The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1951 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1951
Page 17
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, APKTT, 1?, 1951 .)' COURIER HEWS OurBoording House with Moj. Hoopla OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Wil.ioms PAGE YOU'LL H*WE TO "^^Hk\P ! TRUST YOU To ^ TURK! 1KJ YC7DR ^^ DIG OP ALL TH& *< CELLULOID CUPFS)? MOLDY V* CLicnes?-"-As A MATTER OF FACT, X IHT6WD MAKiKlG YOU DEPOT! e<=. To THE HP\MD PUMPS' ONE HOUR AND TWEWTY TRYIKIG TO OPEN ONE DRAWER..' SOMEBODY TOO LAZY TO PUT THE SAW BACK iw THE GARAGE-WAITING FOR THAT SOMEBOD/ RIGHT VMHEM YOU 60eS^s|i <5LIDg WITH THAT \f\POL6. ASSIGS5M.EKVT, IK) 6BT YOUR ?OO{ A SET OP J/ [ POUWD TORSO LOADED THROUGH to THE CELLOR /_, « FORGET HE'S A WHY A.AOT11ER5. GET GRAY IIICMT 1951 BY NE« SEDVICC. We. TJiere was a young bride, qultd sad. Her biscuits turned out kinds bad, But her man, a nice guy, Meyer's Bread learned to buy, And now bhey are happy and glad. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Resf ['rices Kirby Drug Stores HITTING THE NAIL ON THE HEAD;. . Shoe Repair Saves Money H-flLTCRS QUflLITY SHO£ SHO I 121 W. MS IN ST. xxnt PAUL. PANCIEHA nodded slowly. "I thought I saw tjiat in your eyes." He paused and then went on, "The gentleman tonight, I gather, turned out to lie much more attractive than the—the 'poor gink' I think you railed him—the gink up at Cedarbrook." His irony curled his lips ever 90 slighdy. "Am I lr> assume that thij is an infatuation—even love, possibly?" Jean Roland was beginning to be annoyed now. "Assume what you like." Mr. Fancier* sighed. "Poor youth, poor helpless youth. To break his heart upon a stone. I think—" He spoke carelessly ~but nonetheless poinledly. "—I think perhaps I shall have a little talk wHh the younK man in the morning.;'Where is Tim Reese staying?'.'. "Not Tar from here, but much loo far for you," Jean said sharply. He smiled tolerantly. "Perhaps, then, you would prefer to ask him over here?" "What would jou ta|k bo him about?" He was very* relaxed, offhand. "Oh, one th'" ? ;>rd another. FUis- iness, possibly." lie shrugged. "We might even, if you would stay mildly sanp, talk over some salis- taclory arrangement (or the three of us." She shook her head firmly. "You may be sure 1 shall not ask him over. You might take it into your head to talk about me." . He smiled his ironic smile. "Could it be it has occurred to you lhal he and you mighl make very profitable combination? Could it ever be avarice, sweet?" • t • _, she turned away from him and went quickly to the passageway lhal led lo the rear of the apartment. She returned almost immediately in a heavv coat. "Now, now. I wouldn't be »> inpetiioiifs," he reproved her. "It is good to flee iniquity but 1 reel the flight would be belter made in the rpnrning. Does he know you reside here?" What do you think?" She stopped, faced him. "No. It's simply I'm tired ol your manners Your artificiality is getting on my nerves. And, I might add. you conceit is also." "He is so natural, isn't he, and so modest. One or nature's owi gentlemen. How I suffer in com parison." 'You do! AnrI I'm in love wilh him, ir that's what you want to k«ow!" She went swiftly to the door. "Dear, dear." He sighed, shook his head sadly. "Love, t.ove at last. You, such a prettily coiled steel mechanism, in love. Truly I live En an age of wonders." She opened the door. Swiftly he stepped forward, closed it. "No." He was cool, authoritative now. "No. It would hardly b< good business for you—or for me, for that matter—if you should be seen tramping throilKh a hotel lobby at this hour of the morning. It could hardly be described as in good laste. lo put. it mildly. Nor do 1 Hunk il would enhance ,„„. eplltalion any lo have people say- -ng 1 threw you out." He took her arm, led her back Into the .room. "I will go, if it will make you any happier." "It will, considerably." He shrugged, went to a closet immediately inside of the passageway. In a moment he was back with his hat, coal and gloves. "Nobody will notice an artificial and conceited poor creature like rue at this hour of the night." He went to the door. "And if anyone should notice, il will be said lhal you threw me oul. That will be considered amusing." He opened the door. "I shall be over for coffee in the morning. 