The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1951 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1951
Page 16
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?AGR STXTEEN BLYTHKVIU.K, (ARK.) COUR.KR NEW* CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION rui consecutive HC 15c Uc 5c 7c I»nlly rat« Insertion: Minimum charge 1 Hme pel line . ...... 2 Dm*'* |icr line |<rr riay 3 I Imes per line i>cr day i tlinrs per Uno prr day 12 limes pei line re' <t*y -. .. Month per. line We COUTH {IT? average words to Irie line. Ad ordered foi (hrrr or ill Hmr<, and •topped be/orp riplratlnn will he i-liarR- *d for t>ir- niinibr-r of ltnif-s the a*l appeared a rut adjiiMinr-ut of bill mndr Alt classtflPil advertising copy s"h- mttlfrl by person* rvsidlne nuE&ldr i»f th* cflr musf be .iwmip.inJeiJ hj- rash Kitts may c.isUy be computed (mm trip a hove table. Ad*frtisine oMrrrrf Ini trrrgular insertions takes Hie one 11 HIP table No rTsjicmsLbLhiy trill he l.ikrn fur •norr Ihnn ine lurorrrrt intrrllnn ot »ny rlas^iffprt sri. AU ads ate rr<trtrift KI ihrlr v r<llH * [ classillcallOTi style and type. Thf> Conriei N>H-S rt's^nri ihe rifihl to edit or ifjm any ad. Notice USED TRACTORS THUTTSDAT, APRIL 11, 1947 Mimifititum-Molliie .•i(Ji 3 Row Cultivator 1695 Farmsll "F-20" with tor J350 ; 4— "H" and 3 i'U Model H Row Cultiva- FnrrnnU's with Power U(i 't'Jt ol E^qnltilticiil Enc>i 4800 •U> How Culllra- slcr 5700 John n.-.-rc H tor end '2 (tow U 1947 CUSP "VAC" R'lth Two Row Cultivator $750 John Ot>ere "H' f Modi^f 'I'ractor wUh 2 How Cult., 2 How nusicr and 2 Row Planter 81WO 2 -H PA email Tractor wllti 1 Row Ciiltlvatat J1200 (•annfill H M 1OT Plrvitcr, uEtd "tity 1 year $100 Row Planlpr for "f~'JtO" Kflrnif-.. . Trnctor $115 Jolin E llllzcr A' I Kow rhuil'T ; .•lit Only J3?5 Mr. and Mrs. James Nrm-klii ii'tsh to j tliatik everyone tor bring ?o liter rinr- j Ins tile Blx months Hara Jo was burn- ! ed, imcij Khe pa.sJed Rway on March i 13. Mr, Mid Mrs. nrarXIn 4 12 |)V. 13 \Ve v-lbh to iliallk the Cobt) Kaneral ] lloiar. attu llif Pastor. Her. o»-.-jis. ,.„„.„ „„„ ,,,o,,ry |,y linylna used and all ot oiir many fiends .and f,i nl |ture al Olln Harrison's 0:1 Ash nelphhors (or the sympatliy nnd nianv , Sllffl roroixir* our nrli-cs And ' 61 Implement Co. N. JJiwny Gl Phone 2i 12 2-0 ck If S/ive .Money—M;ike AJoncy on Used Furniture roiiiforUnR words during lri« rocoi^t dfnlh of our loved one, WILllnni GH- lU'in Your ^'immiiy will Rlwavs hf 4;i2 pk 13 We wish to thank the many friends and nolshbor, 1 ; (or their hf.iiiTLfni fiornl offerin"R and, inniiy romtorllnj; words during tbn rpcent dealt) of our loved also. The Kev- r. H. ,icrnl«an. and the vocalist. Mrs, W. IX Cohb. The b. I. Richardson Furnlly,. 4 12 pV. 13 Aoorfment tor Rent 3 rooms nnd bnth. 221 K I>OII«A]| . k 19 3 room nn fur. Rpl, Pho:ic 34S3, 4,11 pk H Mortprn 4 room apt. newly rfeconitetl All convenlencr:^. UtlT.tles furnish prt, S37.50 Month. 