancy Nebraska, 66®t!Sc. Msss PORK— In rather good request. Market active and prices lower. Quota- lions range at S10.8rji@ll.00 for cash; 510.75®U.OO for October; Slb.75@10.9e^ for November, and fI2.05@12.22^ for January. LARD— In fair demand. Prices lower. Quotations range at S7.95@S.OO for cash; 87.95 @S.OO for October; S7.40&7.45 for November, and EG.?7!-i@7.02J4 for January. LIVE .POTLTUY— Per pound; Chickens, Oc; Turkeys, iCJMiUc; Ducks, OWQ'lOc; Geese, 4.00317.00 per dozen. BUTTER— Creamery, I6@23tic; Dairy, 15(B22c; Packing Stock, iS'/iffiMc. OILS— Wisconsin Prime White, Tj^c; Wate- White, TJJC; Michigan Prime White, Oc; Water White, Oc: Indiana Prime White, S-Jjc; Water White, 0!~c; Headlight, 175 test, S'/;c; Gasoline, S7 des's. 12c: 74 deg's, Sc; Naphtha, Go deg's, Troublesome and Costly Fire Goods District. YORK, Sept. SO.—A fire which at one time threatened the entire dry- g-oods district, .broke out Friday night in the five-story and mansard roof building-, Kos. 23 and 24 White street. Paul , Gueinbinner, a dealer and manufacturer of laces and silk embroideries, occupied the third, fourth and fifth floors and the mansard roof. The first and second floors were occupied by Otheman, Dyer & South wick, dealers in woolen ffoods. The fire broke out in the fifth floor from unknown causes, aud damag-e to the extent of 3100,000 resulted before the fire was under control. Otheman, Dyer & Southwick suffered a loss in stock of 810,000, Paul Gueinbmner lost 570,000 in R-oocls, and the damag-e to the building-is 520,000. ATROCIOUS. An Old Veteran Chopped to Pieces by a Comrade. NEW YORK, Sept. 30.—A murder of almost unparalleled atrocity was committed at 7:SO o'clock Friday night in a little room on the top floor of No. 139 Hester street. The victim was Frank O. Paulsen, a carpenter by trade, a member of Koltes Post No. 330, Grand Army of the Republic. A fellow veteran, whose name the police refuse to divulge, is under arrest, on the charge of having- committed the crime. The instrument used was probably a hatchet, which has not yet been found. The other residents of the house heard no noise. The murdered man has a wife and daughter living in Brooklyn. Wrecked the Tron Works. PITTSBURGH, Pa., Sept. 30.—A battery of four-boilers exploded at the Carbon iron, works on Thirty-second street about 6.30 o'clock a. m., badly wrecking- the building. The accident happened during the chanjre of crews and the mill was deserted. Otherwise there would have been a heavy loss of life, as 300 men are employed within a short distance of the boilers. The damage to the mill will reach 810,000. The explosion was caused by a scascity of water. Sues for ezs.ooo Unmakes. COLUMBUS, Ind., Sept 30.—John Nugent, abrakeman, who had a leg-broken and received internal injuries in a freight wreck here March last, Thursday brought suit for 525,000 damages against the Panhandle Railroad Company. Secured Damages. PEEU, Ind., Sept 30.-Mrs. Annie Working was given a judgment of SI 000 against John G. Garn, of this place for defamation of character. ' Killed b7a BreacTwaeon. MUXCTE, Ind., Sept 30.-Edna Williams, aged 7 years, was run over bv a bread wagon here Thursdav and fatally hurt. Author cf a Familiar Ballad. It was while returning home from Europe in 1832 that Emma Willard wrote the famous ballad: "Eocked in the Cradle of the Deep." In midocean a terrific storm set in and the frail ship was tossed about by the waves. The passengers were all badly frightened', except Miss Willard, who seemed to undergo the whole experience with a feeling of gratitude. Soon after the storm had abated she appeared in'-the main cabin and read the first verses of the ballad. The due de Choiseul was among the passengers and he went into ecstasies about the piece. He prevailed upon Miss Willard to finish it. She did so, whereupon the duke set the words to music, but the air is not the familiar one known now. Einma Willard wrote many other poems, but none ever be- 'came so popular as this one. Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthyandagreeablesubstances, its many excellent quail ties commend it to all and'have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 75c bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on. hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Manufactured only by the CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO., SAN FBANOISOO, OAL. f -QTjrayi f.T.TE, K Y. XfEW 7'OHS, IT. £i For sale by all drug-gists-. That Dear Old 'Word, Good-by. Is a mighty sad cue when It Is the parting salutation between friends whom thousands of miles of salt water are about to separate. Hhriners, buyers In foreign lands for Heavy houses, commercial travelers who have made many trips across the stormy Atlantic, think little-of an ocean voyage, but to the first voyager the Initial trlpJsamomentousaSalr. Seasickness Is to be expected as a matter ot course. How to prevent It? The finest remedy and preventatlve or the- nausea provoked by the tossing of n vessel, the jarring motion ol the screw of a steamship, or ot a locomotive train, is Hosteller's Sterna A Bitters pronounced bo s»a captains, ship doctors.tourists, travelers and emigrants the finest stomachic and best defense against ailment,'! of the bowels, digestive organs and liver In existence. ' Malaria, rheumatism, kidney trouble and debility are remedied by it. _ Are you made miserable by indigestion, dizzeness, loss of appetite, yellow skin? Shiloh's Vitalizer is a posi: tive cure. Guaranteed by B. F. Keesling. _ The Rev George H. Thayer, of * Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both" myself and wife owe our lives to Shiioa's consumption cure.' 1 '' Guaranteed bv B. F. Keeslinsr. With a record like Simmons' Liver Regulator all should use it for the liver, kidneys and bowels. Special Bargains, and Notices. Bargains Offered byLoffnusiiort Merchants, Wants and Church, Society, Railroad and Miscellaneous Notices. Call at John Schriefer's 224'Market street, for Toledo Pilsner beer. M. M. Gordon, Real Estate and Pension Agent. Pension business a specially. Shiloa's Curo wiD immediately re lieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis. Guaranteed by B. P. Keesling. Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castor la. A nasal injector free with each bot- tie of Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Guaranteed "by B. F. Kees- U=<f ' . Do not waste your time on doctors when your liver is diseased- Take Simmons 1 Liver Regulator. Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. — A positive cure for catarrh, diphtheria and canker mouth. Guaranteed by B. F Keeslicg. to CottMtunpUoii, . Kemp's Balsam will stop the cough at once —now He Saved Himself.—"Talking about the battle of Gettysburg-," he said dreamily, "I had a narrow escape from being- killed at that point" "Tell us about it," suggested half a dozen, voices. "Oh, there's nothing to tell," said the stranger, modestly: "it was through no bravery of mine that I escaped. I/have always been in the thick of the fight if any fight was going on where I was, and there is only one way of accounting for my not being hurt upon that occasion." "And that?—" everybody leaned forward to hear his reply. "I wasn't there."—Detroit Free Press, New Trial KofaseU. COLUMBUS, 0,, Sept. SO.—The circuit court has refused a new trial to P, J. Elliott, one of the Elliott Brothers, publishers, one of whom is serving a life and the other a twenty years' sentence for precipitating a shooting af- iraj last year. Murdered on the High Seas. DANTERS, Mass., Sept. SO.—A cablegram announces the murder at sea near Cape Town, Africa, of Capt G. P. JBnckley and wife, of Danvers, by sail-ors. There arc no particulars. Dr. Jff. B. Btickley and G. O, Stimpson. started for J\ew York to see the owners of the vessel. ll Will i'ot Exhibit; at the Fair. FKAXCISCQ, Sept 30 —Advices Jrom Honolulu by the steamer Alaineda ctatc that the government has finally decided to make no exhibit .at the Columbian exposition, but instead appropriated 812,000 for -sending a Hawaiian band to Chicago. LIQUOKS— Distilled Spirits quoted on the basis of °1.15 per gaL for finished goods. NEW YORK. Sopt. 30. WHEAT— Dull acd easier. December, SI l-16c; Mar, S7J-ic. COKX— Dull, steady. No.2, 52@53yc;. November, 52^c: December, 53c. O.v.-s— Dull, steady. November, 87Se; December. SSl-Jc; Western. 34V£@46c. PROVISIONS— Beef quiet, steady. Extra mess, S6.25@6.7o, Pork moderate demand, firm. New mess,.S12.23Sli5Q; old mess, Sll.oO@ll.r5u Lard quiet, nominal: SS.32&. One Death Causes Another. STILIAVATEK, Minn., Sept. SO.—Fred Payette and Maggie Dnbeour were affianced lovers living in South Stillwater. The wedding day was set for Christmas. Payette went up to the pineries a few days ago. While working in the woods a iirnb fell from a dead tree, smashing his skull. Not until Friday did the girl know her lover's fate. After reading of his death she walked out of the house and an hour later her TOLEDO, O., Sept. so. wer, quiet No. 2 cash and October, 7-}^c; December, 77}(;c; May, S2.