The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1951 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1951
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE m/YTHEVILLK, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS , APRIL IS, »St Ned Carver Hero as Lowly Browns Humiliate Cardinals 1-0 on No-Hitter Rizzuto Is Ready For Opening Day Three Injured Yanks Checked by Doctor; No Surgery Needed BALTIMORE. April 12, f,\P) — hnrl^top I'bil Rt7zuio-srrp sidr Only 5 Birds Reach First; Lou Sleater Shares Honor HOUSTON, Tnx., April VI. (AT)—Thorn's lilllo r|ues- licin nbouf it now—Xcd Ciirvcr is (hn SI. I.ouis Browns' l>i-st pitcher. I,asl ut(-lit he hurled v\y,\\(, liillcss iiniins; s to lilank HIP SI. I.ouis (.'iirdinnls l-fl. I.on S!e;it(M- thon completed Uio no-hiHoi- liy liaiulouffinif tlie KcdlJii'd hadni-s in (lip fin;il frame after Ned went out for n i lr, wn^u'r a prffi'<'t ritrht iniiifm.- . -ihrrp \vnlhs. a hii l>nlsrnnn and an iTO]' !>>• a [pajiiinncc put Rrrf Hiiti.s flnd l l)e in Ihr pUftinc Jine- on haw. nut o only Crti'dinnl-s lor ncrecd. up when liis NC-.V York Ymikocvi )ii( flics to llic nutfinlit and DIP farp Wfi^liinaion Monday in the hici lor a bnse hh -.vns Irnm weapon nppni:r. Jne Cjiu:is:inla. Ken Woor! buckorl Ri- An^prican Lrouue And Yniikre pitchers Allio noWs [Mid Jno Pa?c d nursery on tlmr ailinj; "I think Dial's pretty wonder- fiil." Rizziito said will] a broad urin ox IIP and Ills two teammates stop- netl from the (pflire of Dr. Genrce Bennett,, Johns Hnpkiii* Hospital Etirceon, who menl.s. Yankee fans tlinucht that '.va.s Iircltv- wolifier[it! nrus, too. naainst. llie lipht fiold fence (en not tired Jop's foin-lli-innuiK drive. fliiipers. : CSarver caino a loim way in spiiua uaniinc to prove Ins pitching al)il- Itir pjiinir that if lo lone, rii 'rtU'ii-out nffiiir, n't. uo jiiorc [hnn nine i like n would- y.s, Tay- Taylor said all a- f hall h like Manager Imic he could win a lot of uaines if he had a couple mon nvrv Iheir ail- Onrvnr. f>ut e.irly in Hi 1 Llie .rioJulinnrier hart the doubi ful distinction of giving up ;i;i runs in f-'li'-ihtly more than nine innings nf lier in the we^k to mine to Balii-j more l-o see Dr. Bennett—who at one time or another Iia.s treated most of 'be modern baseball f: re a Is, Voted Must S'aluahlo Ri7./,u(o. voled the mcst valuable player in the American I-cacne year. mr.-e I not past the first in, I was alt right, f couldn't eet ball whero 1 wanted it. After that, I was ^ettinc the hatl, par- ( . pulled a ratt-Hece in bis riRlit Uicularly the curve, in the ri»ht Whnn Ihf 1 nf flu- ciyhih CHITIP 'a'jons wilh a man nn third, one out and (;rnvr-r dur to biH, Taylor said: "Wnat about it?" Carver snitl a pinrhhliter would l)n nil riRht wilh him. Johnny Beto was trailed and produced Ihe yaine-wiuniim double. If H haU been Taylors decision. mVtjably would havc left Nctl iJi Garver is n yood hitLitiH pitcher. He i was u^ed last year as a pmchbatler exhinitinn prtud j several times. Occasionally lie c\ p'lnycd oiilfirlrS so the Btowiis could ive ihe advantage of his balti (.Jarvor won only ^ (iiimcs la> year ai^uust 1R los,-,^. tin hope.