The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1934
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Served by the United Pre*» BCYTHEVILLE COtJKIEK THK nOMTNANT NEWWAPKI. OP NO.m(KA^BK^*R^f JSr.S: *-*r4.-*- *• Vol.. X.\X—NO. 200 Blylhevilld Daily News niylhevllle (VuiU-i- D SOUTIIBA.ST MlKHOUu ANUAHY *), Hi;i| ITS MURDER Man Slain Near Holland HYMN SERVICES Lions Fight Death Stall Ir in Cage.Wiih Clyde K<> Tliree Holland Men Unclei Arrest in -Shooting Affair. HOLLAND. Mo. •-Three ini-n will l"Ui' pivliuiiimy. Hearing In-fore Jiiftlce j. !i. Coiicon here Tiir.';- c.:iy inornlna in c.mnection with ilie tutal slKWIin,; c-arl.v Sundav morning of Alford Young of Bly- ini-\ille. the iininiended victim ol u .'.hooting alfray UL u nntlhouw hear here. (.'lifTonl Kenti-r. v:lii) was asleep uhen (irrested ivlth the .U8 calibre i.-'jrol iviili which th» fatal .shot I;: telipuil to have been IliTd un- '.ei 1 hi.s pilto'.v. Wocdard Howern :uid Wowlrow Kixnice arr- the Him iin'der airest. I'liey are .sched- iiir-d |o faui- .Jusiicf Colifmn nt !l ' A. M., touiarro\\ Ti:r- ;:licotlir; u.:c in-red at the :riiillraiisc ol Eob Winters. :i mile s.nrt n half south of here. Wlnt- «•'•: for uliom tlx> .shot thai killed Young apparently was intended, < waned wltli a nosh v.oiiml In the i-:glu arm. Askeii Kenser lo Leave yerordini! to tin. story told by Winters thi-re had been a dance :•!. his place, and he had a.sked \vlio hart been drinking. ;o leave. Winters had locked the . .ICHV when Kensei demanded ... ailmktance, saying he had left r.ome liquor in th? place. Winters i.pcned th fl door rj'ti gave Kenser ii shove which «M. him tumbling r-11 the liiye porch in front pi ....the, establishment. Shooting starj- i d immediately and Young, 'who vus inside, was !:ii in the back i.l the neck by c bullet, whicn i-merged in front. He died while fin tho way to Ihe I ; lythevillc hos- • was am-: led hiier thai. .1'ijjht. Officers foi'i-u him asleep i.i the home of Mr. and Mis. Vi-rnon Wood,-, of Holland, a .3B cilibrc pL'.tul under his pillow. llOT.-en: and Kooive. .said lo have Ireii Reiser's companions, were irrested today. Tney live at Hol- wf-re rmigit a tattle n the death in;: ;;1 ,,e,l |,|, h:1( . k „„ „„, ' ;,„. ' \ l-Mit Aiiditorluo today while! Mlams and .lived m(u ,i, ( . (11 | t .,. Clyde Bcaity. trnlner. sought vain-!,,] thr n s hi. lie | .-added 'will i t- iy lo separate thrai. i .-;;n. in s v.hlp ' Just two hoiii'.s 1^'fore the alter- Siimmy wcmtii no, noon performance c! a circus «a.s.":ip ii,. hail oil •'• to begin, fiommy Imge male, at- iicmes;:. It « tt * " r nicked a yoimc lioness ivhih'| >. ; nle liim niiu-d Realty was pulling the hc-asis | .•-; mmy I-.OI-IM d •hiough a irainin, .sr-.sslon. irinnk :i«nv Lccked in eomtat, the i'.vc lions fought in th? center ol • he- big cage. Arte-ndanU lurned slreams from three (irr IKI.SP.S on Dm I'M't) till- llrllttl 'tiro.ii ol Ihe iiulil the le- vi-r dead Hint tattling lion-: while Beany, Uf-atty l out uf iln- (,-aij ii'iniici-a. Then if«iiui lu-in tu I Fulls 49 Degrees in Few Hours; Much of Nation in Grip of Cold. .... , j.i LI I... K u Jlllt: Liflll! v, , . . . t.'