Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 30, 1890 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1890
Page 7
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I iio\v wretched is the man who has fallen i victim t<> Biliousness, Indigestion, Siei; licaJaclie, or diseased Liver, with iiil the horrible attendants. Look noon l!»< picUin*. Poor man, being tired of tlrn^iii-j out a miserable existence, he is liio picture ol' ib'spondency ; altogeth- ,',[•_ |;i> is rattier a' forlorn specimen. Do \v'- pity him? Of course; but at the same time fool assured that in a measure In; is to blame, lor the bad state into which ho has fnUen. A sure, safe, speedy :ind easy cure can bo found in Simmons Liver Kegulato;-— Nature's own rera- .-ily. Xo Ynorcury or deleterious drugs, not unpleasant to the taste, and always triable— just such a remedy as you can pin your faith to without a shadow of disappointment. Kead the testimonial, don't take our word for it : 'T h:ivc been subject to severe spells of <,uiit;i'>lion (if the Liver, and have been in tic hni'i: of t;iking from 15 to no grains of ralor.ict, wU:ch generally laid me lip for ttinro or four d:,ys. Lately I have been tatinj: Simmons" Liver Regulator \yhich ' to tuuincss." J. lief, without any interruption " HUGO, Middlcport, Ohio. J. H. XEILIJT ft- CO., U PROPRIETOU:;. PHILADELPHIA, Mi PKICF., Sl.OO. Elct Hcp.tlMhe and relieve all ttiotrouDlsg IDOt dent to r» bilious Btato of tho system, snob BE Dizziness, JJausea, Drowsiness, Distress aftei eating. Pain in tha Side, kc. Whilo their most TenjK&able success has been shown ia. curing Bet&uihe, yet Carter's Little LivOT MM sic equally valuable in Constipation, curing and pro- Venting tlii3annoyinRComplalnt.-while they also mrrectolldlsoraersoJtb06tomach^timulaloth< Bret ma regulate the bowela. Evoalftnoyonls CUKKl • ABlsthoy wonWbe almostprlceleag to tnosawho '«uf£ar from this distressing complaint, butfortu- natoly thair goodness does notond hcre,ond those whoonce try them Trill find these llttlo plllfl valu- sible in so many -ways that they will not bo willing to do without them. But af tar allsick head Is the bsmo of so many lives that baro Is -where we mako our great boast. Ourpillscuroit-wnilo oihera do not. , Carter's Mttlo Liver Pffls are very small ana T«y easy to take. One or two pills make a doso. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripo or purgo, bat by their gentle action please all who nsotnem. Invlalsal:25conts; flveforjl. Bold by druggists everywiiere, or sent by mail. CARTER NIET/IC1NE CO,, New York. SMALL PILL. SMALL DOSE. SMALL PRICE Keacl Symptoms and Conditions Specific will Relievo aiid Cure. havo Malaria, Torpid Livcr.Dyspepsia, Gall Stoue, Feverand Aguo <jr Oouc, navo Irritation. Spasmorlio Stricture, or Catarrh ol tbo Bladder, . -> have BLOOD humors,PimnleE, triccie, tt Vnii nr o threatened with, or already hnvo II I UU Bright's disease, or Urinary croublc. If Vnii have sediment in urino lilcBbritUdus* II I UU frequent calls or retention., v/iclt distress or pressure in the parts, limbs blout, It Vn»i have Lame Bnoh, Rheumatism, stinc- II I UU ing-. Aching Pains iu sidt or hip'j, If W ni i have Diabetes or Dropsy, body t!oc.t, ll I UU or scanty or hJgli colurcU urine, If Vnii II I DU I* Vnn II I UU If Vnn ,, I! IUU Seminal Weakness or Syphilis, If VBII hnvo Stone la Kidney, Gravel In Klud- II I UU der. Stoppage of urine or Dribbling, If Vnn have poor Appetite, Bad Taste, Foul- II IUU breatQ or internal SUmo Fever. Dniltlo op quickly a 'run-down constitution. UUllUS Don't neglect early Eymptoms. EVEHY DOSE Coc3 BIOIIT TO TKE SPOT. rwpared at Dispen saiTT— KecornrnMidcd by renowned nhjsicUin»-.