^c.. CORN-—Nothing doing. No. 2 cash and October, 46c asked. OATS—Steady. Cash. SSc. KYI:-Quiet. Cash, SSc. CLOVEIISKED—Dull. Prime cash, October and November, £6.40; December, ffi.45; January, 56.50. O., Sept. 30. PzTROLEtTM—Easy. S, W.llO, 6Hc; 74 gasoline. TC: S6 gasoline, lOc: 63 naphtha, Siic. Live Stock. CHICAGO, Sept. 30. CATTLE—Market dull and dragsing. Feeling •weak, and prices lower, especially for common qualities. Market overstocked with rougB lots. Quotations ranged at KSS85.SO for choice to extra shipping Stcers:?125®4.SO for good TO choice do: S3.7ftg4.20 lor fair to jrood; fS.10Q3.CO for common to medium c!o; 53.00® 3.75 for batchers' Steers: ?i<X«?. CLQOfor Stock ers: S1.25S2.50 for Texas Steers: £15033.70 for Kar.se Steers: 5S.3X3&K) for Feeders: Si.Tftg 2.7b for Cows; Sl.TSSioO for Bulls, azfl SiSgs £.25 for Vc?4 Caives. HOES—Market raceeraielj active. Feeling •eal; nnd declined 5c on best nscl JOrt'JOc on other srucles. Sales racked .-.t«. tX>2.3.! 0 f or Pigs: «4.X2;5.53 for lijrht: S4.75S5.00 for ronj-h pact 2?:: 54.905j5.55 for mixed, cad <5.l«>35.e5 for body was found floating in the lake. Carnegie Mills Not to Be Closed. PITTSBURGH, Pa., Sept. 30. — The rumor sent out from Pittsburgh that the Carnegie people had decided to discharge the non-union men at Homestead and close down the plant was emphatically denied by H. C. Frick. Mr. Frick also pronounced as false a story published in au afternoon paper that Andrew Carnegie was on his -way to this country for the purpose o:£ settling the difficulties with his workmen. Fall ^Vlanurlng: of Land. Land that is manured in the fall be in good condition in the spring if the subsoil is heavy. A loss often results when manure is spread on unplowed land, due to washing of the rains in winter, but if the manure is turned under with a one-horse plow the loss will be light In the late fall the hauling of the manure rr&y be done to better advantage, as the -teams are not then busy. Sacrifices Half a Life. The advocates of nursing as a profession for women have a serious statement to meet with in the figures of Prof Tyndall, who claims that an ordinary woman of fifty-eight is in every way in a better physical condition than a hospital nurse of twenty-five. The sacrifice made by a woman entering the profession is virtually half a life, according to his belief. A J?atr of BootsJ are nearly three Sf.-JLonin Fair, October 3d to Stli. For this occasion the Wabash Railroad has named rate of $8,25 for round trip; tickets to be sold October 2d, 3d and 4th, good going date of sale only. Good-returning- not later than October 5th. 0. G. ISEWELL, Agent. Kutler County Fair FxcurNloiiis via tlic Fennwyjvania JLiinex. October, 3d, 4th, 5th, Gth.andTth, excursion tickets will be.,sold' to Hamilton account the Butler County Fair from all ticket, stations on. the Richmond division between Cincinnati and Logansport, return coupons valid returning until October Sib. Harvest Excursions via Penan vivanla Lines. On September 27th, excursion tickets to points in the ITorthwest, West, Southwest and South, and on October 25th, to points in the South and Southwest, will be sold from principa ticket stations on the Pennsylvanu lines west of Pittsburgh The Penn sylvania is.the desirable route, being direct and- offering excellent service The rate will be low and the advata ges afforded via these lines can no 'fail to make the journey over them a pleasant one. For details apply to J A. McCullougb, ticket agent, Logans port, Ind. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castor-la. 'To enjoy -li'e, stimulate digestion and-regulate the bowels,take Simmons' Liver Regulator. Nervous debility, poor memory, diffidence sexual weakness, pimples, cured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. 'Samples free at B. F. Keesling s. There are nearly three thousand stitches in a pair of hand-sewed boots. Tho President's Plans. WASHTS-GTOX, Sept 30.—The president is somewhat encouraged at the improvement in Mrs. Harrison's condition, and he is now able to devote nearly the entire forenoon of each day to the consideration of public business. Should this improvement continue the president will undoubtedly participate in the Columbian celebration in New York and in. the dedication of the exposition buildings in Chicago. .Mrs. Gllmore Declines a .Monument. :S~EW YOSK, -Sept. 30.