-. he <;nr\ better lhai mark this sen- son. His earned-Eiin average was Ker-onri in Ihe Aim'nr.'un Lea i 4UC~ ^.ri9. And he completed more sanies than any other American Lertuuej except Boh Lcmnn ol thn Cleveland Indians, Ho In finished 2'2 contests in 1050. sircd l!ntnovi-il night's »nnic. Arkansas Sportettes By I'arJ Belt l.f'ITLE ROCK, April 12. l.V) Another Southern Association ba 11 season opens tomorrow nigh anrt once afjain the Detroit Tiger don t has'e, their Little flock with anyihins that looks like ; contender, . . . Gene JScsnutcls, ne\ Travntcr manneer, Is a tittle miffe< because, he says, about ihe only players the parent Timers have .sent him ire thosr he cau'l use. . . Detroit moved up to the Travs; through it,s farm sy.stem a couple i or three rookies of promise and lofti Little Rock wilh a bit? load of its | cellar material of \nsi year. It took [ nway some of the better 1950 Trav-i elers. such as first baseman Halnh ; TV on 'Selective Basis' Seen for College Football By TED SMITS XKVV UAVKN, Conn., April 12. (AP)—College, football >robably will be televised on a scleclivA basis next fall whiU he colleges take soundings Lo find out ihe effect on at- .endam'c. The National collegiate Alhletic*- A.sscclntion TV Steering Cornmll- evolved a plan which now goe.s the N.O.A.A. National Commlt- .ee under which one game would he televised each Saturday in each national area. The announcement, hv the com- mil.lee cleared up uncertainty that developed after the. N.C.A.A. called for a moratorium on fcotball tele- I'AUAOOinj) TKlKli —Pitctior Marhn Sinan of Hie Detroit Tigers | nc C men.,a»e Uosfiiitel.s will gel used in it. It's an ; session before a spnne exhibition p.imc. Smart, hails Cram side during KpriiiR bnUing prnctice. Dr. Bennett told him it nof. prevent. Ins playine. (nnjnp tired. cni)lf , havc p j tchrtl , J)]L z wnf o e uing « . Reynolds, a 16-pniuc winner, \ He np| , rrt ,. 0( | unmoved by iht 1 Iar:t U-B.S worried about a sore Uint h[ , u . s nil] -]in^ no-hit ball. He Couldn't afftrm or deny hu , vas cnn pcious of the fact iu llw #lbnw, Ke called this "typical nf almost all pitchers" and added "there nre plenty of pitchers l.lirnvving with worse arms than Reynolds j ••] don't haV difference,' 1 A sore shoulder has been troubling Page. Both pitchers were told In work oni- with the club but to vest their arms for a week or ten days. Grapefruit League Scores old story lo others. ... II, C. Jenkins of Eldorado has heen added to j the growing list of department Ar- [ V)ij?h school football roaches. [ And we've lol(t\ Clyde Trickcy is; likely to leave Hope. . . . The Mem- [ phis Chicks are renrtv (o out their j roster. That probably means help ] for the Hot Spi in«M Balhers, an- White Sox farm, is on the way. Bob Henry of" Siloam Springs, ; Ark., and is ycat "NEAi Vrslrriiays Itcsulls Cincinnati iN'J 12, Washington (A> 3 that It makes much Cleveland (At S, New York <N) \ he commented- "We Boston (Aj fi. Columbus (AA) 1 Philadelphia (A) 15, Richmond I Piedmont) 8 St. Louis (Al h St.. Lmns <N» 0 Brooklyn (N) U, Baltimore <L) Other ganip.s cancelled, rain. , and played gooJ von the yame Ijall doiiifr ii." The decision to reniovp (ini \'cr wasn't nil Taylor's. GnvvT.r said he, and Taylor .lintJ agreed midway in bciim counted on fnr n lot of scrnre by the Tigers ' _ ~ ..... ...... """" .............. " " j *~* \ 4/C* f>/ s Lomme/it on V/JD s l\ .1 — LOW /S vision. The colleges made, it. plain they ninsv maintain football gate re- ceipis (o