Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 30, 1890 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 30, 1890
Page 5
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DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. Wednesday, April 30, W.H.Power's Co. The Romantic Irish Drama THE FAIRIES WELL iA Companion Play to THE IVY LEAF. ) i Str!"rtf First-Class Company. including t:vc l\i^nlr(! Irish C-omeJian. Mr. Carroll Johnson ' .Law 1 of Johnson A SiaTin's Minstrels. ) . Csr L":tt! of Scenery, A Powerful Dramatic «OH>P:IHJ. Kcplte with New Songs and Dances. as ai tne 14th Street ;i cents. Scats -olufficm same New YorU. SCALE OF PRICES: ents: Parquet. 50 centi; Ciicle on sale at Keesllag's. Rea Delightful Irish drama to-night. The first circus of the season today. Hear Carroll Johnson at the opera house to-night. The little BOB of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Bridge is quite ill. Misses Sybil Bender aud Maggie Pelton returned from Pern Monday. Homer Kessler is confined to his home on High street, by a severe illness. Estate For)Sale or Trade In al! parts of the City. Residents at all pi-ices. Busines4 Houses. Vacant Lots. Exclusive Sale of .Johnson's : 'Riverside Ad- dition''. 20 Vacant Lots on Broadway and North. Bargains in Lands close to the City. E N. TALBOTT Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Bloek, Broadway. B. M. M c M i 11 e n P!c>ure*, StaHonarr, Hammocks, CroQuets. Picture Framing A SPECIALTY. Xo. SOT - - Market St. aprlM&wly MONEY TO LOAN! And Sotes Bought in any sum over $25 at lowest rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GEO. B. FORGY. declSdiwSm MONEY TO LOAN, a »us nuni al iat> JLOWiST r»te» jfrt\ox fount "-IT Mcnrej alTeie is hscfl. No red tape orde- •a~7 Interest on<5 principal parable in Logs™- ,tjrt. ripeclil «rrBEgsme=a «» *° P« r J;J < ?'' * win-lpal &a<3 interest, made to unit tte wlabee ot Sorrow*r. For further particulars apply to Fred W. Munson, ^vlcraey &s Law BZ& tnUed States* O N £ Y ns. it! klnlJ* of In- ,arsT.o» flaww! tc nrst elaira oompKnles. Snaow- jjenl. oUcien rmrehmsed. Bonds of fareSjtL «rUt-5 Mr parties holding posltlell« of Oral n M. ST. Closso Daily Journal. WEDNESDAY MORNING APR. 30. THE WEATHKK. Vuaasa-ms, O. C., April ffl.-For Indiana. Ohio, Bllnois and West Va.—Fair, clearing in W. va. ;"warmer, TariaWe winds becoming southerly. The Ladieg Aaxilliary to the B. of L. E, grand May-day ball at the rink to morrow nijjht. All spring oloth jackets marked way down and offered at special sale to-d&y at the Bee Hive. Fire, ligrhtning, tornado, plate glass and natural gag ezpiosion insurance. -George C. Graves, Ag't., 1335 High street, Logansport, Ind. aprldlin Dennis Daey, a painter at the Pan Handle round house,; died at his home on VFheatland street last evening at 5:30 o'clock, aged 27 years. ChrU Berg, who slipped on the ice lame weeke ago and fell, breaking bis IBK, v:«s able to be out on the street for the first time yesterday. Kotice he change of places for the Seeood, Third aud Fourth ward Republican primaries in the official call published! in this morning's Journal. Mrs. C. E. Kxegelo and Miss Kate Kiegelo returned to their home at, Indianapolis yesterday after a pleasant visit with Mr. and Mrs. B. R Sees!ing. Mr. Richard Britton and Miss Kate Lanhoa were nnited in marriage at St. Vincent's church yesterday morning at 9 o'clock Rev, Father Campion officiating. :. Th« Sadies, will furnish supper in 'Mw room uajer Hall's gallery on the evening ol the ball, commencing at '40 o'clock, p. n, Tickets for supper **n IX had at the rink, for 25 cents. Mrs. Martin .Prank returned this morning from a short visit to hpr brother at Chicago. Since th« close of the Eel township schools 186 pupils have been turned into the city schools. Frank W. Jackson, oE Rossville. has taken the position of clerk at Hanawalt'g drug store | JMrs. Josegh Kreider departed yesterday morniDK on a three weeks Tisit with friends at Canton, O. The condition of Mr. John F. Dodds is reported some better, and it is now confidently thought that, he •will recover. Will Englebrecht is -walking with a cane, necessitated by a very sore foot, caused by stepping ou a nail the other evening. Capt. Kessler, of the North Side, was stricken with the second attack of paralysis on Monday and his condition is considered serious. Miss Kitty Carroll, a charming young lady of Earl Park, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. George E. Ross, of East Market street. Wholesome Irish comedy.to-night. Carroll Johnson is a general favorite with Logansport theater goers and will be greeted "by a full house tonight. Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Warner and Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Chestnut, of Clay township, vrill depart to-day on a trip to Colorado, to be goB« *11 summer. Mr. James McGaaghey and Misa Laura Potneroy -will be united in marriage at St. Vincent's church this morning. Rer. Father Campion officiating-. Yesterday in Squire Smith's court, Emma Cotner, of Jefferson township, began proceedings against her husband, David Cotner, for assault and battery. Mr. G. T. Webster and family, of Sioux City, la-, arrived in the city yesttsrday and will remain a -week or more visiting Mr. Webster'i father, Mr. J. P. Webster. Frank D. Boyer and Mary O. Ru- doJph; John Shobeok and Catherine Simon; Julius S. Wagner and Ger trude C. Carle; William Backus aud Eiiinia M. Wbitfleld, are licensed to wed, Ross Sherman, until lately a Pan Handle passenger conductor, bus taken 'the general agency for the luter-State Building and Loan Association. wi.b headquarters at Richmond. County Treasurer Woll has turned over to the Auditor the tax duplicate containing the names of all persons •who have not paid their taxes. The penalty is now attached to all taxes not paid. Cyrus McPberson, the real estate ;agent, was taken suddenly ill at bis office on Fourth street yesterday morning and had to be taken to his boarding house, where he now lies quite sick. The sapper to be served by the Women's Relief Corps, at the residence of Mr. Charles Starr, this evening, is for the benefit of the relief fund. For 15 cents an excellent meal will oe served. A dog belonging to Pat Kinsell, of Fifteenth street, bit one of Mr. Kinsell's children in the face, making an ugly -wound. The vicious brnte was immediately shot. It was said that the dog'wos in a. frenzy and acted so peculiarly that suspicion was aroused tbatit might be suffering atattack of rabies and the result of the bite is awaited with much apprehension by the child's parents. Mr. C. R. Gorman now has a number of completed bicycles on exhibition and sale at his factory in Dalati's foundry building and the inspection of the public is. invited. The Gorman Wheel and" Novelty works proin ise to be a very large addition to the industrial enterprises of Logaosport, aud Mr. Gorman expects to create a lively demand for his improved safety bicycle by organizing a wheelman's club here, giving instructions free in the rink which he has secured for that purpose. Next Tuesday evening, Mav 6. the rink will be a scene of merriment unbounded, that being the date and place of the second annual ball of Division 26, U. R. K. P. Preparations have been made on an extensive scale for this coming event and tbesuccefs of the baft is. already assured. The proceeds are to be devoted to procuring uniforms for the newly-ortranized K. of P. band and as the object is so worthy the ball will be very largely patronized. A Probable Damaee. Suit. J. K. Rolling, the Fifth street laundryrnan, who was fined in the police court yesterday morning for drunkenness, tells a great tale of woe of ill treatment accorded him by Marshall Dean at the jail, claiming that the Marshall, after locking him up, beat him on the head with his club aii'I otherwise maltreated him, and threaten? to begin action ag-ainst Dean for damages in the Circuit court. Marshall Dean and the jail officers deny Rollin's story and say, to the contrary, that he stubbornly resisted arrest, and had '.o be hauled to jail in a hack, as he refused to walk: that he was in such a condi tiou of intoxication that it became necessary to lock him in a cell as tie was not in a fit condition to be placed in the corridor with the other prisoners, and that in resisting such action he clung so tenaciously and | I stubbornly to the bars of the cell Ann** t-Vi n t- f V> Q tli THE COUNTY FAIR. It Ucems 10 Have Joined the Driving; .Park in the JUand **f Vnae-cnm- pt!»Sicd Nr!ieme«. •v 7 ' ,;,Thf agitation for .-i County iVir As;ociatiori and tint!. li.tr a Driviog Park Association s-t-euis io have ceased. The fair \vou!