.i- it. i ,,i. 11-- armeel only witn i. whip and nj" llVp ™ "^ P'^^pl^i'mn Minki-d clo- i:iftel loaded will, blanks, sought I' '^' nl "' to miiet four o'.l.rr male lionsl ll ' ! " r ' '" ' vtllcl ?nu louj' .savape fgoi.s who were! "Let's go" h the cage. • M: OW n,,,,.." .Still' liorlll ivillll thill leiiiiXTatnre t.,mWing 4Q |,i aboiil !:! iujiiri lii- de, season lust 1113 lu. From a maximum of lil degrees Love fin-o yesli-1-....y ihi> mercury .'auk rapidly io a Minimum O f 12 iitove »-ro last n'pl.t. -|-|i|. prei'- iot;s low for the fearnii svas 14 Paderewski Bowed \ nl±",±^ at Wife's Funeral Funeral Heirt Sunday Funeral services !oi Yemn )->-ld Sunday afternoon at three '" '-'i:lwk at His fiiinily home on ICI Highway 0). bmv.-ecn Blylheville and Yarbro, with the Rev. W. J. t.efioy, pastor of IMC Lake Street Methodlsi church, oifichtlm?. In- i.-rmem was mack- ;,t North Saw!,n cemetery. j The deceased is .survived by his vidow, \tt). En-ma Yoim" a i f.iigluer. Mrs. Faye Workman, one .•nn. Jack Young, and two brolh- iis. Henry, \ilio j lvfts ,, rar |, e| . c ; hit Allen, who lives in California Unloading of Jacob Rup- pcrt at Bay of Whales Again Interrupted. ABOARD S. S. JACOB RUPPERT. Day of Whales. Jan 23. iUP)-Fnr the third time In- six days the flagsliip of the second Byrd Antarctic expedition today was driven from her unloading berth alongside the crumbling ice front of Ihe Bay of Whales. While unloading wSs in ftill swing this morning huge masses Of ieei-^er.jh; area ..Ihe tize.oj l*o city blocks'suddenly crumbled and .surged oulward. Only ener- gc-iic action saved, the ship from serious accident. The expedition faces a.-dpsper- ate struggle to nnii'h' ''iinlna'dlnR. Tne ship is reconnoiterlng to attempt a fourth mooring near her original berth. Although the .SHU is shining brightly it is snowing The situation Is critical because ;he ship is approaching the deadline lixed for oil consumption here Soon she will be forced to start north. "In the whole 20 mlle.s of coast within this bay there apparently -s not a single stable place to moor." Admiral Byrd said. "If the keeps going out at this rale Little America- may yet be at the water's edge." • Closing Stock Prices YORK. Jan 29 (UPl — Ihe advance on halted >>i week. 1 ht slock ex- a Cev.- days was today in wheat 47 1-B 66 :.(vel»rated lurnov:!- Bonds and nmmodiiie.s giinoo with using more than '2 cents a ft. T. and T. Anaconda Copper neihlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors Middlewest Utilities Montgomery War.i New York Cenlrnl Packard Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons Beds St. Louis-San IV.incLsco f-'laiKtnrd o( N. J Texas Co "- S. Steel Two States Fighting (or Dillinger Gang TUCSON. Ariz., Jan. 29. (TJP)- A bitter fight between Wisconsin and Indiana authorities over John Dillingcr and his gang of despera- dors impended today. The leader e.ud his three imprisoned henchmen were offered a chance of life imprisonment in Wisconsin to escape possible death sentences in the Hoosier state I Moving to block Indiana from extradition of the notorious pris-1 oners, authorities from Racine ' Wis.. offered the gang a waiver to return voluntarily lo Wisconsin' —'•'•'ng the American Trust and | A bitter January cold waveb'tif- frtcd two thirds of Hie United Stales today. Temperatures (Implied as much a.s 55 degrees in 12 hours. Siib- ; m-o murks were recorded. High winds made Ihe sudden chance more acute. Airplane (ravel wa.s halted and railroads reported that even train- were slowed by n wind which at tunes reached a 70-mile an hour velocity. Deplorable conditions were rc- porled by charilable organizallonx as thousands of famllie.s. templed by recent springlike weather to delay requests for fuel, stormed relief ORencle.s with pleas for coal ar.ti cloihlng. The temperature dron