Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 11, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 11, 1898
Page 21
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II John Gray's —COBKER ON— ' HIS ANNUAL --Bed ftuilt Sale-- We are now showing Spreads in white and colors, including Bates Crochet Quilts, Satin and Marseilles Spreads. Sale to continue until all are sold. Come early and get first choice. LAWN MOWERS, Lawn Hose. SCREEN DOORS AND WINDOWS, Hammocks. Ice Cream Freezers Wishing Tackle. Carpenter and Mason's Tools, and a complete iiiie of Builders' Hardware at 408 Broadway. flattie L Johnson. DR LIDf} LEPURE. • Office in .Residence 813 Market Street, Bheumatisro and DUeases of Women and Children Specialties. DK. C. D. EVERSOLE'S DEETAL PALLORS Orer Porter'* New Drug Stow. Goner of Fourth and Market Streets. W. J. BARNETT, 8ucce»sor to C. L, Woll. Undertaker, Embalmer. Funeral tv-^in~ «7 Market street. Calls attended Director dayornignt, Che finest outfit in th» tT. 8.Col. C. L. Woll, win remain with me, rh»n«»-Offloe 16.Ke8idenoe-Mu.65; 0. U. 1«9. SETHM. VELSEY Loans "Money at 6 percent. Makes Abstracts and writes Fire, Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. HB.TSLRY WKBRR, The Merchant Tailor, lOMftrit class work, Stylish and well fit- i££ clothes made. Cleaning and repairing neatly done. See him. 324 Pearl Street :o:o:o:b:o:o -DENTIST- latest discoveries in medicine and 0 Telephone No, 388. on Fourth street. MONEY to LOAN uov Mortgage or personal •rcurity. Notes bought. Lower rates than any body on large sums . Geo. B. McConnell&McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DMLYFELAHOS •WEDNESDAY. MAY U. 1S9S. OITY NB.WS John Courtney is sick. The newly elected directors o f the Masonic Temple association will meet tomorrow eight and elect officers. Tiie ladies of the A. M. E. church will give a social tonight at 7:38. Ke- ireshments will be served, Admission, free. IHe public is invited. Natural and irtiSclal gas bills for Hay are due and should be paid on or before tlie 10th of the month at the company's office on Pearl street. Colonel Robert Kreuzberger went to Indhiuapolis today to pay the duty on another large shipment oi wiae which will reach Logansport within the next two weeks. . The United States army recruiting officers are not meeting with the encouragement they expected when they came to Logansport. Where are the young men who were so anxious to anlist,? The hospital sowing circle will meet tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at the residence ot Mrs. A. W. Stamens, 824 Broadway, to make final arrangements (or the bazaar to be held at the rink next week. All ladiei UMigned and baring charge of tables will pleaie be present. CLAIMS HlLF. Steele HuuUes Statesmen in Miami County. Both Sieele and Stutesman are claiming a majority of tne Miami county delegates to the congressional convention. Steele claims seven of the twelve delegates outside of Peru, If the Steele delegates from Pern are seated Stutesman will lose the county. If Steele secures 7 of the 17 delegates from Miami county he will likely be renominated on the first ballot. It was expected that Stutesman would have a solid delegation in bis home county. It was expected that after Stutesman was out of the raca Judge McOonnel! would get a solid delegation from Miami county, but from latest reports It looks as though Major Steele will get half the delegation. If Steele pursues the same tactics in Cass county that he baa in the other counties, of the district, he will get some delegates from this county. Steele is in communication with certain Cass county Republicans and he will be governed by their advice relative to making a straight, ngbt against Judge McDonnell. If Steele's friends are certain that they have enough votes to nominate without drawing on Caoacounty, no fight will be made. If any votes are lacking, Steele will try to get them Irom this county. It would be well for Judge McDonnell's friends to keep a close watch on the post office and court house. THE PARTY NEWSPAPER. Some Mistaken potions Upon That Poorly Understood Subject. "A. patty newspaper," says the Kentland Enterprise, "is generally regarded by the average office-seeker as a handy article:to have around In case the opposition press says some thing derogatory to him and bis prospects. A party.newspaper is expected to praise every candidate in the field, It must be absolutely impartial and never presume to have a candidate of its own. It is expectec. to condone all the faults of the officials of its own party and speak kindly of them no matter how contemptible and mean their treatment may sometimes be of the paper that helped elect them. Fortunately for party newspapers the majority of public officials appreciate the unselfish work of the press and accord to them all of the courtesies within their power. We do not mean by tbis patronage, for the sum of humao happiness.is not always bound up in dollars and cents. The newspaper man who is made to feel that his work, week in and week out, for his party is appreciated, is far happier than the one who receives