The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1951 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1951
Page 14
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Here Are Some Answers on. What To Feed Your Special TV. Guests (AswUIrd 1'rrsj Food .Kitilor) When you have .special guests. lor • TV program bring out a special «t of snacks. If you have air electric blender you can prepare delirious spreads /or canapes in a matter of seconds. If you don't have an electric blender you can prepare either of the following spreads by mashing Ihe ingredients with a fork, then whipping them until-smooth by hand. The texture of the spreads will not be as fine as they are when the electric blender does its work but tlieir flavor will be just as good. You can make these spreads ahead of time aud refrigerate them, so they are ready to be put on bread or crackers when you want to serve them. Or you can make them In Ihe blender while your guests are (here. Tliis Roquefort cheese spread is always a great favorite among people who appreciate the maty, distinctive flavor that genuine Roquefort cheese imparts. The shrimp paste has a new twist with Us delicate flavor blended with the other seasonings. Koqneforl Cheese Spread Ingredients: 3 tablespoons heavy cream, u teaspnoii onion juice, 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, three ounces Jiurjiicfurt. diee.w (crumbled), three ounces cream cheese (crumbled). ' .Molhotl: Place nil tho'insicdit-nts. In Hie older (jivfn. in the glass mn- tniuei- of Die electric Mender. Cover container and lurn on blender. Run unlil smoothly blended, about 30 seconds. Chill and spread on cmckeis, or phice a thin slice of crisp cucumber on a buttered circle of whrtrr bread. Top with ,1 mound of I lie cheese spread. Sprinkle with paprika and serve immediately. Makes »; cup spread. SIlKI.Mf PASTE Ingredients: 2 tablespoons chill | sauce, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise. 1 ! tablespoon lemon juice, '.t teaspoon I curry powder, 5 ounce can shrimps I (rinsed, rteveined. and drained), I water cress or paisley, | Method: Place all Ingredients, in i order given, In electric; blender, I Cover container and tnr/i on blender. Run until smoothly blend- I cd. about 30 seconds, stopping to stir down after 15 seconds. Spread , on r~ Inch circles of white bread and top with a rim of snine bread, i Garnish wlih a tiny sprig of wnter cress: or parsley. Makes *l cup .spread. If the simill Iry in your household are TV-rnlei taining, they'll enjoy a Fruit Sinooiliee. Just mash a ripe banana and beat It with a nip of cold milk nwl serve to two thirsty youngsters. Or do it this way in tile blender, I'll LIT S.MOO'I 'KICK For'ii two six-ounce servinus ;>lncr> ] cup milk and I rlpn bn/innn in e'ass i-ontiiiner «f electric blender. Cover container ami turn on blender. Run until ;-moothly blended, about 15 seconds. Serve immediately. Many Factors Affect Roasts, Meat. Thermometer Recommended for Consistent Results . Wlion you roast moat*, do yon (itid that even though .von cook them the same way evciy*time, they don'l come out the s.inie? There are several reasons for this. Mi\ny factors affect the roasting tirnc of meats. FY>r example, the si/e and sliri[)C of Ihe c:llt, the amourjt of fat and the degree of a^Eng may cause two roasts xvhich woiRh tile same lo require different cooking limes. These factors make the "mlnutes-per-pound" method an uncertain guide. For this reason, meat cookery authorities recommend Ihe use of a roast, meat thermometer as the only reliable way to tell when a roast is cooked to the desired doneness. A meal thermometer takes the internal temperature of the roasl and shows when Janil), veal, beef and pork are cooked to the desired rare: medium or well-done stages. ' for ease 01 using, many linme- makcrs prefer « new type meat theremometer made of non-breakable