-.l he highly advantageous To the farmers and a benefit ro the eitv ami if if to be regretted that something in that direction could not be accomplished. Cass county is far advanced in growth and prosperity and friendly rivalry and contest engendered by a fair i* high ly advantageous. The progress made in the way of horseflesh is eqsally marked and the interest can loe further aroused by », well regulated and convenient park. The plans suggested lacked financial encouragement and are probably abandoned for this year. door that the marshal v as compelled to rap bis fingers with his club to make him let'go, this being the only "beating"' he got. As this will in all probability come into court tbe two sides to this story will then be brought out in the detail and the truthfulness of the two claims determined. The City Election. The interest manifested, in the nomination in the Fifth ward appears to be growing. Both sides are sanguine and the result is uncertain. Mr. Tousley's friends are confident but the general impression seems to be that, he will be defeated. In the First ward Mr. G-leitz will be nominated with but little opposition. No apparent work for Holbruner has been done and little interest is displayed. In the Second ward Shaeffer will be re-nominated •without opposition. In the Third ward nothing definite can be learned as to who will be the successor of Hanson. » Tne election of the candidates likely to be uauied to-night means low license and the citiz£ns may eipect it. The Journal has tried truthfully to advise the public of the situation that they may act knowingly. The Pharos claim that it is for political purposes falls flat when it. is remembered that the Journal has been endeavoring to stir up high license Democrats to attend their primaries. About three o'clock yesterday morning a couple of nisr,ht prowler* were discovered trying to effect an entrance into ;he back door of Johu Bewenter's store. The night porter at the Murdock house eaw the fellows and frightened them away. They disappeared in tbe darkness ot the alley before the porter could get close enough to them to discern their features or gain a clue to tbe identity of the burglars. _ l>on't JF«-ei Well. ana et you are not sick enough to consult a doctor, or you refrain from so doing for fear you will alarm yourself and friends—we will tell you just what }ou"need. It is HooMs Sarsa parilla, which will lift you out of that uncertain, uncomfortable, dan gerous condition, into a state of good health, confidence and cheerfulness You've no idea bow potent this pe culiar medicine is in eases like yours. > 2 Joe Critcnfield and Buck Stanley went to Star City yesterday, where they btfgan a temperance reviva last night under the auspices of tbe Gospel Temperance Union. Messr Critchfleld and Stanley have been very.successful in their efforts iu th cause of temperance, and are en couraged aud aided by all admirer of the great cause. They will retur here for next Sunday's meeting. DartMM Pr»i.h><»« le Flntd Giras prompt and pennane.it relief lu tram, scalds. enilDlaJns. venomous stings or biles cats' ana wounds ot e«rj desenpOun, ,..>,, ! It Is luvaluaole In scarlet lever, olptnetia, small-pax. cQulera, rello«, typhus, typuoitl ana "'ror sfikSjbms, to prevent the Spread of contagion, it Is toe Best dislnlectaut kiiown. Hon, Alex. H. Stephens, of Ga. Darbn Paophylaotlc Flnjd is an article of little oo=l but gre,rt v,due. Its domestic as well as meicuia use* arenomerous while Hs specialties are mo-t womleriul. No bead ol a. fcunily mould ever be wltauut 11 •* Entitled to the Bewt. All are entitled to tbe best that their money will buy, so every family should have, at ones, a bottl* of the best family remedy, Syrup of Figs, to cleanse the system. ; .when costive or biliouf- For sale in OOc and $1.0i) bottles by all leading drug gists. For Mile by B. F. Keesiiug. Festival Sotie-r. There will be a festival at the North Side Union Sunday School Hal!, Wednesday evening, April 30, the proceeds to be used for fixing up tbe hall. There will be a bean.ifnl quilt disposed of- AH are invited to be present. _ apr29d2t Upon the arrival of the remains of the late Triad C. Barnett, of Terre Haute, on the Vandalia, at 10:45 this morning, they will be met at the station by friends and escorted to the burial place at the old cemetery, •where brief services will be conducted by Rer. E. S- Scott. THE WEST SO>E WELL. The Water Pe*»<»»»e« Ilieh Medicinal Qualities and Should be VUlLced. A physician who is posted in such matters said yesterday that the