a few chunks of offislal pitronage ungraciously thrown to him as a matter of party expediency only. MORE RECRUITS Left Rochester Yesterday to Fill the Places of Those Who Did Not Puss. Rochester was the scene of much excitement yesterday over the leaving of nearly one hundred more recruits for Indianapolis. The first lot that went to Indianapolis was thinned out in the examination to such an extent that Bert Skinner, the captain, came back after more men and when he issued a call for fifty about une hundred responded. To avoid farther risk he took all of them and an exciting time was had when they departed yesterday morning at 10:10. The company was made up of men from Kewanna, Athens and several other small towns around Rochester. in- The Weather. Fair tonight and Thursday: creasing cloudiness. The young child of Charles Rank, which was burned recently while playing near a bonfire, is still in a dangerous condition. The cake box is not to blame* your cake dries up to TOW* taking quickly, powder. Bread and cake nuule with Qereland'f baking powder keep their natural freshness and flarer. ADDITIONAL ITEMS Mrs. William E. Paige, of Chicago, is in tl'e city visiting friends. Toe .Baldwin club -will hold its annual banquet next Monday evening at the Barnett hotel. The Sisters of St. Joseph's hospital request all those contributing fancy work 'io bring the same Saturday or Monday, either to the rink, or Mrs. A. C. Rarnect's on North street. Mrs, Mary E. Cooper, who condm-is a little store on Seventeenth street, has been granted, a divorce from John E. Cooper, who left her several years airo and is now somewhere in the west. The remains of Frederick A. Miller, the young son- of 'Mr. arid Mrs. Frank A. Miller, who died at the home of his gandpa rents. Mr. and Mrs. PottiofC, in the Eastend. were taken ro Peru, yesterday, for burial. Yesterday was the second birthday annivi rsa.ry of.-, little Miss Alice Velsey. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ?. M. Velsi'.v of Murdock Place, and Mrs: Yelsey entertained a company of little people in honor of the event. The remains of -the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Miller of Peru, who died yes- iPnlay rooming at the home of Mr. PottlKiff. corner Fourteenth aurt Wright stretMS, were la-uen to Peru yesterday afternoon, where interment was made. After finishing a preparatory course at Valparaiso, John W. McCaffrey will study law at the Indianapolis univer- sary. .Tohonie is rightfully Classed among the bright young men of Lo- gausport. He is a natural orator, and the Pharos predicts thait he will one day rank with the leading lawyers and Democratic politicians of the State. He has a wide acquaintance and is always true to his friends. Sheridan P. Read', of New York, ex- United .States Consul to Tseitsin, China, with his family, passed through the city ait 1:20 this afternoon, via the Penhandle, emroute to China.. He goes as; a, representative of the Philadelphia. Pa... museum and expects to be absent three or four years. He is a nejphew of ex-Mayor B. C. D. Read of this city, and the latter wa,s at the station to greet his distinguished, relative. They had nat seen eacb other in twen- tv-five veal's. REMOVING BODIES. From the Old Potter's Field to the New—Nearly 'Half Through i>e Work. The work of removing bodies from the old PoCtei-'s field in Mount Hope cemetery to the northeast corner of the new .addition' was commenced several days ago. About one hundred and twenty-fire bodies were to be removed and the men en-gaged have about half of them now in their new resting place. Some of the hoses were entirely rotted away and in each case new ones have been.' supplied by the city. DEATH OF MRS. COOPER. A. W. Dorsfth received a telegram this morning announcing the death of Mrs. DoTSi-h's sister. Mrs. Alra Coop- or of Chica.go. which sad event occurred at 3 o'clock this morning at the family residence in Chlca-go. The remains will be brought here n.t noon tomorrow for burial. The Coopers formerly resided in Ix>gansport. Mr. Cooper was at one time a conductor on the Panhandle. The deceased leaves three children—a son and two daughters. She was a very estimable womr.n. EXCURSION TO INDIANAPOLIS. For the accommodation of persons desirins: to visit soldiers in camp at State capital the Pennsylvania line will run -a special excursion • train to Indi:in;ipolis next iSunday. -May loth. Special train will leave Ix>gansport at 5 a. m. Returning leave Indianapolis at 6 o'clock p. m., central time. Round trip rate -SI .50. Notice of Diswlnticn. The groce-y firm of Dunn Brothers, No. 425 Third street, has been dissolved by mutual consent, Edward Dunn retiring. The buslnes* will be continued by P P Dunn, who will pay all accounts of the late flrm: and persons owing said firm are notified to pay the same to P. F. Dunn, at the grocery P. F. Dano Is in DO way connected with the Hotel Duon. PATRICK F. Duirs, EDWARD F. DTJXK. Logaasport, May 11, 189S. Change of Headquarters. Slpe & Blafee, the dog and pony show proprietors have notified If. A. Dykeman that if suitable ground can De purchased here they will change