-lavalicis Guide to Health' free. Advice liw Bl! Genuine have Dr. Kilmer's likencsa on Rll outside and inside wrappero. CnlJ by ail Dnrflorars and Du. KtiaEK &Co.. OUlU Binghamton, N*Y. Large SOc. extra large SB- 'IHR&ILROAD RATES Tfco MlSSOtrai PACIFIC RAIDWAT aa; piaocrl tn effect the following low ri-tcsbo ' twucn points on its liues:- — St. LonlnnndKiimHuiCItT . . • »6.«0. & (. Luulnantl Lttavcimortb ... B.?5. "LLeub, AU-hl«oii and St. Jo«ph . . • «•£«• St. Lnut« oitd.OmuliA * 8.S5. SI. Ijjiils, PacMo, Colorado SprlnEB, SHoTer 16.00. twiivccn Kt. Joiwph, AtchlBon. Leovenwortti «u,I Kii,,-,,. City, and PaeT BOOK NOTES. The publishing; house of Honry AIt«- uB, Philadolphla, have published "Mia IhoiiKhts of an Idle Follow," by Jerome K. .Icromo, a.now Engllsli luimorlst. "Kecolloctlons of Geoi-Rii W. Chllda," "Old Country Life," "Syrlln." hy Onlda, and JPurnosa' va,rlorum '-Aa You Llko It," aro among tho announcumcnts of J. B. Lljjpiucott COM pan y. The Belford-Clnrkii Company will shortly publish Ihe "Diary oi' Sir Moses MoutniKU-o ana Lady Montofioro," svlilch covors Lho poriod from 1812 to 1S83, and will br; contained In two octavo volumes. Headers who have boeu interested in Miss Cathurwood's ••Itomancn of Dol- laril" may Dml Uin real fact!) of t,h:tb thrilling historical romance of Canada in Uio chiiptui: ontitlod "A Canadian Thcrmopylie," in Miss A. M. Muchar's "Storlos of KGW Kranci 1 .." just, issuod by IX Lothrop company. 11. Lolhrou company bus jusl isaupd '^he Fairhavon Foxirlcim," by Mariana N. Tallinan; "The Wnrld's Greatest Conflict," by Ilonry Boyuton; "What Saith the Scriptures'.'" compiled by Mary V. Lord; "The Story of Noealma," l>y Phebc McKeeit. and "Tljn Winter Sport Library," contributed to by various woll Iviiown authors. Mrs. [joniso Chandler Muultou (-nils "Hwanlillclo and Other Kairy Tulos" "a really lovely book," and adds: '-I am afraid you would think I had rcm-.hrid my second chUdliood if T should loll you how delightedly I had lingered over its pr.ittlly illust.rato.il patreH." It, is published by D. Lothrop Company, and has jns'u heon put to a new edition. In "The World's (.,'tvaUl**, Conflict," Hist issued hy U. Lolhrop ConiDany, iliinry Boynton lias prescntwl the parallels of France, and America In their break for liliertv a ri-ntury ago in a terse, vigorous andsimtjle manner. Mr. Boonton is a resident of Augusta, Me., and is a (.'lose ami enthusiastic studetit of pnliticiil history in al-t its varying phases. \\ illium ti'liricn Ims written a,'j-j ••When We Wevo Hoys. ' whtcli is to be brought <ii!t, simuHtmeously in TOngland and this country bv Messrs. Lun^man, (Jreen &. Co.. and will ountaiu a. facsimile of a ictf.or Iroui Sir. O'llrlcn to the effect that it is Lhe only c.Uitlun from which he will derive any prolh. Will our publishing nirnwerr* proceed to purloin it at our.f;'.' F. Carroll !irowst«v o!' I'hilodelphia has written a. volumn of unique interest —"Disraeli in Outlinn" (Porter & Cotttcs). The wprli is prefaced with a comprehensive and concise biosraphira sketch ef Lord ]!eaconsfield, and ths body of tt is davoted to a careful