keep (heir athletic programs jioiris. '•Live television has apparently had a serious effect on game at- lendance, and Ihe of such attendance ran only vesnlt in the loss of the vita! financial support for (lie entire program of physical fruininc and competitive athletics/ s?i<! Tom Hamilton of Pittsburgh in his Malernent on Ihe TV proposal. He is chairman of the TV committee, Small Colleges Hurt lope i?aines were widely tele-, fall, and some people blamed' TV for A decline in sate- receipts. H was argued that small college sames in parlicuiar were, hit by the network coverage of such ' •>> Mantel to Know Draft Status Soon a minor lca?uft executive- for >»«"yji) 0pe t cfln years, has been re-elected presi- \ CJin ^ ih si 'f, s HOUSTON. Tex.. April 11. MV-' er?t mv raise hut. if that," said Musial . Joe Louis, now visiting in Hot Springs, comes up with the observation that what the heavyweight H"^«»J- division needs is "another Jflrk j That was Ml Denipsey." . . Well, or another ruling l>y the Joe Louis, huh? . . . of|the St. Louis Cardinal,;. "•Law is law." lie. added philoso- ihan the hiehest-paid member of his club receiver! Icisi ycnr, unless special pcr/uissioii is granted. Musial received around 550.000 last ycnr as the Cardinals' higheM- pKid player and sipnnd this spvins for a reported SSa.OOO. Fred Saich. Cavrtiual uwticr. har t •snid be will n5h (lie WSB for an Read Courier N^-w Board in Washing ion that could cost thft outfielder around -335.000. j exemption in Mustal's The board ruled that, no baseball player may bfi paid more this year I I lfc;ui Cnurici Ads Yanks' Boy Wonder Should Learn Fat* • By End of Hie Week TULSA. Okla,, April 12. f/Pi— Mickey Mantle, the New York Yankee's prize rookie, probably will know by the end of the week whether he's headed (or Army sevvicw or a major league baseball career. The 19-year old outfielder went through a pre-ind notion physical examination yesterday. But even if he's reclassifieri from his present 4-F status into an eligible bracket, U'H be months bp- fore he's inducted, draft board of- 1 ficials have indicated, Mtcxey originally was classified l-P because of a leg uone ailment. leg pains him only ivhcn wiv.p- peri tightly or when it ?:ets consider^ able iis&, as in a double header. Mantle said. gamc.s. After ihr. M.C.tV.A. curb, ihe ipsne bounced into poli- ttc.s. Rills wpi'C proposed in Illinois and Oklahoma requiring the jtate universities to their games. The Linivrr.sitips replied that under ihe N.C.A.A. mandate other colleges would refuse to play them. Adoption of the proposal by the N.C.A.A. Nat'ional Committee seems certain. Probably this arrangement will satisfy Ihe justice Department which ruined the question of possible anli-irust. law vtolaticn if tel- nvision were shut off completely. | -I'll play baseball for UIA A"\ V called (or a!or fight lor it. whatever they want, e to do," the rookie said. "But if don't so into the Army, I want, to play baseball.' 1 Irvin Stretches Streak W1NSTON-SALEM. N. C., April 12. (AP)—Mcntc Irvin, Negro'first baseman of the New York Giants, i.s tilling the role P.-S cleanup hitter brilliantly. HP whacked out a single and stretch his double yesterday to hitting streak to 30 AAU Fight Kings to Keep Amateur Status Until After European Tour I\y HU.Ii KJN'O Tlie Phihiriclphin viriovs wpvc 117-4- BOSTON, April 12. 