The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1951
Page 11
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THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 1951 (ARK.V COURIErl KBXTS /a <y Behind the Blackboard , By RUTH LCE (School Con«pond«ntl Ill * Who's Who contest conduct- zd by the sixth graders in Mrs. Julia Penn'j room at Lange School this week, Miss Toby Ann Long captured six different honors. The titles, and recipients of each. * r to? ! follows: David Warren and TSJ Ann Long, mean' most lo the sixth grade; Glenn Ladd and Toby Ann Long, best personality, Mickey Shellon and Toby Ann Long, best citizen; Bob Robertson and Toby Ann Long, most helpful; Bill Kurt and Nan Miller,, most handsome; Bob Robertson and Nan Miller, most talented; Mickey Shelton, David Warren and Toby Ann Long, friendliest; Glenn Ladd and Toby Ann Long, most studious; Bill Hurt and Nan Miller, mos^ popular; Gary Hardln and Miiudle Jones, wittiest; Bill Hurt and Donna King, best athletes. + * ' * Mrs. Marjorie Hancock's second graders have been having an arithmetic contest .with Mrs. Frances T Warren's second graders. Mrs. Han. cock's children' named theinselvc. the Cardinals, and Mrs. Warren', the Indians. They are using flasl cards to play a regular basebal game complete with first, secon 1 third and home bases. The Card inals now have a score o! 57 the Indians 37. In Mrs. Jewell B. Featherston's third grade room, John McDowell, Jr.. presented a play "Hansel and Gretal" lor the second and third rtiSes. Hansel was played by John, esult ot an oral and written English esson: Pkklnl Fruit in Florid* This is Arthur Barnes. He plclc- d oranges and tangerines in Florda during the month of January "This is the sack (hat Arthu _scd to hold the fruit. He used i adder to pick the fruit from the ree. When the sack became fillet le opened the botton like this am poured them Into a box. When h >lckcd tangerines, lie used clippers Ike these. "It lakes about two sacks lo fill i box. He received fifteen cents a box for oranges and forty-five cents njr Morrli. New officers of the adventure club n the room are Wilburn Jackson, >resideni, Linda Cullum, vice-president, Sarah Lou Boyett, secretary, and Danny Morris, treasurer. Miss Betty Black's fifth grade fs beginning a booklet on Arkansas. Every child Is making one. It Includes stories about Arkansas history, the flag, and the state seal. Each child has a replica of the official state seal in gold. This group's club program last Friday had several pupetters. Len- denhie Fowler and Taylor Francis made their own puppets. Gordon Kenwright and Jerry Williford also showed some puppets and made up their own show. New officers elected are Gordon ICemvright. Curtis Eldridge. Jimmy Pully, Gene Austin Marilyn Jones.'jiminlc Helen Folio- way and Charles Coattcr. John Nelson is new.program chairman. Xumbcr Nine N'cws The first and second graders have a box for tanaerines. He easily made fifty o;- 60 dollars a week pick- enjoyed the books Miss Altreda Sto vail brought from the '.eachers con venllon. They are "fcible Storie. for Little Folk," "A Child's Book of Birds, rhe Big Book of Cow boys," and 'Walt Disney's Surpv,is The cowboy book has been es pecially interesting to the boys be cause or the pictures of cowbo ing fruit." Elm Street school was represent- ne* l Blu« ^hc^deTM'rl 'v. B. Keith, Mfgsic Love and Eva M. Hollis. Mrs. Keith was elected district supervisor al the meeting. Sudliury. Mfss Mildred Mender's second clothes and brand marks used grade room has the following com- branding stock. mltfc-es: Claude Wheeler and Glen- 1 jmy.cs 'Jones kept fresh flowei da Turner, housekeepers: Jonathan] £or tne m,rary (able this week . . AVjbHt ami Jacqudvn White, health | Raymond Whittle found a sma checkers; Donald Battles and Myra ' E|lai | ami ^^y j can McGee Winter, door monitors; Harley it a mme ,. Tom TU umb." . . . TOI Crump and Margie Wilson, song now Uves („ a ciul o[ salul enders. ! ]j ves j n u ie library corner by Marilyn Sue Human, and the witch by Patricia Hanley. Sylvia Ladd was narrator. In the virne room, Lewis Mathis presented play. "The Little Seed That Would In Miss Billie Sue Burks' second rade room, the following puoils usuio perfect Friday: Don Ayi Larry Cummings, John Goforth, Larry Hargett. Edward Ktmbrough, Marshall Larkin. Cleo McDermott. Felton Smith, Marcia Baker. John- first about the graders snail wrote a poem Some plants •' • ilUUUv ULc ailt\ll . • • kjuint pjni*x>> spelling scores last havc been slarte(l jn a dower box ,-cock. Danny^coo^er,^^ [hcir progl . ess has bec n an interesting science lesson to everyone who has watched them grow . . Billy Reed' and Danny French have been room helpers this month. rett, Willie A. Washington and tha Weedon, Nathaniel