over an area more than 2,000 miles stiuare wus .spectacular In its suddenness Sleeping down from the interior of - Alaska. - and the Canadian northwest, tire wind brought the mercury from 44 degrees above zero yeslerday morning in Chicago to exactly zero 12 hours later and in below this morning. i Only a few hours later the pale I struck eastern states. Telephone poles were blown elown in Ohio as the lemperatuies .sank lo 3 above. Eleven Dpad The sicnn took at least eleven lives. Six person:: dif-d nf ex- picsiirc in Chicago. A man wns ! killed In Mnwaiil:'.;! by n lull nn '•'n icy sidewalk. BM; another similar accident l-.-d io a fatality In Indianapolis. . Threa per.toiis, n- aged ranehr-r, |hls (laughter, ind her small son. jv.frr- Inven lo ilralh in a bli?- \>an\ In Canada. In Chall.inrmc.-t Hospital CHATTANOOGA, .hill. 2!) rUPi- Siilferin" from exposure and hu:>- •:er. Mrs. Mary llabbitt. :a, u: Hm Springs. Ark., was taken in f. hospital nt-rc 1o;lay, the fint victim of HIP MKicni cold that ''lit ihe temp-ralinr- do'.in lo \-> i-toviv Mt.s. nnhlvll v.-as foand on Ihe Tennessee i-| v! . r \,tMti- Rlie ir>ld hospital minches .she had j •T.lmosl froze to flr-atli." W-526 Bates Ginned 1'rior to January 16 M!.<Alsslpp| (.munj. U , ) | J |n J H " neighborhood O f I3BSOO I" 1 ;- 11 « f i-olKin Inmi the i!>; i;t |; 1 ". H was Indicated today in iiinu.iim-emeni bv 0. C. t.i»-!.-,! ftU ' l ' r Of Ulx °™. census bi'Mi lepre,,,! V e, thnt 137.- J - t> "•'.'« of 1PM crop cot 11 "; Bllm n Hie conmv prior i» .January 1C •riii- ciop |, -.bout out, hut •Mr. DanelwuvM- ralmaled lhat 1 WOjd.litin,,,,, bales m )( ;,, t be Prior to January Una] figure I.I-'.' .yc-ui- " bnles. Co: I cm 1BO>MO prior to Jani o n ihc United Suites «j« IMM.782 bales, of w£ l.OWi.rr-,9 w«s ginned | n Arknn- maim ID FORCE Her Mind Is On Her Work 10 D-8 Savings bank. 101 1-2 33 3-D 22 :t-4 w 3-16 28 38-5-8 5 1-8 18 8 1-8 21 5-8 3 3-4 47 But neither Wiieoasln nor In- elltinn autliorities v.;il be given cus- today of the Dilllnccr band until icwards totaling ynveral thousand oollars are paid, ircal authorities •a:d toeJav. urrr.v.-jin sft-ncu. ni* lined iviili grin:. u,,-. lvi; .la,, lPrewSKl. rfi]ii>wi,i-i|, • Hr^^^nled tills :i.ii:if |.ic(u;e at- tie = wal.lic.t Ihe .-asfepi U | i,. 3 ^Hy I lf]WL-ll-ll III Us ili.i. ||, ;, ^Hmciary I • --;n K;nis S:.p.|i*.'(i .ri Swil^er- I laurl after a '.wo t-.::r9 'J^os-i Mexican Mine Reopened Employing 1,700 People I'ARRAL, Mexii-o i UP) — Re- Conpress Candidate ! Held as Bank Robber j WINSl OW. Oil*., Jan. 2B. <U!'i - Dilhvorth E. Sumpter, Socialist candidate for n congressional seat' last fall, was to be arraigned here icclay on attempted bank robbery charges. He was embittered at "capital- House Concurs in Changes Made in Measure by (lie Scnalc. WASHINGTON, Jan. 2fl (UPl — Vl'.e house ncccnicd .•eiiati' changes 1:1 (lie Roosevelt noli! bill today, Ihus comuicilr... rrngressional ac- 1:1111 on T.-ie moiie-iiiry measure.. Only the yign.iums ol Speaker Jinlncy and Vice-Presidem- Garner u-re needed befor-. the sweeping monetary bill ].« sent to the White House for-thn'-prraldent's filgriu- lure. Aclion came in the house loday when the bill w ns C n]i e( j n p under a unaiiimnus rons;i.i retjiiest wlth- 1111 a dissenting uicc to it.s mi- 'iiMliatc consid.miMon. The bill was approved without a record vote afu-r a few inlnme.'i ol discussion en v hul ihe srncle ainendim-nis were. The principal cHngc In the bill Made in the .senete was a Ihree- >var limitation or, .slabm/ation n-nd 0|x>ralions. Speaker Rniney before the session convened said Ihe .senate diaiiero were" accept"We to President Koosevell. Lynch and Ward Report "Progress" At Capital B. A. Lynch mi-J L. L Ward '1 Mayor Cecil s h .v-ie'.