Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 30, 1892 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 30, 1892
Page 5
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DUNLAFS GELBBRfTTED HflTS STIFF AND SILK. FALL AND WINTER STYLES. DEWENTER. "The Hatter." • OBSERVE.;® H. G. TUCKER, The Pearl Street Tailor is show- "ing some very handsome woolens lor fall wear iu suitings He also has something new and attractive foi overcoats Yours Truly, "PUCK." DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING. SEPT. 30. To the Public. The Journal has arranged for grand gold medal bicycle road race from Royal Center to this city next Tuesday afternoon. Toe start will be made at S:SO sharp, which will make the finish at 4:10 or thereabouts. As a special favor the,. Journal hereby requests all persons who will be driving on the road between here and Royal Center oc that dale and at that hour to turn out when the cavalcade of riders approaches that every opportunity may be given to the riders to make as good a record as possible. A clear road is necessary for this and it is believed that none will deny the right of way to the racers for a few moments. Especially is it desired that College hill, the bridge, Third street, and around the Court House to the Journal be cleared as the race finishes. This request for a clear right of way to the racers is... made kindly," and it is trusted that any who may be on the road at that time will heed the request and turn out until the speeders go by. Upon the willingness of the public to give a clear road to the riders for a few moments, depends largely the success •ofthorace and the establishment of 'the record for. the Journal's first annual road race. Don't forget the date and the hour, next Tuesday Oct. 4, from S:SO p. m. to 4:10 or thereabouts. A general conformity to this request will be greatly appreciated by the Journal. 1Y1U It lientl to Pence 1 ? Yesterday morning the jury in tne' case of the State ex rel. Mary Collins vs. Gertrude Hartz, surety of the peace, brought in a verdict recommending that the court place the defendant under proper bonds to keep the peace and dignity of the State of Indiana so far as concerned the person of Mrs. ""Collins. It is hoped by the residents on. Hamilton Heights that this action of the court will bring about the long- needed amnesty between the opposing forces of that elevated portion of the city. _ , Tlie True Initiative Principle Of the plants used in manufacturing the pleasant remedy. Syrup of Figs, has a permanently beneficial effect on the human system, while the cheap vegetable extracts and mineral solutions, usually sold as medicines, are permanently injurious. Being •well- informed, you will use the true remedy only. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. • Another Record Broken. Mascot lowered the pacing record to 2:04 at the Terre Haute track yesterday. YOUR NAME IS PRIST. Items of a PerfcOnal diameter Concerning Loiriiiixportcrs and Their Friends. Mr. M. Frazee is in Chicago on business. Chas. S. Downing the popular drug salesman is is in the city calling on the tra4e. Miss Mable Justice of North street, left for Chicago yesterday for an extended trip. Lafayette Journal: Miss Emma Cohee of Logansporb is the guest of Miss Nellie Slattery. Miss Nellie Ehomberg of Dubuque, la., has come to spend the winter with her friend Miss Nellie Stevens. Miss Clara Williamson of the North Side, will depart to-day for New York City where she will enter a young ladies seminary. Mis"s Mabel Kent of Cleveland i= in the city the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Bon Martin. Until the holidays she will assist Mr. Martin in the store. Mr. Willard Nash has returned from his sommer sojourn on the rock ribbed coast of Maine, Mrs. Nash and Miss Anna returned as far as Fort Wayne where they stopped to enjoy a brief visit with friends. Mr. Nash is feeling in excellent health and spirits and consumed the clay yesterday in shaking- hands. Railroad .lieu Attention. There will be a meeting of railroad men at the rooms corner Broadway and Fourth streets Saturday evening at S o'clock to arrange for a reception to Hon. Theodore Shockney at the time of his speech here Wednesday evening Oct. 5th. BALDWIN'S BREAK. The Fallacies of Jadze Baldwin's Speccb Exposed. Those who have watched Judge Baldwins political utterances for the past two years Tiave no difficulty in discovering that he took his position first and has since been trying to justify it. His'-letters'to the press have been full of-inaccuracies and inconsistencies. It will hardly be denied that the failure to get office under the administration of President Harrison led Judge Baldwin to take his step. He himself will not deny that he applied for office and his utteran'ces do not afford the least excuse for his action. That this is so ever one must admit who heard ' his speech Wednesday evening. " -••The judge went' upV'an'd . down the earth four years ago howling for a force bill and demanding arms to protect the colored voters in the South. Now he calmly tells his audience that Cleveland was elected by 95,000 majority in 1SSS but by reason of an ancient machine called the - electoral college he did not receive the benefit of the popular vote. Of course the Judge knows that Cleveland was not the choice either of a majority of the voters or of the voters voting but that thousands of ballots in the South were fraudulently thrown out. But Judge Baldwin did not get the office he applied for awl for that reason makes the statement he does. There is nothing in his change.of opinion on this matter that can be traced to or connected with his reasoning powers. Turning'to the tariff Judge Baldwin said: We were promised when the tax was levied that it 'should be taken off as soon as .