—Mrs. Gilmore has declined the monument the Herald suggested raising by popular subscription to the memory of her husband, the late bandmaster. TVhile acknowledging her gratitude, Mrs.. Gilicore says the request is in accordance with the wishes of the dead. Manager John H. Laine says that all the contracts which Mr. GiJmore zcade for his band will be fulfilled to the letter. : i JlTr. John Hungerford Proprietor of the fine livery stable at the West E;:d hotel, Eimira, X. T., says Eood's Sarsapa- rii;.~- ;oi?s \vsr ahead o* anytliiiis lie ever took lor troubles frith da L!vsr and Kidney's with xrhich he suffered foe a long time, until ha took Eood's Sarsaparflla and was completely cured. OSier members of his famay also tafce Hood's Sarsaparifla and are higffiy gratified, wltn the benefit from it HOOD'S PlLLS are a mild, gentle, painless, safe and efficient ccttartlc. Al-irays .reliable.. -25c- Rev. E. H. Fairall, D. D., editor o the Iowa Methodist, says editorially, "We have tested the. merits of Ely's Cream Balm, and believe that, by a thorough course of treatment, ^it wil cure almost every case of catarrh. Ministers, as a class are afflicted with head and throat troubles, and catarrh seems more prevalent than ever. We cannot recommend Ely's Cream Balm too highly." I used Ely's Cream Balm for dry catarrh. It proved a cure. — B. F. M. Weeks, Denver. • TJie Golden Secret ofl/onK JLifn. Keep the head cool, the feet warm and the bowels open. Aunt Fanny's Health Restorer is a vegetable preparation and acts as a natural laxative, and is the greatest remedy ever discovered for ihe cure of dyspepsia, liver complaint, and all blood, liver and kidney diseases. Call on Ben Fisher. 311 Fourth street, sole agent, and get a trial package free. Large size 50 cents. I Have, as Yon Know, been selling Bradfield's Female Regulator for years, and have had a steadily increasing- demand for it; it gives the very best satisfaction. I frequently sell it to physicians, who use it in their practice with the most satisfactory results. R. THOJIAS, M. 1)., Taldosta. Ga. Short brea.th. palpitation., pain chest, weak . and faint spells, etc. cured by Dr. Miles' 2?ew Heart Cure Sold at B. F. Keesling's. -' ' v Good Sewn. No other medicine in the world was ever given such a test of its curative qualities, as Otto's. Cure. Thousands of bottles^ ot this great German remedy , are being distributed free of charge, by druggists in this country, to those afflicted with consumption, aJthma, croup, severe coughs, pneumonia and. all throat and lung- diseases, giving the people proof that Otto's Cure will cure them, and that it is the grandest triumph of medical science. For sale only by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth street. Samples free. Large bottles 50 cents. Stenmluc the Jfoce and Facial Massage for removing- wrinkles is at the present day attracting wide-spread attention everywhere. In fact, hundreds o£ Face Massage Parlors are established in every large city where the treatments are given at $2 each. Thousands of ladies however prefer purchasing a bottle of ' Blush of Roses Massage Oil which' • lasts two months for $1. Full directions for Pace Massage and Steaming the face-accompany each bottle. Circulars free. For sale by B. F. Keesling and J. L. Hanson. Health is wealth. 'Take Simmons' Liver Regulator for all sickness caused by diseased liver. Why will you cough when Shiloh's cure will give immediate relief. Price 10c., 50c. and Si. <",.jarantp.ed l;y B. F. Keeslinjr. When Eaby was sick, wo ^a-rf; ijar i,v_-.:.• When: she-was a Child, she cried for Cj» 'When she became Hiss, she clr.nz to Cv "When she hod Children, she gave Omm C For dyspepsia and liver complain you have a rvinted guarantee on every bottle of - c jiloh's Vitalizer. It never fails to jure. Guaranteed by B. F Delays are dangerous. Take Simmons' Liver Regulator in time for dyspepsia, biliousness, and all disease if the liver. . ' ; Hackmetack a (lasting and- fra-, grant perfume Price 25 ancl 50 cents. ) Every day. Guaranteed by B. F. Keeslirnr. j tu Children Cryfor Pitcher's Castor la. Biliousness, constipation, torpid liver, etc., cured by Dr. Miles'Ker- ine. Samples free atB. F. Kees- Family JJte<lieine iJoves tttit Bowel* Most people need 10 use

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