« city watcr- ivc.rks commitlee have retiirned from Washington «-ith n reiwrt lhat negotiations '.ir a PWA loan ^o this city for u.:rchasc of the local water plan' are progress- ig- Mr. Lynch in :i brief statement today declined to rulnrge on the import that efforts to secure (lie i lipropriation v.ere proceeding In "the usual monnci". The city's ^plication bus alu>ady been ap- ! roved bv the slatr PWA oliice. j Amateur GUHH Bungles Efforts Satin-day Niglit nt Osceola and Here. A i^ani; of amateur safe breay.- |C>r.s. believed to bo. oiwratliiKiom of nivlhevllle. mado three unsiic- cossfnl allempt,s lo open safes here nr,il at Oscrala Saturday night. A few Highly Iwfore a fruitless atlempi was made at I.uxora ami nuollier was "successful" only because ii safe, subjcclcd lo a battering, hnd not. been locked ofll- cors said. The unsuccessful attempt here was made at Hie office or Clav and Billings, fne., local feed ami coal dealers. Patrol officers almost in-lived while l.he altempl was underway, followlnp In the wnke of the bandits by only a (ew mlniiles. 'Hie combination knob nn the sr.fe had been battered off 1ml the re.Mill put the would-be robbers no nearer and probably much farther from their object, • result- IDR In Jamming O f the lock. At Osceola similar unsuccessful etlnrts were inailo to o]X?i safes at the office of the Oscenln I.muter company and Ed Qninn'.s eeal rompnny ofTlco. Sheriff Clarence Wilson. Police Chief Ed nice and Hule Jackson, chief deputy sheriff, the latter ol. Osceola,' were satisfied that the attempts were all tne work qf the same gang -•Several nights, 'before" bandits uslnc-u slcdxe. hammer, broke a combination -handle -off a safe a the Frisco depot office-at-Luxora taking about $30. ."According:. lo reoorls the ofTlcc manager hac left the .safe .unlocked, taking the risk of robuery rather than .-having the .safe- ruined. Aupare'ntl> no effort lo swing open the doors to the steel box was made be.fore the combination was knocked off and the thieves probably thought their methods turned the trick when the box did open, .lackson said. The .same night, a safe at the Arkansas-Missouri Power company office at Lnxora resisted efforts of- the safe breakers. isl.s and money powers" whom he 1(e - blamw l 'or bringing alimit his Frisco del' £ " tltic " n |ll "BC down Ihe social I his monlhi sc " lc ' New York Cotton NEW YORK, J,,,. 2!) (UP) - f.i.tinn closed barr.j steady. open high i 0 ; V c ] av 1130 "Scandal" Charge Made Against Evangelist Aimee LOS ANGELES, Jan. 29. (UP) -Aimee Semple McPherson. internationally known evangelist was charged In open court loday with -' - navmg been "In volved in a .scan- l-l dal with Cromwell Ormsby, formerly her attorney. C[M l iiing of Oro Mine near h. re Us a result of HipVrr metal prices I ^"'"P'" wa.s arrested, police I has given work t ,- 1.700 Arsons. r airtl n -\ hc Prepared to tunnel his Til? proiK-rtv is the .second " ay "'™ cr thc Fir -^ National bank here. He fled at the approach of the bank watchman bu( was cap: lured after the watchman nred tUG 1138 lia 1 1139 lisa ju'y use \\-,(t 1159 on lies nsj nor, Dec 1118 1193 1177 Jan USt; 11S6 11"9 Spots cio'ed slr-ndy at 1170 11CO 1184 1198 New Orleans Cotton NEW OrfLEANS, Jan. 20 <UP>- Ci.tlon clased s March May J,.ly Oct Dec open l.igh 111, low close ' ISC 1153 1133 iiao lir.3 ncfi IH7 11G4 'K-8 5182 1163 1180 HV7 1133 1117 1193 closed stcrny at 1135 »p Chicago Corn May July ojien S2 t-2 low close - r >2 1-2 52 7-8 51 \.'l 51 7.? 