'Apply Arniorel Plnntln^ Co. 4!,12 ck 19 3 larjjfR unfnr. roon entrance. Ph. 340fi. Front, 4'10 p unfur. npt 526 LumrratR 4'S i Modern 2-rooin (nnilfhrd n part incut Cnll 565 or 25P5 4'4. ck tt 2 roorn (urn npt \ 43SS. 322 N Sixth 2 room fur ant; 3 re . fh 42BT or 3K65, i bath . 4:6 Ph. k 13 4 rooms snd bath fur mtnt Electric refrleerni Tla, T Simon Ph 3373 Dm unfur. Rpt •5,7 pic 14 tpt Gas RtiuJp- nr. 121 W Da- ,i;i3 ck tf bath unfurnished I7tli and Ash, . ph 6700 327 cfc If make money by tectlin^ present 1 urn)turf 1 to us v. e pay ca.sli. ot ctnirse We'll' ln> ylad h) tfiUlL- Utti yon Come (o GUN rJAUHISON & SON FURNITURK CO. 517 \V. Ash 1*110130 2552 4-2 ck 5-2 If yon want lo sol! or buy USED KUKNITUKIS see us Arnold & Gaines <IOfi Fnsi Main I'h. 6S57 J 2-2(i ck If Taiina]) disc brrKVilnt; plow Hftl Seed Farm.-! Ph 702 Unrdelte Minnows. Gold fish and shiners E'h 3339, nr 3292 328 E, Main SI O C Hftwk.i 32] pk 5.2| "SO^EAN^EBD" S-100 and Slate Certified Dorlchsoy no. 2, at $-1.00 per Ini. i LOCUST Posts at 25 (o '10 cents cadi. BUKDET'l'K PLANTATION Phone 782 'l-l ck If 'Tm delighted with my used car from Phillips!" • 1950 Konl custom deluxe Tudor— maroon color, lofs of extras. • 195(1 I'onl custom deluxe Club Coupe—shining Sheridan blue finish, a nice car with while sidewall (ires, healer, seal covers. • I'll!) Kurd custom deluxe Koniur—has radio, heater, overdrive. • 1919 Ford custom deluxe Tudor—beautiful maroon. • I!M7 Ford super deluxe Tudor—black; very nice. • I 9 Hi Ford super deluxe Club Coupe—has radio and heater, heauliful black color. • 1950 (JAIC -V-l-Ton Pickup—dark Ijlue finish, looks and runs like a million! • 19-17 Foul ^,-Ton Pickup—the price is mighty low • I!) 17 Chevrolet 1/,-Ton Cab & Chassis—harjfain. Broadway & Chickasawba Phone 4453 AVAILABLE NOW! 2 Row I,iff Type »n<i Drax Typ« Rolary Hoes. 4 Row Rolar.v Hoes See lh« new Hull nnd Socket I'ulverizing Disc Marrow. . ,p«rf eel for seed h«d preparation. Traelnr Spraying equipment Ihal you'll need in tht future. . .2 How through 8 Row for any slyle (raclor. f"*f\LAC I k.1 Specialising in Kerguson ft Kurd V-VJMt JIN _ . c .. TnnAYI - Re P°' r Service— I \Jlsf\t I Complete'line of Ferguson * Kord Parts Jack Robinson Implement Co. 500 K Main IJlylheville Phone 2371 Also Your Ferguson Dealer in Osceola Help Wanted, Male ~AN NliSS OPPORTUNITY FOR A MAN OF CH'ARACTKR, (iAI'ACITV & AMBITION. Continental Assurance (,'oin- pany of Chicago hits T\\'O a K e n c y opportunities oncn wild an established, aggressive & well financed agency operation, first as n district or manager for North- NEW GI.F.NCOI- HOTEL 117 a Second Ph HM . $8.00 WEEKLY i a ck t for Sale, Cars and Trucks want to buy n Kood c-ftr? IxJOfc lip the man who's lived tn Blyllievllle (or 42 S'enrs. HERMAN' LOVKLADV at Shelton Molor Co.