The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1951 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1951
Page 15
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THUM!)AY, APRIL 18, 19S1 Food Production Is Plagued By Bad Weather, Insects, Labor Shortages WASHINGTON, April 12 Food production Is gelling off to .tn uncertain start .Ihls season pla- Bued by b«d wealher, Insccls and "hortages ot farm labor and materials. This situation was pictured late yesterday In an Agricullure, Department crop report which' disclosed that production prospects for w'Mf wheat had dropped nearly * Kjflh since last December. As a consequence, the wheat crop may fall short of domestic and export requirements. That \vould make it necessary to use reserve? of grain which the government had hoped to save for possible future emergencies. In addition to tne snnry decline In tlje wheat crop, the Department also reported that: Production Down 1. The production at milk in March was three per cent btlow March a year ago although con- lutner demand 'is greater. 2. Egg production In the same month was two per cent less than . a year ago. . . 3. Farmers have mnde slow progress in spring farm work because of cool, wet weather in most, major fanning areas. 4. Meadow and pastures have been slow to start growth, thus depriving farmers of needed grass lor dairy and other livestock graa- . tag. . 5. Supplies of livestock feed grain —the raw malcrltil for meal, iialrv . and poultry products—were u fifth smaller on April 1 than a year ago l^i decline emphasized the need frs^the big feed grain crops ;his year if a high level production of livestock food products is to. be . maintained. Labor Another department report served to call .attention to agriculture's labor situation. The number of workers on farms was said ;o be Jour per cent smaller than a year «go despite a 12 per cent increase in wages because of loss of hands to the armed services and city industries. On the other hand, labor quiremenls are greater because of the government's appeal for a record output, of crop and livestock products. . Big factories in cutting winter wheat products included a severe winter, dry weather and insects in the central and southern great plains wheat area. On the basis of present official forecasts, this year's wheat production would be about . bushels— about 110,000,000 than anticipated needs. Fortunately, the country nas a reserve of about 425,000,000 bushels of wheat from last year's supply. Unless the government restricted exports, It would be necessary lo use grain from Ihis reserve lo meet the expected demand. There is ample time between now and harvest for the wheat pro- peels to drop further" or to regain some of the tast ground reported yesterday. Fruit Conserves Add Zest To Cheaper Cuts of Meat Dried , fruits, fully tree-ripeticd, make rich and fruity conserves, These conserves have n way ot making the cheaper cuts of meat taste more interesting. I'eacli and Vl% Conserve (Makes iibouL 8 small glasses) Two cups drled peaches. 2 cups dried figs, 6 cups water (approximate), 4 cups granulated sugar, \- A cup sliced preserved orange peel, 1 cup shreclcted, blanched almonds. Boil peaches 5 minutes, drain, remove skins, and cut into pieces. Rinse figs, clip off stem ends nnd slice figs. Combine with peaches and \vatcr and boil 5 minutes, Add sugar and orange peel and continue to boil until of desired consistency, about 30 minutes, stirring frequently. Add almond* for last 5 minutes' cooking. Pour into hot glasses and seal with paraffin. Tropical Honey Conserve (Makes about 1}£ pints) One cup seedless raisins, 2 cups cup canned cling peach, slices, 1 diced canned pineapple, l cup honey, M .teaspoon salt. Rinse and drain raisins. Drain peaches and pineapple. Combine all ingredients and bring to boil. Cook. slowly until of desired consistency about 45 minutes. Stir frequently while cooking. Golden State Conserve (Makes three 1-ounce glasses) - Two cups prunes, \k medium- re- .sized orange (rind included), 6 cups Dill with Pork Chops Gives Added Zest to,a Popular and Tasty Dish Ever ;try dill 'with pork chops? You'll like-It. Baked Dill Pork C!io|is (4 servings) Four shoulder . pork chops, salt : pepper, flour. .2 onions, chopped. 2 diH pickles, chopped, l^-j cus water, 2 thblesoons pickle juice. Season pork chops with salt and ;pepper; roll in fiour. Brown chops •• on both sides in a little hot fat in •-skillet; then transfer to casserole or small roaster. Add onions rind IjKt'es. To skillet in which chops '•Fere browned, add water and pickle juice and heatito loosen the pan drippings; ( .pour over chops. Cover . and bake In moderate oven (350 • degrees F-) 1 hour, or until very tender. Lamb . shanks are cheaper but can be turned into a wonderful >;dish. iBralsrd I-amb Shanks and Noodles (Serves 5 lo 6) ; Three iamb shanks, V* cup flour, •I teaspoons salt, '/, teaspoon pepper, 2 tablespoons fat, 1 cup sliced onions, 1 small green pepper, seeded find sliced, IV!; quarts boiling water. - Vi pound wide no'odles. have your butcher cut each shani: Into 3 pieces. Combine flour with 1 teaspoon salt and >!, teaspoon pepper. Roll meat in this mixture, ami brown thoroughly on all sides in hot fat. Then add onions ,and green pepper, and brown slightly. Add boiling water, remaining 2 teaspoons salt and % teaspoon pepper; cover'and simmer for 1 hour. Then skim off excess fat; adrt noodles, cover, and continue cooking about 20 minutes or until noodles are tender. Serve shanks i in center of platter wiih noodles and gravy around them. - CATARRH SUFFERERS SINUS FIND CUAR FOR MISERY DUI TO NA^AL COKCESTION. 