stainless sice). Temperatures and instructions are shown on the thermometer's large, clock-like face. Since the stem is non-breakable, it "•an he pressed directly Into the center of the roast without Ihe necessity of using a skewer to make a preliminary hole. APRIL U, '• Read Courier News Classified Ads 'Egg 'n Cheese Stacks' Moke Elegant And Attractive Dish for Any Mea! With cheese underneath and celery soup-sauce over lliein, tender poached eggs on toast will taste ever so elegant. The name of this combination is Efrg 'n Cheese Stacks. As attractive as they are fine tasl- ing, eggs fixed this way ran fill fhe bill for any family meal or when you rmve v iinexpccted company. And, it's easy |o, pay the. bill for this dish. Especially true now when eggs are in such good supply. Yon can prepare the whole thing .In a matter of minutes. While the eggs are' poaching, there's ample .-time 'to heat Ihe soup > and toast Ihe bread /or Ihe A platter filled:with the Egg 'n Cheese Stacks is » happy sight for hungry folk.s. Cenler the dish with a mound of buttered green beans. Cff 'n Chtrst Stacks 4 thin slices mild cheese 4 piecos buttered toast 4 escgs. poached 1 can (l-i[4 cups) condensed cream of celery soup 114 cup milk Plac« * slice at checM on each piec* of toast; top with poached egg. (You itny easily poach-fry the eggs if you prefer, just slip each egg Into » skillet that U coated witfi hot ; melted shortening and let the white ""*; then add 1 teaspoon of water, turn off heat, and cover pan 2 Silmites until yolk sets.) Heat cream ot celery soup mined with milk; pour oTer eggs. Garnish with parsley. Make« 4 servlnga. SOUP SCOOPS _ , Tour Siippw: Keep » good •lock of all 21 kinds of condensed •oup. Then let the family choose n'hat kind they'd like for snjiiwr nn the night you're featuring soup. Sandwiches, of cold meat with mustard on rye, and potato salad make the rent of the menu. Good soups -with this «r« chicken or beef noo- K<N?p Rooit 'Fell' Intact When buying a leg of inmb for your Easter dinner, ask voiir meat dealer to leave the fell on" the roast. This thin, paperlike covering not only helps retain the shape of Ihe leg during cooking but helps to hold in the meat juices as well. Si/ver Knife Is Tester In testing a custarrf pie put a silver knife in the side ot Ihe filling to see if it comes out. clean. The center may be a bit soil when the pie is done but it will set later. die. vegetable or vegetable beef, or scotch broth. Lemon Aid: A thin slice of lemon is a perfect flavor accent for many kinds of soup. Try it, on condensed consomme, bouillon or clnni chowder. Sol for a I'urly: Condensed cream of chicken .-.oun and n trio-salad Is a menu women enthuse aboiit for spring luncheons. To mnke the Irio snlnd, put three lettuce cups on each plate. Pill one with pineapple chunks and cottage cheese, one with tuna .snlari, and, one H'ith towprt crcen salad. Tiny cinnamon biscuits EO well with this. Goody Eyergood Says: Family Favorite for round-the-clock goodness! For mealtime pleasure, serve delicious Evergood Bacon—sliced just righl for crisp, tempting goodness. It's great for breaklaEl, lunch or supper. Always look for Ihe Evergood label. Buy il af your grocers M.mpk; «mpMi, Tinn Can't Hold Back on Praise for Hadacol Wonderful Formula Relieves Indigestion, Fatigue, Aches and Poms, When Due to a lock of Vitamins Bi, Bi, Niocin and Iron , When everybody you know slsrls Idling you how much belter you're lookmg and when all your lioi.Wes jccm lo disappear almost overnight . . . MAN', lhat's a wonderful feeling! Nothing'in Ihe whole wide world can hral i!! That's ;,, sl , v l,at happened lo Mr. .lohn P. Ray, r/o the Ca.wille Democrat, Cawville, Missouri. Mr. Kay heard bow HADACOT, l".