—in E. URtn. < 9 ck 5|9 rcKioiiiil manager for North- /^ A C> I DAI II oast Arkansas and part of]. L.AKL rAUL tit LumbEr. Roy Vcach MtHlern upstairs apt 3 room* and bflth, electric refrigerator. a n^ equip, meot Good [UTiittiire Cornt-r bt Main • nd Second I'Jione 3373 r Simon 321 e* tl 3 room unjur Rpt. clr room untur &pt phone 33CW . i;23 cX tt Auto Supplies and Services AUTO AND rtrKNTrtlRE LOANS Prompt Personn.1 Serrlce Gtiieral ContiAct Pmcha.«i» Corp 106 South Sih Phone «03 45 ck If Do*'i ecdin?er rour Ifimllj f*ullr tires—BUT LEK TIRES CK A? WAN 5BHVICH KTAT1ON M»ln & DlrLtlon Phone 2583 1113 CK -Itb Manila. .6 pk 13 Country ftorf R-lth Iffing quarter?:. Will sell slock and rent fixture!;. Can use late model pick up In trade. Also IIMVP a 1950 delude Plymouth for sale ri^hl. Phone 91 Manll:.. 4'12 pfc 26 Tomafo »fi<) pepper pi loz 604 Ash St I'll 4676 1, 15,: p. 47 pfc 1 One automatic Allpn Oil burning -alcr hcatrr, onfi ponnhle typewriter. For sale by owner, 313 Ruddle Ronrt. 4 10 pk 13 Have on ha nil two fiiU x 15 white slile-vvull Ures. If Interested, tall 2005. Alien Petroleum Co ll-ck 13 Of lire tlxtiiiex — Typewriter, adding* machine, find 450 lb tale Ph 6671 4 fi pV: 13 Walnut BnKet, ?ood cnndltlnn Call 367fi 3 37 pk 30 8 It. electric refrl^e new Cheap. Ph. 2052. irrMCJlll.V 3 mis. and bath on Hlwuy «| So Hot and cold witter. Cull 27VH. 4,11 pk IB For Real Estate Farms—Cili' Properly LOANS H Interested In BurLnn or celling »ec Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Karls — Gloiicoe Ul<tg. ph. C8G8 ___^ i;3o ck. ir with 3 acre.* Ol ground, Good Ph 6353 Cnruttu Caruthersvilte Food Locker Priced way below cost (nrjulrLes write Cfirmhp, Mn., Frn/en Food Locker or phoi CaruihersTiHe. Mo 0 pk 13 Corner lot on, Highway SI North RCIOW from Camp MnultrL deep Ph 39i7 i 50 x 130 3,10 ci tf ..._. 4I2plt .' s f;/Will pay 55 Wanted to Buy ¥2.00 for Services pring &iid RlteraLlonE. Ph. 3131. 4 !L pk 511 GUARANTEED SEWITTG AND AL- For Sale, Real Estate TERATIONS "313 N ETH ST PH 67BO 3 22 p>; Washing Machines repaired, all makes- BIytheviile Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-G ck If Prompt. Expert Service oil Cmnmerd?vl RFFRT.KRATION * AIR CONOITIONING Ask ror FRANK WKSTAU, fharlfe's Electric Service Plifjnp 209^ - - - R-MHenrr 2SOS 2 S cX IT Watch and Jewplrv Reoair l-Dsv .,. rr! ri. r,i, .I»»-rlrv_3 d:iv« m wS'-li.v r,IIA rl(,-k., nii:,ri\ntri.(l unrt cJonr hy «ipcft rr(inltiin.|i I/VA<-.'| "PAT O'BRYANT Main S- Scrinirl Good 5-room lialh house, located at 71G West Walnut. Tills house is in (jowl condition, rceonlly decorated inside and out. Has large screened in back porch, two car (rarnpre and outdoor storage. Plenty of shade on this large 75 x HO ft. lot. Close to church, school and downtown Price ?8,50Q. Terms. Sec or call JOHNNY MARR REALTOR Phone II II. Res. Ph. 25% 3-20 ck tf „..