Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 12, 1898 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1898
Page 17
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THE LOGANSPORT PHAROS. THURSDAY EVENING, MAY J2,1893. NO 163. WILER & WISE 2 C for ^ c caT1 ^ hooks ax 'd -eyes; 2c for paper best pins; 2c for paper safety ptas; 2c for " a'tandai-d" needles. Kc for 12c Finishing Braid: f>c for U dozen Pearl burtons; oc for iar.ee spool embroidery Silks; 5c for number 5 and 7 Plaid Silk, Neck and Hair Ribbons. * * * WILER & WISE 25c for choice of 150 Cnimesettes, all colors and designs, separate cuffs, actually sold for 75c to ?1.25. For Friday only 25 C EXTRA! EXTRA!! 25c for OOc Long Puffs made of I'm-* China Silk, Tvhite, red, navy and black, just the thing for shirt waists. Absolutely worth and ' soid for 50c. FOR FRIDAY ONLY 25c. * * * A Grand Gathering of Rare Values for "BARGAIN FRIDAY" It'a just this kind of values that made our store the shopping center o f the city. Prices quoted here on Cotton Goods, should 'be raten advaaia.se of. by every shrewd buyer us the TV ar is bound to advance prices. These prices are for FRIDAY OXLY. DOMESTICS 21 yards Pepperell UubJcaclied Fovr-qvrarter sheeting for $1.00; tlie regular price is 15 yards for a dollar. 1 50 per yard for sheet length, remnants of nine and tea quarter bleached and unbleached sheeting, actually •worth TO 22c per yard. • 4%c per yard "Bates" blue add fcrowa checked; Ginghams, fast colors, •worth 614 c .per yard- 1-3 off on large lot of remnants of (Trench Gmgihams, -Percales, ToHe du Nora's Satines and .&hi«i-ngs; 2 to 7 yard lengths. Just the thing for shin. •waists, skirts and children dresses. gQc for §1.00 six-quarter ChenUle stand cover, fringed, edges, actually •worth $1.00. For Friday only 53 C Qc for 2".c Neckwear. Pure Silk Club Ties :unl Kt>ws, broken assortment. ' to 50c fl owc-rs— s- clovers, lilacs qualities— French Qc auid 21 ••• for violets, rose*. and daisies. Best made. 35 C - 48 C ' ^^ 74 C for up to * L2 ' 3 nn'trlramed 1 hats. Women and children's sailors, dress sha,pes, turbans .and bonnets. $5 00 for cll<>iee of $ 6 - 50 - $"- 50 aEfl ;?S SUk "Waists. 2Qc for 40e Men's Linen Cuffs, cel- •etoated "Peyser" brand, 4 ply Linen. Linfc and straight style. Qc for choice of 50 pieces of Organdies, Dimities, Swisses, new designs. 'Never shown before. They are to be our regular^ 15c and ISc values. Displayed on •Center coumter. For Friday only gc. 2 fol '25 c Black Collars, standing and Turn. Down styles. Fast colors, 4 ply, acinally worth ilOc each. 2 for 2,~>C Friday. $1.49 for $2.50 HATS Women and children, including walking hats, small and medium dress shapes, trimmings of French made flowers, ribbons, fancy nets, quills and ornaments. 25c for Parisian plaid and striped children's Hose. 'New Importation. 7c per yard for 12c Victoria Shirting— 3% and 7 yard lengths. nUSLIN UNDERWEAR 13c for Infant's Skirts, Waists and Drawers, made of good muslin, wide hems, worth 25e. 430 for 60c children's Full si?.e muslin drawers, three tucks, aud embroidered, trimmed edges. 48 e f « r $1-25 Corset Covers,; very elegantly made, slightly soiled, made from 'best cambric and best lace trimmings, values up to §1.25. 5Qc for ladies' skirts, full sweep, ten rows of tucking, wide hem, made from best quality muslin worth 75c. ggc for $1.50 Ladies Skirts, -wide tucked iinen flounce, 4 inch Torc-hion lace and under ruffle, worth -to $1.50 3c for Cube Toilet pin-s. gc 1'or Chamois Skfns. 1 Qc for box, '.'< cakes. Toilet sonp. 21 c for box, 3 calces, Sweet Maiden Soap. ggc for Calico and Percale wrappers, worth -to $1.30, well made, S9c for Friday. 3gc for 50c. Military Belts, Gold Plaited. Made from Military buttons. 25c for 50c Morroco Seal Pocket books. New shiipe, all colors. •JQc for 23e M-e-n's I/inen Collars, celebrated "Peyser" brand. Very latest styles. 2,100 linen. Jj-JQ QQ for choice of. $1S and §15 Tailor-made -Suits. Nothing Heard of the Location of His Squadron of Ocean Terrors. TEAT FLEET OF SPAMISH VESSELS tt Als» a Hard Thing to Lay One's Hand Upon—Spain'« Minister of Marine Denies That It Is at <;adl/.- and Suyis It Is "Where It Ought To Be"—.Five of Our Warships Seen at St, Nicholas Mole- On* Bad Battei-y at Havana. London, May 12.—A special dispatch from Madrid says: "Admiral Bermejo, minister of marine, denies that the Capo Verde squadron has returned to Cadiz. Bermejo says the fleet 'is now Where It ought to be under orders.' " . Philadelphia, May 12.—The steamer Navaioe, from Port d.e Paix, reports that on May 1 she saw five American men-of-war in St. Nicholas Hole, Hayti. Washington, May 12.