-n5 relj'evin? condilions caused hv « lack of Vitamins B,. H,. Ni n cin *nd Iron, and he decided to see what it would (Jo for bis aches and pains and slomadi distress. So sincere, so straight-forward is M r Ray'« leller thnl we want you id hear nbovit il from him In his own words. He says. "Bcforr I started lading HADACOL I was rundown and had no nppetiln whatever. After taking my fourth small sized bottle, I could easily tell that I w as fceliiiK belter, and HOW afler being on my Imirth large ri^-d boltle, I well know of lh« splendid valus it has hecn to me. Many people 1 mel, who had known me years and years remarked to me thnl I was looking lieller. I told Ibem nnhesitalingly Ibat 1 bad been taking HADACOU 1 unhesitatingly recommend HAD- ACOIj licrausc I well know Ihe fine results it has secured for me. This Is the first time in my life I have ever sivcn > testimonial, but 1 do feel thnf a person who has received as much good from IIADACOt, m I have, should lell others about i!. You have my permission lo us* (his statement in any way yon desire. It is all true and I do not back down .in one word of it, as my neighbors and friends here at homo could verify." HAD Ot. hns been specially compou ' '1 give you more than Ihe mini,.... , daily requirement* of these very elements, plus helpful quantities of Phojplionw nnd Calcium. They're nil in Ihe special HADACOI. liqmd farm for quick, easy absorption in (he system HADACOL builds blood hemoglobin (when Iron is ncctfec!) m speed these precious Vitamins and Minerals to every pm-t of Ihe bndv arid to every body nrpan. Can yon doubt an honc.-.t slaie- mciil like Mr. Rnv's? Can yon doubt Ihe words of your ftir-'jid* and tn?it>hbors win/ have been helped? Why not find out for yourself today. FUimcmbrr. HADACOI. i* recommended by many rinclnrs: and is sold on a strict money-back guarantee. Apple Strode/ Recipe Is from Old Vienna Through the courtesy of Ihe ford Motor Company, here Is a recipe from Ihe "Ford Treasury of Favorite Recipes from Famous Eating Places." for Viennese Apple strudcl. 10 apples, peeled ' '2 cups bread crumbs h i eup sugar nasld strudel dough l .£ cup raisins 1 1 teaspoon cinnamon 2 ounce.s chopped nuts l 'i cup butter Slice apples very thin. Fry crumbs golden hioxvn in butler and add sugar. On basic slrudcl dough. spread first apples then crumbs, ral- sms. cinnamon and nu(.s; then I sprinkle with a little extra sugar i and melted butter. Roll the stiudel| and place on an oiled baking sheet not with butter and bake In a moderate oven until, golden brown —about 45 lo 60 minutes. Basic StnideJ Dough: I'A cups flour 'i teaspoon salt 3 table-spoons shortening 3 tablespoons milk I large egg Mix together ingredients until a soft dough, and place In a bow] and let stand In a warm place (or 30 minutes, Then cover a table or breadboard with a cloth and roll and pull the dough with your bands until it ts very thin—as thin as possible without breaking. ed Odessus In honor of ttit legtn*. ary Greek sea-rover. Happy Is The Day When Backache Goes Away The Bulgarian port nf Slalin,' formerly Varna, was originally call- • CHOICE MEATS Jewels Powdered BACOH Pork Liver L >> 39 S/OJSAGE MILK FRYERS PORK ., y,A ROAST Lb -43 ROAST ASSORTED GUM 3pkgs.10c FOLGER'S COFFEE - - Ibbag89c FROZEN ORANGE CE - 2 4 oz. cans 29t FOR BAKING CRISCO - - 3 ibs 99c WATER VALLEY HOMINY No. Can lie SUGAR VALLEY KRAUT No.2ican11c Pet Milk - 3 tail CAMPFIRE RINSO, OXYDOL [IDE - - PORK & BEANS - Lb. can 9< ? OLEO V Lge.BoxSltf V u ) VIENNA'SAUSAGE can 15* V3ZlA HIGH GRADE FAM-LEE COCA-COLA FRESH EGGS YAMI YOGURT Bollard's Biscuits PEERLESS POTTED MEAT - 2for15tf - - Can 53< LUCKY DOG FOOD - - - Can 9< ARMOUR'S TREET - Case 89< - Doz. 47< - Pkg.23< MINERAL WATER - iGa!45< SWEET POTATOES- 2 Lbs.15< FRESH RADISHES - - Bu. 5< FRESH CARROTS - - Bu. LEMONS, Sunkisl - - Doz.19c CELERY ""* Golden Large Stalk CAULIFLOWER POTATOES GREEN CABBAGE - - Lb.6c ShopS Save Every Day At Liberty's

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