-- -- .Irum brought to Texaco Plant, located between Blylheville Canning Co- anil Cotton Hell Depot. '1-12 ck 5-12 ••Feathers nft*' or used Be&L ptJces pnirl Centra) Fefltlicr Co 152^ Kn[isas Ave.. East SI [.mils. IH" 4;2 pk 52 I will [lay SI 00 to SI 2S tor 100 Ibs o s^r 0 , „„ 1 old tire Iron Ibs T>v, " RAOfo & TV SERVICE 30c 10 60c for 1M 40c for 100 Ib:. „< S2 50 for old batteries Higher prlcts for rntl]»tors nnd nil othor tnelals Have trucks to pick It Call -J60B or come lo I60.i \v vine .1.27 pk 41'i7 Missouri, if agreeable for the right man. This man is accustomed lu camiiiK $i;,()IJU n yejir ami up, desires coinplele and | vested ownership of the agency operation lie develops, plus a'protected territory franchise affording him the most complete facilities in the market for the development of all forms of life, accident & health, group life, both term and permanent, group ilis-abil-. ily coverage, also hospital and! la the m»n lo see II you'r* looking foi new Ol.DSMOniLE. ----. e you the ---_ ........ _ ______ GMU tiOOf) IISF.D OAR He'll r»l!» In town) you'll -- Wilson Motor Co. 305« Mlaht 44M 11130 ck <! FREE PAINT JOB WITH CAR RKPA1R Step Out In Style NOW...THIS SPUING...KTK1> OUT IN ONK OF OUR I,ATB JIODKf, RKCONDITIONEl) CARS! , J»5« Cliecrolet deluxe l'ower K licle .(-dixir Sedan, de- lux* radio, plastic seat covers, while side wall (ires, fresh air heater and defroster, driven only .1,000.miles. 1919 Chevrolet delu.v* 'l-r)«or Sedan, deluxe radio, while sidewall tires, healer and defroster, this HI * heauly—a real huy for you. ms Chevrolet 5-passenjjer Conjie, orijjiim! l,|ju-k finish, deluxe radio, healer and defroster, a one-owner tar and it's clean. . .only ?995. 19.17 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, heauliful green finish, •I new (ires, it has large hot water heater and runs perfect., .special, 5895. 1942 Kord V-8 2-door Sedan, radio and heater. . .$|-IX HMK Kord V-S 2-door Se<lan, radio and healer. . .$(;!,-, 1911 Ford V-S 4-cloor Sedan, radio and healer, exlra K(H,d niechamcally, tires good, a real K<VH \ cheap family C3 r, , , 5* : J .7^, " J9-I7 Cadillac "fi2" 4-drn.r Sedan,, while sir!*wall (ires, lar^e radio, healer, defroster, seal covers city-owned this is a beautiful ear, good for man'; thousand miles. . .$1195. J KASY GMAC PAY.MENT PLAN -, you can always make > K ood deal al SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Phone 578 We buy old cars for sc to I'af lb Call -IG09 For Trade Sninlt cltj- home. x i tade In on small ra vlllc Write Do\ C-3. Will Hl lor a led rm ni*ar Ulyth^- ^ c Cor>Tlfrr News. 4 ](l pk 17 /nsurance f Modern 2 bedroom home lo| catc'd in very ^ood residential (-'• j district. This place is in per- j Icct condition. Kquippcd with « on tn, b»nK7 Fo, „„ « r .\''\ MC ''""• '' "I'tomalic floor -i-nTM/?', c " rl l -°" B Al I liirnarcs and Venetian blinds. I MM II.I.K lelevisi,,!, j l.arjfe l, iU 'k porch for enjoy. & Kadjo Sei-vim |,.,|,le ., (lmli ,er livinsj. ami'fii-, r.,,,,,,. , !J: , r , | (l|rc cx|)a||sioil G;n .. ige nnd | driveway. Owner will sacrifice j for <]iiick sale. See or call MAX LOGAN I Lynch Ruilding. Phone 20.'M i 1-10 ck 17 j Call 553 For Complete Insurance Protection \V J. Polled Aeoncy Planned I'rolerlion 111 \V i.