—Contrary to expectations yesterday again passed at the navy department without news from Admiral Sampson. Notwithstanding BIIX »OKS>T KNOW ITSEUP. HAT SALE. We have just opened 200 Pattern Hats, trimmed to our own order in New York and Chicago They will compare favorably with any millinery in the city and our prices are, as usual, lower than any other place in the city. Large stock of Walking Hats and Sailors, best quality, lowest prices. B PRY'S. THOMPSON'S HERB TEA . . FOR THE.. , Blood, Stomach Liver and Kidneys Composed of Roots, Herbs, Leaves and Barks. A GUARANTEED CURE .. -IFOR ... Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Liver and Kidney Complaints, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Catarrh, Nervous Debility, Sick Headache, Loss of Appetite, Blotches, Pimples. jiScrofnla, Erysipelas. Salt Khemn, Eczema, "Weak Back, Fevei and Ague and all other Diseases arising from Impurities of the Blood or Derangement of the Nervous System. Price 26 Cents, » PREPARED BY THE THOMPSON HERB TEA CO. NEW YORK. "\BBEEY1ATEB_TELEGRAMS. A, E. Williams, of Pike county. Ills., •n r as nominated for congress from the Sixteenth district. The Norwegian steamer, Brattsburg, brought to Key West by the Mangrove h'as been released. Owing to the prolonged drought throughout California the outlook for the wheat crop is a decidedly gloomy one. The cruiser Charleston has been ordered to sail immediately with ammunition and relief supplies for Admiral Dewey. Spain is said to have negotiated a loan of 100.000,000 pesetas. A well-known banking house is said to have come to the rescue. A mad bulldog ran into a saloon at Chicago and before it could be cornered had bitten the saloonkeeper and two of hie customers. A large thr?e-storj- stone building a-t Ballardvale, Mass.. used as a wool store hous^ was burned. Loss, mostly in wool, nearly $300,000. The engagement of Mrs. Pauline Aubrey, daughter of Chief Justice Puller, and Jess<up Blair, a well-known society man of Washington, is announced. William C. Eoak. wholesale dealer in bicycle supplies, Buffalo, N. T-, has made an assignment. Liabilities, it is believed, will equal if not exceed his assets. Henry J. Hamm died at Ardmore. I. T.. from the effects of stab wounds inflicted by Frank Eojiner. a wealthy druggist, in a quarrel over a game ot" pool. Miss Caldu-ell. typewriter: William McCadden and .Michael Quinn are dead, as the result of a fire thut. destroyed the fireworks establishment of McCadden Bros., Philadelphia. Three French manuscript? pertaining to the history previous of 1759 of what is now Illinois have been presented by the Society of Colonial Dames to th* Chicago Historical society. The Pennsylvania Railroad company is conternpla tins a removal of its Fifty- fifth street (Chicago) yards and shops to North Hammond. Ind.. where an option on a tract of land has been obtained. The thirty-fourth annual meeting 1 of the Illinois Dental society is in session at Springfield, with about seventy-five members in attendance. Xwo "War Fnkt»s Knocked Oat. Mobile, Ala,. May 12.—A special sent out from Mobile telling that Sergeant Crowley had been shot and killed by a, member o£ the Nineteentll infantry who he "was trying to arrest for drunkenness "was made out of whole cloth. There was no shooting'. A dispatch Srom Mobile telling of an attempt to poison the water of a stream nmnins through, tbe camp of the regulars here is "wholly "without any foundation Ui £acc Notkiny of the sjort occurred. MOLE SAN NICOLAS. what appears to be confirmatory newspaper advices relative to the presence or the Spanish Cape Verde fleet a.t Cadiz ihe navy department officials are beginning to entertain strong doubt of the accuracy of the report. It was not possible during the course" of the day to obtain anything like an official con- lirmation of the official report, but this is not to be wondered at in view of the success which the Spanish government has so far met in keeping secret the movements of its ships. Until news comes from Admiral Sampson of his doing in and around Porto Rico it cannot be said definitely what programme we shall be decided on as regards that island. .Alay S«ml S:uitpson Some Soldiers. It has been suggested that some of the *roops now being hurried so rapidly to the gulf coast may be intended to cooperate with Admiral Sampson in the reduction of the fortifications at San Juan de Porto Rico and the subsequent occupation of the island. It is felt that the admiral will be in a rather disagreeable plight, supposing even that he man- •agres to reduce the forts with his fleet, if he were obliged to remain there in occupation of the place for lack of troops, when he might otherwise be urgently needed either on the Cuban coast or somewhere in the Atlantic to meet the Spanish fleet. An evidenceof the wisdom of having" the troops transports near at hand in such cases is shown by the predicament Admiral Dewey is believed to be at Manila, where the lack, of troops Is very seriously felt. Why Hcliiioiil's Oder Wa* Declined. The navy