54 ,1.8 54 3.4 Chicago Wheat flay open 91 i July 89 5-8 9! lil.'h 32 :i-4 low close SI m 5-8 89 S-8 90 1-S largest mdividur.i mine in the Mate of Chlimahit:-. It Is operated by the San Mines of i j,'',-" „""• Mexico. Ltd.. a Ri.lish company.! P n " Mining millinr were suspended Dee. 31. r.nd until this month the co:npr.ny maintained (•nly a pumping lorte at the mine. Uecislnn to rerpen wa.s made before President Rcosevclt's silver coinage aniiounCL't; t-tit. The mine contaT.s- complex ore ve-ias of silver. l<-ad. gold, zinc .-•rd copper. Lead >r-ncentrati's are shipped to Torreoi: and zim- con- ceiHrale.-! to Belgium. Under iiiimi;* c'' thc Chihuahua l-oard of rouciliatk-.i and arbl'.ra- licn. Franclsc otlel Oro and F.-ntn Bjiban ("ritrict niluers will revive n nvplinum of two I'.rros ;:cr day. This is an increase oJ SO centavos ovr the oW wage.) Ir rome other di. (rlcts wages or ?2o |W.-rs have brrn set. MERRILL, Wis lUPi—Molasses end bran, prepnifd to poison t,ra.s.s|]opppr.s. taste, good (o n ht-rd of cows m ihe Gottlieb Kiiran farm. Ne.-"] v a dozen of lie cows dii-d. Boy Under Knife By Court Order The battleship West Virginia wr,s built at a cc,;i O [ &20MO.OOO anei is th fill!) In 11 mo,t expensive lalile- United States navy. Trousers and Cash Stolen From House A pair of trouwrs. containing a pockettook snd sb.'rTi \vns stolen from Ihe home o: Mrs J. E. Crook on ChicrMiawta avenue sometime Sunday night. The Intruder aj-p-iremly entered through an un! .eked door. The trousers were the rM-opwtv nf Mrs. Crook's FOIL tianv.c ' j Celcbrators to Receive j Thanke of Roosevelt; WASHINGTON, Jan 2? (UP)—j President Roosevelt will address a message of personal [hanks to! friends who participate tomorrow night In the series of ce his 52nd birthday, t! announced today, The law Intervened In an effort to save Raymond Vclle. 1, above, when his parents. Ran Claire. Wl3.. Salvation Army workers, refused to allow an operatloc for none Infection removal, de- «l«Hng tha lad could be healed only by prayer. Tho court or- aercd nurgery .fur doctors had »l«aded T»ln] r v j,|| ih» pir«al«. Anthorilies Fear They Have Murder, Nol Kid- naping, to Solve. ST. PAUL, Jan. 29. (OP)—Police today feared they "may have a murder Instead of n kidnaping" lo solve In the IS-elay disappearance of Edward O Drcmer, 36, hanker and son of Atlolph Brcmcr, wealthy brewer. While still leaving ail lanes open for the Bremer (nmily lo negotiate with the men believed lo have abducted the young banker, police started quiet. Investigations of every unexplained discovers' of a violent death In Ihe mid-west In the last 13 days. In only one other abduction. Ihe kidnaping of the Infant son of Col. Charles A. Lindbergh, has so long a period elapsed between the recepit of the first ransom note and agreemenl on a ransom pay- menl. In the Lindbergh case the victim was kilted. Despite the receipt by the Bremer family and friends of dozens of noles and telephone contacts, police said that only the first note was believed genuine. Bold Thief Flees With Cash Drawer A bold negro thief fled with cash drawer, ccr.taining about eight dollars, while W. R. Adams, cged proprietor of K neighborhood store on North Frr.nklin. was filling the thief's crrier for three cenl.s worth ol candy Saturday light. The negro grabbed the drawer j nrd ran for the door as Adams j walked behind th" counter. The 1 used storekeeper tinned and grabbed the negro. Tin- lh!ef succeeded in wrestling frrv of the storekeeper's grip and darted out the ooor, still holding the money bos. He lefl behind his cop. which fell from his head during the brlet tussle. Mrs. Franklin D. Itooscvcu Is pay Inn full aiieutlou io tin, aiib- Jcci under discussion n ,,,| (j lv . IUR 11 (hi! lien.