auc adroit summary of his novels. Hero U a pleasant way of acquiring an adequjft* knowledge of Disraeli's writings in the course of a night. The success of "A Saratoga Romance," Mrs.Caroline Washburn Rockwood'a new society novel, which has reached iti twelfth edition in six months, ha-s induced her to engago In another literary venture. Consequently, her publisher irlli soon bring out "Seemingly," a ro man tin and somewhat, tragic story o Beverly Farm's, one of Kew England' most picturesque summer nooks. Th! story will be the joint production o Mrs. Roc.kwood and Lew Vanderpool*. Very few educational works publishei in recent yoars Iiavo elicited more far orable comment from leading professors and teachers than tho new series of readers just Issued by .T. E. Lipplncott Company.' The author, Mr. Eben H. Davis, superintendent, of tho schools at Chelsea,. Mass., has been remarkably successful in teaching reading, and thosa text-books Incorporate his ideas of tho proper method of instruction. The en- tiro, scries Is/ the result of careful thought, stndy and experiment, and nothing has been introduced that has not been tried and found a. success in the class-room. The, ability to write equally well In two languages is a raro one, but it seems to ho possessed hy Mmo. Charles Bigot of Paris, formerly Miss Mary Hcaly, daughter of tho well-^nown American portrait painter. Her charming little story, "A Mere Cap;'ie<? ; " written first in English and published a few years ago in this country, was afterward written by her in French, and received the high honor of being "crowned" by the French Academy. Mme. Bigo!, has recently completed another brilliant short story, which Is about to be published by Messrs. A. C. McClurg & Co., with the title, "A Foreign Match." Tho interest in llussift and Russian literature shows no signs of abatement— and, as Is not uncommon, some of tho best books on the subject COTHO last. An interesting phase of the Russian renaissance is the effect produced by it upon other European nations. A distinguished Spanish lady Senora Dona Emilia Pardo Bazan, lately delivered before the Spanish Athenaeum, at Madrid, a short course of lectures on Russia. It was the first Instance in which a woman had ever been invited to address that learned body, which is composed of the leading representatives of .Spanish literature and scholarship. Tho lectures were received with marked favor and wero soon Issued In book form; and an English translation , of tho work will soon be Issued by Messrs. A. C. McClurg & Co., with the title "Russia; Its People and Its Literature." The translator is Fanny Hale Gardner. WOMEN AND THEIR WORK. Miss Kcbclcuh E. Robcrt.s has been admitted to priu:tic« In tin-. Orphans' court of Philadulpliiti. She is HIP. sitccinl wn- irjan lawyor :ulmiU«d l,o tlin bur of tint!. It is not common Jot* :t husband and wifo to bo ordained together to the ministry, but Mf. and Mrs. L,. W. Spragnr. of Chicago, \vero thus u^ccptinl liy tho Uiiitarinns recently. Miss Aliens 1'arker of .Lowell, Mass., has boon admitted to tho Middlesex bar, tho oath of office being administered by Judge Thompson. She is tho first laciy ever admitted to the Middlesex liar, and the third in the Slate. Miss 13. M. Merrick. a, London artist who last year went to Cairo to paint the pletnre of the Khedive, has now received an order for a portrait of Henry M. Stanley, which tlio explorer is to present to the Koyal Geographical society. Amendments to thci factory iusp<'.'