department felt obliged to df-cline the offer made by some wealthy New York gentlemen, headed by O. P. H. Belmont. to build and equip a torpedo boat for the use of the government during the war. Possibly the declination was brought about through the conditions attached to the offer that the boat should be commanded by Bel- mnnt. for without the least reflection upon that gentleman the naval officials have been obliged to decline to establish the precedent of appointing civilians to commands in this way. The practice in some respects would approach priva- teerins", which is distinctly prohibited by the agreement we have voluntarily entered into and proclaimed to the world. ONE <iOOD SPANISH BATTERY. Sant» Clara Drops Projectiles Uncomfortably Close to the Mark. Key West. Fla., May 12.—The blockade of Cuba continues effective. A shore battery at the foot of the hill at Santa Clara, near Havana, has repeatedly opened fire on the gunboats patrolling the inner lir.e of the blockade. This battery flred two shells at the Condition of the War Revenue Measure M Ready fur the Senate. Washington. May 12.—With'the exception of a few administrative features the war revenue bill is ready for report to the senate. This report probably will to* made today, though consideration •f ti» measure will not be beffun bef«r» Monday. With the assistance of Jones of Nevada the Democrats had control of tile finance committee and adopted their amendments, which Include a corporation tax of one-quarter of 1 per cent., a provision for the coinage of the seigniorage, and the issuance of $150,000,000 of greenbacks. The bond provision is eliminated. It required only a little more than an hour for the committee to dispose of the Democratic amendments. It was soon made evident that Jones would vote with the Democrats on all their amendments, and as his vote turned the scale against the Republicans they did r.ot enter into a struggle to prevent this consummation. The vote to strike out the bond feature stodd 6 to 5 as follows: Jones or" Arkansas, White, Turpie. Daniel and Chilton (Dems.), and Jor.es of Nevada, for it, and Allison, Aldrich. Platt of Connecticut, Wolcott and Burrows (all Republicans) against. Morrill and Vest were paired. The bill hardly will be recognized by its authors when reported, as it has been so generally amended in both phraseology and rates as to make it practically a new bill. There are few paragraphs that have not received som« attention. The changes yet to be made are only of minor importance and will dea.l with the administrative, features and in some cases with the grammatical construction of sentences. :N~A One Expedition to Start for Cuba, Another for the Philippine Islands. HOT WOBX AHEAD AT Navy to Assist io the Capture of the Capital of Ccba. Con, Mllra to leave Washington t**f Taiiipu Tod:iy— <;pn. Mrrritt to Le»d th* Foii-e Tltat Will Occupy Manila and B« Governor G*Mn»ral of the Inland—£paia to Semi Troojx There Also—Plan for am Att-Hrk on iltivuim. San Fi-aneisoo. May 12. —The Bul!«tin. says: "The president has appointed, Ctneral Wesley Merritt, of the regular ji'iny, to the command of the volunteers from Ihe Pacific coast. General Merritt will rank n.« brigadier general and will leafi Uie invasion ot the infantry upon Slaii Lights His Pipe and >'in* Men Ar« Injured. Three Fatally, Cleveland. May 12.—Ten men "were injured by ac explosion ot gas in the new water works tunnel under the lake, The diggers were 6.300 feet from, shore. The explosion \vas caused by one of the men striking a match to lig-ht his pipe Instantly there was a blinding flash of flame and a terrific roar, filling the tunnel with smoke and blinding" the diggers. An alarm was at once sent to the power house on shore, and •a. relief expedition was organized among the other workmen for the rescue of their comrades. Blackened, blinded and stunned, the injured men were carefully transported to the shaft and thence conveyed by ambulances to nor.'"— :£'• Following are those injured: Ernest Engel, badiy burned about the face, arms and body; Vila Tejedia, burned about the head, arms and body; Alex. McFadden. burned about the legs, face and body; Daniel Maher, burned about the face and body: Michael Trevilan, badly burned; James Anderson.of Grove City, O., burned about the head and arms; Thomas Corrigan, burned about the arms arid" body; James" Black, burned about head and arms; Tony Sadeta, badly burned. Three of the injured men died last evening—Michael Trevilan, James Anderson and .Michael McFadden. Two others, Tony Sadeta and Thomas Corrigan, are expected to die. Bishop Perry Js Stricken. Dubuque. la., May 12.