\'b SI c.i.rNcoF IIOTEI uun.niNO •* Houm U[ifunils]l(!cl. Newly beco- le(i Attnrtineiu. 1610 Ilcarn. Call i w - 4;I2 pk 15 1 room unj house, bail]. Call 405T~ •f.'IO pk IT 3 rra pailly (urn. house ph. 6J13. ' <]10 pk 17 FARM LAND FOH 'RENT. 200 acre rm 10 mlje* west of Holland an avcl road Has 10 houses, elglu rns. elecltlclly arid school bns route. Ill rent on trop basis to le.naiu who s .snirk-lcnt t^ciiil|nupi]t. Wrllc lu- [inallon n-i'.nrcllng xntrstU t<i Bos i". Stfele, Mo. -1.10 <•!; 12 •3 nn. part bath, garden, J'JO G K. Sycamore. . 4;iO pk 17 Ne<v 4 rm. hotise and bath oil Hol- nd st. Ph. MS. <;io py. n 4 rooms and hath, electric *-ater Jater. ph «84. 801 N. Franklin 4;9 pk la .T room furnished house, electric Ichen Phone 2072. 4;? pit n Furnished house nnd apartments lone 2037 or 385 1 pk n' l-t room house. 1-2 room house, •wly decorated. [nquLre at IGfll W "'• 48 pit 13 Apis — Furnished or unfurnished Lvate bath 719 \V Ash St. 4;s pk 13 3 room house, hot water heater Call »0 46 pk 13 3 room house:. Hlsci two new 3-room H3. Ph 338. 501 North SUlh. 4,8 pk 13 3 room tur. apt Electric stove and fllyerator AulomatLc hot water rater Good lociuton: rouple only rs Sdcar P Borum ph 4601 -after ph 3123 414 ck tl 116 acres ol high, dry Innd. fl room ou.'e -See n [. Fisher Marston Mo 1 Fisher's Gin Co 1 27 clt if Modern t-ahln.' and apis 1 osl Roj '»irl I'll 951 .19 pic 3 9 Illllldlng (it Almilmrn's Tourist court 42 rk If 4-room uiilurnlshed honse with bath ewly decorated Localcd on North Inth -Suept 5-room unfurnished house with hath, arriwood Monrs I-ocatert Jnst off Sooth ranklln Si Call 5M or 2^0.^ 4;4 ck If 2 room utifnr. house Bedroom Ph. 31. 4' 11 pk 14 2 rm. house rear of 1917 W vine. 411 pk 17 Unhir 2 room apt. Private bath. Hot nd cold waler (urn. close In. I'll. :i:iO«. 4 12 i-k tf n room unfur. house, rh' 330H. i 12 cV tl Notice To my friends. 1 have changed lo- surgical convertible to employees, pension plans, non- cancelh'lile disability insurance to 5250 monthly for 120 months non-aggrcgnie for business and professional men. Such a nwn will be .properly set up and trained to assure top level .success, security and stable earnings of $6,000 lo ? 18, 000. Only such calibre men need apply. AND TWO — A (raveling field supervisor, experienced in agency development, lo work 3-1 counties of 4 lo 10 in each of Southern Illinois, Southeast Missouri, Northeast Arkansas, Northwest Tennessee and Western Kentucky. Salary $n()0 to ?o()0 plus 'a 20"!, profit sharing formula. \Vrite care of this paper or P. 0. Box 380, Blyiheviile, and (?ive us full story of your experience, IraininK and background. All replies slrietlv 'onfidcnliaT. 