.Hkm law of Sow York have been intrcducetl ink) tho Legislature, providing for the appointment of eight female deputy factory inspectors to report; the conditions under which female employes have to work. New York has a woman blacksmith who, with her little kit of tools, goes about doing odd jobs In lilting keys, putting new locks on trunks, putting on fastenings, and attending.) to the countless other details of household management. Miss Mary Morris, daughter of William Morris, the pool, and socialist, possesses n great talent, for embroidery and designing. She is Uirn'ng it to account bv starting a regular .business, whore she receives orders for work and gives steady I'mpkiyinent, In a number of women. „ Eli/.uboth 1'ivntiss: If you could once make up your miml never to undertake more, work uf any son than y'ou cau carry <m calmly, rf.iicily. without hurry or Hurry, r.nd llu 1 iiiKi..-int you fc-el yourself Brnwitr-' nui". u'i«. ^votiltl Mop .and take broatli- ymi vpr'l" lind Mils Simple, com mi u renRi- rule doing for you what no pr:>» ;•!•:! or tears could ever accomplish. Mrs. Ella l!i-it' Ciyuipr. rlie jiresident of Porosis, is :: li-r.i belii-ver In -women's clubs. She say*: "V would advise every working ;-'lrl to belong to a workingwomen's union. V/onien have b«e» too much ulone: they have lostron- iideiite in themselves and arc timid. When women enter professions, I would advocate their belonging to clubs, for social intercourse, sympathy and. appreciation are necessary to women. Charity Lambert, the colored chambermaid on board of the "Corona," •which exploded recently in the Mississippi, played the part of a heroine during that trying time. She nave every woman on board a life-preserver, saving nono for herself, nr;d when they took to the row-l oats she was the last to step aboard. After the, wreck, she took her bank-book to the wife of the captain. who had so suddenly been left a widow, and begged her to take all her savings. The lady did not do that, but she took Charity, who, she says, slu'l' never leave her home. Soirs Western farmers have Tjeen receiving a circular which opens as follows : "To Christian farmer — Do you want to get in on the g'onnd floor and teep the commandments at the same imo? If so, read this." And then it CuT.ES PilOMPTLY .XI) PEEMAXZirTLY SS. H E -O- BiK .A. T I E 2Sffl, J.mnbnffO, Hca<!acuo,Tootlinche, KTEI.-O'Efc.A.juG-E.^. Soro Throat, Swellings, Frost-bites, sscsz^a.-riicj^. Sprains, BrnlBCH, Barns, Scalds. THE CHARLES ft. VOGELER CO.. BaUlmprB, Ki ELY'S ' Cream Balm Cleanses the Nasal Passage Alhiys Pain an d Inflammation HealstheSorei- Restores the Sen sesot Taste ana Smell Try the Cure A partlcle"ts applied into each nostril unum agreeable. Price 60 cents at druggists :lv mall, registered. 60 cts. ELY BROTHERS. Bfi Wnrren St, New York. auglOdiwtr, EVER MOORE'S U nprecedented Attraction Over a Million Distributed. LSL Louisiana Stale Lottery Co. Incorporated hy tlie Legislature, for Educational ami Cha i liable purpose?, and Its tniii- chlse ma le a part of the pr»per.t State Constitution, In 1879, by an overwhelming popular vote. Its MAMMOTH DRAWINGS take place Semi- act In the Blood. Slightly laxative. Pilules Absolutely Sure For Malaria, Chills, & Impure Blood XhGy expel disease germs, and Purify tho Systeni