1 am sure there will be much'less heal and much more light then." "I will be leaving in the morning." "I -shall try lo be here in time to bid you adieu. Good night, my wonderful one." He closed the door softly and was gone. QVER Manhattan, the morning broke gray and cold, but not for Tim Reese. His expectancy of the day awakened him early and his bright memories of the night befoi-e kept him awake. The drab day and the plain hold room were for him golden-hazed with pleasure. Those dreams he had had in tin hospital, the play of many scene? and many curtains, which haci stretched so far into the distance were beginning lo he loo real nov. for Tim to be anything bul happy It was wilh an exuberance hr had not known for years that he climbed out of bed and went to the window lo shut il. He turned away from the window »nd then slopped abruptly. Astounded, he stared at his canes standing against- the wall near the bed where he had placed them the night before. He started at the canes » long moment, finding it difficult lo believe their testimony. Then, suddenly, he gave out with a whoop of joy. He had in his 1 exuberance walked without the canes. He hdd walked without help for the first lime since 1944. (To Be Continued) HOW MUCH TO GET RID There's no need to b« worrier! about (he safely of your car. Now...for just $5.95...Still * Young will give if a complete check-up (hat will relieve your mind about many troubles you might suspect in (be car. And IS IT WORTH OF WORRY! it's quite likely that you'll be say- injf yourself »om« expensivt repair bilte in th« future by catching th* troubU now. This offer begin* Friday—sorry, for a limited time only. Com* down tomorrow I $C95 Checkup ^r HERE'S WHAT WC DO: V Adjust head lampi to pveviirt blindinf |la» and taipror* nighttime visibility. V Check steering system, eliminate *IC*M|V« wheel "pl»y." V Check wheel alignment, (align if nec«««ry) to prevent road "wander," shimmy, or excessive tir« wenr. \ f Inspect and adjust brakes. V Inspect tires and rotate for longer life. V Inspect wiring system and replact'wom »ectioni to prevmt short circuits. V Inspect windshield wipers, replace bUd«, if n« V Check operation of horn. Driv« Down Tomorrow! STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut & First Your LINCOLN-MIRCURY Dealer ' Ph ont 4333 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOMER Plenty of Philters ALMOST AN IDEA FOR AUTOMATIC LOCK. ISWT . YOU 1 TO see- CAME OUT I SWE- TOSEEMV /THING, RECORDS// DIDN'r / ''KNOW WHAT BOX./ talk about sacrifices — but would they go to with R boy three inches shorter than they are?" "Parents the prom BY AL VEKMEER WELL...YOLI CAN'T SLEEP AT NIGHT. YOU FEEl A "<JEEPERS' FUNNY FEELING V DOES GOING UP AMD VOLJR MY MOTHER SAYS 7X/W MEANS OUR DOG WAS SLEEPING ON THE BED AGAIN! ( ABOUT IT! HOW DO V.YOU A-/VOH' WHEN Louie Changes His Mind BY MICMAKI. (TMAU.EY mid RALPH LANE NOW, MUSCLES. HAUWTK7 O55OJV& PA 9LTHE 7 OIV-O-O-OW/LEAVW6 '/. OUTA I CAM'T KEEP THIS SOH7 ScXn , , OPES.'EP 11-e ?OCK CP "'HE ROOM \VHEflfE) M6KJT OF THE , 1 HIT THE ft»SE»4LL\J>JAT!C>N. I'LL SO IN Tf-KOJSH TV4& WlNCQ AMP I SAW— JT WAS/ FEME'S NOTHtJ'TO H E TASK. FEAR" 16 AM EMOTION) UMKWCHVW TO , LOUIE THE LETTER-SOX/ J . A SAFE PLACE poe rr?6Hoa.p I TELLO>TCWLf>»///lVt 6CTT THE PERFECT 6OLUT1OM/ .Fealous? Oh. Yes! JM QUITE / POLICE ALSO IPEWT1F1ED THE INDEBTED TO( JEWELS ERIC HAD. THE^ WERE: VOU FDK. V STOLEN! IKJ SUSSEX WOWTH5 *GO THES AUP TH6 TWO ~X HIS 5TOK.V MEN HE CALLED \W&S f, HE , SUBVJERSWES W6K6 \ff.0tf. 51AR.T FORMER »,Cfl7MPUCES, J tO FINISH! /K» SINaW'««? KPTER THEIR. SHAR.E/I FEEL SO /SHF.IO DlsIBUSr •' r«e Loor! / STUPID-VAKIVOHE WITHOUT ^- —-"^ >-—,,— ' \_GOOO CMJSE! BY 1,RSI.IE TURNKR YOU MUST BE DISGUSTEP WITH ME, EASY. BUGS BUNNY , 1 EVEH ACCUSED YOU OF BEING JEALOUS OF I W^5 I . AND I 1RIED TO THINK. 0 SOME IYJW TO WW VflUR. SYMPATHY, TOO! Jnsl the ThiiiR HOW CAM I GET OUT OF SEEING HIW,^ I'VE GOT IT...THE BATH rue HEY, ELMER/ WHERE YA HIDIN'r> t WANT r\ FEW THOUSAND WORPS ., WITH YOU.' ALLEY OOP One liii K Kul| BY V. T IIAM1.IN ^. r-lOW IF YOU C/\N GL=TBi.CK THERE AND PULL THE PIN, < \ WE'LLHAVEUS ASADDLE /„ j'f"j-V?.j'W\BAG HULL OF SUGAR.' 1 [---^fg BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Thai's It BY EDGAR MARTIN =Jj»[; \ i dpi worl-ev^

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