4-1 L ck 6-1 Male help vvantcrt. .lpp| p Abraham's lourlsl Courw. Phone 4912. 11 c)c tf Private Rooms N«wly decorated steam heated bedroom ad]mirnlns hath Mis Matt MonaRhan ph 2209 3117 pk 4117 Bedroom convenient to bath atetm neal Ph 3323 Oil W Llaln 1|I4 pk <;H Mlcely furnlsrtrd front bedroom »a mining o«th Men only ph 4432 3\s ck II FOR SALE Coiii-rcle culverts, 12 Inch In 48 incli, plain or rtciiforccd. Also Concrfle Ruiltllne, Blocks cheap nr Ihnn lurnher for harns chlckrn lionsfs. |ium|i )II,IIM-S. tenant houses, tool »)i,-i| Sl n> delit-cr Call us ror free rslhnnle. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Plninr 691 If you're In tin accident, let Burnett's jtlve you u free estimate on thy re nilr Job Oi. any estimate ovei J300. we'll give you . a paint" lob free of charge That's navlns you monev and giving you a better ooklne car *Tou'I like our expert work • F.iperl Mechanical Repair • Wash and Grease Jobs • Wreclei Service— any, time ot d»y or night Call 6991 days. 410B nights BURNETT HUDSON SALKS Kast Main Hlyllieville 1-33 ck 4-2:i 19:i3 Chevrolet. Standard, a door 10,000 ml e.s on rebuilt motor, clutch, iransmlss on, and rear end Spat Covers, J243 CRSh. Ph. 2163, 4[7 ck H Female Help Wanted Woman to mrr for child snrt rto housew-orV Apply 501 Park at 6 p.m. X 10 pk 13 Look at th« Record PLAY SAFE! For .Cleaner Washes! For Cleaner Washdays! For Automatic Washing at it'i very best, get a i idii BE NOIX ' vffj AutinnHlic 1 ^WASHER lint It Tim* You Bought a Btndix at HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Help Yfanted Barber wanted. Main Barber shop. 115 W. Main, ttegular Job. I'h, 4198 4;ll pk H Lost and Found BLp. friendly brown and white collie Dog, name of Lady, lost on Oil Mill Road. 55.00 reward. Call fi625 or Due to Public Demand We Are Now Offering , DAY and NIGHT Television Service For Daytime For Night- Service, Phone Service, Phone 2642 4851 W« Service All Makes and Models! FRED CALL!HAN Phone Radio Service 110 So. 2642 Your Molorola and Admiral D«lcr 1st St. TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. II> W n-nlniil' Phonf J.HJ Plenty of Parking Space »nd JcTclrj trpslrt'nc (.,,',, WCCX;| I Wl >i* Bimranlecd SC1IMUCK-R .IKWKLRY 30J W u«ln 3 .it ft u Fot Sale, Misc. lird I plrcc Uvliiz roorn~sTiite~ nriTc. ' —- 4 10 pk 13 Pl> 2620. 1HOCER? FIXTURES 1 sc«)r.v 1 cmh reclster, 1 rnent box 5 Tl. 1 mcjt Wock I drink box. tables • ml «tirlvlii 5 I'h 73? or ire linlph Kouil. Snvy «1 Soulh o! BlFthovllle ' __ Clfiy OriXTfl ftnd rtlrt, Ph ' , 2CS/7. trnller. U 4,'IJ ck FOR SALE i Farms of all sizes and types IN SOUTHEAST MISSOURf Come lo Dexter and let us show them to you. JOE G. RAD1CAN Realtor Dexter, Mo. Used Car Values 1918 Mrrrur> Sfrtun, vrry aiilonmhilc. Onlv 1318 F'.inltac 1 Door, llj. Tlrnntiilic Drive ami all tllr ollirr evtras . . SIMS. 1917 l'.iiili.\r 1 Door Scilan SlUS.i I!HS Kriscr Sedan . . . S!IH3. I9IS I' Convertible . . > rtMl liuj . S005. l!