Druggists, & Dr. C. C. Moore, 78 Cortland St. N.TJ They Positively Cure. Tlie Great English Prescription. A. tuccessful Medicine us<ed over —~~ SO years ui Uinus«uds of cases. Cures Spermatonliea. Nerv Weakness, Zmisxtone. tntputci and all diseases caused by ubiise. [BEFORE] indisornion. or oTer-exei lion. fAFTEB] Sir paokaeen Guarantor d to Curt wlitn all others Fail. Ask your Druggist for I' 1 "" Great En»ll«fc rre«erintloi>. take no Fubsiltute. One package 81. Six $9. bf mall. Write for'PnmplilM. Address Eureka Cbeiuical Co., Detroit, jIUclu Far sale by B. F. Keesltng. niarW&wly NEW ADVfiK-OaEMKl.'W5 NESS fc HIM miSCS CDMBlJT iteVs iSvlblBLB TUBULAI EA1 OtiSHlBS', Whlapora heard. Com. forUblo. SD«M»fnlwberpaUltcraw)lMfall. 8«!dby F. IIISCOX, y, 8B8 Ur'dw&T, &'«« Kork. Writ* tar iilfn utid Ifu Pueblo, 10.00 Greatest Discovery or ffle 19ffi Centura Medicated Air I l>r. Tensjue's NEV/ REMEDY CCIJE8 Catarrh! Asthma I THKOAT ilO) '.UNO DISEASES! HAS NO KQIJAI, For Mirk or IVerv- UouSS 18 !? , I J un if Bttlnam Is A positlte cure IDI rhTsISl.! ld8 ' " ore Throat, Hoarseness, Dlphtliev Tiro?! a ? ?' Bloo<1 ' Whooping Cough, and all eirMaii.il I ' un £ diseases. Teague's TCr«'*'» T '" wSviZ 61 ? 880 ' tnsEye: BranulatedLldsand! ™ KV ' a '"'"- con]unc«on with Medicated Air .In Catarrh It has no equal. J allows of perfect freedom """ i softness to the com- drnsglst send to the - TJ7S.A. Will Porter and Will T.H LITERARY BREVITIES. Jamos Whitcomb Rlley began his literary Ufa as a sign writ»r at Greenfield, Ind. It Is said that Sig. Crlspl, Premier of Italy, spent.''00,000 franes in newapspers last year. Baltimore Is making strenuous efforts to erect a n-onuraent to Francis Sccitt Key., tlio author of tlio Star-Spangled Banner. The thirtieth anniversary of the publication of Darwin's "Origin of Spr;<ii«s" was celebrated in. J.apun; in Enghim! and the United States it was forgotten. The J'.oslon Publishing Company, who offered a prize for a short story last summer, has gone to pieces, and many an author is-looking in vain for tho return of his manuscript. It is not generally known that Dr. S. Filmore Bennett, tho author of tho well-known hymn, -The Sweet By and liy," Is living In Ms old age in %u obscure town in AlUvoic. unfoldn a petty which first of a'l the farrier of spo larmer ' Cf..: 11 swindling scheme, ii-v Ivos he payment a ce'tai. auionnto) A TEKT ingenious electrinal device las lately been patented by which the lands of a clock' set to a certain Lour are made to complete an electric current connected with the kitchen stove, BO that the fire is started -when the given, hour arrives. SKIM CAJJCE.'.'. Severn! years fipo 1 wuMijined losceiiro'.i. • • woman whn-liiuJ u innligtuiiitforraof cancer n.i aerfoot Tho ofinoet- grew worse under the prc scritjod t:-eatnicnl, uutt the toes and one fiide o. e the i'tK>t wero at length eaten entirely away. The putlenl. could not have survived much ton ger, but I commenced the u.vc ol" Swift's Spi-- citie, and it. cured her sound «-ell. That -\vus three years 11^0, and there hns heen no return of the disease. I a-gord Swift's Specine .1 inost oxcelieiit rjictlicine for blood diseases, n« its tenileiK'y is to drive out the poison. Mnthervllle, Miss. W.M. E. STAGO. M.D. CANCER OF THE TONGUE. For three or four years I had an eating sore on my tongue tlmt niAde n considerable hole in it. I became nl.1.nned at its progress, and went