<nt of her u- 0 en inimi, :13 f |ii: i s H liown Imre. In an liitcreHiIni; exprea- nlon nuidjr, utiemlUiB ilic confor- eiiec on tho CWA n-amun'H prnject nt Warrentnn. Va Kho martc tliorouyl, iintulrj about ciliooh, Illirarlen, HIII! U.-altJ< work wbJk Uere. Wine AVill Be Strongest Bevcraye While Roose- velts Occupy Mansion. WASHINGTON, .'nil. 29 rUP>— fclmpie American, bill no ills tilled liquor, will be served a, (ormal While !lo".-e dinners, Mrs. I'ranklln D. Roosevelt said loday 'Happy lo Have It Off My Clu-'st," Says Repentant Slayer. The "sawdusi trail" lends baek lp the "lj]g hoiL«c" and possibly the -vhalr" for Walter Lambert uut be Is "happy to have ll oft my chest." The 42-year-old paroled convict, placed In the county Jail here Saturday night on what officers believe to be a groundless charge, confessed dur- ' 1"K religious 'services at the jail Yesterday to a pool hall killing In Annlston. Ala., Inst spring. A lonelnc to see his aged mother, seriously in, and a desire to "lace the music and quit dodging " led him to confess, Lambert said. The preacher hod implored the 'lost ones" lo redeem their souls mid (he sinpers had filled the cell blocy-. with the rinsing tune of an okl-fnshloncd hvmn when "Walter Schmlll" deeldcd to "talk." "Schmlll." who said hi? name was really Lambert, told the Jail vl'lloi-s. members of the Church of fiod, that he was "wanted" in Alabama tor » killing. Hiul he :E« down the Jail corridor he could probably liHve seen Ployil Sharp, turnkey, who was also at- lUiiiiR .services. Tired nf Fugitive's IJfn After the visitors left Sharn nuestioned Lnmberl farther about his confession and the nrlsoner '•nM he was wanted for ihe 'kill- lug nf Preytor Bone at Annlston In May. Lambert sold at the '.line of the killing he was af liberty under parole aft«r serving 11 years of a 25 year term fol-'the murder of an Annlston nollceman .^ .He, -harj, been : "ont" only a' few motif Hs"" when; * wi thV'KJs '• - brother, ho shot down Bone in a pool hall. Lambert said. The shootirw was a "grudge" affair, Lambert' declared, when Interviewed : this morning, explaining thnt Bone had fhol his brother Ihrouiih the -back and altnckod him with a knife a short time before. Lambert and his brother, Ross Lambert, left AnnLston while 'pos- re.1 scoured the nearby hills for them, lib brother was killed, so Lambert says, beneath the wheels 11 of a train in Montana. The hunt. rd convict, a price on his head, fearful that he would meet -"the nfter n confrreure with the presl- deni. Mrs. noosevelt- n:ade the an- nmincemcni at he, w «,, y , tfres ^Jmt^ "imo "M«I C T' conference. She said: I ,.,,,,., the ISih of Februarv It „ M , 1 Lanib " L shomd "P near » jeuiuarj it p nr agould, Ark., where he was law" at every rwlnt, wandered • over the United Stales, drilling . Into Canada and then hack across thb. will become lesal in Die District ill Columbia to so.ive distilled llcpior he .si-rveil In Hie No at any lime — ..