-the war ended. When the war ended the income tax disappeared, the license.tax disappeared, the stamp tax disappeared; but curiously enough the 40 per cent, tariff tax. not only retained its hold, but every year grew greater and greater.' • . . The facts arc that the highest war tariff was 47 per cent.; in; 1872 it was 37 per cent,, in 1891 before the passage of the McKinley bill it was 25 per cent., and in the first year of the McKinley bill a fraction over 20 per cent. There is nothing in this statement of Judge Baldwin to show that his reasoning powers had anything to do with his change. Then again Judge Baldwin-says: Fellow citizens the government has unquestionably the . power to raise revenues. The government. has the power to i'aise revenues if it sees fit by protection for the sake of revenues. There are two'kinds of protection, one protection for the sake of revenues and the other protection for the sake of protection. Now I differ from the Democratic Chicago platform in saying with them that the revenue tariff, providing for incidental protection is unconstitutional. I do not.think it is, but I am now and here prepared to show to you that the Democratic-/ Chicago, platform, declared, that.- this' new.doctrine of tariff protection for the sake of protection is contrary ,to:the : constitution of the United States' and -therefore should be-defeated by the American people^-" :;: V '--'."- .-/ . .' In other words protection., by any other name is all right'. Protection as protection, the bold, 'manly advocacy of it is wrong but'it is a good thing if it can be practiced under the title of a tar iff for revenue with incidental protection. It is wrong to use a spade if it is called a spade but if it is Called an implement for -• the'removal of soil it- is all right to use it. No intellect or reason ever dictated such a cowardly subterfuge as this. Judge Baldwin is for protection if can be ruu in under some other title and the Pharos indorses him in this. From this standpoint • voters should vote for the party that is enthusiastically for protection to American industries and is not afraid to call it by its FREE-THIS WEEK ONLY. Oak Chairs for Everybody. HealJapanese Cups and Saucers for Ladies. Folding Vest-pocket Comb, Case and Mirror for Men. Beautiful Bound Books for Big Children. Iron Tops and Flying Kites for the Boys, FREE with shoes this week, value depending upon amount of sale." We adopt this plan to attract the people instead of giving am opening. Our stock is now complete; inspection solicited* SHOE DEPARTMENT. right name. But Judge Baldwin says that protection in an open, bold garb is unconstitutional and cites a Kansas case to prove it. That case decides that a city cannot lax itself for the benefit of a portion of its citizens. That is good law but as the tariff is imposed for the good of all and any and all can take advantage of its benefits it is not that kind of legislation. And as the United States supreme court has repeatedly held a protective tariff constitutional it is" apparent that Judge Baldwin is doing a little bit of pettifogging ^and.that he knows better. Again no exercise of reasoning powers is apparent but the office that never came is called to mind. But why review the whole of a speech made up of such statements as have been here refuted? Whims and prejudices do not rely on reason for justification and neither does Judge Baldwin. The work of building happy homes and good, government will not stop because Judge Baldwin did not get an office. "The Republican party will go on to greater triumphs and greater achievements supported in its national and patriotic policy by. the progressive voters of America. The young men form enthusiastically under its banners and the conservative, thinking, unprejudiced portion of the community hasten to its support. The wheels of progress cannot be checked. American Association. LOGANSPORT RACES, NEXT WEEK. OCTOBER 5th, 6t£ and 7th. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAYS FRIDAY •'-."• -\--r "rA. On the Fair Ground Track. Mr*. Selimldt Still F The interesting legal - controversy which has been wag-injr for .nearly three years between Mrs. Augusta Schmidt,, of Jackson township, this county, and the estate of the late Mrs. Christina Hooper at Kokomo, is not at an end. Tbe latest action is that brought by Mrs. Schmidt against H. C. Davis, administrator of the estate in his individual capacity, claiming property and damages aliogether. aggregating $22,500 due her as the neice and adopted daughter of the deceased. It is alleged that p>-ior to her death Mrs. Hooper ^ave plaintiff $15,000 and the contents or a box, all of which was seized by the administrator, the story of which i» familiar to Journal readers. This i= ths second suit by Mrs. Schmidt, the court holding that Dayis could not be sued ia his representative capacity. TiieTwo O.'tlCrottie*. The original and only Two Old Cronies is one of the largest and best .farce comedies on the road. There are 10 of the finest singers, dancers, and .specialty artists that money could procure, the patrons of Dolan's opera house will have a bif, feast of fun.in.store for them next Tuesday night October. 