to AUntHn for treatment. The result was thnt T commoncert (lie ufc'ofSwIfX's Sppcifir. nnil tho sore wius soon gone, without a trace of it k-K. Thomastoti, Co., JIar. 14, 'W. A. Li:\n^. Tre«ti«e on Canoer mailed free. SWIFT Ki-BnF.'ti (X>., Drawer a, Atli-.nti-., uu PARKER'S I MASS BALSAM [Cleanses and beautifies the hair. Pronioiei a luxuriant groi^th. li-Jcvr-r FG ts to Rosiora Gray Heir to its Youthful Color. irrov-ntsl'-jii-InHTnii-i hair irOling » f>k;.mnl *>l iilmt l>nicnrt»t(«. HINDERCORNS CONSUMPTIVE Vniifvmirh limncliltH, .VKl.linin. rudliiet'tioii! Use T^li^.'iC J* . ., U ^ ™ TQ PJ IC . It luia cureii OkltJiMtcr MADE WjTH BOILING )WATER •JIADE WITH BOILING MIUC Annual]?, (June and December), and Its SINGLE NUMBER DRAWINGS lake place In wtch of the other ten months of the year, and are ull drawn In public, at Lhe Academy of Music, New Orleans, La. FAMED FOR TWENTY YEARS, For Integrity ol its Drawings.and Prompt Payment ol Prizes. Attested u.s Follows : •We do hereby comfy that we supervise tlio arrangements for all the Monthly aiul Bemi-uimnai Drawing of the Louisiana State Lottery Company and In person manage and control the Drawings themselves, and that tue same are conducted with honesty, fairness and in good Faith toward ail par ties, and we authorize the Company to use Chit certificate, with fac similes of our signatures at tached. In Its advertisements." PERFECT M1ddlo-8Bed and Klaerly men who are suffering from tb« uflYxita of yuutlifu; lollies f;r excesses of raatarer years, anil rmw ttnrt Uu'lr nianir vlKor doorciiacd ima who aro trouli M wlih terrible drains and losses, you can tx; pennant. ruljrre:-'lor«lt« I-toJlFECT »IA7V13OO1>. at home. wKJ.oul exfioaure, o.e It t went co*t, by 5>r. Clarke** approved mclliods, tested and proven in noarlv £0 rear's practice (Established 1851), in Chronic, Nervoua and Special Dt sen PCS. If In need or medical aid, sond for QnesMon Met so you can fully di'scrilm tbe symptoms itf your particular dlHCMsp to me. Consultation free and 9aerod. Hours, 8 to8; Sundays/J to 12. Address F. D. CLARKE, Nl. D., 186 S. Clark St.* CHICAGO, 5L$_. Health is Wealth, WetceonderslgneU Bank* and Bankers will pa> all Prizes drawn In Tho Louutlona State Lot t«ies which may be presented at our conn tors. It. .11. Pres. lioulxinn Jlat'l .'•»- VIKHHK I/ASASIX. i'rcw, Kuu.- Sni'J ;«• A. ttAi,U\Vt'X, i."n>s. Kcw Orit'a.i^ :««)'< .".-. Dl.E. O. ft'Mt'i Ktrrt «nd Brain Treatment, • guaranteed «p»olflo for Hjttortu, ulirjioss, Ooc- TnlaloiiB, Fits. Nflrvotis NearalirlaL, F.»sdach*. NarvuuB Prn*(rntton csaved by the uco of alcohol or tnoaccn, n'akorDlaeet, UectAl Deprcwioc. Heft- pnlUK ol Its rjrilo r«»nlt!np In Inmnity umi !H£. lag ro miforj ,d*c«; and death, tremnlnrv Olil Ago, £arrenn«H, lu»l 'of power In either A»X, lnvo]unUr> LOPJIO* and BperinAtorrhoen caused b7 ovai -exertion of the bralo, felf'al*Hi>.e <^r OTtT-ln. rialgencA. J^acb box ccQCnlnH one raonth'* treat- meut. tl.OO a bax, or nix boT»i for 15 O», Fent lr| mull prapald on receipt of price. \VK GtTAKAXTEB SIX BOXKS nah order rf' Grand Monthly Drawing, In the Academy of. Muilc. New Orleans, Tupsdar, iliiy ]3, 1890, Capital Prize $300,000, 1O«>,««O Tickets at. 'J'weiitj- l>«>t!uvi> , . f:0.'JOO Is 5fl.«0< •JS.WW 13 25,001 10,000 am 2Q.COC 6^100 ore 85,tXXi l.OOC tn-e MM 501) ;ire 60,0* 300 are GO.OiX. 200 are' 3W . 