—Rev. "William Stephens Perry, Episcopal bishop of Iowa, while visiting in Dubuque, wa» SANTA CLARA BATTKRY. HAT AX A. Tecumseh. One burst within twenty yard? of the little vessel and the other was almost as near, but neither did any damage. The same battery fired on th<° Tecumseh Monday and on the Vicksburg Sunday One shell, whichburst 100 yardsshort, sent a fragment into the pilot house, No one has been injured by any of these shells and the damage to the Vicksburg has been repaired without sending the ship oft her station. The marksmanship in this particular battery is the best so far encountered. In spite of this fact none of the ships s**"ws the least hesitancy in approaching :t. and the only dissatisfaction felt by the- men «n the Tacumseh is that the former tar- boat does not carry heavy enouEh-*un» to destroy tee battery;.. . BisHor PRBBT. stricken with apoplexy, and IB in •. LTiti'.-al condition. Bishop Perry was at dinner when stricken. His physician says the entire left side is paralyzed. He will live, but will always be an invalid. His affliction. is the result of overwork, the bishop having traveled much on church matters the last two weeks. KaiiMi* 7<len Beady to Stari, Topeka, Kan.. May 12. — Governor Leedy yesterday received a telegram from the war department asking what is the earliest possible date the first regiment of Kansas troops can be made ready to send to San Francisco. Governor Leedy replied that they are ready to start at once. 31i.-s Oottld Not Raising Troops. New York. May 12.—Miss Helen Gould positively denies that a regiment is be- ;r,g raised under her patronagre to go to Cuba. The publication of a. notice to this effect has caused Hiss Gould to be deluged with letters from men anxious to enlist in the regiment. Dcwey a Bear Admiral >'oir. Washington. May 12.—The senate yesterday confirmed these nominations: George Dewey to be a rear admiral (nomination sent in yesterday). W. V. Lucas, to be register of the land office at Chamberlain, S. D. J. C. Auld and W. V. Alderson. of Montana, to be commissioners to examine into and classify lands within the land grant and Indemnity land grant limits of th« Northern Pacific Railroad company. State Railroad Commissioner*. Washington. May 12.—The session ot the convention of state railroiui commissioners was devoted principally to the reading of reports of the various state commissions represented at ti« meeting At 12;<5 the commissioner* called in a fcpsJi of President McKialey. «KJUtAL WESLEY MIBWTt the Philippines. He has been proclaimed governor general of the Philippines, and. as soon as possible will establish his position as such at the capital at Manila. London, May 12.—Special dispatchem from Madrid say it is officially declared that the government of Spain has no intention of allowing- Rear Admiral Dewey to rest upon hisvlaurels. About 40,000 men of the reserves of the Spanish army have been ordered to rejoin th« colors ar.d it is added that a formidable expedition is being: organized for .dispatch to the Philippine islands. Washington, May 12. — The army movement on Cuba is now tairtr launched and yesterday's news developed a concerted effort all along th» line to begin aggressive operations on a scale, for the ejectment of the Spanish troops and government from the "Pearl of the Antilles." An order given. yesterday afternoon by the war department for the purchase of 5,000,000 rations is an earnest of the scale on which preparations are making for invasion of Spain's territory. : Of this vast quantity one-fourth IF to go to the Philippines by way of San Francisco, and the balance to Cuba. For some reason that was not discoverable there appeared to be a. temporary cheek in the practical working out of the plans of the war department for this Cuban movement. After everything had been made ready for th« departure Tuesday night. General Miles was detained and for a time yesterday the rather g-loomy prospect of an indefinite postponement of the first mllltai'y expedition was presented. ObKtacle Was Finally Removed. Later on, however, the obstacle, whatever it was, was removed, and it -was again announced that the commanding general with a numerous staff would eave Washington today directly for Tampa. The department ban made a at many changes in the original programme for the concentration ot troops and -many bodies of volunteers that were originally slated for one of the jrreat concentration camps hav«! lound thc-mselves suddenly under orders to proceed direct to southern points, so that soon volunteers from the cut and middle w*st will be moving swiftly to Horida a.nd the gulf, while from the far went thf: cars will be carrying troops to San Francisco. Yesterday's new* i» jretty substantial evidence of a very •arly movement of troops in strong 'orce to Cuba, while the Philippine pro- gramme has been definitely filed for jome days. Think* It Will Be a. Plcnio. Tfca strategy board is carefully, prepw- (Contiiraed oti Foara Fftfe.) R«y«J Mke» the I**d pmr*.

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