4th. The piece was seen here last season when it made a pronounced success, and it will be gladly welcomed by all lovers' of mirth. The play is a rollicking farce comedy whose only purpose is to make fun, and in this respect it. docs not fail. It is full of ludicrous situations, amusing complications and besides it permits the introduction of specialties of all kinds. The company includes several people who have been in it from the start several years ago and others who are equally capable. Pretty and clever Norma Mills plays "Violet" with a go and her sweet voice will always be remembered. The cast includes Lottie Forbes, Madeline Marshall. Emma Sugell, Violet St. Claii-, Jas. Forbes, Johnny Moritfc, Burt Hart, Jas. Harrigan and a host of lively and pretty girls. This will no doubt be the greatest cemedy here this season. Seats will be on sale at Johnston's drug store three days, in advance. Base Ball Yesterday. Special to the Journal; CHICAGO, Sept. 29.—New York, Philadelphia, 10. Brooklyn, 5; Baltimore, 4. Boston, 12; Washington, 8. Cincinnati, 4; Chicago, 10. St. Louis, 2; Cleveland, 10. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. The annouucementof Hon.. Theodore Shockney for Wednesday evening, October 5th. has Already been made. A telegram received last evening announces that United States Senator Hiscock. of New , York, will- -speak here Tuesday evening. October llth..- He is one of the brilliant speakers of New York, and those who hear him will enjoy a rare treat. Turnout for these meetings. ........ ; The Journal gold medal bicycle race next Tuesday afternoon. '•Toilet Soap—We offer this week all 25 cent boxes for 20 cents.—Foley. ••Oh, such nice goods!" is what the ;peopla say at the. Trade Palace. "Oh. so cheap, too." ': ' To-nigbt is the regular inspection meeting of the Logan Greys, and it is expected that there will be a fall a-jtendacce of members. All members of the Good Templars Lodge are requested to be present at the meeting this evening .as there will be important business to transact, also a good entertainment, has been pre. pared. . ; Among the guests at the Johnston, yesterday were J. W. Laudman, Terre Haute; H. S. freeman. Elwood: Tom Hartley, Indsacapolis; Tom Maye and wife, Colorado; Ed Keene and wife, Tiffin, O.: Harry Blackstone, Chicago; M.E. Ray Eokomo;Bob Geary, Marion^ Rev. F. C. Weicamao, Grass Creek; F. Rose. Cincinnati, ()., Chas. Bull,. Remington: Win. Pearson, Hopedale; J. Mullen, City of Mexico. The Military band gave its regular- weekly open air concert lass evening,, choosing as the place for giving tho same the South Side, much" to then delight of thai people over there who have never yet had the band'cdnceri;. in their midst. x The free for all race, Cass county- entries only, promises to be one of the? most interesting events of the races- next week. Only horse 0 , which have never been in a race are elligiblo and, the competition among .local 'horse-•. owners will be something wonderful- Edwardl-T., the 19-year-old son of Dr. D, L. Overliolser, died at & a. m^ yesterday at this residence of his grand parents. Mr. and lln-,. DanieS, Re'dd on North street, of consumption^ The funeral will be held at 2:30 p. m. to-day from the Broadway M. E. church, Rev. Norris officiating. Bcrial in Mt. Hope.. At, hotels and public places all over the country petitions to Congress praying that that section of a recent act declaring that the world's fair bo- closed on Sundays.be repealed are- placed and are being numerously signed. It is expected that the aggregate of these petitions will form the? largest petition ever presented to Congress. KNOW SOMETHING About Breadmaklng, after aU; They can.: tell a GOOD BAKING POWDKK. without. ih<> scientific nld of a- Government Cbemlst, a .Supreme Analyst, OR anybody's j3ead(man)coofc. Should he tested, JUKI as any olber.eoolD ing material, by uctunl U*. Itgives Better Satisfaction at Hatf the Cost of tbe other klaOs. Don't Expect to Keep Him The best criticism orjtidge Baldwin's speech is that of Judge Dykeman. "Dan made a bad break -when he said that when he was making Republican speeches he didn' 1 . ">U \*.f whole 'truth, thai he suppi-sfs---.! P -.-c of it,. Now when .he leave---, .;;•.-. .Democratic party and joins sorceojc-r :<Htriy, he'll go around and say ibu; ii-j didn't; tell the truth in his Decnoiimtic speeches. Yes that ivas a ba5 break. \Vh.ea a man admits, that he. is, a political falsifier who is going to believe^ anything- ha says? ;< Bay f<-om the manufacturer, Harry Frank, he surely ought to be able to sell cheaper than Scrofula. Ton LIKE A. TB1EF IN. THE NIGHT, Consumption comes. A slight cold, with..your system in the scrotul- condition that's J by impure blood, is enough: to fasten it yon. That is the when neglect and delayaro full of danger. Consumption is Lung^ prevent it, and you can cnre it, if vou haven't waited too long, with Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. That is the most potent Wood-cleanser, strengtb- ' restorer, apd fiesh-bniLder that's known to -medical science. For every disease that has to be reached: through the blood, like Consumption, for Scrofula in all its forms, Weak Longs, Bronchitis, Asthma, and all severe. lingering Coughs, it is the only guaranteed remedy. If it doesn't benefit or curs, you hive yoTir money back. The proprietors ,of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy know thpt their medioBe perfectly and permanently ceres Catarrh. To prove it to you, ttey make tins o2er: If they catft cure your Caterrn, no matter -n-ta* your case is, .theyTl pay you 8500 in. cash- Bright Women Can form ac opinion of t'^iir o^va. Get can of Climax t ro:n vosr GrOCC «.:>U exuviae* yourself. Storage Room FOR In Rear of Fryer's Drug Store.

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