20.IXX) TcntliH SB: 1 Pi-fee o£ $300,000 Is. 1 I'rlze of 100,000 Is. 1 Prize oC 1 Prize or 2 Prizes of 5 Prizes ol ffi Prizes of 100 Prizes ot 2flO Prizes of 600 Prizes ot API'BOXIMATIOK I'ltlSZS. 100 Prizes ot $000 are 100 Prizes of COO arc 100 Prizes of i«) lire TERMIKAt. PHIZES. 999 Prizes o£ $100 are 99,90A 999 Prizes 0! 100 are 9ajX)0 3,1M Prizes Amounting to $1,034,60! NOTK.—Tickets drawing Capita! Prizes are no! entitled to terminal iittoss. AGENTS ^WANTED. For Club Hates, or any further Information desired, write legibly to the undersigned, clearly stating your residence with state, county, street and nutuber; More rarld return mall delivery wlh be assured by your enclosing an Envelope bear Ing rotir mil address. IMPORTANT. Address V .».. «- ., ? 1'IiSX. OTOPS AI.I ~* unnatural discharges iE - - hours. ing syringe {sc« cytj At druggists, (1.00. B. F. KEESllKG, Agent, Loganst.oit, Ind. Adopted by ihc Cer« manOovernmeot fflr Hospital &Armyuse P.S,C. is put up for American trade in a patent bcttle hold- STEEL PENS COLO MEDAL PARIS EXPOSITION 1873.1 Nos. 3O3-4O4-I7O-6O4. * (TH3 MOST ffEBFEOT OF PEgS.: CHICHESTKR'S ENGLISH PENNYROYAL PILLS. Red Cross Diamond Brand. The only reliable pill,for Bale. Safe and Sw!».l J fcrnmI*"Wd ir ni«i»lHcl»xM, .waled irlih Ulacribbon. Tiibo no other. Scnd4c. (•tamps) for particular! nnd "Relief for ILadleVMnleHsr.byinall. A'anw-Papar. • - jjadUon L-Q., PlLllad*. i'a. EPPS'S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA EERIEST a YES Do Itcau? O\ru 3>yt;Ln;r. at SIcme. • Th y vtil iyf ererytlr.ng. 'Ii;ey i.rc^;. 1 . i^ory. Where. 1'viip 1C..-,. / p-.-k.i •;. !'!..'> L>.iV' • -q i»i f<ir Stremr: They c-i ' • B»n Mslier.SU Vourth street. By ordinary letter, containing v;o«ey Or<!<-r Issued by all Express Companies. New York tx- change, Draft or Postal Note. Address Registered Letters Containing Currency to ORLEANS NATIONAL BANK. New Orleans, I.H. l»aymeut of CURE f° r ASTHMA HW, B^ few, DiDlpia, Mooping Cmig!i, CroDD and OotiBgn col. HIMKOD MANTJFG CO., SOLE PBOPHIETOBS, 191 FULTON ST.. NEW YORK. ••KK31F.3J t!l «!• tliatthn iiATl'o*. -'t. wixt** of New Orleans, and rne Tlcketsare signed by the 1'resident of an InstI tutlon, whilst) chartered rights are recognized it. the highest Courts; therefore bewars of all 1m I cations or anonymous schemes," OXK IKH..I-AR part or fraction of a Ticket ji- _ _. — In any Drawing. Anything In our name offered Cor less tlifin n Dollar Is a swindle. Take no ibo«a mdeM W. t. DoturlM' name BPO price are stamped on tbe bottom. If the dealer cannot aupply yon, •end direct to factory, enclosing adrerUnd price. t S3.OOSHO FOR The only Finfe Calf Seamless S3.0O Bhoein the world with a smooth Inner sole. Is I he price of the smallest lcket|s^•^sI J:i> BV 1 W CAUTION No Tacta. Nails or Heavy Seam of Thread 5 hurt the Feet and \tear out StociKngs: unequalled for style, durability and wear; made by first-class woriimen. Every Pair \\ arranteu to give the purchaser perfect satisfaction. Nors Genuine unless Stamped on Sole, . 