0^—The pro- pound William Peacock, US-pound n a 1 managers who specialise - in raiding newly crowned National James Hackney and 160-pound \ Thomas Nelson. Novel Lee, 24-year-oM University studeni, frnrn Washing- \ Marty Keeps Eye 2 A.A.0. boxing champions will be slowed down cousirtcrably l-hls year. The current hatch of night tUHste. tmiVn.'c"!'tlic lone dcfendin R chnm-, v , -, ,, cream of a 153-proup that bntMert | pinn. retnined nis heavywnisht, Inur-; '>OUSION, lex.. ,\\n\\ U. her* for ttirrn niphf.s. will continue In the amateur rnnks they complete an extensive European tour this .summer. last nlpht's winduj els by bcstimr l7-ycFir-ok Alhert st - E -" uis Cardinal Majia K cr Marty Sehinim of RMtimnir. Krnest. DC-! Marion is kpppinc his nyo on Rip .Irsus, VH-yr^v-nUl Honolulu srhool- ! nepuUki and I.irry Mhreii^. ont- Ixiy. Rained top honors In Ihe 118-j Mulders now wuh the Cards' Ucu.v pro-| pound rlnVs and Rudolph Gwin of I ion farm. i at (he Boston garden, lizhl [ Cleveland, wns the 147-pnund vic- ywaight John Bontiller, a Bos- | f-or. ^',.-.--- I hsn Dnivflrsit.v sophomore, cainpd; Tnipliy Aw.inlnl - ----top individual honors and the Phila-i ^-] ve other championship crown rinlphin team rcLalncd its Erroup j went ' t/1 i-2 fi . pom Kl Lnn WnMers ofi ohnniploiiAhlp by npain iirovuhng Vnn coiivcr. B.C. I three divisional winners. Sec Routs For first time la tiir tnur- ntiy's 03-year bi.story an award was Rntitilicr's cniirngeons uphill title | made for otil-stanriLnp; sjion.sman- bntile against the more ruaced! Ned ship. Aiui i( wns voted In Irish Pat Hicks of New York, Uirillcrl n 7.416 crowd which included his father. poundcr y nf -Sealtln, Wash wlio insislod fi , n 175- nn-finai ^Vith his uui.[ield sitvialioti .>l U confused. Marion wauls t/> bn able lo pull them to '.he St. liouls ohib on si inomeni/s not.irp. Both players trainerl wit.h tiie Red Birtls this Mnrion has NOW YOU FEEL IT,,, flee bas Napcen Boulilier. n retired Bnslon! through his tlirro-mund .-e Kire DepartmenL chief. The Inhrr i flcainst Bontilier nfter frnrii wa? a Nations] A.A.U. nucldlexvniclit - i icht hrvnrt early in the opening champion 40-yeans aco. | fr.inin. pnt In a fjurry -with ;ir.ner A. B- Chandler's of- to ostnblish whether Mi?tiins hi 1 en optlonert two or three times. If Miciins has been sent to the rumors on option l-hi ci- 1 irnes tiq his ; he would he subject to the ba.schall draft an ensy \vny to lo?r a pvoni- IsiriE player. The Experts'- Choice, llie People's Favorilc . 86.B Pioof. 65% Giain NsuUal Spiiils. Scagiam-Distillefs Corp., N.Y SRtam's 7 Crown. Hl.-Ti,l.-.l \viii?Vry H, oiv lo feel like a C i» NOW YOU DON'T! econds flail get into PLATEAU the suit wilh (he weightless feel! \Vlial a fli(Tcrcm;c Plalcan* makes in llie way you lecl- Don'l lake oni word for it. Try it! You don't feel weight. Yon jnsl Feel wonderful. Vet Plateau is a regular weight all wool worsted with a tiificv llial out-galtaixiiues galianliiic, loomed by Pacific. Mills exclusively for Timely* Clolhcs. And don't forget yon also gel the benefit of that other Timely exclusive: Balanced Tailoring. It's the l»csl life-insurant;* fine clolliiug can have. Come in and see our colors. They're pretty special, f f\ p/\ 69 R.D. HUGHES CO.

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