3UH-L1 JlSjHfB HtlMt • ,. ?r *1 iJ"* ,'""", tacta " °' •=•"». cMarrn. and hny lever di^ to nM*] conces' lion 1, t«n -today in report, ot .uccesj, wit), » lormufa vhich haa the power to redure naaal ronccnion. M«n and women witK nBoniain* . «imj ? heajachrc. cloc 3 «J nostril.. TM ' >"" v!: ">* »" d inmiae; m i,-.ry Itl 'lirrctcdj sola with money-bad: -vifr^n'-- |. x Womls Drug store — Blytheillle — Orders filled. water, 2 cups granulated sugar, y t teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons lemon Juice, V; cup coarsely chopped walnuts or almonds, Ixjt primes stand in boiling water a few minutes. Drain and cut. from pita in small pieces. Cut orange Into very thin slices, then Into small pieces. Place in kettle with water, sugar, still, and lemon juict. Bring to a boil and boil 10 minutes. Add prunes and boil about 20 minutes longer, or until of desired consistency, stirring continuously to prevent burning. Add nuts last 5 minutes of cooking. Pour into glasses and seal with paraffin. Makes Gravy Smoother Here's an nid to smooth gravy making. Instead of adding the flout- straight to the drippings in the pan, add it to water in a smali jar. Shake the jar vigorously, then pour the flour-water mixture into Che drippings. French-Fried Noodles Make Different Menu Crisp noodles, like Iliase served In Chinese rcstnurnnta, are a r<«l home (real when served vi-lth creamed chicken, lurkcy or ham. To make (hem, it is essential to have a deep lal trying thremonielcr so that the fat can be healed to exactly the right temperature.' A practical thermometer fur al! ivpc.s of deep tat frying is one made of shiny stainless steel, it lias a large dial-type temperature face scaled with large Hack figures nnd easy to read directions. An adjustable clamp fastens the thermometer to the side of the frying kettle. Crisp J'n'Mi'h-l'ru'd Nuotllc.s 1 6 or 8 oz. package fine noodles 2 quarts lioiliiiK water 1 tablespoon sail Fat for deep fry Add salt to boilmp \valrr. Add ! noodles gradually. Cook, uncovered, for 5 minutes. Uratn, rinse well In cold \vater, Spread [htnly on waxed paper to dry several hours or overnight, Place a stna!] quantity al a time in a tine sieve and fry In deep fat heated to :!G5 degrees I-', Turn to brown evenly. When lightty brown- I ed (about 2 minutes) lift from fat and drain on 'absorbent paper. Salt if desired. The noodles may be prepared in advance and reheated in the oven Just before serving. FALSE TEETH~ Thafr Looson Need Not Embarrass Many wearers oi suiicrecl real em Da tncir plati,' dropped at just tuc wrong lsc teeth nave ssniPMt because pcd or wobbled time IX> (lot live in tear at mia Happening to you Jusl sprinkle b uuJe PASTEKTH, ihc aikfi- line powder on your plates Ho las. taUe teeth more firmly BO they ice) mnrp eoinlnrialUe Dots tint sour cnecHs 'piaie odor' [dcimirc breath) (Jet PABTEEI'H at any drug store MCELAND COOKS BEST! Always fender, Fluffy WhiteJ The best cooks always use genuine Riceland_Rice because For best rice cooking results always use genuine RlCELAND Nationally famous food economists and food editors praise 7%e World'? Most Delicious Rice! PRICE OF 2 FiEISCHMANNS w-"-:r:^g^^'pr23FE^Cnii^3gri "I" SPECIAL OFftR/ 3 Packages for the price of 2 SPZC/AL OfttR/. FLEISCHMANNS .STDRYYEAST FLEISCHMANNS iSTDRYYEAST tO If. brand-now- g rand new Klcischmann's Improved Dry Yeast—the easiest, speediest yeast yet! No wailing no dimcull direction.? to follow-il's ready for action in record time. Faster dissolving! ^ olhery ^^ solves faster! Just combine it with water, stir well and that's all. Dissolves in half the time- you re ready for mixing a f ew seconds after you ve opened the package. Faster rising! em . proved Dry Yeast cuts down rising time lie- cause it's more active lhan ever! You can always depend on it for quick action finest resulU when you bake at home! Stays fresh for months-too-jusl keep it cool nnd dry. Be sure lo lake advantage of Kloischmann'a special "3 for the price of 2" offer, right now. Fry New Improved Kleischmanrrs Dry Yeast just once . . . you'll use it always. This offer is good for a limited time only! Flowe Coupon worth CRISCO PUKES \PEACHE5 PEAS CORN ™ e CHERRIES MIRACLE WHIP OXYDOL^ MfAl >p*n fiU»nl n »' V : I IkP^aU Si HOMINY PORK ROAST SLAB BACON PORK BRAINS TURKEYS BOSTON BUTT Practically Boneless Lean and Meaty Sugar Cured By the Piece—Mot Sliced, Lb. FRESH CLEAN TOP GRADS CABBAGE Medium Size Heads FRESH-GREEN Lb. CAULIFLOWER CARROTS Sno-white Lg. Heads SS"" 251 GREEN BEANS 13c BANANAS 2 Lhs. Strinyless 29? TOMATOES SARDINES SPINACH LIMA BEANS SUCCOTASH Standard Pack Fine Qualify American in Oil Top Quality 2 2 ib. No. 303 Cans No. 1/4 Cans 5* 19c BRAND - FROZEN CHOPPED 14 or. Pkg. 19c BRAND- FROZEN 10 oz. Pkg. 19c BRAND- FROZEN 12 oi. Pkg. 19* Kroger Macaroni - Spaghetti 2 76 or. Pfcg*. CASHMERE BOUQUET SOAP 2 Bath «% f\ «» 29?! DREFT Large Box OMEGA FLOUR m f\ Lb. PI. or m 05 I \J S. Rising | OXYDOL Large Box SWIFT'S CLEANSER H U MKO Lb. Ctn. BABO CLEANSER

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