Richardson will be (age manager and Jesse Turner ill be electrician. Serving a* ush- •s will be Luvenla Owens, Mildred Rollins, Lee Grant Rldjjnall «nd •jrece Gant. The Junior division of the social lygiene club met Friday, April 6, vith Bernlce Jackson presiding. Food for Health" was the theme or the meeting at which plans i were made for the observance of' Child Health Day May 1. Members of the senior division were guests at the meeting. The health chairman, Mrs. C. fl. While, also attended the meeting. Junior High N«ws Mrs, Kathleen Thompscn's third period English class has been studying Ihe legend of "Rip Van Winkle." Original poems, stories, and illustrations by Ihe students > were based on (his story. Berlha • Lewis drew and described the Kaatekill Mountains. Barbara swift gave her opinion of Dame vanj Winkle. Buddy Van Hooser and Linda Byrd drew picture* of Rip; as they imagined he looked after his sleep. Joanna Glazier and Raymond Zacriry wrote the following poems (Joanna's first); | There was a woman named Dame Winkle, Who caused her husband many a wrinkle. She nagged him night and day Until his hair almost turned gray. Even the dog was treated very rough,, Kicked around and all that stuff. Now can you see why he headed for the hills? And drank the stuff made in the stills? nie Dale Blackwell. Druscilla Little, Sharon McDonald. Georgia Ann Not Grow." The cast for the latter included Sylvia Ladd, Glanc* Pay Shelton, Jo'hn McDowell, Jr.. Tommy Camniill, Tucker Hardaway, Danny Smofhers, David Devall. Betty Gunn and,'Mary Thompson. Mrs. Doris Slaughter's sixth grade yougsters have been giving book reports. John Keith has given '20 Sandra Garrett 23. Gail Crawford 21, and James Prlvctt. Tony W'neat and Lamar Wheat 15 each. Mrs. Perm's room has become greatly interested in science. Jackie Baldridge. Curtis Perry. Glenn Ladd, David warren and Bob Ro- crtson have built blinkers to send Morse code Irom one room to another. News From BHS Numerous BHS students will be out of town this weekend attending meetings of larger organisations of various extra-curricular activities in which they participate. Miss Frances Bowen will go with Dick Reid, Benny Kays and Sally . ..... Ttleschman to Little Rock where b " they will attend a meeting of the ijjtkansas Student Government As- fl^rialion. Miss Bowen is sponsor of the high school student council, and Dick Reid is current president. This group will be gone'Thurs- day through Saturday. Ramey. Beverly. Smythe. Jane Teague, Kay Thompson, Deloris Wadkins and J?ne Daniels. Betty A panoramic book belonging to Thomas Hart has been unfolded and stands on one of the library labtcs. Of all the scenes in this large circus picture the children like best Mrs. Olive Kir^y, «Mr- E rade j J^ of *** fat £own = room: These children have been oh- alld a ba by p j g doing tricks for a clown. Mrs. Marvin Hart brought 8 mud puppy, one variety of salamander, from Mena, Polk County, recently. She found him among the roots at ,a small redbud. He was dark brown nd I and had grown to about four inches. The third and fourth grade children read a story from "The Pet From the Woods." • It was about serving the different birds that are seen in this vicinity riow and comparing them with birds seen eight weeks ago. . . . Plans are being made to visit the public library n. ... Committees for this week include Lynn Boyd Hargett. health j inspector; Mary Lou Sanders Freddie White, florists; Phillip Me-| Dermott. room host; Mary Sue Brackin, flag monitor; Charley Ray Kellick. news reporter. Sudbury has just completed a pra- Newty, a little Salamander, Scooter, the room's pet turtle, jcct for the American Junior Red now has a jjlaymalc—Henry. Henry Cross. Each room filled two personal '" *"' °ift boxes—one for a boy and one for a girl—for children in foreign countries. Mrs. E. F. Fry's and Miss was brought Pritchard. The school by Dolan little turtle has Alma Peters' rooms filled three box- each. Miss Florence Moore's folirlh have elected Marie Kelly .xidicnce reading chairman. Wayne Lovelace has been elected new Engish club president and Alice Lind- The high school band, under the direction of Robert Lipscomb, presented a concert at assembly Tuesday morning at 9:30 o'clcck. Open- uist treasurer. Miss Moore's children have been tudying nbout Australia and have done freehand drawings of landscapes and scenes from that cou- :inenl, Mrs. George Wiggs' fourth graders welcomed two new members this .erm, Jcanette Eatman -from Osing with the "National Emblem March," the program Included "Overture Myridon," "Class Slipper," the "Festival Overture" and the famous 'Stars and Stripes." Approximately 15 banil students will go to Helena this Friday and Saturday to attend a meeting of the District Band