their heaequarters. Their headquarters are at Kofcomo. Theywant an acre or half acre ot land along the line of one of the railroads so that their stuff can ba easily handled. For further information see Mr. Dykeman. Miss Dessa Deibert, of Peru, will arrive tomorrow to visit the Misses Skinner, of High street. Smoke the Ckilujabia cigar. TV3IX GO TO WASHINGTON. Orders' Received: Con-cernirig th--> Fourth Regiment and Ft, Wayne Battery. The Fourth regiment and the Ft WajTie baittery will be seait to Washington. D. C. This inl'ormatiojQ reac-hed camp yesterday and last night Captain May wired the War department that he would have the two regiments and the additional battery mustered in and ready lor duty tomorrow evening.. Where the First regiment will be sent is no.t known. Orders must come from the War. department. Examinations were resumed today in the First and Fourth regiments aud the Ft. Wayne battery. The First regiment is full and the Ft, Wayne battery ha.s been about half examined. The Fourth regiment will be completed and mustered in tomorrow with the Frrsi. imd the baittery. It is believed these two regiments will be equipped with rifles from tlie arsenal here to supply any deficiency. There are enough tents in camp. Should the orders come to move at, once the niAH will be .supplied with necessities in the way of arms and. -equipment ac the point to which they are sent, •but it is believed time enough will be given to get the stuff here. The C;is.s~ county boys are in the Fourth regiment. Washington will be a more desira.ble place to go into camp than New Orleans at this season of the year. . MASONIC FUNERAL NOTICE. All members of Tip ton Lodge No 33 F. and A. M. are requested to meet this evening at 7:30 o'clock at Ma> sonic temple to make arrangements to attend ithe funeral, of our late brother. John W. Cassel, who died at Peru this morning. Funeral will he held tomorrow afternoon aaid 'all members are requested to meet tomorrow at 2 o'clock p. m. at the temple .to escort the body from the Wabash railroad station to Mount Hope- cemetery. Members of Orient lodge are invited to participate. By order of the W. M. ELI GRBBNSFELDEE. Sec. Clarence Bennett passed through here several nights ago on the way from New York city to Milwaukee with the Frohman company of which he is a member. They will fill a four weeks' engagement in 'Milwaukee. Comfort and Elegance are as oil and water to most shoes, they won't mix. The secret of the popularity of the men's shoes that we sell is that they combine these qualities. We will sell you a pair of shoes that will fit you as If made for you, will be as easy as an old pair, and will last you longer than any you ever bought elsewhere, at the same price. Men's genuine chocolate Kangaroo lace coin toe a $3 shoe at $2 50. Men's genuine chocolate vlci Kid lace Newark toe, a 82.50 shoe at $2. We have plenty of bargains in all kinds of shoes. Call and see them. Elias Winter For the next 30 days we wil be like a lamb after more wool. Will pay you every cent we can and have a small profit left, (the small profit is what we are after), would be pleased to pay the highest market price for all kinds of grain, arid if vou are not mistaken will make it to to the interest of the fanner to trade with us. "We have for sale, corn, oats, chopped feed, middlings and bran,clover and Millet seed, flour, baled hay -and straw. "Thanks for past favors." Will pay next business day for Wool 18c, Wheat $1.40. Corn 32c Oats 27c. Clover seed $2,25 W. E. Kurd, Mahlon Conover- THE TINSHOP. JONH MEHAFFIE Proprietor. All Kinds of Tin work. Spouting and Roofing a Specialty. THE PURCHASING POWER OF THE NICKEL I: shown in the fact that one can now buy » LONG HAVANA FILLER Ciwrwith Choice Sumatra Wrjpperior Five Cents. THIS CIGAR IS Take Notice: WW1« other cigars have deteriorated, this has been kept at the highe$t point of excellence. ^K A. KIEFER DRUG CO. SOLE DISTRIBUTERS, INDIANAPOLIS We are shewing'the largest line of Sideboards>and Extension Tables In the city at very low prices, We have just received a car load of Bedroom Suits, which we are selling at the lowest possible prices, consistent with good, honest workmanship. »"• See -the all-wire Hammocks, which we are'selling at very low prices. ASH & HADUEY 425 and 427 Market If You Have The Knack of putting up paper yourself you can renovate your rooms for next to nothing, with some of our bargain rolls. These remnants represent odds and ends of the best manufactures, the cut prices being no criterion of their real value. Logansport Wall Paper Company. So. 314 fifth Street, Mutual 'Phone Ho. 162. Read the New Story "ft Reporters Romance RflTEl Commencing May 1st, and continuing until Oct. 1st, 1898 the summer rate on Residence Heaters and grates is as follows: $1.88 Heaters .......... ----- 50c per month 2.25 " .......... ..... 75c " Grates and open front stoves 750 " " Special Kates on Furnaces and Business Heaters upon application. All bills are due and payable at the Company's office between the 1st and 10th, of each naonth. !alle?6as '.ft,

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