<l!t K;)ljrr l>eln\e t Door Sedan, all e\lrm . . . SIMS. and many more, all values galore The 61 Motor Co. Your Kaiser-Frazer Headquarters Xorth 6th. St. Phone 2M2 We'll Be Here rOMORROW to BAC* Up Whn> We 5aj »nd Do TODATI" Kit!(cries Charged on Stu liarKCs — Only SOc. Rental' Kreo. Southern Auto Store. I • 2-0 ck tt Imperial Berber shoj t S 2nd Kt Oewey rrnltt 46 pX 1 71^1 O S 3 27 ck If Arkansas Stare-Certified OGDEN SOYBEANS 85'/i CJerminalion . . . $J.25 Bushel Earl Magers Dell, Ark. Phon« 2811 WE REPAIR K.tilios, rpfrUfralor.s. Trcp/crs. r:ui£cs. wAshfirs, sm.lll apph incc.s. All work Kuaraiitertl. Adams Appliance Co. Concrete Culvert Tile S(/rs up lo -IB in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Slrrs up tn 84 In. Automatic Rood Gnttx ('tincrcle Septic Tanks Melal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Btsl PricM \\t Dclhfr A. H. WEBB liltlii.AT Rl at 8UI« l.ln, riinii* 1H HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Ciisloni work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Cuslom Shearing up lo y t inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 .Soulh Broadway l'l(on* 2651 HORNER-WILSON ON EAST MAIN • PICKUPS • • Cars & Truck* • f r-ri GMO li -Ton Pickup. j[ J KiiRronteefi condition. practically new tires. /m FORD'n-Ton Pickup, ^11 ratllo. healer, Epot- Ugh I, seat covers. ' / Af^ OMC U-' ron PlcV"P, A-*f rtfln^c cab. new tlrw<. * / ll'a R really fine buy. / 1ft CHEVROLET 1, - Ton /1W Pickup. Its ax . ctran R Irtick as you'll fluU iiny where. / ;/Q rORD Vi-Ton Ptrknp t^Q » completely reconditioned truck at A jjood >rlce. / ,-j CHEVROLET s; , Tf>n A 1 Pickup. (fchue cab new tires . . and a' t»arj;alnl f .4-7 FORD "i-Ton PLrXnn A I K wonderful bur In n' really clean 1 1 t 1 1 e trncV /A/ CHKVHOLKT V, - Ton XIQ ricknps (2 to choose ' w from), nrsr tires and new paint. / il fOR° 'j-Ton Pickup. Af\ one of (he nicest IW trucks In the city ol BlytlieTlUt. ' C/~X OLDSMOBILK "« & '* jl 1 with Rocket enpin». 4 -door Sedan, radla ( hen tor .seat covers. OI.D5MOBILE "9 8" / CM RocXot tfeliixe 4-door hnvtn); n new car At *. hlj; Rfivinij. f Cf\ CHEVROLET 2,- door J\,J Re tin n. a horn c-owricd cnr drlvrii very few mile. 1 *. / f-r\ GMC 1 - Ton Tractor J\J with fihort whcelhRsd. gimranteecl condition. Tery low tnllcsge, / ,-, OLDRMOBILS 2 - door At, wtlh Rochet c»Stnr. ' ' new wlille tires, TCIT.-*.' / Jf* HUICK 2-door Sctlan. 4fl * home - owned c«r "^ Hire to Rlvr you lot* af Rood Rervlce. ' A~7 PONT1AO Strrftmllner tj / 2-f!oor Sedan, nevr ' while HTM. M^IO and heater. / / , FORD P.a-Ton Truck /r\ with bed. here's a nic« '^ triicX at a real BAF- IHRB ,^— CHEVROLET 5 - door <U Sedan, step bacX nnrt ^' looX ngnln at this special price . . . $149501 HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsmobile-GMC Truck Dealer Us«d Car Lot - - - 300 East Main Street

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