8ERKINS & JOYCE $3. SHOE WAHRAHTEH fW. M. GRAFF1S, Logansport Ind SWISS CONDENSED MILK OT RIGI BRAND GENUINE SWISS CONDENSED BULK. Guaranteed the richest and purest milk man-' factored, containing over in per cent, of butter. Children and invalids will thrive wonderfully, nnfl families will find Its use more economical than ordinary cows milk. See your grocer gives you genuine Blgl Swiss Condensed Milk. Import JAMES P. SMITH. New York and Cfclcago. W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE GENTLEMEN. Fine Calf. Heavy I-acea Grain and Creedmoor Waterproo THEE LORY OF MAN STRENGTH.VITALITY! throngh my work to-day? I fee/ miserable, head. •jchy tired, twin in my hack, my food won't digest, my whole Body sooms out of order. We unsTrer that it is no wonder you are in such a broken ao\ra condition, and you will keep Retting v/orao unless voa can euro your LIVEB. This imporant organ >s out of order and 'you must, cure it By promptly using thoso never fellingfflMSJBim n ir ^ niir r • ,11 Or, C. McLane's Celebrated Liv b r Pills. Ihey will restore you and (rfyo vigor and health to your -whole system, jnnldng you strong and Tell. Only 25 cents n, boi, and they may save your lift. &sk your druggist for tho goaulna ' X*r-i O. 3VtoIjj^3XrE'l3 DELEBRA TEH-LIVER PILLS —HADE »T— FLEMING BROS., Pittsburgh, Pa. out for CotrrrrBiurEiTS Eiade inSt USE IVOETPOIISH PEBFTHVIES THU BHEATH. KNOW THYSELF imd Standard Popular Medical KBatlSOOD tho Errors of Yo,.th, PremaWru D«cilue,Nervou» ami Phyntail Debility, linpuritliia of the Blood. IHAUSTEDYimiTY eantiii" trom Foils, Vice, Ignornncc. KXCVMM 01 Overtaxation. Biiervatlne nnd miflttlnst the victim,, for Work ISnsln.-se, tho Married or Social Relation Avoid iimWIful pretcndi;™. POBICBB thlt urcat •cort. It contain* 30'pages, royal 8vo. BeBUtlful TtDd,n ff . emborflcd, fntl gilt, t rice, only »l.i'0 by nail, poat-pnld concealod In plain wrapper, lllus- rntlve ProWctus Free. « you oppiy DOW- 1h« ((•Knmliihed author, Wm. H. Parker, M. D., re- "weTtheCOLD AND JEWELt-EIlMEDAL ram tha National Medical Association. o°™he P«IZE ESSAY on NERVOUS and .PHYSICAL DEBILITY. Dr.Parkernndacorp« \f Assistant Physlclana may be consulted, eonfl- Ipntlaliv. by mall or In person, at the «tBce ol rTiF rkAiw>»v MK&icAt, INSTITUTB, Vo'ViitilOm-h St., B«Rton. M»»«.. lowhomaH irders for liooks or Irttpr" for ndvlco »bouU 1M Urected ai above. M3.BO I'OLICI Illis £li«^OKKiNo:5iiN;OiL Ia.00 and «1.7B BOYS' SCHOOL L All made In Congress, Button and Lace. $3 & $2 SHOES LA F D°ils. •1.75 SHOE FOB MISSES. Beit Material. Best Style. Bert FJttta*. W. L- Douglas, Brockton, BCaM. Sold by j jEfor sale by J. B. WINTER ". WHAT -TO HAVE YOU -lioicentJaiHiit in WKSTEKK roi»- Pnr BOnio ol tho -...«.—.- --- . KANSAS, both clear and. incumbered YOUNC, MIDDLE AGED orOLDl ave a p-nit ' lt : "t iron , . doi.or eioewes: I wtl send panjcuagj wuli l=»truc- -- T- P.* I-: — ^ -i a" \ tr^iise fi-co to any II f M I have a p-niUvc va^i ItllBll iesultir.7trjnitrri.-r3 exoewtest 1 • •rj-tv-^tocii' ."pror.c..: for all disease* i WANTrn for D *x ecorrs •"Mil I tU bcnu'.llol EleottlO ..... .. _.lCor»el)». Somnlelreo to tbos« be- HULII ty 'camlni ,v.;,L«. Xo rink, qnlck ralcft Territory pjfn.»2. :N '_ n '-L' n l" 1 "'™"^*. AdJrew n3d?v.a¥.St..fiUy ^"WOMEN «•> l«i*i- cure uiBii,H!iv,a ^V %*.ii«l Quietly «t l»om«. fi * WEAK MEN A 1VEW KEMEDT J'USITIVK FOB FOR MEN OILY] iWetkne»B of Bwl? aadMiud, Effects jl»a t«tliy fH>» CO 8t*le« tad Fsrel^a Conctrlct. ii>«erlntJT« Bocju *3plxnatlMa ond proa r « M&Ui^ («sled) frtv* .««ircu ERIE MEDICAL, co., BUFFALO. N, v. A Chicagodruggist retailed ^2000000 of B. F. Keeslinji and Cnllen & Co.,solo Agents in Lotrn COfflFOStTABLE and EI«£irj4l: i-. for Sale toy LaaOlnc O«alerBi JKiH. Sel»ly >y WJL EAEKSS, Srsy, K"

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