- White House. I here will be no fixed rules as lo wines when .served. There will Je.. of course, pr-lcrence given to American wines." As Die formal social season will end bntore liqi;or and wine are legal In the Dlst-cl of Columbia the White Hous" crystal wine glSKcs will sec no service this season, however. Lent, begins February IS and the iaw will not allow the sole of liquor in the national capita, uniii after that Wines and llmio:s have not been icrvcd nl the Wlrlc House officially since 1817 wY,n ihe Dlslrict PI Columbia bon-? dry law went into eriecl, although Alice Roosevelt Lougworth says in her book •Crowded Hours." thai whiskey was not barred fain the private quarters on the second floor during "••• Harding administration. Bedford Johnson New Liberty Store Manager "' M ™l> h >s "• '•.n.n/ ||f niPiiagctnent of the I pool local Liberty Car!: Grocers store Ben Hoss, who had , teen In charge since the siore was •pened here ahno:t a year ago Ror.s has been Iransfcrred to l.elena, Ark, his li.-n-.e town, where he will be manager of a new unit of the system to Ix opened there. Johnzou. who has been with the Liberty system for four years Is otic of the .Youngest managers em- x'oyed by the con.uany. Prior to its promotion to head of the local store he was connected with 'tore No. 22 on Union in Memphis. Johnson ai\: Hire? brothers are all employe! by Hie l.lo- 'ty Cash Grocerf taken into custody when officers found him still bearing thc gun with which he fatally shot Bone. Given a "stretch" on the Greene county penal farm for "gun tot- lup.' 'Lambert was soon made a tnisly by Ihe farm officials. Arm-' ed wllh a shotgun and watching over other prisoners Lambert suddenly decided to leave and walked off. He drifted Into the Huffman community, on the Mississippi river, northeast of here, and secured employment as a. laborer on ii government levee fleel, Saturday night thc killer was tektn Into cuslody when a woman protested thai he had attempted to mistreat her, a charge which officers believe to be unfounded and based on a grudge. Story Is Confirmed Lambert's story was verified by A. H. Borders. Calhoun county, Ala., sheriff, by long distance telephone last night. Tilts morning W. L. Borders, chief deputy, and H. T. Green, deputy, arrived to return Lambert to Annlston. The prisoner expressed pleasure at see- Ing the Alabatna officers and readily agreed to waive extradt- tion. He described in detail how- he had eluded pursuers after the .shooting, and his wan- r.ild he had planned on several occasions to surrender and once went back to Annlston for thai purpose but had always backed out at the lasl minute until yesterday. The charge against Lambert here will probably be drop- oed. The Alabama- officers plan to leave tomorrow with Lambert, for whom a $200 reward had been offered. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, hard freeze to- nlghl Tuesday fair, rising temperatures. Memphis and Vicinity—Pair. I hard freeze tonight. Tuesday fair, rising temperatures. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 61, minimum 34, Four Assessed Fines Four aien were fined five dollars on C char li eT U o'f ! disu llCO ," Bn ,, Sa ' l ' rdaJ ' **"«"*• ™ s «• mi » ta ™ 3'- The men flneri , « ? ^!?i •*?"• ctear ' "^Ing lo Samuel P nit w nL^Ll er ^.™ ls ,;^ Nonrls. cmelrt weather observer. rclt. William Moire. Elmer Wahl nd Bill Hardy. . . Last night th* temperature dropped to a minimum of 13

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