Festival where they will present a concert, participate in sight reading events, an<3 jive a marching exhibition—all for adjudication. The BH3 band is now making plans to attend the State Band Festival at Hot Springs April 27-28 Robert Lipscomb, band director has announced. iLipscomb will serve as chairman "' the northeast district tor thi coming year, and also as a tuembe of the state board of control fcr the State Band Association's state festival and clinic committee. Superintendent of Schools W. B. Nicholson issued this wee'* a request lo teachers and students in Ihe school system fcr their cooperation in putting back into circulation small coins. He quoted a release from the U. S. Treasury Department which resd 'Nellie Tayloe Ross, Director of Ihe United States Mint, today issued an appeal tor the return to circulation of the millions ot copper one-cent pieces believed to be stored In piggy-banks, sugar bowls, and bureau drawers of American homes. The release ot these coins would obviate the manufacturing cost ot replacing them for circulation, and would save large quantities of copper greatly needed in the defense effort." The school superintendent said t that if the children would cash in their coins at the end of each nJBl.ii, the coins would be kept In circulation. The BHS chapter of the National Honor Society was represented al, the Arkansas National Honor So-: cicty Convention at Paragould last Friday and Saturday by Mona Joy Gaines, Sue Orsburn, Alene Wlm- berly, and Miss Effie Lee Terrell, counselor at the high school and sponsor of the BHS chapter o( the society. Kim Stt«t N'e«» Elm Street Is making plans to participate In the state musical festival at A M & N College at Pine Bluff May 5. Approximately 125 pupils will attend the 33rd annual county rally and literary meet in Osceola Friday. Contestants for writing, reading, English usage, arithmetic and spell- Ing will go from the school. The children also plan to participate vn the 50-yard dash, the bottle racing mid the high Jumping competition. The following sketch was written about a 5-A pupil who went to the "fruit harvest" In Florida. He brought his sack and clippers to school trt KViow them to his class. •JThe story, by Lou Ada Duke, ii tht ceola. and Harold Pulley transferring from Langc. Top honors for 'good citizens of the week" have been won by Linda Cullum, Tommy Saliba, Sarah Lou Boyett, Rayford iimpson, Dorothy Ralph, Wilburn Jackson, Jeanette Eatman and Dan- bright orange stripes on his neck. The fifth and sixth grades cos- .umed David Hart, aged four, for the tacky boy contest lost week The contest was conducted by the icrne movie that was filmed here David won second place. Seven children entered the "Our Gang' comedy that was filmed at Walker Park Saturday. The boys and girls in Marvin Hart's room havc bten enjoying Iheir book reports. Harrison High Harrison's senior class will pre sent tile class play Thursday nighl April 12, at 8 o'clock in the higl school's gymnasium. The cast wil include Jean McCloddcn, [joreth Blackburn, Jeff Walls, Lavern Morton, Louise Alridge, Annie M Glass, Theopilis Hemphill, Jewe Lylcs, Andrew Jackson, Carl Tate Arvie Lee Haley, Johnny L. Ho jhcll, Sammie Bates, Calvin Gar Rip Van Winkle By Raymond Zachry Rip Van Winkle was a man Who always carried a gun in hand And fished and hunted all around And watched the animals scamper around. [e had a wife who was very mean ,ut he was smart and very keen, .nd when work was to be done . ,'e would take the children to play | \nd leave the work for another day. i \n<l then one day lie fell asleep For twenty years he counted sheep \nd when he woke he was old and , sore ' And didn't want to live any more. : Jimmie Lee Moore made the only perfect score on the six weeks his- I ory test in the eighth grade. The winner of the spelling bee n Mrs. Bessie Darby's home-room j vas Juanita Larkin. Miss Avis Howard's seventh grade •ilhmetio classes have been study- measures. They have made booklet illustrating the use of measures. Each student presented ais own work. Harry Taylor and Delores pruitt did Ihe most out- ing standing work. Others who did excellent work are: Jeanette Cobb, I Nancy Estes. Nancy Harris, Judy •, Palmer,. Edna Whittle,: Dora .Bernice Wylie, Dean Daugherty, Dick Fister, Edward Wimberly, John Stovall, Nicky Weedman, Sara Strickland, Bobby Price. Martha Bartholomew, Willean Ward, Ethel Powell and Roger Sudbury. Douglas Graham found interesting information about the paper Industry to use in his eighth grade nnith Mrs. Henna Shepherd and the class discussed how math is correlated with geography and' science. ' i MORE AMD MORE ASK FOR 90 PROOF « I I N M O t I 0 J I I I I I I I I I COMPANY • lOUISVIlll. 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