water flowing frou» the West Side gas well possessed medical qualities of a high order, and that it varied but slightly from the celebrated Mt. Clemens water. He also said that, with a sanitarium or baths, he could accomplish all that is accomplished by the Mt. Clemens water. It is hoped that the fountain ol health will find some one to give to the public the advantages to be derived from it. It certainly does not seem wise to leave the water to pursue its undisturbed course to the Wabash even though it may de Telop a Echool of healthy and mns cular bass. ALMOST ESCAPED. Engineer's Puzzles WITH HATS. Too Great Confld -ncc in Unman Xa- Inre Almost Free* a Prisoner. An amusing story is told of the first attempt to escape made under Sheriff Donaldson. An inmate who ad been arrested on some serious large hailed the newly appointed urnkey one afternoon as he cauie nto the outside office and calling im to the grated door, said, "I was ast waiting for you. The Boss said ou was to let nje ont as t-oon as you aine." Greatly to his surprise, no oubt, the door was unlocked by the ooeonfidiug assistant and he was et at liberty. Fortunately, how- ver, a bailiff came in the gate as he was passing ont the door and etop- edthe complete success of bis little oke. A Sew City IHrectory- Mr. Chas. B. Longwell.the printer, >roposes to get out a new city directory and the work of canvassing for the same has already been begun, klr. Longwell proposes to fill a "long elt want" in this direction and wili furnish what the city long needed, a fall and complete directory of Logansport, one that will answer the purpose in,, every particular. The prospectus, which he has put out shows a book. ; just the proper Mze, well and neatly bound and made up of good paper, a boob which will stand the wear to hich it will necessarily be subjected. Competent and efficient assistants have been secured to direct the canvass and the -work will be pushed to completion. •rhe Flag h»» Arrived. The flag which was awarded by the Tenth's Companion to Ben Txmg, a student of the High school. for the best essay on the benefit of tbe Hag wheu unfurled over the public school, which was sent from thin State, arrived yesterday morning and is now to be seen at the Hijih school where it will toon float in th* breezes from the tower o€ the building. The flag is a beautiful piece of bunting. 9x10 feet, and will unfurled with appropriate ceremonies. _ J,l»t »f A<lv.-riti-e<t Letter*. nlnglnthe postofflceat Ligaosport fwtbe week ending April 20.1890. VUHES* 1JST, Barneit, Amanda Mrs. Lovgag». LUl.ve Mis* Duncan. Hiilda Mrs. Longfellow, Matlie Miss Elliut. Alice JMiss Mires, AT!S Mrs. Geber, Lean Mrs. >>aL Bmba Mrs. Jamison, Carrie Mrs. Roach. Anua Miss JottBSon, Genera Mrs. Slekler. E. J. Mrs. Little. Elsie Miss Sklaner, Saran J. Miss Young. Col Mrs. Base Ball Outfits \Vith Boys' and Children's Suits. A Bag of Marble^ With Children's Waists and Pants. Webster's Dictionary WITH EVERYTHING. OTTO KRAUS, OF COURSE DEPARTMENT STORE. A. R. BKKlA tit Ivrineri} ttl EUiotl, flirovtr J: C«>.. Luirajas:*n. O. M. CROSS, tormertr «rt» Stimuli A Co., Ifi&anapoUs, 1»L SHROYER & CROSS;, Jobbers;of Imported, Key Westtand Domestic Cigars, Cigarettes, Etc., Etc., No. 21, West Maryland Street, Indianapolis. FRED DYKEMAN Represents the afeove firm in Ix>Eaasport nut! Bawdes. Anson Brigss. f. M. Hfgenbuurg. C- C. Hniimane, Frank Holler, (iotlelb Hoffman, D. W. Hun. W. L. HiiicWnson, Mart K«ay. Clias. Ltmney, Thos. Sarmojis. Hank. Revnolds. Loa2O Troster. George V"ine.v, Lew Warner, Cnarley . Meins&attsen Has an ELEGANT Refrigerators;! "Fbat he is SELLING AT Yocam. Dore. Persons calling lor tire above letters please s»r - D. W. TOKLCMOS, F. M. Indianapolis Womans' News: "Dora ' Belle Harbison held the audience spell bound in her splendid rendition of Ben Hur's 'Chariot Race,' and the burst of applause that followed was spontaneous. nervous debility, po> r memory diffidence, eexuat we&knese, pimples, c.ured by Dr. Miles' Nervine. S&m- oies free at B. F. Keeslln*'*. 6 CMcago Prices. Call and be Convinced. WATCHES! WATCHES!! WATCHES!!! Larce»t Stock ii.'rlie City HU.! SuM on rnontWy payments JGold; $20.00, Kiirin Watob«B $iOO auti warranted. NO AUCTION GOODS No prizes . Xol«>M«?ry» rim: but jrooJ goodls, «Oltl V>w. work «.rid F.rnrnvriusr i'.one in. tbe city. B*et w D. A. H AUK, The Jeweler,

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